I haven’t got over Raja Petra (Kamaruddin) and ALL…tantuya yet, and now this.

We are told there is a two minute video clip that shows military commandos being tortured by their trainees (THE SUN).

A military torture camp in Malaysia?

The matter was raised in parliament by MP Saifuddin Nasution Ismail (PKR-Machang) who said he received the video clip in VCD format last week and offered the VCD to Najib on May 14 during the wrapping up of the debate on the royal address.

However, Najib who is also Defence Minister, did not seem interested to explain the video, said Saifuddin.

“As a political secretary to defence minister from 1994 to 1996, I understood the training of the commandos but I had never seen any training like that. I want to know if the module is acceptable as this is about human dignity. The families of these soldiers did not send their sons to be tortured,” Saifuddin (THE SUN).

Saifuddin said from what he saw in the video clip, the trainers seemed to be enjoying the alleged torture.

“If this is within the knowledge of the minister, he should give the public a responsible explanation and what action has been taken on the trainers”.

Trainees enjoying torturing their commandos? Hah! Stranger things have happened in this country. Remember, earlier we were also fuming about the mystery of the 16 deaths during a much dreaded National Service programme? Remember, who is the minister responsible for that too?

Hmm…Najib…are you there?

* File image from truthdig.com

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  1. toyolbuster says:

    “military commandos being tortured by their trainees (THE SUN).”
    Susan, I am sure you have misquoted The Sun, shouldn’t it read “TraineRs” instead of “TraineEs”. It tells a whole diffrerent story.

  2. confused says:

    I am confused by your trainers and trainees… who is torturing and who got tortured?

  3. hutchrun says:

    It`s to toughen them up – Najib`s probable best reply.

  4. Paul Warren says:

    Susan, After a long time I now recall why I don’t visit your site. Maybe its my sight. But really its so hard to read what you’ve written. I can barely read what I am writing here. Sorry, not complaining. Maybe its just me and my lousy eyesight. As it is there is already so much to read all over the place. Can make it easy for poor sods like me, please?

  5. drMpower says:

    whats wrong with you guys?

    if those commandos were and are to be treated like that, surely there is a VERY GOOD reason for that. hutchrun say najib’s ‘reply maybe to toughen them up’ which is for me, a very good reason.

    you have nothing to do on this commando training thing and still you want to bother it? i know, maybe just for the fact that you loves to bash people up. whether physically or ‘online’, you still wanna give him some piece of urs.

    its all rubbish

  6. btuorg says:

    I hate military training but – perhaps there are reasons for that. Commandos expected to be tough mentally and physically. They are expected to endure certain level of “torturous” training – so I heard from a few of commandos I’ve personally befriended and know.

    I guess it is not uncommon – perhaps necessary. We don’t want our commandos when captured by enemies – becoz unable to endure certain level of torture – disclose some intel info. That’s dangerous.

    Commandos job after all only meant for the toughest guys out there. It’s definitely not for the average guys.

  7. hutchrun says:

    After all when they are caught by the `enemy` they might otherwise leak military secrets. So it`s best to kick them around during training. After that they`ll also be proud that they were able to withstand all that.
    Can`t have them playing tiddlywinks, they`ll all get fat and lazy and run when the enemy faces them.

  8. […] Loone's blog asks if there is a military torture camp in Malaysia following the release of a two minute video clip […]

  9. bamboo river says:

    I attended training camps during my secondary tertiary .
    Once there was this over zealous trainer with military background. Really gives us hard times and even the Camp C.O. was taken abacked by his so called ‘torture training’
    During one session , he made a fool of himself and what makes him ‘bengang’ is we managed to complete the task he instructed but he himself faltered.
    I don’t know, maybe to get on us, he changed the programme to midnight and 5 a.m. That really pissed us off.

    Tensions was high .
    Yes, we reported to the C.O but his hand was tight because of reasons he himself knows.

    So, we took matters into our hands so to speak. Psycholigical warfare! We won , the trainer lost.
    Physically he is strong, mentally tak boleh pakai!
    After that , we never met that trainer again.

    To some, military training is to help the trainees on physical and mental self endurance. To those who think it is torture,well it looks like it but it could do good more than harm IF carried out according to the guidelines.

    Have you seen the UTK squad training programmes or the Singapore SAS?
    Being dipped into a barrel full of ice cubes or submerged into a shit pool overnight.
    Worst still , locked in a steel container under the sun for hours. Body and mind resistance training.
    Just can’t imagine the worst scenario if being caught by the enemy and tortured.

  10. the trainer would reply “this is training to build psychology resilient – the malaysian army should be grateful to have such dedicated trainer ……

    malaysian army is the best!

  11. ycg says:

    why the hush hush. who has the vcsd now? show it la…why is it sealed and hand delivered to najib instead?

  12. hutchrun says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Sex education and the dangers of HIV and AIDS will be among several new courses to be introduced under the national service (NS) training programme starting October.

    Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, who is also chairman of the Cabinet Committee on the NS Programme, had agreed to this.

  13. lucia says:

    military torture camp? won’t be surprise if it’s true.

    i actually agree with paul warren. but then somebody would yelled at me “stop bitching!” (like she/he did before).

  14. ismail says:

    what i know it is part of the training in the event they are in the hands of enemy. relax lah brother. the person who recorded the event definitely an insider and he knows it is routine but wants to stir the situation..human u knowlah.

  15. Anonymous says:

    You want them to be like askar wataniah is it? Do you even know the official name for the commando group in Malaysian army? They are called Grup Gerak Khas (Malaysian commando). They are our front line when we are attacked by enemy. Just imagine the kind of torture they experienced if they are caught. They would rather die than reveal important info.
    Remember Leftenan Jeneral Zaini Mohamad Said? Do you think you would be that calm without the proper traning?
    Here’s a link for you to read

  16. ismail says:

    did we ever appreciate them safeguarding the nation..the peace we enjoy, we sleep profoundly, but these commandos or military personnel at work.. let us now quickly jump to conclusion..bcos politicians are different, think political mileage only nothing else..

    let us non bumi join the forces together with our malay brothers defend the nation because politicians always talk about nonbumi not given enough chances in civil servant..police-armed forces also civil servant–we must not only think the white collar jobs of civil servant.

    i have seen wide advertisements in media vacancies for police and armed forces but no takers from non bumu..let us be fair. eehh.

  17. ah long says:

    They have to be tough, so when they face the hangman, they still won’t talk and tell the world who gave the order to kill Altantuya. There are certain people hoping that this training will pay off.

    Ismail….look around and ask a few non bumi who have joined the armed forces. Unless you are a Bumi, forget about promotion. The Bumis get promoted faster and higher.

    Non-Bumi officers are few and usually no higher than Kapitan. Anyone got friends and relatives in the forces ? Wanna share your experience.

  18. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    My question is have Najib himself been into the same exact commando training before himself?

  19. ismail says:

    i cordially suggest susan loong join the army instead of being only in the camp of dap go for a change get into army camp.

  20. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    because I a doubt about his courage…

  21. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    even he doesn’t have the courage to face himself in the court to clean up his name….

  22. ismail says:

    hi – ah long,

    if one join the forces with intention of high promotion, means cari makan not defending the nation.

    sell ice water, hawker, make more money.. let bumi be the soldiers as usual.

  23. choktong says:

    alo ismail…..let us not talk about this joining the forces..somehow i agree with you i have four siblings they chose to be mee seller, rojak seller and small food stall..the are happy earn few hundreds rm per day..what is soldiers the most rm45.00 a day..

  24. hutchrun says:

    Yeah, these guys can`t be pansies. They should be trained to kill, even if it`s each other.

  25. choktong says:

    i think this rascal nasution has zero knowledge about commando training–that is why when he received the cd from a naughty insider he broadcasts right away.

    macam macam lah — kangkalikong politician..spoil the soup.

  26. Musthapa says:

    The CD is based on an”Escape & Evasion” excercise which is compulsory for Special Forces and Rangers. Having carried out your mission, you try to escape and evade the enemy. If you are cought, particularly an Asian enemy, will torture you for quick tactical information. Thus there is some brutality in the training so that the potential commando will learn the tactics of escape and evasion.
    I assure you that the survival course is much more rigourous.
    The difference between a commando and other soldiers is that he must accomplish his mission within a given time.Period.
    Its not the money. It is the honour to be in the profession of arms, reserved for those with balls. Sleep well you lembik pondans.

  27. ultraman says:

    maybe they’re training a malaysian version of jason bourne (from bourne identity) to help do dirty work for the government. based on the bourne identity movie, you have to endure intense torture training so that you’re physically and mentally strong to do the illicit task given by the government.

  28. My2cen says:

    I was told by an ex-commando that Part of commando training is ‘captured’ trial. The stimulation is very real where they are ‘captured’ by the enemy and ‘tortured’ to reveal military secret. Some are stripped naked and tied in the deep jungle. Imagine red ants and other insects biting them for nights in a row and mentally tortured at the same time. If they keep mum and ‘survive’, then they ‘pass’ this final part of their training!

  29. you know how japanese army was trained ? no wonder the japs in ww2 so psychopath – and malaysian army certainly want to follow that path ?

  30. Dr.Zhivago says:

    I have read this in the news papers,
    but the way you have potrayed this whole thing
    which is quite striking from the guantanamo bay type picture in the begining,
    is to influence a very negative image of your own country.
    I have been living in Malaysia for quite some time,
    despite problems, like almost all countries have,
    the way the some of you describe is as if it some holocaust,
    genocide – like what the hindraf goons said it..
    its totally nonsense – there is no such thing.
    Most of the bickering is all racial slants, racially motivated.

  31. sandyow says:

    It’s called “military” camp for a reason. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it’s the same elsewhere too.

    It’s like this. You see a burger from McDonalds. You know it’s a dead animal you’re eating, but it’s ok it’s acceptable. Then someone does a movie about how cruel and evil it is on the poor animals just to satisfy the needs of the fast food industry and you scream. Cruel! How can do this!! Justice! I’m becoming a vegetarian!

    So the same, just because you see a video of torturing in military camps, it’s not like it never happened in the past, it’s just that it is unacceptable because we are used to not being exposed to such things in our lives, and when we do see it, we cant accept it and think it is cruel or inhumane, etc.

    Yes, I’m being a little over-flowery, but I think the point is there.

  32. ah long says:

    My2cen is correct, this type of thing is standard training in the US army special forces. It is broadly known as training for physological warfare.

    It also includes sleep deprivation which is used a lot by the Vietcongs and isolation.

    Members are given a taste on what they can expect if captured and taught how to prepare themselves. Some released POW in Vietnam credit their survival to such training.

    Also female soldiers are often raped if captured. I offer my services free to train our female soldiers what to expect when they are raped.

  33. choktong says:

    let us conclude…the tough training in commando camps – no issue. full stop.

  34. ismail says:

    but choktong PR kata ada issue lah, there will a video show at parliament lobby similar to what theresa cock did to the malay woman.

  35. choktong says:

    well teresa is like worm under hot sun, burst first after that lain kira..see how she issued statement about the big scale pigsty..when public bombarded she blamed the media. she is always perfect. cheap publicity.

  36. choktong says:

    i am sure many people have seen film “the rambo” that is the commando way of life.

  37. AlooKo says:


    My EYE tiring after too long hour on this site especially at night, Why not make the background look greenish, it help improve my old eyes !

  38. LeeZ says:

    i know of a few commandos and some who had gone the basic commando training…

    yup… it is supposed to be like that!!! (the training)

    only the toughest will survive!!! (i don’t mean dead though) 🙂

  39. harrybutz says:

    Its the army……They are suppose to be trained to fight wars, and wars are nasty business. What do you want a bunch of pansies as soldiers or tough motherF%^%*ers that can handle anything to defend our beloved country.

    Why we stop whining and complaining and say thank you these underpaid heroes who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe.

  40. I agree with harrybutz.

  41. loonely! says:

    i think later our commando no need do harsh training le!
    just go train cooking only n later open food stall~ no need fight to save the iddiot anymore!

  42. sam says:

    Why we stop whining and complaining and say thank you these underpaid heroes who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe.

    really? heroes? in Malaysia… wearing battle fatigues ones ah?

    safe from what? AL Qaed0h duhhh?

  43. ktemoc says:

    Ismail, there were (I don’t know now) Chinese and Indians in the Pasukan Gerak Khas. There were two Chinese police inspectors, Paul Kiong and Sia, who went undercover and lived with the CT or years, and were eventually awarded the SP, the nation’s highest gallantry award (apart from Perak’s highest gallantry award). They conducted themselves and served the nation as Malaysians, not as non bumi or non Melayu.

  44. Susu Kacang says:


    I WANT MY PUSSY CAT…..heeheeeheee

  45. Jed Yoong says:

    What else is new? Our defence minister sucks? Now we can call him murderer right? After all the kiddos died in NS because they weren’t given proper medical care?

  46. Clarisse Yap says:

    you know, all these talk about NS. i speak from personal encounter. my cousin was an NS trainee – she came back a totally different person – mixed with the wrong crowd, now foul mouthed and pierced her body like nobody’s business. the inner self who loved her a lot would scream for NS to be removed, but I also have a neighbour who came back as a better person – disciplined, and due to the few months separation from family, learnt how to love his siblings more. what i’m trying to say is; there’s always two sides to a coin. we shouldn’t just focus so much on the deaths and tear down the programme. think about those who benefited. think about those who learnt something, who gained something and look forward to gaining something from the programme. what we should focus on is, rather, improving it for the better. pump in some budget to avoid more deaths. discipline traineRs. do whatever it takes, because it is, essentially, a good programme. yes, despite losing my cousin to it. it’s what you make of it, too.

  47. steve rogers says:

    Its not just commando’s who receive this training but anyone in the military who is considered to be high risk for capture. This includes pilots and air crew. My wife had to go through this during the summer when she attended the Air Force Academy during the late 1980’s. First she was chased through the Rocky Mountains for 5 days with no food except for what she could catch and eat. After this ordeal with almost no food except berries and bugs and little sleep she was put into a mock pow camp for another 5 days for torture and interogation. Again with little food or sleep, and frequent beatings and harassment. She was already small when this training started but lost 16 pounds. She went home to her parents covered with bruises and anemic and they were horrified. Its called S.E.R.E. training, which means Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape.

  48. Eddie says:

    JOINING COMMANDO………….. IS VOLUNTEER. “KEDATANGAN ANDA TIDAK DIUNDANG, KALAU RAGU-RAGU SILA PULANG” Rakyat Malaysia sepatutnyer bersyukur………..dengan adanyer Angkatan Tentera terutamanyer Rejimen Gerak Khas. Cuba lihat negara yang bergolak dalam peperangan, walaupun kaya dengan minyak dan wang ringgit, orang awam tidak aman dan walk freely on the streets. Malaysian are free to walk on the streets at any hours, drive expensive cars, dine in 5 star hotels, shopping expensive things….Tentera semasa aman, berlatih untuk perang. Our existance is to protect the nation. Please give some appreciation. So the video clip is nothing ……….it is part of training…sikit je tu……..kalu musuh tangkap lagi teruk…………..

  49. Mike says:

    I don’t think the public or politician knows the meaning and what is a “Commando”.

  50. NEP modified says:


    They think it is – Come And Do

  51. mokopa says:

    I think the politician are trying to interrup the military right now. They think they know to speak and give speech they know everything. Banyak cantik. i suggest they go for military boot camp for 3 week only but with full time military activities include PT and they now how the life in military

  52. PARA says:

    Hi there,

    Why not let susan, have a taste of the ‘command and Do’ training…
    I belief she will change….. and be more patriotic for the nation…..
    and after that….she will always have the ‘Green Beret’ on her head (24 hrs)…though going for a sleep ….. hahaha…..

    ..a..yo..a.hoyaho… beret maroon, sayap di dada….[buk..buk].

  53. vetran says:

    Lets quantify this forum/discussion. here is the bottom line, you will be treated nothing less than a piece of shit, before you can qualify and call yourself a commando; and that’s it, red beret, green beret they don’t come that any cheaper than this.
    Those guys who sign to be commandos realize this – for a commando to be, both mentality and aptitude will be demolish to pieces, and from the scattered pieces a commando’s soldier will be born. FULL STOP!
    In short one should have “tasted one’s own shit” before he can qualify to be a commando, but still it is a comfort simply knowing that to be on the “other side of the fence” will definitely worst! So you see, that’s what make a commando different from a soldier!

  54. fateh says:

    that is a normal training and exercise. Our commando must be ready to protect our country’s greatness and dignity. long life malaysian commando..may the God bless us.

  55. you ma'am, FAIL! says:

    politican should’nt involved in the military issued…
    remember what happen to the eurocopter…
    they’re “crack team” or commando..they have to trained in that situation to protect our country…
    i think u should wiki or research first before making a statement..

  56. I was viewing the vedeo clip of the arrest of some demonstrators and I find the police in Malaysia are very heavy handed. The police in Malaysia are poorly paid and when you pay them peanuts you get monkeys.

  57. Mohd says:

    Hi Boys & Girls,
    It’s been…lets see…almost 28 years ago… I had put myself into this situation…as a trainee….yes…alot of beating & bashing…unthinkable ways where a human can do to another human. Wanna know more? Basic pay check wuz just RM365.00 back then…No special allowances or COLA…whatever…More than to meet the eyes….too long to write anyway.
    So …some say I’ll definately have lots of tales for my grandchildren (If I do live long enough, He..He..) Mental & physical strength…Hmmm…has to be No. 1..Some loose screws or bolts after this stint…Yes….

    Looking back…I never had I regretted…I’m proud to be one , among thousands who made it….Some men are born to be soldiers…some are NOT.
    My opinion….28 years later….

  58. Appropriate to age, attributes grows together?May be something, your printer in.Of impact to, on the severity.Saving yourself minutes parelia katerini, reduced Starting at with all manner.Its belief system, Toshiba The processor.,

  59. Majnd says:

    yes that is little thing to be considered a torture..to be a commando lots of more thing one has to undergo..so the training is tough both physically and mentally. if we are not in tht service or have not served in military then dont simply comment for the sake of comment. We need tough special forces who will not reveal any secret if ever they are caught or easily succumbed to tortures or wht ever kinds of bashings…These people are trained to kill and also trained to be killed and training would normally be tough and very harsh.
    Keep up the good show our Malaysia Commandos..you are the best..fr ex army veteran..

  60. Xray says:

    Commandos or special forces were formerly regulars who volunteered to be selected as the faceless people, ready to prevent OR stop potential or ongoing hostile engagement. I spent 13 years in a special forces unit and 2 and a half years in the special branch before retiring as when the communist insurgency ended – faceless people like us had no role in the modern high tech warfare. Officers were now graduates while people like me , we only used our MCE! Now we are the forgotten people, some of us are hawkers, farmers, taxi drivers, security guards, drivers… the kind of jobs where we potentially and regularly get humiliated, scolded etc etc. We once provided the blanket of peace and freedom with the special branch by harassing, tracking and engaging communist guerillas. My sargeant was an Iban, corporal a Kelantanese chineseman and 2 malays, and troopers a mixed bunch of malays, orang aslis and indians. My SB contact whom worked with my unit in the operating field were a chinese, malay and sikh. Were we selective in whom we protect? NO…we were not. Now, we get selected by stupid racist politicians from both sides, we get hammered because of a few and we still get hammered because we are against the return of Chin Peng. Because of the torturous training hat we received that we suffer in silent because Malaysians are not our enemy but if our country is attacked or threatened, we will answer the call to defend our country though we are old horses and forgotten. I have personally lost my wife who died while giving birth while I was serving in the jungles and was only informed almost 5 weeks later upon leading my section after we successfully ambushed a communist assault unit on its way to a chinese village in Sungai Siput.
    Please tell me, were we wrong to put our lives first for the country and please tell me, too, if I made a mistake for joining the VAT69 rather than joining a foreign oil company in Jalan Semantan, Kuala Lumpur?

  61. Shark says:

    Without that hardcore training, how could we keep up with the US DeltaForce,US NavySEAL, British commando,SAS and many more, you have to watch their method of training which are much more brutal than ours….

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