Hey people, why are you not signing this petition by BENAR – set up by civil society members to address the sad state of journalism and restore Truth in Reporting in this country.

Don’t you believe in press freedom? As citizens of this country, don’t you want to insist that you deserve a fair and free media? Don’t you want journalists to “stand up and demand their rights and Dare to be Free”?

Are you not frustrated with the kind of trash (paper masquerading as newspaper) you pay for everyday?

Only you and you alone can and must “apply pressure wherever necessary to make the change happen”.

And change is imminent, don’t you think so?

If your answer is YES to all the above, please sign the petition here, my friends: MALAYSIAN FREEDOM of INFORMATION ACT.

I am petitioner #482. What about you?

The target for signatures is 10,000 by this week. So, let’s help them make it. We all want the TRUTH, don’t we? Let’s help them make MINGGU BENAR (TRUTH WEEK) a success from 1-7 June 2008. Activities can be found on their website.

We all want to be like Raja Petra Kamaruddin, don’t we? Though, perhaps not all of us relish the idea of spending our nights in jail – free food and accommodation, notwithstanding!

So go and sign that petition lah. Don’t be a tofu!

The FREEDOM of INFORMATION ACT is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. It would put the ISA (Internal Security Act) and OSA (Official Secrets Act) to shame.

With this Act, government and public officials can no longer hide behind the two archaic, draconian and inhumane law. They would have to open up their actions to critical public scrutiny. They would have to provide documents, statistics, travel logs, financial records and many many more, even photos! (hint! hint!).

Real change will come to Malaysia. And guess what? it’s all in your hands!

So, please, my brothers and sisters, do your duty and sign this petition to its ONE MILLIONTH mark!


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  1. su says:

    Hey Susan, thanks for this. Let’s hope that more people will sign the petition and declare war with unjust media.


  2. Ronz says:

    Hi Susan. TQ for creating awareness abt this petition. Hv just signed it.
    Wl be very helpful if someone can make this viral by having an invitation
    option for everyone to notify their FRAs – friends, relatives and
    acquaintances. Thks also for your continuous effort to keep us informed.

  3. lucia says:

    we, in BENAR had been promoting this for a while already. susan i did request you to kindly blog about the benar launch; i guess you were too busy and overlooked it. anyway thanks for this call to sign the FOI act… but i thought few days ago it was reported the government had rejected this act?

    oh btw, we appreciate it if you could put up the benar logo at your sidebar with a link to the benar blog.

  4. Maverick says:

    I am for it Malaysian are a mature bit and I welcome the blitz.

  5. bamboo river says:

    Will sign the petition now.

  6. Devan says:

    Put me in……but will this ensure press freedom?????

  7. Muda says:

    The Holy Prophet Muhammad ( Peace and Blessings Upon Him ) says that ” Tell the thruth although it’s painful or bitter .” But to some people thruth sucks and they prefer to live in the never never land where children never grow up .

  8. ConFuSeus says:

    “Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one.”- A. J. Liebling 1904-1963, American Journalist

    Where to get truth if the MSM is own by u know

    Easily insert quotes and jokes into your writing at http://www.xlpert.com/quotes.htm

  9. blurr says:

    Dear Ms Sloone,

    Do you read http://www.thestar.com.my daily?

    Is this incident happened (link below) due to negligence?


    Has all security aspects been covered?

  10. Only those who live in darkness
    Have great fear of the true light
    While those who dwell in brightness
    Get to see everything within sight

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 090508
    Fri. 9th May 2008.

  11. sungame says:

    For what its worht (being a foreinger and all) I’ve signed the petition.

    Devan asks “will this ensure press freedom?????”. I have asked myself the very same question, and my answer is that I doubt it.

    However, a Freedom of Information Act is a great leap in the right direction, and a necessary step on the path to press freedom.

  12. ktteokt says:

    AAB claimed to want to hear the “truth” when he ascended his throne, but look what happened in the past 4 years!!!! For him, it may be just “so much of the truth that will not jeopardize my position as PM” that really mattered!

  13. Harrison says:

    In Boleh lah, can someone tell me what the BN Government called “the Truth”? What truth? When they can interpret their own truth on you and win.
    That is the TRUTH!

  14. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,
    I am petitioner #544.

    Kindly confirm what Lucia said & how we can effectively move the petition, when the OSA, ISA is still in force against you & me….

    Lucia said.quote: “we, in BENAR had been promoting this for a while already. susan i did request you to kindly blog about the benar launch; i guess you were too busy and overlooked it. anyway thanks for this call to sign the FOI act… but i thought few days ago it was reported the government had rejected this act?”unquote.

    Also I read in Rocky’s Blog about – Saturday, May 10, 2008 Guess who’s calling for Press Freedom?
    Would be good if you or Rocky can get KJ to also Walk his Talk to sign the petition…..only then can we move forward !

  15. sloone says:

    Even if the govt had rejected it, we will sign the petition till it reaches BENAR’s target of 10K and even more. More reject, more petition. That’s how it works, I guess.

    Why need KJ to sign only then we can move forward?

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