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I wonder what my fellow Buddhist friends would wish for on this year’s Wesak Day. There had been surprises like the political Tsunami on March 8, and disasters like earthquakes and cyclones in our neighbouring countries.

What would you wish for?

World Peace? A World Free of Natural Disasters? Read: Burma and China.Freedom for Tibetans? Freedom for Burma? Or simply each one’s own liberation?

Whatever it is, I wish all Buddhists a HAPPY WESAK DAY.

Look, even these politicians do not want to be left out.

They’ve come together from various political divides, and ceased fire (albeit a moment only) when they visited the 113-year-old Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields yesterday (The STAR).

Was there a glimpse of eternity in that moment?

We do not know. We cannot know.

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  1. Ong Ting Ting says:

    My Indian friends says this is a Wesak they are not celebrating becos of their leaders still being held in jail under ISA.

    Maybe the PM can show his graciousness by releasing them on Wesak Day. Then may God have mercy on the PM.

    Celebrate Wesak with a heavy heart.

  2. xiaoyao2 says:

    Just 12 Chinese characters :

    风调雨顺,国泰民安, 安居乐业, (”feng tiao yu shun, guo tai min an, an ju le ye”)

    i.e. “Harmonious natural environment, Peace and Stability, a Decent Livelihood”.

    The rest are just luxury and cosmetics.

  3. novice101 says:

    I wish we can all transcend our narrow, confined love and we can start to practise a more open kind of love, so that the ultimate Great Love which is in all of us can spread its influence and bring true peace and harmony to the world.

  4. It was a real surprise to see in the pgoto-shot of our “beloved” PM visiting the Buddhist Maha Vihara temple in Brickfields. It is a real good gesture and great deal of courage on his part, I must say. But is his trying to gain back the support of the Buddhist community or is he trying to cleanse himself of the many bad deeds that he has done? Only he can tell. Right?

    Whatever the reason is, I would give him respect in this instance. My wish this Wesak is for our PM to be fair to all communities and not only favour the Bumis alone, which he had been doing during the past couple of years being PM. To clear his sins, he should also look into releasing our Hindu friends who are in detention. They have done nothing wrong but only to fight for the rights of the marginalized non-bumis. What they and we wanted is only FAIRNESS TO ALL MALAYSIANS.

    With his practice of fairness to all, peace and harmony will definitely prevail in Malaysia and our beloved country will prosper.


  5. amoker says:

    Wish all a happy wesak day.

  6. Lea Cruz says:

    Wish all Malaysian a happy Wesak Day. Hopefully, through our PM’s unselfish and fair practice, Peace, Harmony & prosperity will prevail sooner in Malaysia.

  7. Kesava says:

    Has the PM changed overnight? I must check the papers. Or is that big ears still there.
    Happy Wesak everyone.

  8. tamade says:

    Lord Buddha talked about Karma. Those evil leaders and government top brass in Bolehland have planted bad seeds of karma and they will reap the harvest of bad fruits. This iscalled FAIRNESS, and this is KARMA. If the RAKYAT were IGNORANT and voted for the RACIST and EVIL ones, then they themselves and their descendants would have to bear the BAD KARMA for what they have planted for many many years and generations to come, this is the Law of KARMA. If the RAKYAT have the courage to stand up against the EVIL ones, voted them out and let the GOOD ones rule the country, then they have planted the good seeds, and thus they will have the golden harvest. For the past 50 years, the RAKYAT has been very tolerant to the most CORRUPT, IRRESPONSIBLE, RACIST and ILL-MINDED party, luckily, this trend has changed after 8th Mac 2008,, they have started to plant the good seeds and hopefully the next generations will be able to ENJOY the good harvest in the furture. May the Blessings and the Lights of the Triple Gems be with all living beings in the Bolehland and the Universe always. May the Light of Wisdom be with all the RAKYAT in Bolehland always. HAPPY WESAK DAY.

  9. susu kacang says:

    So…I’ve noticed that Badawi visited a Buddhist temple clothed in simple white….instead of the extravagant wardrobes worn by politicians on most ceremonies. He’s learning to be humble….GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO REPENT!

    I am no Budhhist, Islam, Christian or an adherent of the world’s major religions…I am a pagan from Sabah but then being so is no impediment for me to SAY THAT THERE IS AN ONLY GOD WATCHING OVER US!

    “An intellectual mind is devilish without the spiritual kind…”

    Lord of The Nunuk Ragang…

    Sabah People’s All-Races Revolutionary Association.

    ps: ….ah long….where’s my susu kacang!

  10. nuiguchai says:

    lets for once in this Wesak day bless our country. Those in other religions, please pray it your way. Am sure our objective would be the same – peace to the country.

  11. Y C Chai says:

    My only wish is that mankind will finally realise impermanence is a real sign and fact of life. Therefore, do good and eradicate hatred among us irrespective of origin of birth as there are only for this life and may evolve into a totally different existence hereafter. Why should we attach so much on the false appearance and identity as the only constant in this world is change. Free ourselves from the chain of attachment and delusion, and the world will become a peaceful and wonderful place to live.

    Mankind can live united in diversity. Sadhu ! Sadhu! Sadhu!

  12. Pegasus says:

    Wishing all Buddhist and eveyone who celebrate Wesak day ,a Very Happy Wesak Day,may your hope and dreams comes true. We hope the 5 Hindraf leaders and other ISA detainees are release soon,this has been dragging too long, BN is absolutely arrogant and think headed. They have never learn anything from the March 8th Politic tsunami. Its not suprising to see Badawi at the Buddist temple,as Pas leaders are already breaking grounds by visiting church to give talks. BN is following the lead set by Pakatan Rakyat. Wonder if there is any open house by the government for Wesak and other festivals coming up,unless it make the Umno leaders feel less muslim attending these open house. Wonder why everything has to be manipulated to be religious issue by Umno, guess that how they survive in this country by playing the racial card.
    Happy Wesak Day!!.

  13. CTW says:

    Some say Buddhism is a late-comer to the field of human rights. I would say it is a reluctant late-comer as shown by recent uprising led by the Burmese monks and to a certain extent the protests of the Tibetan monks and nuns. May these tragic experience reshape Buddhism which will contribute more to alleviate human suffering caused by violation of human rights.

  14. The Great Gautama Buddha is my light and to me, He is also one of the Great Teachers. I strongly believe in Karma. People have conveniently forgotten that we are all virtually living in 2 prisons the moment we take our 1st breath. The first being our physical self and the other being the environment that controls us. I shouldn’t say more lest I be labelled such & such.

    There are 3 “kingdoms” on this earth. Human, animal and vegetation. Today we are lording over them and we are producing everything from A to Z at a frenzied pace. Soon the environment will retaliate. And we might go the dinosaurs’ way.

  15. demon says:

    Sabbe satta,
    Avera hontu,abyapajjha hontu anigha hontu,sukhi attanam pariharantu.

  16. Bryan Choong says:

    I was there at Buddhist Maha Vihara when PM visited the temple as the Second Prime Minister to do so.

    It was such an eternal peace as everyone seemed so serene be it BN or PR.

    PM was in such a sincere mode when he gentle coaxed Nurul Izzah by saying ” Mai duduk sini ” in such a fatherly & gentle manner when he invited Izzah to join him at the main table. His gestures was met when Fong Kui Lun & Wee Choo Keong joined in & talked & laughed as one BIG family.

    It was a moment of great contemplation. No fancy meal No Fancy Luxury No Protocol but just simple Vegetarian Noodles & Finger Food.

    I wish Susan was there to capture the essence. There was Not a moment of awkward as He Embraced Every One & Everyone Embraced him as of One Great Family.

    I wish that Moment would freeze & be there forever! Finally Malaysians as One! Even though for One Moment in Time.

    Such Bliss to happen in a Buddhist Temple.

    BTW, the picture in The Star was wrongly captioned. The Monk in it is the Chief High Priest of Malaysia but just an ordinary monk.

    May All Be Blessed with Eternal Bliss.

  17. Bryan Choong says:

    Sorry I left out the word NOT .

    BTW, the picture in The Star was wrongly captioned. The Monk in it is NOT the Chief High Priest of Malaysia but just an ordinary monk.

    May All Be Blessed with Eternal Bliss.

  18. Ho Ho Ho says:

    Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡
    😆 HAPPY WESAK DAY to all BUDDHIST GOOD PEOPLES in MALAYSIA n around the WORLD who celebrate this HAPPY WESAK DAY 💡 AmiToFoa 💡

  19. kahkahkahkah says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Najib Razak is scheduled to attend the Wesak Day celebrations at the Buddhist Maha Vihara Temple in Brickfields on May 28.

    Bolo kui dono Altantunya will not leave him. Māra will still get him

    Pendatang Bugis badua raskol will get heart attack today and be on front page 2moro

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