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The first salvo from Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad, Press Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has isued a press statement with regards to Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s post on Altantuya (below). Raja Petra has replied ( see full statement inside):

I would like to refer to an article posted on your website under the heading “Let’s Send the Altantuya Murderers to Hell ” on April 25. For the benefits of your readers, I would to like to put the record straight since there were insinuations and unjustified comments made against the Deputy Prime Minister Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor in respect of the murder case.

2. The article alleged that the DPM and his wife were implicated in the murder of the Mongolian girl, the Deputy Prime Minister supported her visas application, her immigration record had been erased and there were pictures taken with her. These are hearsays which you have deemed alright to published as reflected by your position “we too have conducted our own trial by court of public opinion and we have already arrived at our verdict”.

3. The article also gave the impression that police investigation was flawed and the legal proceeding was being compromise (show trial in the kangaroo court) and designed to hide the real perpetrators. While it is up to the judiciary and police to deal with these allegations, Dato Sri Mohd Najib reserved the right in this “public opinion” court to reiterate his earlier comments that he did not know and has never met the deceased. As such all these allegations are unfounded and designed to tarnish his standing within the Malaysian public.

4. A witness claimed that Altantuya had dinner with Razak and Najib was never corroborated. No picture was produced in court except that of PKR Information Chief Tian Chua who posted a concocted ‘picture’ on the web. Strangely, no legal attempt had been made to produce this picture as evidence in court to date by PKR as it appears it is only admissible in the public opinion court.

5. The case is a private matter involving Encik Razak Baginda and how the policemen were involved will come out in the open during the court proceedings. I would like to also point out that the claims that Altantuya murder was linked to the country’s purchase of the submarine as baseless and unfounded, it was done to make a good and believable story in the public opinion court.

6. Dato Sri Mohd Najib has been very restrained and guarded in making any public statement on the matter since people known to him have been implicated and have been charged in court. It could be misinterpreted or seen interfering in the case since the court proceedings is on going. In fact, a former Deputy Prime Minister was convicted for abuse of power when trying to suppress a sexual misconduct investigations against him.

7. As pointed out in the article there is an issue of subjudice or contempt of court and Dato Sri Mohd Najib, Malaysians and foreigners here must respect the laws and system that all of us are subject too. As such it is unfair that unfounded and wild allegations in such a serious matter had been made which will tarnish the Deputy Prime Minister’s standing in public.

8. As stated in your article “But this is not about politics and should not be dealt as such”, the DPM also shared this sentiment that this case should seek out the truth and justice should be served. However, it is clear that there are those who are not interested in finding justice for Altantuya. It is the politics of Altantuya they are concerned with and it is my sincere hope that your readers will be able to differentiate between truth, half-truth, falsehood and lies since politicians are judge in the public opinion court.

9. Since the allegations are serious and damaging in nature, the DPM will not hesitate to seek legal redress on the matter.

Below is Raja Petra’s courageous reply:

Dear Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad,

First of all, thank you for writing to Malaysia Today. (Read letter here). As promised, I have published your letter in toto without any amendments, additions, deletions, or ‘touch up’, though I felt some improvement to the language may have been necessary. Nevertheless, I was very careful in not ‘doctoring’ any parts of your letter lest I open myself to accusations of any sort.

I must admit I am pleased and honoured that the Press Secretary of the Deputy Prime Minister and likely future Prime Minister would take the trouble to write to Malaysia Today. As I have said so many times in the past, the only way to deal with the independent media is to engage it, not ignore it, for you ignore it at your own peril. And note that I have used the term ‘independent’ media and not ‘alternative’ media or ‘opposition’ media — because that is exactly what we are. In fact, what you call the ‘mainstream’ media, today, could actually be called the alternative media.

Now, on the points in your letter. A ‘trial’ by court of public opinion has been what we, the Rakyat, have had to rely on since 1998. Some say that the judiciary has in fact been compromised since 1988 after the sacking of Tun Salleh Abbas and his fellow judges. The fact that these half a dozen or so judges were recently honoured in a dinner graced by the Prime Minister where Abdullah Ahmad Badawi announced that the government will spend millions of the taxpayers’ money to pay these judges their 20 years back-pay confirms that the Abdullah government, in which Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak is part of, agrees with the court of public opinion’s view of events that happened 20 years ago.

This opinion is of course strengthened by your very own de facto Law Minister’s statement, barely a few days after taking office, that the government should apologise to Tun Salleh and his fellow judges. This was of course shot down by the Cabinet, and instead of an apology, they are being paid millions of Ringgit, which Najib said should not be interpreted as an apology. Maybe Najib is right when he says that if the government pays out millions of Ringgit of the taxpayers’ money this should be only taken as 20 years back-pay and not be taken as an apology. Nevertheless, this still tantamount to an admission that the judges had been wrongfully dismissed, apology or no apology.

We must also not forget the statement by Justice Kamil when he delivered his judgement in the Likas election petition case. Yang Arif admitted that he always receives instructions from the top before he delivers his judgement on important or crucial cases. Justice Kamli also said that he is not the only judge to receive such instructions but that many other judges are also subjected to interference and instructions from the top and that they are told how they should rule. When asked who this person from the top is, he replied that we should know whom it is he means and he left it at that. No one had any misgivings as to whom Justice Kamil meant.

One very respected retired Chief Justice, who is known as an extremely straight and no-nonsense chap, remarked, if he had to be tried in court, he would not like it to be in a Malaysian court. He further remarked that the windscreens of the cars of judges are blacked-out not for security reasons but because the judges are ashamed to be seen by the public. This is coming from someone who is placed above normal men and when someone of that calibre makes such statements how can the public not feel that the Malaysian judiciary can no longer be trusted? As they say, let you be judged by your peers, and the judiciary’s peers have made their ruling.

Dear Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad,

To argue that we should leave this matter to the courts to decide is just not on. It can never be on until we see genuine and real reforms in the judiciary. And when the talk amongst legal circles is that, in September, the President of the Court of Appeal will take over as the new Chief Justice, this just erodes our confidence in the judiciary even further. Putting Umno’s lawyer in charge of the judiciary is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse or, as the Malays would say, putting the kambing in charge of the sireh. And you want us to leave it to the courts to decide? When you have highly-respected judges and retired Chief Justices openly condemning the Malaysian judiciary what do you expect the lesser-learned Rakyat like us to do?

Of course, you will say that one is innocent until proven guilty. That is a beautiful concept. However, if you believe such a thing is possible in Malaysia, then you probably believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus as well. Do you remember Anwar Ibrahim’s trial ten years ago? Anwar was tried in a court of public opinion when they paraded that mattress in and out of court every day. What happened to that mattress? It was never part of the evidence and eventually just quietly disappeared out of sight. Was that not grandstanding for the media and TV cameras?

In Anwar’s case, he was not innocent until proven guilty. Though the Malaysian judicial system, which follows the British and not the French system, stipulates that a man is innocent until proven guilty, Anwar was assumed guilty and he was made to prove his innocence. The onus should be on the court to prove guilt but in Anwar’s case he was considered guilty and he had to prove his innocence. And the judge sent Anwar to jail because, according to the judge, Anwar had failed to prove his innocence.

We are therefore using the same ‘burden of proof’ on the present Deputy Prime Minister just like what the previous Deputy Prime Minister was subjected to. If this system of ‘prove you are innocent or else we have to assume you are guilty’ was good enough for Anwar then it is certainly good enough for Najib. Why should there be different standards between one Deputy Prime Minister and another? Should there not be one standard for all?

Note that Malaysia has a law called the Internal Security Act. When you are detained under this law, you are assumed guilty until you can prove you are innocent. And if you fail to prove your innocence then you are detained without trial indefinitely. Some Malaysians have spent more than 20 years under detention because the hapless person was not able to prove his innocence. Ahmad Boestaman, the famous Malay nationalist and independence fighter, was detained for 14 years or so. You may remember him. His son, Rustam Sani, died recently.

Dear Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad,

I must remind you that I too was arrested on Hari Raya Haji Day in 2001 after I walked into the police station to be with my wife who had earlier been arrested. Her ‘crime’ was for trying to help an old woman who had a knee injury and who was struggling to walk up a hill. The police arrested my wife, the poor old woman, and her daughter.

When I walked into the police station, Bakri Zinin, the current CID Director, assaulted me when I attempted to step outside to make a phone call. I was trying to step outside because a policeman shouted at me that I am not allowed to make a phone call inside the police station. But when I tried to step outside as instructed, Bakri assaulted me. He then instructed his officers to arrest me.

When I asked what my crime was and as to the reason I was being arrested, they told me they will think of something later. In the meantime they will arrest me first. I then insisted I be allowed to make a police report against Bakri but they refused to take my report. When I refused to accept no for an answer, they reluctantly took my report but nothing further was done after that. That police report made on Hari Haji Day of 2001 is probably no longer in the file.

Dear Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad,

I am glad you talk about respect for the law. I just wish you and Najib had said the same thing when they beat me up, handcuffed me, and threw me into the lockup without a charge back in 2001. Will I be accorded justice as well just like how you and Najib want to see justice done? Will Bakri Zinin be taken to task for beating me and for arresting me without any charge? Thus far, the only action taken against him is that he has been promoted from OCPD Dang Wangi to Director CID. Let us talk about justice when I see justice done to me as well. Until then we shall rule by law of public opinion, as that appears to be the only ‘system’ available to us.

I understand the concept of subjudice when commenting on an ongoing trial. So allow me to comment only on what the mainstream newspapers have already covered. The mainstream newspapers reported about a green Suzuki Vitara. The registration plate of the car was also mentioned in that newspaper report. Malaysia Today traced the owner of this car to an address in Ijok. On further checking with the SPR registration, it was confirmed that this person exists and his name, address and IC number tally with that in the JPJ registration.

The house exists and the neighbours confirm that the person concerned does live there and that the green Suzuki Vitara has been seen in front of the house. This, according to the newspapers, is the car that took Altantuya away after she was arrested in front of Razak Baginda’s house and taken to Bukit Aman.

Has this man been picked up? And, if not, then why since Altantuya was last seen alive driving off with him? Malaysia Today has revealed his name, address and IC number. And this man’s neighbours in Ijok confirm his existence and that of the car. Note that this was raised in the trial and was reported by the mainstream newspapers. So this is not mere insinuations and innuendoes.

In an interview in 2002 or 2003, Razak Baginda confirmed that his company brokered the submarine deal. He even mentioned the commission he had earned. This matter was confirmed by Razak himself and is documented in that interview. So this is also no insinuation or innuendo. And have we forgotten Razak’s wife’s outburst when she said that her husband is innocent and that it is not he who wants to become the next Prime Minister? Was Razak’s wife talking about Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, Anwar Ibrahim or Khairy Jamaluddin? And was not Razak’s wife once a magistrate who would therefore know the law and know what constitutes subjudice?

Dear Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad,

I can go on but let the above suffice for the meantime. The issue of the changing of the judge after the filing of the Affidavit during the bail hearing (which was raised by Karpal Singh), the defence lawyers resigning because of threats from certain people (which Zulkifli Nordin confirmed), the changing of the entire prosecuting team the morning of the trial (which the prosecutor admitted when he asked for a one-month postponement), and much more are all documented and are on public record. Let the court of public opinion decide whether Malaysia Today is merely raising what is already well-documented or whether Malaysia Today is dabbling in insinuations and innuendoes.

Again, I thank you for your letter and really appreciate you taking the time to write to us. Let us together, in the spirit of Islam, the religion we profess, seek the truth and oppose transgressions — as made mandatory by Islam under the concept of amar maaruf, nahi munkar. From God we come and to God we shall return. And we shall be made accountable for all that we have done on this earth. And, in the eyes of God, those defending kemunkaran will be as guilty as those committing it. Let us not fear man for man proposes but God disposes. And nothing will befall us that God has not planned will befall us. Subjudice and contempt of court are creations of man that will not carry any weight in God’s court. So fear God because man even as powerful as Prime Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers will be powerless to help you in God’s court where we shall all ultimately be judged.

Things are really heating up and we don’t even need an oven.

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  1. hutchrun says:

    Do it Najib. Show that you got cojones. If not it`s a meaningless threat and only fortifies allegations against you and this will remain an empty threat. Take your keris along also.

  2. andrew das arulsamy says:

    Najib the kerisman must not become the next PM because he does not represent Malaysians.


    1] he has strings attached to Altantuya through one of the witness where both defenders and prosecutors stopped the witness from elaborating more: The Star Newspaper.

    2] umno = mugabes + kerismen + idiots (including najib), therefore, no PM should come from umno, get someone from Sarawak.

    If najib can prove that he is not a kerisman (1987 event), no strings attached to Altantuya, and not an idiot (get a reasonable passing mark at least, from the mensa IQ test), then i will personally support him to be the next PM. Otherwise…

  3. Puteri NN says:

    Well said…….

  4. Facial says:

    SIL and sleeping PM now is time to uproot these male and female Mongo tree from Pekan.

    Don’t tell us that the female Mongo is sweet to taste only.

  5. kittykat46 says:

    I can just imagine RPK saying “Bring Em On”

    If Najib sues and loses…does that mean he will resign and go back to Pekan to plant bananas ?

    A libel suit can be a two edged sword……evidence the Patel fella has been suppressing may finally get a chance in open court.

  6. ah long says:

    Well, ordinary citizens – don’t do what RPK is doing. RPK is different from the rest of us. He has royal blood, we don’t. He has a certain amount of immunity that we don’t have.

    I have blog about “trial by public opinion” and I have warned against it. Vigilantes and lynch mobs are not acceptable practises.

    The trial is not over yet and the sub judicial issues are real issues. Citizens must respect and obey the law, even those we preceive or assume that certain individuals are not doing so. One must not take the law into one’s own hands.

    Even IF what you say is TRUE, it is still slander and libel, if the intention was to smear the reputation of the person concern. And if the remarks are false or mere assumptions based on heresay, your action will be difficult to defend.

    Sub-judicial actions can be seen as contempt of court and may be encompassed in defamation claims. Remember, a person is innocent until proven guilty, even though previous examples may have proven different. Two wrongs do not make a right. (or two Wongs don’t make a White).

    So bloggers be very careful. Like I say in my previous postings, be careful about delivering your verdict and direct accusations at the present moment. Due process must be given to the accused.

    Wait, until the verdict is delivered – then you can ask the questions as to why certain things weren’t done and the competency of the prosecutor etc….

    There is a difference between freedom of speech and slander or libel. Blogs and comments on the internet are considered defamation actions.

  7. hutchrun says:

    Thank you ah long. Now we can get back to what we are doing.

  8. caravanserai says:

    He is just ‘kaypor’
    Let dpm answers
    Otherwise he can plead
    ‘I never authorize the letter
    On response to RPK’

    Though dpm remains silent
    Only gave denial statements
    He has learned through his experiences
    He can’t make a police report
    By then everything will come loose

    So let the others talk and write
    He has no time to entertain
    The court will decide
    What will be the outcome of the trial?

    Personally it is hard not to meet
    The interpreter of billions ringgit projects
    When one travels overseas to look at the progress
    Doesn’t he has to make report in cabinet meeting?

    Say no evil hear no song
    The line will be stopped
    The story will be kept in rubbish bin
    Until the rubbish truck comes along

    Let the postings keep flowing
    Along the cyber-space somebody may know
    Then the truth will finally come home
    The keris will come to haunt him once more

  9. hutchrun says:

    Hmmm, surely Badawi is on this as well. He can`t say he dunno.

  10. Whenever in doubt leave it out
    There’s nothing more to shout about
    No need to engage in any more legal bout
    Until you have a fresh issue with enough clout

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 010508
    Thur. 1st May 2008.

  11. ah long says:

    ok I will also go back to my financing business.

  12. hutchrun says:

    Najib Tun Razak says he had nothing to do with the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu. So why won’t he testify in court?
    [ ]
    Gerelmaa told the court in June 2007 that the records had been erased but no attempt was made by either defense or prosecution lawyers to find out how or why the records disappeared. Gerelmaa also said she had seen a picture of Altantuya at a dinner with Najib and Abdul Razak, but lawyers for both the prosecution and the defense immediately protested and no attempt was made to find out where she had seen the picture or if indeed the picture existed. It has not yet surfaced.
    [ ]
    Najib could easily clear up all the allegations and suspicions, observers say, by appearing in court under oath with his diaries, telephone logs and other data to prove his contention that he never met the victim.
    [ ]
    Najib could also be called upon, as defense minister, to explain how the two bodyguards were able to get their hands on military explosives to blow up the translator’s body.
    [ ]
    With the case still unfolding, however slowly, the next step, for many observers, would be for Najib to appear in court. That might do more to obtain justice than issuing a public relations denial.

  13. Harrison says:

    Datuk Tengku Sariffuddin Tengku Ahmad, Press Secretary to the Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak respond to RPK’s article “Let’s send The Altantuya Murderers To Hell” served as a smokescreen for DPM Najib.

    When the travel records of Altantuya’s cousin, a friend and setev were mysteriously erased that resulted them being questioned by the Malaysian authorities of their entry onto Malaysian soil, the Government by right must launch an investigations to such matter.

    When Tengku Saiffuddin spoke of the Truth, Half-Truth, Falsehood and Lies, does it matter to him, Najib and Badawi?

    Tell me, What is the Truth in Malaysia, but just fables that are agreed upon by the power-players.

    +Are u in Malaysia now susan? Just wonderin. :]

  14. Harrison says:


  15. Minder says:

    Syabas RPK! Najis has fallen for your bait. We now eagerly await his legal action and for his days in court! Najis, mull no more, be a MAN and just do it. The whole nation eagerly awaits this momentous event. Or perhaps it’s your other half who wears the trousers in the family?

    BTW Susan, is it just me who finds the font colour of the quoted texts in your blog difficult to read? How about yellow instead of grey? And thank you for your blog. God Bless You!

  16. Dependent on where one is, JUSTICE is an elusive commodity. And worst of all is, as to whom we entrust that daunting task to. Like a farmer sending his cow to fetch Justice.

  17. EddieTheHead says:

    Why the overkill?

    Murders happen everyday, but not like this. Even if it is planned and executed to perfection, dead people do tell tales! You can burn the body, cut it up, dissolve it in acid, bury it, dump it into the ocean etc. etc., but it has a way of coming back at you!

    So why the overkill? Some say trying to dissolve the body in acid post mortem is overkill. But blowing it up has to be a global first! Granted the Viet Cong or the Taliban would booby trap a body with a grenade, but those were in war. Nobody could do it in peace time. Or could they?

    We have two police officers, connected to the DPM. We have the C4, a millitary grade explosive, and exclusive to that branch of service. And who is the Minister of Defence? Again its the DPM.

    So why the overkill?

  18. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    Well said YM Raja Petra , you speak for the Rakayt – we all seek the TRUTH in this cruel murder of Altantuya not because we want to see the down fall of the DPM Najib Tun Razak but he must come clean and explain his link to this tragic death of this lady-
    Why was his personal bodyguards involved? ,
    What is Razak Baginda role ?,
    Who got the submarine commission of RM 500 million kickbacks? as pointed out by Anwar Ibrahim,
    Who ordered the entry record of Altantuya to be erased ?
    Why did Razak Baginda rushed urgently to meet the DPM Najib Tun Razak next day after the killing of Altantuya at the DPM office ?
    Why did Razak Baginda Wife shouted out in court ‘ Its not my husband who want to be Prime Minister of Malaysia ! ‘or something to this effect.
    These are serious questions that need answering for Justice to be seen to be done for Altantuya esp. if our next PM is to be a person of integrity,
    of good character & good morals otherwise Malaysia will again be a shameful Nation & a laughing stock all over the whole World !

  19. Payback Time says:

    This half truth,lies and deceit man balls was C4 together with Altantuya body. Its clear to us that his body was bombproof but not for long. Wayback in 1987 he misused and misguided the Keris for his own political agenda creating a misbelief that he is defending the Malay rights which was not at anytime been threathen or undermind. The noble Keris has been contaminated with his saliva and breath [ his cousin did it to ] and stabbing into the air that we breath in a war tone like manner has it repercussion.. its going for blood of those who abuse it..the karma is in C4 mood

  20. SOS says:

    Mr. C4 will not dare to take anyone to court! Period! He has no balls. Left his balls to Bodohwi for safe keeping.

  21. Najis says:

    RPK does not have to send Altantuya’s murderers (including those who gave orders) to hell. The culprits will go to HELL and be burned for a long long time. That’s for sure. Anyway, I am still not sure why Najib is copmtemplating to sue RPK. Did Najib has anything to do with the murder?

  22. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Well, a boomerang will eventually strike back the murderer one day. Remember the BAD KARMA.

  23. Edi神 says:

    If Najib do not stand trail for this case!

    MALAYSIA judirical system is still under very suspisous terms…

    I LIKE it when RPK say Tengku English wasnt good enough!

    Wakakakakaka hahahahaha…. Shit his face kow2!!

  24. ghenjis khan says:

    Are Pak Lah & Zaid Ibrahim forgeting about reforms and immediate revamp of the His Majesty’s Attorney General’s Office?

    While at it, Pak Lah , Zaid Ibrahim and Syed Hamid Albar must require Police Investigation team comprising all Officers, Detetctives to take Professional Examinations and Testing whether they are up to it or not!

    Police Recruitment can no longer afford to take 3rd Class fellows or Pass degree holders . They must undergo Stringent Psychological and Aptitude & Intelligence Testings to weed out later day useless Desk-Top officers.

  25. kittykat46 says:

    Semuanya fitnah, semuanya bohong..
    I have the cleanest hands in the country…..


  26. lucia says:

    “siapa makan cabai, dia lah rasa pedas” so goes the saying.

    is najib now ‘rasa pedas’ after reading RPK’s article?

    i agree with minder that the quoted text susan has here is too light… very difficult to see.

  27. Lea Cruz says:

    I have being following Altantuya’s case since Day 1. As one of the mongolian descendent, I want to see that Justice is done for my people in M’sia. If M’sia is not capable of doing that, I hope that her dad and her countrymen will seek help from the international bodies to bring justice for her. Do not let anyone involved get away from this. Who is that a cruel monster did that to her, may God answer to our daily prayer.

  28. Noor Aza Othman says:

    I, as a woman, Malaysian, Mongolian or otherwise, is so sick of the barbarity of this ruling BN/Umno govt and the police force! The police is just a political tool, to be used by such an evil and fascist govt! The trial is dragging on and on; what for may I ask as a rakyat!!! However, Raja Petra and Dr. Shariibu, we the rakyat are behind you who are bravely seeking justice. Don’t give up! By the way, DR. Shariibu should just head on to the EU Parliament and campaign on this case! Let the EU public know about this case and bring so much shame to this evil govt! One last word, that IDIOT MUSA HASSAN SHOULD RESIGN FOR ALLOWING THE POLICE FORCE TO GO ON SLIDING DOWNHILL IN BECOMING SUCH A SHAM! BESIDES FOR FAILING TO PROTECT AND SERVE THE RAKYAT ESPECIALLY WOMEN AND CHILDREN, (THEY’RE TOO BUSY PROTECTING AND SERVING THE BN/UMNO POLITICIANS AND GANGSTERS!)!

    Noor Aza Othman.

  29. Using C4 Is So Clear says:

    People please think………C4 is used in the murder! Who is having access to this C4? Who is actually involved? All top bn and umno goons surely know it. C4 is from which department? Who was caught seen together with her? They know but tried very hard to cover it from all angle. How long can they cover it? Who ran away through the back door the other day? People, think again!!! Now, you all know who’s behind all this??? Yeah…………get it? got it?? If you still haven’t, go ask Najis!

  30. gooeyglobs says:

    Raja Petra is one angry man comes to fairness and justice in Malaysia. He had been mishandled by the police and also an ex-ISA detainee. Was he given the due justice then, so that he could defend himself? By writing what he thinks and how he feels is no crime. He is correct to say that there should be no double standard pronouncement of justice in Malaysia.
    No one is guilty until proven so but not otherwise. The Hindraf 5 is a very good example of such misdeed in Malaysian law. So, Raja Petra is not wrong to insinuate just like anyone of us would. Too many hidden hands are at work at high level, and how are we going to accept the wrong?If such rot is allowed to go on, then one fine day, anyone of us will be subjected to take a “holiday” in Kamunting.

  31. c4 is just speculation …. the judge din say is c4, the witness din say is c4, the polis oso din say, why you ppl so stubborn believe in speculations… it’s all “rumors”…

    btw, najib oledi admit he don know atantuya, so case close on him..

    in malaysia, some ppl “are more equal” than others, so najib should be innocent until proven guilty. najib is tun abdul razak’s son, cannot be villain lar,,, his father is nobleman…..

  32. Ong Ting Ting says:

    What RPK is doing? Asking the people in authority i.e the police, prosecutor to do the obvious. Get the people into the court for questioning. The car owner, the alleged association Pakinda said in the affidavit linking to the purchase of arms.

    Why are these people not taken in for questioning?

    The public would not resort to blogging the issue if the courts are doing their job. They would be reading the MSM reporting the court doing the thing right. Not doing the right thing.


  33. Malaysian says:

    BBC reports – The Austrians held a candlelight vigil after the horrors of the dungeon girl and children were discovered. The vigil was not only an act of solidarity with the victims but also an act of contrition by the people. It was reported that the town, the region, the country have begun to do intense soul-searching and that authorities at all levels are examining their conscience.
    Whereas in Malaysia, we have a girl C4’ed here and we see no signs of any figure of authority examining their conscience or likewise. Instead we have commentators talking about subjudicial issues, slander, libel. Malaysians so it appears may have developed infrastructure etc, but have forgotten to develop .. their soul.

  34. Payback Time says:

    Keep up the pressure RPK..lock the bull by the horn and thunder them [those invovle] towards their own killing feilds and let the smell of burning flesh and C4 fragment bones overwhlem them. In our bolehland with money you can getaway practicarly with every crime. Our enforcement agency the judiciarcy you name it they subcumb to it..but RPK you are not without a chance..with Lingam on the dock..GE tsunami..the Rakyat demands maybe heard.Those who sow terror,hatred and C4 cannot expect to reap power,joy and happiness.We the Rakyat are behind you. As for Altantuya your death won’t be in vain..may your spirit find what its looking for.

  35. guy fawkes says:

    “Guilty until proven innocence” say it all

  36. bamboo river says:

    Got the feeling /smell of shit on their body.”San Yau Sii”
    So far only DPM’s wife made an official press statement in the MSM.
    Why the wife is speaking out and not the DPM?
    Very odd!

  37. hutchrun says:

    `najib…his father is nobleman…..`

    Hahahahhahahhaha. Bugger used to take chicken eggs from my dad for driving him to Central market. You want to talk history, that`s the kind of nobleman he was.

  38. Scott Thong says:

    Najib the military contractor

    Poster number 23

    At Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters


    Laugh out loud


    Until he is PM

    Then I’ll play a round of cards with you all

    In ISA detention

    Unless the rumours of C4 are true

    Then we’ll rest in pieces.

  39. ah long says:

    In some countries for example France, their legal system presumes “Guilty until proven innocent”.

    Where else under the English legal system (and Malaysia) it presumes Innocnet until proven guilty”.

    Both presumptions seems to have worked equally well. BUT you can have EITHER one. NOT BOTH.

  40. David Lim says:

    DPM, Clear your name before you become the next PM. (Kalau boleh lah!)

    Nothing to wolly, sue RPK lah !

    Sue anyone who bring your name to Mongolia !

    Sue anyone who claimed you got the C4 !

    He3, may Allah bless you as the road ahead is a long long march !

  41. […] job to carry Rosmah’s rantings without first publishing the news about her husband’s respond to Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s post on Altantuya. Her husband is mulling legal action against the […]

  42. fred says:

    “Malaysians so it appears may have developed infrastructure etc, but have forgotten to develop .. their soul. ”

    Why? Why are we letting a murderer get away this? there is no justice in Malaysia. We are a soulless country!

  43. Ah Chai says:

    remember during the 80’s najib had affair with zaina zain in negeri sembilan ?? do any of u guys remember it ?? the menteri besar of negeri sembilan need to come down and settle it………damn !!!! 1st with a malay,then don’t know with who….maybe finally bored with malaysian…..gotta try mongolian laaa…….damn najib !!! even yr wife is ugly but please be loyal laaa……

  44. unitedpeoples says:

    Let us pray: Heavenly Father we the peoples of Malaysia on behalf for the
    peoples of Mongolia pray to Thee and also for the family of Altantuya and we send this prayer to you to the etheric plane and to the cosmos……
    that the murderers of this case will be brought to trial & justice….
    Altantuya’s spirit will beckon and will haunt the culprits for the rest of their lives……….. those involved in this act will soon be exposed no matter who they are. Let Thy will be done, for thou art love, truth and justice. Thank you Father in Heaven, Thank you.

  45. worldwatching says:

    Thank you unitedpeoples, your prayer is indeed great and also we
    would like to tell you that all the mighty nations are watching Malaysia
    now……also our Heavenly Father will soon answer your prayers!!!

  46. Tahi Lalat atas kepala says:

    Well done RPK. I bet my two cents that NTR dare not take you to court. He is not a typical jantang lah. Always use other people to solve his problem. This case – police interogate you (wonder, if nothing is material in what you said why then they are so concerned & furious?)
    I bet DB & SIL is smiling…lambat lagilah tempoh peralihan kuasa yang di canangkan tu. Let the comedy begin.

  47. True Grit says:

    If Anwar’s case against Mahatir is not heard.
    Mahatir’s manhandling of the country and billions of $$ lost through nepotism and cronyism were not recorded and put straight and still allow him to speak like an angel…
    What hope do you have of justice here?
    I still do not know what the fear is. You have to put history in properly perspective.
    Whether you imprision Mahatir or not is another question!
    Else, what to tell the future generation? Live in dreams and lies???

  48. astrologer says:

    an astrologer in this country predicted that Anwar will soon become the
    next prime minister in Malaysia………….top man of this country and
    before that Mahathir will soon passed away. Justice must be carried out now before it is too late…..

  49. wits0 says:

    Astrologers may predict it but to manifest the future still needs the collective will of the people to be made manifest. The MSM, e.g., is still hell-bent on stupidizing the public everyday with their continuing spins and bias for the Forces of Darkness.

  50. let us move forward..let us change NOW..let us make Malaysia a great place to stay.. unwanted leader kindly please quit URGENTLY..start looking for other job or business…just imagine how the world will look at us if our future leaders and future PM with full of gossip…. 

    we want great leader for our great people and great nation Malaysia. the time is now before it is too late.

    MUSTAFA BIN SAREH, Rawang, Selangor

  51. Wong Chee Kong says:

    If RPK is so irresponsible in making such blatant allegations against our honourable DPM and his beloved wife, then RPK deserves to face the consequences. Our DPM should take immediate legal actions against RPK for such baseless accusations for whatever intentions & motives that he (RPK) has. Any delay in taking legal actions will only create unnecessary speculations and further rumours that may not be good for the well being of our honourable DPM and his beloved wife. This is also not good for the political situation of the nation.

  52. Dear friends,

    Lack of leadership is a great issue here in malayisa, we need great leader, if the leader is muslim we want him to be a person who is “beriman dan beralam soleh”.

    The problem is we do not have one. Let us pray to allah when the time is right the right leader will come.


    Mustafa Bin Sareh

  53. LimDokSa says:

    Sue or not to sue…?? Najib is in a delima…! He’s worried bcos:-
    – If he sues, and all evidence start to surface against him…ooh finish!
    – If he don’t, will be an indication to the rakyat, foreigners incl himself that he is “GUILTY”…!

    Meantime, is he still feeling strong or his legs are shivering?? Hoping and waiting for this Mongku case to cool down in the hope to get out of it?? But it seems the opposite – instead more informations are surfacing and pressure is mounting!!

    Desperation…tolong! Dollah tolong aku..!! “tak jadi PM pun tak apa….yang penting bebas kan aku dari kes ini…!! So the sleepy old goat obliged and was rewarded with 2 ping-pong balls in return…

  54. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,

    The letter in reply to the Press Secretary of the Deputy PM Najib is very well written and I hope the great Raja Putra Kamaruddin will continue his episode as he stated more to be revealed. As a matter of fact, Raja is able to compile a book on this from his personal experience. Public opinion is vital.

    I am sure many of us have read a Letter of Appeal from the wife of Raja to boycott the Malaysian Parliament. It is a letter of desperation. Please do something for her as she and her family have suffered tremendously


    Though we may not all play the role of judge and jury
    We are nevertheless entitled to our fair righteous fury
    When there’s any blatant miscarriage of justice to bury
    There’s still the question of circumstantial evidence to carry

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 070109
    Wed. 7th Jan. 2009.

  56. amira says:

    Do you think the wife is crying crocodile tears???

  57. I”m go to defence department……

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