I know it’s Mother’s Day today but lets talk about the National Service Programme (NS) and how it has affected and broke the hearts of many of our mothers. This programme must be scrapped immediately. How many of the 110,000 children taking part this year will be subjected to the same dangers?

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I don’t think some mothers will celebrate Mother’s Day this year or ever. And who’s to blame for that? Those bloody idiots who not only thought of, but endorsed the silly NS Programme (Read: Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Najib Tun Razak and his ilks). It has brought nothing but misery for some, and a threat to others, that their precious kids will suffer the same fate. I know of parents who are already planning to send their kids overseas so that they can avoid this “hell” camp. Can we blame them for thinking the unthinkable?

So far 16 deaths have occurred in those camps. The latest being 18-year old Too Hui Min in Perak. May her soul rest in peace. And yet the government is adamant that this silly programme should go on. A programme that we are yet to know whether it is useful or useless.

16 deaths! And we can sit here laughing and drinking and celebrating Mother’s day! How gross!

How many more have to die before this programme is abolished once and for all? Even one death is already too many.

Must a minister’s son or daughter die before any action is taken? How many Minister(s) has(have) their kids attending the programme? These are not silly questions, but we will get silly answers from them, no doubt!

The programme is suppose to promote unity, instill love for the country and build one’s character in 90 days. I am afraid the opposite has happened with the recent happenings.

All I can say is, I hope all mothers who have NS-going children will speak up and denounce this silly programme. All mothers, including daddies, grandparents, brothers and sisters, too. Not to mention, all of us here in blogsphere. Let support Batu Gajah MP Fong Po Kuan in her effort to halt this programme.

And to all bloggers who are mommies, and those who are mommies+daddies, to those who are grandparents+mommies, uncles and aunties who are uncles and aunties+mommies, I wish I could wish you happy mother’s day.

But quite honestly, with these deaths in NS, it’s not a too happy mother’s day for me this year. Sob.

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  1. citizenken says:

    there’s too many interests embodied in these project, how many contracts are awarded to the UMNO elites, from maintainance ,uniform, food supplies etc.the main agenda is for the sake of national security however ,its also a money spinning machine to create for UMNO’s elite’s and cronies.
    proctection of trainee safety is prostituted for the greed of money.
    open up an investigation, we will find contracts are being awarded to a list of cronies. 3 month to create character building is insufficent and our national security is never under serious risk. the problem with the goverment is that whatever they launch, the implementation and delivery is poor. and leadership is unacountable for its action . and they love to play the blame game when the system fails. Its just a spinning money program that falls short of benificial means. instead its a waste of taxpayers money. Umno will always create opportunities for its rent seeking cronies inexchange of political patronage from its cronies under guise of nep and disclosed under official secret act. politic and business are blended together in UMNO’s politics, that why personal interest first, party next,and least priortise is rakyat interest. 16 deaths counting will not stop as long as the programme benifited the Umno’s politicians pocket.

  2. raj raman 666 says:


    i hope you listen with some action.There are some shouting regarding rpk fund by me.
    Now we create another fund for this cause,fight with the gomen,gget an injuction and stop this program.

    The defence fund for bloggers also can be use for justice.lets start.
    The only problem in advance is-which group of parents will help
    for this case.My kids under lotteries scheme another 4 years.

    There is one proffesor shouting all the time in malaysiakini abouts NS camp>(good hearted prof).lets be him our consultant.

    RAj Raman666>Change my name -turn it upside down 999-the devils in the making because some morons also use kids to make $.

    happy mothers day 4 all the mums.The thoughts its counts not this one day hooo haa.

  3. hutchrun says:

    All these BN were supporting it. How in hell is 90 days of BN indoctrination going to force down BN patriotism? It was a money making scam all the while. Lee Lam Thye (Latuk) was in the forefront.
    From a cynical point of view, is this some kind of poetic justice. After all Badawi`s family members have been cited in the oil-for-food scandal (and he in his holiness denies he was involved) contributing to the deaths of some Iraqi children.

  4. team bsg says:

    Wonder if there’s any statistics on other country’s NS program vis a vis death of participants. Then only can we be sure where we stand. Tho by itself the fig of 16 young deaths is scary. To say send children overseas to avoid NS is idiotic , these parents must be real cowards or totally useless

  5. hutchrun says:

    Better a coward alive than a hero stupidly dead.
    Also staying alive means living to fight another day.

  6. everboleh says:

    NS should be immediately suspended. Majority of the camps below acceptable standards and run down. Worse, the food served were meant for dogs as the owners had no choice but to cut costs after paying huge kickbacks to get the ns contracts to run these camps.

  7. hutchrun says:

    In fact once again a Royal Commission needs to be held on how the NS contracts have been doled out. Maybe we`ll get to learn more about the BN money laundering.

  8. hutchrun says:

    More laffs here:

    Chairman of National Service Training Council, Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye clarified today that the decision by the National Service Training Department to make some changes to the Physical Training Module of the National Service Training Programme does not mean producing National Service trainees who are “softies” and failing to meet the objective of the programme.

    On the contrary the changes, which have been adopted by the Council, to make the Physical Training Module more flexible to the trainees, especially the females so that it will not give rise to health and medical problems.


  9. su says:

    I’m not a mommy, but this saddens me so much.

    To think that the DG is saying that they’re not scrapping it “just because of one or two deaths”. And that was a direct quote.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Recommended that this idiotic scheme be held in a 5-star hotel. Then thi

  11. everboleh says:

    there are a total of 87 camps throughout Malaysia and each camp yearly contract is around RM 5million besides contruction of each camp is around RM 10million. Just imagine, how many instant multi millionaires were made overnight. We are sending our young people to die in these hell camps. These camps are unlike the real army camps in Asia namely Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore where national service is compulsory and only for boys.

  12. correct,correct,correct says:

    as a mother of three teenagers, i am very worried each time i read about death of our teenagers in ns camps and to avoid this, i am sending my three teenagers to melbourne……..these ns camps do not benefit our teenagers…..only benefit those “big guns” perhaps time for chairman tan sri lee lam thye to reveal the real picture of these camps

  13. hutchrun says:

    A look at Lam Thye & Family bank accounts also might be interesting.

  14. Bennyloh says:

    (not so) Happy Mother’s day for my friend too…


  15. Gunner says:

    only one who is a parent themselves can truly understand the pain of losing their child to this damned programme..instilling unity among races? i dun see that happening within 3 months where u go carry guns and swinging around ropes in the hot sun..whoever that came up with this idea must take responsibility, by now we still havent heard any response from the minister yet from the BN side..at least we have some criticism from DAP side,at least theres still someone who cares about the rakyat.

  16. zakk says:

    please………can’t mothers have the right to keep their child save from harm?……please…can all of us do something to abolish NS? My daughter is 17 and my son is 16….i am already worried of their safety if they have to go for NS…….I AM SURE THERE ARE MANY OTHER MOTHERS OUT THERE WHO ARE WORRIED TOO !!!

  17. zakk says:

    MR LEE LAM THYE…….ALL I WANT FOR MOTHERS DAY IS THE GOOD NEWS THAT NS IS ABOLISHED…..plesae dun let anymore kids die …… plesae dun let another mother cry….thats all i wish for mothers day…

  18. simon says:

    The ONLY way to stop the NS programme is to change the Gomen.

    As long as the Barisan Nasional Gomen is in power the NS deaths will and must continue……….and there is nothing you can do about it.

    So what if the girls get dehydrated and die of colon constipation due to lack of water?

    It is not the Barisan Nasional’s problem.

    It is the parents’ problem. After all it is the parents who are so stupid to vote BN into power so they deserve to have their children die!

    The logic is so simple! Just die…… dun disturb me!

  19. Peter says:

    A mother’s day should be that special day that kids show their mother how much they care ’bout her… but it’s just unfair that there exist entities that take away children from their relatives to show them stupid philosophies that won’t be any good for anyone… I think we all should rebel against this program… we don’t have to say “amen” to what they say… cruelty must be stopped, we have to be honest to ourselves and to everyone around us and say: “Let’s stop this suffering”…

    I hope this idiotic idea disappears for everyone’s sake… meanwhile, let’s hope in whatever we believe… to make this suffering banish…

  20. Ong Ting Ting says:

    Being a father of 2 teenagers who potentially can be called up to do NS, I read the report with great trepidation.

    We raised our kids up to age for years and put in into somebody’s hands and tragedy occurs. Can we put the fault on the NS programme?

    I don’t think the programme is at fault but the people running, supervising and implementing the programme. The idea is good but the execution is terrible.

    Apart from the self interest of the politicians in the programme, many things are rushed through without much checks and controls. Inadequate facilites, personnels, procedures, controls, standards are all to be blamed.

    Chief amongst these would be the CEO of this programme. I think he ought to be sacked followed by all the others who cannot execute the programme as envisage.

    If all the inadequacies cannot be rectified, it is best to forget about NS. We are talking about lives of children of many mothers and fathers here. HAVE A HEART. Think about it for a moment here. It is MOTHERS’ DAY.

    My deepest condolences to all the Mothers who lost their children in the NS.

  21. tamade says:

    The BN Government’s National Service has caused many innocent young lives to be lost, what a pity. I think all Tun, Datos, TanSri, Cabinet Ministers, CM, Menteri Besar and all the top Government Department Chief’s children and grandchildren must be sent for this training on a compulsory basis and we will see what is the real outcome. Medical Checkups will cost a big chunk of RAKYAT money and it cannot guarantee the health conditions of these participants. If these people up there are so kind, why not they pay for all the Medical Checkup fee from their own pocket? In fact, anything can happen to the particaipants during the training period and infections can creep in anytime. Acute gastro-enteritis and other bowel infections can bring death to the poor girls and boys. I think those people up there are cold blooded and they are not compassionate at all. After all, those who die are not their own children or their relatives’ children. I dont’ know how many more are going to die in the coming years. The best solution is just scrap this stupid NS. Let these youngsters enjoy their lives in co-curricular activities like Boy Scouts, Girl Guides, etc. These activities are 100 times more meaningful than NS.

  22. wits0 says:

    Tamade is correct. Acute medical conditions cannot be screened out by any medical examination and this probably has the main killer.

    The only solution is to scrap the hare brained project but this is usually only possible when the top dog proponents are no longer in office and hardly based on the merit and demerit basis.

  23. kittykat46 says:

    It was always an opportunity-creation scheme for connected businessmen and individuals. Jobs for the boys.
    Thats also why it must continue. Such opportunities elsewhere have shrunk in a number of states after March 8.

    Meanwhile more innocent kids must die….

    Happy Mother’s Day

  24. wits0 says:

    Meanwhile more innocent kids must die for somebody elses’ pockets.

    In a vanity worshipping Bolehland where all “sensitivities” get mollycoddled, truth is not a premium commodity. To pamper this wawasan some parents will have sacrifice their children this way like something written in stones!

  25. everboleh says:

    a tan sri wife told a good friend that in these camps many illicit sex were going on and no precautions were taken and possibility of significant number of unwanted pregnancies especially among the malays.as suggested, a white paper must be tabled in parliament to investigate into these ns trainees death and other problems facing the ns program

  26. everboleh says:

    time for Pakatan Raykat to propose a White Paper in the current Parliament sitting to investigate into the death of NS trainees….sad thing and was told that Big Guns children all got away…….todate these death were children of average working class rakyat

  27. everboleh says:

    ns program to foster national unity among the races…..what bullshit.recent election shows there is no need for this as all the races united and voted in Pakatan Rakyat with 82 parliament seats and 5 state governments. Time for Pakatan Rakyat to show the are the peopl’s party and table a White Paper in current sitting of Parliament to show they care for the rakyat who voted for them……

  28. The truth of the matter is that we shiver at the idea of giving up our loved ones into the hands of a government who has lost its credibility. Every facet of the government department is filled with corruption and corrupted people-the judiciary, the customs, the education, the religious, wtf all govt departments to keep it short, without exception.
    Whoever hear of a change of character within 90 days. It takes a generation to change, that what it take to change the national character that started its rot beginning from the overthrow of our beloved Tunku Abdul Abdul Rahman. Prior to Abdul Razak I had my best friends among the Malays and the Indians and now I perceived that my children, the post Tunku generation,they only keep to their peers of the same race.

    Dismantle this money wasting NS scheme and revert back to the era of Tunku, then there will be hope for this country.

  29. TYKo says:

    The way I see it, the programme got to be halted.
    If that’s not possible, a change in ruling government.
    Too many vested interest in the programme for the ruling party to halt it.
    Neither could we improve on the management or system with the current ruling party.
    Hope that what DSAI said could really materialize! Before sept 16.

  30. hutchrun says:

    MCA has held the Health Ministry portfolio for as long as I can remember. If that party has the welfare of the poor at heart, may I ask why public healthcare sucks so much?

    This is what the present Health Minister said of the latest death in the National Service, reported in The Star: “We will review the standard operating procedures. Trainees should tell the medical attendants immediately if they have a problem.”


  31. Harrison says:

    Today, I dedicated to all mothers here and to the commentators mom as well.

    The still serving American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are really to be pity about. Their leaders sent them there, sometimes they came back without torsos.

  32. simon says:

    The results of the “Future Inquiry if any” into the latest NS death is “already known” and is as follows:-

    Quote from Malaysiakini…..

    Listen parents. To me they seem to be intoning their standard mantra again – ‘It’s YOUR FAULT that your son or daughter died. Lain kali make sure dia sihat dulu sebelum masuk kem lah. What gall.


    LLT is doing a better job for DAP now than he ever did before. Now he can truly and proudly say. “I destroyed Barisan Nasional”

  33. lung says:

    Enough talk. Time for civil disobedience.

    This serial killing have to end.

    I don’t know what the penalty for non-compliance is (someone pls enlighten), but I will not be sending my daughter to NS.

    If it means jail for me as a Dad, I will gladly do the time.

    And those wakil rakyats, activate for the end of NS, We do not need it. Besides, we already have existing infrastructure, the schools, Work on the schools & teachers. With parents in tow.

  34. yh says:

    another death, another tweak in the program and another investigation. when would it stop? no, it wont unless parents unite and stand up to this Non-Sense program.
    lee lam thye? he will cry no more frorthe deaths coz even crocodile tears will dry up after so many deaths.

  35. Philip L. H. LIM says:

    My take is that NS shd not be scrapped! Granted, there are deaths, but wonder if these deaths are more than the national average among 18-year olds. Death, sometimes unavoidable. As a parent, if a child is to die, better at the side of loved ones – so perhaps the NS can allow people to withdraw – w/o question asked. that way, only those who actively wanted to go NS need to go. I’ve talked to many parents who r in favour of this program!

    My reason is that policy shd not be changed at whimps & fancies. like teaching science & maths in english. Ok, somebody is making money. ok, so jobs were artificially created. but in those short months I have seen & talked to more who have ACTUALLY attended NS & enjoyed it than those who ACTUALLY went & don’t!

    Which policy is it that is 100% favourable to everyone? & which policy is it that is without hiccups? I know 16 deaths is a lot, & if it happens to me, would I sing a different tune? I hope I don’t have to be tested!

  36. wits0 says:

    Hutch: “If that party has the welfare of the poor at heart, may I ask why public healthcare sucks so much?”

    The MCA is stuck with a powerless ministry : its powerful finance one was taken away ages ago because umno wanted its hand on $$$ and Tan Siew Sin died a disappointed and grouchy man after a stint in Sime Darby. So much for sticking to principle and fleecing the people to fill the Alliance coffer. Some gratitude.

    Now the Health ministry is not too confident of getting the vast increase in allocation that a full medical exam on the NS candidates entail. And the DPM is only now mooting that aspect. Yet even this will not discount the matter of acute infections in unsanitary NS camps that seem to have been the cause of most deaths.

    The gomen is also quite stingy on health care in terms of ministries and annual allocations, isn’t it?

    Harrison, this Health minister seems afraid to raise the issue strongly and similarly so was the previous hamsup and hamchoy one. So the 10K cacang puteh equivalent value for your child stands like the greatest afterthought around.

  37. hutchrun says:

    I’ve talked to many parents who r in favour of this program! – Philip L. H. LIM

    And I`ve talked to many who are opposed to it. So how about a referendum on it then. Let the public vote on it.

  38. CheeseBall says:

    My kids will only go to these death camps over my dead body!!

    Hope those parents who oppose the death camps take a firm stance and not reluctantly send their kids. You either send your kids to death, or you don’t! There is no ‘sitting on the fence’ on this issue!

    As lung said, Civil Disobedience or you do not value your kids’ life!

  39. simon says:

    #I’ve talked to many parents who r in favour of this program! – Philip L. H. LIM#

    Obviously we have all talked to BN supporters who want to keep Selangor and to quote Mahathir in Malaysiakini…… their Gold Mine….which is Selangor.

    Obviously also I have talked to a lot of people who want to continue to supress salaries ……. and arrest any assholes under ISA for demonstrating for minimum wage.

    …so that …..

    1) All kinds of subsidies like petrol, rice, diesel etc etc can continue with arbitrage benefits to send it overseas.
    2) My unit trust continue to pay high dividends to me
    3) My EPF can pay high dividends too.

    But have you talked to the poor people who have had their salaries suppressed?

    have you talked to parents with dead kids who were previously very healthy?

  40. All The Fools On The Same Side says:

    I think this program cannot be scraped now because all those top umno goons received lots of commision such as uniform and god knows which ever they can think of. If those top goons are not receiving it, then the second in command or the middle man like lee lam thye should be heavily involved! What stupid program is this? Which clown implemented this? Sometimes when promises are made, it means all the fools are on the same side. In this instance, all the YES MAN!!! Ask those top goons to send in their own daughter and die there. See what will be their reation? They are so comfortable with the monthly side income and now we want them to stop? Where can man? It seems everybody is involved and got a share cut from top to bottom like the local police station in which we saw plenty of packed nasi kandar about 10 to 20 packages coming in daily to the police station before 12.00 noon. Who is buying for them? Who is feeding them daily? Think people, think! Lee lam thye is also one of the culprit for not stopping this dangerous ns program.
    How many more innocent student must die before they finally scrape this program?
    Furhtermore, one more NS Program site situated in Taiping is in quarantin due to some serious deadly virus attacking the student.
    This program must not be compulsory and let student choose themselves whether to particapate or not but using force should not be an option!
    We, the rakyat are so fed-up and disappointed with the present bn gomen and one can only hope that the PR will soon take over to run this country. At least the PR listen to the raykat and they cooperate with the rakyat. One thing for sure is PR will not send your son or daughter to hell!!!

  41. whispering9 says:

    ‘Granted, there are deaths, but wonder if these deaths are more than the national average among 18-year olds.’

    The last thing we need to hear is that the death of a child is statistically acceptable. Are you advocating case closed, no further investigation needed since 16 deaths are statistically unavoidably? The child would not die if she didn’t attend NS training! She would not die if the NS staffs are properly trained to all kind of emergencies. Most of the NS staffs may be from the army where death is not considered an occupational hazard. Before you comment on a higher pedestal, please attend Too Hui Min funeral and talk to her parents, her siblings before you statistically allow another parent to grief.

    ‘Which policy is it that is 100% favourable to everyone?’…even on a simple forum like here, there is only 1:38 in favour! And that is you, Mr. Lim.

  42. NO FEAR says:

    This is Malaysia, run by a very stupid gomen, and what are rakyat doing? Guling gomen once and for all. They are too much too greedy when it comes to profiting from all these uncessary activities. Konon to instill patriotism, call for total scrap of NS! Come on Lee Lam Thye, I still remember when you quit DAP and was in tear, those must be happy moment inside you that allow you to be paria running dog assisting gomen to suck more money from rakyat tax money. Better resign from this before you cry again.

  43. Harrison says:

    Dearest Susan’

    Happy mother’s Day to you as well. I forgotten to ask you, when will you decide to be a mum? Or at least get married coz we will send you presents. 😛

  44. atw says:

    In today’s news report (NST), Najib said the following:

    “We cannot scrap the programme just like that as many parties are involved,”

    – Does he mean that there are many business interests involved? The lives of young Malaysians are more important than whatever parties you are referring to!

    “In many cases, the trainees who died at the camps had the illnesses before they joined the programme.”

    – Now he blames the trainees or their parents for the deaths! Please show us the results of the inquiries which are supposed to be carried out after the previous fatalities and show us how many of these who died already had illnesses which caused the deaths.

    Meanwhile, the Health Minister said that NS trainees may be asked to declare if they have constipation before entering camp.

    – Do all trainees also have to declare they have a cough, sore throat, headache, toothache, muscle ache, tiredness, etc., etc? Stop blaming the trainees for not declaring symptoms which they may not even have before joining the program.

    Many people have been calling for the NS programme to be scrapped in the last couple of years. A collection of press reports and letters are available at the link below:


    All these concerns have fallen on deaf ears.

    We have had enough. No more excuses. No more inquiries.

    The ill-conceived NS programme must be suspended immediately!

  45. Kenny Gan says:

    Philip L. H. LIM Says:

    “My take is that NS shd not be scrapped! Granted, there are deaths, but wonder if these deaths are more than the national average among 18-year olds”.

    Please la, Mr.Lim…think before you write. You’re comparing statistical deaths in the general teenage population where they are exposed to all sorts of real world risks and dangers including substance abuse, peer pressure, accidents, fights, suicides, travelling, diseases, medical problems, food poisoning, road fatalities, etc to A SANITIZED CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT WHICH IS SUPPOSE TO BE SAFE.

    The NS camps are supposed to be safe, filled with healthy teens with all activities regulated and food and drinks included. No deaths should occur bar the freak circumstances which should be very rare.

    So what if statistically less deaths occur in the NS camps than the general teenage population? Is this something to be proud of? Are the deaths excusable?

    And you’re callously comparing the deaths as mere statistics instead of trying to understand a parent’s anguish. Obviously these deaths can only happen to other people’s children, not your own.

  46. amoker says:

    Unfortunately, i agree that it should be reviewed and the response from Najib etc. is reflective of their keangkuhan. Najib suggested that the solution to these deaths are to outsource health checks (NST today) and that those who died have these diseases before they come to the camp, insiduating that those died lied about their health condition or those doctors who gave the green bills are wrong. How is rakyat going to believe you that Najib have their best interest when they connect the dots to business opportunities. ( outsource)?

    None of the student that i teach is happy in the camps but i do my best to ask them to look for bright spots. They find the training boring unamonously. I do think that if implemented well, the NS is a good thing. But the issue here is that the deaths continue to happen and the ‘tidak kisah’ attitude that allows this rot to continue. With no mechanism to ensure a standard and a wavering public confidence, NS cannot operate on status quo and believe that the deaths will just disappear.

  47. […] from this book) and top them with …Jumbo Empanadas – http://jumboempanadas.blogspot.com/|||Happy Mother’s Day (maybe not)Image by jeochiappeta I don’t think some mothers will celebrate Mother’s Day this year or ever. […]

  48. simon says:

    Top Ten Deadly Reasons to Remove Deadly Barisan Nasional Gomen.

    1. National Service deaths

    2. C4 Deaths

    3. Road Accident Deaths

    4. Snatch Theft Deaths

    5. Police lockup custody deaths

    6. Hospital deaths

    7. Mat Rempit deaths

    8. Canteen food poisoning deaths

    9. Rape and murder deaths

    10. Death penalty deaths

    its time to say Death to Barisan Nasional!!!

    Do it Now !

    Just Do It!

    Do it or Die!

  49. wits0 says:

    The irony of it all is that the NS kids are purportedly being trained to potentially defend such a System not satisfactorily accountable for such deaths. 16 have died in the process.

  50. billauchris says:

    The National Service Programme has been running for a rew years. The reported mortality rate and the number of immoral and food-poisioning incidents that took place should be be sufficient enough to prick the conscience of those pro-NS political leaders to really take a hard look at the whole programme. A thorough evaluation is imperative.

    While I favour that national service is good and would instill some measures of discipline in the students, the focus unfortunately is not to realise the noble objectives. It is more of an opportunity accorded to various UMNOputras to make money. And that is very ugly.

    Although the country is resourceful, there must be some strict measures of fiscal control and restraint. The NS programme should never be used as another “NEP” project to help onlya few UMNOputras to make some fast bucks. This is not the right way to creating a Malay-centric Business Community. By such means, the Government is merely creating a group of rich coronies whose maney making competence and capability are based on unethical means and practices. No wonder after 50 years, we are unable to create a society among the Malays who are self-reliant, independent and competitive. The dependency mentality is too deeply ingrained as I see it and to eradicate it will take probably another two or more decades.

    Politics is not a way of making easy money. It must be instilled in the new-comers that politics must be taken as at an opportunity to serve society so that it will become a better society in the years ahead. Unless we start taking action to stop the rot, the rot is going to consume the society. If I may suggest, all the MPs from UMNO should be sent for the NS programme. where they shall be given a foretaste of what the programme is all about. Besides, I still believe that the parade square is the place where discipline can be instilled and cultivated. It will be effective to help reduce some waist-lines of some MPs.

    Since so much adverse reports on the NS Programme have surfaced, I feel that PM should form a commission to look into the entire management of the said programme. All those service and goods suppliers shall be let known to the public. I am sure this matter is of public urgency and interest and should be discussed at the Parliament currently in session.

    Instead it is being turned into a circus and causing such a bad image to the public. First and foremost, Ibraham Ali should be a subject of the disciplinary committee if he is not prepared to apologise to Kapal Singh.
    His behaviour and conduct ae justs disgraceful. His ostentatious tendency is merely making a fool of himself and wasting the Parliament precious time for discussing other more relevant and presssing issues.

    Another important issue is:

    Kapal has the right, in my view, to express his opiinion in the Parliament that the Perak Sultan did not have the right to and should not have therefore interfered into an administrative decision made by the MB. It is a mere opinion or a legal opinion at best or worst, as far as I see it. But to provoke the whole UMNO MPs and the Malays outside the hourse into an anti-sultan issue was most uncalled for, mischievious and unwarranted. Another bankrupt time-wasting and money wasting exercise in futility. You guys have not changed after all these years! I just lament.

    Well, let us be more responsible. The rakyat voted you in not for fun. They want you to represent and protect the country resources, their interests and rights and to ensure that the government of the day conducts its business fairly, justly and equitably. Please get this sunk into your head in case it has not.

  51. Kepada,
    YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,
    Perdana Menteri Malaysia.

    Y.A.B. Datuk Seri,

    Saya, Mohd Sofi Yassin, rakyat Malaysia bermastautin di negeri Selangor dengan ini merakamkan rasa kecewa dan hampa yang teramat terhadap kecelaruan dan kepincangan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan Malaysia yang diterajui oleh YAB Datuk Seri.

    Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, Melayu dan beragama Islam, saya dengan penuh keinsafan dan rasa tanggungjawab mengatakan di sini bahawa terdapat banyak perkara yang amat bertentangan dengan prinsip Rukun Negara dan kedaulatan Negara yang telah YAB dan parti pemerintah di bawah pimpinan YAB telah lakukan.

    Di antara kekecewaan saya ialah:

    1. Kenapa berlaku pendakwaan terpilih yang keterlaluan dalam pentadbiran kerajaan Barisan Nasional / UMNO sejak dari dulu hingga sekarang, dan tiada usaha oleh YAB Datuk Seri untuk mengembalikan kedaulatan perlembagaan?

    2. Ketegasan yang cuba YAB paparkan terhadap kes YB Karpal Singh dalam isu berkaitan ke bawah DYMM Sultan Perak, jelas menampakkan ketidakjujuran dan pendakwaan terpilih YAB dalam melayani permasalahan rakyat khususnya dalam urusan kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu.

    3. Saya hanya akan bersetuju dengan ketegasan YAB jika tindakan dan siasatan yang sama dilakukan terhadap kesemua wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional di negeri Terengganu dan Perlis yang telah dengan jelas, angkuh, sombong dan bongkak mempertikaikan hak serta kedaulatan Sultan Terengganu dan Raja Perlis pada akhir bulan Mac dan April 2008 yang lalu?

    4. Sementara dalam kes berkaitan pendakwaan dan penahanan YM. Raja Petra Kamaruddin, di mana kewajarannya tindakan tersebut dilakukan? Bukankah kita berada dalam sebuah negara merdeka dan berdaulat, mempunyai undang-undang yang membenarkan YAB Dato’ Seri Najib mengambil tindakan secara berhemah, terhormat dan secara peribadi?. Sekiranya Dato’ Seri Najib merasakan dia difitnah, maka seharusnya beliaulah yang menyaman YM. Raja Petra. Kenapa mesti undang-undang yang mencengkam kebebasan rakyat yang digunakan oleh pemerintahan Barisan Nasional?

    YAB Datuk Seri,

    Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang mengasihi pemimpin yang jujur, ikhlas, berilmu, dan bertanggungjawab ingin mencernakan dan meleraikan tanggapan saya dan rakyat Malaysia terbanyak terhadap beberapa keraguan berikut:

    1. Semasa musim piliharaya umum ke 12 yang lalu, rakyat Malaysia telah dimaklumkan bahawa menantu Perdana Menteri, Khairy Jamaluddin dengan sedar, dan Datuk Seri juga menyedarinya telah mencampuri urusan pentadbiran negara sedangkan beliau atas sifat sebagai menantu Perdana Menteri tidak berhak melakukannya. Pertanyaan saya, apakah benar perkara ini? Kalau tidak benar, kenapakah majoriti rakyat Malaysia termasuk ahli UMNO sendiri mengakuinya? Bukankah ini perbuatan orang yang tidak amanah?

    2. Saya dengan penuh kesedaran telah melihat beberapa gambar YAB Datuk Seri dalam keadaan dan kelakuan yang dapat saya takrifkan sebagai biadap, keterlaluan, tidak sopan dan amat menghina kesusilaan budaya masyarakat Melayu dan Agama Islam. Soalan saya apakah benar itu perbuatan Datuk Seri? Sekiranya benar itu perbuatan Datuk Seri, maka saya dengan penuh hormat berdasarkan hak saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia mencadangkan agar Datuk Seri memohon maaf secara terbuka kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia atas kebiadapan Datuk Seri.

    Sekian dan semoga Datuk Seri diberi pertunjuk daripada ALLAH SWT.

    Ikhlas daripada

    Mohd Sofi Yassin.
    Rakyat Malaysia.

  52. Philip L. H. LIM says:

    some of you lack the intelligence to debate issues with open mind!

    I sympathised & emphatised with the relatives of those who have lost their loved ones in the NS Camps – but the logic to scrap NS is crazy to say the least.

    By your logic, there r many road deaths during “balik kampung” – so banned traveling during this period. women traveling alone susceptible (awaiting death row in o/seas jail) to drug-carrying drug-cartel, banned their travel if w/out permission. All deaths are tragic – b it on the road, some other countries or in NS. i’m not saying it’s acceptable for the deaths to occur in camp, and by your same logic, perhaps some of these 18 year olds may fall prey to deaths were they not in camp! only God Omniscience knows an otherwise outcome .

    What I advocate is that parents / family reserves the right to choose if they want to send kids to NS, just as people choose to travel or not during festivities, alone overseas. Yes i’m pro-choice. then it doesn’t matter whether it’s 1:38 (btw – some wrote > once) or 1:3800, at least those who r against don’t have to send, those who r in favour, minority tho’ they may b don’t have to have their rights taken !

    And no, deaths in camp is not acceptable – there must be genuine investigation & sincere improvement.

    Now if some of u read back my earlier comment – rather than take things out of context, your tone may be a lot more kinder. And guys – pls cheer up abit, it’s not good to just dwell in negativities!

  53. amoker says:

    Someone ask me before if we know any children of our ministers go to these national camps. Show me some names. Would it not be good if the sons/daughter of well off people get disciplined in these camps? Even royalties should not be exempted. The joke in US is that none of the congressman’s children are serving in Iraq even when they spoke so passionately about being a patriot & chastisizing other pro-peace people as ingrates. Its politician’s double speak.

    Anyway, has anyone wondered why Najib kept speaking at Felda functions?

  54. Mamak Penang says:

    It is waste and stupid idea they had in first place is all about NS training.Actualy what the purpose of this NS traing still in blur.I was in Armed forces past 13 years.This is my childhood dreams thoose day to serve the country.after few years i found there is no place for me!.you know what there so many idiots and BER (beyond econimical repair)we called for the unhealthy personels trainers were in the training schools.Some of these morons now became the NS instructors!.What you expect from them!?.This what the product of our NS!.I was very regret that our formely beloved MP Tan Sri trapped with this goons.they have no idea how to run the camp in first place!.our neighbour singapore doing this NS camp very succesfully done for years.I know the instructor’s are in conflict which way to train them!.The first place they themself in confusion al about this NS!If you want them to be soldiers be trained like them as a soldier!but they got no idea what aspect the training should be!.It is better give this camp to physical school teachers to run it.But out there , lot of people become millionair out of this NS!.I hope our tan sri let go this NS and dont waste your energy to corect it.It Hopeless…with the attitude”tak apa polisi”!people around you!.For the parents I’m sorry.But hopefully make sure before sent the kids to NS,bring them to private clinics for through medical check-up for their fitness.If they improved the NS training system it is very good for our Kid’s …it’s proven in Singapore and thailand!.But in Malaysia may god help the parents!.

  55. F. Lin says:

    Mother’s Day is a personal agenda and not related to National Service. So, why questioned everyone from celebrating Mother’s Day with joy and fun. Not everything in this world need to be out there in the public. Nothing personal but please differnetiate personal and business agendas.

  56. ANg Kong says:

    this NS should not have taken off the ground in the first place. I objected it strongly when it was first suggested. Nevertheless, NS could still be a good thing if done properly, but 3 months, lack of experienced trainers and properly thought out curriculum, poorly implementation…. and the choice of uniforms… my god, if these NS trainees were sent to the war.. the enemy will hav no trouble picking out them…. and use them for target shooting practice.

    The whole thing is a complete joke and has made a mockery of our intelligence. A national program involving thousand of children and this gorment has shown no care and responsibility for the 16 deaths. 1 death is still too many if it is your son or daughter!

    they said NS was to made them to become more patriotic??>>!!

    well, let me enlighten you. i was as patriotic as anyone else when i finished form 5. the more I began to engage to the real world.. the more I resent the gorment! Bdawi, get the picture yet? sue me for sedition, you moron!

  57. Kenny Gan says:

    The deaths in NS camps will continue because as usual, nobody will be found guilty and charged for it. In true Bolehland style, we have lot’s of crimes committed without criminals.

    After a per functionary “investigation”, the authorities will say “ALL PROCEDURES HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED. WE DID THE BEST WE CAN, etc, etc.” and blame will be cast on the victim that she probably had the condition before joining the camp. Just wait for it!

    What is the use of “investigations” by those whose negligence may have caused her death or by Ministries who are more interested in continuing the program rather than finding out the truth?

    A proper INDEPENDENT investigation should be conducted which should include doctors, professionals and NGOs. When a person has died, “internal investigations” are useless. Such “investigations” only serve to cover up rather than find out the truth.

    If indeed “all procedures have been followed” (just wait for it!) how do you explain that young healthy people have died from causes which are normally non-fatal? What kind of screwed up procedures are in place?

    By the way, her parents dispute that she died from megacolon toxicity or whatever they are claiming. Where is the post- mortem?

  58. bamboo river says:

    “Dying for the country ” is totally different from ” Dying because of the country”

  59. bamboo river says:

    No, I take the above back.
    For this NS programme…
    “Dying for the gomen” is totally different from ” Dying because of the gomen”

  60. samx says:

    Dear everboleh,

    Your figures are correct? That of 87 camps at RM5 million yearly contract plus
    RM10 million construction cost?

    Wow, that works out to RM435 million yearly plus RM870 million construction cost.

    Are the uniforms included?

    And using Susan’s figures of 110000 pax for 90 days at cost of, say (guesstimate only) RM100 per day (food, accomodation, facilities and trainers) is RM990 million yearly, right? Uniforms cost = ?

    Money to be better spent on food.

  61. Eric says:

    The programme must be abolished.

  62. bboyask says:

    Why must it be abollished? I think it was an interesting and great time when I was a trainee in NS. To say in safety i understand lah, but the deaths are they not consider isolated cases? To stop NS i dont agree completely, but I think maybe they can improve more on safety, food issues. The other things i think are ok. I dont understand why want to include politics all. Maybe most people here talk bad about NS should try joining NS and see for yourself how it is first.

  63. Anonymous says:

    It is a real sad day for all responsible Malaysians. We voiced our concerns and we gave our suggestions. They have all fallen on deaf ears. There have been so many deaths in NS. Did the gomen seriously investigate each and every loss? Was the real source of the problem been traced and corrective actions been implemented? Every loss of life is not just a number. These are our children and the future leaders so just don’t mess around with their lives.

  64. All The Fools On The Same Side says:

    The gomen know exactly the number of deaths occur up-to-date but maybe the gomen still needs a look-see with total lost of making up their minds as it involved plenty of commission from top to bottom. Who’s uncle lah, his aunt’s pakcik’s son is the middle man lah. Who knows what lah. It must be very complicated! The question to abolish the ns is not an issue but the monthly side income is the main concern here. If not, why pushing so hard to go ahead? With Najis taking the law into his own hand and bodowi still dreaming, it seems the bn and umno is going to riot real soon!

  65. Depriving a Mum of a Child and A Child from a Mum.
    This two a straight road Map to Hell.
    Happy Mothers day.

  66. ktteokt says:

    In the first place, does LLT know the least bit about what military training is all about? Putting a square peg into a round hole seems to be the common practice in BN!

  67. if NS become optional and voluntarily by parents to send their kids then it wouldn’t be called NS anymore. at the first place wtf NS for ? for 18yr old playing with m16 (bullet gov expense) ? for 18yr old to do jungle trekking ? for integration ? bullshit lah, all these except that m16 should be learned in 11yrs of education system. so this so called ns is answer for ministry of education failure ?

    ns is nothing but money making for some cronies…..

  68. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    I totally feel sad.

    “Another 18-year old dies at NS camp”……a result of reinventing new “Wheels” (when working models are available at minimum cost !)

    In my opinion, if we want National Service, then the purpose should be, to provide a “Disciplined & well trained support service reserve” of a minimum of one year training with the Army, Navy, Airforce & Police at their Academy. Yes…at their “Boot-Camps” !

    We already have established “Wheels” that works, just need to be refined to cater for this at minimum cost to the rayaat/nation.

    Yes, we had in the 60s the Outward Bound School (OBS)stint,(which still exist today!),where it was a pre-requesite for most jobs/professions – to be disciplined & trained on survival skills even for the intellectuals.

    Why are we still allowing them to “reinvent new wheels” when all it needs is to refine/strategise the the original wheels !

    Yes, you all said it loud & clear….vested interest ($$$) at our expense !

    Just think of the taxpayers’ wasted Billions for this useless redundant Nonsense to achieve so little & useless to the basic needs of a “Disciplined & well trained support service reserve”

    Why is Singapore so successful ?

    It is “Total Accountability to the nation building & its people” !

    Their Taxpayers’ Dollars are used wisely in their 2 to 3 years NS programme that have worked for years.

    Their Govt. scholarships using taxpayers’ money are allocated for their National Intellectual/ Research & Development/ Professional/, etc NEEDS. Any other personal/prefential degree courses would have to be self financed.

    To control the demand/supply & not have wastages that does not meet the market employment demands of Singapore.

    Our Billions spent on our version of 03 months NS???… achieve so little & no where near our nation’s real needs – “Disciplined & well trained support service reserve”

    Please wake up people….with the soon to arrive Financial Tsunami round the corner, every cent of this nation is precious !

  69. JustMe says:

    How many have been killed in car accidents? We must scrap all the cars in Malaysia!
    How many have been killed in building constructions? We must scrap all the buildings in Malaysia!

    Whenever somebody died of something, we must scrap that something from the face of Malaysia!

  70. kenn says:

    keep all kids at home. Pay each camp 3 to 5 million a year. why susah susah.

  71. All The Fools On The Same Side says:

    Here……more about Najis!!! Commandos under fire for abusing trainees.

    Or goto this link to read it. http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/82943

    Ahli parlimen PKR kecam latihan komando

    S Pathmawathy | May 15, 08 7:17pm

    Seorang ahli Parlimen PAS mendedahkan klip video yang menunjukkan kaedah latihan skuad komando yang menurutnya menjatuhkan maruah para anggota yang mengikuti latihan tersebut.

    Bercakap dalam sidang akhbar di lobi Parlimen, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail (PKR-Macang) berkata, beliau menerima klip video yang menunjukkan jurulatih mendera secara fizikal anggotanya serta memijak-mijak kepala mereka.

    “Ini adalah soal maruah seorang manusia. Menteri pertahanan sendiripun tentunya tidak mahu kepalanya dipijak-pijak begitu,” kata Saifuddin.

    Saifuddin turut mendedahkan klip video selama dua minit itu, dalam sidang akhbar tersebut. Kandungannya menunjukkan beberapa orang lelaki berpakaian hitam menyepak dengan kejam seorang individu.

    “Bila saya menerima klip ini, saya bertanya kepada beberapa bekas anggota komando dan mereka memberitahu tidak ada kaedah seumpama itu digunakan semasa mereka menjalani latihan dahulu,” katanya.

    Apa yang lebih membimbangkan lagi, katanya ialah para jurulatih tersebut nampak begitu gembira melakukan semua itu.

    “Adakah insiden ini telah dimaklumkan kepada perdana menteri dan apakah tindakan yang telah diambil?” soalnya.

    Saifuddin berkata, beliau menerima klip video itu minggu lalu.

    Beliau enggan mendedahkan sumbernya, dan menambah beliau juga tidak pasti di mana dan regimen mana yang ditunjukkan dalam klip video tersebut.

    Beliau bagaimanapun berkata, klip tersebut dirakamkan baru-baru ini, berdasarkan kepada pengesahan beberapa bekas komando bahawa uniform yang dipakai oleh anggota tentera itu merupakan uniform seragam yang baru dipakai oleh regimen komando Malaysia.

    Tiada jawapan dari Najib

    Saifuddin sebelum ini membangkitkan perkara tersebut dalam sidang parlimen Isnin lalu, tetapi tiada jawapan dari timbalan perdana menteri, yang juga menteri pertahanan Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

    Sebaliknya, Najib pula bertanya kepada Saifuddin sama ada beliau pernah melihat kejadian seumpama itu sewaktu menjadi setiausaha politik kepada menteri pertahanan pada tahun 1990-an.

    “Saya tidak pernah melihat apa-apa pun seperti ini sebelum ini walaupun saya pernah menjadi setiausaha politik,” katanya sambil menambah, beliau mempunyai alasan untuk mempercayai ia memang benar-benar berlaku.

    Menurutnya, pihak kementerian perlu memberi penjelasan mengenainya kepada orang ramai kerana beliau tidak rasa mereka boleh menerima apa yang dilakukan itu.

  72. ustamy says:

    What is NS ? Have you all watch clearly that all the deaths are from the indian and chinese community. Why ? what is so difficult to take the trainees to the nearest hospital for treatment ? But if you all see, trainees get their treatment at the camp. Who is the doctor there ?
    So many deaths and still want to continue ? All the mothers curse will not let the government come up. Mind it !!!!!

  73. Премного благодарен, что просветили, и, главное, как раз вовремя. Подумать только, пять лет уже в инете, но про это первый раз слышу.

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