I was not aware that famous blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin could have been the Perak menteri besar. Did you?

According to an exclusive story on the Electric New Paper:

IF he had said yes, he may have been sitting in the Perak menteri besar’s chair today.

Instead, Raja Petra Kamaruddin is out on bail battling a sedition case.

Would you have preferred him as a blogger or chief minister?

The New Paper says:

Just before the 8 Mar elections in Malaysia, Raja Petra was approached by the Democratic Action Party (DAP). “They offered to put me up in a safe seat,” the fiery Malaysian blogger told The New Paper on Sunday in an exclusive interview.

The DAP went on to win 18 seats in the Perak assembly, yet not one of the winners was a Malay Muslim.

The state’s constitution has it that only a Malay Muslim can be the menteri besar. This resulted in a Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) nominee becoming the menteri besar.

Why did Raja Petra decline the offer?

Read more here: “I have no regrets”.

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  1. RPK as Perak Menteri Besar!?

    Hell no! He will create chaos and disorder in his first week as Menteri Besar! Sorry to say that bloggers can never be great community leaders. To lead a state or a country, we need people with cool heads. Not some trouble making Tom, Dick and Harry like RPK.

    Get my drift, Susan?

  2. batman says:

    Malay Women In Malaysia …….. Really? How many MB’s are not just your typical TOM, DICK OR HARRY? They’re generally corrupt & their shirt pockets are routinely lined with nothing but personal agendas! Your assumption that bloggers can never be great community leaders is absolutely baseless & cool-headed people should lead a state or country is also absolute tripe. Your views are overly simplistic & your bias towards RPK is clearly evident. Maybe the CM of S’wak is your kind of BM!

    north of the 49th parrallel

  3. ktemoc says:

    The last party RPK wants to support or be in (if at all) would be the DAP. Pity!

  4. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    YM RPK our Bloggers’ & Nation’s Icon with his Investigative journalism to seek Justice to this Great Nation Malaysia, its assets & its rayaat is very Noble.

    Inspite of his unfortunate experience being intimidated, harassed, being put under ISA previously & his recent unnecessary intimidation/detention in Sg. Buloh, he has maintained his Integrity – “Berani buat, Berani tanggung & Berani Mati !”.

    Now that makes him larger then an MB or even PM – he is a Humble Royalty who has B…s of Steel when compared with Politicians, wannabes, etc !

    He has a loving & supportive wife, Marina & his family who had suffered & survived all the unnecessary & unjust harassments, etc – can any of us including BN politicians measure up to that ?

    A Billion ringgit cannot by his Brains, his Visions, his Courage, his Sacrifice, his Experience & his FREEDOM !

    Pete, congratulations &…. I salute you & respect your very Noble choice – FREEDOM !!!

  5. kai says:

    Hi Malay Women in Malaysia,

    Hello MWM! Where have you been? I missed your comments, even thought in most cases are predictable. Good to see you back 

    On this topic, I am afraid I have to agree with MWM, but not for the same reason.

    First of all there are no Tom Dick or Harry in the Perak ADUNs. Only Ah-mad, Ak Kow and Ah-Muthusamy!

    More importantly, the Sultan of Perak will reject his nomination simply becaues he does not have a Uni DEGREE! See, no qualification, no appointment!

  6. ghenjis khan says:

    Raja Petra Kamaruddin can the first popularly ELECTED Malaysian Agong !

    Perhaps, the next generations of Malaysia may want to choose State Sultans from a list of Raja2 and Tengku2 by popular vote !

    The Agong too may be a elected by popular Vote from a list of Raja2, and Tengku2 .

    How about that !

  7. Kesava says:

    ` Malay Women in Malaysia` would naturally hate RPK. Here`s a comment on KTemoc:

    The news was greeted with glee by some folks who I suppose didn’t have the time to use their brains properly. Take a look at Ktemoc (my favorite spineless chicken of a blogger who talks mega big but unfortunately loves to hide under his cloak of anonymity) for an example. Ktemoc had a field day today bashing Anwar Ibrahim and PKR with appalling remarks. Go ahead Ktemoc, we know your kind pretty well. If your subject is either Islam or Malay, we know that you can never find anything good about them. Please continue bashing because we are watching you with utmost pleasure too. 🙂 (This is a fake smile, don’t believe it!)


    Just another fanatic, and it`s all in the day`s work.

  8. billauchris says:

    Que Sera Sera

    It is too late now to speculate.

    May be RPK felt then that he could be more effective as a communicator from without than from within the state government.

    But all said and done, had RPK accepted the appointment, he might find that he will be highly constrained and restrained in what he wants to say freely as MB of Perak!

    Let us move forward rather than lament on what is already past and gone.

  9. Juan Taman says:

    RPK should remain at where he is at Malaysia-today.He can check on any political party who fails to perform be it DAP,BN,PAS or PKR. Malaysia need more people like him.
    It is easy to find a candidate for MB but not one like RPK. He has educated and kept Malaysians informed on what goes on in the country. He is daring and courageous even under the threat of being prosecuted under ISA.
    Well done!RPK

  10. tamade says:

    To my fellow brothes and sisters of Bolehland out there, if bloggers like Jeff Ooi and Tony Pua can become members of Parliament, RPK can also become ADUN, and if Perak Sultan and the coalition of Pakatan Rakyat says yes to his appoinment as MB, why not? I am very sure he will be much much better than the corrupted, racist and psychopant MBs and CMs in many other states controlled by the most racialistic and corrupted Party in Bolehland. Just ask yourself frankly, how many CMs, MBs, Cabinet Ministers and their deputies from BN (and UMNO especially) who are not corrupt? How many Chief Secretaries, Director Generals and other top rank government brass who are not corrupt? How many YDP, DOs, ADOs and other top guns in Majlis Perbandaran and Majlis Daerah who are not corrupt? How many Enforcement Unit Heads and theie subordinates (including the PDRM) who are not corupt? Well, the Al-Mighty knows, you know, I know and the RAKYAT know.

  11. Zubli Zainordin says:

    I read his views on Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Anwar Ibrahim, Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, Muhyiddin Yassin, Razaleigh Hamzah, on being a leader of Malaysia. I understood. He can be readily be a leader even as a Menteri Besar Of Perak, with just a simple “Yes”, yet like most bloggers, total freedom is so much worthy. I agree.

  12. Lallang exile says:


    Yes, we should not exclude bloggers from the list of potential MBs, in this case, Raja Petra – an untested case where his qualifications and experience is concerned – should also be eligible for consideration IF he was in the coalition that won Perak state.

    That said, we should not belittle the present Perak MB and his government. The present Perak Exco comprise very qualified and experienced professionals in their own right. I appreciate that most came from a modest background and went through the NEP education system – i.e. they had to be very good to enter the local universities. Their qualifications and experieces are rock solid unlike some of those we know.

    In any case, because it is Perak, those less qualified academically and professionally might find it hard to fill the MB’s post since HRH DOES mind.
    And we Perakians are really grateful for that………..

    I don’t know about the other states, but Jeff and Tony are pretty qualified too.

  13. imwatchingu says:

    No doubt RPK would be an excellent choice as CM or whatever political positions he choses but I think he is more useful where he is now, a kingmaker. Already there are signs that power has gone to the heads of PAS and others from the PR coalition. We need someone fearless and hard hitting like RPK to put them in their place. After all, anyone can be a politician but not everyone can be a kingmaker.

  14. Lallang exile says:


    Are u monitoring comments now? Asking since posting is rather slow these days.


  15. cruzeiro says:

    With regard to RPK being the MB …. in a way I agree with you – not becos he’s incapable or a “trouble maker”, but becos he should belong to “Civil Society”, like Haris Ibrahim etc.
    These are community leaders – but not in the way you define them. They are more “sophisticated” than the regular politician, which makes the “undesirable to “some people”.
    What makes you say that “bloggers” cant be community leaders, anyway?

    Just becos one let’s his ideas be known, it disqualifies him?
    You’d rather have unthinking automatons or bureaucrats?
    You definitely have “amazing” thinking skills for a MWM lah!
    The problem with you MWM is, you are pretty mixed up – what you perceive as trouble, is in fact critical thinking that challenges you to think and debate.

    That’s definitely trouble for those who have lazy minds.
    It is a kind of leadership that is quite different from what is espoused by BN & Co.

    Malaysia isn’t ready for more civilized politics, with clowns like “that megalomaniacal old goat” still being able to make waves.

  16. susu kacang says:

    RPK……ooooh that man is CHEAP! Bragged that he would rather stay in prison till October….hanya semalam dalam Hotel California pun tak tahan! I spent 7 years in prison and being free now…..yet missing the brotherhood and unique menus of Penjara Malaysia!

    I caught him being CHEAP when the reason for him going out on bail was that the accused utk officers threatened him! Our prisons are unlike Bollywood or Hollywood…..and the utk officers are being remanded way out from other detainees’ reach for it is the prison rule to segregate between common and police law offenders…..in order not to jeorpadise the latter’s security! COMMON CRIMINALS NATURALLY HATE POLICE CRIMINALS!

    Been to hell….know everything!

    Lord of the Nunuk Ragang

  17. cruzeiro says:

    susu kacang,
    Congrats for those sevn years of achievement!
    You want a medal?
    At least RPK uses his own name and did make a difference.
    What have you achieved in your seven years? I don’t say that it was meaningless – but how has it helped civil society?
    You obviously don’t seem to understand what it means to use the media, “make a statement” and capitalize on it, so as to set an agenda.
    Being a tin kosong or “syiok sendiri” with a 7 yr track record to brag about doesn’t help anybody – not even yourself.
    What’s your name anyway – since you so terror?
    I’d be honored to know a real patriot!

  18. Sakai From Ulu Kapit says:

    Raja Petra is a vigilante Kamikaze. On the legal point of view, I am in view that Pete is at best where is he right now —->as a Blogger, a very “Hardball” one. UMNO lost the 2/3 majority partly because of this man’s dissemination of AAB’s misrule.

    The opposition coalition would have won the recent GE had it not been the Sakais and Hillbillies birdbrains of the Sabahans and Sarawakians.

    If he’s a MB, “Tables would turns and chairs flying”. To be exact to understand Pete’s vagaries is to understand the word FREEDOM. He bows to no one, no rules, no laws in Boleh Land. Since when Boleh land has a sane laws and orders?


    I left a respond to your arguments in the previous topics. “Detained” by the moderation. Whenever my comments though rare was “detained”
    by the Madame Moderator at YB LKS’s blog, I implied that “Madame” loves
    me that she wanted it (my comments) all for herself. Thereof, no occurrence of that matter again, meaning that Madame Moderator doesn’t loves me anymore. I am too slippery, I guess. Hahahahahahahaha. Yahhhhh Hooooooooooooooooo. 😛

    Don’t blame Susan, WordPress might be convoluted at times. She surely has a bf, a handsome one of coz. 8P

  19. RPK is too cynical and too gung-ho. He does not suffers fools easily. It will take hell of a lot of patience, compromising and human relationship to run a good ship which I think RPK is not prepared to be that.

    So for the moment, stick to what he is good at. Be the noise and conscience of the nation and make those corrupt in high places pee in their pants with all the inside expose.

  20. sloone says:

    Hi Lallang;
    Not monitoring comments. But some do get stuck in my spam guard. I do check and release them.

    Cheers 🙂

  21. Harrison says:

    Pete (Petra) is a vigilante Kamikaze. He is better off a fearless blogger than a politician. Malaysians needs him as a vigilante not a partisan for check n balances.

    He bows to no Malaysian laws. Why? Simple, since when has Malaysia abide by the Universal Law under as a member of the UN?

  22. Harrison says:

    Eh, the comments by “Sakai Ulu Kapit” seems quite with my points. No offend intended. 🙂

  23. caravanserai says:

    Not all leaders can be leaders
    Not all brothers can be brothers
    Not all sisters can be sisters
    Don’t we know we have our own rules?

    RPK has chosen his profession
    He wants to be free writing his food
    Dishing out his signature dishes
    Laying it out whetting our appetites

    Here he is in his element
    The way he wishes he wants to pursue
    In his own shelf he takes it all
    He isn’t Humpty Dumpty
    He is his own king

    In his blog he rules his kingdom
    This is where he belongs
    Reaching out to poke at our consciousness
    He doesn’t care a damn what you think

    So not all leaders can hold highest posts
    The double talk; the silly meandering roads
    The dark shadows in the powerful corridors
    The many Brutus waiting to capture souls

    No….the Kojak wants to be his own sleuth
    Telling about his scoops and hard talk
    And we will be sitting down cross legged
    Listening open eyes mind singing praises
    And the tales of the adventures

  24. jessie says:

    a friend of mine on welfare, went to collect her monthly money .Usually takes an hour , last week took 7 hours . hundreds of new people now getting aid and most quite political. condemning karpal and P.R…B.N.s new tactic

  25. guy fawkes says:

    He should be made a full Minister via senatorship when PR takes over federal. i prefer he ‘s made MINISTER OF DEFENCE and SENT ALTANTUYA MURDERER TO HELL.

  26. aiyomanaboleh says:

    I think he can play in either attack or defence.

    Having said that, one must note that being on the outside is sometimes different when one is in the inside.

  27. hutchrun says:

    The last party RPK wants to support or be in (if at all) would be the DAP. Pity! – ktemoc

    No, Karpal Singh was not disrespectful to Islam. Karpal Singh is as ‘Islamic’ as they come. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims would not do. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims should have done.
    [ ]
    And Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin now challenges Rosmah for her to deny this allegation. Or maybe she would like to make a police report instead. That is what they normally do anyway when they are not able to reply. Porah Rosmah.


  28. hutchrun says:

    The last party RPK wants to support or be in (if at all) would be the DAP. Pity! – ktemoc

    No, Karpal Singh was not disrespectful to Islam. Karpal Singh is as ‘Islamic’ as they come. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims would not do. Karpal Singh has done what 15 million Malay Muslims should have done.

  29. donplaypuks says:

    Some are born to be politicians (to lie), some have politics thrust upon them, and some are there to stick 2 fingers at recalcitrant politicians.

    RPK belongs to the 3rd category, and would fail as a politician.

  30. laksa says:

    And many are there to only feather their own nests!

  31. KK Lim says:

    I think we should respect RPK for making a decision that is wise in the sense that he can actually play a more meaningful and useful role as an independent blogger than to be an MB – I think he’s thinking more of the wider interest of Malaysians than just that of Perak.

    Having said that, might this not prompt other like-minded Malay brethens, especially from Perak to start thinking of joining the DAP in order to help expedite the multi-racialisation of the party, both for its long term interest as well as in the interest of the country. I think the party has very noble objective of creating a genuine multi-racial Malaysia but one of its shortcomings that thus far, is that it has failed to attract sufficient numbers of high calibre Malays into its core leadership and this has resulted in the perception that it is a Chinese-based party at best, or a Chinese chauvinist party at worst.

  32. artemus22 says:

    Since today is Wesak Day, I would like to compare this man named RPK with the Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha could have been ‘King of All Kings’ but He chose to renounce everything to seek for the truth to enlighten every living and non-living beings. If Lord Buddha had been ‘King of All Kings’ he would have failed miserably simply because His heart was not there. The same goes to RPK.

  33. Ong Ting Ting says:

    I thought RPK should be fit to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Offering him the Chief Minister of Perak is a cheap gimmick of the DAP.

    I am fully supportive of RPK being the next PM.That way Malaysia utilize him to the maximum and I am convinced RPK can put Malaysia on the quantum leap for the next 50 years equal to any nation in this world.

    That is if RPK can survived the natural mortality age of say up to 65 years.

    Pleaselah, the next time offer RPK the PM post!!!

  34. Pegasus says:

    I think RPK will do a better job by being a blogger itself as he will “free” to write about any issues happening in Malaysia,his comments are hard rock and indeed ground moving . His role will be more effective from the outside rather then being inside as we need someone to lead outside as well and RPK is definitely one of them.
    To MWM,your views that the MB should be cool headed is true but how many of this cool headed MB’s have been robbing and plundering the state coffers, the Sarawak MB of more then 22 years could be without doubt the richest man in Malaysia with years of siphoning the state wealth, and don’t forget the others ,everyone knows Khir Toyol have been robbing the state as well, Trengganu former MB have also been busy in all the years BN were ruling the state, it was one of the reason ,why he was rejected by the Trengganu royalty.In this context, I believe RPK will be better off being the MB with his stlye of managing direct and straight forward, he will call a spade a spade and no other. Cheers to you RPK!!!.

  35. anarky says:

    He can become out first blogger CM, afterall we now have the world’s first blogger MP, why not, he should have been the CM of Perak.


  36. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,


    I am sure by now you are aware that the arch enemy of your country the one who destroyed Malaysia has RESIGNED from UMNO as he uttered this morning at a meeting at Alorstar. All your friends would like to hear from you as soon as possible.

  37. susu kacang says:

    …Cruzeiro….janganlah marah-marah…sayaaaaang! Thanks for congratulating me for my “absolute doctorate in Kepayan prison”…but your darling RPK is a fake! He remains best as a “BLOGGER’….but unfortunately he won’t be able to do much as a politician…..WHAT’S MORE A Perak Menteri Besar?!

    My darling Cruzeiro…..we are here now…at Susan’s blogsite as elements of “check and balance”….unofficially….tho we are positively ahead than all those Mps voted into parliament! THIS IS OUR PARLIAMENT BABY CRUZEIRO…..AND THE OFFICIALS MPs OUT THERE ARE RIGHT NOW READING OUR BLOGS 6 INCHES AWAY FROM THEIR SCREENS!

    We are who we are…the Malaysian blogging community….and let us not glorify RPK….until he glorifies each one of us! Who ia he anyway….ANOTHER WANNABE POLITICIAN? We ….the bloggers here….were here as responsible Malaysians trying to balance a proud an arrogant government…..WE ARE NOT HERE FOR THE SAKE OF SELF-GLORIFICATION!

    We are here first (tho unrealised by most of us) for the sole purpose of ousting Chedet (…never Che Guevarra!)…..that vampirising Chedet aka Mad- at- his-heel! If I were to vote a blogger for political office….then it will be Susan!

    Janganlah marah …babe Cruzeiro…I love you!

    Lord of the NUNUK RAGANG

  38. hutchrun says:

    Shahrir also said that Jerlun MP Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir should be the first to take up his father’s suggestion to quit.

    If not it`s just a sandiwara. Little boy blowing his horn till he goes blue.

  39. susu kacang says:

    ….now..baby boy Cruzeiro! Do you have susu kacang in your fridge or no!


    Love your enemies CrewZero!

    Lord of the Nunuk Ragang……aka Tong Sam Pah…hiihiiiihi!

  40. susu kacang says:

    Guys….the next time we hear Mahathir going online…personally or through his many kuli-kuli……LET’S NOT COMMENT INTELLECTUALLY ON HIS POSTED THOUGHTS….WE SIMPLY GO BY THIS…………..MAD, MAD,MAD,MAD…YOU ARE MAD….YOU WERE MAD AT HELL, MAHATHIR!

    Lord of the Nunuk Ragang

  41. Sah Nih Nay A Ku Liong says:

    Cruzerio : Congrats for those sev(e)n years of achievement (in prison)!
    You want a medal?” insinuating Susu Kacang

    Nelson Mandela spent 30 years in jail and he was a President.

    Susu Kacang spent 7 years in jail and she’s running for President (of the MBKL Jaga Jamban).

    Her crime- shoplifting of 5 pair of A size bras and few belachans.


  42. highwayman says:

    Aieseh! This stupid RPK should have taken up the offer and become the MB of Perak.

    RPK would demolish all the illegal tolls in Perak just like what Pas did in the 11th GE when Pas became the Trengganu state government, Pas demolished all the tolls in Trengganu.

    Now all the PR state governments have no balls to demolish all the tolls in their states and put all those BN corrupt criminals behind bars but alas, RPK was put behind bars instead in Sungei Buloh.

    Where is the logic?

    During the Hang Tuah and brothers’ time, that was unthinkable. If those BN criminals would dare to touch RKK’s a single strand of hair, they would be ‘tekan mati’ with Hang Tuah’s keris.

    Only RPK got the guts to demolish all these illegal tolls. Looking at the concessionaires of Grand Saga, Khalid just acts like a pondan and doesn’t have the balls to demolish the road barricades let alone the Cheras toll.

    Dei! AI, where is your new dawn? The beautiful PKR’s manifesto? before the 12th GE?

    No wonder RPK is not interested in politics but prefers to be critical bloggers like our beloved sloone.

    I think sloone should be the CM of Penang, RPK the MB of Selangor. Sure they would domolish all the tolls in Penang and Selangor the next day when they are bestowed with power, since the State government has all the powers and final say in state’s land matters. All the contracts between the federal government and concessionaires are null and void since all these contracts ultra vires the Constitution of Bolehland. These conspirators are blood suckers and unforgivable highway thugs and yet the PR governments let them operate on our state land?

    This is akin allowing robbers to rob the rakyat during broad daylight and the elected state government just acquiescing on this broad daylight robbing?

    RPK and sloone would put all the corrupt BN corrupt criminals in jails in Selangor and Penang. They are the true heroes/ champions of the Rakyat2 in Bolehland.

    RPK and sloone have been fighting against the BN thugs for the rakyat since day 1 after the 11th GE, not like all others who just came and scooped all the rewards just before the 12th GE.

    RPK and sloone are the true champions of the rakyat in Malaysia who could voice their valuable opinions/ suggestions for the betterment of the rakyat/ nation in their web-blogs.

    Khalid and LGE should make way for them to take over the MB and CM respectively, otherwise the status quo remains the same in these two states like the BN’s rule.

    If the tolls are not demolished and those corrupt BN criminals not behind bars, then the present PR governments are not doing their job as aspired by the rakyat who put them in power.

    So come the 13th GE, get ready to be booted out. You think it’s so easy to be elected as state or parliament reps? Just gave a few ceramahs for 13 nights before the 12th GE and then it’s easy life for the rest of your lives looking for ‘jalan’ to get rich kah? Poorah!

  43. RPK is intelligent, frank, forcefully well-informed, well-educated, eloquent and what say you… all these are still not enough to help Malaysia bcoz have we forgotten that common saying “stick and stones may break my bones but words cannot hurt me” ..add.. (words only annoy). Malaysia needs good politicians to tackle the bad ones. Also remember this “to set a ‘smarter thief’ to catch a thief”. We need more of “stick & stones” politicians to break the bones of the corrupt ones. Those who are extremely qualified to take on the roles should avail their services to the country. That contribution will be honored as true National Service, not the present phoney NS.

    IF only we had the genes the likes of RPK ruling our beloved Malaysia for the past decades, possibly our Ringgit is now 2.35x that of the S$ and 1.35 to the USD. But we dream…yeah, Babe,dream….

  44. susu kacang says:

    …ok lah…ok lah…since I sinned against RPK …I WILL VOTE HIM NOT ONLY AS PERAK MB…I WILL EVEN VOTE HIM FOR THE NEXT BRITISH PM…AND SINCE HE IS SO BRILLIANT I WILL ALSO RECOMMEND HIM TO BE THE NEXT MALAYSIAN ASTRONUTTT! ….heeeeheeeheeee…..only a brilliant person like him could communicate with extra-terrestial beings!

  45. Psychologist says:

    I have a gifted instinct and are always right or correct most of the time, so may I just cheekily implied that this naughty “susu kacang” is a woman, and her real name starts from a consonant “J”…….. 😉

  46. susu kacang..lagi says:

    ….”J”….for Jane Doe!

  47. bungkak says:


  48. bungkak says:


  49. Putera Kinabalu says:

    In Sabah, this type of person(RPK) we called as “BABAL”. This RPK…as i see it…not a muslim maybe…because a muslim cant “Fitnah” because fitnah is worst then “Membunuh”:. RPK only good in writing but very very bad in open debate…tottally this guy cant be a minister….and i hope RPK since you are good in writing only please be a muslim writer with amanah, jujur, hasanah and without acting like the writers that without relegion. The only thi ng that RPK knows best is writing because he got plenty of time….just sititng and writing whatever he like…he didnt know what else to do…no need to do work…because since he is called YM RPK…means every month he receive “elaun kerabat” the money that the people pay to him without he do anything just because he is a kerabat…so please…you are very much lucky….just enjoy your self but please dont simply FITNAH others and please do care and dont make the people suffer more…the rakyat now very much menderita but yet they still pay for the YM RPK kerabat elaun….so just let the PR or the BN do thier job to mplease the rakyat….dont disturb them….just go home enjoy your writing and your elaun kerabat…….k. Luckily we Sabahan dont have to pay anything to any Kerabat Kesultanan Sabah…….RPK if u can use all the bads words againt anyone you dislike…i guest the words i used againts are a bit “Soft” compare the words the you always use againts others…..k. This articel maybe will not publish…thats understood because as i see it, most bloggers didnt like “hot words” used againts them….they were not brave enough to face the “bad” words except for Chedet.Com….he published all the bad comments againts him…….

  50. stcin says:

    AIYAH, YES lah ! if YM was to take part on the 8thmarch under dap surely could WIN one & being a royal muslim & without His Highness’s objection, history to be rewritten !

  51. hasran says:

    simply he was not qualified at all . he was used to nasty and harsh words and politically immatured. only good power and class he pocessed was offensive and abusive critics. his rivals didnot perform AT ALL and he seems to be perfectious. no no dangerous he cannot be one!

  52. RPK the moniker Raja Petra Kamaruddin is often referred to by is a socio political maggot by definition. A pathological liar and a sociopath he is.

    It may well be true he could have been the MB of Perak under an oppostion led government. He fits the character requirements of the PKR and DAP so well one would believe these parties were constructed politically with him in mind.

    He has slighted and villified anyone he disagrees with with the blessings of Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim two of the most outrageous and incredulous individual in politics, cowards like RPK.

    The BN has its flaws. When compared to the likes of Lim Kit Siang, Anwar and RPK the BN’s problems and shortcommings pale into insignificance.

    The Chinese of South East Asia have always demonstrated the trecherous trait of pitting people of different communities in their midst against each other then making a buck out of it.

    RPK would have sold his own mother had she not already been sold. He has the morals of an alleycat and is an abject unmitigated liar and a pathalogical fraud.

    His carrying on has perhaps sealed the fate of any worthwhile inquiry into the Altantuya murder as no court could properly come to a just conclusion from publicity he has given to matters that rightly belonged in a court.

    Read Asif Ali’s expose on this coward.

    Asif Ali lives in London and is a Pakistani investigative journalist who has followed the (mis) fortunes of RPK.


    The article is subject to further updates.


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