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One of the nicest smiles I’ve seen of the “PM-in-Waiting” Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, also Malaysia’s first WOMAN Opposition leader in Parliament. Time to ask lots of questions and make a lot of scenes. Later she complained that her husband, another “PM-in-Waiting”, PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim, was snubbed by Parliament. Today (April 30), we see him attending the session.

I spent half a day in Parliament on April 28 – the swearing in ceremony of new MPs. You could say it was a historical day as many of our civil society friends and supporters of human rights are sworn in as the people’s representatives. Here are a few shots of those I managed to catch up with. Sorry for the delay in uploading these photos. I told myself, I’d do it as soon as I got back to Bangkok. So, here I am…

Saw another “PM-in-Waiting” as well, this time on the UMNo side, but he was swarmped by reporters – Muhyiddin Yasin. No doubt asking him about his future plans?

MP for Gombak and Balik Pulau – PKR’s Azmin Ali and Yusmadi Yusoff (above). Azmin was quite surprised that I was back in town. “It’s time for you to be back here,” he says.

Yusmadi used to work for the firm that now represents one of the accused officers in the Altantuya’s trial. He said he was asked to resign when they found out he was Anwar’s supporter.

Below, MP for Petaling Jaya and human rights lawyer, R Sivarasa. He is close to our hearts for constantly championing civil society issues and cruel laws like the Internal Security Act.

I was happy to meet, above, PAS MP Nasharuddin Mat Isa. When I covered Parliament a few years ago, PAS was made accessible through this man and others.

Below is well-known rabble rouser turn MP for Batu Tian Chua. Now everyone wants to interview Tian Chua. Indeed, everyone loves a winner. Can a street fighter perform in Parliament? Of course, Parliament is the voice and decision of the people, right?

Below, a heart surgeon with a heart (and his heart – wife at this side). PKR’s Lee Boon Chye from Ipoh. I don’t think he could ever lose his temper.

The DAP strong-men: Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng (also chief minister for Penang). They were swarmed by reporters the moment they stepped into Parliament lobby. I met Guan Eng as I was leaving Parliament, at the entrance. He shook my hand firmly and told me he read my blog. Good, there are indeed too many things that I wish to talk to him about. “I’ll see you in Penang,” I told him.

Next we saw Karpal Singh and family walking into Parliament. Karpal and Gobind were flanked by their beautiful and beloved wives:

MP for Klang Charles Santiago and PAS MP, the fiery Mahfuz Omar. “I use to monitor him,” says Charles. But now both are on the same platform. Can Charles perform his civil society duties when he is MP? We shall soon see. As for me, I am happy to see Mahfuz back in action. Indeed, his arguments can ‘shake’ the dewan.

The cili-padi MP for Batu Gajah – Fong Po Kuan. As friendly and cheerful as ever. When I met Fong, she was rushing around looking for reporters to tell them that lawyer and MP for Gelugor Karpal Singh was convening a press conference for Altantuya’s dad, Stev Shariibuu at the Parliament lobby at 10.45am, right after his swearing in ceremony. “Your blog is so exciting,” she told me. I reminded her that she was featured in it, too, sometime back before the elections. “I know,” she said.

Meeting old friends again (below). Beh Lih Yi (far right) from Malaysiakini. It reminds me of my field day in Parliament when I was a journalist with the same paper. Covering the Dewan Rakyat makes me also realise that this is NOT where the action is. The action is out there – beyond the Parliament walls.

Below was someone I was delighted to meet again. Chief security at Parliament, Mani Segaran. He used to be very kind to me and other reporters, never making it a hassle for us to enter Parliament when he was still a normal guard. The time when I was working with Malaysiakini, the paper was a “guerilla” paper – it used to get kicked out of press conferences and also Parliament. Now, it has almost “celebrity” status.

Mani told me there are 40 other guards in Parliament. Wow, that’s a lot, don’t you think so? What are they guarding?

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  1. Wednesday, April 30, 2008
    Malaysia Implicitly Supports War In Iraq

    So much for Islam Hadhari… Malaysia welcomes warmongers, ne0cons and US imperialism.. Who cares about the Iraqis, Palestinians and Iranians?

    Halliburton involvement in Iskandar not an issue

    Wednesday, 30 April 2008
    KUWAIT: There is no ethical question (Mahathirism says- tell that to the Iraqis) involved in bringing Halliburton, the controversial US multinational, to invest in Malaysia, said the Iskandar Development Region Authority managing director Datuk Ikmal Hijaz Hashim.
    “Halliburton is investing in oil and gas and we have are happy to have them there (Were sure you are) (in Iskandar Malaysia),” he told local reporters here.
    Asked on concerns about the ethics of having a company like Halliburton in Iskandar, Ikmal said: “Whose ethics are you referring to? Which value judgement are you using? (Ethics of peace loving people and you will be judged by your Muslim bretheren) .
    “If they bring in investment and create jobs, I don’t see any ethical questions on that. I am not too sure which yardstick you are using.” (Lets just close an eye to the war in Iraq)
    He said Malaysia should be open. ( Yes, lets have the US, Singapore and Israel)
    “We should invite investment as long as it bring benefits to the country. It may not bring good taste to other countries – (Good taste? Try murder) I am not too sure. But I would not like to be involved in that area (good taste or not),” he added.
    In late March, American oil and gas company Halliburton opened an RM200mil manufacturing centre in Iskandar Malaysia (formerly known as Iskandar Development Region).
    The 20,000 sq m facility in Johor Technology Park performs procurement and customer service activities as well as engineering, machining and product assembly primarily for customers in the Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and Europe Eurasia regions.
    Halliburton is a US-based multinational corporation with operations in more than 120 countries including Iraq. Its main business is providing technical products and services for the oil and gas exploration and production.
    It has also been in the news for turning in huge profits as well as a number of political controversies involving its work for the US Government, its political ties, and its corporate ethics.
    Halliburton has close ties with US Vice-President Dick Cheney who used to be with the company until he assumed his present political post. Halliburton benefited greatly from the war in Iraq and got the bulk of oil and gas contracts there after the US invasion. ( You said it!)
    There have been a number of complaints about Halliburton including unlawfully receiving special treatment for work in Iraq and abuse of contract, fraud and overcharging.
    Some of these cases are still under FBI and Pentagon investigations. (Again)

  2. andrew das arulsamy says:

    Compare to Anwar, I prefer Azizah to be the next PM, even though he will be influencing her. She can and will represent the Malaysians and i believe only she can clean up the mahathir’s mess. On the other hand, Anwar should concentrate of making PKR stronger with PAS, DAP and Parties from Sarawak and Sabah. No PM should come from this umno Mugabes and umno kerismen, they will never represent Malaysians. Definitely not me.

  3. Shower says:

    It looks good for the sleeping PM to leave all the barking and running dogs in the parliament . These “Kaki Bangku” (elected MOP) can shout and talk about racist problems.

    Then the good dogs ( from Senate) can hold on the bones ?

  4. UmnoMustGo says:

    Wan Azizah ROCKS!

  5. caravanserai says:

    I watch at the distance
    I am one of those unprivileged lot
    Only dream about Parliament
    In newspapers and blogs

    Yesterday Parliament live
    It is like school boys going for term break
    What a pitying scene…………..!
    The law makers suck the air

    Decorum and civility
    Don’t they remember at all?
    The rules of friendly gestures
    It must prevail in the August House

    It is better to throw in
    The Amazing women for a change
    Maybe I feel there will be some graces
    Amongst the women law makers

    When the days go floating by
    I wish there will be quiet ripples in the sea of faces
    Crushing silently showering the power of debates
    And the guts to say something else
    Every one of them law makers

  6. Muda says:

    My two cents worth was hoping that you were among the new MP’s to be sweared before the YPD Agung . Being someone who had covered the Parliamentary sittings last time , I would think you could a show the junior and seniors , a thing or to how a seasoned journalist and blogger would handle people like the Kinabatangan MP .

  7. Muda says:

    My two cents worth was hoping that you were among the new MP’s to be sweared before the YPD Agung . Being someone who had covered the Parliamentary sittings last time , I would think you could a show the junior and seniors , a thing or to how a seasoned journalist and blogger would handle people like the Kinabatangan MP .

  8. For those who love to perform
    Make sure they choose the right platform
    And not simply jump in any ceremonial uniform
    Acting as though they’re the mind’s chloroform

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 010508
    Thur. 1st May 2008.

  9. When in doubt leave it out
    There’s nothing more to shout about
    No need to engage in any new legal bout
    Until you have a new issue with enough clout

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 010508
    Thur. 1st May 2008.

  10. yapchongyee says:


    I refer to the High Court at Kuala Lumpur Originating Petition No. D2-26-41 OF 2001 ; Lim Choi Yin v. McLaren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd and to the adjudicating Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali, of said Petition. According to CHARGES made by one Yap Chong Yee husband of Petitioner Lim Choi Yin, Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali had 1st approved all 6 Respondents’ application for security for costs in the sum of Rm.60,000 and upon payment of said security for costs of said Rm.60,000, Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali followed up the receipt of said Rm.60,000 by the approval to Respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban a 2nd and subsequent application by Respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban for an Order to strike out said Petition.

    The second and subsequent Application for an order to strike out said Petition was made even without there being any court order for the SETTING ASIDE of the 1st order for securing said Rm/60,000 for security for costs pursuant to the 1st order made by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. That being the facts of the case my question directed to the attention of the Malaysian Attorney General Tan Seri……. Are the following :

    (1)Was not the conduct of Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali’s approval of Mr Stephen Lim Cheng Ban’s 2nd and subsequent application to strike out said Petition, while the said cash of Rm60,000 security for costs was still held in the hands of all 6 respondents to the petition, pursuant to the order made by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali to petitioner to provide security for costs constitute ABUSE OF POWER ?
    Will the Attorney General investigate Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for the criminal charge of ABUSE OF POWER & MALFEASANCE and will the Attorney General, if upon investigation find that sufficient evidence exist to support a criminal Charge against Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for abuse of power and/or FOR MALFEASANCE proceed to lay criminal charges against Judge Zainon for a criminal prosecution ?

    (2)Is it not the case that while Respondent Stephen Lim Cheng Ban and the other 5 respondents hold on to the security for costs pursuant to Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali’s order to Petitioner to provide security for costs and in the absence of any Order to set aside the 1st Order for security for costs, the conduct of Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali together with the conduct of the 6 respondents IN TAKING AND KEEPING SAID RM.60,000 not amount to committing the criminal offence of obtaining money under false pretences ? And further, do the facts not indicate that Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali together with the 6 respondents had acted with a common intention to induce Petitioner to pay said Rm.60,000 while not intending that upon payment of said Rm.60,000 THERE WILL BE A COURT TRIAL OF SAID PETITION ? The being the case do the facts not constitute a conspiracy to obtain money under false pretences ? The facts speak for themselves as an investigation will prove.
    Will the Attorney General investigate said 2 police reports and if the investigation give up facts that will support criminal charges against the said parties, will the Attorney General lay criminal charges against such persons ?
    Petitioner’s husband Yap Chong Yee had formally filed 2 police reports at the Balai Polis Jln. Tun H S Lee, in the first police report Yap Chong Yee had CHARGED the respondents Stephen Lim Cheng Ban, Wong Kem Chen and Kwong Sea Yoon with PERJURY, for having lied in their supporting affidavits applying for security for costs.
    In the second police report Yap Chong Yee had Charged Stephen Lim Cheng Ban with FORGERY, PERJURY AND FABRICATION OF EVIDENCE, contained in his supporting affidavits applying for leave to strike out said petition.
    Both police reports were annexed to Petitioner’s affidavits as exhibits supporting Petitioner’s application for leave to cross examine said 3 respondents for PERJURY & FORGERY and both of Petitioner’s applications were refused leave to cross examine said Respondents, by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. The refusal by Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali to allow Petitioner leave to cross examine Respondent Stephen Lim and made in the face of the existence of 2 FORMAL POLICE REPORTS THAT CHARGED STEPHEN LIM CHENG BAN with Perjury & forgery constitutes the charge of MALFEASANCE, AIDING & ABETTING Stephen Lim Cheng Ban to commit the criminal offences of PERJURY & FORGERY.
    Will the Attorney General investigate these criminal charges that are made against Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali and if sufficient evidence is uncovered that will support criminal charges, will the Attorney General prefer criminal charges against Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali; will the attorney General formally charge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali with the said criminal offences ?

  11. wan azizah to be pm, cannot lar, she’s a chinese though she’s a muslim and married to a malay.

  12. Begin with an end in mind.

    Good politicians will remember.
    Bad politicians will struggle to remember.
    Ugly politicians will choose not to remember.

  13. Hamidiishak says:

    I heard that PAS are not happy when most people especial the PR refer to Wan Azizah or Anwar as the “PM-in-Waiting”. They said why not anyone from PAS. They believe PAS has more candidates with better credibility. They afraid Anwar only use the PR for his political agenda. What happen la now?

  14. Kak Mun says:

    Dr Wan Azizah is a very strong women. She is nice, sweet, tolerance but I don’t think she has what it need to be a prime minister. I cannot say very much about her leadership skill looking at the state of PKR before election. The fact that pakatan rakyat win is due to the mistakes and weakness of BN.

    Hence, I am not willing to put my country, my life and my family at stake.

  15. Nice story. Thanks for sharing it.

  16. Margeemar says:

    It was reported that in India, a 6 year old girl was thrown into a burning fire, all because she was a Dalit (low caste). I’m sure any God fearing civilized person would share my anger and condemnation of this dastardly and uncivilized act. No human being needs to be treated in such a way as the poor child was treated.

    Talking about the issue of low caste people, I’m sure in the 21st century there is no place for such bullshit. However, we have seen people doing injustices against fellow human beings but yet find solace in religion.

    I know some people are gonna be pissed off to read what I have to say but I’m gonna say it anyway because this is what I belief. Take the two oxymoron MP’s, Bung Mokhtar Raden and Ibrahim Ali as prime examples. As Muslims, I believe they pray 5 times a day, pay their Zakat (Tithe’s) and probably gone to perform the Umrah or even the Hajj. However, they may look like Muslims, sound like Muslims and act like Muslims,but are they really Muslims? Islam is a religion of Peace and compassion but when you demand a paraplegic like YB Karpal Singh to stand up as demanded by the charlatan’s Dung Mokhtar and Ibrahim Katak in Parliament, I can only say that these two lost souls must be Murtad (Apostates) because a true believer would not utter such a statement. The sad thing is, this two clowns a dead sure they are going to Paradise just because they think they are Muslims even though their deeds, thoughts and words prove otherwise.

    I’ve also seen Christian preacher’s who can, by raising their hand, cause a thousand believers to ‘Rest in the Spirit’. Make the lame walk. Cure the sick. Just when I begin to believe there is hope in the world after all, the Evangelist ‘potong steam’ me by uttering vile condemnations against Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindu’s, Buddhists and any other Christian who is not ‘Born Again’ by his definition. These charlatan’s will continue to spread their gospel of hate to their followers who in turn will go on condemning everyone who is not ‘Born Again’ to Hell.

    In the USA especially, many politicians find solace in such Evangelists so that they can absolve themselves from any sin or guilt for their deeds, thoughts and words as they believe the by professing their faith in Jesus Christ in an ‘Alter Call’ would make them a ‘Born Again Christian’ and be guaranteed a place in Heaven. The Iraq war is one prime example of what Evangelist Inspired politicians can do.

    Let us not hide behind religion to justify our diabolical acts. Be a good human being and stop condemning others to Hell because it is easy to see the speck of dust in your brother’s eye yet you can’t see the log lodged in yours.

  17. bamboo river says:

    “wan azizah to be pm, cannot lar, she’s a chinese though she’s a muslim and married to a malay”.- anonymous dud.

    Why cannot lar ? PM also descended from China mah also can become PM what?
    No need to mention race background when you can see the foreground what.

  18. Jeremiah says:

    A Great Speech in Parliament From Unexpected Quarters!

    One the morning of 30th April as I was driving to work, I prayed to God for several things to be raised during the nation’s historic 12th parliamentary session: The end of corruption, the restoration of the independence of the judiciary and the removal of unjust laws that infringe on the basic rights of all law-abiding citizens.

    When I read the headlines in the two mainstream media the next day, I was at first sorely disappointed that the session was marred by disputes over points of order and name calling between the two parties.

    Didn’t God answer my prayers as He usually does? Reading further (and we need to look hard for the real news buried in the manistream media though less so with the new media), I was surprised to see that Ong Ka Ting made a terrific speech about the one of the most important issues that turned the heavens against this nation’s administrators: that is the unfair subjection of non-muslims (former converts or either parents who converted) against their free will to Shariah laws versus civil laws in several cases in recent years. This was the speech I expected the Opposition to give as the most powerful attack against the government, who is ultimately responsible for the erosion of religious freedom and rights as enshrined in the constitution.

    I can see why OKT is motivated to stand up forcefully for the religious rights of the non-muslims, perhaps for the first time in his career. Let us now see whether he or the other MCA leaders will pursue these important issues that are dear to the hearts of many worshippers in this great country.

    However, a speech will remain a mere speech unless it is followed up by committed action. He certainly has stolen the thunder from the opposition while BN and PR were entangled in a war of words.

    If MPs like OKT can continue to stand up for the people regardless of partisan political affiliations, my prediction for Malaysia in the next six months is that we will have a new era of political language. And the Rakyat and God will be the judge as to whether these reformist impulses are sincere and effective in protecting citizens from unjust laws and a unfair judiciary.

    Whether OKT survives a leadership crisis in MCA is irrelevant. “Dear parliamentarians, the whole world is watching what you say, what you decide to do and what you will actually do. Not only for your constituents but also for the silent minority”

    The best line from the new cartoon film Horton is: “A person is a person, no matter how small.” Can Malaysia live up to the principle of equal rights for all citizens or are some persons more important than others because of their colour, their politics or their religion?

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