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Mahathir Mohammad, the great strategist has done it ‘his way’. He’s deserted (resigned) from the sinking ship – UMNO. Let’s see how many rats and worms will be squirming out of their shit holes to follow suit.

But don’t worry fellas, he’ll be back when he can get his way again. That would mean the resignation of Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and the beginning of Malaysia’s dark ages – Najib Tun Razak’s premiership.

Those who want this likely scenario to happen will desert the sinking party as well. And those who do not (want this likely scenario) will want to see Pakatan Rakyat or rather Anwar Ibrahim quickly take over the federal government. Which also means, either cross-overs or buy-overs.

The only thing that we can be sure of is that there will be more corruption, more money politics. Everyone’s either trying to buy-over or counter-offer. There’ll be some selling as well. And some who will just go for free. Is there a three-in-one or buy-one-get-one-free offer as well?

Which makes me think, how much are we worth as a nation?

At last, we are worth nothing. For who are the losers – the people, of course! So much for people’s power.

But my observation is that this man who ruled the country for 22 years has mis-read the political situation so many times – for example, he thinks that Abdullah will resign after the bad performance in the last GE – where he (Mahathir) has a hand in swaying UMNO members to vote for the Opposition. But Dollah stood his ground.

He had his son Mukriz and others call for Dollah’s resignation – still the man stood his ground. He turned his back on Najib thinking that the latter would abandon Dollah or fight him outright but Dollah managed to stand his ground – with Najib’s arm twisted behind his back.

He continued his mud-slinging, fiery criticisms and name calling – and what came out of it? A 191-page royal commission report on Lingam-gate or executive interference in judicial appointments, where there is a possibility that Mahathir and his cronies will be charged in court.

Wow. So many possibilities. The best would be another general elections. As so many rats are tripping over each other to abandon the sinking ship, the current government who rules by simple majority would be left with no choice but to seek re-election.

Wouldn’t that be the best scenario? Then we’ll see who the real winners are. I hope that in the process, UMNO will be wiped out forever.

The possibility of UMNO being wiped out forever is simply to marvelous for me. That is why people, there is reason to celebrate ! Who cares if Mahathir leaves UMNO! That’s the greatest news so far! So rejoice again and again and again, I say rejoice !

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  1. nantha kumar says:

    UMNO will sink, KIMMA will rise

  2. Sabah/Sarawak says:

    This time round Sabah and Sarawak will be swept by Pakatan that even PAS wil get some fe seats in that territory. If UMNO might get some seats, it will be in in UMNO museum, Johor and not any where else. Pakatan will get 2/3 majority. Make no mistake about it. Many hurdles have been overcome and many people work together in the opposition front, a feat that couldn’t be achieved earlier. Hurray!

  3. billauchris says:

    Just as I got into my house, a SMS came announcing the resignation of our former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd. I was still in a state of daze; so in order to verify the authenticity of the SMS, I called a few good friends who confirmed that they had received similar messages. Accordingly, Tun resigned from UMNO at 12.35 pm, Monday 19 May 2008.

    The message is really not a surprise given the prevailing circumstances and exchanges that took place between the BN leadership and him the months before and after the general election on 8 March 2008.

    The resignation spells doom for the ruling party UMNO. It certainly does not augur well. UMNO must now be in a state of disarray – having to face the continued pressures from the BN component parties’ demands, Lingamgate’s scandal, religious bigotry, social discrimatory practices, fixed entry quota ino tertiary institutions, alleged gerryman-dering, lacking the will to accord its citizens the constitutional religious freedom, weak civil service delivery system, ineffective police to contain the rising crimes, grafts, questionable judiciary and sychophatic cabinet ministers and highly obedient civil servants etc.

    The above problems did not arise overnight. In my opinion, they arose and existed decades ago since 1969 and the leadership was reluctant to resolve them then and there. They were allowed to accumulate until now. Now these problems have reached the explosive point and yet the leadership continues to procrastinate and take a look-and-see attitude.

    The attitude has not changed over the past 50 years. Come on wake up and discard the fire-fighting mentality. Be more proactive and shed off your anacronistic way of doing things. .

    For Tun to resign from UMNO is various serious. He must have been so disappointed with the leadership and the poor performance of the BN Government that he has lost complete confidence therein – which factor must have prompted him to tender his resignation as a member of UMNO.

    The results of the last general election have not really opened up the eyes of the UMNOputras nor have the latter learned the lesson about the changing times. You know what the masses want and need. But you choose to ignore them. Good luck to you.

    The Sabah factor if not resolved soonest is going to greatly contribute to the eventual break-up of the BN Government.

    What are the component parties doing now? If I may opine, they are just waiting for their associate party(ies) to make the first move. You guys are just as “ball-less”. You just do not have the moral courage to stand on your own feet. You have no voice in the BN Government as recent events testify nor the UMNO leaders take your voice seriously. So why are you still staying in the BN coalition? If you continue further, you will be castrated in no time. So learn the lesson from Tun. If you cannot work or agree with UMNO, resign therefrom and allign yourself to a party that can serve the rakyat to achieve Multi-Malaysianism.

    All the component parties must learn to accept one another as equal partiners. The question of toleration should be out of the equation if the coaliion is to be effective and meaningful.

    Your education policy is highly in question and appalling. Yur local universities are not performing as well as they should because they are not empowered to decide on their own the entry requirements and suitability of the students. You know you have been producing third rated graduates who do not meet the professional or vocational requirements of the private sector. Hence, the high unemployment among graduates. Why? Over-spoonfeeding has destroyed your citizens.

    Those who scored straight A’s were promised PSC scholarships according to one media reports but the policy was changed a week later in that not all straight As scholars would be guaranteed scholarships. Where is your policy integrity? You guys talk nonsense and expect the discerning public to assimilate it.

    Well, I take my hat off to Tun for his moral courage to speak his mind and act according to his conscience.

  4. HumanFirst says:

    Love him or hate him, but no one can deny that Dr Mahathir is a great political thinker and strategist. I would say this is a bombastic attempt to throw Badawi out of the window (hopefully it works) and that poor PM must have never even dreamt that Dr M will do this to him. I can’t help it but I have to say BRAVO DR MAHATHIR! UR THE MAN NOW…..

  5. robin hood says:

    Oooooh I see dead people. I see the richest unemployed in the world holding a dead fish. I see a kinabatangan monkey. I see a lot of skeletons.I see death waving his `keris`? aaah, it`s just the pirates of the bolehland….

  6. Actually, I was not enthused at all with the strategy of “jumping-ship” of BN MPs to Pakatan Rakyat to have the mandate to form a new Government but given the circumstances that even the March 8 so-called political Tsunami even failed to bring much reforms to the state controlled by the oppositions due to the Federal governmant’s sabotage, the less inspiring progress of the “Linggamtape” scandal in charging the 6 “axis of evils”, the failed IPCMC, the full Independence of the ACA, I therefore care not at all that that the BN government must fall by all means.

    Now that the great dissection within UMNO is likely to cause the party itself to be disbanded, I am in full agreement with susan, to REJOICE. KINGDOM COMES! May all the axis of evils will be sent to hell and without “parole”.

    What say you Lallang Exile, my chappie?

  7. Good news! Its time we celebrate those who have decided to join humanity. Hopefully this will spell the demise of UMNO and racial politics. May the scourge of racism on this planet end with UMNO.

    “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

  8. merlin says:

    One day earlier, TDM boastfully claims that he want to be charged in court
    based on the finding on the findings of the Lingam commission. He wants to expose other corrupt judges and judges who lobbied him for positions.
    Now he chooses to resign from UMNO. Is this a brave man or a coward?
    By resigning and now attempting to stir up racial sentiments he hopes he can get away. At the present all he is interested is to create turmoil and hopefully another May 13 to force an emergency whereby he will play a hero’s role to squash AAB and then form a new Government of his choice.
    He has no faith in the AG nor the IGP, men he personally handpicked to ensure his safety.
    This is 2008 and the Malays are now too intelligent to do his bidding. Maybe
    a few thousands Mamak will follow him blindly. These, AAB must now be firm and apply the ISA to him and his followers.
    TDM has no conscience whatsoever and has no love for the nation. He does not care who or how he is able to use to create chaos as long it is done HIS WAY. How often have you seen him don a Malay costume?
    Now is the opportunity for the TRUE BLUE Malays to decide once and for all
    whether they want another Non Malay to lead their nation to ruin for the next 20 years. UMNO must from henceforth be only for The True Blue Malay Muslims .

  9. Jessintha says:

    This is an act of despertion on TDM’s part to avoid being investigated. anyway i would like to know if TDM’s grandfather was an indian by the name of Iskandar Kutty from Kerala, India, by law children take after their father’s race. So although Iskandar Kutty married a malay, his son, Mohamad would be classified as an Indian and thereby making Mahathir Mohamad, legally Indian too. So how on earth did TDM convert his race to Malay. You can’t run away from your roots.

  10. wits0 says:

    Susan: “I hope that in the process, UMNO will be wiped out forever.”

    It would seem that the self-destruct count down sequence has begun…

  11. I must say this is a last minute strategy to drive out Pak Lah. IMHO, Pak Lh’s best bet is to preempt Mamak Kutty from ‘pushing’ his golden boy Najib to the top post by coopting with Anwar in one form. I believe Anwar would treat Pak Lah and Khinzir Jalanan with more respect than Najib will. I was at the Black 14, and fro what I could see and hear, Dr. M seem to be more of the target for verbal abuse by the crowd rather than our PM.

    Pak Lah must know by now Najib is radioactive to general populace but not in UMNO. The question is: does he want to cling to power and go down in flames as Najib moves up OR relinquish power to PR and retain a degree of decorum under Anwar?

    Tasteless, some may say, and as you state sloone, “At last, we are worth nothing. For who are the losers – the people, of course! So much for people’s power.” But that just facts. Politics in the end is all about who gets what and when. Our Gorby can go down the Russian way by having Najib take over ala Boris Yeltsin or…..

    He can go down the Ferdinand de Klerk way and have Anwar takeover ala Nelson Mandela. And we all know which one turn out better for the former leaders involved. Personally, I have distrust of Anwar, but at this point he is the ‘the lesser of two evils’. And I’m willing to shake and with th Devil himself to be rid of the likes of Najib, Mukhriz, Toyo et al.

  12. Navin says:

    badawi get dtm into kamunting prison on trumped up charges ISA and sedition charges for creating racial hatred by the Malays to non malays.

    Badawi must also know that the Malaysa are an intelligent people and they should NOT listen to any bull shit being spoken by dtm and his cronies.


  13. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    I personally respect Tun Mahathir”s decision & congratulate him on his Wisdom (new found !).

    He is doing us a favour…a Big one for us !

    For as long as PM & his “Ketetuanan Melayu” UMNOputras are in self denial , still on their BLIND self destruct trajectory… then it is definitely the Final Curtain & check-mate for BN !

    The reduced strength of the remnant UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc including the good BN members, cannot champion their party’s cause to the rayaat. They are intimidated to sing the same BN tune which is all rhetorics ! Talk is Cheap, anyone can do it !

    The Honest & Dedicated will need to break away & Resign from BN (UMNO,MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc) to allow an Honest & Dedicated representative to be re-elected to convince the rayaat & sincerely “Walk their Talk”.

    One by one….steadily…they will jump ship with a choice to live another day in the PR lifeboats or DROWN forever !

    What more is there to say or advise !

    Just sit back & watch more action with the great BN Domino Tsunami.

    The monster that the rayaat chose/elected/created becomes uncontrollable & refuses to listen to the peoples’ sentiment, pleas, etc, to accept criticism, to apologise & correct the situation – in self denial !

    “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” – The Greed for Status, Power, Croonies, Supporters & Money !

    To step down gracefully would be POSSIBLE (like the late Tun Tan Siew Sin , one of our admirable Finance Minister & many others during his time ) if they have Honour, Integrity, Transparency, etc without any Skeletons in their closet…..but with our present Politicians and their “Gravy Train” which they encouraged, WILL NOT ALLOW them an “Honourable Exit”.

    Anytime anyone points their finger at somebody, three fingers are pointed at themselves – we are the cause of our problems or rather…WE allowed it to happen !

    History has shown us over and over again…but Man never wants to LISTEN & LEARN – as in the Phillipines with Marcos, Indonesia with Suharto, Singapore with LKY & now it is at our doorsteps.

    Each & everyone of the Politicians, Govt servants including us… have a choice to decide.

    Recycled politicians have past histories which might not be acceptable to Head of States, parties , constituencies , our investigative bloggers & the rayaat.

    I personally believe that ultimately God will anoint the True Leaders of this great nation not necessary from any party.

    Who knows…a Phoenix could arise from the ashes of BN as a True Leader for Malaysia & Malaysians!

    Just look at YB LGE, the new CM of Penang. God blessed him (which even he did not expect) for his sufferings & abuse by Man in trying to help the Innocent.

    Someone posted a question in one Blog :

    “What Happen to our once harmonious and proud society?
    I still remembered the times when my late father can kamching very much with the malays, the indians and we all used to be so united.”

    The answer is ….

    Our Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, “Bapa Malaysia” & his 1st cabinet were all established Noble & Humble people (professionally, financially & socially with good family backgrounds), had NOBLE intentions for this nation & its people to achieve Independence from the Colonials.

    Everyone in general was of ONE mind – multi-cultural with no racial, cultural & religious barriers – it was a beautiful Malaya, then Malaysia where everyone were friendly & buddies – males, females, young & old !

    Since then…..WHERE DID WE GO WRONG ????

    Our Bapa Malaysia was “too friendly with with all his children, adopted children, etc & his rayaat” so he was betrayed, back-stabbed & the rest is HISTORY !

    Until we can have someone Noble & Humble as Bapa Malaysia… restore equality in Bolehland… can only dream about it !

  14. steven says:

    Let’s see how many “keris” waving racists follow suit!!! Grab a beer and enjoy the “monkey” show, my dear fellow Malaysians..ha ha ha……

  15. liong says:

    The man is trying it on-out of desperation.ust like his friend Mugabe.Both are in desperate situations.Mugabe if he loses power loses his immunity from possible prosecution for mass murder during the Zimbabwe tribal civil wars. Mahathir after the Lingam verdict faces possible prosecution for judge fixing if Badawi remains PM..If Anwar becomes PM ,Mahathir faces the prospect of an even worse scenario.Only with Najib as PM does he stand a chance of a quiet life.
    Mugabe ‘s trying to hold on to power by having a second round of elections and intimidation of voters.Mahathir’s strategy is to keep a foothold in UMNO through his son and divert attention from the Lingam prosecutions through this so-called resignation.Note that no-one who has a portfolio under Abdullah is resigning.Only those out of favour.Nothing to lose.They have already lost in round one(Mar 8).
    Its a long-shot investment by these desperadoes.

  16. BobbyNZ says:

    Eversince he publicly declared that George Soros was not responsible for the Asian Crisis, my respect for him fell 88 storeys from the Petronas Tower. His ever changing stand on issues clearly reveals his lack of political capability and world leaders dont even hue him anymore. He is only good for kampong politics but he forgot over the last 27 years, the kampung people are aware of what’s happening around and therefore they are not easily fooled or swayed by him. Even waiting now at the “departure lounge”, he wants to make life difficult for the PM. Now he awaits to be tried for criminal offence. I predict he would prefer overdose than jail if found guilty, a trait of all proud politicians!

  17. su says:

    I don’t think this will be the last of Dr M though. In fact it almost feels like he’s poking more holes into this already half-sunken ship.

    Like Harrison, I’m not too enthused about the party-hopping thing. But if Dr M’s action this time could bring about a new GE, like what Shahrir Abdul Samad said might happen, then it would be to the best interest of the people. That way, Pakatan Rakyat can come up tops, without having to compromise on their integrity.

  18. middleman says:

    Mahathir is at the end his last phase of life. Mahathir is not compatible to human beings for Mahathir is a black devil with a black soul. Mahathir is not welcome anywhere on this earth. He belongs to helll.

    Now this Umnobaru which he invented also wants to get rid of him. Mahathir is a real gigantic devil with a evil black soul and even this Umnobaru’s ‘nan boti nan, gui boti gui’ ( half human & half devil) party also can’t accommodate him.

    Suharto, Marcos and Saddam are waving hands to welcome Mahaithir in hell.

    Welcome! Mahathir the devil with black soul, welcome to the hot and blazing hell. Your black soul will love this.

  19. ghenjis khan says:

    Member No.#0001 resigns from UMNO Baru.

    Technically speaking, this is UMNO Baru which somehow or rather managed to hijack the name UMNO which has been declared ILLEGAL and still remains ILLEGAL within the Law.

    BTW how did they transfer the Assets and Cash from UMNO to UMNO Baru?

    Very strange indeed !

  20. taiping says:

    The rakyats in Bolehland are the boss. Now the boss wants this blood sucker to be charged in court and sent this blood sucker to Kemunting and the Hindraf 5 must be released unconditionally.

    The boss wants this blood sucker to cough out every penny this blood sucker stole from the hardworking and diligent boss during the 22 years under this greedy blood sucker.

    Confisticate all the loots before sending this blood sucking leech to Kemunting.

  21. texas cowboy says:

    Mahathir, sons and daughters are the greatest thieves of Malaysia. They must be obliterated before law and order could function properly in Bolehland.

  22. Bangkali says:

    Pak Lah should follow UMNO culture and also the culture TUN enforced in his 22 years and since TUN is no longer a member of UMNO Pak Lah must send in the ACA and Police to investigate the “missing gold” that TUN & Co looted in that 22 years.

    Malays will still be the biggest voice in PR but stupid Malays will stand in the side line like TUN, the smart one will join PR to help the bangsa to move together forward. I guess even Samy is willing to stand on a PR ticket come GE13, so why can TUN?

  23. alrawa says:

    The big news should be – Mahathir was asked to resign by Hasmah.

  24. defender of the earth says:

    Annihilate this Mahathir bastard of the millennium and his cronies aka Assnanda, YTL, Bukhari etc. They are the no:1 public enemies of the people of Malaysia.

    These bastards of the millennium will not hesitate to exploit the people and suck the people’s blood dry with their insatiable greet and appetite.

  25. Maverick says:

    good havens I am elated, lets see him in court.

  26. hutchrun says:

    So now the `roti babu` has left, but his nearly `bankrupt` son dare not resign as MP and from UMNO for fear of losing pencen.

  27. James Low says:

    Water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

  28. Don says:

    Dr Mahathir … why leave UMNO? … LEAVE THE COUNTRY WITH YOUR I.S.A LOVING GANG AND DON’T COME BACK ! Maybe Bodowi and gang should follow too.

  29. f4 says:

    Wow! When Mahathir is in hell, surely he and his 3 buddies aka Marcos, Suharto and Marcos would form a United F4 Hell party in hell. Those who join the United F4 Hell party will have to be burnt for one generation before could qualify for the F4 hell party.

    The F4 must be very formidable in hell.

  30. Scott Thong says:

    You do realize he officially blames Badawi’s 6 years over his own 22 years as the reason informed Malaysians think UMNO is corrupt, racist and self-serving?

  31. Sakai From The Ulu Kapit says:

    Now that Mahathir really needs support and face badly, Marina mahathir is toiling about thinking of social and humanitarian issues, (non political) to blog and mix around with the blogging community and NGOs.

    Smart eh? 😉

  32. donpklaypuks says:

    D old guard like Sanusi, the lame, the misfits, rejecetd and desperate may follow Firaun.

    But others like M2M, Botox Lips etc will stay put, becoz, there is no life or money outside UMNO for them.

    Firaun’s gambit will fail. In politics, you only get support when in power. The day you resign, it’s time to prepare the will !

  33. clearwater says:

    And the show goes on…A tremendous gambit on Mahathir’s part to resign from Umno[baru]. Love of self is triumphant again, disguised in the name of love of party. Alas, his trickery is so not on anymore. If this triggers GE13, so be it. One more cast of the vote and we may truly rejoice.

  34. hutchrun says:

    “Marina mahathir is toiling about thinking of social and humanitarian issues,..”

    And her brother the famous MP sez:

    Malaysiakini reported on May 13 that Mukhriz Mahathir, the wannabe politician son of Dr M, said May 13 is a blessing.

  35. Spirit_61 says:

    >>>I don’t think this will be the last of Dr M though. In fact it almost feels like he’s poking more holes into this already half-sunken ship.

    Like Harrison, I’m not too enthused about the party-hopping thing. But if Dr M’s action this time could bring about a new GE, like what Shahrir Abdul Samad said might happen, then it would be to the best interest of the people. That way, Pakatan Rakyat can come up tops, without having to compromise on their integr<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    ONLY IF the election is fair & square with all the squid ink.,,

  36. kittykat46 says:

    MahaKutti’s parting words to UMNO – “I’ll be baaaack !”

    Bedol’s administration is facing Extreme Unction.
    Soon we will have a choice between Mongo-killer and frog connoisseur.

    Sigh….is there no hope for Malaysia ?

  37. whispering9 says:

    More than 40% of eligible Malaysians voted for TDM. As such, he might not be all that wrong. Some of you felt that without him at the helm, Malaysia would be less corrupted and better off. What if you are wrong, and without him, Malaysia could be worse? One thing I am certain is that AAB asked and was given an opportunity to make a difference. He did not keep his promises but instead blamed his predecessor. Can we trust another Mr./Ms. Do Gooder anymore? Pakatan? Anyway, a weak UMNO with executive power is more dangerous than an arrogant UMNO. TDM is doing us a great favor by resigning. In such sense, maybe, I should rejoice. Never trust politicians…never will, even if they were bloggers.

  38. hutchrun says:

    According to legend, at some point while he was on the run during the winter of 1305-06, Robert Bruce hid himself in a cave on Rathlin Island off the north coast of Ireland, where he observed a spider trying to spin a web. Each time the spider failed, it simply started all over again. Inspired by this, Bruce returned to inflict a series of defeats on the English, thus winning him more supporters and eventual victory. The story serves to explain the maxim: “if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” Other versions have Bruce defeated for the seventh time by the English, then let him watch the spider spin seven webs, fail, then spin an eighth and succeed.

  39. hutchrun says:

    It is said that once young Temur was sitting and watching an ant crawling up the grass stem. An insect was sliding, falling down, but still it kept crawling up. At last, it reached the top. The young man thought: “If the ant managed to achieve its goal, why can’t I?” And since then he succeeded in all his deeds.

  40. clearwater says:

    It’s premature to celebrate. Nothing has really changed. More in fighting in Umno, that’s all. More instability. More to be concerned about.

    This is a damning indictment of Malaysia’s political paucity. Makes me look South and see a little red dot stand out in terms of vision, talent and leadership. Whatever their faults, politicians there don’t shoot themselves in their private parts time and time again.

  41. xtheman says:

    When i heard the news of TDM quiting Umno i was in Kedah. I was thinking what could have triggered TDM for his decision to quit Umno ? I am a Kedahan and i can feel people in Kedah voted out Umno is not really a “protest vote”. Peoples have eyes and ears ….. Kedahan is indeed losing faith in Umno/BN.

    Okay, Bak to the questions what could have triggered TDM to quit Umno ?

    1. Well, I see the latest “Lingam” case development as one of the huge contributor. He is such a big head guy. How can he to accept end up a “Super Bad Guy” of the country.
    2. He sees Umno is dying fast and PR is gaining ground day by day …. by quiting Umno perhaps able to send a shockwaves to Umno grassroot across the country. He is god damm fear that Anwar will taking over the country.
    3. After met Najis recently …. I believe it come to a point that he found out Najis wasn’t really on his side and cannot be trusted as well.
    4. At the time if PR really forming new federal gov on sep 16 ….. that will be an end to Umno and reach a poit that could force MCA, MIC and others to join PR and left Umno a sole opposition.

  42. Devan says:

    Long Live Mahathir. This old man has the guts to take on Badawi’s family and UMNO.!!!!

    I am fed up with a LIAR, LIAR, and LIAR running this stupid BN ala UMnO govt. All lies …from the ink, marriage with Jean, son’s Scomi business, Patrick lim and Khinzir Jahanam, Hindraf terrorist link, murder charge with a piece of rock, ISA for the brave 5, economic corriders, Passport cancellation of Waythamoorthy, Parliment dissovled date… will just go on and on.
    Badawi has been twisting and turning out LIES and bullshit!!!!!
    We cannot be having a LIAR to head this Govt.
    Remove Him and replace with ???????????

  43. kittykat46 says:

    Much of the institutionalised corruption in Bolehland was created during TDM’s era, either by design e.g. contract awards, privatisation to cronies etc. or just condoned, close one eye.

    The redeeming feature he had was he did have a vision of where he wanted to take the country. That’s why a lot of people stuck with him, despite the bad odour.

    Badawi simply failed to do anything to dismantle the framework of corruption, he got spooked when the UMNO ground revolted. On top of that he has no vision, just personal survival.

    I don’t know whether Pakatan can do a better job. But I sure know 50 years of BN is grinding us into the ground.

  44. Mamak Mahathir,

    You are just trying to avoid getting investigated with the turmoil you hope to create but not realising that is the best thing that has happened to Malaysia and UMNO. The people has waited for this for a very long time for your resignation and you should have resigned long ago Mamak! How come your son, is not giving us the good news that he has not resigned together with you to? AAB leadership is good enough for him and not for you or has he decided not to go the way you do ?

    Please do not forget to take your family along with you please, please on behalf of the millions of Malaysians do not forget, I beg of you. The Malaysians just had enough of you and your kind. Even your descendants in Malaysia,your forefather immigrated to and if you can please take along all the corrupted supporters with you to. Please I beg of you and leave the Malaysians in peace for a change.
    I may not have the billions you have stolen but every cent I have is honestly earned, I know I will leave this good earth with nothing and I know you too will leave this good earth with nothing, nothing
    and nothing. I might even be happy to contribute my share for them to go away to live with you and your twin brother Mugabe. Do take care of your next heart attack that is coming soon very soon (your only way to avoid being investigated) and I and millions of others do not wish you well as always.
    The next stupid excuse you are going to offer to the people of Malaysia when your resignation does not work out the way you hope is that you do not wish to live in a country lead by AAB and go to live in Africa. Even worse by Anwar!
    Anwar is going to have you indicted for the many evils you did and the billions you stole for yourself and your children plus the ‘couple of slaps, the black eye and bad back’ your then IGP on your instruction gave him, remember that ?
    On top of that he is going to take back the billions you have stolen and robbed for yourself and your children. You only left the poor Malays in the Kampongs and the civil services the crumbs. Many of them now are just beginning, I hope, to realise that you had used the NEP to cover all that up. Diam knows too many of your secrets!
    I said that many times before you can run but you cannot hide,I know you with the stolen billions, will try, but unfortunately you cannot even go back to India ,where your forefather came from,because you have sold your Indian soul already a long time ago, remember Mamak born a Mamak always a Mamak !

  45. rais says:

    Now that the fighting is getting intense you will hear more talk about beware of becoming like Spore Malays. We dont have many Malay millionaires here but we are happy, so dont listen to the ultras. Come over here and see for yourselves or maybe you cant because not many can afford the cost of a passport.

  46. caravanserai says:

    The Cyclone waves
    The magic of doom arrives
    On the doors of UMNO
    The leaders don’t see it that way

    Huddle together
    Arguing drawing strategies
    Listing out what they get
    The spiral storm circulating strong

    The ‘pension’ leaders quit
    Running while they have the land
    Underneath tunnels they build
    This is the day they have to go

    They saw the dark clouds
    They know what it will be
    Only the sleeping beauty and his cronies
    Eyes full of greed seeing the pot of corridors
    Glittering sparkles blinded their eyes

    And the little monkey
    Drumming up his antics and hidden agendas
    The road to his kingdom
    He wants it so badly……….
    Until he is willing to sacrifice
    Any body to achieve his aim

    The rattling windows
    The huge storm brewing
    When they realize what hit them
    They get star struck
    Eyes full of fear of the unknown
    The dark circles loom

    The fallen leaves scattered
    They can’t hold onto the branches
    The parasites too let go
    Knowing it has lasted that long

    The people know
    God has finally made His moves
    We can rejoice
    UMNO will crack
    Malaysia will be free
    Of race base parties
    And the ills it brings

  47. Jaya says:

    Karma @ work:
    What goes around comes around.

    The curse of Umno’s kris @ work:
    All Umno ex-Presidents will die a non-member of Umno.

    The curse of the Hindu Gods:
    The more injustice & cruelty done to Hindraf the more damage will be inflicted into Umno. So, release Hindraf 5 to save Umno.

  48. Shanker says:

    In all the comments I’ve seen so far iro this matter, I think Karpal Singh’s analysis is the best and most spot on thus far- “Opposition: Mahathir a gutter politician” –

    TDM is such a person. How else would one describe a person who has Robert Mugabe for a friend?

    TDM is feeling the pressure of a possible checkmate from the VK lingam issue. Imagine, what would happen if VK & Vincent Tan were brought to the fore? I doubt they will volunteer to be the sacrifical lambs by keeping quiet on the many secrets that have been kept hidden in their pockets ….VK & Tan may haven even done some “recording” of their own too – insurance purposes….and now, the time has come to cash out on those policies.

    At the end of the day, TDM had wasted a wonderful opportunity to be an elder statesman, just b’cos of his ego.

  49. hutchrun says:

    One of mahathir`s biggest fears is the true story of Augustine Paul`s appointment to hear Anwar`s case.

  50. merlin says:

    Dear Susan,

    UMNO whether we like it or not will remain relevant to all Malaysians. It was Umno that made the move to obtain Independence. In a democracy there will be winners and losers. It is how it is accepted that is important. Here we have to give credit to PM AAB who gracefully took it in his stride. He did not stir up racial sentiments nor try to create a situation to stir up chaos, use the ISA and get UMNO/BN back as masters of the political arena. Did BN really lose or was there back stabbing that caused it to lose?
    That itself is very important.
    What we should focus on is why Najib seem to need AAB’S permission to meet up with TDM? TDM claims this was so. But, AAB said he had no problem with Najib meeting with TDM. Thus they met. What was said and asked is anybodys’ guess. From my point of view Najib being called a coward by TDM and still proceeded to meet him shows the weakness of Najib or AAB has something on Najib that he could not get out off.
    Notice how TDM’s reaction to Najib changed after that meeting.
    Following that and with the purposely leaked Limgam’s report TDM was conered. Sure he behaved like a true hero and used threat but I am sure he knew that his goose was cooked.
    In my analysis TDM, after that meeting with Najib knew that the lattar could never become the next PM for what ever the reasons. Thus he could not depend on protection from Najib nor will AAB lose come December.
    To add to his problems the AG and the IGP, men he put in position are also
    no warranty to his protection.
    He then had no choice but to use his resignation and for the first time as RPK wrote began to use the racial card. Herein lies the danger.
    Do you honestly belief that AAB and CO. did not anticipate this. They got him conered like a wild animal. And, what do wild animals do in this situation, use and do anything to get out of the hole.
    The stage is set, for sure there will be some disturbances but the ISA looms.
    Let me conclude: mathematically through sheer numbers and by virtue of the way the constituencies are craved the Malays will never lose their power no matter which party wins. Also the Sultans will see to that and we as Malaysians have always given them due respect.

  51. dodgy inc says:

    Resign, just do it with in a simple letter, why this recalcitrant bigmouth still need to orgnise a ceramah to announce resignation.

    Mahitheif, keep you f**king mouth shut and defect to the hell.

  52. I wish I have good words for this great power abuser. Now he is tasting his own bitter medicine. He abused Anwar and ruined the justice system. He ruined so many things. Who took away the power of the Malay rulers? UMNO stands ruined today because of his doing. He ruled UMNO as though the party is his father’s. Who indtroduced those draconian rules in UMNO? I really fervently hope PM Abdullah will have the guts to charge him in court for so many abuses and wrongdoings he committed during his 22 years’ reign. Let him languish in Sungai Buluh jail, if not for the rest of his life, for a good part of it. He may die in jail, who knows. He left UMNO simply because he hated Abdullah. He will return when Abdullah leaves the helm. Look, how vengeant he is? Certainly, he is not my kind of guy. This guy knows no bound of halal and haram. Let us pray that the future leaders of this beloved country of ours will not be like this guy. One is too many.

  53. sklee says:

    Mahathir has always been an UMNO Ultra, playing the race card to promote the so-called Ketuanan Melayu ( What supremacy?!)As a last resort, he has reverted to his true colour.When he was at the height of his power he even mooted the idea of Bangsa Malaysia!The only way for UMNO to survive is to have a paradigm shift and proceed to carry out the necessary reforms that are long overdue.In the eyes of many malaysians, irregardless of their races,
    Mahathir’s stature as a elder Statesman is diminishing very fast.He has shown that he doesnt care about Malaysia’s national interest.He only care about his very personal interests.Perhaps, it is true to say that he hates PM more than he loves Malaysia!

  54. wanadoo says:

    lesson from SonTze when you are in desperate situation divert enemy attetion

  55. hutchrun says:

    Fleecing At The Pharmacy

    M.G.G. Pillai

    The health minister, Dato’ Chua Jui Meng, now discovers generic drugs. He says in view of higher pharmaceutical drug prices, as much as 30 per cent, people should go for generic drugs which he now says is equally reliable. But he does not say where they could be got. Ask a pharmacy, any pharmacy, in Kuala Lumpur or the major towns, and most would tell you they do not stock them. As your doctor to prescribe generic drugs, and he invariably would not have any in stock. But generic drugs are easily available in other countries without difficulty, and doctors often give you the option of a branded or generic drugs.

    Not in Malaysia. The medical fraternity and the pharmaceutical drug companies discourage it. They are a powerful lobby in the dispensing of medicine. If the doctors do not stock them, you cannot get them. The doctors do not stock them because the drug companies give them incentives so lucrative that they ignore the patient’s needs. It is not unusual for drug companies to give the double the drugs ordered for the price of one, which adds to the doctor’s income.

    But pharmaceutical drugs cost more than in the rest of the region because of the monopoly shared by a company controlled by the Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Mahathir Mohamed’s son, Mokhzhani Mahathir, and the finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin-controlled Renong. No drug company can tender unless a Mokhzani-controlled company is paid a commission, variously between three and per cent, a commission which should make him laugh all the way to the bank if it were not for his huge bank loans.

    This ensures that drug costs remain high. The Renong-controlled PharmaNiaga also controls the privatised National Pharmaceutical Control Library, which must test all drugs brought into the control, and can decide which can and which cannot be sold on the local market. If the Prime Minister remains long enough at the helm, his son’s venture into the medical field would ensure he would provide all support services of hospitals in Malaysia. He already controls the Pantai Hospital group. However much the government talks of a fair deal for Malaysians, it is no more than a fair deal for the two groups.

    The cost of branded drugs rise so frequently that, like the road tolls, they are beyond the reach of most Malaysians. Common everyday drugs like pain killers are far too expensive. Cardiprin, a specially-concocted aspirin to thin the blook, which I take, cost about RM9 for 28 here, but I get them from Australia through a friend and there is costs about A$7 for 100 tables. Aspirin, which is what Cardiprin is, is easily available in the United States for a few dollars for a bottle of 500. The cost of one branded multivitamin tablet cost the equivalent of 14 sen in India and RM1.50 here. Price gouging is common in most pharmacies, though they justify it by rising prices.

  56. Living in Malaysia will be more pleasurable if we could minus the hot weather and those gutter and parasitic politicians. We can’t do the former but there is a chance we can do the latter. Looks like the curtain is rising once again and the SHOW must go on.

  57. billauchris says:

    After I prefaced my comments on the resignation of Tun Mahathir yesterday, I did not realise (and I am happy to note) the great number of overnight responses thereto – some flattering, some ugly, some demeaning while some bordering on character-assassination. But, they were all made in good faith.

    I thought that calling or describing our former PM as a black devil with a black soul, a blood sucker or roti babu was not too complimenting and befitiing. For one to form such an image or images of Tun based on media reports on what he did, thought and spoke during his past premiership would be biased and even disputable. I am not entirely extolling the past deeds of Tun – say what you may, he was not bad for a PM of more than two decades. This feat alone testified that he had a plethora of political leadership in him. Anyone disputing to that?

    I would say that he was an effective political strategist. He was able to contain and satisfy most of the money hungry rascals in UMNO, he knew their backgrounds at the back of his palms, he knew what their legitimate and illicit activities were and held them by their most sensitive organs (b–ls).

    My boss once remarked to me that in politics, one cannot be too straight-forward. One needs to be a bigger crook to catch a crook. He must be multi-talented and a multi-taskers having the charisma to helm and galvanise mammoth organisations like UMNO and BN.

    The failure of UMNO and BN was not due solely on Tun, It was attributed mainly, in my view, to the rampant and prevalent avarice and the blatantly lacking political committment and conscience for the welfare of the gullible masses. These political leaders in the BN cared less for the rakyat but more for their pockets – that led obviously to their downfall. Look at the disappearnce of past leaders; then, you know what I mean. Can you blame this to Tun?

    When one sits across or beside Tun having a chat with him, one will instantly notice that he is a simple man and a man of few words; but, his thoughts and speculations are long. He is of quiet disposition which leads many to come to the conclusion that ‘still water runs deep’. When he talks to you, his piercing eyes will be analysing you, stripping your mind before making a reply to your questions. He likes reading, writing and intellectual intercourse with sensible and rational people. But, he has a high degree of tolerance for his ‘enemies’ or those he does not like. I find him a good conversationalist when he is not engaged in a political dialogue or discourse. Of course, I write based on my encounter with Tun.

    His success was due to his affirmativeness and resoluteness in getting things done in the face of whatever arising obstacles. Examples, Proton, Twin-towers, the North-South highway. These projects would not have taken off if he did not hold firmly to what he believed in and chickened off in the face of massive criticisms hurled at his mega-project proposals.

    His resignation is a prognostication of the gradual demise or sinking of the UMNO ship. It gives a ray of hope to the hopeless. down-trodden, marginalised and deprived citizens
    of Boleh-land. I liken Tun’s resignation to a silver lining that beckons better and greater changes to come. I only hope that his coming back will be for the better.

    Tun has lost faith in AAB and NR; so who is is backing? Ku Li or Muyiddin? Let us wait and see the developments unfolding in the months ahead.

  58. wanadoo says:

    Bodowi said thankyou very much Mamak

  59. max says:

    In essence, what DrM is saying is “I’m still the PM or the Puppeter, either listen to me, or out you go!” Should UMNO dismantle all because of 1 man, then the subsequent re-born UMNO will be nothing but a puppet to DrM, and later his family members

  60. hutchrun says:

    UMNO members are bin Mahathirs

  61. hutchrun says:

    Mahathir roti babu:

    Dr. Mahathir menambah, beliau kini sedang beralih arah kepada perniagaan roti memandangkan kegagalan ‘projek meganya’. Sekarang saya nak jual roti benggali,” ujarnya.

    On the other hand, one could conjecture that makes him a `Loafer`.

  62. hutchrun says:

    Mahathir roti babu:

    Dr. Mahathir menambah, beliau kini sedang beralih arah kepada perniagaan roti memandangkan kegagalan ‘projek meganya’. Sekarang saya nak jual roti benggali,” ujarnya.

    On the other hand, one could conjecture that makes him a `Loafer`

  63. wits0 says:

    Hutch: “One of mahathir`s biggest fears is the true story of Augustine Paul`s appointment to hear Anwar`s case.”

    He seems confident that no investigation would go back far enough and ever be made with regard to his connection with 513. Was he not head of umno youth head and a demagogue?

  64. hutchrun says:

    513 is where he really was able to energize and excercise his hate for others.
    In the Augustine Paul matter investigations need to be done as to how and why that person (paul) was made to sit over the case.
    What did the judge get in return? Did it have something to do with his son? Mahathir is afraid that further investigations on his interference in the judiciary will let the cat out of the bag.

  65. wits0 says:

    “Mahathir is afraid that further investigations on his interference in the judiciary will let the cat out of the bag.”

    One likely explanation why FatTail had immediately(on direction) cleared an ex-CJ from the Lingamgate thing earlier. That was futile now.

  66. BobbyNZ says:

    Let him fall by his own sword! I am eager to hear the verdict “Mahathir indicted” so he gets a taste of his own medicine, sad to say though.

  67. hutchrun says:

    `One likely explanation why FatTail had immediately(on direction) cleared an ex-CJ from the Lingamgate thing earlier` – wits0

    That fellow`s time is yet to come:

    At noon, yesterday, Anwar Ibrahim filed an Affidavit offering fresh evidence that the Public Prosecutors and Attorney-General had attempted to fabricate evidence against him. Whether, with this evidence, the Federal Court will now pronounce a mistrial is not known (probably not), but it will certainly erase any doubts anyone may be having that Anwar is indeed a victim of a conspiracy.

  68. wits0 says:

    Asian Wall Street Journal remembers its persecution, I guess:
    Good news for Malaysia, says AWSJ

  69. lucia says:

    yip yip hurray! i hope this will be the beginning of the end of UMNO! susan, i’m rejoicing with you!

  70. hutchrun says:

    Augustine Paul`s son should be investigated as to why he was sent to Australia in such a hurry.

  71. hutchrun says:

    The gutter man in his defence asserts that lobbying by judges is Ok. He knows pittance about ethics – legal or otherwise:

  72. Bennyloh says:

    ..if you leave me, I’ll surely cry…


  73. Bennyloh says:

    ..Okay, okay see this accommodating guy passes me by..

    PR’s HOP-IN

  74. wits0 says:

    Augustsin and U-sow could do with an Gypsy crystal ball reading about their future.

  75. dodgy inc says:

    This is a farewell speech for Mahal-Theif

    “I started a joke. Which started the whole world crying.
    But I didn’t see that the joke was on me.
    Oh, no, I started to cry. Which started the whole world laughing.
    Oh, if I’d only seen that the joke was on me.”

  76. kai says:

    This news is reported on local print media today. Only a very small colume, like the brief section.

  77. dodgy inc says:

    A Fool and his Stolen Wealth will soon be parted

  78. stenson says:

    Jessintha – I have to correct you on this.He never consider himself an Indian.He is not call Mahatir Kutty but Mahatir Kunji.

  79. dodgy inc says:

    Ppl, let’s not clebrate yet.

    Mahal- Theif has yet to settle his bills and wrongdoings;

    Amongst others,
    Plundering of 2 trillion Petronas’s coffer; May13’s sins; 3 Billionairs Sons; Lagecy of HP6 administration; AP of every single produst; Correct, Correct Judicial; Draconic rules in 22 years; ISA; OSA;

  80. susu kacang says:

    …please stay MyHardDeal….I need you inside….heheeeheee!

  81. amoker says:

    I respect him for his brain and courage. He, however is right to resign from his own party over some of his decisions which still impacted rakyat today.

  82. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    New Goverment is forming now, it is time to expel the disgrace! Tun is leading the deserved ones one by one to jail soon……

    He is Alexander the Great one! The only darest in the history of UMNO and UMNO is history now…….

    The rising of Pakatan Rakyat and keep up for your victory for MALAYSIAN.

  83. Lallang exile says:


    So the old snake has recoiled from UMNO. What now? How does it change the present scenario of him being charged? Is he doing a reverse of Semangat 46?

    methinks even if Najib is on his side, the old man’s really had it this time. He faces Anwar, PAS, DAP, the legal profession, our dear PM and all the Malaysians he abused.

    Can we start wagering (sorry Sue, but yes, it’ll be great to do so on your blog and you could collect some royalty) whether the old snake can be caught this time?

    Bloggers, please put on your warpaint and prepare to align yourself as frontline cyberspace warriors with Sue as our general in this great battle we have all been waiting for.

    And Sakai, thnaks for your response to my comments. u see thru the idealist in me, but yes, I would dearly like to be proved right this time. Along with my fellow Malaysians.

    I am holding my breath………………….

  84. a malaysian says:

    When you rock a boat while you still in the boat, the occupants will just giggle and not take you seriously. When you jump out of the boat and rock, it’s not funny anymore. Let’s see how many occupants faces turn pale… 🙂

  85. Congratulations Raykat says:

    An added BONUS for the whole of Raykat after wining the recent GE………ALL…RIGHT!!!! Out goes this old mamak fox finally and it seems he is using his old fox last trick. Guess what, old mamak fox? You are going to be very busy going in and out of court real soon. ISA just prepare another room for you……sedition….should you be kept isolated for threatening the umno goons??? You cheated the Raykat for more than 20 years and we told you earlier that no one will be listening to you anymore coz you are considered ‘past tense’!!!
    Guys, it seems that the old mamak fox including his son are fighting for personal reason with badawi and son-in-law??? It’s a war between this 2 selfish goons!! It’s the devil fighting the devil…….getting interesting…..

  86. Make Sense says:

    in this days is more practical to look forward
    instead of looking backward. we malaysian still did not learn
    the lesson from what has happend in past GE. we still talking about
    past and problem.

    why dont we start to talk about the action plan
    and walk the talk. cost of leving has been going up with the past and present Goverment. why dont we think about this and try to correct the issue, and why we are still point our finger to other when the mistake is ends of the days is us. ask your self ho elect the goverment???

    if you do your part, you would not been talking ho is leading the country.
    it’s does not matter whom lead the country its a matter ho we appoint too.

    no point talking about the former when he took 22 years to get his family reach when the present took not less then 4 years to get the family reach for another 100 years.

    we all malaysia bolehhhhhhh that why you are talking and their are still in position and making money..

    good luck and have a nice day.


  87. hutchrun says:

    `why dont we start to talk about the action plan`

    Hang mahathir. But Badawi, AG etc dare not do that `cos they too will be hung in the process.

  88. ah Long says:

    Mahathir, why you resign from Umno?? Now you mati no public holiday lah.

    So bad, mati also don’t want to benefit the rakyat. Thiew !!

  89. susu kacang..lagi says:

    …now you see ah long….how terror is my piss! Only a couple of night ago you asked me if I would piss at them…..WELL….MAHATHIR RECEIVED THE FIRST TRICKLES OF RESIDUE OUT OF MY BLADDER….see now he got so confused already and tak tentu pasal merajuk and quit umno!


  90. KJ Sapporter says:

    Dear Susan,
    I saw distinctly a khinzir in a suit still on the ship. Are u making referecnce to the great KJ in that picture?

    If that was the case, I would ask you to cease and desist. Please change the face of the khinzir to a non-khinzir face.

  91. anonymous says:

    Some people is making claim that Mahathir’s quiting UMNO to avoid being charged. I am no sure how you guys could arrive to this stupid assumption. C’monlah, it is the other way around, quitting UMNO would make it easier for people to charge him.

  92. anonymous says:

    It would also made it easier for Mahathir to reveal skeleton in the closet and vice-verca

  93. wanadoo says:

    LATEST Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty join MIC to displace semi value

  94. Payback Time says:

    TDM is the mother of all HIPOCRITE..he has been shitting without flushing for 22years..and sleeping AAB got to wakeup to smell his shit and clear his droppings. Leave if you may, do not incite hatred among the citizen..trying to do a 513?? The malays has grown up this days, can think better not to be mislead again by selfish moron like you. Among the saddest tyrant of our time Mugabe will have to kow tow to you

  95. steven says:

    Where is all the kerismen ? ain’t they want to quit like Dr.M.

  96. wits0 says:

    “Hang mahathir. But Badawi, AG etc dare not do that `cos they too will be hung in the process.” – Hutchrun

    Exactly, they all live in glass houses and dare not throw stones. Like it was during the persecution of Anwar over a decade ago, Madir merely charged him for corruption. For one surprising moment our attention was captured but what the blardy hell! It turned out to be all about some trifling thing about some relatively minor “abuse of power” – nothing whatsoever about fiscal corruption , because that Madir and his entire gallery would have been implicated if monetary corruption was the thing meant.

    Therefore never believe what is being reported by the MSM if they ever sound right or promising as far as correct action, step or reform is mentioned. Semantics that the umno Gomen has used are often thoroughly turned over upside down and mean not what they seem to mean. The uncritical MSM furthers this sort of double speak and smokescreen. It’s nothing for the dud Star, for example.

  97. JEFFRY BONG says:

    TMM being the mentor of this current leadership GOMEN. U are
    accountable for your failure to provide and nurture good leader quality in terms of moral and integrity background thus destroying the nation image in the eyes of the world .PL come out and give your comment and advise to save the Nation who are in ICU.

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