Photo from the Malaysian Dalits Movement. The Dalits (from India) were one of the first hard core workers who arrived in Malaysia with the British colonials. Considered the “untouchables”, their fate is worst than any other. The Dalits the world over suffer the kind of discrimination that our brothers and sisters in HINDRAF are fighting for. Says a Dalit rights activists, Dr Ambedkar:

“You must abolish your slavery yourselves. Do not depend for its abolition upon God or a superman. Remember that it is not enough that a people are numerically in the majority. They Must be always watchful, strong, and self respecting to attain and maintain success.” 

To give us a REAL May DAY to its workers, Malaysia should RELEASE the five HINDRAF leaders under ISA detention in Kamunting. Sign the online petition and remember the five who Prime Minister Abdullah Ahamd Badawi refuses to release:


Historically, the REAL labour day had its roots in the Anarchist movement in Chicago. And below, lyrics of one of the most powerful songs by Joe Hill on workers struggle:

Workers of the world, awaken!
Rise in all your splendid might
Take the wealth that you are making,
It belongs to you by right.
No one will for bread be crying
We’ll have freedom, love and health,
When the grand red flag is flying
In the Workers’ Commonwealth.

Close to home, Malaysia presents us with a new law (Anti-Trafficking in Persons Bill 2007), where traffickers and those who abet them face lengthy jail sentences of up to 20 years, heavy fines and even whipping (International Press Service):

“The new law is a major change for the better. It is tough on offenders and very comprehensive in its reach. But we fear it might sit pretty on the shelf if not effectively enforced,” said Dr Irene Fernandez, executive director of TENAGANITA, a leading rights non-governmental organisation (NGO) that champions trafficked women and migrant workers. “We have demanded for such a law for a decade and now we have it…we are elated.”

“It is a real success story,” Irene told IPS. “A lot of individuals and NGOs had worked hard for this law.”


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  1. ah long says:

    If they have broken the law…..charge them and bring them to trial, as soon as possible. If not then release them immediately. This is a basic human right and is an important part of the Westminister system of Government on which our legal system is based on.

    The original intent of the ISA was to curb the Communist insurgence during the Emergency shortly after independence. The Emergency is long over…..the ISA should now be abolished and not misused to hold political prisoners. That was NEVER the intent of the Act.

    BN if you are serious about judicial reform, abolish the ISA now and release the Hindraf 5. If anyone has broken the law there are plenty of other laws to throw them in prison. We do not need a law to throw people into jail without reason or trial.

  2. don says:


    I am disappointed in you: Why only the HIndraff 5? Don’t tell me the whole life you have been living that you have only heard about the ISA after the Hindraf incident? Don’t you know that there are more than 70 people in Kamunting, or perhaps just don’t care about them and your concern is only for the Hindraf 5? Is that what you call a Malaysian spirit? You want to fight for justice, then you fight for all and not an exclusive few!


    I think they are still much much better off then most of the Indian in India.

  4. padman says:

    Memories of the beatings the Hindraf supporters received in the hands of the riot police during their peaceful demonstrations is still deeply embeded in my mind and definitely in the minds of thousands of othe Malaysians as well. True Hindraf did not get the required permits as required by Malaysian law. But to beat them such is inexcusable and branding them as trouble makers nonsense. Peaceful demonstrations are allowed even in comunist countries. But not in Malaysia. And to quell the Indians for just demonstrating for equal rights and brandishing them as terrorists linked to the Tamil Tigers is just beyond the imaginatin of the average Malaysian. Worst of all even the IGP has said publicly that Hindraf has links with the Tamil Tigers. The Barisan Government will go to any lengths to quell dissent just to support their cause. REALEASE THE 5 HINDRAF MEMBERS now or the Barisan Government will be obliterated in the next general elections!

  5. oster says:

    How can the PM say the Judiciary will soon be independent when the ISA, the hallmark of the Executive’s dominance over the Judiciary, remains in place?

    I’m tired of hearing the same Catch-22 arguments Gitmo supporters give:

    Detention without trial is to keep terrorists away from public -> But how do you know that they are terrorists? -> Because they are detained without trial, thus they are terrorists -> But how do you know that they are terrorists? -> Because they are detained without trial, thus they are terrorists -> ad infinitum.

    The ISA does not keep dangerous terrorists away from public, mainly because it does not allow anyone to prove that they are dangerous terrorists.

    Presumed innocent until otherwise proven.


  6. Facial says:

    Why only five black ??????

  7. slavery says:

    […] by sloone Photo from the Malaysian Dalits Movement. The Dalits from India were one of the first h actress says companies should do more to end slavery, trafficking GMA NewsSACRAMENTO, […]

  8. raj raman says:


    There are so many stories pick up from others news (msn) and some from your own creative.

    My suggestion to you and up to you to follow up.

    1.Just focus one subject like hindraf 5 and other ISA detainess lets we bloggers give our helping hand.Hope you will take this suggestion and persue the matter until the worm hole,mean while you still can jump around with other supplement issue in between.

    Raj Raman.Somebody in Malaysia need to focus on one subject until we win or lose.I hope you will be the choosen one SLOONE.

  9. raj raman says:


    I am sad after i sign the petition .I gone throu the numbers of people sign is mostly indian and chinese.

    Is there no Malay origin Malaysian think hindraf 5 is not deserved to be champion or they still in denial mode as BN.

    Raj Raman.Happy to see finally you are going throu moderator.The last time your blogs free for all and some comments too……….?.Its right thing you do.

  10. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Waythamoorthy in exile in London must organize rallies all over the EU to highlight this and ultimately freedom for all Hindraf leaders and abolish ISA once and for all. Better than going to the UN which is so corrupted and weak anyway and controlled by dictators especially from the oil-rich Arab countries! EU Parliament is stronger and and the laws on human rights are more seriously fought for; and NGOs there are more radical! Don’t forget, EU is one of our biggest importer especially on palm oil, rubber and timber; and we need to link human rights issue with trade. Maybe Hindraf can start a petition in the EU for EU trade Ministers and the public to boycott Malaysian goods, including through China where timber, rubber and palm oil are sent there for processing and to passby the restricted quota for export into the EU, plus China have a bigger quota for export allowed into the EU! And for the Pakatan MPs to persist with this most fundamental issue of course! Why isn’t PAS highlighting this issue rather than harping on irrationally about pigs and Islamic state! And the evil Umno leaders, committing all kinds of evil whilst shouting “Long live Islam Hadhari!” Unfortunately, many Malays are brainwashed into being zombies with such propaganda nonsense! Besides, even barbaric murderers and rapist like those ones who murdered the defenceless Altantuya, get a trial for goodness sake, and a strangely dragging on and on trial for that matter! And here we have Hindraf leaders or most rakyat who are detained for just protesting peacefully; as allowed by true democracy at that!

    Besides, ISA and denying treatment to Uthayakumar can be considered as a form of torture and this’s what Waythamoorthy and Pakatan leaders should be fighting on. The Malaysian Govt can even be dragged to the international Criminal Court in the Hague one fine day since there is international law against this! Maybe Waythamoorthy can file this case in the Hague then! See the UN Convention on torture below:

    At: on UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman
    or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (1987): Having regard to article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, both of which provide that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.



  11. hutchrun says:

    `Malaysian Dalits Movement`

    That would be Pandithan`s political party. He took them out of the upper case MIC.

  12. hutchrun says:

    `How can the PM say the Judiciary will soon be independent….`

    Mahathir has got something to say to that at:

    The Prime Minister has announced that judges would be chosen by a Commission specially set up for this purpose.

    2. No details have been made public as to the way the Commission would work.

    3. Would the Commission actually appoint the judges or would it only recommend the names for the PM to approve or would the Commission recommend directly to the Agong for him to exercise his prerogative? Or would the Agong require the approval of the Rulers Conference? Or would the Conference of Rulers be merely consulted as is done now? Or would they be able to reject the candidate, and ask for new candidates or name new candidates of their choice?

  13. kumar says:

    i strongly support the abolishment of isa..

  14. y-key? says:

    The ISA should be abolished. Please do something, PR. We are counting on you.

    2. The on-going field audit by the tax department is ‘broad day-light
    robbery. They just assumed that tax-payers under-declared their
    income and ordered to pay the back-duties plus penalties. They
    refused to look at the account books, saying that if tax payers do not
    pay up, they will be floored by constant audits

  15. KLMAN says:

    It appears that `Facial’ racist remarks `Why only 5 blacks????’
    is very degrading and with malice. Do you think that you are a
    white to call others Black? The actual whites call others Brown,
    Yellow Black and even tot he extend as Aliens.

    Here you have forgotten that the 5 Hindraft were indirectly the catalyst for
    the `People Power’ sentiments prior to GE. They have the sympathy
    of the bloggers and the Rakyat who have recognized that their detention is unlawful and kept in prison without trial. As such, we bloggers feel that
    the ISA needs to be done away with.

    People with your kind mindset will never learn forever. After the GE,
    the Rakyat has transformed to think that racial tones, politics and
    thoughts are not the ingredients to national unity. We are proud to be
    called MALAYSIANS irrespective of race, COLOR or religion. At least
    a `Why the Hindraf 5/ What about other ISA detainees’ will have put
    you in our class of ppl.

  16. ah long says:

    A Anwar loyalist told me that the strategy now is to keep putting the pressure on BN. Anwar is getting stronger each day and BN going the other way.

    Any stupid moves by BN will only hasten their downfall. My contact also told me that Anwar’s supporters now consist of Malays, Indians & Chinese. His appeal is growing over an ever increasing cross section of the population.

    Everywhere that Anwar goes he attracts large crowds and cries of “Reformisi” are ringing out loud & clear. Everyone hears the cries except BN / UMNO.

    BN is still stumbling over what corrective action to take. So far with very little and with even less success. I honestly think if they release the Hindraf 5, BN will win back some respect from the community especially the Indian community.

    The longer they detain the Hindraf 5 without trial the more damage it will do to BN’s already tainted reputation.

    Honestly, sometimes I think the space between their ears is only to keep the ears apart. Absolutely, kosong – no brains.

  17. chuanwei says:


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  18. raj raman says:

    Hi sloone,

    I posted to comments on 1st may.both are pending for your moderation.(5.25pm)

    Am i asking something imposible? my comments i believe not overboard.
    Raj RAman.Malaysia time 7.55pm.dated 2nd may.Waiting 4 your anwser.

  19. raj raman says:


    Where is my to comments in your blogs.Its still pending on my side.

    You approved my queries but other bloggers dont know what i asking you to do?Maybe everyone blurr what i ask u to do.

    Raj RAman.Going to be leech for you until you anwser or take out my comments from your moderation.If you approve this comments and my other 2 queries still pending,i also will blurrrrrrr

    all bloggers,

    wo(man), u all follow up with my pending comments if this comments pass throu sloone lie detectors and ask what i asked her .

  20. ah Long says:

    raj….what you ask to get blocked ?

  21. ah Long says:

    Must be very terrible to kena ISA. What are some of the other things people can do to help them? Any other suggestions?

    I read something on the demonstrations in the USA against the Vietnam war. Everybody tied a yellow ribbon on a tree or somewhere to show their support for the anti war effort.

    Maybe we do the same to show our support for the Hindraf5 ??

  22. raj raman says:

    ah long,

    Its not much ah long ( i Think ) but this question still under moderation until now 6.50am dated 1st.may.

    For a clue i am not asking $,giving $ but asking sloone on ane particular subject.(ah long u comments almost hit the target)

    Hope u can call your gang to persue the matter,what i ask her.IN my side my 2 posting still under moderation.Hoping the will be some leech will follow up.

    Raj much interest u charge permonth ah long.Thanks mate.i will persue this matter until my comments hangs slonee blogs.


  23. raj raman says:

    AH LONG,


    rAJ rAMAN

  24. wits0 says:

    Many older Malaysians especially have this perception:

    “Najib’s father is known to stir up May 13 incident to oust Tunku Abdul Rahman..”
    Joe Fernandez. the ex-journalist, has commented correctly here and elsewhere like in “Letters” in M’siakini before that some of the co-conspirators are still around and that there should have been a full inquiry for responsibility to lay to rest the ghosts.

    Meantime we seem to be perpetually rewarding the worse umno rogues around no end and engender ‘entitlement rights’ for their dynasty as well.’
    How to have confidence in M’sia with such a perversion of history and Karma?

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