Does Jeff OOI mean this…

Or this?

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Did blogger and MP Jeff OOi make a sexist remark by calling the spouse of the former Penang CM – Chui Kah Peng and her friends at Persatuan Bunga Tanjung (PBT) “Desperate Housewives”?

I believe he just did. “Housewives” is NOT a degrading remark but coupled with “Desperate” is something else all together, especially when the label comes from a popular TV Series of the same name – considered sexist, racist and elitist. It is also said to “cast a retro glow on women at home and in the workplace” (Alessandra Stanley, New York Times). She added:

“Desperate Housewives” is entertaining, but it turns the clock back to pre-Betty Friedan America, lampooning four bored, frustrated, white upper-middle-class ladies who lunch.

And I so agree with Alessandra.

Ooi recently dedicated five (5) blog posts to these so called ‘frustrated’ housewives, though many of them are not housewives. By labelling them all as ‘housewives’, he gives the impression (no matter how well intended his blog posts are) that housewives are creatures who can’t be trusted with finances, especially when he was referring to the theme of the said TV Series.

I wonder who’s more desperate now?

I thought we had taught those BN sexist MPs a lesson during the last General Elections, dubbed “The TSUNAMI”, when we kicked ass many of them out of Parliament. But alas, new ones are being born everyday. 

Male chauvinism does not have an end in sight, as long as men are still alive, it seems. Men like these give other (nice and sweet) men that I know (you know who you are) a VERY bad name.

Why is it that when men discuss women, they often start by labelling them in a negative light? Making degrading remarks about housewives by calling them ‘desperate’ is NOT funny at all. Housewives, as all of us know, contribute a lot to the country’s workforce by not being paid (are they to be discriminated over and over again?)

Such label also divert the focus of the matter from the real issue at stake (it is happening now): alleged misappropriation of funds, which we all appreciate YB Jeff Ooi for highlighting recently. I agree with him that the core issue is whether Ms. Chui or the other members of PBT are still valid members since the former’s husband, ex-Penang CM Koh Tsu Koon was defeated on the March 8 elections.

I agree that the Registrar of Societies and the Anti Corruption Agency has yet to investigate the transfer of funds, amounting to RM350,000 to an elite organisation BAKTI, based in Kuala Lumpur – and whether any improprity had occurred therein. If the answer is “Yes”, the said money should be IMMEDIATELY returned to Penang.

Ooi actually gave them a chance to hit back and divert the issue at stake by allowing them a chance to lament that they felt insulted by the label “Desperate Housewives”, and can we blame them?

It seems the saga continues as those ‘Desperate Housewives’ are now seeking a public debate with Penang CM Lim Guan Eng and his chief of staff YB Jeff Ooi – a delay tactic instead of asking for a speedy investigation into their case. But I must say that I admire their galls.

Now that they have declined the invitation, people will also say that both these gentlemen have NO BALLS  (pardon my sexists remark) to face those ‘Desperate Housewives’!


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  1. Robert Teh says:

    Jeff’s “Desperate Housewives” label on these women are indeeed sexist and insulting to all housewives in Malaysia (an apology of sorts would be the right thing to do here, Jeff), even though his cause for justice was applaudable.

    I fully support him for blasting these women for thinking the money they obtained from the state govt. and other well-wishers are for them to spend or donate, in the manner, only they see fit!

    It’s the common people’s money, for God’s sake!

  2. Mike Chen says:

    Appologise Lah and the issues of transparency will be the focused.

    Just Do It Lah Jeff

  3. bamboo river says:

    Have used the wrong words for the right reason.

    Maybe this will teach everyone how and when not to use the
    common word/phrase to prove a point.
    Respect and decorum is the magic word /sword when confronting your opponent/s.

    YBs must speak and act like YBs.
    YB Jeff , you are in the beginning of the ascending point of the learning curve.

  4. hutchrun says:

    CH Ong: ‘Chui said the phrase was an insult. ‘We won’t postpone the 48 hours. We are not housewives. We are professionals. We have jobs and duties. Our time is precious.’

    Does Puan Sri Chui mean that women who are normally referred to as housewives and who do not work outside the home but stay at home to look after their children, do the cooking and clean and maintain their home are of a ‘lower class’ compared to her as a ‘professional’? What ‘housewives’ do at home is not considered important work and cannot be classified as ‘jobs and duties’? Their time working at home as housewives is not ‘precious’? This Puan Sri sure knows how to insult housewives and denigrate their functions and achievements in their homes.

  5. Fist of Asia says:

    some of your losers have nothing better to do but bitch and whine about gender discrimination..
    “desperate” in this case refers to the blatant desperation for money…
    sohai ka lu?

  6. ah long says:

    Domestic Engineers is politically correct. I am sure there are other terms that are commonly used as well.

  7. Hoyohoyo says:


    Wow… not sure if I want to defend YB Jeff Ooi here… but using Desperate Housewives in one’s blog is deemed as sexist… Ummm… oh well… I guess the core reason for him to use Desperate Housewives as the title is to making fun with the famous TV series?

    and how funny the first entry of “Desperate Housewives” was… hmmm… almost 2 weeks ago? and now only people (or rather you, Susan 😉 ) saying the title is “sexist remark”? That’s interesting… So is this “initially I don’t feel so offended but now suddenly it popped into my head that this remark is indeed sexist”…???

    Ahhh… isn’t this a good way to move one’s attention away from the PBT/Balkis issue? I don’t know…~~

    Anyway… if the women really get offended… Jeff Ooi should apologize then… as a man… of course I don’t see the “sexism” in it… but I’m pretty surprise people shouting “male chauvinism” over a “sexist” remark…

    Maybe one day some of us gonna shout against “female chauvinism” when 80% of the job and rental classified stating “female only”… Oh well… I male get offended…

    Yes balls or no balls? Heaven knows… Diverting attention… distracting public interest? Heaven knows…

  8. tellingtruth says:

    I might as well jump in the bandwagon for the discussion.
    Hutchrun, you should listen to this –

    Did Mdm Chui said the word demeaning / insulting the women ? You will find out when you listen to the youtube discussion above. Focus on 18s seconds onwards. This is the portion which the writer is referring too.

    You judge after you have listen to it.

    Susan, As for another view of the debate, please refer here. I think this is a view which shows that the argument so far have been a bit too focus –

  9. Kherry Scarry says:

    Imposed travel document for females travelling alone, WHAT NEXT , I think Govt should consider banning the TV series “Desperate Housewife” also?? Ha ha…..

    Aiyoh !! Move on with life lah Sisters… Looks like the Penang ones are getting more popular than the TV series ones….

  10. Yi Gan says:

    Desperate Housewives has been very appropriately used.

    She claimed to be a professional ? Who cares !
    In this episode, she is in this position and capacity as the wife of some YB.
    Her action being questionerd is strictly on the issue of the YB’s wife capacity. Who care what other profession she belongs to. Being a professional is irrelevant here.

    Desperate is also most appropriately used. So desperate for the money, which is supposely to be managed by a bunch of YB’s wives ( Note: not money for any professional.) that it is being channeled and manipulated hastily till the coffer is empty. If you dont call this desperate, then what ?

    Rather than reflecting on what they have done, and to amend. These desperate wives are definitely very arrogantly without any sense of repent.

  11. Jong says:

    YES appropriately used! – Desperate to keep their loot!

  12. hutchrun says:

    Did Mdm Chui said the word demeaning / insulting the women ? – tellingtruth

    Ahhh I`m enlightened. Thanks.
    You mean the part about `we are just not housewives, we are proffessionals`?
    So she admits they are housewives, they are proffessionals. But they are still desperate aren`t they – in removing that money then? Desperate that the money would be used wrongly. Desperate that the money should not fall into wrong hands like Jeff Ooi`s wife or Lim Guan Eng`s wife etc hands?
    Desperate that the money should remain with the moral, ethical, clean BN.

  13. Kherry Scarry says:

    Aha !!…Finally ….I got it “Professional Desperate Housewives”.

  14. fcdulan says:

    In Literature, this kind of words is considered sharp yet subtle which depicts the theme beautifully. It’s nothing wrong and i don’t think it is sexist. In this context, female can be professionals and at home they are also housewives. If those VIP wives become so DESPERATE after their husband lost in the last GE, and resort to unconstitutional acts in the management of funds, then they are fully responsible for what they have done and CBT charges should be filed against them if found guilty. Jeff has used the ACCURATE word and for those Film Production Managers who are interested , they can always write a script and make it a box office in Malaysia, our own version of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, why not?

  15. Jong says:

    They are mean, selfish, despicable and desperate! They must make sure that credit goes to them and no one else. The “I” is so important to them.

    A big shame to society, that’s what they are!

  16. hutchrun says:

    A big shame to society, that’s what they are! – Jong

    Actually they need to check out this site:

  17. Hoyohoyo says:


    Dear Kherry Scarry… I stand to correct you on this…

    It shall be Professionally Desperate Wives…

    Since people are saying Housewives coupled with Desperate is sexist remark… We should bear in mind to use only Wives… well… Wives can be professionals or suri rumah tangga… 🙂

    and they are professional in transferring money, aren’t they?

    I mean… the “alternative view” posted by someone else told us so many “alternative stories” that it goes more and more confusing… and we are now here talking about the appropriateness in using housewives or professionals or desperate housewives or whatever-you-call-it…

    and the questions over the money transferring… the Bakti-Balkis-PBT… “the-Wives-of-ADUN-and-MP-except-Oppositions” unfair and unfriendly constitutions…

    … will remain unchallenged and unanswered… 😉

    Because tomorrow the newspaper will have 2 or 3 pages of Jeff-Ooi-is-or-is-not-sexist, and Housewives-are-menghina coverage…

  18. clearwater says:

    Puan Sri Chui and her friends should not take offense so easily, neither should you , Susan. It is indeed hard to be perpetually politically correct and gender sensitive in this day and age but still possess an opinion that does not offend this faction or the other. Move on. This issue is far too petty to be desparately fought over by politicians, bloggers, housewives or the general public. We have much more important matters at hand right now. Matters that may impact our right to free speech and liberty; and reveals the oppressive hand of those who walk in the corridors of power. Let us focus on critical, not the side issues.

  19. Hoyohoyo says:

    and that proves how professional they are… aren’t they? 😀


    and people are kutuk-ing Karpal Singh et al over their concern on “perkara remeh” in parliament… some even went out saying the Standing Order and Point of Order aren’t important…


    And we are dissecting the constitution of PBT currently… trying to defend by saying the eligibility of members… and the “alternative view” pula tells us you need to apply and be accepted by the committee as a member…

    and the truth is… no one is eligible to be a member in PBT according to the constitution after 308…

    blame who? blame the PBT founder lah…

  20. james says:

    Jeff Ooi deserves an oscar for his creativity and accuracy. ‘Desparate Housewives’ is the platinum standard word to use for those WHORES. Absolutely correct.

    Transferring the money after March 8 is CRIMINAL per se. No need to talk of debate!
    Explain that first…then talk or challenge.
    It is NOT even so much a legal issue…it is a MORAL issue…depriving charity.
    KTK, Mdm Chui – explain – not debate, KTK’s balls are on your court or your will be cursed forever.

  21. james says:

    Everytime a case (and it’s anytime) a corruption case is reported my SWEARING LANGUAGE improves…it just improved a lot more with Mdm Chui and PBT

  22. Sagaladoola says:

    If “Desperate Housewives” is sexist, then “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy” is discriminating as well.

    I beg to differ. It seems that no males make noise about “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” but a big broo-ha-ha for “Desperate Housewives”.

    Jeff Ooi did not say ALL housewives are desperate. Neither did he sidetrack it to the TV series.

    Read this :

    So, how could that be sexist. Read the article in the page and you will see that it is not Jeff but another person who may be sexist.


  23. Jeffrey Chew says:

    I am ashamed of PBT. I am ashamed of our previous BN administration. I say “to heck with the statements!” give back the state’s money – Mrs. Koh….you have no right to send it over to Bakti.

  24. james says:

    You BLOODY whore.
    Give back the money NOW!

    You no give, you get worse word than desparate housewife!

    No point use good English to whore! They no understand anyway.

  25. Klaw says:

    In Jeff Ooi’s context, although he denies it, it was clear he was referring to those PBT ladies, of which based on probability, some are likely housewives (although its former leader is not).

    I don’t think he is painting all housewives with the ‘desperate’ brush, but of course, a clearer term could have been used like “unethical housewives” instead of the more popular but vague term “desperate housewives”.

    Is it sexist? I’m a guy, I can’t speak for a woman, but desperate could mean a host of things, so I’m inclined to say no. I could be totally wrong, of course.

  26. james says:

    Dear Mr Klaw,

    The desparate housewives do not deseve your good intellectual reasoning and English-lah. Save it for your Ph.D or when you talk about our LGE, DAP.

    Just use whore language-lah! Hiyah. why so serious? You talk to pigs, you just grunt ins’t it?

  27. lulai says:

    i don’t agree that it is a sexist remark. i agree with some of the commenters here who felt it was right of jeff to label them as ‘desperate’. they were so desperate to close the association, so desperate to quickly transfer so much amount to bakti in KL. and if some of you have an issue with the word ‘housewives’ let’s look at it this way – though they are working, they are still wives who takes care of the house, so can be label as housewives too.

  28. james says:

    Housewives is an honourable word and profession – too good for Mdm Chui and gang. Jeff should have used, ” Desparate Professionals’ as Mdm
    Chui preferred.

  29. wits0 says:

    I concur with Lucia. The term “desperate housewives” used by Jeff is not inappropriate. Quite pointless to make a big deal out of it like another supercilious kneejerk.

  30. sloone says:

    Well, if Jeff Ooi does not mean to be sexist and meant to show the desperation of the women in question, he can use “Desperate Wives” or even “Desperate Spouses”. For indeed, and it is true, they are ALL wives.

    But to use the term “Desperate Housewives” is already incorrect as not all are housewives. I take it to mean that he is referring to that TV series “Desperate Housewives” which is considered sexist, not to mention racist and elitist.

    If a BN MP were to use this term, I am sure all HELL will break lose. WHy are we so forgiving of PAKATAN MPs?

    I maintain, Jeff Ooi is sexist in this remark.

  31. james says:

    PBT and MDM Chui only said that theyare not housewives but did not say they are not deparate.

    Lose election 8 March, Loot the money 9 March is desparate…and professional

  32. jeff put the headline in his blog and ppl can choose whether to read or not. the yb did not label them “desperate” or “housewives” in parliament or MSM, so who the hell care if jeff called them by names. hey i don mind if he label them b*tches and sort of profanities in his blog, as long the message is sent.

  33. james says:

    How about ‘Desparate Bitches?”. Think that may sound better?

  34. Lallang exile says:

    to Jeff Ooi and Guan Eng i(if you read this blog)

    I fully agree with Susan’s comments above. Those who have read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell will see the above situation described in the novel by the political genious.

    It is an old story, but Guan Eng, I have faith in you ( as of the last 25 years) that you will put your house in order and not let the likes of Jeff Ooi ruin the efforts and sweat and blood of many by making belittling and sexist remarks.

    Apologise, Jeff, lest u lose all respect from the rakyat, housewife or not. We cannot excuse you even though your targets are not that likeable.
    In the US and the UK, your remarks would have warranted a public apology from a politician like you.

    And, people, especially Malaysian males, it is time you accord the due respect to housewives – fulltime or not – who take up the invaluable and ireplacable roles at home. Time you guys grew up and put away your chauvinism along with the political maturity.

    Cheers, Sue for bringing this up.

  35. Kherry Scarry says:

    The Professionally Desperate Housewives were desperately transferring their desperated funds to another desperate BAKTI in a very desperate manner resulting more desparation to the Desparate Housewives.

  36. lulai says:

    those who think that jeff was being sexist, why didn’t you speak out then when it was desperate housewives (1)? now it is already desperate housewives (5)!!!

    not everybody knows about the tv show ‘desperate housewives’, mind you. i believe only a tiny percentage knew about it. well, even for those who knows, so what? it is the show that is sexist! it was just jeff’s creative way of using the show’s NAME to link with those desperate PBT ladies. people do that all the time.

    if one were to look at the name ‘desperate’ then the name ‘housewives’ and join them together ‘desperate housewives’ WITHOUT referring to the tv show, BUT to the issue jeff was bringing up, keeping in mind all those ladies are housewives (to me, they are even if workng), there’s nothing wrong with the phrase at all – certainly not sexist at all.

    look at the election result which was label as tsunami – for people who like to pick bones, they will say why label it as tsunam when tsunami is something bad!

    btw though jeff is PR MP but he was blogging in his personal blog and not speaking up in parliament (as anonymous dud pointed out).

    well i look at the phrase (title) and the issue brought up together and i made up my mind it is not sexist… yes even if it comes from BN MP… because as i said one has to look at the phrase and the issue and DO NOT look at the tv show! (which btw my sister and best girl friend knew nothing about it!)

  37. Jed Yoong says:

    Jeff Ooi is quite sexist.

    The remark is uncalled for. A lot of housewives sacrifice their careers and lives for the family. Such a disparaging remark does not help.

    He has also called Rafidah the FAT LADY. That’s fine but just shows the level of culture he is at. I think despite her size, Rafidah is among the most competent of ministers. But also corrupt like most of them.

    Jeff should apologise to housewives.

    I mean after all, he had to borrow his wife’s car to go to parliament on the the first day. So time to respect women a bit more.

  38. Jed Yoong says:

    Too bad Jeff doesn’t earn enough before for his wife to be a tai tai (housewife). DOn’t be bitter-lah, Jeff.

  39. alex says:


    Lucia seems to be “DESPERATELY” defending JEFF.
    Why ah????

    Most people DO know the TV Series. Don’t underestimate people.

    The remark is sexist and unbecoming of an Opposition Mp and chief staff of Guan Eng.

    Why must he be like the BN MPs in their remarks? Calling bloggers beruk/monkeys, etc.

    Isnt it the same? So the same rule applies. We remind them not to be arrogant and don’t resort to name calling.

    Whether Desperate Housewives (1) or (5) – the issue here is the remark is sexist.

    The blogger author brought it up at blog post (5) – so we comment.

    We are glad Sussan is impartial enough to cut through all the politics and raise issues which are close to the heart of her readers.

    This is an interesting debate isnt it?

  40. james says:

    Susan et al. Let’s go back to basics. Your invitation to comment on whether Jeff was sexist in his title, Desparate Housewives is wrong in the first place. You should have focused just on one word, ‘Desparate’. Housewives, per se does not have sexist connotations.By suggesting/
    inviting the possibiity, you have prompted and skewed reader’s minds

  41. Lallang exile says:

    Jed, you hit a nail when you said Jeff did not earn enough for his wife to be a tai tai.

    In many parts of the world, especially the affluent world, people ELECT?CHOOSE to be home to provide a secure and comfortable environment for their children to grow up. Most of these people could “afford” to make that choice (to be a fulltime housewife/homemaker because either their husband could afford that luxury or they had already earned a nice retirement egg themselves to be able to give up their jobs.

    Jeff and the rest of the MCPs, please enlighten yourself and Jeff, now that you chief of staff for the Pg CM, we expect you to be worthy of your calling so that those who elect you would not look stupid or gullible!!!!

    You owe it to us!!!!!!!!

    And, no excuse for those who are trying to defend him too. If you guys can’t even see through this issue, then it makes no difference whether there has been a sea change in the political make-up.

    Again, if the pig is a pig, we call it by that name no matter what title/party the animal comes from. I this case, we are talking about leaders like Jeff Ooi.

  42. Bryan Choong says:

    Desperate Housewives are so successful that even I will be tempted to DATE those gorgeous SEXY Foxy Ladies of Wisteria Street.

    What is so degrading in having these ladies redefined Housewives that look so Drop Dead Beautiful?

    Jeff you have got Great Taste but Look at those Tanjong Flowers & to label them in the same category is disrespectful to the bona fide ones from ABC hit show.

    Have some humour especially with all the solemn news with Altantuya & RPK.

    Maybe Tanjong flowers may want to have seek the attention of our Handsome CM Guan Eng & Bashful Jeff.

    Please teach them that Charity is NOT about Money only & glorifying in front of the Media BUT Sincerity from the Heart.

    Have they actually taken time to wash the toilets & cook at any Orphanages & Old Folks Homes in an actual manner without help from their maids?

    Have they actually raise funds for the sake of Charity or just for publicity only?

    Bloggers Unite Please Teach these Professional Flowers the actual Meaning of Charity & Community Service & NOT just show of thrying to Debate Hillary Clinton’s Style.

    And Justice for All Too……..

  43. George says:

    I guess we all have go off topic…i dun think Jeff’s remark sexist…

    Those ladies from PBT is married and wives to ex-YB…and on common term used at kopi shop or pasar, they are referred as housewives. Their unetical action shown the desperation of unwilling to let housewives from PR to use and desperately transfer to Bakti in a hurry and very desperately….

    Guess how many “Desperate-que” words I used in my paragraph.

    Again I think it is in your own opinion…how sexist it is. Mind I ask again to someone who had never watch the aclaimed “Desperate Housewives”, do u think he/she will say his remark is sexist???

  44. Bryan Choong says:


    Being in the advertising creative line, you have to use a Catchy Header to get an Impact.

    He is only implying on a Small Group of Conniving Women in his comparisons to those scheming beautiful ladies of the Hit Show.

    English should be taken in full context & Not per se.

    If he use the terms like Desperate Flowers or Ladies the connotation & style will be lost.

    Ok, let’s quit the subject & join forces to SAVE RPK…

    Malaysians Unite…

    Over to you Susan & Jed ………

    Women Power … Power Puff Girls………

  45. George says:

    Pls read and understand the meaning of each word below:

    Desperate = sexist???

    Housewives = sexist???

    Desperate Housewives = sexist???

    Desperate Men = sexist???

    Ball = sexist???

    Fat = sexist???

    Mind your language only…

  46. shag says:

    What does Jeff allude to when using “Desperate Housewives”,
    women who are housewives or the TV series?

    If housewives then he is sexist but if he meant the TV series then he wasn’t being sexist.
    If he was referencing the TV series then he was making a juxtoposition of the antics of the PBT Datins to the antics of Teri Hatcher & co’s characters in the series.. i.e. the PBT datins were a bunch of conniving, small-minded, nasty, amoral kept women of leisure with too much spare time on their hands.

    Is Jeff Oii capable of use of metaphor?
    Is Susan too being too sensitive?
    Are Susan’s blog readers too thick to detect a metaphor?

  47. George says:

    or just your mind is being sexist??? Ain’t you???

  48. Najis says:

    I do not agree with what Mrs Koh did, so much so that I think it is CBT but yes, Jeff’s using “desperate housewives” is sexist.

  49. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    This is the remark of BN’s MP’s Wives, selfish, arrogant, desparate, fierce and hyprocrites.

    Truly phathatics, shame on you, next time when comes to Election time please do not come out or else people will throw shit and rotten eggs on you and your husband.

    This is what chinese have a slogan said : “When you have crossed over the bridge, you demolish it for your own benefit” You only care for your own fame and not for your state people’s interest. What the hack does your state people care for you next time? Silly womens that’s what you are….

  50. Yi Gan says:

    The Big picture is : A scandal been committed by a bunch of wives, whereby they desperately and hastily channeling public money they managed, to elsewhere, out of reach of public now.

    The Small Picture is : This bunch of people happened to be FEMALE, more exactly they are the WIVES of the BN’s VIP. And it happens that concurrently there runs a very popular American soap opera series called “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES” in TV.

    In a way Jeff Ooi has been very articulate to capitalize on this well known soap opera, using its Title to expose the scandal with this bunch of wives. He hits it well – nail on its head. But sad to say, a lot of people can see only the Small picture. Now they are putting a lot of fuss / emphasis into the sex aspect. ( wanting to fight for the females / housewives claiming sexual discrmination etc….) – You people seem to have forgotten about the real issue.

    Come to racial issue, you always tell others to see us as Malaysian, and not as Malays, Chinese or Indian. But now when come to housewives issue, you see only the sex as female wives, rather than seeing them as a bunch of unscrupulous people.

    Well done Jeff. And for the female liberation army, don’t be clouded by your own sexual remark that you lost the whole picture.

  51. Anonymous says:

    It is something debatable, the chances are he will not apologise because he never said “housewives are desperate”. He mentioned “desperate housewives”, not “housewives are desperate”, where “desperate housewives” are selective. In his stories, he mentioned a few housewives who are desperate, I don’t see why the entire community of married woman should get offended.

  52. freewave says:

    It is something debatable, the chances are he will not apologise because he never said “housewives are desperate”. He mentioned “desperate housewives”, not “housewives are desperate”, where “desperate housewives” are selective. In his stories, he mentioned a few housewives who are desperate, I don’t see why the entire community of married woman should get offended.

  53. anon says:

    “No, we are not talking about the popular TV series.” –

    He already stated in the first line that he is not imply or cheekily hinting at the degrading TV series U compare this phrase to.
    Therefore get off your high horse and stop this holier than thou attitude of yours.
    This is not unlike Judas chiding because a prostitute used her earnings to buy perfume for Him rather than donating to the poor which to him was more important, which was, but he missed the point altogether like you.
    People are put in jail everyday wrongly and babies don’t even get a chance at life HERE IN MALAYSIA, and this to you is worth a spat?
    Continue this and watch the resentful comments here outnumber the positive one

  54. George says:

    correct! correct! correct!

    Look who’s more sexist & desperate now???


  55. lulai says:

    alex, if you want to look at it that way – that i’m DESPERATELY defending jeff, fine, as you like. there are lots of others too who ‘defend’ (to use your word) jeff here.

    FYI i’m NOT defending jeff, whether desperately or not. if you say ‘defend’ means you (and us) already formed the opinion that this remark of his is sexist, so we have to defend jeff. what susan asked here is “is jeff’s remark sexist?”.

    so what i’m doing is desperately giving my points of opinion on why the remark is not sexist.

    most people DO know the tv show desperate housewives? well i had pointed out my closest – sister and best friend don’t! and one of my colleague too. not everybody likes to watch tv, mind you. just like you think so many people are on the net… but think again, there are more people who are not on the net then those who on the net. so just because the tv show is popular among lots of TV FANS, doesn’t mean most people know about it. anyway, to me, as i said before, it doesn’t matter if one knows about this show as to me i don’t feel any connection of it to the issue of what jeff posted. i had said before, and like what bryan choong pointed out, it’s just a matter of choosing a creative header to attract readers.

    oh yi gan had said it very well! 100% agree with his/her views.

  56. sloone says:

    Anon @ 3.44pm

    It doesn’t matter to me if the pro-Jeff comments out number the ones who say he is sexist.

    This is a debate. Not a death sentence.

    And must everyone agree with Jeff, sorry man. That happens during BN/UMNO time.

    Not now, not ever.

  57. Lallang exile says:

    All the pro-Jeff comments just show how shallow and selfish some people can be when it comes to protecting thier own kind or interests……..

    It does not matter to them how Sue or the housewives in general feel, what is important to his defenders is that Jeff has the license to say things that clearly cross the line.

    People, this is really unhealthy. If allowed to continue, in no time Jeff would have metamorphose into another larger than life version of Kerismuddin. Do we want that?

    And Shag,, don’t try to flaunt words like metaphor to hoodwink the readers since most of us, including Susan, know full well what a metaphor is. We make a living out of words, don’t forget!

    Now Jeff’s usage of the term “desperate housewives” had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with metaphors.

    In any case, I doubt (pardon for my patronising remark) Jeff even understands what a metaphor is.

    I take issue……..

  58. shag says:

    FYI Lallang, “metaphor” isn’t a big word, at least not for anyone who paid a bit of attention to BI class in secondary school.

    Look at jeff’s original “Desperate Housewives” post in context,

    “Desperate Housewives
    No, we are not talking about the popular TV series.”

    with a url embedded into the phrase “TV series”, the evidence points the term as a metaphor of the TV series, not to housewives who are desperate.

  59. Jed Yoong says:

    Lallang Exile,

    “It does not matter to them how Sue or the housewives in general feel, what is important to his defenders is that Jeff has the license to say things that clearly cross the line.”

    I agree.

    I think Jeff Ooi is kinda bitter that he can’t have a desperate housewife tai tai?

    But jokes and snide sexist remarks aside, I think Jeff’s comments betrays his chauvinistic convictions that housewives who gave up so much for the family are at the end of the day “desperate”. He must have forgotten how “desperate” he was to sleep with his wife before they “made love” for the first time.

    Jeff — Desperado…

  60. tzarina says:

    Why are we bitching about Semantics here?
    When I read the “Desperate Housewives” post by Ooi, it did not seem to belittle women who are homemakers. But it definitely belittled those women who claim to be charity patrons such as members of Balkis and Bunga Tanjung.

    First, to be the member of these organizations, you have to be a WIFE of the state government leaders. WIFE. I doubt the husband of the female Exco can be a member! Whether you are professional or not, your status as the WIFE takes precedence.

    Second, for them to selfishly smuggle money out of the organization to hand it over to the WIFES of the federal government, they gotta be a DESPERATE, SORE losers. Desperate to go to the extent that you leave the charities you have sponsored in a lurch. That shows that your ego has higher priority than the needs of the people. And the bitchiness showed by these women to hoard the donations against the newly elected winners of the election proves that they are sore losers.

    If it were up to me, I would have named the post even more explicitly.

    Btw, no thoughts of any slight towards my mom, who is a housewife came to my mind when I read those blog entries by Ooi. But I did feel insulted by Chui’s perspective on housewives in general in her SPITEFUL retaliation.

  61. james says:


    You did a favour by calling them d esparate housewives – brings to one’s mind that at least they are sexy on TV. Just look at the
    bloody women in the photo (The Star)…
    Yuks Yuks! Please lah, Jeff, have better taste man! That’s the only ‘man crime’ you committed. You are sentenced to have
    sex with one of them! Worse than hell isn’t it?

  62. hutchrun says:

    Desperate Househusband:

    In Shah Alam, an unemployed dentist is occupying a bungalow at a rental of RM25,000 per month. His last drawn salary was RM12,000. He is now drawing a couple of pensions not exceeding RM9,000. But he needs to feed himself and the family, maintain a fleet of cars and pay for treatment to look “fair and lovely”. So, how does he balance his budget? But this chap has come a long, long way from the days of selling ice cream … Has anything changed?

  63. daniel says:

    CKP threw a red herring and many fell for it. A blog title ended becoming a bone for contention instead of the unethical transfer of funds. Pathetic indeed.

  64. Hkengmacao says:

    ‘Desperate’ can mean a lot of things here, it is depending from which angle you look at.

    If look ‘Desperate’ at sex, then it become sexist. (1)

    If look ‘Desperate’ at money, then it become greedy. (2)

    So, it is depends on what Jeff look at it and how Mrs Koh look at it.

    Susan, what do you think? Maybe Jeff wants to test water how Mrs Koh look at (1) or (2), or both. I not sure.

  65. Lallang exile says:


    What is a BI class? Please enlighten me.

    And, once more, your definition and use of the word “metaphor” in this Jeff business is ALL WRONG. And, you can’t see the forest for the trees in this issue. What does it matter even if you truly understand the word metaphor (which u obviously don’t).

    Urghh, please google the word or ask someone who knows English to explain to you.

    This is worse than Animal Farm. Not only do we have animals which are more equal than others – thus the right/license to belittle others by sexist remarks – we now have human beings using the English language wrongly and denying it…..

    We haven’t learnt, have we?

    Say day for Susan and the rest of us.

    AND, Guan Eng, please ask your chief in command to APOLOGISE!!!!You and your gang won’t last long the way things are shaping up.

  66. Brian Fong says:

    take it easy sloone. everyone who read jeff blog knows that he is merely making a point on the issue on hand pertain a ngo managed by politician wives.

    did u see any insinuations in his blog that reference woman in general as being desperate?

    going back to his old post did you see him referencing woman in general in a sexist connotation just for the sake of it?

    most time he used words to make a point and not to debase in general any gender so please chill.

  67. siva says:

    i fully support yb Jeff.Desperate is a term directed at the actions of a group of wifes.when joined with housewifes,it could be precieved in a few ways.But what i feel is that he is describing a particular group of women,not all housewifes.So there is no need for all females to get offended.I am a male chauvanist,and i say it with pride.If females can proudly label themselves feminist and use “sexist” remarks like MCP(male chauvinist pigs),and practice reverse discrimination on men-(asking for equality and preferential treatment at the same time),i feel there is nothing wrong with being a chauvinist,as society seems to accept sexist remarks from women with open arms because they are the so called “victimised” gender.Please practice true equality and not just harp about minor comments like this.The actions of THOSE women are more degrading compared to the comment by YB Jeff.

  68. Discrimination69, says:

    I’m no MCP but I think many discussions have deviated from the true intentions of bro Jeff. Are we barking up the wrong tree?

    Bro Jeff may have meant “Desperate” in its true meaning and “Housewives” as in wives of former Penang House of State Assemblymen!

    Dont be too fast to judge Jeff, he’s a smart and honest man.

    Correct!!! Correct!!! Correct!!!

  69. bini orang says:

    Desperate was referring to the timing the big money being transferred, if not desperate, why transfer so fast? Jeff Ooi is right in using the description.

  70. come on, the new yb just playing words in the headline to stir up our attention – in his blog. not in parliament, press conference or seminar. in blog where he can become the real jeff without being hypocritical. so what’s the fuss about this, that he must put up upright no nosensical yb all time round in public! if you don like the language just stop visiting his blog, period. are you triying to imply that rpk using the f*ck and as*hole and he deserve to be charged seditious as well ?

    at very least, jeff is still better than the current thai pm famous for his profanities. btw, i still disagree with jeff for calling press conference because his car kena towed …….

  71. JustWonder says:

    What is the big deal about using the word ‘desperate”?

    If you argument holds water, then Jeff not only insulted other women.

    He insulted his grandmothers, mother and in law, wife, sisters(if any), relatives and all his friends’ wives.

    Remember, Jeff’s wife is the MPs’ wives in Penang who is ‘supposed’ to be a future member of PTB should feel most ‘insulted’.

  72. shag says:

    Dei lalang exile, you nih pisangkah?
    Tak tau apa erti Bahasa Inggeris konon.

    A metaphor is an device to suggest similarity (character traits of Desperate Housewives the TV series) between things (Desperate Housewives characters & PBT Datins) even though they are on the face of it seemingly unrelated.


  73. Lallang exile says:


    Your posting shows how uncivil and arrogant u are. The country has no hope with people like you, who, i repeat, still can’t understand the word metaphor nor the respect and civility that exists amongst us.

    I did not have BI when I was in school in Malaysia, that’s why I couldn’t fathom what it is.

    And, don’t start name-calling else I’ll canvass Sue to cut you off like that sick pedophile. You could criticise me, but not call me names.

  74. hutchrun says:

    Hmmm if Jeff had said `Desperate Wives` would that have been sexist too? Is `wives` now sexist?

  75. shag says:

    Apalah ini Lalang?
    Hang berpendapat saya tak paham erti “metaphor” tambah lagi pakai perkataan memperli orang.

    Tengoklah siapa yang kurang biadap.

    Saya sudah beri justifikasi mengapa pengunaan Jeff boleh dianggap sebagai metaphor. Kalau Lallang tak setuju, berilah sebab-sebab kenapa ia tak betul.

  76. Yi Gan says:

    It takes one Sexist to call another a Sexist.

    As Hkengmacao said in his comment :
    ‘Desperate’ can mean a lot of things it depends from which angle you look at.
    If look ‘Desperate’ at sex, then it become sexist. (1)
    If look ‘Desperate’ at money, then it become greedy. (2)
    To be fair to Jeff Ooi, I believe he is referring to the Desperation of (2) above. For his blog discussion was all about the fund of PTB being siphoned.
    And to me ( beliveve Jeff will feel the same), those wives are so ugly both in terms of their looks and their characters. Anyone of them stands in front of me will make me vomit. Desperation for Sex is definitely out.

  77. orange says:

    why the hoo hah over some silly name calling or labelling? it is petty and insignificant. perhaps i have a sense of humour or it could be that i have enough substance and confidence to plainly ignore it. yes… it was not good choice of words but to harp on it does little good for everyone. let’s rise above it and not retaliate la.

  78. DG says:

    sexist?? haha! gimme a break!

    u girls need to take a chill pill. desperate is this context means greedy for loot la. for god’s sake

    so are you so-called enlightened ladies saying calling a woman a housewife is demeaning? are u insulting my mum??

    so why didnt u make a case against astro or hollywood re the desperate housewives tv series? hmm??

    d only think offensive is that these arrogant bitches are an insult to housewives

  79. dodgy inc says:

    I find the British and the Australian are somewhat more sensitive towards sex labelling. No so, for the American.

    In Australia, speaking from my experience 20 years back,
    Each time a person uses the word “man this”, “man that” and/or any subject matter pointed toward a particular sex at any occasion, he/she will be blasted to smitten by peers.

    Words like manhole, manner, human, man-handling, manhood, manual, and mankind are considered sexist. They are barred from public speaking.

    Jeff & LGE should have known that.

    Good thing, this is not Aus-tra-lia and we are more inclined towards the American pop culture.

    You people may have studied in Australia, but watching too much American movie especially “Desperate Housewife” spoils your mannerism. Oops, peoplerism.

    So people, Jeff Ooi’s remark sexist?

    It depends very much on the context, the people, the occasion and the location when the remark was made.

  80. Slashed says:

    ‘he gives the impression (no matter how well intended his blog posts are) that housewives are creatures who can’t be trusted with finances’

    How does the word ‘desperate’ create such an impression? Surely you are reading into it what you want. The NYT article is referring to the context and plot/characters of the show, NOT the word ‘desperate’ in the title.

    The word desperate implies that the object to which it is attached to is subject to a particular SITUATION giving rise to it being suitably characterised as desperate: in a situation of desperation. Without more you cannot conclude anything else or to the contrary. He did not say ‘housewives are desperate’; he said ‘desperate housewives’. The word could not be interpreted as a reference to a general characteristic of housewives – that would be degrading.

  81. Slashed says:

    People should stop interpreting everything and anything as aimed at them. It’s not just so-called ‘feminists’ who do this, even ethnic minorities. It is this unreasonable attitude that results in the absurd situation whereby companies deliberately employ women and ethnic minorities to fill a ‘quota’ so as to appear impartial. Yet such a policy is itself an oppression of the other groups. It is doing exactly what those ‘oppressed’ are claiming to have been done to themselves. How do we employ by merit, to be ‘colour blind’/indiscriminate, if doing so results in statistical imbalance which is interpreted as discriminatory behaviour?

    What should be done is to ensure equal opportunities for all to explore their potential – meaning equal opportunity for education, and the means to get a good education. Then if you have what it takes, prove it by your own merit. Get a job yourself.

  82. Andrea Norina says:

    This is not first time Jeff Ooi discredit, humuliate, defame, curse, strip his victims using sexist, cruel, immoral, irresponsible assumptions and unethical words. Without all these illegal dirty tactics, who else is Jeff Ooi? Women, sue this sex moron till his pants off.

  83. […] and accuracy. ???Desparate Housewives?? is the platinum standard word to use for those WHORES. … Housewives – Home – ABC.comOfficial site, includes in-depth information about the […]

  84. […] KOLOT or what? Before it was that stoopid statement labelling Gerakan politician’s wives, “Desperate Housewives”….. Bookmark It Subscribe to comments Comment | Trackback |  Share […]

  85. tainalivingstonszit says:

    I have found this site where you can watch all the series of Desperate Housewives

    with good quality and buffer free at

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