Images from Penang Watch: Peaceful protestors @ Gurney Drive, Penang.

Are the Penang police testing the patience of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng?

Why are they arresting peaceful protestors against the dreaded Internal Security Act in Penang yesterday? This is post-March 8, police. This government belongs to the people, not to UMNO anymore !

From the photos I can see that there were more FRU personnel than protestors? Are they so many protestors that they can cause a stampede? We can see who are bullies now !

I received an alert from blogger Lucia Lai @ Mental Jog and according to her, seven activists were arrested in Penang last night. By 9pm, five of the activists including Ong Boon Keong, had been released. The two who remained – SUARAM’s Teh Chun Hong and Lau Shu Shi, who is also Penang’s coordinator for Abolish ISA Movement – are to be produced in the Penang court this morning.

Guess why were they arrested?

According to the Penang Watch website, the duo were arrested after making complaints against the police under section 90 of the Police Act -for causing `public nuisance’. Lau and Teh will spend a night in police lock-up before being sent to the new Magistrate Court near Dewan Sri Pinang, at 8.00am today (Monday). The other five will have to report to the Pulau Tikus police station on May 26th (tentatively agreed to turn up at 10.00am) to find out if they will be charged for illegal

Says Ong, who was the first one to be arrested:

After all protestors dispersed the police who assembled a few dozens of FRU shock troops in front of the Plaza and blocking the traffic in the narrow road, started to make arrests!

It’s the weirdest arrest ever experienced, more details of it can be read @ Penang Watch, Anil Netto, and Lucia Lai.

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  1. Philip L. H. LIM says:

    This reflects poorly on the Govt., police & FRU. I implore the law enforcers to go back & fight real criminals!

  2. oster says:

    I look forward to the charges brought upon them. Will it be as outrageous as Lim Guan Eng’s alleged attempts at “undermining confidence in the judiciary”?

    How can we talk about checks and balances, when the laws arbitrarily say that the police will always be right, and telling them off thus illegal?


  3. ah long says:

    Arrest peaceful very clever. Arrest criminals don’t know.

  4. Ark says:

    you scared me with the use of ISA. for a moment I thought pple have been arrested under ISA in Penang….and what’s next? CM himself getting arrested himself :S

  5. Are we all now living in a strange time
    With strange things happening all the time
    With some people losing track of real time
    Doing things as they damn wish all the time

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 120508
    Mon. 12th May 2008.

  6. dodgy inc says:

    Another Project By The Barisan Najis to cover up PGCC’s Land Scam worths 25 Billion. The crooks got it for a mere 488million.

    Expect more arrest from the Barisan Najis.

  7. Maverick says:

    Hi ,
    once again they have prooved a point that the men in uniform are
    not listening to the views of thre Rakyat. Makkal Sakti is here to stay for the good of Malaysia. The goons are gone what now why still the hassle???? Release the ISA detainees and prove them of their wrongdoings and then charge them if they are guilty.

  8. Along says:

    Serve them right, break the law get caught, nuisance to the public ok. Hidup Raja Petra

  9. lucia says:

    i was so MAD at the police’s double standard attitude lah!! peaceful gathering and to do with ISA and hindraf, they arrested them but look what happened to the umno protest at komtar on 14 march. nobody was arrested!!

    ya there seemed to be more FRU than protestors. what a laugh this will be to the world!! stanley’s (one of those arrested) account of the incident (can be read at my blog) said that the FRU were there even before the protestors started gathering in big numbers, and they were armed with batons, shields, guns, and teargas. imagine!!

  10. joo ngan says:

    This is so typical of the deceitful, hypocritical, and two – faced Barisan Nasional led by Bodohwi who himself has the gall to pressure the AG to “do something” about Karpal Singhs alleged disrespect to the Sultans. Wasn’t Bodohwi himself who charged that the Sultans were unconstituttional during the bruhaha about the T’gganu and Perlis MBs?
    Why wasn’t he accused of being rude and disloyal to the Malay Rulers then?

    What about the protest by UMNO at Komtar? How come no arrests?

    This is such a crock of shit that this fucking govt is dishing out that it makes me sick to the stomach! A bunch of goons and thugs are running around arresting and charging everyone with sedition whenever they like. So what happened to all that sandiwara about independence of the judiciary, honest and accountable govt? It is absolutely despicable that the Barisan Najis can so blatently tell lies and use the law to support them.

    Is it the 13th GE yet?

  11. hutchrun says:

    This is the disgusting m`sian police in action which umno holds in high regard. This is why anwar must make the moves towards a crossover as fast as possible. Then we need to have a dismantling of the BN apparatus starting with legal actions against the AG and IGP who have contributed so much to destroying the country`s social fabric.

  12. CheeseBall says:

    Why arrest? Because they can. The residents are unarmed and peaceful.

    Lets see if these cowards dare to tackle armed and violent criminals. So un-islamic!!

  13. hutchrun says:

    Monday, 12 May 2008

    It has been brought to Aliran’s attention that ISA detainee and Hindraf adviser P Uthayakumar has suffered a mild heart attack while under detention in Kamunting.
    We are further informed that Uthayakumar underwent an ECG test last Monday at the Taiping Hospital and was told that it was necessary for him to be referred to the National Heart Institute (IJN) for further tests.

    We understand that there was no follow-up to this recommendation and that Uthayakumar had been sent back to Kamunting without any indication whether he would be allowed further treatment at IJN.

    What is disturbing is the fact that the anxious family’s appeals to the Prime Minister’s office and to the Home Minister that he be sent to IJN for treatment have been totally ignored. There was not even the courtesy of a reply.

    In matters concerning heart disease, things can easily go wrong and can take a turn for the worse suddenly and unexpectedly. As a human being, Uthayakumar should not be put to this unnecessary risk especially when IJN is so far away from Taiping if something were to happen to his heart in the middle of the night.

    Aliran, on behalf of civil society, would like to appeal to the Prime Minister to show that there is compassion and humanity in his administration and act in a humane manner by instructing that Uthayakumar be referred to IJN.

    P Ramakrishnan

  14. Steven L. says:

    This is another Po..litical tactic to pish down the voice from the Rakyat.

    The Polices have to send back to school to learn from basic.

    I think by now Pak Lah has lost direction and that’s why choping & hoping here & there.

  15. hutchrun says:

    So who has doubts over the Altantunya matter involving highly placed UMNO officials.

  16. danet7882 says:

    lol.. the police can’t be trusted!! One arrest they will make the frontpage of every newspaper, then those big shot in blue will make some stupid comment on how swift they act blah, blah, blah….

    To every one of those man-in-blue out there “Diri depan cermin, tanya diri sendiri, sudah berapa kali makan RASUAH!!, Tak Malu ke??” People used to ask me (singaporean>> why your policeman all got big stomach?? and I answer, cause they r busy minum “KOPI”) 😉

    I really wonder, with the current Lingam issue and Man-In-Blue, how many innocent people got convicted and how many guilty people got away?

    Instead of going all out against the hardcore criminal, they are going after people holding candle!! Alamak, lilin tak boleh bunuh lar bodoh!!

    As for Mr Anwar, if you got the ability to form a new government, please do it soon, But remember to do it in a swift manner before they (BN) could actually transfer all the public fund or petronas watever fund into their coffer and declare that the country is actually bankrupt!!

    I don’t care who handle the government as long as THE RAKYAT INTEREST IS BEING TAKEN CARE OF!!… BN you have tried and fail miserablely now batton passed to you PKR.. But bear in mind the “RAKYAT CAN PUT YOU IN POWER THE RAKYAT ALSO HAVE THE POWER TO REPLACE YOU!! BEAR IN MIND ALL MP”..

    so long..

  17. hutchrun says:

    “Position of BN component parties like beggars” is the headline of today’s Sin Chew Daily exclusive interview with former Gerakan President Datuk Seri Dr. Lim Keng Yaik…

    So the Beggar Buggers of MIC approve of the police action.

  18. dizzy says:

    this is just to obvious of double standard and abuse of power. The more I read and aware, the more frustrated I become.

    Looks like even if we get rob (small issue) or witness any crime, is better not to report to the police station else we might get arrested.

    Looks like we can’t mention the names of any ministers or Royalty else we might charge with sedition.

    Ohhhh… What can we do?????

  19. ah long says:

    You know what we can do to force the gomen to it’s knees.

    No, it is not ask them all to go to Friday prayers.

    Yes, we boycott buying ANY NEW Proton cars.

    Yes, if you need a car buy either an imported car or a second hand car. If Proton cannot sell any of it’s cars you see whether gomen on it’s knees or no.

    Anyone any other ideas ??

  20. […] ‘Weirdest’ arrest of ISA protestors in Penang […]

  21. bamboo river says:

    How convenient. Let’s push them to the corner and make them speak out against us so we could charge them for sedition.
    Double standard is just a politically correct statement . BIASED is the word.

  22. Eric says:

    Why arrest those peaceful protestors? Why didn’t arrest those protestors around komtar organized by UMNO in March? Why were those protestors given free meal for protesting?

    ah long….actually many and most malaysians including voters still doesn’t know the BN gov well. Take for instance, none of my colleague know about raja petra’s arrest. So many people would still vote BN blindly and that’s the problem. So my idea is to tell as many friends and people about this website and educated them to be wise voter.

  23. amoker says:

    I think we are talking about a person’s life here. Even if they committed a crime, they should be allowed to get medical attention. I think this is the same tidak apa in National Service camps. That is why people protest, on humanitarian ground. Too bad the police did not feel that way.

  24. Eric says:

    Why arrest those peaceful protestors? Why none of the protestors in the protest organized by UNMO around Komtar were not arrested? Why they were given free meal?

    ah long….actually many and most Malaysians still don’t know BN gov well. For instance, none of my colleague know about raja petra’s arrest. They will still vote BN blindly. So my idea is to tell as many of our friends and people about this website and educate them. Tell them nothing but the truth. Let’s open their eyes and make them wise voters.

  25. freewave says:

    Polis Diraja Malaysia is under the supreme command of the Yang Dipertuan Agong (Federal Constitution Article 41). The malay rulers are up to something. Lim Guan Eng can’t do anything, Pak Lah can’t do anything, Anwar can’t do anything even if he becomes the PM. The malay rulers want BN out of the game in the 13th GE (my opinion).

  26. Zubli Zainordin says:

    Thank you for this post. On TV we only see the ones at KLCC and Ipoh. Wow! What is happening, and when will these all ends.

  27. freewave says:

    Poliz Diraja Malayzia is under the supreme command of the Yanng Diper+uan Agongg (Federal conztitution Article 41). LGE can’t do anything, Pak Lh can’t do anything, Anwwar can’t do anything even if he becomes the PM. The malayy rulers want BN out of the game in the 13th GE (my opinion).

  28. Eric says:

    ah long….actually many and most Malaysians still don’t know BN gov well. For instance, none of my colleague know about raja petra’s arrest. They will still vote BN blindly. So my idea is to tell as many of our friends and people about this website and educate them. Tell them nothing but the truth. Let’s open their eyes and make them wise voters.

  29. freewave says:


  30. freewave says:

    P o l i s D i r a j a M a l a y z i a is under the supreme command of the Y a n g D i p e rtuan Ag ong (Fed eral cons titution Art icle 41). L G E can’t do anything, Pak L a h can’t do anything, A nwar can’t do anything even if he becomes the PM. The malay r u l e rs want BN out of the game in the 13th GE (my opinion).

  31. Lea Cruz says:

    I think the police is more a threat to the rakyat and the protestors. Why? because the police is working for the BN when actual fact they should be working for the rakyat. Can someone educate the police that they are paid by the rakyat, not BN.

    Well, it seems that People’s Power doesn’t really work in Malaysia as too many races not united together to overcome their present crisis. Unlike in The Philippines or Indonesia, there would be thousands and thousands of people protesting on the street to voice out their disagreement on many issues. Malaysian people are too weak and timid overall.

  32. Toh says:

    Police DiRaja UMNO!

  33. Edi神 says:

    Do penang police lick Lim shoes or Badawi shoes?

    I guess sii badawi shoes lol!

    Tat’s why!

  34. ktteokt says:

    Nothing surprising. I remembered they needed 300 armed police personnel to disperse 300 peaceful protesters holding candles in one of the gatherings in KL. Can you imagine that!!!

  35. Sana Cina nama Ah Beng tinggal atas bukit says:

    Itu Polis memang JAHAT punya. Saya fikir ini memang angkara orang atasan dari UMNO. Itu Lim Guan Eng anak Lim Kit Siang mana ada buat jahat macam itu, betulkah? Itu macam, lu orang fikir itu GuanEng memang jahatlah. Mana boleh macam itu? Oh Betul ,Malaysia Memang boleh punya.

  36. Lim says:

    It makes me feel like I am leaving in country such as Myanmar or Cambodia. Moron government left by our genius TDMM

  37. Zaitun 68 says:

    Unjust and double-standard policies as exemplified by this incident is the hallmark of the UMNO-dominated Barisan Nasional government. Acts such as this episode make it very clear that the UMNO-led govt. has lost the right and the credibility to criticize the actions of the Israeli regime or the actions of the Myanmar army generals because their own behaviour and policies are no different.

  38. caravanserai says:

    Criminals free
    Thieves and kidnappers roam
    Day light robberies on innocent victims
    And the Police say not enough personnel
    To fight crimes in the country

    In one electric switch
    The Police march on the protestors
    PIG never says short of hands
    They go marching
    Forgetting the people
    Allowing them jobs to do
    Through their taxes
    Yet these people get short-changed

    When UMNO goons marched and shouted
    Nothing the Police did at all
    Let the UMNO goons and leaders
    In Penang Island walked arrogantly along

    Now when people demonstrated peacefully
    Asking for fair treatment on ISA detainees
    The full Police force came to arrest and detain
    Just like BMC saga
    The double standard falling through and through

    The Police better think
    You don’t go taking orders from the political leaders
    They are elected by the people
    For the people and country

    You are there to protect the people
    Through their taxes they pay you for doing your job
    It is just plain ironic that you bite the hands feeding you
    So go look into the mirror
    Tell us what you see, really see into the future?

  39. artemus22 says:

    I think it’s time for either the 30 MPs from Sabah and Sarawak to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat gracefully or Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to take charge as the new head of the government.

  40. nasuha says:

    cant wait for 5 yrs to come to make sure UMNO are wipe off clean from Malaysia. We have to show them who’s the boss, n not to let them control us like some retarded children!

  41. All The Fools On The Same Side says:

    Yeah………this arresting are their best ability the police and fru force can do. Arresting the peaceful raykat and simply make the rest frighten. Guys, keep on the demo with more and more joining in. See how many they can arrest? And catching thief? All of them tail hide between their legs!
    Once PR talk over, first sack all the top-gun in the police and fru force as these bunch are the angkat kaki and blood sucking type!

  42. […] This Hindraf rally was also a protest against the ISA. Susan has a post and some photos on this incident here. […]

  43. ktteokt says:

    BN can carry on doing what they like for they are actually digging their own graves.

  44. Malaysian says:

    Just read Malaysiakini article on Khairy’s debate at Parliament. He sounds like a big fat fool. No wonder our PM is flip-flopping with advisors like this. Even the few statements they reprinted shows unbelievable arrogance, ignorance and foolish pride. Is this the calibre of MPs we have?

  45. billauchris says:

    The peaceful protest by the HIndraf members at the Gurney Drive was harmless. Their objectives were two: (1) to press and pressure the Government to repeal the ISA and (2) to release the five ISA detainees who are lacerating in Kamunting.
    Instead, the FRU were called to quell the assembly – a feat which I might describe as big bully!

    None of the BN component parties was in favour nor in agreement of the policy of UMNO. By so doing, the latter is sending a wrong signal to the whole country and the world at large about how intolerant and insecure she is or feels when it comes to public rally and assembly.

    Why can’t those in authority ask themselves the question, “What is the cause of these demonstrations?”
    If they continue to ignore the problem and act under the false notion that there was no problem, then they are making a great mistake in good governance. Samy Vellu led them for far too long like a pipe-piper. The effects and consequences of his doing are now greatly felt. Many of the Tamil Schools are dilapidated and poorly run; the authroities continue to destroy their temples on the quiet whenever they have the opportunity;
    number admitted into tertiary universities was countable. Employment of Indians in the civil service is negligible. This sense of deprivation and allienation is not only felt among the Indian but also the Chinese communities. Any intelligent person can see that things are not right in the country. These frustrations saw in consequence the poor performance of BN in the last General Election on 8 March 2008.

    After 50 years, BN had spurned the trust and confidence of more than 60% of the population. Besides, they have let the majority of the people down miserably.

    I just hope that BN have learned a bitter lesson from the rejection of its policies by the rakyat.

    The country is rich enough to cater for everyone. We need not have to resort to corrupt means to amass a fortune. We can all be comfortable and happy. Is it not what every Government aspires to achieve?

    Let us change our paradigm for the better. Those who are corrupt shall be suspended, inquired and dismissed from service if found guilty. I agree, ‘no double standard’ and ‘I do not want to see my officer charged for corruption in the court’; so let these new initiatives be done.

  46. Police Supporter says:

    It will be crazy for the FRU to send a handful of men, that was a demonstration. Big or small demo is not relevant. More than enough officers must be deployed, unless you all are saying Malaysia must be the only country in the world where we must have small riot police team.

    When you break the law, please face the consequences.

  47. wits0 says:

    The BN, for all intent and purpose, is just UMNO. Whatever the MCA and Gerakan losers say today is simply too little too late and only makes a fool of their own leaderships which can never redeem themselves. The entire BN has to go, no less, to kindle hope for the future.

    It is obvious as daylight that the police took direct orders from the politicians from KL to suppress all protests. The weirdness of the arrests may be because of some delay in confirmation from KL.

  48. sandyow says:

    Polis yang jahat ke umno yang jahat? Where got proof umno people were the one issuing the arrest? I cant stand people who accuse things without base. The police and umno are not directly related by the way, are they not? I dont know, but if they are indeed interfeering in police actions, that is certainly not the way it should be.

  49. ah long says:

    Lets put all our brains together and find a way to bring down the BN / UMNO gomen, peacefully.

    I suggest boycott buying any NEW proton cars. If Proton cannot sell it’s car, see they die or not.

    Any other ideas ??? Everyone boycott flying MAS ??

    Everyone boycott buying Petronas fuel ??

    If all bloggers nationwide can unite and take affirmative action it is possible to seriously disrupt the Gomen don’t you think?

  50. Mamak Penang says:

    A few people demonstrate peacefully against goverment,immediately the police will do arresting,if 30,000 will demo aggainst the opposition the police investigate…investigate untill single of them never been quetioned!far from arresting!.For me Malaysia politic merely become politic of Former president of Philippine Marcos!,Thinking of how he cheated in Election,What he did to Aquino,And how he rob the nation”His Lost Treassure of Marcos”!.You and me cannot do anything to them they won’t listen they above the power.They will not let the Malays,chinese and Indian live in harmony!.Because if the three races joint force together they will deffinetly die!.Actually they not intrested in Malay welfare but they using this pity malay.You know what they did to Malay specialy the FELDA scheme.They dont want Malay in Bandar so they sent back to them to the deep jungle.So for his father misdeed the son become the FELDA hero now!poorah!.Nak bela nasib warga felda konon!.We must respect the Chinese leader they bring-out from tin mine and kebun sayur the chinese,The indian leaders bring out the Indian from Estate!.Samy velu sometime done good thing also-lah!.As long as This UMNO is ruling the malay and malaysia there will be no unity within races and we Malaysian will die with racist hatred.We are already planted with this so called racist seed long ago,so the recent PR shown some of the RACIST tree is not grown so now start again planting new seed calling KETUANAN MELAYU…even TDM now speaking about this..visit his blog recently?.So when this can episod can end?.You tell me!.so Mamak hope we parents careful with this Racist Culture not infect our children!please educate them pity on them!The nation already ruined with this RACIST phenomenon dont make any more severe!Please pity on our next generation.What is this HINDRAF,MCA,UMNO,stupid NGO’S,FORUM HAK-HAK MELAYU and all sort of non-sense.All of ours are become more racist now!rather than become One nation,One Race as a Malaysian.Try to read how Rev.Dr.Martin Luther fighting for freedom of Negroes!.Talk about nation building!.One day we going to kill each another,The klu-klaxon already started in Ipoh,throwing malatov and next a simple personal fight between two diffrent race idiot become national disaster!.There more you become racist there more you will become stupid!.Please learn from history!.Fight freedom for your

  51. Mamak Penang says:

    cont…We have to fight our right that’s true,you people are very wise compare mamak!so dont bring the issue we indian,we chinese,we malay think how to combat together!.The national agenda..dont ask people property is already given by you..our ancester so u think anybody just simply will give what u ask for where your friend are enjoying!.So go slowly like bristish colonise how they rob them!.You think they can abolish ISA?.The ISA are their weapon so if you in militry you know how much worth is the bullet even the cost only 2 sen.So wont happen!.So if we rakyat joint together give any polition if you want my vote i will give only the person abolishing the ISA rather to be DSAI,PAS,DAP etc.We as rak yat no trust we must control them.What happen to Pak lah …we trust him he will abolish the ISA…It is simple ,if you has weapon you will intend use it…So this we make sure they cannot carry ISA weapon once they become our next PM.You think you can trust DSAI?.So we trust nobody!.They will arest…arest..this thing no they citing USA..for the Guantamano Prison!Amerika boleh! Malaysia pun Boleh!.So it is simple let we rakyat rise together not because this HINDREF or the Jemaah Islamiah(JI) becase for freedom!Fight for freedom first!.
    So Mamak,Mamak Have a Dream………………!one day we live like a big family in Malaysia.

  52. Lets put all our brains together and find a way to bring down the BN / UMNO gomen, peacefully.

  53. malaysia pr says:

    immediately the police will do arresting

  54. If mastering Chinese, English and BM at the same time is so easy as many had claimed, then how to explain the large number of Chinese vernacular school students dropping out at secondary level

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