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There is a blogger PEDOPHILE among us and he lurks in blogs. He comments under the nick ALBERT 51 and this is his IP Address: Go see his blog on and you will definitely be SICK!

I reeled with anger and contempt when I saw his blog and really wish all pedophiles like him will rot in hell!

Blogger Pedophiles who become commentators on this blog have to be banned. No question about this. And I must thank Lillian @ The Most Obnoxious 5X Mom for alerting me about this.

How sick can people be?

Please go to her blog and read her post on “Mothers with young girls, watch out for this pedo

I hope other bloggers who find him on their blogs will do what Lillian did. You might save one (or many) poor little girl(s) or boy(s) out there.

With all the reports filed against him, I wonder if the police will act as fast as they did on RAJA PETRA KAMARUDIN!


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  1. ANg Kong says:

    many moons ago…
    i had countless debates wt my lawyer sister….

    i said to her… rapist (men and women,yup), paediphiles should be hung or hukum mati in whatever means and she said…. aiya, cannot la… human rights, this rights, tht rights …legal sys dont work like this blah blah….

    was curious thus i snuck into lilian’s blog to c who this albert guy is. OMG! this is the closest i have ever known to be wt a Pe. AFAIAC, he is the lowest being walking on this planet.

  2. DKFC says:

    He is a subscriber, could be anywhere near anyone. Pedophile is not a joke or story to write about like a fiction story. Violating minor, even in thought is wrong and ought to be stamped out.
    I would definitely make a police report about it if I’m in the country.


  3. […] A sick son of a bitch May 6, 2008 Posted by Danny in Daily News. Tags: Children, News, Pedophiles, Sexual Abuse trackback Every now and then, I look at some of the popular blogs listed on the WordPress homepage. Today, I found a disturbing link from one of those blogs. […]

  4. dodgy inc says:

    So I was right about this guy in my previous Susan’s post which reads:

    “albert1951, what time you go to sleep, what time you eat and how you masterbate with your own mouth, don’t interest any of us.

    Oh, if you can post your picture doing masterbating with you mouth, the whole world will be interest to see. That’s Press Freedom”

    Some silly fella came to his defence:Goktimus Prime, ah Long could be an accomplice

  5. dodgy inc says:

    No wonder this guy language sound so horny all the time.

  6. ah long says:

    dodgy….all your fault lah. You knew something and you didn’t tell us.

  7. Anonymous says:

    These are the lowest of the low crimminals.

  8. Scott Thong says:

    Just seen the site… There’s nothing obscene about the photos he posts, it’s the words he uses to describe what he wants to do which borders on the illegal. Not sure if just the intent alone is considered prosecutable.

    Note that said blogger can always run off to Thailand or Cambodia where sweet, too-young things are easily picked up for a fee… Or very traditional nations such as Afghanistan or the Middle East where 12, 9 or even 6 year old brides are commonplace and accepted as totally legal.

    Sadly, not everywhere in the world adopts First World standards of sex laws. (Although with a 12 years old legal age of consent in some European countries, I don’t see how that makes any practical difference.)

  9. Scott Thong says:

    Btw, watch for this post’s hits to skyrocket – any post with tiltillating words in the title automatically gets major hits from searches.

    I should know… My surname is a bathing suit.

  10. Scott Thong says:

    NSFW warning – the older posts feature much older, legal-aged girls… But also full nudity. His prevalent youth-fetish seems to be a more recent thing.

  11. bamboo river says:

    BAsketBAll, what kind of sicko this idiot.

    Ms Lillian, thanks for the alert.
    We just don’t know whom or what we are dealing with nowadays.

    If the source of the IP add can be traced , the police should do something about this.

    YB Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen, are you reading this? 😦

  12. dodgy inc says:

    bamboo river, tracing ip is not good enough. Most people use dynamic ip.

    It would be appropriate if Susan can post the IP together with the time of albert1951 posting, Remember Susan, don’t use Bangkok time, malaysian time instead.

    Telekom can do the tracing.

  13. Scott Thong says:

    Not sure if the police have any jurisdiction to act on just a blog.

    According to a court case in the USA, merely stating your intent to perform sexual acts with underaged individuals is not a crime.

    From Pedophilic Thought Crimes?

    Jack McClellan has made himself a marked man — a self-described pedophile whose behavior has creeped out parents and child advocates nationwide.

    Jack McClellan, who lives out of his car, blogs about his attraction to “LGs,” or little girls.

    But while he’s talked openly about his attraction to little girls, or “LGs” as he calls them, and taken pictures of them in public places, neither is a crime.

    “There is no law against someone making you feel uncomfortable,” said Laurie Levenson, a former federal prosecutor and a Loyola Law School professor. “There’s a line to cross and I don’t think he has yet. He’s tiptoeing around the law.”

    It’s not a crime to be a pedophile — by definition an adult who fixates on children as sexual objects. It’s only a crime for pedophiles to act on their desires and molest a child. And while California has tough penalties for stalking and harassment, McClellan’s conduct apparently hasn’t risen to a criminal level.

  14. hutchrun says:

    Telekom if they don`t know time difference should close shop.

  15. Scott Thong says:

    Wikipedia-ing Jack McClellan shows that he has not yet been convicted of any charges, and is not required to register when he moves to a new location because he is not legally an actual sex offender.

    Age of consent in Malaysia and Singapore is 16 for both genders.

    It is apprently just 15 in Thailand, 12 (boys) and 16 (girls) in Indonesia, 12 in the Phillipines but 18 if an adult is involved,

    Source is Wikipedia.

    Many European countries it’s as low as 14, the lowest being 13 for Spain.

  16. Scott Thong says:

    Although the legal age for sexual intercourse is often in the high teens, in many traditional nations the act of child marriage is not only accepted, but looked highly upon.

    It is a ‘victory’ or a ‘blessing from god’ for a middle aged man to land himself a wife one fifth his age, young enough to be his grand-daughter.

    For the below story, the legal minimum age for marriage in Yemen is 15, but intepreted to be 9 – the age of onset of puberty.

    I shall leave it to more snarky, less PC commentors to speculate as to why certain populations believe that most girls start menstruating at 9 and that makes them perfectly marriagable.

    8-year-old girl asks for divorce in court

    An eight-year-old girl decided last week to go the Sana’a West Court to prosecute her father, who forced her to marry a 30-year-old man.

    Nojoud Muhammed Nasser arrived at court by herself on Wednesday, April 2, looking for a judge to handle her case against her father, Muhammed Nasser, who forced her two months ago to marry Faez Ali Thamer, a man 22 years her senior. The child also asked for a divorce, accusing her husband of sexual and domestic abuse.

    According to Yemeni law, Nojoud cannot prosecute, as she is underage. However, court judge Muhammed Al-Qathi heard her complaint and subsequently ordered the arrests of both her father and husband.

    Thamer is in jail now. “Yes I was intimate with her, but I have done nothing wrong, as she is my wife and I have the right and no one can stop me,” he said. “But if the judge or other people insist that I divorce her, I will do it, it’s ok.”

    Shatha Ali Nasser confirmed that item number 15 in Yemeni civil law reads that “no girl or boy can get married before the age of 15.” However, this item was amended in 1998 so parents could make a contract of marriage between their children even if they are under the age of 15. But the husband cannot be intimate with her until she is ready or mature,” said Nasser.

    “This law is highly dangerous because it brings an end to a young girl’s happiness and future fruitful life. Nojoud did not get married, but she was raped by a 30-year old man.”

  17. kittykat46 says:

    Pedophiles are real sickos.
    Whether or not the low-life has committed a crime is only relevant as to arresting him and charging him in court.

    Meanwhile, we don’t need to tolerate such sub-humans

  18. dodgy inc says:

    hutchrun, DYNAMIC IP changes all time.
    ( could belongs to someone else by now.

    IP address posted at Lilian web blog could be obsolete and the time of posting is unknown. We do not know what lilian set her blog’s clock time.

    Susan’s clock time is known to all, it is Bangkok Time.
    Also, Susan do keep her own IP logs. Any tracing should start from her side

  19. lucia says:

    this blogger had actually sort of admit he is a pedophile in his profile. he might said it’s nothing wrong. just his fantasy. i thought blogger (or other blogging clients) will screen blogs and not allowed blogs of this nature? er… no lah… they can’t do that methink because of thousands of people starting blogs everyday.

  20. lince says:

    sickening human being he is

  21. Klaw says:

    He just made his blog invite-only. God damn what a sicko.

  22. Harrison says:

    I guess this is not just about pedophilia, dear Susan, I remember he did rehashed how caring he was for you by repeatedly earnestly cautioning you against writing courageous articles or else u will be the next Raja Petra Kamarudin, according to him.

    You really got a BIG fan out there Susan who CARES for you a lot. Aiyah sis, cool lah. Hahahahahahahaha. AHHHHHHHHHHH. Hahahahahahhahahahahaha.

  23. Notty Gurl says:

    I got nothing to say about such scums… pedophiles, wife beaters, fathers who rape and abuse their daughters, parents who fail in their duty to protect and love their children…

    NO!! I got nothing to say!! Digusted and repulsive dont even come close to how I will describe such evil… NO! I will not want to go and visit this pedophile blog and give him the pleasure of my attention! NO..

    If there should be 1 punishment for such evil, it should be tortured to death in the most inhumane ways! Such people should not be accorded anything humane!

  24. amoker says:

    CHeck out the cached in google. do a search and click for the cached version. No wonder Susan and Mom is so angry. I never know of a blog that is so wholesomely perverted by the titles. Too bad i can’t read no chinese…

    Btw Susan, am pretty pissed by the indellible ink announcement by Syed Hamid Albar. Wrote so in my blog and really, somebody should take the rap for wasting that pile of money. In public companies like mine, those 3 who made that decision will be unpromotable at least or asked to resign. There is no action without consequences except in La La Land

  25. Anonymous says:

    i don understand, the blog has been removed(or blocked), so donno what’s the content about. is the blog talk about profainities and vulgar words that riled you up (you oversensitive here)

  26. freewave says:

    “Pedophiles Work Around Children: The pedophile will often be employed in a position that involves daily contact with children. If not employed, he will put himself in a position to do volunteer work with children, often in a supervisory capacity such as sports coaching, contact sport instruction, unsupervised tutoring or a position where he has the opportunity to spend unsupervised time with a child.” –

    Parents in Penag watch out, albert1951 said (in one of Wong Hon Wai’s blog) he is Albert Ooi from Penang, likes to spend his free time at Gurney Plaza.

  27. Lallang exile says:


    Why would a pedophile be interested to take part in this blog? Is it because he is trying to stalk young gullible people here?

    Gives me the creeps. Hope Sue will report him to the malaysian authorities ASAP. I write this with Nurin in my mind……………….

    And that Ah Long guys sounds rather dubious too………

  28. yh says:

    what happened to the super efficient police? go get this low life idiot and get him fast.

  29. ah long says:

    Lallang….you also sound like a pedophile. Mothers hide your sons from this fellow also.

  30. […] has also posted an alert on her blog: Pedophile on the loose Filed under : Just Plain Bitching, On Idiots and Jerks […]

  31. Malaysian says:

    Alamak, the police too busy arresting innocent writers and at personal disposal of VVIPs. Track down and post his home address. Let the real men in Malaysia kau tim him. Reality is there are many mentally disturbed men like this out there. Why do you think crime rate against women and children spiralling in our country. We cannot leave it to our local authorities to look into this. Who has faith in them anymore? We have to be vigilant and take matters into our own hands sometimes. I thank you for alerting all Lillian but seriously, I urge you to report him to You really can save a child’s life.

  32. oster says:


    If you guys have been around the seedier parts of the internet, you’ll stumble on a widespread subculture that has pedophiliac notions as part of its humour, and also makes fun of the fact of how such wants are tolerated in Japan.

    Now I do not condone, pedophilia, but there is a slight chance that that guy was just trying to make a whole elaborate prank for the fun of it. Or as they would say, for the lulz. And much worse is that he may have taken someone else’s name.

    In any case, parents should always be watchful on the net.


  33. Lallang exile says:

    Ah Long,

    Your post:
    “Lallang….you also sound like a pedophile. Mothers hide your sons from this fellow also.”

    I said you sound dubious, but I did not label you a pedo as such. And, because I stand on Sue’s side on the housewife thingy doesn’t mean I have to be female. You jump to conclusions, don’t u?

    Are you a cybertrooper planted by Mahathir or the PKR spin doctors? Since you alternate between Malay and English and your writing style differs each time, it seems there are multiple people using your name to post.

    As to who is more dubious, the readers and Susan shall judge.

    I say we put an alert on you.

  34. Gabriel says:

    I think it has been removed by blogspot.

  35. dodgy inc says:

    Lallang exile,

    I don’t think ah Long is a Pedophile. What he wrote were not completely wrong.

    He is what the Aussies call “Pain In The Ass”, or we Malaysian call “Half Past Six” and sometime blooding annoying too.

  36. ah Long says:

    dodgy, lallang,…… will be every boring if we agree all the time.

    Ayah….if I want to be 007, I also won’t choose the BN losing team lah.

  37. ckasih says:


    This is because English language not suitable anymore because the original Bible is in Arabic.

    The full story is here:

  38. claysol13 says:

    people like this will rot. Get rid of em, hes no good.

  39. nprudente says:

    just to let you all know just in case you have not seen yet…i wanted to check out this guy Albert’s blog and it seems that it has been taken down.

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