Update: 6 May, 3.15pm

Mr. Manager commented on this post and thanked me for highlighting this issue. You are welcome, Vernon:

Hi Susan

Thank you for highlighting this issue. It may be a storm in a tea-cup, but all the same, principles are involved. The matter has been resolved. Dato WCW called earlier today, explained and offered a sincere apology which I accepted.

Vernon aka Mr Manager.

Well, I hope that more than an apology, Mr. Wong MUST ensure that this does not happen again to other bloggers. Will he?

Update: 5 May, 10pm

Looks like Mr. Manager, the blogger who first broke the story about Penang CM Lim Guan Eng travelling economy class is pissed off with the STAR.

In “Should I be proud or pissed off? Whither journalism?”, Mr. Manager expressed his disappointment over the paper conveniently “borrowing” his photo WITHOUT his permission. Ironically, that story which the STAR carried along with the “stolen” photo became the MOST VIEWED story over the weekend.

Mr. Manager is also mad that the STAR cropped his photo of celebrity Ning Baizura posing with Guan Eng, and removed his watermark. He provided some evidence in his blog, and says he has every right to initiate legal action against the paper.

Aiyoh!!! STAR nih teruk lah!

Yesterday, I posted:

Oh, dear.

Wong Chun Wai says in his ON THE BEAT column (Page 29, Sunday STAR, today): “Bloggers are no longer just posting their comments but are also breaking news on their blogs”.

But Datuk, looks like the STAR has copied an exclusive on Rocky Bru’s blog but did not give him any acknowledgement. Is this a habit or has it become a policy? – To copy a story when bloggers break it and then to work on it, and later pretend as if it is their own story?

I think it’s cheap lah.

The story concern (on Page 16, of the Nation section of the STAR) was about Wan Hamidi Hamid being hired by Penang CM Lim Guan Eng – Journalist may become CM’s political sec.

Rocky first broke the story on his “First Class CM flies economy class?” post on May 3 @ 3.08pm. The STAR also carried the story on the economy flight on the same page (N16). I first read this story on Anil Netto’ blog.

STAR did mention the blog that carried the story, albeit briefly, without even mentioning the name of the blog, which is Mr. Manager; and the story headline “Have you seen a Chief Minister sit in Economy Class? I have“.

Tsk. Tsk. What standards is the STAR promoting? And yesterday, was International Press Freedom Day.

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  1. su says:

    Well, it’s not the first time, now is it?

    They’ll need some reminding, and then they’ll probably update the online version to include a link somewhere, like they did the last time around..

  2. Samson says:

    The MSM is no longer able to provide updated/breaking news. Theirs are second rated stale news they dished out to serve the people who still believe in them. Why must people buy CONTAMINATED stale foods whereas they can get CLEAN fresh foods daily free of charge?

  3. Philip Lau says:





  4. hutchrun says:

    Black is beautiful or have`nt you heard that one before (30 years old at least that is).
    Poor susan, now she has to go into catering too? Hahaha.

  5. Dy says:

    Anyway I have stop buying this papers long time time ago.

  6. sikembangcina says:


    Everybody knows that The STAR has no class, it’s fat on advertisement only. No substance at all. And to be a copy cat is just so natural to them. It’s in their blood.

    I have stop reading and buying this toilet-paper.


  7. Harrison says:

    I stopped reading more than 1 MSM nowadays. Only needs to keep track on the ads and movies at times.

    It’s a shame when 1 pretends no acknowledgement when of the original source as if the discovery are theirs.

  8. blue star says:

    It’s not something surprising, the star which always fails to glitter even do not give credit to the stories sent by BERNAMA. After getting the story from BERNAMA they will send or force their reportes to get the story and claim credit for it.


  9. wits0 says:

    Dear Philip Lau, do you have a proper monitor and properly configured? If both are done, there should be no such difficulty.

    If it’s a subjective vision problem, just do “CTRL++” in Firefox in increase font size, if necessary.

  10. Richy says:

    Repeating the story is not wrong but in the case of star, it did not state the source of information which is ethically wrong. However, let the the readers judge Star for its’ professionalism bu for now we could be relieved a bit for its’ change in being more open and fairer in news coverage.

  11. Harrison says:

    Sorry to digress a little, talking about impostors masquerading the original author/ institutions, I could see how diabolical of their true intentions. Even th e current PM (though I can only see of him as a charlatan) was not spared.

    On Rocky’s blog http://rockybru.blogspot.com/2008/05/another-badawi-on-facebook.html

  12. ANg Kong says:

    correct me if i am wrong, i tot this happens all the time…. not just copy fr bloggers but also fr other mass media. whatever it’s hot out there, there bound to be a story… besides u can’t patent the story, unless it’s copied word by word, susah lah. on the other side of the coin, i agree this is unprofessional, just like in any trade, there are unspoken rules tht one must follow. So he thiks he stands above bloggers, let’s wait n see how long he holds on to his post.

  13. Raja Mongrel says:

    Since now Raja Petra is no longer in the picture, I am now the Raja you people will mindlessly follow. See me speak out at:


  14. Discrimination69 says:

    Thanks for telling me Star also reported LGE travelling economy, i stopped buying Star.

    Better read blogs than MSM news which are outdated.

    The reason is simple, MSM take longer time to pass throught the editors screening and filtering process, TRUTH easier and faster to report.

    Shouldnt Star publish two stories side by side, LGE flies economy and AAB + Najisb on private jet? Make it more original from STAR , wakakakakaka

  15. intan says:

    Everybody knows that the paper in question and its so-called cheif editor have no standard but to be copy cats now and then.But that Datuk editor is quite good at pleasing politicians!

  16. ali allah ditta says:

    …..but I posted on my blog under the heading,”Lim Guan Eng – as humble as he can be……..” at 1:45:00 AM 03/05/08.


  17. kittykat46 says:

    This is just one of a series of incidences where the MSM pilfered news from a blog, and did not acknowledge it.
    They dare not do it to another newspaper’s scoop, as they could be in for a legal headache.
    WCW seems to think he doesn’t need to bother when it comes to a lone blogger.

  18. Pegasus says:

    Nothing new about this Susan,as this has been going on for some time now, whats not happening as you put it is giving due credit to the source of the news copied or taken from. In this case, Star should have given credit to Rocky Bru who broke the news ,but knowing Star and other government control MSM, who do not have backbone ,these spineless group who can dance and bend in all direction under the BN drumbeat gives news which can be nauseous and revolting at times. On the days before 8th March 08, the news were so bias ( as always) and lopsided , the news in the MSM were not reflecting the people’s view and they overplay and insult the readers intelligence with their nonsenical stories . We are supposed to buy whatever printed and supposed to be happy reading what BN were doing . Well they were proven otherwise. The MSM should be freed from the BN grip and allow them to report as what its should be. To all the bloggers ,keep up the good work and don’t be intimidate by this BN regime.
    You too Susan,Take care.

  19. Calvin says:

    Yepp, it’s a disappointment that they didn’t give proper credit to those carrying the news. I made a post about the CM a little bit earlier than rocky, giving proper credit to Mr Manager on the story. Today when I saw the news at the Star – I was happy but then disappointed.

    It is sad.

  20. donplaypuks says:

    Cream will float !!

    Out-dated Dinosaurs will sink in the mud !! Their fossils will be discovered 30 million years later with scientists puzzling over whether it was a shower of asteroids which caused their demise. Eventually, it will be discovered that it was a Tsunami that did them in. Lol

  21. caravanserai says:

    The glitter gone
    March 8 the cause
    The Star couldn’t believe it
    MCA starlets lost

    Even Michael Chong will call it a day
    He knows his time is up so he better makes his way
    The shining star is dimly glowing
    Now The Star can’t see a clear vision
    The Star struggles to run the race

    The Star better wakes up
    The days of kowtowing should be gone
    Now the newspaper editors should flex their muscles
    Report it like true professionals

    Dare to go
    Dare to take the fall
    Dare to believe in principles
    Dare to tell as they see it

    The people pay for news
    They don’t pay for reading craps and half truths
    Unbalancing reporting apple polishing the regime
    Now The Star should break away
    Run the way newspapers should be
    Telling what the eyes see
    Write what the ears listen
    Else simply the truth both ways

    The glitter dim
    The dark shadows roam
    Will the truth prevail soon?
    Else wait for the frogs
    Something new on the way………………..?

  22. fcdulan says:

    How could crab walk straight? MSM in Malaysia will always serve their dirty political masters in this Bolehland, right? Just look at how Chedet twisted and turned his story during the BBC Hard Talk, MSM is his twin. Real shame to the country and Malaysians.

  23. albert1951 says:

    Susan-I have asked u to post yr lovely looking recent photo in your blog but so far I haven’t seen it.I truly admire your talent and innate intelligence, and wish to see how u look like.

  24. kang4roo says:


    (The Themes Is Very-very Beautiful & Also Able To Place Adsense)


  25. […] Did the STAR copy cat Rocky Bru’s story? Oh, dear. Wong Chun Wai says in his ON THE BEAT column (Page 29, Sunday STAR, today): “Bloggers are no longer […] […]

  26. mlb1996 says:

    hey, nice site, come to mine… mlb1996.wordpress.com

  27. bamboo river says:

    The photo of LGE with Ning too was published by STAR and probably taken off from Mr Manager’s blog. (with or without permission?)

    I hope I am right and had not infringed any bloggers’ rights of information.

    BTW, the only part that enlightens me from the STAR is Reggie Lee’s cartoon! Ha,Ha,Ha

  28. Scott Thong says:

    Susan, it could just be that the journalist who included that piece did so without knowing where the contents came from.

    As it is such a short piece, it could have been submitted by a stringer. The journo or editor might have just read it and tidied it up without giving a second thought as to the source of info or bothering to check the accuracy of the facts.

    When this hits the fan, the stringer will either be fired or be having a good laugh at the journo’s expense. Or both.

    Are they going to file injunction against you now for libellious slander?

  29. Scott Thong says:

    Pillip Lau, just press CTRL+A and eevrything will become blue text on white background.

  30. simon wee says:


    I think the credit was also not Rocky’s but another blogger. Read Rocky’s admonishment of the Star:

    “I wish the Editors at the Star had linked its Page 1 story Your Questions? to the blog that broke that story, which is E-Woon’s I am a Malaysian (www.iamamalaysian.wordpress.com). When I take stories and pictures from newspapers, I attribute it to them. It was one of the first things they teach you in the newsroom.”



  31. elle says:

    THis is not suprising. I have stopped buying and reading newspapers. The blogs offers me a cheaper, more sensational, unsensored news….what more could one asked for.

  32. Robert Teh says:

    These days I buy the Star to read news on who died, who got murdered, abused, robbed or maimed. I buy the Star for the cartoons, music and movies reviews, health and lifestyle reviews, business, social and travel news.

    No, I don’t buy the Star for the political news nor political comments anymore – these are so slanted, they leave a bad taste in your mouth after reading them – with the exception of some rare gems like Azmi Shahrom and more recently, Zainah Anwar (I hope I spelt their names correctly).

    Ah, I love Kevin Cowherd too! – but he’s more into satire than politics.

  33. ah long says:

    I never buy Star for long time, I read in the kopitiam and check 4 digit only.

  34. undergraduate says:

    mainstream papers like STAR, SUN , NST, MALAY MAIL and so on better buck up on ur news coverage before we the youngsters stop buying them n TOTALLY turn to online news portal or blogs for news……pls report nothing BUT the truth!!!!

  35. Ctizen Me says:

    I have stopped buying The Star.

  36. noyawns says:

    Mr Manager, Rocky – sue The Star.

  37. Malaysian says:

    I say Star, I know your standards not very high but to infringe on copyright like this … malu nya! Mr Manager should ask his lawyer to demand for compensation, not just apology. Publish already, have to pay up lah! Using your photo without permission is also a grave violation of copyright. With a large circulation like they have, you can demand your price lah. The Star has to be taught a lesson. A publisher that doesn’t respect copyrights is … rubbish.

  38. wits0 says:

    The dud Star does the Limbo Rock.

  39. dodgy inc says:

    Low down Tabloid operated by a bunch of moronic

    news bootlegger,
    picture snatchers,
    garbage excreters,
    fart generators,
    conscience lacking individuals.

  40. simon wee says:

    In the academic fraternity, if one does not accredit it is plagiarism. In life, politicians are the greatest plagiarists.

    Now the newspapers are doing it. The School of Journalism must have failed in its noble task.

  41. hey, the star did mention the photo from “jolly” – must the star specifically put up the url to promote the blog. the goal of the picture is to promote lge indeed flew economy class, and the star with large readership is obliging here, so what’s wrong with this!

  42. bamboo river says:

    anonymous dud, journalism ethics my friend.

  43. Robert Teh says:

    Cheers! hutchrun, are you a Cowherd fan? He’s so funny at times you can literally fall off your seat reading the stuff he wrote, no matter how “very” exaggerated it may seems! Wish he writes about life or things that are happening here in Malaysia.

    Cheers! mate.

  44. Mr. Manager says:

    Hi Susan

    Thank you for highlighting this issue. It may be a storm in a tea-cup, but all the same, principles are involved.

    The matter has been resolved. Dato WCW called earlier today, explained and offered a sincere apology which I accepted.

    Vernon aka Mr Manager.

  45. Laksa says:

    Usually what I find in the Star has already been read online from many other websites days ago.

  46. Hkengmacao says:


    We should address WCW and Wong Tak-Chun Wai if star copy from other bloggers again without ‘manners’. Because, if keep on copy-cat, Chun also become ‘Tak-Chun’.

  47. cnigel says:

    How can apology good enough to forgive someone after they blatantly infringe one’s copyright? even if Mr.Wong decide to reserve one whole page of TheStar for the apology,it’s still not adequate to restitute back what has lost. Infringing intellectual property (IP) is a serious offence in some foreign countries as IP has now became the most important asset in human life and deserving a protection. This is a culture that we must seriously consider to adopt here if we want to encourage greater innovation and creativity among our citizen and allow more intelligent to flourish. By placing a strong deterrence by way of precedent to compel the culpable person to compensate in monetary is a best form of ensuring the utmost importance of IP to be upheld and respected.

  48. Lallang exile says:

    Mr Manager,

    Chun Wai was decent and man enough to admit a mistake.

    If you are a journalist, you would understand that sometimes, stories are not attributed correctly because the source got lost in the way. Or, sometimes, it is impossible to trace the source unless the source volunteers to reveal its identity.

    In this case, I believe a mistake was involved.

    And, Cnigel, stop the goobledygook language. Your verboise, and your reasonings are not workable in the real world…………

  49. dodgy inc says:

    Wong Chun Wai

    Before apologies accepted. You are to clarify whether your agency play

    any part in the removal of watermark on Mr. manager’s photograph.

  50. Mr. Manager says:

    Dear Lallang exile

    Yes, it was a genuine mistake. WCW had read my original post and immediately called his editors on duty to run the story WITH FULL CREDIT to me. However, along the way, the people in charge of running the story failed to include a link, and the design department wasn’t instructed to not crop the picture. Apparently, the blogging convention of including the link of a source is still a novelty to the mainstream media and WCW assured me that it was his priority to inculcate this new culture into his team’s work culture.



  51. sam says:

    Yeah Lallang – spoken like a true gummint official.

  52. dodgy inc says:

    We may or may not at some time in our life to use Pirated Softwares for personal use.

    We are not so stupid to publish to the entire world that we use Copyrighted items.

  53. hutchrun says:

    Mr. Manager`s explanation above gives me the impression that WCW`s shafting everyone else, but himself. I`m not surprised. I just can`t believe that the Star staff operate on their own. It`s so unbelievable it makes me laff.

  54. babe_kl says:

    i guess the star never learnt! just barely last month they copied and cropped my picture without permission nor acknowledgement.


  55. dodgy inc says:

    Hmm, it looks like Star has gone into wholesale business of cropped pictures.

  56. hutchrun says:

    haha WCW and his barber shop.

  57. dodgy inc says:

    Mr. Manager,

    You are such an idiot, I tried to lay a bait for Wong Chun Wai to admit he indeed edited your photograph. So that you can sue him until he loses his pants.

    Instead, you said apologies accepted and be smart alex, gives explanation on WCW’s behalf.

    A similar case happened last year. Read the story below:


  58. samx says:

    Reminds oneself of the doctored photograph of the Chinese rail and the antelopes in inland China.


  59. samx says:

    By the way, the chief editor of The Daqing Evening News of Daqing, China which published the fake photo of “the Tibetan antelopes under the train to Tibet ” resigned over the issue.

    The chief editor’s name is Wang Zhongyi.


  60. […] rocky Bru??s blog but did not give him any acknowledgement. Is this a habit or has it become a …https://sloone.wordpress.com/2008/05/06/did-the-star-copy-cat-rocky-brus-story/mental jog ” be a part of the bloggers united movement… s bru: Bloggers sued in Malaysia Lim Kit […]

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