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Above is the Palace of Justice ! The Justice Ministry. See what grandeur! But alas, the grandeur is ONLY in concrete, not brains!

UNBELIEVABLE ! to hear Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Law Minister) Zaid Ibrahim (NST, 9 May 2008) say this:

There are more than 900,000 unresolved cases in the lower courts alone. At the High Courts, the number of cases stands at more than 91,000.

“Enough studies have been carried out by the government, the Bar Council and the Human Rights Commission on causes for the backlog. It is time we see results,” he said, adding he has given himself six months to reduce the number of unresolved cases.

“It is cause for concern because most of the cases involving the layman is in the lower courts.”

We spent RM40 million sending a tourist to space, another RM1.14 million for nonsensical advisors to the government, and we can’t spend money on more courts, judges, and staff?

Justice delayed is justice denied, don’t they know already? Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s reform tactics are NOTHING if this poor administrative concerns are not addressed.

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  1. curious says:

    if they just appoint any judges, many will still be worried,…. wondering if they are really qualified for the positions or just being appointed by cronies… ?

  2. hutchrun says:

    VK LIngam knows all!!

  3. James Low says:

    That is incompetence of the highest degree.Or are the judges too busy with Lingam and his cronies?

  4. taksin says:

    What do we expect ? Even judgements are not written and yet they get promoted. Justice must not only be done but must manifestly and undoubtedly seen to be done : Lord Hewart. Why can’t they start the court at 8 am in the morning like everyone does if there are work to be done.

  5. hutchrun says:

    I passed the CD to him because at that point we were also not happy with the services provided by Lingam because there were many postponements to my family’s case,” said Loh,

  6. clearwater says:

    The Judiciary today operates like another branch of the civil service. You and I know when the judicial decay began and who selfishly started it to maintain his grip on power. In this regard, justice in Malaysia since the 90’s has become a commodity, to be traded by those in the loop and bought by those who can afford it. Who cares for the little man on the street, his voice is soundless, his scream unheard, his welfare ignored. Justice? What is that word?

  7. Are the court officials and judges sleeping on the job or taking a lot of paid leave vacationing overseas?
    Well with the PM setting the example – how can we blame them!

  8. ah long says:

    Ayah….look at the Altantuya case…..block one court for more than 1 year. And we all know why it is like this. Corrupt politicians. We should send them all to hell.

    You see on TV life reality show – Judge Judy. We should have night courts and Judge Judy type of courts to deal with small cases.

    We should also have Judge Dredge (Arnold what’s his name) on a motor bike to deal with crokked politicians.

  9. dodgy inc says:

    Hmm, it looks like the Next Wonder of the World.

    Concrete Kangaroo Farm

  10. simon wee says:

    How does one get justice from a palace? Maybe it is named as “Palace of Justice” for obvious reasons–some are above the law while others perpetually suffering under it.

  11. hutchrun says:

    A palace is usually a place where feudalism is practised. All pomp and ceremony.

  12. Altantuya says:

    Because all the judges arre lazy, always postpone for technical and procedural and petty reasons

    Malaysia Is Bolehland and Kangaroo Court and Monkey Judges

  13. wits0 says:

    Indeed calling it a “Palace”, hardly suggests justice for any thinking person who is educated enough. It shows how thoughtless the person who named it as such.

  14. bamboo river says:

    I think they planned to name it “Place of Justice.”
    The sign maker must have made an extra ‘a’.
    In translation : Istana Keadilan.
    or should it be : Tempat Keadilan
    Better be ” House of Justice” but that will not fit the impression of the building.

    Or is it because PKR at that time is Parti Keadilan and will definitely sounds wrong for them to name the place ‘Bangunan Keadilan’? Bangunan Umno will lost its lustre.

  15. cherasusie says:

    my road offence – over taking a trailer lorry that was travelling at 5kmh

    my mistake – although i knew a police car was behind me, i thought i could exercise my common sense….

    ok ok legally i wrong, ok.

    so went to rawang court………

    1st time – judge: salah no? me: talak judge: see u 3 months

    2nd time – 10am magistrate clerk: sorry guy, judge sick, see u 3 months

    3rd time – judge: salah no? me: talak judge: why? me: blah blah blah
    judge: see u 3 months

    4th time – clerk: hey dude, small matter, settle….good. me:……mmmh ok. judge: salah? me: yes judge:why? me: blah blah blah judge: i can not accept your plead……..see u 3 months

    5th time – clerk: only $50, why talk cog…….. me:mmmh ok judge: salah no? me: yeah yeah yeah jugde: why? me:soli loh. judge:pay $50 me take out wallet……..what the F, minyak and time already spent so much……..what to do…hai……negara ku, negara ku ~

  16. donplaypuks says:

    Just to correct your mistake.

    WE spent $1.2 billion to send a space tourist out. If WE did not agree to buy Commie Jets, why would they bother with the risk of taking a greenhorn into space. You think the average Ruskie knows where M’sia is on the world map?

  17. su says:

    This backlog is ridiculous. Shows how inefficient they are.

  18. wits0 says:

    No, Bamboo, I doubt the person made a mistake in naming that as such. It is more likely that the person concerned was hype driven and has that kneejerk propensity of awing(what he presumes, must be) the feudal minded populace, because he himself is feudal-minded. Don’t need to be a formal psychologist like CSL to figure this out. 😉

  19. Kenny says:

    The French language is known to be the most detailed and precise when applied in legal matters. And the French named their courts “Palais de Justice”. It is located almost right in the middle of Paris along the River Seine.

    It’s a pity that we directly copied the name “Palace of Juctice” from the French but conveniently left out much of its substance and values in our practice of justice; just as there are substance and values in the English system.

    When it comes to illusions of grandeur, huge “projects” and impressions apply. When it comes to national justice, different forms of projects will apply with the help of spins from the MSM.

  20. hutchrun says:

    I just love the tumbrils and Mdm. Defarge knitting.

  21. Kenny says:

    “A Tale of Two Cities” it is.

    A pillory would do well enough as replacement for the tumbril in our Tsunamic Revolution. Not imaginative enough as to whom to feature as Madam Defarge though.

  22. taksin says:

    Let me tell you how long it will take to clear 900,000 cases assuming that no new cases come up. A magistrate or session court judge who sits on the bench everyday without leave will clear 250 cases a year if he manages to dispose of a case daily. So you need 3600 magistrates and session court judges to dispose of all the cases in a year working throughout the year without leave and disposing every case if it is at 4 am in the morning. No appeals allowed and forget about written judgement because it is not necessary since no appeal allowed. Wonder why I was not amke the Chief Justice. This is the new key performance index for the judiciary. Simple as that.

  23. RBY says:

    Aiya Ah Long..Judge Dredd was played by Sylvester Stallone la not arnold what his name :).

    900000 cases pending in court need to be solved, impossible. 900000 RM to be wasted to give the EGOs a big Boost/ Show Off, easy. (Can be done within minutes).

    In our judicial system, only the rich cases gets solved (under the table), otherwise don’t even think of getting it to the trial let alone a court hearing for these cases.

    Someone once commented, that we malaysian like to show off when we really cannot afford to. We want to show the world that our gov got brains and that our politics are mature…hahahahahahahahahahaha

  24. donplaypuks says:

    Tthis is what happens when you promote people too early who in the first instance were ‘passed’ through law colleges, and in the second instance, cannot write proper judgements, whether in Malay, English or Swahili !

    Congrats to Maha Firaun Jedi Darthvader I. By 2020 we should have 5 million backlog.

  25. ktteokt says:

    If the presiding judge who passed sentence on Anwar, Augustine Paul, is still sitting on the Bench, the credibility of the Malaysian Courts can be thrown to the dogs!

    And what the hell are the four big banners hanging in front of the Kuala Lumpur Court Complex in Jalan Duta with the words “BUAT KERJA” suppose to mean? Isn’t that an admission of incompetence that they have not been working all these while and were just receiving “gaji buta” and only now they decide to start working? It takes a BIG IDIOT to come up with such an idea. These banners not only insult the top judges within the complex but they insult even the office boys working there!!!!!

  26. dodgy inc says:

    Who says we don’t have OPEN TENDERS in Malaysia?

    Judgements were sold to the highest bidder.

    Unfortunately, the highest bidders were too slow to fork out money. Hence, causing 1,000,000 backlog.

  27. dodgy inc says:

    Therefore it is more appropriate to call “Palace of Open Tender”

  28. wits0 says:

    In small towns, e.g., who’s going to stop magistrates from fraternizing with everyone else during tea and lunch break? In such places, the OCPD can strike out a comfortable deal with the only tow truck company, and the magistrate. You can get the best honest lawyer from outstation and yet you can’t win. Surely even the insurance company knows about such things too but what can they do as with any victimized individual motorist so ensnarled?

  29. hutchrun says:

    Param: Litigants should seek review

  30. hutchrun says:

    Now we will have to see how Mahathir fights back against the first major review of illegal acts during his era. If the old man decides to get all sentimental and mushy about Umno, he’ll foolishly reserve his outbreaks for people like Anwar.

    If he hits out at the people more likely really pushing this thing and responds with revelations of his own (he must have so many), Abdullah and goodness knows who else will be brought down together. If they go for broke and the stones really start flying, Malaysians will soon discover a lot about corruption in a very short period of time. Skeletons will have a field day 😛 Stay tuned!

  31. wits0 says:

    Yes, it’s the first inroad into Madey’s invulnerable facade. He could not be hidden by Haidar as the AG has done for an ex-CJ.

  32. dodgy inc says:

    It looks like a Banana Republic , it sounds like a Banana Republic . Is it a Banana Republic of Malaysia?

  33. […] any unnecessary police reports like this. Especially since the courts in Malaysia have another 1 million cases in backlog. Why add more to that […]

  34. hutchrun says:

    `……as the AG has done for an ex-CJ` – wits0

    A royal commission on the AG himself is needed for aiding and abetting:

    Re: I was shocked that Dato Gani even had the gall to make such a suggestion to me. He obviously does not know me. I do not approve of such extraction of evidence against ANYONE, not even, or should I say least of all, a beggar picked up off the streets. A man’s life, or for that matter even his freedom, is not a tool for prosecution agencies to use as a bargaining chip. No jurisprudential system will condone such an act.

    This 3rd class lawyer has been at the forefront of the decay in the legal system, contributing as a most effective catalyst.

  35. hutchrun says:

    Abdul Gani (AG) the `collaborator`:

    That second report, though, also confirms that AG Gani Patail is to have conduct of these investigations!

    If Gani is going to take charge of these investigations, can we just save the public funds that will be expanded in such a wasteful exercise, please.

    Just total up the anticipated expenditure, forget the investigations, and give the money to some orphanage.

    Remember the cancellation of the use of the indelible ink four days before the 12th GE?

    Remember the press conference at which EC chairman Rashid announced this cancellation?

    Malaysiakini reports that at this press conference, Rashid had said that this cancellation was made ‘following legal advice and looking at the issue of public order and security…’.

    Whose legal advise?

    Well, that report confirms that Gani was at that press conference, so you get no prizes for guessing which legal genius Rashid was relying on.

  36. billauchris says:

    I am not at all surprised that the backlog came to almost a million. The trouble as I see it is – whenever a new appointee took over the august seat of Chief Justice, he got worried at first glance at the formidibility and the immensity of the tasks ahead of him so much that he did not know how to go about it ord get started to overcome the challenges.

    Believe you me, it is not just engaging more judges, building more courts and having a bigger budget or enhanced power that will reduce the backlog. More than that is the attitude of mind, positonal suitability, relevant reporting competency and compatibility etc to hold such positions that recruiters must take into cosnsideration before making the offers of appointment.

    It is a great shame there are thousands of possible innocent jail-birds who are suffering and lanquishing and have been unjustifiably locked up for years pending court cases that obviously have been swept under the carpets or into the limbo.

    Yet we have cases where judges fail to write up their case reports after the cases had been decided and judgement pronounced.

    On the other extreme, it has been shamefully reported that counsels had helped judges to write their reports!

    There were reported cases of magistrates and judges
    accepting brides from the public so that they might pass a lesser judgement and acquit the accused conditionally or unconditionally.

    And yet we have of late come across cases that were so efficiently expedited that investigation was completed within days and charges are being framed and contemplated against the implicated personalities who had purportedly committed various offences under various laws of the land.

    Mana ada keadilan? Does keadilan only apply to the rich and powerful? I want you Zaid Ibrahim being the Law Minister – a man noted and claimed to fight for injustice, inequality and downtrodden and who does not need the job – to answer this serious dilemma and predicament faced by Malaysians who are presumed to be equal before the law of the land!

    We are presumed to be equal but unfortunately realities have shown that this is not so as there are some who are more equal than others.

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