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The “emotional” press conference on 24 April (Thursday).

In the photo (left to right) was Shariibuu’s lawyer and NGO representative Munkhsaruul Mijiddorj (aka Muggii), Stev Shariibuu, PKR President and Opposition leader in Parliament Wan Azizah, Lawyer and PKR’s Vice President R Sivarasah (MP for Petaling Jaya). Also present were PKR deputy president Syed Husin and vice-president Tian Chua (MP for Batu). They were not in the photos.

As an Opposition MP/ leader in Parliament, it is in Azizah’s hands to take up these issues in Parliament when it sits on April 28. We have 82 MPs in Parliament now, surely many questions can be asked to make this trial speedy. Questions that can only be raised in Parliament.

1. Who ordered Altantuya’s killing?

2. Who ordered the explosives that killed Altantuya?

3. Was she dead or alive before she was blown to smitherns?

These are some of the querries for now. And I will never tire of asking them AGAIN and AGAIN till we get some answers.

Contrary to what some detractors say, this trial is not only about a single woman, it is about international relations, performance of the court and judges, and the question of our basic human rights – right to free and fair trial. What becomes of us, if we were to undergo the same madness? Can we put our feet in Shariibuu’s shoes for a moment?

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s “judicial reform” would come to naught if he doesnt deal with this one. What do you mean we have to delay the trial because the trial judge Mohd Zaki has too much on his hands? You mean there is only one trial judge in the whole of Shah Alam?

This is clearly an administrative matter, not even a question of fair trial or justice yet!

In a way, the two (Shariibuu and Azizah) can emphatise with each other over the shenanigans of the court house.

“Ala…Susan, tak kan you tak tau…remember Brother Anwar’s trial? They make us rush to court only to be told some story…?” she shared when I spoke to her on Wednesday.

Azizah, too, had experienced immense pain when her husband Anwar was sack from his deputy prime minister’s post in 1998 and later stood on trial for sodomy and corruption. You’ve got to be in it to know how it feels. Anwar was blown to bits, but not by explosives. Altantuya was. Anwar is alive and kicking, but where is Altantuya?

Above, Muggii is speaking on behalf of 46 women and children NGOs in Mongolia. Not only will the campaigners for Altantuya’s justice in Ulanbaator raise this issue at the International level if the case goes awry in this land but Mongolia is said to ‘sever’ its ties with Malaysia if the verdict is unfair.

Altantuya died on our land. But it seems we are rather silent here on the NGO front. It is not that the Mongolian NGOs have not reached out? Like I said earlier, this is NOT about Altantuya alone. The personal is political. Whatever affects a woman, especially the nature and on-goings of this case, affects all of us.

At the press conference, an issue that was raised by Shariibuu and Muggii was also the official letters sent by the Mongolian government to Malaysia (three of them in total!). Seems like they have been ignored by Abdullah as it was a PM to PM communication.

Let us ask Abdullah – have you seen the letter and what have you done with it? Are they lying unopened on your desk while you are trying to get over your losses in the last general elections. or, have they indeed been opened but you decide not to care about it?

We are being viewed as arrogant by the Indonesians, Thais, Singaporeans, as well as by many of our neighbours. Now, we add to this list the Mongolians. How indecent and irresponsible of the PM and his Foreign Minister for not even acknowledging the receipt of letters from their Mongolian counterparts. Who are we protecting? (Malaysia-Today)

As you can see, loads of reporters, interest of the case lingers, but can they report the truth? Shariibuu’s “outburst” caught their attention, so was Mongolia’s threat to ‘sever’ the ties that bind. The second claim had shocked even the Mongolian Consul in Malaysia, Dato’ Abdul Rahman. “It’s not official,” he says.

Was the STAR among the journalists present there? It seems they did not carry news about this press event but went ahead to interview Abdul Rahman and publish his statement, which appeared in the Nation section, page 12. Afraid of displeasing the business community?

Writer-activist-film maker Hishamuddin Rais (who was present at the press event) with his new book on Altantuya: Keganasan, Penipuan & Internet (Violence, Lies and Internet). Hisham will launch this book on May 1, in conjunction with Press Freedom month, at Bau Bau Cafe, Annex Building, Central Market, KL.

I’ve got an autograph copy from him. But the book is NOT in my hands yet. Hahaha! Copies are scarce even before the official launch! Hisham, Hisham.

After the so-called “storming out of the press conference“, Shariibuu went upstairs to cool down. Hisham followed him, to give him comfort, and to accompany him smoke a cigarette. Here they are standing outside Anwar’s office. Although they could only communicate with sign language (Shariibuu speaks Russian but not English), Hisham managed to present to Shariibuu his book on Altantuya and the man was quite pleased with it. A smile breaks out on his face, and later he was appreciative. Thank you, Hisham.

Shariibuu meets a political analyst of a different kind – Khalid Jaafar, IKD, PKR’s Think-tank (right). The one standing on the right is Sim Tze Zin, Pulau Jerejak state assembly person and Anwar’s Political Coordinator, and on his left his Yusmadi Yusoff, MP for Balik Pulau and Head of PKR’s International Bureau of Youth Movement.

Read also PRK’s (Malaysia-Today):

It is time for Malaysians to push this issue and not allow the murderers who walk in the corridors of power to get away with this vile and evil deed unscathed. It is time to ‘storm the Bastille’. It is time we sent these sorry excuses for human beings to hell where they deserve to be.

Just as many right thinking Malaysians, I am with you on this!

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  1. Anonymous says:


  2. wits0 says:

    A governance simply cannot be arrogant to its own populace for a long time without that arrogance overflowing abroad as well despite whatever specific PR and promotions such as that for tourism.

  3. Edi神 says:


    it will be very hard for him… when there are so many uncertainty and political motivated stuff…


    This gonna make msia look bad

  4. ktteokt says:

    The whole trial of the murder is a mockery and the biggest joke of the century. Why do you need 70+ witnesses for the case? What can these 70+ people tell the court? To know the truth, you need just two witnesses, i.e. the policewoman who escorted the deceased and the guy overseeing the arms department. The policewoman should surely know how the “criminal” she was escorting had died, how her body was being “taken care” of and so on, and the guy in the arms department should keep proper records of the explosive used for blowing up the body, how much was bought, how much used, who has taken it and when it was taken out. But look at what answers he provided the court, “I was careless” and he got away scot-free.

  5. ktteokt says:

    PS. The answers to my questions would have answered two of Azizah’s questions she intends to pose in Parliament.

  6. nmjg says:

    I believe all MALAYSIANS have been humiliated by the cold blooded murder of Mongolian woman. The murderers have tarnished our country’s image. It is high time for our new minister ,ZAID to spring into action, by reforming the AG Charmers and the Judiciary, to prove to the world that we are, indeed impartial in punishing the murderers, irrespective of their status, positions held and connection.with the powers-to-be. To all those up there in the judiciary, especially the Chief Judge and Minister, Mr. Zaid, this is the golden chance for all of you to show that we are still one of the best among the Commonwealth members who withhold the legacy of law inherited from our colonial master. As for AG charmers, it is high time for a total change of image before another round of bashing from the RAKYAT comes in. Please act fast with total impartiality, we count on you, dear Mr.Zaid and Chief Judge. As for the AG Charmbers, sorry to say, throughout the years, it’s a real let down to all the Malaysians. Pathetic.

  7. wa wa says:

    I agred with susan loone’s statement that this case is not “personal” case. Of course it is long story if we want to argue what is personal or not.

    However, many women activists all over the world will not agree this is “personal” matter:, am sure our women NGOs in Malaysia, The female MPs and menteri etc will not agred it, as many had supported the issue of “violence againist women “( single mother) campaign . Is not this can part of it??

    The parliment and the many states now are glad with many new women wakil rakyat, wish they will take up this case into the court- “violence aganist women” – and the issue of “free and fair trial”- a justice delay is not a justice, yet like another “murder” to the victim of the family.

    Malaysian governent indeed have no reason to be silenece-apologize to the family of the victim and also compensate/support the single mother’s kids.

  8. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    If the courts cannot close this trial, with the mounting evidences and the few key people who have access to C4, how about some many other less apparent cases?

    I think the courts, judges, policemen, ministers, prime minister are all substandard and needs to be replaced.

    No wonder Malaysia is going straight to the dogs.

  9. su says:

    This just makes me sad. So sad that I have nothing left to say.

  10. […] From her blog: Contrary to what some detractors say, this trial is not only about a single woman, it is about international relations, performance of the court and judges, and the question of our basic human rights – right to free and fair trial. What becomes of us, if we were to undergo the same madness? Can we put our feet in Shariibuu’s shoes for a moment? […]

  11. Mahathirism says:

    Friday, April 25, 2008
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    Here’s a chance to meet with our PM in waiting :-


    All supporters of Dato Mukhriz, let’s listen & give ideas to our leader. All of you are most welcome to see him during his talk organized by Sekretariat Melayu Muda. All the details, please browse our group announcement Sekretariat Melayu Muda in Facebook.

    TOPIC:”Malaysia Baru: Senario Politik Masakini”
    DATE:30th April 2008 (Wednesday)
    VENUE:Wisma Sejarah, Aras 2, Anjung Wisma Sejarah
    230, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400, Kuala Lumpur
    Posted by Mahathirism at Friday, April 25, 2008

  12. Friend of Shariibu says:

    Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell by RPK.

    1) So, it appears like Razak and the two police officers are not the only ones involved. Najib, Rosmah and Musa have also been implicated in this entire thing.

    2) This is about the Prime Minister of Malaysia withholding crucial evidence in a murder trial. Abdullah is an accessory to murder and burying evidence that will affect the outcome of the trial.

    Malaysia boleh!!!!

  13. hutchrun says:

    Yeah. Badawi should be subpoenaed and let him claim executive privelege.

  14. hutchrun says:

    OT but related:

    Madpet (Malaysians Against Death Penalty and Torture) is disappointed by the fact that the Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) made and pronounced conclusions about complaints about detention conditions and health care of an Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee in Kamunting Detention Centre without even meeting with the said P Uthayakumar.

    Suhakam should be wound up as it`s another eyewash for BN`s evil.

  15. If people want JUSTICE, be it raw, cooked, loose or packaged, probably there is a chance if PR rules parliament. Otherwise, “justice” will be served in either comedy or mockery. It isn’t time to rejoice yet.

  16. victor says:

    Why AG replaced a criminal prosecutor with a civil lawyer? Any one know .. it doesn’t make any sense to me as a student pursuing criminal law degree.
    Murder is suppose to be criminal case not civil case.. hard to understand what ‘s in the mind of the AG, why he want to do that.

  17. aishah says:

    I followed the trial for few days, but when few high ranking police officer giving statement as a witness and keep saying that he forgot this and that, i stopped reading and following the trial. It was really sickening to know that our high ranking police office has such a limited memories of a big case like this. Its totally show how corrupted our police force and how inefficient our police force is.

  18. Payback Time says:

    The truth is going to be very painful..nahjib wife gave order to get rid of this model..the rest is history..AAB has to covered so many his intregrity and conscience is haunting those who are invovle should now be praying very hard that no C4 is going to be planted at their doorstep..Karma is all now coming back

  19. hutchrun says:

    In a kidnapping matter I had to make a police report. Luckily for the victim the perps were caught. Next thing I knew, I was being hounded on the phone by the relatives of those caught. It was just lucky that I gave a different address or something else would have happened.

    Never trust cops.

  20. dodgy inc says:

    Victor@ read malaysia-today post to have some ideal why last minute changes in trail judge.

    This is extracted from malaysia-today web site-“Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell”

    “…..First concerns the Affidavit that Razak Baginda submitted to the court during his bail application hearing in the Shah Alam High Court. Justice Segera had initially cautioned Razak’s lawyer that there was no necessity in submitting an Affidavit since it was only a bail application hearing and, anyway, bail is not allowed in murder cases. But the lawyer insisted in pursuing the matter in spite of repeated warnings from the Judge. So the Judge had no choice but to accept the Affidavit as it is the right of the accused to defend himself/herself the way he/she sees fit.

    Justice Segera then read the Affidavit and remarked that, after reading it, he is even more convinced that Razak is guilty. How then to grant bail, notwithstanding the fact that bail should automatically be denied anyway in cases of murder? Justice Segera was then immediately removed from hearing the case and was replaced by a junior judicial commissioner.

    Note that Justice Segera is a senior Judge and the most suited to hear this very controversial and high-profile case. Was he removed because he had prejudged the case or because he was now privy to certain information that may influence his decision or because they want to ‘kill’ the Affidavit?…”

    Hope this is clear.

  21. dodgy inc says:

    victor@ Oops you are talking prosecutor, i’m talking trial judge. mistake

  22. dodgy inc says:

    Victor@ The replacement of trial judge and the prosecutor could be related.

    Both may have read the first Baginda’s affidavit

  23. Malaysian says:

    I was just a normal citizen, can’t help much, but i would like to apologize to Altantuya Families because of our inefficiency and may be some unknown factors and brought a big regret to them.

    And i hope all Malaysian can be united to against any unfair policy and corruption in our motherland irrespective race and religion.

    This event really ruin our images and become a international issue. I very disappointed with juridical system, i am not sure Pak Lah really intend to reform or earn more polity bullets.

  24. Muda says:

    Any member of the legal fraternity i.e. judiciary , AG Chambers , Bar Coincil , worth his / her salt could tell you that after Anwar Ibrahim’s trial , nothing is impossible in the Malaysian Judiciary and legal system.

  25. Eric says:

    Abdullah’s judicial reform is being tested. What a coincidence!
    If this case is handled fairly, it still doesn’t prove the judiciary is fair as it is such a high profile case with Mongolian PM intervention. We still should replace BN gov with PR. Else if this case is not handled fairly, forget BN and never trust it anymore. Replace it with for PR. Even if PR didn’t rule well, continue to support PR as BN already had 50 years, remember that! It is only fair if we give PR a 50 years rule before comparing it with BN.

  26. hutchrun says:

    “Wherever you see a man who gives someone else’s corruption, someone else’s prejudice as a reason for not taking action himself, you see a cog in The Machine that governs us.”

    And that`s exactly what`s wrong. The AG`s chambers are the biggest cogs in the system. In the Eric Chia case their so-called `investigations` at tax payer`s expense and trips to Japan, Hong Kong were thrown out simply for not following Rules Of Evidence.
    In Nallakaruppan`s case the current AG was trying tyo do a fix. He himself has a lot to answer for.

  27. wits0 says:

    In the beginning was infamy(remember Anwar’s case). Infamy was with the AG. And infamy was the AG.

    Nothing much is expected of Bad awi’s “judicial reform”.

  28. Hunk says:

    Altantuya’s life which was “taken out” sadistically is not about a woman’s life. Neither was it a Mongolian life nor a Malaysian life. But a human life. The Malaysian government owes the world the truth. If political relationships was severed because of this “smokes n mirrors’ and simply for the suckers masquarade, then again it is the government to be held fully responsible for this travesties.

    If Setev Sharibuu is this angry and Raja Petra was shedding tears, not only Susan, our heart, spirit, and soul stand by and for “Justice For Altantuya”.

    Susan, keep up the good work. For your detractors allegations of you being paid to run the Altantuya reportage with your investigative skills, they are either too naive, arrogance or merely jealous.

    Keep it up. Only courageous blogger like you will unflinchingly seek for the truth. If there is anything your readers can help, let us know. You have thousands of fans, but “300” loyal ones???

  29. Hunk says:

    Yes, the first step for Judicial reform is to sacked this very questionable AG, Abdul G. Patail, only then Judicial reform could be done far effectively.

  30. danielYKL says:

    If the accused were Ahmad, Ah Seng and Muthu, the trail would have been long over by now. And Ahmad, Ah Seng and Muthu would have been sentenced to death already. But no! They have to postpone it for whatever reason – heaven knows! Still taking about bomb fragments. One time they were talking about mobile phones and it took the weeks/months till the judge was also tired. This is really a joke only Made in Malaysia

  31. KJ 割粒假蟆赂丁 says:

    How many more dramas the AG and the police want to perform on the Judiciary Platforms of our beloved ountry? Anwar’s case, Lingam’s tape, Lockup’s Nude Photo etc, still not enough huh? The BN government has made the RAKYAT being publicly ridiculed through out the world, really disgusting. Pak Lah and Zaid have only one job to do,with immediate effect: Implement IPCMC, reform AG charmbers and Judiciary, make ACA totally independent and give them the power to prosecute those found guilty without the AG, abolish OSA, ISA and ensure total press freedom. Act now before all the BN top guns and cabinet members are remembered notoriously in the History Books of Malaysia, and this will bring shame to your family and ancestors forever. So do it for your own sake and for the RAKYAT before it is too late.

  32. caravanserai says:

    Atlantuya can wait
    Sitting on her chair sipping her drink
    Looking down at the culprits
    Thinking they can get away

    In spaces up in the Milky Way
    Nobody knows what is there
    You know I know Atlantuya crying
    Asking justice make it quick

    Internationally generated concerned
    On the slow trial moving in the court
    Malaysia’s Judiciary in everybody’s eyes
    Will it make the final cut then?

    Who are the players behind the storm?
    The runners never want to tell
    They want to stall the game
    Let it drags on until everybody forgets

    The whisper on the corridors
    The hide and seek game of politics
    Hard to tell; hard to believe
    Nobody dares to tell the truth

    As in X-file ‘the truth is out there’
    When conscious wakes the guilty
    Then the truth will come…….
    The whole world will know

  33. Noor Aza Othman says:

    I’m so sick of all the increasing brutal, especially sexual crimes towards women and children in this sorry nation-state! Due to the sadist-macho system as inculcated under Umno, producing sadist-macho male monsters and sexual perverts, locals or foreigners alike! Even policemen are not to protect us but can be the great evils of murderers and rapists themselves! No wonder many foreign nationals and increasingly younger generation of locals are also feeling free to sexually harass and violate women in this country since they could see what criminals the police are themselves! I could just imagine the unfortunate Altantuya’s great anguish, pain, helplessness and torture that she went through at that moment; thinking that she was safe with policemen but instead they’re worst than the normal devils!! Or all the female crime victims who never get any justice due to the corruption and evil system! That’s the point; this’s not just about individual cases but about the broader context of what is so wrong with the increasingly evil system that is producing such increasing number of evil sadist-macho monsters and sexual perverts in this country. Who have no respect for women’s rights, dignity, self-worth nor our lives!

    I’ve just written a letter to the PKR Selangor Exco for Women’s Affairs on this sorry state And shame on WAO and AWAM which have been silent on this case right from the beginning! I called WAO to join me in the protest at the Shah Alam court to show solidarity for Altantuya’s family during the beginning of the trial of which WAO refused, and also because I was so incensed that the VIP criminal’s family could protest to show support for him at court – if he wasn’t an UMno-connected VIP; do you think they will allow such protest? Fat chance; rakyat get arrested for voicing out peacefully and yet criminals VIP families can protest at court even! What bloody hypocriscy of Umno and the police force – that idiot Musa Hassan should resign if he has any dignity left in him! Also, iIt might have to do with having to compromise since the women’s orgs are partly subsidized with the ruling govt’s/Umno’s fund! That’s why we need new woman’s orgs that are completely independent from govt’s funding – it’s a deceitful move by the devious Umno to control NGOs in this sorry nation-state! I think it’s time we have a woman for PM such as Datin Seri Wan Azizah! And hopefully there will be a new dawn for women and children, in this sorry nation-state! Any woman who wants to join forces for more radically frank voices of women to be heard in this country, please get back to me at


  34. Klaw says:

    Mongolian PM should try using

  35. Malaysian says:

    Susan’s right, this case is not just about Altantuya, or about a Mongolian or about women. It’s a precedent to how murderer(s) will be tried in the courts of Malaysia. It’s a precedent to how victims – man, woman, child, Malaysians or any nationality, will find justice in our courts of law. It’s about how VIPs and VVIPs in this country are afforded ‘special treatment’ and about how our politicians are afforded ‘special immunity’ or cover ups whereas the average Joe are severely punished. It’s about many things beyond one woman (may she rest in peace). Let us all see how they serve Justice in this country.

  36. fariq says:

    everyone knows,the court must question our DPM for this murder,pak lah dont cover this story,you are talking about judicial reform,so lets do it

  37. tok guru from Pahang says:

    Najib is death meat and he knows too well Pak Lah is going to use this to make him stand with tail between his two legs. So Najib only hope to make use of the court for the “last” time before he can claim the crown.

    Unfortunately Altantuya’s God is very powerful so Najib is to remain death meat.

  38. Dr. Rosli says:

    I sent a letter to PM AAB highlighting unfair treatments against FELDA Sendayan settlers by the State Government of Negeri Sembiulan. I am still waiting for a reply. I don’t this one guy is in the habit of replying letters.

  39. Ab.R says:

    As long as Abdul Ghani Patail is present, you can forget about justice. As long as that man walks in the corridors of our courts, those of you who want to see justice will come to cry because Patail, a rogue and an ugly man man, will not allow that to happen. He is a hatchet man.

  40. Malaysian says:

    I hope this case will serve as a catalyst for many changes, hopefully good, to come. But having said that, I must admit I don’t have much faith in our entire system. This is the land where VIPs can molest and get away when the poor Aminah and Ah Beng gets rotan for khalwat. This is the land where top judges are sacked and little singing girls get Datukship. This is the land where murderers are protected while the innocent gets victimised. List goes on … but too sick and tired to go on. No wonder they call it Boleh Land.

  41. fariq says:

    BN will never change,there is no such thing as judicial reform,they have been stealing rakyats money for the past 50 years and they really enjoy it

  42. wits0 says:

    A real judicial reform means for BN, a curb on their rampant pillaging and entitlement to pillage. They cannot live with that or an erosion of their privileged elitism everywhere else.

  43. Ctizen Me says:

    Do not underestimate the Mongolians. They force the chinese to build The Great Wall of China. They may do the same to our judiciary system.

  44. justie says:

    Altantuya case. What about Canny Ong’s case. Can someone update me. Is the culprit convicted and hanged? I foresee that at the end of the Altantuya case, there would be as usual business, either culprit get scot free and someone else be blamed or the father of the victim would be paid off as a settlement. Just like the 6 judges, use money to kow tim (to settle) the father and case close and the “septic tank” would be freed and Najis name cleared. Surely-one lah. Where got justice in Boleh Land, one lah. Its Pak lah era, everything boleh lah, lah, lah. On the stage, talk justice but behind the stage walk bribery (short cut to justice).If Pak lah is serious in walking justice, then he must prove it by first putting TDM on trial for all his wrongdoings and robbing and gambling with our rakyat’s money. Is also TDM to blame for the Altantuya case as he did mention before that if his Ministers want to be promiscuous, do it overseas. So the “Bapa” already gave green light, his “anak anak” syiok-lah.. always go overseas trip… business cum pleasure.All these rotten VIPs are breeds of our TDM!

  45. toyolbuster says:

    Lets stop kidding ourselves. The trial ended before it began. The only way to bring this to justice is when we see a change of government in Malaysia and thus unchaining the judiciary to freedom. Failing which, we have to appeal to the international court of justice and charge those responsible, lock them up and throw the keys into shark infested deep sea, better still, chain them up in a busy central market in Mongolia.

  46. ktteokt says:

    These people housed within the Court in Shah Alam should live up to the banners hung at the Kuala Lumpur Courts Complex which say “BUAT KERJA”, but I wonder whether they really BUAT KERJA!

  47. fred says:

    Malaysia tentu boleh hide all the evidence to all murder and corruption cases. Badawi talk cock when he said he want to change the judiciary system. Who is he kidding? All MURDERERS got away nice and easy as long as they are rich and powerful. Malaysia Boleh! A disgrace. You shame our country Umno!

  48. Goldfinger says:

    Where got justice in Boleh Land, one lah! Stop kidding, Malaysia tentu boleh hide all the evidence.Its Pak lah era, everything boleh lah, lah, lah. On the stage, talk justice but behind the stage walk bribery (short cut to justice).If Pak lah is serious in walking justice, then he must prove it by first putting TDM on trial for all his wrongdoings and robbing and gambling with our rakyat’s money.ALL THIS ARE FACTS, so WHAT?? BN will never change,there is no such thing as judicial reform,they have been stealing rakyats money for the past 50 years and they really enjoy it. The only way to bring this to justice is when we see a change of government in Malaysia and ……..

    Posted by Vineeth Menon
    Saturday, 26 April 2008

  49. hutchrun says:

    Reintroducing the jury system in malaysia is not exactly a good idea. In interviews which have appeared with members of juries when the system existed, it transpired that members of a particular religion found it difificult to find guity their own religion minded persons particularly if the opposite side was of another religion.

    The jury system may be good if applied in other countries, but certainly not in m`sia.

  50. God of the Mongolian says:

    My prayer to Genghis & Kublai Khan that this UMNO system will be crashed. The ghost of the khan will hunt Najib and family down starting with the apology of his cousin Kerishamuddin for the keris drama and eventually their clan will be banished to work as ubi kayu farmers for 7 generation. Genghis Khan – he who must be obeyed.

  51. albert1951 says:

    u are my idol now and I wish to see your photo.I am truly admire u because to me,you are a talented blogger and a journalist.I have bookmarked your http and will read your comments before I go to bed.I think I have a crush on you because I am a person who admires intelligent lady.

  52. jazman says:

    Checkout this crazy blog Susan. http://fatkucing,

  53. FRB says:

    The court case and schedule had been agreed on a long time ago, this is not news (I wonder why Sharibuu didn’t bother to find that out before coming all the way to Malaysia … a bit poorly informed is Mr Sharibuu) –

    From DanielYKL: “If the accused were Ahmad, Ah Seng and Muthu, the tria would have been long over by now. And Ahmad, Ah Seng and Muthu would have been sentenced to death already.”
    Where are you from again? And more importantly, how did you come up with this little nugget? This trial is going at a faster rate compared to regular criminal court cases. And for those who don’t know (which I bet is the majority of people here), the original judge, Judge Segara (forgive any mispellings) only agreed to handle the case in March 2008 because he had too many cases to handle (this was in January 2007)! So one moment everyone comes up with ridiculous theories and slander because the Judge was replaced. And then the next Judge (who had time to handle this case) is too slow! What is that about? Who is benifitting from the slow pace of the trial?? Certainly not the accused!

    Please let’s please not portray Altantuya as a saint as it has long been established from the beginning that she definitely was NOT one (please be reminded that she came to Malaysia with the intention to blackmail and extort money and she also threatened the life of Razak Baginda’s daughter).

    Noor Aza Othman said “And shame on WAO and AWAM which have been silent on this case right from the beginning! ” … maybe those organisations don’t support women who blackmail and extort and who tell fishy stories and threaten the lives of innocents? But then again, I’m just speculating.

    Mongolia sever ties with Malaysia? Pfffffttt … last I checked Mongolia doesn’t even have an embassy in Malaysia. In fact, do we even have an ambassador or diplomat in Mongolia? I doubt it. I agree with Ah Long in

    It seems that to Sharibuu (and most readers here) that if the court rules that the 3 accused are acquitted, that means that it is ‘unfair’. How is that ‘fair’? You pass judgement before knowing the full story and worse still without knowing all the facts at hand. Any lawyers here wanna agree with that? What facts have you readers got to condemn and to judge? For these people, everything is based on hearsay and rumours and conspiracy theories! If you have been following the court case, there has been no proof that the three accused are guilty. Most readers here are so sorry and sympathetic to Sharibuu. But who is Sharibuu? Who can vouch for him? No one here that’s for sure.

    Those who know Razak Baginda vouch for him. No one who knows him personally has ever said a bad thing about him. He is a loyal patriot of Malaysia, has written and edited books, and has always spoke true and well of his country. He has always strived to improve his country. And now he is condemned and by his own countrymen!!

    I do not support the murder of Altantuya, but even more strongly, I know Abdul Razak Baginda is innocent of the charge. Please be reminded that he has been in gaol since 2006! He is not languishing in luxury. He has been taken away from his loved ones, his good name has been smeared. Lies and vicious rumours and fitnah and slander has been thrown at him and his family! And this is right? HE IS INNOCENT!!

    I pray the truth will be revealed and so far in the trial it has! There has been nothing to show that he is guilty! God willing the truth shall prevail.

    Please stop and think of the available facts at hand instead of believing all you read in blogs. If the blogger/commentor says something, research it first! Don’t just accept hearsay and worse still spread it!

  54. hutchrun says:

    `Please stop and think of the available facts at hand instead of believing all you read in blogs.`

    Stating the obvious isn`t it. What`s unsaid is that only the MSM and the BN Govt tell the truth. Like the AG:

    `I was shocked that Dato Gani even had the gall to make such a suggestion to me. He obviously does not know me. I do not approve of such extraction of evidence against ANYONE, not even, or should I say least of all, a beggar picked up off the streets. A man life, or for that matter even his freedom, is not a tool for prosecution agencies to use as a bargaining chip. No jurisprudential system will condone such an act.`

  55. Pictures of the day @ Forum Perdana @ Malawati Stadium

  56. amoker says:

    For me, i want justice for all involved. This involves the deceased and those who are in jail. If the crime is committed, the culprit need to bear with with consequences.

    Rowena, understand your thoughts in this. It is hard for you and your father. It is also tough on mr Sharibuu who lost his daughter. And the policeman on trial.

  57. nchantedCAT says:

    A woman was brutally murdered – that remains a fact. I am just a layman but even I am confused by how the court proceedings become more and more ‘circus like’ as the days go by.

  58. Robert Teh says:

    Whoever did this unforgivable act or had taken any part in the unfolding of this act, will (and I pray) have their souls burn in hell, when their day comes to meet their maker.

    Their burning in hell, if you can picture this – will only end when their suffering, symbolised by a giant granite pillar, a 1000 times bigger and taller than one of the Petronas Twin Towers, is slowly being eroded away by a tiny bird flying by, once in 10 years, to brush its wings against the giant pillar.

  59. Straycat says:

    nchantedCAT Says:
    April 28, 2008 at 11:53 am

    A woman was brutally murdered – that remains a fact. I am just a layman but even I am confused by how the court proceedings become more and more ‘circus like’ as the days go by.


  60. victor says:

    dodgyinc:”Both may have read the first Baginda’s affidavit’, that explain the first part why AG changed the prosecutor, but why with a head of a “civil” case division ” rather than senior “criminal” prosecutor, is it AG’s strategy for conviction or acquittal verdict?

    thank Y for the first part, dodgyinc!

  61. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyah, this case was “decided” a long time ago, in a back-room somewhere.

    The two policemen will be found guilty of murder.
    Razak Baginda will walk free.

    The real guy up the chain of command (read “Defense”) never has to answer anything at all.

    They had everything figured out….except for the March 8 tsunami.

    After September 16, your guess is as good as mine as to what happens next…

    No need to do anything drastic , just put Da Man on the next plane to Mongolia, the descendants of Genghis Khan will know what to do with him….

  62. ah long says:

    We should not be jumping to any conclusions at the moment. To go “storming the Bastille” now will make Malaysia look even more third world. We do not want the rest of the world to see us as a bunche of lawless vigilantes behaving like a lynching mob.

    The general opinion is we already have a Mickey Mouse legal system. This is bad enough and we don’t want to make it worst by projecting the image that the general population is a bunch of lawless vigilantes.

    Let us not put the cart before the horse, let’s wait for the verdict. If the verdict is the result of a show trial where mock justice is served – THEN IT IS TIME to “storm the bastille”. Not before.

    I am already compiling a list of questions for the Government, the public prosecution and the defense lawyers. For example, I will want to ask the Government why they did not start an investigation into the missing immigration records. After the verdict is delivered.

    There is a whole lot of other questions that the Public will have. So Mr Government men be prepared for a bomb blast of questions if this case is not handled properly.

    The public expects all those involve to handle this case in a manner expected of a fair and just legal system. So, BN / UMNO be warned, the people have had enough of your arrogance.

  63. Edi神 says:

    this is real pain in the ass

    please give verdict fast2

  64. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    I am sure there are enough bright legal minds to put together a net to haul the culprit to justice. Maybe the courts are impartial, but a series of Question to be put forward to the courts may be welcomed for all and sundry to see how ineffective, and corrupt our judicial system is.

    The whole world is going to laugh at us. 5 years down the road, FDI will trickle and the Government will again ask… What happenened?

    A Phack Lah government we are having.

    Please Lah Change for our childrens’ sake.

  65. atan says:

    warkahuntukpm sepatutnya warka huntu kepada PM. Sudah lah. Dalam ada huntu dalam kes Altantuya tapi huntu Altantuya akan tangkap huntu huntu Umno/BN/kaki TDM & Najis/pembunuhnya. PKR/PR tubuh satu pasukan “Ghost Hunter” (Penangkap Huntu/hantu). Bukan senang nak bom orang. Kedua dua polis, mesti dapat arahan dari atas dulu baru bolih buat. Habis, macam mana dapat bom C4 siapa yang account for the missing bom. Polis pun tak buat kerja macam itu kalau tidak ada arahan dari orang atas yang berkuasa sekali. So, yang buat itu bukan polis walaupun mereka yang dituduh bom tetapi pembunuh sebenarnya adalah orang yang berkuasa yang memberikan arahan kepada polis polis itu. Orang atasan ini fikir mesti tidak dapat kesan bukti selepas bom Altantuya tetapi HANTU ALTANTUYA masih merayau di Malaysia /Shah Alam /K.L. / Court /Prison Baginda /rumah Najis/Parliament dan akan tangkap huntu huntu yang sebenarnya. Good luck & God Bless. Justice soon to your daughter, Altantuya.

  66. citizenken says:

    sadly, the verdict is premediated, the defence team is trying to buy enough time to raise questionable doubt of baginda’s involvement in abeting the crime. they manage to get najib out of the pic, likewise they trying to get baginda out of the way.i think sharibuu knew from the way the proceding is going and that why he raise the issue that the mongolian goverment will sever ties with our goverment if the court is proven unfair.he trying to create awareness before the inevitable happens.
    nothing will ever change its course except when anwar ascend to pmship before the verdict’s out. the dpm is sweating down his pant and he is taking anwar’s allegation seriously. nobody in umno is as worried than the dpm regards leaping frogs’s nighmare.

  67. FRB says:

    Pfffftt this is exactly what I meant …

    “sadly, the verdict is premediated, the defence team is trying to buy enough time to raise questionable doubt of baginda’s involvement in abeting the crime. ”

    citizenken how do you come up with this?

  68. ah long says:

    They are all sweating. The two idiots who did the dirty work are done for. There are witnesses who saw them with the deceased just before she disappeared and video evidence that they knew the victim. Also one of them actually led the cops to the murder scene. These are very strong incriminating evidence. They might even get the noose to shut them up forever. They are only pawns.

    As for the Analyst & the Deputy, most of the evidence against them are circumstantial (so far). Their main worry is not this trial, I think, it will be went the two goons appeal their sentence. They might sing like canaries. And why not, if their masters leave them to hang while they walk free, the two goons might just start singing.

    Let’s wait for the verdict. It is going to be very interesting. The best outcome for the culprits will be Altantuya died of dengue fever and everyone, including the two goons go free.

    But should this happen and all the culprits walk free, then all hell will break loose. Anwar who is already making BIG political capital from this case and if the people are given a verdict that is obviously a political decision, we might just get a new PM.

  69. citizenken says:

    Dear FRB,

    “I do not support the murder of Altantuya, but even more strongly, I know Abdul Razak Baginda is innocent of the charge. Please be reminded that he has been in gaol since 2006! He is not languishing in luxury. He has been taken away from his loved ones, his good name has been smeared. Lies and vicious rumours and fitnah and slander has been thrown at him and his family! And this is right? HE IS INNOCENT!! ”

    u might know him personally, he may be a great guy but he is not incapable of commiting a crime. i may say it premediated, while you already pre assumed . ppl wont take him to court and charge him without reasonable doubt and that woman dont simply died without a reason and behind every murder there is a motive and i dont see anyone would like to be bombeb by C4 without any valid reason. i share ur empathy but i dont share ur opinion on his innocence. u may feel disgusted by my premediated thought while likewise i may feel the same by ur pre assumption.

  70. ah long says:

    CitizenKen, How much did Baginda pay you to say all that?

    You cannot blame the Public. He has the motive and the means and lots of circumstainal evidence against him. Let the court decide without fear or favour. This is what Malaysians want.

  71. citizenken says:

    ah long, i responding to FRB ‘s comment, pls read earlier thread.i wonder how much FRB is paid ?

  72. ah long says:

    Citizenken…….FRB must have been paid an arm and a leg.

  73. Ctizen Me says:

    By the way are we certain of the two hooded men in court?

  74. james says:

    Dear Susan,

    LIke ‘Albert1951’ said above, I too have gone ‘looney’ over you! You have done so much for us…mah.
    Please show us your photo…not to worry…I will not give to Polis (PRDM lah).
    Please, please… thank you so much first ah.

    Looney already eh

  75. pembunuh altantuya ada kemungkinan datuk shafie apdal,penghasut.
    sebab keturunan mereka badjau yang asal-usulnya tiada agama.kalau pergi filipina mereka jadi kristian,(see badjau batanggas-wiki)
    kalau datang ke malaysia mereka jadi islam.agar mudah untuk dapatkan kad pengenalan.
    apa dah jadi dengan orang semenanjung yang tidak dapat mengawal kerajaan malaysia tanpa pertolongan orang-orang badjau?
    badjau asal dari sabah,dan menteri perdagangan malaysia, yang naib presiden umno juga dan menteri seni dan budaya georgetown,adalah orang badjau.
    tahu tak betapa besar kuasanya menteri perdagangan?kamu pun boleh dijualnya.
    saya kurang pasti dan tidak tahu cerita politik malaysia,ok?
    tapi,mari kita sama-sama selidikinya.
    adakah apa-apa dendam between anwar ibrahim and najib razak? ada atau tidak, kenapa kah setiap pembesar negara malaysia kena fitnah?
    adakah mereka diapi-apikan? agar orang badjau senang ambil kesempatan masuk.

    perhatikanlah sesiapa yang mendapat kesempatan di tengah perbalahan,itulah dia yang menginginkan.hajatnya dikabulkan setelah buat beberapa pengorbanan.

    datuk shafie apdal, memilih parti yang kuat.
    dan di semenanjung malaysia bn pun dah kalah dengan izin tuhan.tetapi di sabah dan sarawak kemenangannya,sebab membeli rakyat filipina dengan mykad.

    jadi datuk shafie datang mmenagih,kalau bukan sebabnya sudah tiada kerusi,dia mendapat kekuatan dan jadi harapan.ada kemungkinan, dia akan perolehi kejayaan.
    dan rakyat semenanjung malaysia badjau telah pun kalahkan.

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