I stumbled upon Rowena Razak’s blog “At the Finland Station“. Rowena is Abdul Razak Baginda’s daughter. Her post on “Razak Baginda, in the mire and tired of it“, touched my heart in some ways. She maintains that her dad is “innocent” :

I have been silent long enough and been good but allow me this moment of standing up verbally. I think we Malaysians are selective on who is innocent. Have you heard of Razak Baginda? He is my father. He has faced a trial. Correction, he is facing a trial. People call it a farce. Then I put it to you that his year in prison is also a farce. This counts for nothing apparently. No one realises this, we conveniently ignore this fact. I mean, who thinks prison is glamarous anyway? Me talking to my father through a glass is not so glamarous either. I am personally disappointed, not to mention angry at this selectiveness. I think we should be honest with ourselves. An innocent man can come in many forms. Be surprised that Razak Baginda is innocent.

Because he is.

Wake up.

I can understand her sufferings, as a daughter caught in the mire of her family problems. I do admire her for being strong in spite of it all. I shot her an email to say just that. And to tell her that although I often write about Altantuya, my mind is open. That if her dad were innocent, he should speak up. That he should not suffer the crime of others.

Rowena has sent me a very kind reply, but I will not publish her comments until she gives me permission to. This post is dedicated to her because she represents another side of the story that we would never be allowed to hear (or read). Hope you don’t mind, Rowena.

I hope Rowena takes heart in all this, though if I were in her position, I wouldn’t take it any easier. Indeed, the perpetrators of this heinous crime against Altantuya does not know who else they victimise in the course of their cruelty. The list is long and I hope they would pay dearly for it.

It could happen to any of us.

Those who ask why only Altantuya also does not seem to understand that this is NOT only about Altantuya. It is about our judicial process, our police investigations, the credibility of defense lawyers and prosecutors. It is also about crime against women. And if there is indeed, high level political cover up, then the integrity of the top leadership and whole nation is in question as well.

And what about the “innocence” of the accused? They could never be proven innocent if the courts are not free and fair.

Are people too blind to see these things because they are too blinded by personal interests?

If you still ask why Altantuya, I will ask you why do you need to champion the cause of governments, ministers or politicians? – Whether it is Abdullah Najib or Anwar. Only feudal minded creatures will do this.

For your information, they have their own propaganda machines to champion their causes. They don’t need you because you are just a pawn in their sick and cruel games.

And for those who still so naively ask “what connection” of a certain minister. Read ASIA SENTINEL – who tries to connect the dots for you: “Malaysian Deputy Premier denies murder links

My only problem with the article is this. Asia Sentinel said:

“He (Shariibuu) managed to attend the opening of the Dewan Rakyat, Malaysia’s parliament, on Tusday, where he spoke briefly to the prime minister before Badawi offered him a cursory greeting and a promise that “Justice will be served.”

I was there and witnessed only a handshake between the two and Abdullah (Badawi) saying “How are you?”. I don’t think Abdullah promised anything, none that I heard of anyway, being at a short distance from the happening, and after having confirmed with Shariibuu what took place between the two men.

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  1. ah long says:

    It is sad but children often pay for their parents actions. Someone has to explain to Rowena that her father is innocent until proven otherwise.

    He is in prison because of legal due process. Persons charged with murder cannot be granted bail. This is the law and no one should be above the law.

    She is a priviledged child from a very wealthy family. Her father has a very well paid public service job. One of the trappings of such a job and a very visible public face. He knows that he must keep a squeaky clean image.

    He got involved in a relationship with his interpretor and did not handle his blackmail attempt properly. Instead of reporting the blackmail to the police it is alleged he might have taken the law into his own hands. He has tainted his own image and he is now paying the price for that, regardless of his innocence or guilt.

    All I can say to Rowena is to hold your head up high. The undoings of the father shall remain with the father and should not be reflected on the children.

    High flying public servants are paid a lot of money and much is expected of them. This is the price he and his family have to pay for all the trappings of wealth. One cannot have their cake and eat it as well.

  2. FRB says:

    It is not right for you to use Rowena for your own personal political agenda. All this time she and the rest of the family have maintained verbal silence and quiet dignity publicity-wise. The family has stuck together in this and the incarceration of Razak Baginda is their primary concern. Please do not take advantage of this.

    All these alleged agendas and political conspiracy theories are not helping her, her family, or the progression of the trial. By twisting things and adding political agendas to the affair will only churn out more gossip and encourage your readers to look for conspiracies. You are not helping the situation, you are making it worse.

  3. hutchrun says:

    The worse it gets the better it will be in the long run.

  4. Why would anyone and party else want Altantuya blown to pieces ?
    If your father and company had stayed out of her life would she be dead now? She did not know the two accused and why would they wanted to blow her to pieces if they were not asked to do so.
    I can only feel sorry for you but your father and later his ‘mate’ will pay for what they did.

  5. EddieTheHead says:

    Socialism has its positive side. But she will grow up and try to live a normal life. Like everybody else.

  6. EddieTheHead says:

    Sorry, I am not a ‘fellow traveler’ though.

  7. su says:

    You will be glad to know that Asia Sentinal has changed the article, and put in a note on their mistake.

    As for Rowena, I think that her main concerns now is NOT how to hold her head up high (because I think she is already doing that very well), and NOT how to continue living with her father’s mistake (because she believes that he is innocent). She is just sticking together with her family.

    Unlike FRB, I believe that what is being posted here regularly on the case lets me know more about it than I would ever know from reading the meagre information they publish in newspapers.

    They say knowledge is power.
    For Rowena, the knowledge that her father is innocent is enough for her and her family to stay strong.
    For us, the more knowledge we have about the goings on of the case, the more powerful our stand for what is right.

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  9. ah long says:

    I tend to agree with FRB. The children has nothing to do with the father’s mistakes. We should leave them out of the equation.

  10. bruce says:

    Get someone from CNN or CNBC and blow this out to the world. Let the World outside there know the true .. Dont be a Kamikaze..

  11. Mabel says:

    If he is innocent than why not just tell the truth. Nothing to lose but evrything to gain.

  12. kesava says:

    The children have every right to speak for their father. Just as the wife has.

  13. temenggong says:


    Not wanting to be unkind but its is public money that fed their lifestyle. That kind of money will surely lead to disaster.

  14. Dy says:

    I am really sorry for you but let the court decide who is innocent.It is not for you to say that.It will be better if your father tells the truth.Why drag the trial till now.

  15. kittykat46 says:

    Meanwhile in another possibly related development….

    I heared RPK has half-a-dozen uninvited police guests in his home right now…

    The war against bloggers continues….

  16. ghenjis khan says:

    Let us all pray that God will show His Earthly Justice [of respite] to all those involved while on this earth.

  17. muslim says:

    Razak should come in the open and tell the truth, I dont see why he should protect others people interest, while letting his own family and himself suffer this agony.

  18. muslim says:

    Razak should come in the open and tell the truth, I dont see why he should protect others people interest, while letting his own family and himself suffer this agony.

  19. dodgy inc says:

    We are here bcoz most of us haven given up reading junk news from MSM.

    It seems MSM never gives up on us, it seems FRB to feed us with more junks

  20. Inspiron says:

    Razak Baginda innocent?

    I have just one thing to say about that to Rowena:


  21. ah long says:

    Don’t worry about botak. He can take care of himself. I don’t think BN / UMNO will do anything stupid and make botak a matyr.

    A Anwar loyalist told me that the strategy now is to keep putting the pressure on BN. Anwar is getting stronger each day and BN going the other way.

    Any stupid moves by BN will only hasten their downfall. My contact also told me that Anwar’s supporters now consist of Malays, Indians & Chinese. His appeal is growing over an ever increasing cross section of the population.

    Everywhere that Anwar goes he attracts large crowds and cries of “Reformisi” are ringing out loud & clear.

  22. Inspiron says:

    Razak Baginda innocent?

    I have just one thing to say about that to Rowena:


  23. Najis Razak says:

    Razak should just tell the truth. Don’t let Altantuya mati katak. I am sure he would not like it if someone blows up his family members with C4. No one does and I hope the culprits will be brought to justice. If he is guilty, at least he speaks the truth and repent. If he is not guilty, then spill the TRUTH.

  24. Hkengmacao says:

    This ah long seems to know a lot of things. Tell us more lah, don’t be so kedekut.

  25. Joyce says:

    Dear Roweena,

    Thanks for what you said. We understand your pain and sympathise with you. But pliz understand the pain of Dr. Shaariibu and his epileptic 2 year old motherless son. If your father is innocent, that’s what we like. Let him come out and say I’m innocent, why I should I be persecuted. Otherwise, the people will not buy any other theory.

    Dear, you must know Malaysians don’t trust the judiciary any longer. No, we don’t. So, let your father choose the best road to save himself and his name and his family, dignity and childrena and also life. Let him state the truth and nothing but the truth.



  26. Whatever the final outcome
    The parent has a supportive child
    That we all hope will eventually become
    Still a person with heart gentle and mild

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 020508
    Fri. 2nd May 2008.

  27. fred says:

    We all hope that the innocent Razak Baginda can come out and tell us who is guilty. He sure is closest to the trust than many Malaysians. If he dare point to someone higher up….. maybe Roweena will not live such a wealthy life anymore.
    If the defendant’s daughter can be the judge, the judiciary system will be even worse than the no-justice system we now have in Malaysia.

  28. […] I picked this up from Susan’s blog; “Razak Baginda’s daugther maintains dad is innocent”. […]

  29. Jack AW says:

    Rowena >> Convince yr DAD

    You are a good daughter and your Razak dad and mum is proud of you! Your dad must “spill the beans” and the TRUTH to save his neck and family’s dignity, if you strongly feel that he is innocent. The general public is crying foul and angry with the current happenings. You and mum are suffering in silence, and so are the loved ones of Altantuya. Public knows your dad is not in the position to order the killing using govt military equipments, and this is not a simple murder using hired killers. These are people from the special elite force!!! Your DAD must come forward to prove his innocence.

  30. kcee says:


    We understand why you had to support your dad the way you did but he had a lavish lifestyle at the expense of Malaysian taxpayers money and in the process entangled with Altantuya who was violently murdered. Tell that the children of Altantuya then you will see the light.

  31. chuanwei says:


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  32. ANg Kong says:

    sad it may seem… but pls leave the children out of this. She may seems mature but the truth is always hard to swallow one way or the other.

    one thing for sure, i dont think she will ever know the truth.

    whatever path her father choose to take is entirely up to him… this is call life.

  33. rowena raak says:

    Thank you susan for highlighting my cause. However, thank you also for the welcome comments made on my blog. Shall i draw your attention to the one about my father only being absolved in the afterlife or the one about how his ‘mingling with politics’ has caused his predicament? it is obvious to me that people want to offer their sympathies and this is kind they have already formed an opinion in their mind about my father, mostly based on their opinions, really. they politicisation of this case is mainly because of the rumours that surround it and that is all. Now I no, no matter how much I tell you of the truth (even if I dressed the truth in neon lights), no one will bother to listen or believe. It is unfortunate but most of you have become victims of your own propaganda. And the truth, has been selectively and intentionally ignored. It is a sad day indeed.

    Susan Sontag, one of my favourite writers has put it most succinctly. ‘Ambition, if it feeds at all, does so on the ambition of others’. Bon apetit!

  34. Lallang exile says:

    Ah Long,

    Stop using this blog to further Anwar’s cause, cause you sound like one of his cybertroopers.

    We all want justice done in the Altantuya’s case, but we do want to see the case generating political mileage for AI as a sideshow.

    Please show some respect to Altantuya and her family and stop using the dearly departed for your master!!!

    NO! NO! NO!

  35. ah Long says:


    Don’t you think Mr Shuriibuu is also using our politics to further his cause ???

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

  36. dodgy inc says:

    This ah Long is bloody annoying, not bcoz I disagree with what he says,

    He is telling us all grand mother advises nobidy interest to know; Copy text from local newspaper to which we have decided not to read; Repeating what other people saying; Stating the obvious; Nothing new to contribute.

    He must be the Annoying team deployed by the Ministry of Misinformation, trying to bore all of us. Read his style of writing put all of us to sleep……

  37. ah Long says:

    Hehehe….I like ah. No one force you to read and you talk about free speech.

    Who is the fucking hypocrite.

  38. Ctizen Me says:

    Dear Roweena,

    The truth will set us free and I hope that it on the side of your dad.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I personally do not understand the implication of the harsh words that have been spoken here regarding baginda. Judgement should only be passed in a trial where sufficient information regarding the accused is held. This is paramount for what is said here could have devastating consequences on those related. And as for the likes of Inspiron “TRUTH” in itself remains to be seen.

  40. merlin2001 says:

    It is a real pity that at this stage of your life you have to undergo this unpleasentness, when you should be living it up with your friends.
    Take faith from the examples of the children of DSAI who had to undergo
    similar sufferings for what their dad had to undergo. From your comments and also your mum’s you both are very confident that your father is innocent of the murder. If both of you have concrete info of who the real
    perpertrators are, maybe it is time to find a way to pass the information on to someone who will support and let the truth come out.
    I am aware it is not easy as pwoerful personalities may be involved but to end this charade both of you must be brave enough to cite the truth.
    Then and only then can you get on with your lives.
    Remember the senerio has changed and you never know. If you can get to the right person he may help you both out of this mess.
    My Christian faith is one of compassion and love. My God will smithe those
    to hell if they bear false witness against your dad.
    So have faith and be brave and most importantly get on with your life as usual and do not allow this setback become a burden on your small spine.
    So, Rowena I hope this short message will bring some sparkle back into your young life again. Take this as a learning experince that not all man are as cold as to what they pen.

  41. dodgy inc says:

    Bravo ah Long,

    ah Long wrote:

    “Hehehe….I like ah. No one force you to read and you talk about free speech.

    Who is the fucking hypocrite.”

    You are a genius, learn very fast. I’m 100% with you if you are using this tone in this blog.

    Keep up with the good caurse for Rowena.

  42. ktteokt says:

    “Eating the dead cat” is what the Chinese calls this!

  43. Lallang exile says:

    Ah Long,

    Excuse me, please enlighten us on what “nterest:s “dear old Mr Sharibuu have.

    In contrast with you, Mr Sharibuu and the rest of us (most) want a just and fair trial for the horrific things done to his daughter. The old man has better things to do, unlike you, than travel thousands of miles to this sweaty and steamy(literally) country chasing our government for a fair trial!!

    If you cannot even tell the difference between Mr Sharibuu’s intent (interests) versus uour own and the Anwarites who have jumped on the Altantuya bandwagon, please stop I repeat, STOP using the Sharibuu’s names in vain!!!!

    I am really disgusted………………..

    Sue, cut him out. People who prey on other people’s tragedies are the lowest in mankind (yan cha in Cantonese) . I, and many of your readers, detest these vermins! RESPECT the dead and the living, Ah Long, including those who stand accused and their family(Rowena).

    If those ghost stories are true, may they come back to haunt you and your heartless opportunist kind.


  44. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Everybody,

    OOps, my earlier post had a fatal ommision error:

    “We all want justice done in the Altantuya’s case, but we do want to see the case generating political mileage for AI as a sideshow.”

    I had left out the “not “n the above sentence as I was in a hurry and did not edit my writing. It should read :

    “We all want justice done in the Altantuya’s case, but we do NOT want to see the case generating political mileage for AI as a sideshow.”

    Good example of how people could make mistakes when they are angry and in a hurry……………….

  45. ashfher says:

    Hitler by himself did not gas any Jews— he just ordered his men to do so.

  46. raj raman says:

    Pity and sorry for her,she have all the rights to defend her father.

    ah long,

    My reply to your questions also hang (release hindraf 5).so i try to reach backways of sloone blogs.If this message also hang,i am blacklisted by sloone.

    Meanwhile,let see this message goes throu,than u all gang up and ask what i posted.(nothing vulgar or racist or ask sloone for a date).
    My site of stories still hang and i going to suck to it like leech either its takes out or pass throu.RAJ RAMAN

  47. Lea Cruz says:

    Dear Rowena

    Your present situation is very pitiful; unbearable, worries, sleepless nights and fear of the worst for your dad since Day 1. Should you have any good piece of information to prove that your dad is innocent, better do it quick, find the way to do it, surely there is someone who is willing to help you before it is too late. Time is clicking away. Even though we believe your dad is innocent. But only you and your mum can prove more than anyone else. Do you believe in People Power? Then don’t hesitate, many of us are with you. Together we seek fair justice to those involved, if not in Msia, then international court.

    Furthermore Altantuya’s young son deserves a fair justice for his mother who was murdered in such as monstrous way.

    Take care and God bless.

  48. raj raman says:

    yes,its goes throu,if anyone get hold of ah long,pls ask him to read my message and goes bank to sloone blogs about workers unite,release hindraf 5.iTS STILL UNDER MODERATION FOR THREE DAYS AND MY ANWSER TO AH LONG ALSO HANG.


  49. Dear Rowena,

    If your dad is innocent then he MUST speak the TRUTH. If he believes there is GOD then he MUST speak the TRUTH now, for the whole world is earnestly watching and pining for JUSTICE. Remember that TIME AND CHANCE MUST NOT BE WASTED IN REVEALING THE TRUTH.

  50. Payback Time says:

    Rowena i think you are tired and confused..your dad did have a relationship with Altantuya..now she has been C4 to fragments. Either your dad is involve or some jokers want to see her dead..who are the jokers..your dad should must know who…if he is silent then he must face the consequences..Rowena please be real..what your dad sow is what he is going to reap..that is trouble..the Krama is working

  51. ah Long says:


    Baginda is innocent but only up to the point that no one has seen him with a smoking gun in his hand.

    Baginda may not have pulled the trigger or lit the fuse himself, But he knows certain things and he is not telling. This makes him an accessory to murder.

    He should do a bit of horse trading and plead bargain to save his own bacon. Go and tell all. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It helps.

  52. kcee says:

    Dear Rowena,

    I’m not blaming your dad but I can’t help feeling very depressed over the unconfirmed pending arrest of Raja Petra over what he has said about the case. Perhaps if you can help why not convince your dad to come clean so that only the guity parties will be persecuted. Raja Petra is the last person to deserve such treatment from the people in power. Thank you & GOD be your witness!

  53. kim says:

    Dear Rowena,

    I’m feeling very depressed now with the unconfirmed rumours about the pending arrest of Raja Petra for uttering about your dad’s case. If you can help by confiding with your dad to come clean on all the guilty parties then at least your dad can be liberated and Raja Petra is not punished for saying the obvious. You know in Malaysia you must not only speak up but also act vigorously to free yourself from oppressions and that’s what your dad and Raja Petra are doing. Thank you & may GOD be your guiding principle.

  54. whiteheart says:

    Razak baginda might not pull the trigger or detonated the C4 that disintegrated Altantuya from the face of the earth, he sure is guilty of abetment for his silence on the real killer behind the scence. Anyway I can understand his dilemma. He talks, his whole family and beloved one might be blown up as there are still lots of C4 in Malaysia and the murderer still has access to them. He keeps mum, his family will be safe and he has a chance to walk free if the killer becomes the most powerful man in Malaysia. However, there is always a possibility of double-crossing where he will be sacrificed to the gallows to save the real killer if he takes the fall for the murder. He was refused bail because the man-behind-the-scene cannot afford to let him run loose and speak to others. Poor dad, your only crime is being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  55. daniel says:

    if daddy is innocent, then

    i) take the witness stand and take questions
    ii) just say it out loud in open court who is (are) the mastermind(s)

    surely that’s not so hard unless you have a better explanation.

    if daddy is keeping his pretty silence for of some ‘rewards’ then may he burn in hell as he is trading the future of 27 million malaysians and millions and millions of future generations for his ‘reward’.

    however, if daddy is holding back something and is willing to go to jail (or DIE) for a noble cause (e.g. you and mummy’s lives will be in danger if he blows the whistle) then i cant really say anything. i’d understand if you tell me that no one can offer you protection. i dont trust the police either. i know the mastermind’s arm reach far and wide. i’ve seen in it the bala case.

    peace be with you and your family.

  56. daniel says:

    get one thing clear. razak baginda is not so innocent as you portrayed him to be just because he might not have been directly involved in the murder but if he had participated in that najis’ schemes and plots in other cases, i suppose he should take the whole thing as a package.

    the is nothing to absolve him if he is involved with najis. no mitigating factors in my court. ok, he certainly doesnt deserve to die for his commercial crimes with najib but if he is not telling because of ‘money’ again, i pray for higher laws to see that he rot in hell for this case. it’s not about the murder of another. it’s for trading the future of millions of us for his personal gain.

    p/s i actually echoed you in my preceding posting.

  57. […] Rocky Bru’s story? Mahaguru58 – Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng flies on economy class! Susan Loone – Razak Baginda’s daughter maintains dad is innocent Jeff Ooi – Speaker (Sabah): ‘No supplementary questions during Q&A today’ […]

  58. Accomplist says:

    He has everything to do with you-lnow-who. RB is a dog, an accomplist, a a disgrace to to our nation who’s covering up lots of things for his own benefit.

  59. Accomplist says:

    So easy to say, “I’m innocent!!!”. Sunmarine deal, women, etc…. He’s f* up.

  60. wits0 says:

    And Brutus was an honorable man…

  61. gored again says:

    Popeye (Pinklips) wouldn“t leave him alone

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