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Rosmah Mansor “outburst” against internet users were quite unbecoming of a soon to be FIRST LADY. Rosmah is wife to controversial Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Najib Tun Razak (embroiled currently in the Altantuya murder). As Najib gets closer to the post of the country’s premiership (oh, so near yet so far!), both husband and wife have started reacting to stories in the cyber world of their alleged involvement in the case.

In “Stories about me on Internet are not true“, Rosmah says:

“When I am patient and quiet, people resort to slander. I kept quiet previously thinking that people can decide for themselves but now even ridiculous stories are being believed.

Fitnah (Slander) is not a small sin that can be easily forgiven especially when it involves trying to bring disrepute to others,” she said.

“Don’t believe those who use deceit to get positions. They are willing to fool the community to get what they want. May Allah forgive them and may they return to the right path.”

The only problem with this news report from the STAR is that it doesn’t tell us in what context did Rosmah say these things. That would be quite unfair to her. What kind of ‘certain allegations’ were she responding too that led her to such a conclusion?

It’s a sloppy job to carry Rosmah’s rantings without first publishing the news about her husband’s respond to Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s post on Altantuya. Her husband is mulling legal action against the later for involving him in a crime he denies being linked to.

Here, let me provide a note to the soon to be FIRST LADY:

Rosmah, high profile politicians face these kind of curses every day. One has to rise above it. Frankly, it comes with the job and the status.

It happens also when a society is starved of information, so people turn to the internet and hope to get some great news.

It happens when a country does not have free media or a credible one, so we look for information on the internet.

It happens when politicians are too high and mighty that it would be impossible to ask you directly about everything.

So, when you become FIRST LADY, will you see to it that we have a free media, hmm…Rosmah?

Or like former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad who recently hosts a blog at chedet, you could start blogging, too.

In this way, we get to ask you DIRECTLY about anything and everything under the sun.

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  1. elle says:

    saya lebih percaya dgn information yg di paparkan di dalam blogs compared to the news papers. I have stopped reading the newspapers because what they published is not news but the opinion of certain group os people. THe only way to keep yourself closer to the turth is through the internet! Malaysia Boleh indeed!

  2. Kherry Scarry says:

    Seeing is believing….so wait and see…

  3. Rts says:

    Rosmah, you don’t have to be so angry. Just look at Tun Mahathir, you should follow the Chet Det’s example and become a Blogger. Then you can retaliate if you want, and thus clean your name. Internet, no big deal lah. Or you can just ignore them, why bother to read what people write and say about you. Worse come to worst, file a legal suit against them, simple, right?

  4. bamboo river says:

    Rosmah to start a blog ? I don’t know if this will really help.
    They are used to getting their peons to do the daily chores.

  5. Robert Teh says:

    The main stream media today only report “polite” news, that are glaringly biased to the govt. of the day, ignoring the truth and running down people who hold opposing views. The Star, NST, the Malay language dailies, TV3 – they have all lost their credibility over the years.

    Where else for people to turn to for alternative views, if not for the Internet? Today, the rakyat demands the truth and transperancy from everyone who holds public office.

    Rosmah, tell us where we can hear the truth? Can the MSM give credible answers to all the qestions raised by the blogging community, on all the topics of the day?

    Defintely not!

  6. Hunk says:

    Jahat nya.

  7. aces says:

    The rakyat are getting impatient with the pace of the proceedings. Justice ought to be served and we believe that there is a deliberate attempt to drag the case to frustrate the public. Both the accused have not been questioned until today. Something is definitely very wrong and it looks like they wanted to make this the longest trial in history!

  8. aida hassan says:

    Rosmah, here’s a reminder to you and your lot, karma is a bitch; in other words, what goes around comes around. It begs the question, where were you and your lot during Anwar Ibrahim’s trial? Save your gibber on sins & Allah for “stupid.”

  9. ah long says:

    Aida Hassan…..very well said.

    Where were you, Mr & Mrs N when the stones were casted at Anwar. And where do you and tour hubby stand with regards to the Hindraf 5 languishing in jail?

    RPK say something about you cannot. You say and do onto someone else can.

    All self respecting Malaysians will tell you that they believe Altantuya’s murderer will go to hell. You go and sue and jail all of Malaysia lah.

    If you & your hubby didn’t have anything to do with it, then you have absoluelty nothing to fear. Allah is compassionate and all knowing.

  10. sandyow says:


    Information on the internet might also be opinions of people. So that doesnt make sense, in that case you shouldnt get any information from any source, because whatever it is, SOMEBODY writes the article. How sure are you the credibility of those people who write articles on the net? They could even be more slanderous and full of deceit compared to mainstream media.

    SO what i propose is, we become smart citizens and take opinions from all sides, mainstream, online whatever. But use your head to evaluate and dont simply blindly accept everything u are fed with. There are many fishy ppl around, especially so on the internet.

  11. Muda says:

    Wow ! And to think that all this while , I thought that she’s just a pretty face …. err , can I cancel the word pretty ?

  12. amoker says:

    Our future first lady, please follow the times. Information are everywhere, but a cyber street smart person can distinguish between what is or is not.

  13. Ahila says:

    You said it well, Dear Aida…………No one can escape Karma.
    YOu reap what you sow. When Anwar was arrested…Rosmah was rejoicing the moment…maklumlah nak take over Anwar’s position. Did you for once, Rosnah, speak out for Anwar..even for courtesy’s sake? !Definitely NOT right? You and your hubby were the happiest when the WHOLE country was in shock You were preparing to be the next Second lady you are looking forth to be the First lady,now. Let Allah be the judge !
    We believe in God too.

  14. Ahila says:

    By the way , Muda,….ada orang kata, itu BOTOX face.

  15. Ahmad says:

    Ya Allah, ampunkanlah dosa kami,kami insan kerdil yang penuh dengan kelemahan. Lindungi kami dari azabMu. Lindungi kami dan pemimpin kami dari segala kemungkaran. Berilah hidayah dan petunjukMu untuk kami sentiasa berada dijalan yang benar. Semoga kami mendapat keredhaanMu ya Allah.

  16. Dickson Dollah says:

    Ask Najib to arrest DSAI or TDM if dare! TDM has been calling names all the while and none dare to take action on him. Stupid.

  17. hutchrun says:

    MGG Pillai had an interesting article as to how defence contracts were awarded.
    Rosmah used to be in an adjoining room to the DPM`s, and she used to decide on the commissions with the contractors prior to the awarding. There really needs to be a Royal Comission on this – badly.

  18. ANg Kong says:

    as the potential first lady in waiting.. she should have kept her mouth shut…. her hubby didnt even mutter a word and look what she has done already. If only she knew what exactly her hubby has been up to…..

  19. Hkengmacao says:


    Malaysia boleh, you lagi boleh, but Rosmah boleh? Lets see whether she can make a blog for herself. Rustam Ali kena hentam in his blog. Hope Rosmah one no one hentam her. Agree?

  20. muslim says:

    Orang yang makan chillie sudah mula merasa pedas

  21. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    In the year 1325 BC, there was a man who claimed to be the God, walked past a woman. The woman stopped and asked him, who are you? he said I am God. She laughed and ridiculed him. Immediately he transformed his dickhead to a snakehead and had a wild sex with her. She had continous orgasm. The next day, she asked him, howcome i look younger? its impposible, for i am 70 years old. To that he replied, you are the first BOTOX face to walk this land…

    [Reference] D. Sutherland and M. S. Oddet, The serpents of the misty mountains, (Princeton university press, 1986, New Jersey, pp 24).

  22. ah Long says:

    After reading Rosmah’s outburst, I think she is referring to recent blogs about Ministers wives transferring money out of a charity trust fund. I think she is trying to say that it is all false and all those accusing her & her friends of stealing from the poor must be put into jail under ISA or sued for defamation.

    Rosmah, the answer is so simple – just publish the bank statement showing us all the transactions from May 8th to today. Show us the money is still there and had never been transferred out.

    Rosmah, the answer is so simple, all the wives of ministers and MP that got kicked out during the last election should resign. Gracefully and honourably.

    Rosmah, the answer is so simple, all the wives of newly elected ministers and MP must be invited to join this charity group.

    Rosmah, the answer is so simple, explain to the people why so much money is sitting in the bank account, when the money is earmarked to be spend quickly to help the poor & the needy.

    Rosmah, the answer is so simple. You are full of guano !!!

  23. Yoyo says:

    Very well said,Aida…What goes around comes…Why can’t any of the minister’s wives be like our very own Tun Mahathir’s wife..She’s such a ‘Gem of A Person’…and I can say it a million times….

  24. Malapetaka says:

    Susan, the PM’s wife is not the First Lady of Malaysia, it’s the Raja Permaisuri Agong…
    RPK had blogged about this:

  25. des says:

    Rosmah as FIRST LADY?? Arggggh!

  26. Ctizen Me says:

    We in the Third World do not like the naked truth. We like to dress her up.

  27. joehancl says:

    There are so many rumors about her, that she can be bought by najis from someone.

  28. chuanwei says:


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  29. liong says:

    I don’t now about the First Lady thing but if I remember correctly Rosmah and Sharizat were once two of the three young belles working for Island and Peninsula (I&P) Berhad founded by the late Penang tycoon Yeap Hock Hoe).Rosmah was in marketing so works till very late.The story goes thats how she lost her first husband ( or is it the other way round).I thought only in the U.S. divorcees can become first ladies.

  30. hafizoo says:

    he he…

  31. Pegasus says:

    Najib’s late father would be turning in his grave to hear whats been written about his son and his daughter in law in the internet world,hopefully Altantuya will update him in his world. The rakyat is simply fed-up with the case being prolonging to an lengthy period with nowhere in sight of justice being served out. We hope the culprits are punished and those involve are brought to the stand. If Rosmah is not involve as she says then there is nothing she should worry about. Hope she prays that Altantuya’s murderers are punished by the court or God and justice prevail without any delay.

  32. aida hassan says:

    Rosmah, here’s a good one for you and your lot; you are all STUCK ON STUPID. I pray we Malaysians do not have to suffer the indignity of having you and your husband at the helm of power. If not for his late father, everyone will be asking, Najib who??? Americans suffer indignity at the hands of the village idiot named George W. Bush; I’ll be damned if I have to suffer fools and village idiots in the form of UM NO leadership here at home. There are many Malaysians who are not stuck on stooopidddddddddddddddd!

  33. istighfar says:

    everything looks soooo KHIRYOTIC! so all concerned pleeease BERTAUBAT!!!

  34. Payback Time says:

    Devil women and a black widow..ask no balls to pick one??

  35. azisirikit says:

    Kau orang boleh JOLOK hakim dunia tapi kau orang tak boleh JOLOK hakim akhirat. Malaysia dah tau hal awak semua. Malaysia tunggu dan lihat. Macam ni nak jadi PM? Entah entah tak kesampaian. Anwar! hang cepat sikit……..!

  36. mertle says:

    don’t get angry just get good with words!

  37. […] Adoi, Rosmah! [image] Photo by Rosmah Mansor “outburst” against internet users were quite unbecoming of a soon […] […]

  38. ktteokt says:


  39. ckasih says:

    This is because English language not suitable anymore because the original bible is in Arabic.

    Get the full story here:

  40. hutchrun says:

    Original bible was not in Arabic.

  41. […] to Isham), there are three boxes full photos and a video tape of Altantuya Shariibuu shopping with Dotty (aka Rosmah Mansor, wife of Najib Tun […]

  42. daniel says:

    we can all gossip until our face(s) turn blue regarding the suggested conspiracies and glaring ommissions; including the ‘facts’ revealed so far in the court room but dont you all realise that all it takes to nail the bugger(s) (just THAT bugger alone – once you get THAT bugger, the rest tumble as a natural consequence) is for razak baginda to find it in his conscience to reveal all – the WHOLE truth.

    but how much does an ounce of conscience cost in the black market? sigh…

    i am still hoping that THAT moment will come when, as if with God’s hand in play, razak baginda realises that enough is (indeed) enough. think about it, the whole country’s fate (now and in the future) hangs in balance on the outcome of this single trial. everthing. i really mean all other issues e.g.hindraf, judiciary, petronas, bersih, police – everything. he is, i reluctantly realise, the decider for all of us. he can decide for 26 million fellow malaysians whether we can move forward as a whole united people and create a new bright beginning or it’s back to the dark ages, that vicious cycle.

    i am worried for the younger and future generations…

  43. allen says:

    Reaction is normally directly proportional to guilt. We have the mamak ringleader who forgot his genetic heritage to look for the perfect example [that has been bread into the next gen minds]

  44. drzuraidi says:

    Apa sudah jadi with our beloved country. The rakyat suffer mau cari makan, the 2nd lady senang-senang instruct people to this and that. What la. If i were her, i’ll ask DSN to resign and let other potential leaders in UMNO to take his place … Errr only if there’s any. We, as the rakyat, must make sure our future PM is free from xcess bagage. Mak oiii … ini manyak musyuk punya baggage.


  45. aurabiru says:

    Rosmah, rakyat want the truth & justice about Altantuya. Prolong this matter is a nightmare for everybody. What if you make a police report of the allegations against you? Then volunteer yourself to be investigated by a lie detector. Proof them that they are wrong.

  46. akugile says:

    rosmah the first lady??? i don’t think so….
    but she will be the first milf ………
    it will be great to see rosmah being gangbanged….

  47. atai says:

    rosmah..rosmah…kejahatan lalu jangan diulang!

  48. rusli bin hj abu bakar says:

    ingatlah, tahun 2005 diwaktu anda balik dari london, saya jumpa anda di KLIA, dengan 8 troli, penuh sarat dengan barang2 yang dibeli, sebelum tu suami anda telah mencanangkan supaya berjimat, jangan boros, tapi…………… inilah hakikatnya cakap tak serupa bikin

  49. jepun says:

    ble kte da trbg tggi..
    jgn lpe kn hak2 brug2 yg leyn..
    1 hri akn jato kbwh jge..

  50. jepun says:

    bile kite da terbang tiggi,
    jangan lupe kan hak2 burung yang lain,
    1 hari akan jatoh ke bawah juge..

  51. hamzah says:

    looking at her face give me the creep…

  52. tasia says:

    oh created her own blog she did..

  53. zaeie says:

    nope. i dont think she’ll make her own blog for those allegations are true! she knows well how this action will result worst than what she’s facing now for all those people (especially her own family) against her can easily enter her ‘home’!


  55. WANI says:


  56. Mohd Sofuan says:

    rosmah sungguh cantik dia perlukan riang-riang sakti untuk terus kekal di ata$ muka bumi ini

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