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Even life in MCA is getting spicy-er by the day. I guess with its dwindling membership and lack of drive, its spin doctors have to keep the party news-worthy.What with secret spies snooping around to catch anti-OKTs (Ong Ka Ting) with their pants down.

Former Health Minister Chua Soi Lek, who just managed to pull his pants up (he was caught in a sex DVD with a woman just after new year’s day this year), is now wailing that his name is top on the spy squad’s “hit list”.

“I am disappointed if this secret group is true because I am among those who have been identified by the group as not supporting the top leadership and should be ‘destroyed’,” said Dr Chua who called a press conference over the matter (STAR, 13 May 2008)

But do Malaysians really care if their ministers or politicians get caught in a sex act, in a murder, or simply pissed drunk?

Chua says he’s afraid, and has asked the MCA to investigate the alleged spy squad, which seem to have existed two years ago.

We now await patiently what the MCA president has to say.

I wonder “who’s next”?  Whose DVD we will see in the market next?With all the boring programmes from TV1 to Astro, Malaysians would be looking forward to yet another best seller.

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  1. su says:

    Of course the MCA president would say that he was framed. And so are the other people who were “directly involved” with the spy squad. I wrote about it on my

    For me, I think MCA has lost its head.

  2. hutchrun says:

    Ong Tee Keat doesn`t know what`s going on in MCA also:

    PETALING JAYA: MCA vice-president Datuk Ong Tee Keat said he was not aware of the alleged existence of a snoop squad to spy on certain MCA leaders.

  3. bamboo river says:

    Just because thay had lost badly in the GE12. All accusations starts to surface. Shits floats.
    If they had won comfortably in the GE12, everyone will keep going as nothing had happen.

    Personal gains above public pains.

  4. tony says:

    aiyoh dr chua, do u mean to say that if noy because of the snoop squad theere is nothing wrong or shameful to be committing adultery and starring in a porno video???????

  5. lucia says:

    no no that was not what dr chua meant. to me, what dr chua meant was that everybody’s doing it – he was just unlucky to be caught.

    frankly he did said he will feel disappointed if such a sex snooping squad (SSS!) exists and he happened to be the first victim.

    of course there is a high possibility SSS exists – anything is possible in the world of politics esp. power snatch involved!!

  6. wits0 says:

    The more he harps on his being fixed by internal MCA rivalry, the more obvious it becomes to the public that he has been doing that sort of things several times before. No way his enemy could have fixed him the way they did had they not known his modus operandi. What is he trying to salvage? He’ll also remembered for trying to fix Namwee in appeasement of umno and his arrogance.

  7. xtheman says:

    Why the snoop squad existed ? Simple …. it is to protect certain personal interest ….. MCA seems to be having A and B team …. no waonder why MCA is so weak ……

  8. Chua So Lek should shut up and get on with his life.
    He was caught in a misdeed, so bear with the consequences and not try to justify it by being made as if he some pious do gooder who was maliciously unjustly vilified.
    Sickening to hear him defending his integrity as he has any!
    If I were him I would go to a small town build a bungalow and live like a king with all the ill-gotten gains collected when serving in the Cabinet position.

  9. Henry V says:

    Aiks this could allow the chinese community to embark on a different type of art form in terms of voyeurism and soft pornography since all the efforts to promote chinese drama series has faded out… maybe the MCA is trying kickstart the chinese movie industry to help make more contents as means to give more to the community.

    Poor doctor had to be chosen for this. Maybe OKT has some more tricks up his sleeves to bring voters attention back to the MCA…more sex videos to come ?

  10. wits0 says:

    Isn’t he now the special advisor to the Johor MCA? He would have plenty to advise the MCA!

  11. Anti-Najis says:

    Chua should just come out and say Oo Kooi Toh (OKT) and his bro were the culprits for his downfall. But’s it’s OK, Malaysians knows he has more intergrity than OKT and bro.

  12. Andrew says:

    Think about it. If you want an honest politician, how much more honest can he be in his birthday suit and baring his soul for all and sundry to see?

  13. caravanserai says:

    Snooping swat
    MCA digs in
    The weakling power base
    Somebody wants to make history

    The leaders not in the loop
    It is the normal way to say
    When GE 12 came and gone
    Even the hard working ones disappeared
    They are the troopers
    Dare not ask for change

    The leadership in distress
    Snooping in secrets hitting the challengers
    Doing these people in so less intrigue
    MCA has lost its direction

    The MCA breeds
    The party for the rich
    The party for whom it wants to make
    The party for those who want to hitch rides
    Into the pot of wealth

    MCA must become multi-racial
    Into the walk of 21st century
    Snooping swat for leaders turning headless
    Losing the touches of reality
    Leadership is just a transient journey
    Nobody can stay forever be

  14. CJFOO says:

    Dr. Chua you have committed infidelity and worst still you were caught with your pants down.

    Act of infidelity towards your wife was despicable and you were fortunate that your wife did not divorce you in the first place.

    Being a public figure and what more being a Minister, you should carry yourself well and not let yourself caught in any mischief which would use against you in your quest for high post in MCA.

    There you are. Caught by MCA snooping spy squad WITH YOUR PANTS DOWN.

    Stop moaning and carry on living.

    You should focus your energy to revamp MCA and make it more relevant and appealing if MCA means so much to you.

    I am of the view that MCA should leave BN immediately. MCA has been a beggar for too long and enough is enough.

  15. Eric says:

    Wrong is wrong! Rather than considering himself as victim of spy, he should be ashamed of the adultery. If he is faithful to his wife and behave, who can catch him? If he did right and live right, who was he going to fear?

  16. Devan says:

    Dr. Chua makes me proud! A true gentleman. Unlike others…Samy Velu.. who has an mistress staying at No: 1 ,Taman Pari, Ipoh just opposite the Mahkamah Syariah. Name is Roseline…an ex nurse! What about JJ the ex minister who was involved in the groping case????
    There are many of them in UMNO…who claim to be pious but doing activities behind…..Holier than thou.

  17. ah long says:

    How about politicians wives? If Radifah pose for playboy, husband has to resign or not?

    I think the editor of playboy will have to resign…..for bad taste…..hehehehe

  18. Lea Cruz says:

    aiyo, dr chua, you should be grateful to your wife for keeping you after that shameful incident. How many wife would tolerate this kind of husband whom she won’t be proud of and what more to say to respect you. As an old man like you, you should just stay at home to spend more time with your wife, children and grandchildren to regain their respect and trust on you and stay away from the media. YES!!! What you did is a history (a family scandal) and don’t forget that you are history to us too. We can do without you, thank you very much for your service rendered to the country. Bye bye and please shut up your mouth and diam diam, because every time your name appeared in the newspaper, we are ashamed of you as a chinese, what more to say as a Health Minister!!!!

  19. Feng says:

    Admiting it is nothing to be proud of. It is wiser to admit rather than being exposed by another. If the spy team or whoever can tape him, he can expose him too. Again, nothing to be proud of as he has no choice.

    It is more commendable if he feel ashamed of his immoral act and stop appearing like a victim.

  20. tony says:

    yup. dr chua, do us a favour, u might be feeling great about your video but don’t torture your wife and family by repeately bringing it up, stp it and have a closure of the incident if u luv your family….

  21. Robert Teh says:

    Moralizing aside, the issue here is not about Dr. Chua but the existence of a snoop squad, started and funded by the MCA top leadership, comprising the President and his Men – as claimed by the whistle-blower.

    Dr. Chua was “caught with his pants down” (unfortunate for him) and he had paid dearly for his folly. But if the snoop squad is behind this, then the members of the snoop squad and the person/s responsible for hiring them, are no angels or saviors of the party, for what they are doing is nothing noble but rather sinister. Infact it is more sinister than what Dr. Chua did, again putting moralizing aside.

  22. Lallang exile says:


    If you are caught stealing by the police, can u blame the police for fixing a “snoop squard” to catch you? In Chua’s case, there was no entrapment involved, and he was just caught.

    Chua is unrepentent, and still cannot comprehend that what he did was legally and morally wrong. In his case, like WitsO said, it must have been common practice for Chua to warrant him saying others did it too.

    I am no MCA nor Kating supporter, but would empathise with the party and its leaders for the misfortune of Chua’s scandal breaking just before the general elections. He was, and still is a liability to the party no matter how brillinat his management skills are touted to be.

    I would say if the “snoop squad” does exist, it would most likley be from either the hotel workers aligned with his enemies or the opposition.

    And, I don’t think they spied on him per se as his activities must have been pretty obvious to others around since he was brazen enough to use the same venue again and again.

  23. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Not only sex, secrets, spies, spice but involves in gangsterism groups too.
    Don’t believe it??? Most of them are not clean.
    For votes and elections they buy votes from gangster groups! Find out for yourself. They even give away monies for buy their voters.
    Many people knows about this……
    These are not true heroes. Belasak akhirnya. 😦

  24. Will the local James Bum please stand out
    Who gives you the licence with camera shoot
    Why maintain your silence when you should shout
    Is it for fear that you yourself get the boot?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 140508
    Wed. 14th May 2008.

  25. Chee says:

    oh Dr. Chua, if you didn’t commit any adultery or wrong, what can any spy do to you? You think you are justified for committing such act? Who can catch you in anything if nothing wrong in what you do.

  26. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyah…MCA getting more irrelevant by the day.
    Snooping ? Chinese saying “Eaten Too Full”…nothing better to do ?

    In Penang entire MCA branches are closing down shop, no more active members….they either simply quit politics or joined PKR / DAP.

  27. amoker says:

    This sounds like gansta style of politics. If anything is to be believed in romour mills, politicians and gansterism does mix. MCA is becoming like a headless chicken.

  28. wits0 says:

    Aiyah, Kittykat, humsup one has to sound alive in Johor ler, to keep job . Hence called for a press conference and make some noise otherwise may lose job as image turns more humchoy. Nothing much to simple everyday psychology that trumps overhyped one.

  29. ironic_law says:

    hahaha typical Chinaman society.. all sama-sama Ah Long’s do thing under the tables too much.. Even can masquerade themselves as true INNOCENT leaders with their PANTs DOWN (Dr Chua led a very good example).. Hahaha personal friend ehh so what is his wife role for to him? See the male chauvinism and pervertness in his character hahaha.. He not just insulted himself, his family but also the entire MCA as well all thanks to HIS own party member (if you claim it was the work of the opposition party maybe can say it was EXTREMIST opposition le but BETRAYED by those you considered them as your half-brothers… WTF hahaha)…

    This proves 1 thing for sure, MCA is rotten to it’s very own core and their demising performance during GE12 is their own fault and cannot blame it on the opposition.. Many thinks that Dr Chua scandal is not a big issue during the GE12 which turns out ironically that Dr Chua son won while other MCA leaders son (we know a few le hehe) were downed severely by the opposition (not yet join PR mah hehehe)..

    How to help le a team which is rotten to its core by itself, I wanna support you also cannot le.. Can’t even perform to the test also, by now after the GE12 aftermath only starting to got hold of themselves that something is very wrong (yeah with OKT starting to voice out his VOICES hahaha bark OKT bark hahaha).. Maybe they were able find their BALLS back with their own spare time in hand (jobless mah hehehe). But too bad, we the RAKYAT has lost faith in you. MCA are nothing but lapdog and dog will always be DOGs, you can’t just evolved into a homosapiens instantly as we were different genus and species to start with hahahaha.. SIT BOY SIT.. to all the GOOD DOGGIES in the world hahahaha

  30. artemus22 says:

    Whoever did that should be ashamed of himself. Dr. Chua was a good Minister and he still has my respect. So far, he’s one of the few gentlemen who dared to admit his mistake and resigned. There are many politicians out there who are many times more scandalous that he is, but they still keep a thick face and stay on even though they knew how people despise them.

  31. hutchrun says:

    Dr. Chua was a good Minister and he still has my respect. – artemus22

    That`s nice. But the parents of the kid who died in the Klang Hospital are not grateful to him – he complained.

  32. wits0 says:

    The first impression that CSL gave vis a vis Jimmy Chuah, from the beginning, was that of an early hint of arrogance.

  33. semiotic says:

    Sex, lies and videotapes or DVD in the 21st century.

    The private sex life of a politician which is of no concern to anybody, except for the fact that he was the Minister of Health caught el flagrante delicato with his mistress and public “morality” dictates that he should resign.

    Apparently, he was a hardworking minister who took the
    time and effort to visit all the hospitals to ensure efficiency.

  34. RBY says:

    Aiya…just because a politician was caught, everyone is making a hype. Politicians are using this case to gain the extra mile and oppositions uses it to fuel confusion(not the PKR but within the team A and B in MCA).

    Whatever the case may be, no one is a moral police for it is said: let he who has no sin cast the first stone.

    We the Chinese has been played out by MCA. Whoever is right inside the MCA is WRONG for the average Chinese. The MCA is nothing more than a yes man to others and all because of self gain. Chines has a saying: Gagi Gugagi. It is so true in the MCA. Just look what happened to the former health minister Chua Jui Meng. He spoke out against UMNO and next thing you know, he is OUT.

    MCA are supposedly to be dragon but look like more of a puppy waiting to be fed with two paws up. As a Chinese I am ashamed of the MCA.

    Unless MCA revamp themselves though highly unlikely, MCA will cease to be a relevant association for the chinese.

  35. Robert Teh says:

    The 3 bright sparks that MCA used to have in their ranks – Chua Soi Lek, Ong Tee Keat, Wee Ka Siong – are no longer bright sparks anymore.

    One commited a morally not acceptable act; the other became a Govt Minister and is now talking and acting like a Govt Minister (I think he has compromised his values and principles); and the 3rd is in the process of being transformed (I hope there is still hope for him to stay on the path of justice and rightousness).

    The rest of the team in MCA, we can do without as they are beyond reproach.

    sigh………once i even thought Liow Tiong Lai had got that “fighting” spirit in him, but how wrong was i…………sigh……..

  36. yeah, salute this snoop squad – let us know more detail how our leader is – adultery, murderer, gangster, etc…….

    this is whistleblower i would say….

  37. “That`s nice. But the parents of the kid who died in the Klang Hospital are not grateful to him – he complained.”

    nice said – along with other unscrupulous and negligent act commited by other doctor – (unrecorded, eg in malaysiakini in klang hospital)

  38. ironic_law says:

    No… I cannot accept the term Dr Chua is a gentlemen hahaha he is more a pervertmen to me hahaha. Clinton was impeached but does Americans considers him gentlemen? No, he is not and he even got sued for that hahaha.

    PERSONAL FRIEND ehh, wow I think Dr Chua still can continue le since now he has vacated his post and got even more time to spend with his so-called PERSONAL FRIEND mah hehehe..

    MCA snoop squad hahaha was it a SURRPISE? typical Chinaman style le, learn too much from the HK movies hahaha.. OKT, OTK, OKC, and many others can continue their ACTING le.. We as the RAKYAT has gone FEDUP watching your show, all just SHOWOFF no SUBSTANCE (aiyo for once give us a SURREAL LIVE SHOW la please).. We will see who wins the biggest AWARD hehehe but I had nominated 2, OKT and OKC both are confirmed to win hehehe.

  39. Ais Krim says:

    Nothing wrong with sex lah…..IN FACT RITE NOW MY DOG IS GIVING ME A WET BLOWJOB!

  40. ironic_law says:

    Dear Ais Krim,

    Nothing wrong with sex, but Dr Chua was a politician, a public figure and he is also married. And it happen in Malaysia which is still a conservative country in matters related to SEX so does it still considered as a puny matter to you??…

    What he is doing is that he is setting a bad morale example to the young, hei come and join BN so you can also enjoy such “SERVICES” hahaha.. For god sake it was an AFFAIR, even if it doesn’t end up in the BED an AFFAIR is still an AFFAIR and how about his wife then? I’m a man I can FOOL-AROUND le right? See the male chauvinism in Dr Chua hehehe.. In the end it’s only a SORRY and everything settled le right.

    And now with a few comments in his BLOGS and he thinks he can make a comeback but couping with his remaining SPIES in MCA to unveil the SNOOP SQUAD (ceh from the 1st day of the SCANDAL and none of the oppositions to be blamed for the it, you think we as the public doesn’t figure out that there is a SPECIAL SQUAD in MCA meh hehehehe lame la) ehh hehehe.. If you all still considers him a VICTIM then you all are wrong, terribly wrong, you doesn’t know how cunning is our Dr Chua is hahahaha.. See more HK movies le you will understand well hehehe

  41. […] this another warning of a Chua-Soi-Lek wannabe? Is this what the former health minister brought down together with his pair of pants, was […]

  42. tan888 says:

    It is normal for any political power to keep in touch with all the VIP political players.You won’t know their real face behind the official mask whether it is good,bad or ugly.Many of them could be economic or political spies.OKT won’t qualify as a good leader if he does’nt have at his finger tips everything his people were doing behind his back all the time.He was definately not a “tidak apa” man since we were course mates together in University of Malaya way back in 1977.
    I am a non VIP MCA member.Nobody cares or wants to bother about what I am doing in Kuala Lumpur any hours day or night except my wife.
    There are many Chinese people in worst positions than me.They went through the trash bins looking for empty cans and slept in the gutters.I am sure they have parents and relatives.But nobody cares about them anymore.
    I am sure you know that many ex MCA presidents cannot make headlines anymore today at 30.9.2008….

  43. mami lau says:

    Using a woman to fall a great man is a strategy as old as the political plots in The Romance of the Three Kingdoms.CSL would be the character of big,strong,daring and handsome warrior Lu Bu.
    Diao Chan

    Diao Chan plays an important role in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Her story, which is still well-known today, tells how two allies were so blinded by a pretty woman that they became enemies, one intent on destroying the other.

    The events of this tale took place during Dong Zhuo’s monopolisation of power. One day, during a palace banquet, Dong Zhuo levelled false accusations against Situ Zhangwen, a official. All the eminent officials who had gathered for the feast watched in horror as Situ Zhangwen was dragged outside to be beheaded. Each man feared that the fate of the Han duke might well be his own.

    When Prime Minister Wangyun returned to his residence, he was so disturbed by what he had seen at the palace that he was unable to sleep. He went for a stroll in the garden. Suddenly, he heard someone praying. The sound seemed to have come from behind a clump of peony trees. Stepping over to investigate, Wangyun realised that it was Diao Chan, a singing girl from his own household

    Diao Chan had come to the Wang mansion as a young child and Wangyun had looked upon her almost as if she were his own daughter. He asked her: “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

    She answered him: “From early childhood, I have benefitted from your kindness and have often wondered how I may one day repay you. Recently you have been so sad and despondent; yet I do not know how to alleviate your suffering. That is why I am sighing. Please tell me how I can help you. I will do whatever I can while I still have the strength!”

    Wangyun led Diao Chan into an inner room and, having dismissed the servants, went down on his knees before her. Shocked and flustered, Diao Chan begged to know what was troubling him. Wangyun spoke to her earnestly: “Our country is in great peril. I think you may be our only salvation. The despot Dong Zhuo wants to see himself enthroned as the Son of Heaven while the court officials can only look on helplessly. I have a plan to end his scheming. With your wit and charm we may be able to drive a wedge between Dong Zhuo and his adopted son Lü Bu. If we can end their alliance, and cause them to fight against each other, we may be able to eliminate them both.”

    Diao Chan agreed at once to do her best. Wangyun took the earliest opportunity to betroth Diao Chan to Lü Bu; at the same time presenting her to Dong Zhuo as a concubine. Both Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu became fond of her and could not decide how to settle the matter. As the hostilities grew, Diao Chan took every opportunity to add fuel to the fire and the two men became fiercely jealous of each other. Eventually, Wangyun was able to gain Lü Bu’s assistance in assassinating Dong Zhuo.

    Unfortunately, soon after, both Wangyun and Diao Chan were put to death by surviving members of Dong Zhuo’s clique.

  44. assampor says:

    The MCA leaders always promised that the people’s welfare comes first in their hearts.
    The party elections are over and they should start working hard for the people.
    If they keep on fighting it shows that they are only interested in themselves.
    Everything including the first world war and second world war has a beginning and an end.
    When are they going to end the comparatively small war?

  45. assampor says:


    We here in Malaysia has not reached the time where you can ” Break the laws,pay your dues in jail and then be free as the first day when you are born. We the Chinese people are proud and happy to be “slaves” to our 5000 years old customs and culture.We want men of sterling characters to lead us.Our unchanging and same Chinese culture is responsible for our relationships with other Chinese throughout the world.
    In the Land of free they are very different..
    Barry’s absence stirs talk of drug relapse

    May 4, 1996
    Web posted at: 12:45 a.m. EDT

    From Correspondent Mark Feldstein

    WASHINGTON (CNN) — Mayor Marion Barry hurried out of the nation’s capital this week, emphatically denying that he has returned to drugs. But he announced a sudden leave of absence for “spiritual and physical renewal.” (60K AIFF sound or 60K WAV sound)

    Barry checked himself into a 32-acre religious retreat outside St. Louis. He denied reports that he recently tried to commit suicide, or that he has returned to drug use. But his dramatic departure set Washington reeling.

    “People closest to the mayor would like the public to believe that they’re trying to pull him back from the brink,” said community activist Dorothy Brizill. “Most people in the community believe that he’s already gone over.”

    One of Barry’s closest friends and advisers suggested that resigning is an option. Has the mayor returned to drug use? Barry friend Rock Newman would neither confirm nor deny the rumor. (128K AIFF sound or 128K WAV sound)

    Barry’s sudden departure was apparently not because of any drug investigation of the mayor. Law enforcement sources told CNN they have recently been receiving more numerous and credible reports that Barry has been using drugs. Sources even say that the reports include first-hand accounts of alleged drug sales. But authorities have not substantiated them.

    Six years ago, the FBI was criticized after videotaping the mayor smoking crack cocaine in a sting involving one of his girlfriends.

    “Testimony was that he was using police officers to courier drugs back and forth to him, and make purchases and bring them to him, and bring drug dealers to him,” said ex-FBI agent Carl Rowan Jr.

    Sources inside the Washington police department suggest that history may be repeating itself. Barry’s biographer says the mayor has filled police ranks with loyalists.

    “The D.C. police won’t bust Marion Barry, because he is still in control and he has made sure that he placed the proper people in charge so that they wouldn’t bother with him,” said Barry biographer Harry Jaffee.

    But law enforcement officials are investigating alleged financial improprieties by Barry and his inner circle, which includes many who, like himself, have been in trouble before.

    “In his immediate office, he has several individuals who have lengthy criminal records for embezzling funds, murder, drug trafficking, drug use, drug abuse,” Brizill said.

    Barry is scheduled to return next week to Washington, a city teetering on the edge of bankruptcy and as troubled as its mayor.
    Related stories:

    * Marion Barry takes some time off for renewal – April 27, 1996
    * Mayor Barry seeks federal money for financially strapped D.C. – February 11, 1996

    Leave a Reply

  46. chan mei fung says:

    1980s…MCA sad stories for all to learn.
    My sister used to have a accountant husband who was very actively involved in MCA deposit taking companies of 1980s.He went to jail for 5 years for the crimes of submitting false balance sheets.
    As a man who loves his family more than himself he took the following steps immediately.He was 26 years old at that time.
    1) He divorced his wife but gave her every cents he owned in this world.According to Malaysian customs nobody would associate him with the wife and children anymore.Today all his 3 children are holding high positions in Multi National Companies.
    He saved the “FACE” of his unlucky family.
    2) He went to Arabian countries to work after he came out of prison.He continued to send money to his wife and children.He paid for every cent of their overseas education. But he does not want them to have a “CONVICT” father figure in public.
    3) When he came back to Malaysia,he would only meet his wife and children quietly behind closed hotel room doors.

    In Chinese Culture and Customs the “FACE” of the leaders comes first before everything else.We must show the other races that we have the
    ” YOU THO YOU LIAN ” leaders. i e We,even ordinary Chinese people have ” HEAD and FACE ” to other multi racial groups.
    Otherwise why should every Chinese from the poorest to the riches serve so much good food to all the other races during Chinese New Year ????

  47. avena liew says:

    I fully agree that a man must give FACE to the people whom he loved so as not to antagonize their future lives.He should honor other people even though he has lost his personal honor.
    My father went to jail too.When he came out he maintained a very low profile.I have 5 sisters all married happily.My father never showed his FACE during the weddings.
    Not like this big man of a gorilla..I am a sex criminal and I lead all of you to a xxxxxx future ????

  48. avena liew says:

    I learned about spies from James Bond movies like
    “The spy who loved me” Spies are highly trained people who spies on people who are presumed to be a threat to the majority in this world.And James Bond only destroy the arch bad guy,Dr.NO. He will not destroy all the good doctors working in hospitals taking care of sick people..
    e g KGB,FBI,CIA are all spy networks that spies on bad people..
    And when Dr.NO was destroyed he never complained..
    Our Dr.Chua complained so much about the spies who took sex videos of me.
    Make a movie ” The spies who make a sex video of me “

  49. Rajiya says:

    (AP) – Here’s some food for thought: If you have nude photos of your wife on your cell phone, hang onto it.

    Phillip Sherman of Arkansas learned that lesson after he left his phone behind at a McDonald’s restaurant and the photos ended up online. Now he and his wife, Tina, are suing the McDonald’s Corp., the franchise owner and the store manager.

    The suit was filed Friday and seeks a jury trial and $3 million in damages for suffering, embarrassment and the cost of having to move to a new home.

  50. avena liew says:

    I have begin to think that CSL is behaving like our MCA James Bond who is always a super sex hero.He is well educated,tall,handsome and extremely attractive to some types of women.James Bond always have sex with beautiful women who are not his wife.He can have sex on video for the whole world to see and ” He never have to say Good Bye to MCA top leadership ”
    We, at the bottom of MCA feel sad as ” Tomorrow will never come again ” for Chinese pride in this multi racial country.

  51. fei mui says:

    Last month I saw Chua SL.He had a very unhappy,very sad,very dejected and forlorn look on his face.In fact he looks exactly like the long faced Pink Panther scratching his head asking himself.
    ” I wonder why? I wonder how ?..I am in this position of being disliked by so many people “.What am I going to do for people to love me again?
    I suggest he goes to see his former political foe Lee Lam Thye for guidance and advice.Lee was not in the good books of Dr.M before when he was in politics.But now Dr.M and everybody loves him for the good works that he had done for the society.Nobody will ever say a bad word against him anymore.
    Chua can take some of the work load from Lee.He can champion the AIDS movement. He can also give counseling to men and women who have sex with people who are not their spouses.He can also counsel people against having premarital sex.He can counsel people about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and the use of condoms.
    He will gain back the love and respect from the public soon.

  52. lee eng hock says:

    I appeal to Chua Soi Lek to come to Sarawak to help us to get rid of gangsters.
    The state of Sarawak has the worst gangsters in the world.If they have reigned in the traditional areas of prostitution,gambling and loan sharking the society would have tolerated them by and large.It is because both parties are willing participants to the unholy deals.
    But the gangsters have moved in to tax the poor folks.They have levied high handed black market taxes on the people.If the people refused to adhere to their black laws they would be beaten up badly.
    The people have to pay 50 cents per gas tank.They have to pay 100 cents per tray of eyes.The gangsters stationed their hooligans in front of all the scrap collecting depots.When some old women came in with some bags of aluminum cans the hooligans would forcibly buy them for half the market price.The same works for scrap iron, plastic bottles,newspapers and all recyclable items.All the lorries that carried earth have to pay taxes to them.All the telephone shops and all places of entertainment are under their control.In the ver remote event of any of these caese going to court Molotov cocktails would be thrown into the houses and cars of the compliant.
    I hope Chua Soi Lek will bring law into Sarawak.

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