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Hishamuddin Rais’ latest article in Malaysia-Today presents you the final round: which one would you choose as the future prime minister of this country – Anwar Ibrahim or Najib Tun Razak? He says all Malaysians have a duty to make this choice, and the truth is we do not have many choices.

Would you choose submarines (including dubious space travels and lose billions of the rakyat’s money) or would you rather choose the possibility of PEOPLE BOSSing politicians around?

In his article FINAL ROUND: Anwar vs Najib, Hisham says:

Malaysians have a duty to make a choice now. The truth is Malaysians have only two choices – Anwar or Najib. Does the rakyat want Anwar to lead this country with the Ketuanan Rakyat (People’s Sovereignty) agenda or do they want Najib to continue with his submarine agenda?

Najib represents the old politics – feudal politics which captures the Malays with the slogan ‘Long Live the Malays’. The slogan ‘Long Live the Malays’ represented by Najib for 50 years have forced the Malays to live under the grip of a feudal culture. This feudal culture has ensured that the Malays continue to be stubborn and stupid. This means that the feudal culture propagated by UMNO was specifically designed to make the Malays stupid and stubborn.

UMNO does not want Malays who are intelligent and those who dare to think independently. Malays who are intelligent and dare to think independently will leave UMNO in droves.

Hisham continues to say that it was not enough that UMNO made a fool out of the Malays, they also frightened the Malays with the presence of two bogeymen – Chinese and foreigners – that the latter two will rule the country since the Malays have lost their power.

Yes, it’s true that some people have lost their power after the 12th General Elections. The ones who lost their power was UMNO. Not the Malays. In these 50 years, the ones who were in power were a handful of UMNO members and their cronies, not the Malays. The Malays did not own any power, did not own any sovereignty and did not own any special (rights). Malays live waiting for a promise and dying in hope.

He further says that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi looks tired and bruised. Abdullah will be carried out of the ring to rest, perhaps as early as June next year. Only two are left in the ring to continue their fight to the final round.

And who are the duo? Your guess is as great as mine. Najib vs Anwar.

Who will be OK and who will be KO? Should we leave it to the GOD(s) or the people? Like Hisham says, Malaysians have a duty to make a choice. What is yours?

Read more of Isham’s in his column (in Malay) DARI JELEBU.

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  1. hutchrun says:

    Well, Najib may become PM soon as Bdawi may be gpong to prison for sedition:

    Sekiranya pihak polis ingin membuat siasatan ke atas ahli Parlimen Gelugor, Karpal Singh, maka hal yang sama juga perlu dijalankan ke atas Perdana Menteri, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

    Kenyataan tersebut disuarakan oleh Pergerakan Pemuda Pakatan Rakyat, yang terdiri daripada PAS, KeADILan dan DAP hari ini di Ibu Pejabat Polis Dang Wangi. – Harakah

  2. Maverick says:

    Najib has sunk further deep into the abyss with his submarines taking with him the ketuanan Melayu debacle and all other misdeamenors. Thus paving the path for DS Anwar Ibrahim to succeed but somewhere down the line I can read the king- makers mind. Surely he would want DS Azizah to be the next PM and I am for it. Let Malaysia dawn into a new era and the new victory cry will be HIDUP MALAYSIA : LONG LIVE MALAYSIA.

  3. clearwater says:

    Anwar. At the very least, there is promise of true reform. For better or worse, we must move forward. The old politics is a cesspit of disaster. BN-Umno is incapable of reform as the rot has gone too deep to be excised. A brand new start is what we need.

  4. James Low says:

    ANWAR is my choice.I cannot choose twice because ALTANTUYA may make noise.

  5. Underdog says:

    Najib or Anwar? I choose RPK for Prime Minister!

  6. ismail says:

    azmin ali has no other choice but to challenge proof from dato abdul rahman an mp from sabah over his claim of huge sum being offered to crossover to pr.

    azmin ali also corrupted like his boss. where he get the money to buy a bungalow and brand new perdana cash for his father. now he is defending his boss over the claim of buying parliamentarian.

    when anwar was dpm then he went to sabah with baskets full of money and corrupted pbs to crossover. now he is using his new peon jeffrey kitingan to revitalise the same episode . can this kind of charracer be a pm? i dont think so. bleak future for malaysia.

    this man will do anything because he is selfish

  7. kittykat46 says:

    Najib is such a retro-politician, a regression into UMNO’s ugly, racist past.

    Najib stands for 1969, 1988, forever and ever ISA, OSA, Sedition Act, Ketuanan Melayu, UMNOputras, Never Ending Policy, Lap Dog Judiciary, Polis Raja Di-Malaysia…..

    No wonder Mahathir loves him so much.

    I’m really not sure about Anwar, though another blogger often calls me an Anwarista. DSAI sure walks and talks like a Western-style Social Democrat these days, but is he for real ?
    He has a dark past, too, for sure, but he did spend 6 years in prison

    Will the Reformer turn to be the Beast ?
    Stay tuned to find out. September 16 is D-Day.

  8. ismail says:

    i am pretty sure pas and dap very cautious with anwar. he is very cunning.
    but showed him their support bcos they know they can gain politically but anwar would not succeed.

  9. Robert Teh says:

    Today let me share a little peom which I read from a magazine many years ago but it’s as relevant in today’s fiercely competitive world:

    “Upon the Plains of Hesitation
    Lie the bones of countless millions
    Who upon the threshold of success
    Sat down to wait and waiting they die”

    (by An American businessman)

    My choice is Anwar for PM and I hope he reads my posting today.

  10. kittykat46 says:

    Remember the TPCA stadium rally 1988,
    Remember Altantuya….

    Enough said…

  11. will we happen to see aab and his familiy quietly slip to aus again ?

  12. Is this a choice between “devil & deep blue sea”
    Or between “the one regarded as the lesser evil”
    Or is this a case of no choice like “Hobson’s choice”?
    Honestly, only God knows what’s best for each country

    Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 160508
    Fri. 16th May 2008.

  13. alrawa says:

    I insist on Mahathir the joker.

  14. ayu says:

    My guess is – the sultans or the Agong will take over. Najib can’t be PM anymore. No chance. On the other hand, if Anwar becomes PM the UMNO thugs will cause chaos. The country will be out of control. The Agong is head of military, only he can do something then. Bleak future for Malaysia for the next 50 years.

  15. hutchrun says:

    KOTA KINABALU, May 16 — It is almost fait accompli. A clutch of Sabah MPs will leave the Barisan Nasional, resurrect a defunct Sabah political party and then join Pakatan Rakyat.

    When Kalabakan MP Datuk Ghapur Salleh sketched a similar scenario in Parliament this week, he was merely referring to a plan being cobbled together after a series of meetings between several Sabah MPs and representatives of the Opposition, including a recent meeting in Hong Kong with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

    The plan calls for BN MPs from Sabah to ratchet up the pressure on the Abdullah administration over lack of representation in the Cabinet, growing interference by the federal government in the running of the state and the problematic illegal immigrant situation.

  16. ah long says:

    Najib / Badawi / BN / UMNO…..they already had their chances and fucked it all up.

    Lets give someone else a chance and see if they can do better.

  17. ah long says:

    Najib / Badawi / BN / UMNO. They all had their chances and stuff it all up.

    Lets give someone else a chance.

  18. hutchrun says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, May 15 — Someone went through a lot of trouble in Parliament today.

    Not just Senator Datuk Amirsham A. Aziz with his prepared answer to a supplementary question but someone else who had prepared various scenarios in case the prime minister loses the confidence of his fellow lawmakers.

    That person or persons did the research, printed and distributed pamphlets in the Parliament Media Room where pigeon holes are normally filled with the dry language of written answers to questions and statements from the various YBs.

    Quoting liberally from the Federal Constitution and a few court cases that dealt with the Constitution, the pamphlet sketched out ways that the Dewan Rakyat could get rid of a sitting prime minister, the king’s role or lack of it, etc.

  19. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    We are out of time to be in dilema, we have to choose Anwar for the change of goverment first!!!

  20. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Priority 1. Change the present goverment first!

    Priority 2. Improve later.

  21. caravanserai says:

    If nothing is changed now
    Cyclone Nargis will take the crown
    The strong wind and waving storm
    Unleashing it out to the people

    The draconian laws will be used
    Many will land in prisons…………
    Operation Lallang 2 will run
    So don’t let it happens

    The marshalling on the borders
    The underground networks begin
    The snakes, termites, worms and crawling insects
    Digging furiously as if they lives depend on it

    In the far distance
    The hunters run smelling the preys
    With their track dogs screaming hard for it
    On the borders they take a break

    The compromise
    Bargain and try to seal it
    The give and take dilemma
    Finally the wind of change

    The bright light
    Spreading it in the sky
    The beautiful weather of white and blue
    The celebration begins

    The lady touches
    The heart melts a new page of history
    In the country and her people
    The dark knights all in chains
    Singing their blues in Kah Mun Thing Inn

  22. Thinkvision says:

    Usually in fairy tales: going from Sleeping Beauty to Mongol Slayer is akin to traveling from the serene swan lake to the flaming hot lava pool in a volcano. And the ending is usually not very good to most people. As the saying goes: from wok into the fire. Ouch…….

    With Anwar as the PM, there are at least some ray of hope of cleansing the closets of all unwanted skeletons. Real ‘skeletons’ included! The true character of a leader will be revealed once he is in power. Well, if he turned out to be a chameleon as some people claimed, we can always kick him out in the next general election. But at the very least, he deserved a chance to prove himself.

  23. hutchrun says:

    “..Rosmah is angry that Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin wrote an article called Letʼs send the Altantuya murderers to hell. And Rosmah phoned His Highness the Sultan of Selangor and shouted at him. That is worse than what Karpal Singh did.

    Rosmah wants to become the ʽFirst Ladyʼ of Malaysia even though the First Lady is the Agongʼs consort. But Rosmah has committed treason against the Ruler. 200 years ago Rosmah would have been put to death. Today she will be rewarded with a RM100 million budget to renovate the Prime Ministerʼs residence in Putrajaya when her husband becomes Prime Minister.

    And Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin now challenges Rosmah for her to deny this allegation. Or maybe she would like to make a police report instead. That is what they normally do anyway when they are not able to reply. Porah Rosmah. Please donʼt phone my cousin His Highness the Sultan of Selangor. Please donʼt shout at my cousin His Highness the Sultan of Selangor. The Perak Mufti said that if you do that then you are disrespectful to Islam. You are only the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister who shall never become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. This quarrel is between you and me. Leave my cousin His Highness the Sultan of Selangor out of it.”

  24. Eric says:

    The problem is we don’t have the option to choose. All we could do it stand by the one who practises virtue…

  25. Altantuya says:

    I think Mr Lim Kit Siang or his son shold be Prime Minister

    everyone else is rubbish

  26. kai says:

    Can someone please tell me how one can bind frog legs together, like preventing them from hopping around?

    I still do not think that I will be able to see a chance in government in the near future. It would be great but seeing is believing, and at this point in time I have to be pessimistic a bit. Call me naïve, call ignorant, but this little dinosaur may have been around a bit too long to see that happening. Only yesterday there were reports that some Government Assembly members from PR in my beloved Home State, Perak is thinking of jumping ship, which also including DAP member of Batu Pahat as well! How sad can that be?

    If those Sabahans really defected over to PR, nothing can stop them from doing the same in the near future. How are you going to stop them? ISA them all?

    If 30 or so Sabahans MPs were to flip over, that would make them the second largest block in the coalition. What does that means? DPM, certain percentage of cabinet posting, and not to mention lots and lots of benefits too? What do you think DAP and PAS would do? Nothing? It is going to be a nightmare just to keep them together, and eventually may become BN the Second (just like a movie) having one party dominate the rest.

    It seems that having a PR Government is not that difficult. It is what happens after that is the real concern!

    What do you think the BN government will do if these hoppers hop? Would they dissolve the parliament? I am sure the Agong will listen to them. Suspend parliament for say 2 years? I am sure they will think of some kind excuses.

    Common guys, it’s not that simple.

    Hmmmm, better go back to enjoying the beautiful weather over here. The sun is out, and it’s nice and cool out there!!

  27. kcee says:

    Try another angle!

    The Sultan of Perak Azlan Shah perhaps can takeover in the interim until the right candidate comes along whose main qualifiaction is non political but Malaysian for True Malaysian.

  28. hutchrun says:

    PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was said to have left the country, under an absolute clandestine mode to go and meet the Emir of UAE Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayid Al Nuhayyan in United Arab Emirates last Wednesday. No one accompanied him on this one day trip, not even any of his aides and anyone of the ‘Level Four Boys’. Neither is the specific purpose has been properly identified.

    Popular suspicion is that the purpose was something got to do with money, as UAE is a capital rich state in the Persian Gulf area and now gaining prominence in the global financial capital geography.

  29. hutchrun says:

    “I urge all Muslims to pay their zakat and fitrah in any one of the five Pakatan Rakyat states. Are you aware that you can pay zakat in lieu of your income tax? And you can request that your salary be deducted monthly and the money be sent to the state zakat office instead of to the IRD. No, it is not exemption from tax like if you were to donate to a tax-exempt charity. It is zakat in lieu of tax. That means when you pay zakat you need not pay income tax.

    Say you have to pay RM1,000 income tax per month on your salary (or RM12,000 per year if you pay annually). You just pay the money to the zakat office instead and send the receipt to the IRD and consider your income tax fully paid.

    Why do this? Well, when you pay to the IRD, the money goes to the Federal Government and Umno will use the money. But when you pay zakat the state gets to keep the money and in the five Pakatan Rakyat states for sure Umno will not be able to get its hands on the money.

  30. hutchrun says:

    “I urge all Muslims to pay their zakat and fitrah in any one of the five Pakatan Rakyat states. Are you aware that you can pay zakat in lieu of your income tax? And you can request that your salary be deducted monthly and the money be sent to the state zakat office instead of to the IRD. No, it is not exemption from tax like if you were to donate to a tax-exempt charity. It is zakat in lieu of tax. That means when you pay zakat you need not pay income tax.

    Say you have to pay RM1,000 income tax per month on your salary (or RM12,000 per year if you pay annually). You just pay the money to the zakat office instead and send the receipt to the IRD and consider your income tax fully paid.

    Why do this? Well, when you pay to the IRD, the money goes to the Federal Government and Umno will use the money. But when you pay zakat the state gets to keep the money and in the five Pakatan Rakyat states for sure Umno will not be able to get its hands on the money.

  31. poor guy says:

    If i have a choise, i will choose KJ, he is the only who can make billions even jobless, so he can make much more for malaysia if given a chance.

  32. Scott Thong says:

    Poster #23 and its references at Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters has a whooooooooooooole list of reasons why choosing Nut-jib is national suicide.

  33. hutchrun says:

    “..Rosmah is angry that Raja Petra Bin Raja Kamarudin wrote an article called ….. And Rosmah phoned His Highness the Sultan of Selangor and shouted at him. That is worse than what Karpal Singh did.

  34. I will choose Anwar rather than Najib

  35. Juan Taman says:

    There is a third choice. PM Pak Lah should stay on to clean up UMNO. Anwar can consolidate the Opposition and gain the experience of ruling the States they have won. If the Opposition is doing well in the 5 States, Sabah and Sarawak will be attracted to join.
    Najib can have time to change himself and cultivate the image of being trustworthy leader for Malaysia.
    The Rakyat will see two strong parties in Malaysia checking and balancing each other. In the next GE we will have 3 contestants to choose, Pak Lah, Anwar and Najib.
    Pak Lah should be given the credit so far as opening up more space for Opositon voice in the last few years.He would be remembered as the “Father of Demoncracy” in history. The Opposition should thank him for releasing Anwar before the last GE.

  36. Just Anwar (the lesser of the two evils) for now to get rid of the present many evils. lets take a chance with him- what have we got to loose!
    UMNO know they cannot simply decide what they can do and who to become the AG, IGP, ISA, OSA,take away your passport just give UMNO a wake up call at least for a now if Anwar does not do a good job for a few years we might elect another ‘good’ politician.
    Above all to have the Mamak Mahathir (UMNO cannot find among them a real Malay to be the president )put to trial for the numerous evils he had committed and the billions he had stolen. The Mamak is planning to bring in another Mamak, his son, to be another P.M. in time.
    he hetad of Petronas is also another Mamak.
    The Mamak himself does not trust the very kind he sold his soul for, his lawyer is not a Malay and his proxy of a small part of his money Vincent Tan, also a non Malay I can name hundreds of others. Wake up Malays !

  37. kittykat46 says:

    Folks, there is a real concern that Malaysia is very much distracted in the midst of major global economic and food crises.

    Friends tell me the Federal Government is practically runing on Auto-Pilot or basically No Pilot.

    Pak Lah, Cabinet Ministers and Other UMNO operatives are all fully focused on their political survival – 24 hours x 7 days a week. Anwar’s frogs may or may not be for real, but the fear of BN/UMNO losing power is real.

    For the past week, ministers have been camped at Parliament house, fearing the dreaded “crossover”

    Insiders know that UMNO just looks strong on the outside, its actually quite soft on the inside. If they lose Federal power, and the money fountain derived from incumbency, UMNO could be gone forever or at least for many election terms.

    So its politics all the time 24×7 . Nobody is really doing the job of governing. Most of Pak Lah’s “reforms” are just PR and speeches – very little actual work is being done on implementing them.

    So the sooner the Najib or Anwar issue is sorted out the better for the country. Sometimes A decision, whichever way, is much better than No decision or a hung decision.

  38. Proud_Malay says:

    I dont think Mr Rais knows what he is talking about when he said the UMNO culture has cultivated stubborn and stupid Malays. I am one of the many sucessful and smart malays as a result of the government policy especially UMNO. I am an expat working overseas with many other Malays. And I am where I am now with my own hard works and determination, and with financial assistance from the government which I am always indebted to.

    Maybe he is less successful, thus prompting him to write that. Maybe he didnt try hard enough, and thus becoming an ally of NATO (No Action Talk Only)

    Beside …get alive Hishamuddin Rais …. who is perfect??You might have done worse yourself!

  39. wits0 says:

    Kittykat: “Friends tell me the Federal Government is practically runing on Auto-Pilot or basically No Pilot.”

    Verily, verily, it must be so…something quite natural for the autopilot is well experienced. Even in the best of times its everyday inertia smacks of laziness of governance. What more now? Good to know that they ain’t sleeping too well as before.

  40. Devan says:

    I’ll chose The AG ….Gani Patail to be the PM…..he can charge 34 people with MURDER and the weapon………..a single piece of rock!!!!
    For DPM…………my proposal is VT Lingam…………correct..correct…correct

  41. My2cen says:

    I think Emergency wil be declared soon with all the chaos created by RoseNaj.. the aspiring first lady.. Another group of people is waiting in the corner to take over.. and Nazrin will be the anointed leader of the new Malaysia! From ruling a state he now becomes the Ruler of the whole nation. Thus a new republic is born! hahaha..!!

    Seriously, the way forward is to allow those who cares and with merit to govern this country, irregardless of race. In the interim, let’s give a chance to Anwar, and please be fair and be inclusive in the appointment of the next cabinet. I can’t help but feel for our East Malaysian friends, please remember to give them a bigger say too. Our friends there have better experience at racial intergration and can show the way forward to create Bangsa Malaysia.

  42. Andrew says:

    If I were as corrupt as people made Anwar out to be, even a day in prison would be intolerable. It would have been alot easier to just turn around and recant. To have to serve an indefinite (at the time) prison sentence would not have been the average person’s choice, let alone a supposedly power hungry, corruptly rich person. Six years. Let’s give it the respect it deserves.

  43. go PR says:

    The Asian Renaissance By Anwar Ibrahim – Review, July 6, 2001
    By Mohamed Nassir (Singapore) – See all my reviews

    This book highlights and details to you Anwar Ibrahim’s visions for his country. Anwar also mentions the problems he had with his government and country. There are many issues that he has brought up in this book, but some of them may not be so obvious. You have to read between the lines. Afterall, when he wrote the book, Anwar was still the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia.
    I suppose he may not have wanted to jeopardise his position. But, I guess now that Anwar is a prisoner of conscience and no longer in power, you would definitely better understand his thoughts if you have been following the political developments in Malaysia ever since Anwar’s sacking and arrest in September 1998.

    Anwar explains his aspirations for his beloved country Malaysia and the immediate Asian region in implementing a sound government with strong principles of social justice, good governance, zero-corruption, zero-cronism, zero-nepotism, and cultural and religious tolerance.

    Anwar is currently incarcerated beyond his will in the prison of Malaysia. This is caused by a deep political conspiracy initiated by Mahathir (Prime Minister of Malaysia) and some of his [associates]. He has been behind bars since 20 September 1998. But, the struggle for reform and justice continues in his beloved country. But, I strongly believe that the Truth shall prevail and Anwar shall be a free man in not too distant a future. Mark my word!

  44. Antares says:

    It’s obvious that Umno/BN understand only BRUTE FORCE – violent suppression of civil rights using antiquated laws like the ISA, Police Act and Sedition Act. Therefore they will never fire their professional Rottweilers: strong-arm goons like Gani Patail and Musa Hassan who earned their current positions by serving Mahathir’s dastardly plan to destroy Anwar. People, do you really want to endure more of this manure? It’s time for us to evolve beyond reptilian politics! Let’s euthanize the BN for good. It doesn’t deserve to live!

  45. Joshua says:

    I’d rather have Anwar coz he has reinvented himself.

    Also, I was amused when I read that Mukhriz said UMNO would not allow Anwar to become PM.

    HAHA. Who is UMNO to decide?

    Read my post here:

  46. Eric says:

    Good suggestion hutchrun! I’m surprise why nobody has responded to your good advice.

    As for PM choice, I definately pick Anwar. Please aware that BN is giant. It is not easy to defeat in election. Only after a victory over it, things can get easier.

    As for party-hopping, some may claim that if Sabahan MPs can hop to PR, they also can hop out. Well, we have to look deeper as our country needs reformation. Only after PR forms government with 2/3, reformation can be done. The judiciary system, ISA, freedom of media, speech, etc and many things need to be tackled. After tackling those issues, then even if they hop out, the reformation done will benefits rakyat and ensure lawfulness.

    Please do not bad-mouth Anwar by saying things that happened in the past or be influenced by others who bad-mouthed him. Whether it was true or not, it is not relevant. Today is present tense. What had happened in the past(even if it is true) may not have relevance today.
    Can I suggest that you cannot be a president of welfare society because you were very naughty when you were little? Ridiculous, isn’t it?

  47. Anti-Rosmah says:

    If storys is to be believed, can someone from the Selangor palace send a nice letter to Rosmah telling her that she has been ‘buang negeri’, never to step foot on Selangor anymore? How can a bitch shout at His Royal Highness Sultan of Selangor?

  48. sandyow says:

    SO easy to choose ar? Both also same only. As for najib, he will always be associated with atlantuyaa and nobody wants that sort of leader, I know Abdullah also not agreeing to let him take over in actual fact.

    And about Anwar, how far do we know that Anwar will keep his promises as opposed to countless other politicians up there?

    I am really thinking again about the party hopping issue and the way i see it *seems* like PKR are bribing MPs millions of ringgit to join them? I heard that it is often that things like this are happening, even before and in the BN, but if this is Anwar’s start…. Hmm… What else in store for us?

  49. These stupid polis. They are only good getting bribes from Massagr parlour and SPA centers. I am a frequent customer who goes for massage regularly and sometimes the massage parlours in cheras and pudu got raided when i am sitting there. I got some opportunity to video tape the polis taking some bribes during the massage parlour raids and will be posting it on the web soon. Those who wants to download the video clips and photos – pls call me directly at 012-3691850

  50. Penang says:

    The choice sounds simple, but it ain’t.

    For better or for worse, I still pick DSAI over najis, even though I have reservation on DSAI’s real intention.

    But for the sake of my country, the country that I love so much (even when it doesn’t love me), I will choose DSAI.

    Heck … if what I am writing now will ultimately result in my untimely death … (who knows???), I will still stick my neck out for DSAI, for I have but one home, one country —- Malaysia.

  51. Richard says:

    sandyow – what makes you think PKR bribing MPs millions of ringgit?
    Does PRK has the money? Do you follow the news? PR emphasizes on accountability and transparency. Have you seen anyone or party in the world who practises bribery and at the same time go all out for accountability and transparency?

  52. ah long says:

    I choose Lee Kwan Yue.

  53. DanielYKL says:

    The Perfect Stranger – to all allegations.

  54. wits0 says:

    Susan’s question is really a rhetorical one. One whose answer is self-evident.

    Anwar is wiser and saner man today ; the other is an incalcitrant racist, and comes from the same dark lineage and with similarly dark “reputation”.

  55. AlooKo says:

    Put Najib to jail give him a black eye like Anwar kena before then choose him as PM. then baru tau ! Do I have a better choice ? I choose RPK.

  56. dodgy inc says:

    Enough of the 40 years of self-destruct mode, abuses of power, plundering of nation’s wealth, rules by racism.

    It is time for reconciliation, correcting our mistakes and makes a better place to live for our future generations.

    Looks like DSAI is the only choice. Hope we’re right this time.

  57. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan


    I do not see any comparison at all. The answer is quite obvious. The result is of course between the above two. The recent and the past history say on NAJIB to their neighbours, among the ASEAN countries, Middle East, USA are very obvious. Those countries do not like him in view id his father’s history and in paricular what he had done to the Malaysians.

    Although Najib has not been charged for abetting the murder of Altantaytu,
    the circumstancial evidence how the murder took place, points to him so
    drectly for sure, any lawyer will tell you so. The present PM Pak Dolah needs the hek of his Deputy, for various reasons known to all. Reading between the lines it was NEVER the intention of the PM to make Najib as HIS SUCESSOR. I am prepared to take a bet with anyone,

    His womanising and corruption deeds are well known by everyone. Please refer to what Malaysia Today had written on this. Raja Putra Kamaruddin for the last one or two years forsaw that Najib will NEVER be the next PM. Raja is absolutely correct.

    As for Anwar, he was one of the Deputies of Mohd Mathir. You can only judge the deeds when he was a Minister and Deputy PM. It is debatale what he did at that time, will make him NOW the Prime minister. For what I observe he will make a very good PM never MALAYSIA will have one of this calibre. But Anwar MUST obtain the sincere co-operation of his other partners, He must really, truly and sincerely clean up the corruption, make Malaysia a safe polace to live for their citizens. The business and economic atmosphere MUST be created. Anwar must work closely with Singapore, and make it Win Win situation for all.

  58. kai says:

    ah long Says:
    May 16, 2008 at 2:48 pm
    I choose Lee Kwan Yue.

    Hi Ah Long, anyone except that that person. NOT even if he was the only candidate. Try Googling Chia Thye Poh on the net and read all about his experience. In case you wonder, he was ISA in Singapore for 32 years and his last 9 years was under house arrest with civil rights restrictions. He was only 4 years short of Nelsin Mandela’s records (26 years). What he did to Chia makes Mlayasia ISA child’s play.

  59. Andrew says:

    Where was Nelson Mandela when Anwar was in jail?

  60. xiaoyao2 says:


    When the ruling “club” is confined to the priviledged few, after 50 years, there won’t be much of a talent pool left.

  61. Penang says:

    “…. after 50 years, there won’t be much of a talent pool left.”

    Oh left they did … much of the real talent pool have already left, no thanks to the xenophobic regime.

  62. kai says:

    Richard Says:
    May 16, 2008 at 2:31 pm
    sandyow – what makes you think PKR bribing MPs millions of ringgit?
    Does PRK has the money? Do you follow the news? PR emphasizes on accountability and transparency. Have you seen anyone or party in the world who practises bribery and at the same time go all out for accountability and transparency?

    Hi Richard
    It’s easy. You don’t have to pay upfront. Any such agreement, if any, would have to be conditional. You cross and we will pay perhaps by installment or through arrangement, after all what makes you think that they will stay after payment is made? You asked where the money come from? From you, Ah Long, dodgy inc, wits0, DanielYKL, Penang and so on.

  63. kai says:

    Andrew Says:
    May 16, 2008 at 4:09 pm
    Where was Nelson Mandela when Anwar was in jail?

    Hi Andrew,

    🙂 where was Anwar when Nelson was in jail? lol!

  64. hutchrun says:

    What? Is someone seriously suggesting that Mandela be the next PM?

  65. hutchrun says:

    Btw looks like there a few who might be heading for Sg. Buloh:

    The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam video clip has recommended that former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is investigated under various laws for his role in appointment of judges.

  66. Muda says:

    And the winner is….

  67. hutchrun says:

    Najib 🙂

  68. hutchrun says:

    Zaid said a panel that investigated the video found it was authentic and Lingam apparently conspired with his allies in the judiciary, government and corporate world to broker the appointment of judges.

    The video, filmed by a visitor to Lingam’s house, shows him talking about ways to help Ahmad Fairuz become Malaysia’s top-ranking judge with the help of business tycoon Vincent Tan and Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, a former Cabinet minister.

    In the video, Lingam is heard saying that he, Tan and Tengku Adnan had contacted Mahathir regarding judicial appointments.

    The inquiry’s report said “there was conceivably an insidious movement by (Lingam) with the covert assistance of his close friends (Tan and Tengku Adnan) to involve themselves actively in the appointment of judges.”

    “In the process … Mahathir was also entangled,” the report added. “Actions of the main characters concerned have the effect of seriously undermining and eroding the independence and integrity of the judiciary as a whole.”

    Zaid said Lingam and the others would be investigated for possible offences such as obstruction of justice, sedition and leaking state secrets.

  69. Lea Cruz says:

    What other choice do we have beside anwar. I don’t have much hope on these people though as none of them could handle well with the racial & religion problems. They are too sensitive and intolerate and most of all very narrow mindset.

  70. javabean says:

    Anwar la… the other guy isn’t even the pant wearer at home…. how to be head honcho???

  71. Susu Kacang says:

    Now…people hear this….” Whoever lost the US presidential race will be the one to become our PM! ” …according to an Israeli intelligence source all the BN component parties in Sabah and Sarawak gonna merge into one political front free from BN feudal clutches. And since Malaya-based political parties are always biting at each other’s throats presently….then the new Sabah/Sarawak front would be holding the majority seats in parliament…….OUR NEXT PM WILL BE AN ORANG UTAN!

  72. Picture on my left is najib
    Picture on my right is anwar

    In this case, in order not to choose a wrong, I have to choose a right..and bravo!..anwar is on the right…

    Good luck anwar…God knows you are now a new and a better man so you’re now blessed to take over at the right time. Patience in plan pays plenty.

  73. Abdul says:


    I understand your anger because your contract is to end soon. So you are vomiting everwhere seeking help. Time is up. If you can’t raise the stakes of your company, then PR will not give you any handouts, bailings or direct contracts. You are dirty, feeble minded crony cultured marauding embicile.

  74. ktemoc says:

    😉 just to prove I am not anti PKR, I am going to think outsid eteh box, and choose either Tuan Chua or Gwo Burne to be PM, or they can co-PM the nation.

  75. sklee says:

    Without any doubt, DSAI is my choice.If Najib succeeded in his quest to be PM, then Malaysia’s future is bleak!To use Chandra M words, it will be unmitigated disaster for Malaysia!

  76. sam says:

    i somehow don’t think UMNO will just wilt or lose in another election…
    i don’t believe evil people will suddenly go & die or disappear..

    i DON’T believe in fairy tales.

    i believe more hardship in bolihland.

    i believe the people who are supposed to protect us will continue to subjugate us and bleed to to dry.

    i believe we are in this cesspit for the rest of our natural life.

    You can go ahead & believe in anwar & a better tomorrow.

    If there ‘s hope – there’s life. You people need to hope.

  77. wits0 says:

    Sam, who believed that the USSR could collapse?

  78. ah Long says:

    Sam, who would have believed that Marcos can get kicked out.

    Sam, who would have believed that Suharto can get kicked out.

    Sam, who would have believed that Saddam get face the

    Sam, we dare to believe that Altantuya can get justice.

    This was used to describe JFK “others see things as they are and ask why??? My brother dream of things and ask, why not”.

  79. ah Long says:

    Najib and Rosmah…..we never know today what can happen tomorrow.

    Tomorrow, hell can freeze over, so you may have nothing to worry about.

  80. Susu Kacang says:

    …guys…I have a better idea now! How about a Martian to become our Prime Minister? …or we should invent a robot (which will be programmed to always heed our needs) and install it as the prime minister??? PLEASE FELLOW MALAYSIANS GIVE IT A SERIOUS THOUGHT! …witsO says Malaysia may collapse like the former ussr and if this really really gonna happen WHERE ARE WE ALL GOING TO LIVE SINCE A COLLAPSED COUNTRY WILL SURELY GO DOWN TO THE SEA AND WE ALL GOING TO DROWN IN AN OCEAN OF SUSU KACANG!

    Pleeeassse give a robot an ample chance to be the pm….okay?

  81. F. Lin says:

    A know racist with questionable deals and contract compare to someone that goone through hell and promise fairness to all. Tough choice I guess…

  82. malaysian without limitation says:

    I think is time we give a non-Malay an oppotunity to be our next PM.

    Lim Guan Eng looks perfectly oaky as MB of Penang, he also got a record of helping a Melayu and ended up in jail. So he is a perfect choice.

  83. xiaoyao2 says:

    a non-malay? til the cow comes home. if i am 30 years younger, i will dream.

  84. sam says:

    yeah thanks for being so optimistic there guys (&gals)

    I don’t see any daylight —- even when the PR took 5 states — they cannot even (& even though legal & legitimate) move a stoopid concrete barrier put in by the toll gangsters.

    The revolution in indonesia & phillipines are slightly different – over there the majority of the people wanted change – including members of the security forces.

    Here the main thugs control these elements.

    See the Utaya guy — passport just got cancelled.

    what next – wait for kataks to jump?

    The powers to be won’t just sit on their hands. …

  85. susu kacang says:

    …LATEST! LATEST! …..I was sitting under the night skiy a while ago when a bottle of susu kacang dropped from heaven onto my head…GUESS WHAT INSIDE THE SUSU KACANG BOTTLE! YESSS! A LETTER DIVINELY WRITTEN STATING THAT THE NEXT PRIME MINISTER WILL BE AN ORANG ASLI……THE REAL TUAN OF MALAYA!

    …why don’t we break up all the states in Malaya into mini republics then we all can have our own choice of PM! It is rumoured that Sabah and Sarawak will either become the Republic of United Borneo or they would agree to become newest states of the US!

  86. rivafauziah says:

    hmmmm anwar vs najib

  87. tamade says:

    Najib denied everything, but Rakyat knows all his dark secrets. No way, it’s great shame for Bolehland if this guy become the next PM. The Al-Mighty will punish all those who put him there. Can’t imagine Earthquake, Cyclones, massive Flood etc hit Bolehland. Everyone out there, please beware.

  88. hutchrun says:

    EC advises fresg elections. Badawi should follow the advise:

    KUALA LUMPUR: A federal or state government can be dissolved at any time, even before three months, if the ruling party sees a need for a fresh mandate, said Election Commission (EC) deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Omar.

    He added that there was also no provision in the Federal Constitution to prevent the current government from dissolving Parliament or state assemblies.

    In this event, he said a snap election could be called.

    He was responding to questions on the uncertain “political scenario” following allegations of possible party-hopping by Barisan Nasional members to Pakatan Rakyat.

  89. kai says:

    Hi Hutchrun

    Unless the Agong agrees to it. If PR can form a majority, then a snap election may not be necessary. It’s all up to the Agong, and I wonder if he is just another figure head do nothing?

  90. One night stand says:

    Surely not Najib but Anwar ?….. although alot of people have forgiven and and KESIAN him for the hell his predecesor had done…..momeries of his pass still lingers on ……….so i think the best choice now is for his wise and demure wife Puan Azizah to take over the reign ; cos we mens have actually fuck-up our own ass……….

  91. hutchrun says:

    Problem is Badawi can preempt the whole thing by dissolving parliament and calling fresh elections. The Agung though may have a right to call the BP to see if they could form a Govt. then. At least that`s what would happen in other countries.
    It`s not been tested in M`sia as yet.

  92. susu kacang says:



  93. w.f.coolie says:

    one can never predict what dsai will or will not do once he leads the nation; but is the present bunch doing a good job? based on the last 20 years or so, if there is no change, we all gonna face the same evil that eats up the social fabrics of the society: CORRUPTION!!!! So why not try something new? dsai had his gloomy days, and we hope that he had has learned how the down-troddened felt when he was in Sg. Buloh. A lesson which many men of conscience would have had felt it to their bones.
    Having seen all the corruptions being created through ‘negotiated tenders’ we should indeed give dsai and PR a try!!

  94. xy says:

    The global economy experienced one of the best period for more than 10 years from Clinton to Bush until 2007 when Americans eventually woke up to reality of over-spending.

    Malaysia, along with many other Asian countries, benefited a lot from this “great economic period”.

    But has the country prepared well for rainny days to come ?
    Has the people benefited from these great economic years ?
    The global economy will be going slow in the next few years. That’s just natural cycle.

    We can’t count forever on the petro-dollars for one day the wells will go dry. Brunei is already counting its days on its oil-wells.

    For the next leader, the challenge is tremendous, politically and economically. At the end of the day, what the citizens need most are :
    1. a blessed natural environment, God willing (just look at Myanmar & Sichuan),
    2. a peaceful social environment with happy folks,
    3. a fair opportunity to earn a living.

    They are pretty simple stuff (except for the 1st), but to deliver will required a just, dedicated and far-sighted government.

  95. Ikhwan says:

    Bila Najib menafikan dia tak kenal Altantuya, bia Anwar mengatakan dia tak sogok MP masuk PKR dgn tawaran berjuta-juta RM, maka rakyat pun tahu kedua2nya kaki tipu !!

  96. tamade says:

    Anwar must have repented for whatt he has done before and the Al Mighty’s grace must have made him awake after all the torture and humiliation which fell on him. I believe we have to give him a chance to prove that his sincerity. Wan Azizah can be the PM, and Anwar can assist her.

  97. anarky says:

    ANWAR any day.

    at least no 1 will be ceefoured away

  98. xy says:

    Looking thru’ the comments, there seem to be so much hope that the country’s fate will be changed by a single individual.

    This is not healthy.

    We need a group of like-minded talents with vision and impartiality to steer the country to a new and better direction, people that have received the mandate from the people directly.

    And maybe it is time we consider a presential-system, a true leader elected directly by the people of the entire nation.

  99. MalaysiaforallMalaysians says:

    18 May 08 – From 730 to 1130pm.

    DO tune in CHannel 52 in SCV now for the 4hr Charity SHow to raise funds for CHina EarthQuake’s victim.

    U can call +886-27722-1111 to donate. Your call may be attended by Taiwan President-to-be (Ma Ying Jiu) or other singers or actor.

    I tried calling for past 30min….. yet to get thru. Still trying……


    Singapore Red Cross etc should consider working with SCV and Taiwan to have a local donation call line to flash in the show, to make donation easier for us in Singapore.

  100. ah Long says:

    If Najib becomes PM then Rosmah will become “first lady”.

    Najib will replace Bodohwi and Rosmah will replace Khairy. Bloody hell !!!! Najib & Rosmah in charge of Malaysia is just like putting Dracula in charge of the blood bank. !!!! It is a fate worst than step on dog-shit.

    What have Malaysians done in their previous lives to deserve that.

  101. First of all, Anwar is not even an M.P. at all, how is he going to be the next P.M. ? Najib the turncoat will never be the P.M. how can a man who takes down his pants whenever he feels like it becomes the P.M. of Malaysia ?
    He better not get cancer like his father, it must in the blood, also a turncoat,he took over the P.M. position from the first P.M..Do we have another choice ?

  102. jason wong says:

    I give Najib the benefit of the doubt.

  103. Aji says:

    Anda fikir Najib sesuai ? —- Fikir sekali lagi !
    “Anwar lah orang nya” is a fair statement.

  104. jo azril says:

    Anwar sesuai?betul ke?yakin sgt?

    Najib pn sesuai ke?atau ada pengganti yg lain?

    kite tggu je la..

  105. SS Panzer Abteilung 502 says:

    I prefer to choose najib… yes he is bad. But he the best from the worst. Lim Kit Siang… NO.. Lim Guan Eng??? No… PAS… No!!!! (Choose PAS then that the more bigger mistake)… PKR??? No… blurr direction… OMG… it is suck… still BN.

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