Photo: A very rush handshake.

Altantuya’s dad, Stev Shariibuu, was in Parliament today. He waited half a day to meet with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Tun Razak.

He did manage to meet Abdullah after lunch at the Parliament entrance. Shariibuu was about to leave when Abdullah emerged. The dad went straight to meet him and shook his hands. He said he was Shariibuu from Mongolia.

A surprised Abdullah said “Hello. How are you?”

Before Shariibuu could reply, Abdullah walked away towards the staircase that led to the lobby. To be fair, he was rushing to attend the afternoon session of the swearing in ceremony of the new MPs.

But I felt the least he could is exchange some words and perhaps utter offer a few words of condolences to Shariibuu for the lost of his daughter. But alas! (Added on 7 May – it’s not so much about offering condolences for the death of a foreigner, but more of a courtesy and humane attitude as a true Malaysian!)

After him, Shariibuu waited for Najib, but the later was no where to be seen. We heard he had left the premises as soon as he finish lunch, in a different direction.

However, a few minutes later, to everyone’s surprise, Khairy Jamaluddin, Abdullah’s son-in-law emerged.

Shariibuu managed to shake hands with him. He introduced himself again. Khairy replied “I know”.

Then Shariibuu told him that he was waiting to see Abdullah, to which Khairy reply “Oh, really”.

He later told Shariibuu he was attending a meeting and would catch up with him later.

After Khairy, Shariibuu was again waiting for Najib. Oh, Najib, where are you?

Famous blogger and MP for Jelutong says “Najib looks tensed“, compared to (his) “cool cucumber” looking boss, Abdullah.

Ps. Shariibuu’s lawyer Karpal Singh said he had informed Abdullah that Shariibuu had waited to meet him. The PM replied that he was VERY busy.

What a shame!

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  1. rickyliow says:

    ….and i believe that we must be friendly, warm and ever smiling to tourists to Malaysia, kan?

    Whatever happen to the well renowed Mlaysia’s warm and friendly hospitality?

  2. sofiairdina says:

    Darn, I am surprised Mr Sharibuu made it that far. Without paying the toll?

    Sorry Mr Sharibuu. If its of any consolation, we are ashame of him too and would not stop you if you want to bring him back to Mongolia.

    And aaah… you heard about kj too? Atleast you managed to shake the hand of the right pm.

  3. Ab.R says:

    It is un-Islamic to leave someone who has greeted you unless he suggests so, so Abdullah’s purported Islam Hadhari is fake and evil. You need to return the greetings, exchange few words at least, and if you are busy, say “I’m busy…let’s meet later…(etc)”. But look at this man? My heart pleads for Dr. Shaariibu, I swear. It is heartrending.

    For Najis, I think his informers told him about the presence of Dr. Shaariibu and he slipped through the backfoor. You will be haunted.

  4. Jong says:

    Let me make a wild guess what Mr Snoozer told Dr Shaariibuu:

    “Sorly, I was too busy to reply you, nearly lost my pants after the General Election”

  5. Malaysian says:

    Me thinks these people caught unawares got some information/persons to hide. Why else run off to meeting without a few more polite words. Unless they are blur about the case, which is impossible. No words of sympathy, no condolences, no words of encouragement … very strange behaviour, no? A true leader of a nation would have uttered something diplomatic at the very least! Busy? What a poor excuse, even a kid can come up with something more decent to say. Shame, shame.

  6. Najid Panic says:

    Najid? Where are you? Your new father-in-law is looking for you. There is no need to be shy…….it’s your new dad!!! Come out and meet him and act like a man. How are you going to be the new PM if you escape through the back door??????? Who’s going to respect you in future??

  7. hutchrun says:

    Shaaribu was luckier than the hindraf girl with roses. All she got was acid rain from the BN Goon Squad.

    Najis must have rushed to the toilet and sweated it out despite the aircon on full blast.

  8. gooeyglobs says:

    This only tells us that Fear is haunting the guilty mind. The guilty one can run but cannot hide however, with one consolation, the long arm of the law seems to be getting shorter. To be afraid of one’s own shadow will subsequently overwhelm one’s sanity and the hallucination will haunt with the images of Altantuya. It will not be a surprise when someone says; smile, Altantuya is seen walking around in Parliament.

  9. Ong Ting Ting says:

    Najis, why did you run? Run fast to where? Go and meet Dr. Najis you know what happened. Go and tell him. Apologize like HisapmuDin.

    You lan but to where? You ontinue to lan also no use. The ghost and spirit of Altantuya is going to haunt you until you meet your Maker.

    After than, Altantuya will tell her Maker about you, Najis!!!. What are you going to do?

    Repent, resign and become a Monk. Chant daily Namyohoringequo. Better recite the sanskrit mantra.

    Otherwise, become a padri, a ulama, and practice Islam Harihari ?

  10. POR-CHI LIAO says:

    Hehehe……now Najis is facing the cause and effect of his karma. Running and escape through back door? What kind of DPM is this??? This proof one thing……you anticipated in the murder of this innocent girl and you are scared like hell! GUILTY!!! YOU ARE SA-RIA-POR-CHI now!
    How’s it felt to be running like dog? Dr is here to see some sample of your C4 and probably he’ll buy from you…….got new bussiness mah……. Why run? Why you so kiasi?? Najis, for your info, they said some part of Mongolia, there are still cannibal eating human, u know ah? What a Joker we have here!!!!

  11. Ab.R says:

    I have earlier wrote:

    “For Najis, I think his informers told him about the presence of Dr. Shaariibu and he slipped through the backdoor. You will be haunted.”

    Well, this is what Malaysiakini wrote:

    Shaariibuu had hoped to personally deliver the letter to both Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak.

    However, after close to a four-hour wait, Shaariibuu failed to hand over the letter to Najib – who has repeatedly denied his involvement in the case. The deputy premier left the House in a different direction from where Shaariibuu was waiting.

  12. caravanserai says:

    The Mongolian shadow
    She spreads it wide for her vengeance
    She can’t rest in peace knowing how she died
    Without saying goodbye to her children
    Families and close friends

    The greed of money
    The corruption dwells in the mind
    An innocent woman died
    In the land she hardly knew

    When her father tried
    What did the government do?
    Delaying trial giving lame excuses
    Just so the guilty can find time
    To think on their next plot
    How to escape the noose?

    In Parliament House
    The father went to see
    The sleeping beauty didn’t offer words of encouragement
    He quickly made his exit citing he was busy
    Didn’t he know this man travel long distance to come here?
    Lost his daughter in a horrible death blown to pieces?
    It is sad to see this behavior of our country’s PM

    The 2nd in command dared not appear
    How convenient to escape the encounter?
    Knowing eyes can’t fool
    He escaped out through the back door

    The cracks in BN
    The writing is on the wall
    It is time made them feel the pain
    Of their arrogance, corruption and deceit

    The wind of subtle changing
    It is blowing gaining momentum
    In silence across seas
    In the cities capturing the imagination
    Something is going to happen
    Then the people can sing

  13. angry malaysian says:

    Tis is the leaders of Malaysia!!!!
    Run away from a sad father who lost his daughter…
    ” Good job “, man!!!

  14. Harrison says:

    dear Susan and all,

    Please do not bother about whether Mr. Sharibuu successfully meet with the PM, DPM. If the meetings did occurred in a positive signs and promising words
    confided in Setev that “Justice will be uphold” but the outcome of the trial, all the defendants were exonerated, does this “positive” meetings mean anything to anyone?

    However, Mr. Sharibuu surely has something “important” or new/ old evidences that are deliberately neglected by the trail Judge. You can count on that!

  15. raj raman says:


    We Malaysian ashamed to the trauma you are going throu.
    This is the true colors of our leaders, and as a Malaysian we are very very sorry the way they threated you.

    Mongolia is not a powerfull country like USA,so your voice of the people will never carry any weight in our justice system.We have a leader with no moral obligation.

    Raj raman.someone had to ask forgiveness due to our leaders still not listening to your trauma cause by some moron in my country.

  16. wong says:

    Shame on PM and DPM

  17. shah says:

    Run Najb Run. Run from stalker run.

    sdapted fom “King & I “

  18. azisirikit says:

    If this is true, the BN people should be proud of their PM and their pm and their DPM. I am also proud to be a Malaiseean. Mr. Sharibuu, please produce or get all the evidence and produce it to the court. If you cant get thru, see the opposition party for help. Me and all my friends are behind you.

  19. Pegasus says:

    Mr.Setev,we Malaysian are ashamed to have a weak PM and a DPM who have no balls.Najis is too afraid to see you in person as he is running scared of what may take place. We hope you have enough evidence to bring him to court and charge him. Forget about the PM, he is a rotten banana waiting to be thrown away, he doesn’t know what hit him and what he is doing the last 4 years. We are behind you and we sincerely hope justices will prevail. Najis –Jangan Pandang Belakang !,Hope Altantuya gets you !

  20. victor says:


    As an ordinary Malaysian, i am deeply sadden for the loss of your daughter in Malaysia. The difficulty you face in this country in search of “JUSTICE” for your love one and all these artificial barriers place in front of you is no reflection of many fair minded Malaysians, what you’re dealing is the “corrupt power” in the judiciary and executive branch of governmnet, please believe that majority of Malaysians are praying that the ultimate justice will be served on your daughter killers so she can rest in peace.

  21. Joshua says:

    If that’s the way you treat a foreigner, you will reap the same treatment. Just you wait.

  22. La Cha Mau says:

    Aiseh Latin Losma, if I were you I would never allow my hubby to drive and look in the rearview mirror. Who knows what you might see….the exact nano second of the C4 explosion or perhaps the drilling of your hubby’s dicko in the Mongo’s arso. No worry Latin Losma, you no have to wait veli long cos the Mongols are coming. You just may find slimy maggots covered with spikes and blood oozing out of your olifices. You no wait long Losma, no wait long I promise….

  23. Payback Time says:

    What!! that 1987 keris raising racist guy lost his balls and did a “houdini” The spirit of Altantuya is very restless as she try to gather her remains which has been C4 into pieces..i can feel her pain..the keris is a noble has direct consequences to the person who misused it.The only escape now is to do a “hara kiri”. The karma is working

  24. zleong says:

    The world is know that now we Malaysian are proud with our Mongolian son in law.

    BTW our leaders should be friendly and diplomatic.

    anyway Who is Nazip Lasak. ? can somebody get him attend to court and tell the “kisah benar”

  25. JJ007 says:

    l think the best way is to break diplomatic relationship between Mongolia/Malaysia as mentioned earlier,will see what Bodowi can do abt it !
    Put true court trail & judgement into this case ? or let other countries laugh abt it ? Afterall M’sia has not much of interest involved in Mongolia,the Mongolian President will wait n see how things go……………

  26. zleong says:

    this message is specially to someone:

    ” Eh, badul, you can run away for awhile, for a moment, for one hour, for one day, for one week, for one months, for one year…… but you cant run away for whole life, you cant run away from hanging rope. ”

    “Ms Atantuya is waiting for you, You are going there very soon, very soon….. go to Ulanbatul, ”

    ‘” I will be right here waiting for you… waiting for you….”
    Richard Mark singing song for you.

  27. zleong says:

    yes, correct, correct, correct correct, correct

    Bodohwi is useless, shameless, hairless,…….

    now evi malaysian are waiting for New Malaysia, with new system and ………correct, correct, correct.

  28. zleong says:


  29. zleong says:

    WEF now, all parents should keep their young daughters and all anak anak dara to hide , at home, or hide at anywhwre also can, dont attend any function to avoid hint by special spy, if not maybe one day they will missing and found dead and bombed by ” Fire SEEFOUR ”

    ” Fire SEEFOUR” is a new magic , once you bombed by ” Fire SEEFOUR ” , you only got oneway ticket travel to Mongolia only.
    BTW you can attend Beijing Olimpic games also.

  30. zleong says:

    ” apa khabar, apak mentua, aku akan tunaikan janji seperti yang ku janjikan kepada Tuya malam semalam”

    ‘ Aku dah berjumpa Tuya semasa ku mimpi kerana rindukan dia sangat”

    ” mungkin aku akan insaf, tengoklah macam mana rumah hakim meeting dulu lain bulan lah.”

    ” minta apak mentua cakap sama Tuya baliklah kampung, jauh jauh pergi. jangan selalu datang masuk mimpi saya, apak mentua tengok aku sangat risau sejak tahun dulu sampai aku gugur banyak rambut, rambut ku banyyak jadi putih, tengok Bodowi lagi segar dari aku sungguhpun dia hari hari siang siang pun tidur.”


  31. Where is Malaysia’s international public relations
    When we treat foreign visitors with such restrictions
    How can we ever really be a good host
    When we run away like seeing a ghost

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 290408
    Tue. 29th April 2008.

  32. cpwaterman says:

    ‘A surprised Abdullah said “Hello. How are you?”

    Before Shariibuu could reply, Abdullah walked away’
    Dr shariibuu’s daughter was blown to pieces in your country and your fellow high power personnel are now on trial for murder and as PM of the country, for crying out loud, what kind of a greeting was that to the victim’s father ?
    You can’t blame the general public for suspecting that people high up in the government is/are involved in the murder and PM knows the turth.

  33. Where is Malaysia’s international public relations
    When we don’t treat our foreign visitors properly
    How can we ever be a good friendly host
    Running scared like seeing a real ghost

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 290408
    29th April 2008.

  34. ktemoc says:

    I am going to be controversial here. I am not sure in which country the PM would be obligated to talk with the father of a murdered victim. Why would we expect our nation’s PM (even if he is UMNO) to do that?

  35. dodgy inc says:

    This shows the true colour of Top Leadership our country possessed.

    Not able to offer any consolation to the father of a murdered victim, instead he chooses to play hide and seek in Parliament House.

    Good in enjoying himself when the country was battling major floods.

    Dozing thru’ much of his premiership when his country was facing with high crimes.

    Profiting from the taxpayers’ expense and calls it his birth right.

    Justice means covering up his own ass.

  36. dodgy inc says:

    I would prefer to re-phrase “ktemoc” sentences as follows:

    “I am going to be controversial here. I am not sure in which country the MURDERER would be obligated to talk with the father of a murdered victim. Why would we expect our nation’s MURDERER (even if he is SON OF MASS MURDERER OF MAY13, 1969) to do that?”

  37. Mai Au Thom says:

    Actually itis not too late to say your are sorry.The person you have offended will always think of the wrongs we have done . Just can’t run away for we are God’s creature with conscience ;lest we forget in God we trust will see all our hideous ways. Using a quote from somewhere -Says when we pray God Hears and if we don’t God also hears.So Dr.sharibuu must have been praying for justice and hosts of matters, Let us pray for God peace be upon this man

  38. Raymond Chand says:

    KUALA LUMPUR: Mongolian Dr Setev Shaariibuu has found new evidence in connection with his daughter’s murder trial and he will reveal it when “the time is right”.

    Dr Shaariibuu said he was frustrated with the slow process of the trial.

    “The authority has confirmed the DNA (belonged to his daughter Altantuya Shaariibuu) but why is there still no response?” Dr Shaariibuu asked reporters at the Parliament lobby during the swearing-in of MPs yesterday.

    In case “ktemoc” and the ilk jump the gun on “time is right” it will probably be after the judgement comes out in the current trial.

  39. UMNO Pekan says:

    How to see vintim’s father eye to eye when culprits are protected by him? I wonder how some people can sleep.

  40. freewave says:

    He did not even dare to shake Shariibuu’s hand?

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  42. kittykat46 says:

    Well, ktemoc, in most countries with an independent judiciary, the PM has little or nothing to do with any on-going court case. So no point for the father of a murder victim to talk to him.

    In this Bolehland case, both the father of the victim, and a pretty significant part of Bolehland’s population believes the PM (and especially his Deputy ) have a lot of to do either directly or indirectly with the conduct of the case.

    Maybe we (the conspiracy theorists) are all wrong, but the PM should consider our views.

    Makkal Sakthi !

  43. jon rambo says:

    bodowi,najis n bangkhai…life oways give u back what u give out…so be prepared k…

  44. Devan says:

    Our Belove PM says ….work with me not for me….then later he says I have big ears! For him to listen.
    But NO TIME to just stop and hear what he wanted to say.!!!!!
    Well Najib ran off to the toilet and started purging…he didnt want to see his Father in Law!

  45. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Oh I see, begitunya layanan di beri oleh PM Badawi kita kepada our visitor. At least show sikitlah simpati. Mana motto asal yang di beri dan dicadangkannya dan ditunjuk ajarnya kepada rakyat Malaysia terhadap visitor asing?

    As for our next eligible PM, where didyou go???

    Unveil the truthlah, show some bravery to show up atleast instead of covering with all the weapons you have…..

    I wonder if more advance weapons can really blast out ghost haunting?

  46. Raymond Chand says:

    What? Parliament must be haunted with the ghosts of those cows and goats that were slaughtered there. Badawi`s Bloody Parliament.

  47. Too sick says:

    Najis…how long can he play hide and seek ? This coward is so guilty that
    it is written on his face. Can’t imagine another PM who is a blaster.
    God save Malaysia…..

  48. Harrison says:

    kittykat46 Says:
    April 29, 2008 at 9:22 am

    Kittykat, The primary importance is the outcome of the verdict as I had to rehash my earlier post.

    But, having witness of the enthusiasm of Setev in attempted to meet the PM/DPM and to be heard in Parliament, he has some crucial things to tell/ expose. It need not to be an intelligent person to figure that out. :/

  49. Anne says:

    Shameful country and shameful leaders

    Third World Leaders and third world mentality

    May all the new Opppostion MPs (our last hope) and God save us! All other Morons have no respect, dignity and credibility

    Anwar take over fast and teach these hooligans

  50. dodgy inc says:

    Ripleys and Believe It or Not!

    In a faraway place call the BolehLand,

    It is found that some of its populaces still living like “Khairy” primate,

    Its Education Minister was allowed to blandish his “Keris” while asking for blood of other races and

    The most interesting of all is that its Top Leadership has nothing better to do other than playing hide and seek in its own Parliament House.

    How amazing isn’t it?

  51. […] was shaking my head when I read this post in Susan’s blog. And I’m still shaking my head […]

  52. Foreign Quiz says:

    I am suprised he got as far as he did, however, I think there should have been a more appropriate way to part ways.

  53. David says:

    For every action done, there is consequence.
    Edison said that!
    Wonder what will happen next???

  54. hutchrun says:

    `Wonder what will happen next???`

    Badawi`s lights will go out?

  55. wa wa says:

    i think that the delagate shall also visit the AG office and Ministry of Juctice, with the delegation of opposition MPs. this is a matter of Justice shall not be delayed. the justice system need to speed out the cases without waiting for their “political master” to give order.
    now the whole country talking about the indepedent of Judiciary. so am sure the AG and the Judge can make better judgement now.

    Ya maybe the Bar Council shall be part of it to support this cause.

    actually it is waste of time to chase the PM and DPM.
    since we are callin for indepedent judiciary. thats why they are “running away”, as theu are respecting the judiciary.
    right? hahaha

    anyway, another option is to bring the case to Agung.
    our Agung is better person that the politician, am sure about it. ;-0

    wa wa

  56. Teh Ta Rik says:

    i wanted to see Badawi and Najib too. The subject about why didn’t they built the second bridge next to exixtig causeway. From boleh to bodoh. Supertrain from Singpore to KL? They

  57. whispering9 says:

    ‘Why would we expect our nation’s PM (even if he is UMNO) to do that?’

    Hahahaha…look like our PM cannot claim ‘The Buck Stops Here’. I am glad that RPK is also calling for justice to serve.

  58. Teh Ta Rik says:

    These people are really dreamers that never wake up. If Mahathir cant deal with Singapore, wat make them think they can. i will watch from now till they got kick out of paliament, what can they acheive. However Anwar and the oppositions are preparing Multi-racial nasi lemak with pork for Malaysians to swallow.

  59. khairulnizambakeri says:

    Well, is he THAT busy before this?

  60. Kambing Soup says:

    Pig farming is an insult to Islam. This is a racial issue against Malays. i hope Badawi and Najib can put a stop to all those responsible before it is too late.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kambing Soup
    Have a look at this link. Please be open minded.

  62. cool eyes says:

    siapa ni cakap pasal saya……I swear…..I am not purposely away from my new father in law…..just i am busy that time and i didn’t see him….he meet up my boss? Oh..KJ too? great, i dare them won’;t say anything about me. cause they need my help to strengthern their position. who care?hahahah….

  63. David says:

    Remembered once I went to the hari raya open house in PWTC.
    Those two bigots (AB and Najib) would look the other way while they shake hands with us.
    What a manners!
    I wonder if it’s a tradition or culture of Umno?

  64. Harrison says:

    Kambing Soup Says:
    April 29, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    Pig farming is an insult to Islam. This is a racial issue against Malays. i hope Badawi and Najib can put a stop to all those responsible before it is too late.


  65. Harrison says:


  66. Edi神 says:

    Najib must has craw back to the very hole that he come out from!

    Badawi… asshole scare ah!

    KJ did a good job!

  67. David says:

    I think the only way to handle Altantuya’s case fairly is to bring it to the international court of law.
    Otherwise, Mr Stev Sharibbu will have to wait for the opposition to takes over the government.
    Why not consider joining in as well ‘cos your testimony will do good for the opposition in the next GE.
    May Altantuya rest in peace!

  68. Ronin says:

    why didnt shaaribu snr wait to see najib? thank god for the juidicial commision.

  69. kai says:

    “Harrison Says:
    April 29, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    Hey Harrison, may I ask you where are your from??

  70. chaptokam says:

    It just goes to show that Najib is indeed GUILTY from his body language . If you have nothing to hide , at least have the courtesy to meet the man who has come all the way from Mongolia and who has lost her daughter here . Najib I pronounce you GUILTY as charged . I guess PM avoiding him as he can’t afford to go thru a by election and an inploding UMNO or exploding UMNO whichever suits the situation .

  71. sofiairdina says:

    Ouch, Soup Kambing…. first of all you are at the wrong forum and you have a very distorted personal opinion on Islam. I hope it is your religion and you know what you are talking about.

    Somehow you got yourself confused between kj, badawi, najib and pig farming. Its ok. Its confusing and personally, I cant really tell too.

    Hei harrison, give him a break lah…

  72. hutchrun says:

    Ularmak Say Badawi Bodoh:

    To make a long story short, the body-snatching will continue. The JAKIM boss Datuk Wan Mohamed Sheikh Abdul Aziz says it is up to the individual to decide if and when he wants to inform his family members. In other words, status quo lah. Not surprisingly, this is also what the PAS folks are saying. Datuk Nik Aziz also said there was no need for an intending convert to tell anyone. To be fair then, there should be no need for Lina Joy to tell anyone or get anyone’s permission to convert to Christianity too.

    But what is more important is that even the ularmak are openly contradicting Badawi, and these are Gomen ularmak whose salaries are paid by the Gomen. It simply shows how little respect the Civil Service has for the Prime Minister. Rest assured that no action will be taken against the Ketua Pengarah of JAKIM Datuk Wan Mohamed Sheikh Abdul Aziz.

    The Gomen is now powerless and just floating. There is absolutely no respect for the Prime Minister anymore, even when he says something that is practical (which is a rare occurence). Even the ularmak bodoh are speaking up against Bodowi.

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  74. See Our Useless Leader says:

    From Mahathir onwards (including himself) we see only fools running our country. It all started with Ma’thir who is a mamak, playing the mind of malays and making the malay merry-go-round. After that, he lay traps for all his deputies and force them to resign or sack them. Now, the present leader can’t cope with the messed Ma’thir has created because all of them are extremely weak! Remember Anwar? He is framed up by this old man. ABC interview all concerned and everybody know the truth color of this old man except the bn and umno goons!!! HELLO, WAKE UP! Najis running away using the back door yesterday. Do you all want this chicken (DPM) to be our next PM??

  75. whispering9 says:

    Sweet Iridina….your comment….hahahahahaha. LOL

  76. zleong says:

    reply to kambing soup:

    u so closed minded. former Selangor exco visited Holland pig farm showing his thumb say good good good.
    here is democracy country, be fair and respect to all.

    hopefully kambing soup not like Bodoh-dwi, KJ, Najis Laksa

  77. zleong says:

    wat did HisapPutin said?
    finally he apologize to Indian and Chinese but too late and not sincere since Barisan Najis ( BN ) totally lost and created marked, country guiness record.

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  79. billauchris says:

    Malaysians can do much better when coming to meting out
    their warm hospitality to visitors from overseas – be they tourists, acquaintances or strangers.

    From whatever that was described in the blog regarding the encounter between Altantuya’s father, Mr Shariibuu and our PM and Khiary at the Parliament House on 28 April, 2008, many would not stop questioning the two persons concerned where their courtesy and hospitality were. Have they conveniently forgotten them?

    If I were the PM and Khiary, I would definitely spend a few minutes talking to Mr Shariibuu and attempt to use a few words to commisserate with him for the frustration and inconveniences that he faced.

    Why should they hurry away? After all, they were not involved in the murder of Altantuya. They should take pride of the fact that a foreigner took the trouble and valuable time to visit the Parliament House with the intention of meeting with the PM and DPM.

    With their long experience in the Government and familiarity with the language of diplomacy, they could easily face Mr Shariibuu.

    As to why DPM disappeared from the scene, that you must ask him.

    Where is “Malaysia Boleh” when we cannot even exercise our communication skills.

  80. limkamput says:

    Sometimes I go to the site where Altantuya was blown to bits to pray for empat nombor ekor. Once I strike RM3,000.00!

  81. karensia says:

    shake hands? If shake hand can change the world. Let’s all start shaking hands.

  82. myop101 says:

    I am ashamed of these leaders.

    How am I to teach the young ones manners or compassion when those older than me don’t even bother to show them?

    Tsk, tsk…

  83. Abdurah Babi says:

    What a shame! Those Najis Babi should be swept and drained into the river!!! May God’s wrath will be with them. Amin.

  84. ah long says:

    If you were Najib’s lawyers what would you instruct him to do?

    You will tell him not to talk to anyone because he has the right to remain silent and anything that he say can be used against him.

    Fellows… all didn’t watch Clint Eastwood movies?

    Maybe Shariibuu should ask Najib “punk are you feeling lucky today?”

  85. cool eyes says:

    pig farming is insult Islam, so we cannot eat….cannot sell or rear.
    kill or eat cow during hari haji is insult Hindu, so we cannot eat….cannot sell or rear.
    kill or eat all type of life form, is insult Buddha, so we cannot eat….cannot sell or rear.
    ah haa…….what else can eat? i think all of us got to eat grass…..

  86. fred says:

    Yang Very Berhorny,”: Hey i;m sorry our special forces blasted your daughter’s body into pieces. I told them only to dump her. Miscommunicated. “

  87. hutchrun says:

    `i think all of us got to eat grass…..`

    They say Johore got plenty good stuff.

  88. Edi神 says:

    I hope next time Mr.sharibu brings along C4 and show it to NAJIss how to use it in the parliment!


  89. hutchrun says:

    Najis did better:

    But bloodshed equivalent to sacrificing six cows and ten goats was splashed in the compound of the solemn Parliament House on July 10, just to celebrate the recent wedding of Abdullah and Jeanne.

    It’s a precedent in the 50-year nationhood since Merdeka. But we can’t really say whether it’s a good or bad omen for this country. Only time will tell.

  90. wits0 says:

    Hutch: “..Only time will tell.”

    I have a pretty good idea. I’m sure many others too share the same.

  91. hutchrun says:

    Najib looks tensed

    Yesterday, when the Agong was about to deliver the Royal Address in the House, a letter of appeal from the Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs was circulated to all Members of the Parliament.

    The minister, S. Oyun, said the government of Mongolia, in accordance with its objective to protect the legitimate rights of its citizen abroad, is following “this severe criminal case with particular attention from its early occurence and along the legal procedures”. By the letter to all Malaysian MPs, the minister again appealed to us to “continue observing this case and insure the court procedures to be fair and free from any political influence”.

  92. kittykat46 says:

    Najib looks really, really glum these days.
    Even on rare occasions when he smiles in public, it looks positively funereal.

    Are you OK, Najib ?

    Life isn’t meant to be so gloomy, you know.

  93. wits0 says:

    Years ago, I think, in a televised umno meet when both Badawi and Najib were vying for the DPM post during Mahathir’s time, Najib didn’t look too happy coz he knew he wasn’t being chosen.

    Here’s a guy who clearly can’t fake it. Jeff has to be right about it.

  94. A Girl says:

    Where’s najib by the way? Haunted by “something” maybe, and went out through the back door…jgn kene kejar dek hantu dh la..hehehe

  95. hutchrun says:

    Hey anyone remember that old TV comedy “RUN BUDDY RUN”:

    Here’s Buddy Overstreet — he’s wanted by the head of the most powerful crime Syndicate in the country. In the steamroom, Buddy overheard their vital secrets, and the mysterious words “Chicken Little.” Now he knows too much. These are the orders given to all members of the Syndicate from one end of the country to the other (closeup of Mr. Devere): “Get him! Get him!! Get him!!!”

  96. dodgy inc says:

    The Erected Representative of Pekan’s Constituent,

    Yang Amat BerHorny Naji-Rosak, so no-balls that his press secretary has to made a press statements on his hehalf,

    The message,

    “Wait till my balls re-appear, I’ll C4 all of you.”

  97. Tengku Jaafar B Mohd says:






  98. albert1951 says:

    Well,I am tired and need to go to bed right now.

  99. Steven Lau says:

    Dear Ms Loone,

    After reading an article in the Asia Sentinel, I was directed to your website. I was looking forward to reading your material but I gave up after one minute because the black background of your page makes for very difficult reading. Would it be possible for you to re-design your web page to make it more reader-friendly? I can assure you I would readily come back to read your interesting reports.


  100. Lea Cruz says:

    As always, I was wondering at present whether Malaysia has any capable & better person to choose, to act as our leader, a righteous one to represent us, our country. Years after years, seems like no one at all. Fed up with those hypocrite leaders. We are all blind to elect them.

    “Hello, how are you?” Is that all you could say to a foreigner father whose daughter was brutally murdered with C4 in our country? Do you know how serious this crime is? This cruel murder using C4 blown up a person is 1st of its kind in this world. Your voice is representing us as our PM. The PM’s attitude towards the victim’s father really put me off. He is representing our Malaysia, such an attitude is not permitted at all!!! Get lost!!

  101. maybe says:

    ummm.. i guess maybe something happened between najis and his wife.. maybe najis wife jelous becouse najis crazy about altantuya, so she hire someone to put c4 on altantuya body..

    whos know? only god will know the true..

  102. Count_Dooku says:

    altantuya is a bitch, and need to be blown from the face of the earth

  103. amy says:

    i wish arzak one day….die really badly ……god always khow true…

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