Will the Members of Parliament unite for justice to call for the release of the HINDRAF 5?

hindraf isa detainees 141207 updated

As BLOGGERS UNITE for HUMAN RIGHTS today, I’d like to highlight a grave human rights issue in Malaysia – the detention of citizens without trial.

This law is cruelly inhuman because you and I can be thrown behind bars without proof or police investigation. Can this be called law?

Despite several sectors calling for their release, yesterday, the Federal Court snuffed out the appeal by five Hindu Rights Action Force (HNDRAF) leaders who asked to be released from detention under the dreaded Internal Security Act.

With this judgement, they would have to remain in detention for TWO YEARS under the security law, although it is quite uncertain what is their crime.

Can anyone please tell me WHAT IS THEIR CRIME?

For rallying against UMNO/BN? For condemning UMNO/BN’s racist policies? For highlighting the plight of Malaysian Indian/Hindu citizens? For bringing our attention to the massive discrimination suffered by our own brothers and sisters?


The ISA cannot be called a law, because it doesn’t pass the test of natural justice. Nothing about it is natural or just. It is merely a tool of oppression (along with its other brothers and sisters, the SEDITION ACT and the OFFICIAL SECRETS ACT).

I always maintain that only COWARDS use the ISA to detain people without trial. Only a weak leader would need the use of weapons such as the ISA to protect himself from losing his self confidence.

If not, why can’t the 5 be charged in court, where Abdullah can slug it out there with them, to see if they really deserve Kamunting.

But that would be like saying we now have judicial integrity! judicial reforms! judicial this and that!

The 5 are said to be “threats to national security”. Hey Dollah, threat to BN/UMNO/ YOURSELF or threat to national security? Coz it seems, with the ISA, Sedition Act and OSA, the line between all these charges is very very BLUR.

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  1. hutchrun says:

    Their crime is that they defied the master race – UMNO.

  2. ah long says:

    Let’s hope everybody unite and call for their release. Charge them or release them.!!!

    Either you are guilty or innocent, no such thing as ISA in-between !!!

  3. lucia says:

    susan for this day post, i also blog about this same issue!

    ISA is cruel! should be abolish! i’m helping to collect signatures for the petition to abolish ISA in church.

    read about the GMI – gerakan mansuhkan ISA (coalition to abolish ISA) here.

  4. max says:

    That is why it is imperative that People Alliance forms the next Federal Gov’t soon to repeal this inhumane ISA so that hundreds of ISA detainess can be free!

  5. Anti-Najis says:

    Of course this is law. However it can only happen in Bolehland and Sillypore. While Sillypore’s govt did a good job by turning a 3rd world island into a 1st world island resort in 30 years, Bolehland’s govt was happy to remain as 3rd world country (but now they call it developing country to sound nicer) and insist they brought tremendous development o Bolahland. Bolehland will slip to 4th world country if not for its natural resources and hard working citizens (members of some political parties excluded). Bolehland has also demonstrated that holding a lighted candle in public place is “harrassable” by polis. Also, it is also OK to set up barricades in state land so that the highwaymen can collect “access fees”. It is also OK to C4 someone’s daughter. Well, this is BOLEHLAND and yes, ISA is one of the law in Bolehland. Bolehland is not bad, if its govt is rightous, just, not corrupt, Bolehland is actually Wonderland.

  6. kittykat46 says:

    The court only had the power to review purely technical administratives issues whether their detention was valid.
    The 1989 amendment to the ISA disallowed judicial review as to the legal/ criminal merits of the case.

    Detention without right to a trial is a cruel law !
    Detention without right to a trial is a cruel law !

    It needs to be repeated again, and again until the Act can be repealed.

  7. Robert Teh says:

    We have laws like the ISA and we have court judges who are answerable to their masters.

    Where do we seek justice for people who are wrongly accused of crimes and charged under such cruel laws that do not fit whatever “wrong” they have committed?

    I appeal to the Govt. to repeal such laws and to bring back the people’s trust for a free, fair and just court.

  8. hutchrun says:

    As long as BN is in power the ISA will remain under these neocolonialists.

  9. Devan says:

    When they filed their case ..I knew it will be thrown out. What to expect from the Judges appointed by the flip flop sleepy PM???? They need a job and fat salary. If they rule against they lose their jobs.
    Our stupid IGP last night on TV mentioned that ISA detainees have assess to courts. My foot …Musa. Both you and the ‘Murder Charger’ AG are guilty of letting yourselves being protitutes to UMNO and Bodowi.
    YOU all dont know whats its like being behind detention and accused of being a threat to Security. having LINKS to TAMIL TIGERS …….the IGP said he has proof……show us the EVIDENCE and CHARGE them in court.
    They in fact dont have anything!
    Our MPs should ask the Law minister in Parliament on these evidence!!!
    Time will tell..just wait and see. The first tsunami…….cleared the MIC….the 2nd..will clear UMNO.
    PR Govt. will take over and both of you lackeys better look for a job.

  10. Devan says:

    Another question…….was the judgement pre- written by the AG???????


  11. caravanserai says:

    ISA a nightmare to all
    Lurking behind shadow
    Once you are brought in
    It is very unlikely you could be free

    2 years is a long dream
    Behind grilled bars in Kamunting
    You can see the passages of time
    Sweeping away right in your eyes

    A piece of colonial law
    UMNO leaders condemned the colonial masters then
    Yet its leaders happy to sit on its wagons
    Rumbling sweet deception and pushing for its own
    Giving the people a bad taste in the mouth

    The Judges good and bad
    Dare not rock the judiciary line
    Afraid to lose the clout of power
    Dispensing justice according to the law

    The basic law tenet
    Nobody is guilty until proven
    Now ISA is no such thing
    You are automatically guilty
    Without trial without court of law
    It is backward argument; hard to say a point
    The law already condemns you
    ISA stringing rope around your body
    Put its mark; you are condemned
    Into the grilled bars for 2 years
    Oh year the government can extend it
    As long as you are still threat to the country
    As long as the government thinks you are
    You have no chance to get an earlier release

    ISA one of the worst nightmare
    The voters who voted their choice
    And these leaders used it on them
    Now the ground is cracking………….
    The drumbeats can be heard
    The changes must be coming!

  12. bamboo river says:

    Until today, the gomen defended vehemently that ISA is acceptable (to them) in order to protect and safeguard the country. 😦

  13. wits0 says:

    Bamboo, the words, “the country”, always meant “their interests”. Any thinking person are aware of that and for a very long time too. Like those threadbare and tired “don’t” cliche, e.g., “Don’t listen to rumours!”, they are just verbiage(of denial, usually) with little attached credibility. People get insulted by the numerous “don’t”.

  14. […] in conjuction with Bloggers For Human Rights. At one short glance, I have already identified two: Susan Loone and another anonymous person, ahmadacoolduda. This shows that the ISA is indeed a serious issue […]

  15. nordin says:

    Detention without trial is unislamic. Even Allah will put us on trial in the hereafter and these umno goons refused to put these men in court of law. Who do they think they are? Super god? Lets us all irrespective of race, religion, whack these umno buggers until they surrender.

  16. CTW says:

    ISA is cruel but not insane. If it is, then those responsible need not bear any responsibility or the most diminished responsibility. Statistically speaking, cruel acts committed by the insane is very very much less than the ‘sane’. Those who design and implement the cruel laws are normal people who in their position created by the evil system become abnormally sadistic. They could well be very kind to their wife, children, friends and cats. Don’t call them insane which suggests prejudice against the mentally ill.

  17. Altantuya says:

    We need to put all of them who have been in charge of Bolehland under detention in ISA and let them taste their own mediciine

    Pakatan Rakyat please take over fast in order that we can do this fast.

  18. Don says:

    When Pakatan Rakyat forms the next government, Pakatan Rakyat should use this ISA on BN/UMNO and only them. Maybe tell the world that BN/UMNO are the REAL threats to national security. After locking Bodowi and gang for 2 years … maybe 3 years, then only abolish it.

  19. Altantuya says:

    Yes they are the ones creating racial disunity and unfairness and inequality and therefore a national threat

    pakatan rakyat, just do it now!

  20. RBY says:

    What Happen to our once harmonious and proud society? I still remembered the times when my late father can kamching very much with the malays, the indians and we all used to be so united.Can we truly trust ourselves with other races? What happened? We got divided and ruled over thats why.

    Recently in the star, it was reported that a minister said during Tunku’s time, 1 million chinese were given free citizenship in return, they will support the gov. Though no contract was ever written, it was an unwritten contract and understanding. Wow what a comment. What happened to the 3 major race that asked for independence? Now it is acknowledge that only the Ketuanan Melayu that is working hard or fought for the independence? Many times, we have heard: If you are not happy living in Malaysia, get out… Guess what? Now the historian says that Kuala Lumpur was developed not by Yap Ah Kow but a malay. Kesultanan Melaka history of the greatness of Hang Tuah is fazed out in our history books, why…Hang Tuah is a chinese ma…

    What happen? Again, we got divided and rule upon. ISA is used to shut up anybody who can clearly makes a difference in our society.

    We need HELP!!!

  21. Pegasus says:

    The more reason we need to have Pakatan Rakyat as the government. The ISA should be abolish AFTER we get these UMNO leaders under ISA . They should be detain up to 2 years to let them feel how it is to be behind bars without charges and without being brought to the court to hear any charges against them.
    These 5 heros were only fighting for the Indian rights that was denied by the BN regime rule by UMNO. They were asking for the same treatment and equal rights be given to the Indians as a Malaysian, but instead they were arrested under ISA. The MP’s need to unite and get this act abolished and release all the ISA detainees immediately.
    The Hindraf was one of the main reason that BN lost badly ,but they still never learn.The 13th GE will mark the end of BN rule this country maybe even sooner then that.

  22. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    RBY Says:
    May 15, 2008 at 8:21 pm

    “What Happen to our once harmonious and proud society? I still remembered the times when my late father can kamching very much with the malays, the indians and we all used to be so united.”

    The answer is ….ever since Tunku Abdul Rahman, Bapa Mayaysia was sadly backstabbed & removed….the rest is History !.

    Until we can have someone Noble & Humble as Bapa Malaysia…..to restore equality in Bolehland…..you can only dream about it.

  23. ktteokt says:

    The question is “If it were five UMNO activists who got “arrested” and not the five Hindraf leaders, would the situation still be the same?” Of course that won’t happen in Bolehland because UMNO is the “taiko” and being its “machai” all UMNO members enjoy “immunity” from ISA!

  24. hutchrun says:

    May 16, 08 10:35am
    The government has revoked the passport of a Hindu Rights Action Force chairperson P Waythamoorthy, Amnesty International said on Thursday.

    Waythamoorthy, who has been living in London since he fled the country in December, has sought asylum in Britain, Amnesty’s Washington-based Asia-Pacific advocacy director T Kumar told AFP.

  25. billauchris says:

    Woes unto you BN for the double standard! On one hand, I felt euphoric when the five sacked judges including the former LP Salleh Abbas were “exonerated” of their wrong doing by accrding them a hugh undisclosed compensation to them retroactive to the date on which they were unjustifiably dismissed from the Judiciary. The PM recognised their past services for which the compensation was made. In a way, it was an indirect way of admission of the wrong that the BN Govt had committed.

    Then came the five HINDRAF leaders who were arrested and detained without trial for the next two years under the ISA. I was not only saddened but disappointed when the Federal Court affirmed that the PM carried out the procedure correctly and upheld the detention order issued out by the PM.

    There was no open court hearing for the five ISA detainees. All that the BN Govt was interested in was to debate at the apex court the legal procedure and the power vested on the PM at the material time to issue the order of arrest onto the five HINDRAF leaders. I would like to question where was natural justice being meted out in this case. Should the accused be given the chance to defend themselves? Natural justice is one of the hallmarks of any democracy. Are we a democracy or a “mockracy”? What were the charges? I presume must be the nebulous charge of committing an offense prejudical to good public order and to the national security!

    The Minister in the Prime Minister’s office, YB Ibrahim Zaid, in my view is merely a rubber stamp. His appointment at the last minute was just to appease the Rakyat and also the EGO of the PM. As things roll out of late, he is just a mere toothless tiger. I hope that the five detainees one fine day be compensated just like the five sacked judges for wrongful detention. By locking the five HINDRAF leaders in Taiping Penitentiary, the BN Government was also admitting that the police, military and para forces cannot overses nor control their activities and movements if they were aloowed to roamed the streets of Malaysia! Come on, let us be more positive in attempting to shape human behaviour and conduct.

    All the component parties of BN had appealed to the Home Minister for the release of the five HINDRAF leaders. By ignoring their pleas, it looked like UMNO just treated them like appendages. It just showed that they have no say in the running of the government. Where is your dignity and pride? If all the component parties’ efforts cannot help their five fellow Malaysians secure release from Taiping Prison, I should think that they should resign from BN and fight on their own platform.

    In my view, the last general election rejected racial politics. The rakyat wants a multi-racial government to look after their interests. All the ethnic parties can continue to retain the their “ching lang” ad members,
    but they must act multi-racially and justly for all Malaysians. If UMNO is not prepared to change its dated attitude and ways of doing things then there is no meaning for the component parties to stay within BN for name and self-aggrandisment sake.

    In my view, at the rates things are moving, who should I choose as the PM of Malaysia – Najid or Annuar? The answer is quite obvious.

  26. steven says:

    ISA is necessary to keep the “corrupt ” in power, without it, racist party has to provide evidences in court to prove citizen’s guilt, as one is innocent until proven guilty in court. On the other hand,ISA eliminate that burden of proof on AG by indefinite detention without trial.

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