UPDATE: Malaysiakini Editor’s note: On election night, we were informed by PKR candidate Badrul Hisham Shaharin that he was told by an EC official that there would be a recount. Our story on that night reflected this. In addition, on March 11 Badrul repeated that there was a recount at a press conference and this was reported by not only Malaysiakini but also a number of other newspapers. However, we have come to know now that such a recount did not take place. As such, we would like to apologise to Khairy Jamaluddin for publishing that assertion in our subsequent stories.

Earlier, I blogged that…

Khairy Jamaluddin, Umno deputy Youth chief and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahamd Badawi’s son in law has refuted a report in Malaysiakini: Ku Li: Power transition unconstitutional” by Syed Jaymal Zahiid on 18 April, 2008. His boss, Umno Youth Chief Hishamuddin Hussein said he did not believe Khairy had said this either.

A check with reporters say that other presses like the Chinese press had also reported it in the same way. So who is wrong here?

In an email clarification on my question to him on whether Hishamuddin or Malaysiakini was wrong, Khairy replied (note: Malaysiakini is yet to apologise for this part of the story):

Having listened to the audio recording, I can say for certain that Malaysiakini’s reporting was inaccurate. Below is the transcript based on the recording of the relevant part of my interview (which I am not even sure whether there was a Malaysiakini reporter present):

Reporter: Satu lagi mungkin YB hendak komen atau tidak, terpulang kepada YB – isu menghunus keris yang dibangkitkan oleh beberapa surat khabar, contohnya NST dan Berita Harian. Ini merupakan satu faktor dimana BN kalah, khususnya di kalangan masyarakat bukan melayu.

Khairy: Tak pe lah, saya komen kemudian, later, later.

Reporter: Jadi sekarang Dato’ Hisham kata dia hendak mengkaji balik lah, jika mengangkat keris, perbuatan ini tidak disambut baik oleh pengundi. Jadi, bagaimana?

Khairy: It’s ok. Saya rasa perlu ada fikiran yang terbuka kepada apa jua isu yang telah dikenalpasti sebagai satu isu yang menyebabkan sokongan untuk BN itu menjadi kurang. Bukannya satu-satunya isu itu, tapi… generally, apa sahaja isu yang telah dikenalpasti sebagai punca, perlu kita kaji dengan fikiran yang terbuka…I am not saying it is or it isn’t, but whatever has been identified.

Reporter: Jadi adakah perbuatan ini akan berulang?

Khairy: That one we can discuss.

Reporter: Jadi isu ini akan dibangkitkan dalam mesyuarat Exco Pemuda UMNO

Khairy: Saya tak tau.

In the article “Ku Li: Power transition unconstitutional” by Syed Jaymal Zahiid on 18 April, 2008, it was stated that:

Meanwhile, Abdullah’s son-in-law and Umno deputy Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin who has been evading the media radar was also present to give comments on the March 8 polls.

The Rembau MP conceded that the keris-wielding incident had contributed to the reduction of votes towards Umno and BN.

However, he said the incident was not the sole contributor to Umno and BN’s poor performance though he did not elaborate as to what the other factors were.

Khairy said:

“If you read the transcript of my entire comments, you will see that I had qualified everything by saying, “I am not saying it is or it isn’t…” This was clearly a contextual reference to the issue of whether the keris was a cause of BN losing support during the election.  What I clearly said was that we have to have an open mind towards any issue that has been identified by analysts as causes for BN losing support.  Which means not just that one issue (of the keris) but any issue that has been identified as a cause must be studied with an open mind.  Then I qualify everything by saying that I am not making a judgement whether or not the keris is a cause”.

“So taken in context, it is quite clear that I am saying whatever issues that have been identified must be looked into, including the keris.  But as far as I am concerned, I didn’t say that it was a cause for the loss of support as reflected in Malaysiakini’s report which says that I, “… concede the keris-wielding incident had contributed to the reduction of votes towards Umno and BN.”


“While we are on the subject of Malaysiakini’s sloppy and mischievous reporting, I want to draw your attention to a quote attributed to me in the same article as above.  I reproduce below the remainder of the article which puts that quote in the context of the article:

“Khairy dismissed the allegation that he won the Rembau seat by cheating via the use of postal votes.

They counted the postal votes first and not after the recount. Even if the postal votes are not counted, I would have won by some 500 over votes,” he said.

The Rembau March 8 results became controversial after the first count saw Khairy’s PKR opponent winning by some 800 majority votes…

This result however turned after Khairy demanded a recount. Following this, he was declared a winner by a majority of 5,726 votes.

Compare this with the transcript of Khairy’s interview which he provided via email:

Reporter: Ada satu lagi khabar angin menyatakan bahawa di kawasan YB Rembau, mula-mulanya YB itu kalah, tetapi tiba-tiba itu ada beberapa ribu punya undi pos untuk kurangkan…

Khairy: Ini memang tidak betul sekalilah. Ini adalah satu pembohongan yang besar. Saya sendiri ada di pusat kira undi malam itu dan memang tidak ada soal saya kalah atau pun kiraan semula. Tidak pernah ada.

Reporter: Tak ada kira semula?

Khairy: Tak ada, tak ada, mana ada. Saya ada.

Reporter: Pos pun tak ada?

Khairy: Pos yang pertama masuk, pos yang pertama diumumkan.

Reporter: Berapa undi pos?

Khairy: Saya tak ingat beberapa undi pos, tapi yang saya ingat saya menang undi pos dalam 500 lebih kurang. My majority undi pos lebih kurang 500, macam itu lah.

Reporter: Jumlah undi pos?

Khairy: Tak ingat, tak ingat, tapi kalau you tolak yang saya menang majority undi pos tu, saya menang lagi 5000 lebih. So, tak … tuduhan yang saya dengar tu undi pos ni datang tiba-tiba aja, tapi undi pos yang the first to announce, yang pertama announce is undi pos, jadi tak de apa… dan my majority for undi pos about 500 only, so kalau you tolak tu pun, I still win. Bukan macam I menang kerana undi pos… no, no I menang 5800.

Reporter: Mula-mula kami dapat tu, KJ tu menang tipis je, tiba-tiba.

Khairy: Yalah, itu orang-orang, mahu cakap saya kalah lah, mahu kata… mahu question credibility, kemenangan. Tak pe lah kalau dia nak buat petition dekat mahkamah, silalah, tapi saya ada di situ, yang lawan saya tak ada di situ, kalau ada recount, mesti dia ada di situ. Kalau betul kata dia menang pada awalnya, mesti dia ada di situ, tapi dia tak ada di situ, saya ada disitu.

Khairy said at no point during the interview did he ever say that there was a recount as attributed to him in the article:

“Why should I say that when I know that there was no recount?  But Malaysiakini conveniently quotes me as saying, “They counted the postal voted first and not after the recount.”  This is absolute fabrication on their part”.  

“Of course, the rest of the article is also false alleging that I had initially lost then demanded a recount.  This is something that the Election Commission has confirmed never took place. I hope these errors are the result of incompetence because otherwise they are more sinister and deliberate in nature and represent a pattern of deceit on their part against me”.


I have spoken to Fathi Aris Omar @ Malaysiakini last night, and he said he will look into the matter. He is awaiting the ‘clarification’ in this blog.

Meanwhile, let me check with Chegu Bard, KJ’s opponent in Rembau at the 12th General Elections, on whether there was any “recount” or not. 

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  1. mahendran says:

    aik. the PKR fellow said they had recount 😐

    neway, mr YB KJ can actually say Mkini as “sloppy and mischievous reporting “? lol.. of all the media in malaysia..

    To YB KJ, like it or not, admit it or not, the keris was one of the reason y Umno lost its appeal..

  2. fathi aris omar says:

    Up to this very moment, it is simple – if u make mistake, you have to correct it. If you misinterpret, you have to clarify. The fact that KJ is willing to explain, so Malaysiakini must publish it.

    It is part and parcel of good journalism.

    To err is human, to err frequently makes a journalist, to err on purpose makes a (pro-BN, pro-Government mainstream) journalist!

  3. asraf says:

    April 16, 2008 22:34 PM

    Court Ticks Off NST Over Report

    PUTRAJAYA, April 16 (Bernama) — Court of Appeal President Tan Sri Zaki Tun Azmi Wednesday ticked off the New Straits Times in open court over the publication of an article, alleging that last week’s Conference of Malaysian Judges had proposed that judges writing quality judgments would be given bonuses.

    Expressing disappointment, Zaki said the article published in the newspaper on Monday (April 14) was unfair to Chief Justice Datuk Abdul Hamid Mohamad and also to all judges, as that matter was neither mentioned at the conference nor outside the conference.

    Zaki made the remark at the hearing of a case in the Federal Court involving former NST journalist Joceline Tan Poh Choo, its group editor and publisher, New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd who are being sued by a lawyer for libel.

    The article entitled “Government mulls judgment bonus” stated that the proposal for bonuses was made at the annual Conference of Malaysian Judges held last week, intended for judges without any outstanding written judgment.

    The report also quoted Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim as saying that the government would be willing to consider a review of judges’s basic salaries.

    Yesterday, Abdul Hamid had denied the report, clarifying that there was no proposal or discussion for bonuses and that the report was untrue and baseless.

    Zaki said the newspaper had published the article writing about things that did not take place, with a big headline but only published a “correction” the next day, in a small column which could hardly be seen by the people (readers).

  4. ghenjis khan says:

    anyway the keris is an outdated weapon ….. the Nepalist Maoists think modern, they would use AK47

  5. Tak lupa says:

    Its okay Khariy. We remember the keris incident. Where is the Kris now? Whose blood was it at the end of the day? Just you and your father in law. Anway might be PM next, why don’t you marry his daughter? Second chance coming up.

  6. impartial says:

    keris is an outdated issue because it is a malay symbol even agong and king and sultans kiss the keris but dap/pkr/pas only make it an issue to pinch vote when umno youth did it. behind time thinking. i agree 21st century is nuclear and morern firearms. may be later pas wants to use keris to fight karpak singh tak tau lah.

  7. impartial says:

    remember – over my dead body froom dap to pas.

  8. impartial says:

    hi khairi good clear your name.
    cm penang already withdrew allegation against you and tsu koon regarding padang tembak land.

    sooner or later more false issues made during their campaign will sine n die or they will swallow it back.

  9. sidongkoi says:

    i wonder if the man who waved the dagger really learned the art of using it…..? to kiss the keris is, of course, no issue here…what that has been said just before (or after?) kissing the sweet lips of the dagger that, to some extent, have provoked the number one crisis toward BN’s landsliding failure in the 12th GE…

  10. sidongkoi says:

    number two is caused by an ex-chief minister despite sleeping pm’s intervention…in politics, don’t play with God! simple yet stupid brains don’t understand this…

  11. annoying mouse says:

    Reporter: Ada satu lagi khabar angin menyatakan bahawa di kawasan YB Rembau, mula-mulanya YB itu kalah, tetapi tiba-tiba itu ada beberapa ribu punya undi pos untuk kurangkan…

    Khairy: Ini memang tidak betul sekalilah. Ini adalah satu pembohongan yang besar. Saya sendiri ada di pusat kira undi malam itu dan memang tidak ada soal saya kalah atau pun kiraan semula. Tidak pernah ada.

    On Saturday night, the initial count for the Rembau parliament constituency in Negri Sembilan showed that PKR had taken the seat by a razor-thin majority of 141 votes.

    A recount however saw a complete reversal – Khairy Jamaluddin, son-in-law of premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, won by a staggering difference of 5,000 votes.

    Little boy is getting blue lying to kingdom come. He has a history of lying. Another notable one was the ECM-Libra Scandal for which no action has yet been taken. The ACA has not investigated the corruption of power involved.

  12. tomatoinc says:

    sloone is now officially the official fourth-floor girl! yay!

  13. Robert Teh says:

    Unsheating and kissing the keris would have looked ceremoniail and less offensive to most liberal-minded people; but the fiery and seditious speeches that followed this ceremonial act had angered and incensed the non-Malay Malaysians. This episode was a great disaster for BN during the last GE and you guys in BN need to take concrete and positive steps to address this episode honestly and rationally, to avoid a bigger diasaster at the next polls. Face up to the facts and stop denying!

    An apology of sorts, would be a good start and the ceremonial act of unsheating and kissing the keris could be played out in a different and less offensive manner – like maybe just kissing the sheated keris and raising it in the air, rather than unsheating the keris and stabbing it into the air, made worse with a grimaced face, smoke in the nostrils and fire in the eyes!

  14. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    UMNO should be known as UBNO (United Berok National Organization). This fact can be proven when we look at the history of Malaysia, before Islam, they were adopting the 2nd class citizen’s civilization, after converting to islam, they claim Islamic civilization is theirs, in which they contribute nothing to any civilization in this world. Having said that, now we can understand why UBNO, which is without its own foundation, needs to hop from one tree to another, building nation with the 2nd class citizen’s blood and sweat. UBNO must achieve results with their own blood and sweat so that UBNO can evolve into UMNO.

  15. xtheman says:

    There is nothing really wrong DAP and Pas has its own ideology. In fact DAP and PAS are more open compare to Unmo……very narrow

    See what happen to Lee Kah Choon incident ? It is shame for Umno still acting like TaiKo and Gerakan still like a puppy dog.

    Umno can say what ever in this drama. In the end Gerakan still not showing sign of change, so do Umno. LKC Drama is a first test for Umno for Gerakan indeed, the drame ended in the way as expected, Umno shouting and Gerakan Yes !! yes !!

    LGE had achieved his untimate goal in this drama;
    1. To show to the people that he has no fear to have enemy in his state.
    2. Sending a strong message to the rakyat that he will run the state gov fair and square.
    3. Put an end to Gerakan politic in Penang, Gerakan will never be recovered
    4. LGE nailed down DAP politic in Penang for many years to come
    5. Another talents join DAP.
    6. Agian showing an ungly face of Umno to rakyat.
    7. Proved PR is capable of getting MP to cross over

    In the end of Umno is lossing again and DAP is making more ground. I see
    BN days is in number. The game have just began and Umno lead BN is showing sign of weakness. As for PR day after day is getting more sold ground.

    Cheers mate
    I hope BN to be topple soon …. i can’t wait for 3 years.

  16. annoying mouse says:

    amok :
    in phrase to run amok first recorded 1672, from Malay amuk “attacking furiously.” Earlier the word was used as a noun or adj. meaning “a frenzied Malay,” originally in the Port. form amouco or amuco.

    “There are some of them [the Javanese] who … go out into the streets, and kill as many persons as they meet. … These are called Amuco.” [“The Book of Duarte Barbosa: An Account of the Countries Bordering on the Indian Ocean and Their Inhabitants,” c.1516, Eng. transl.]

  17. jebatmustdie says:

    KJ sounds more like a consultant.. disclaimer this… qualifying that… no stand is it? suddenly no strong opinions whatsoever?!

  18. KJ,

    Did you actually go to Oxford ? You should have gone to a Varsity in Malaysia instead (created by UBNO). You and your UBNO Youth should waive or kiss the keris again in the coming UBNO election before Anwar takes over the rule of Malaysia (shaking in the pants of all UBNO leaders of the news !). I for one surely did not vote for BN this time because of the waiving of the keris …….. me and many other non Malays.
    Make sure you child or children never ever goes to a foreign school of education, they are of low standard and meant for the non Malays who cannot get a place in Malaysia!
    MCA should now leave Barison and UBNO will not only shit in their pants but in all their holes !

  19. Klaw says:

    Let them get a hand on the audio recording to verify lo.

  20. Scott Thong says:

    This guy still not go home drink Chinese bl… I mean, milk and sleep???

    2nd and especially 19th posters, enjoy.

    Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

  21. Kherry Scarry says:

    No lah..not the kris issuelah…no lah not UMNO’s faultlah…no lah this, no lah not thatlah…..Yes denial syndrome from an biasiswa assisted Oxford grad. Yes go ahead continue to focus on other issues…blame others but yourself.

  22. sofiairdina says:

    Andrew das Arulsamy,

    That was your second posting here. You were just changing the word “Melayu” to “UMNO” and that alone made what you wrote as total garbage. You dont even know how to diffferentiate between melayu and umno. UMNO is a political party and Melayu is a race; get it?

    You want equality? Fine. Can you handle it? Not by the look of it. You dont even have “power” yet but you are already drunk with the thought that Melayu is actually “2nd Class” with no history of civilization. What kind of moronic statement is that? Melayu consists of Javanese, Minangkabau, bugis and all, but I dont think you know anything about history.

    Who said UMNO / Melayu claimed islamic civilization as theirs? The Muslims are the one who are proud of the Islamic Civilization. That muslim could be a malay / umno but he is proud about it because he is a muslim and not because he is an umno man!

    If you think berok is bad, think again.

  23. kai says:

    Aaah! I like Malaysian politics. I wonder those Singaporeans are reading all these too?

    BTW, I always wanted to ask this question. Are you guys bloging on company’s time? Of course unless if you are the CEO of your own company….LOL! Just kidding-lorr!

    What a beautiful day today. The sun is out and it only around 22 degrees. Oh in case you wonder, it’s a public holiday too. Isn’t that nice? hahahahaha!

    If you guy interested, please click onto the following link: –


    and click onto the link on the right titled Malaysian’s Indian Uprising. This programme was aired on TV Wednesday. Story is about the Hindraft affair right up to the March election. I know that you all know the story, but have you seen Samy Vallu’s interview? Bet you can’t get this kind of programme on your local TV Stations. This is interesting. Enjoy the show.

  24. kittykat46 says:

    Wow, Susan.
    SIL takes your blog seriously.
    You’re a real mover and shaker now.
    2nd Million Hits coming very soon. !

  25. kai says:

    testing….it seems that I may be having some problems in posting my comments here. I just wonder why?

  26. Dr. Rosli says:

    I was at the vote counting center in Rembau that night, outside, not inside the counting hall. I saw at the very last moment there were still ballot boxes being taken into the hall. They were transported into the compound in what appeared to be a police car. I took video pictures of the car. What the hell ballot boxes were still taken into the hall at the very last moment. The election results were announced very late that night, easily around 11.30 pm. This never happened in Rembau before. I did’nt know what happened then if not recounting of votes. Otherwise, it would’nt had taken that long.

  27. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    Let me spell it out then: I am focusing on uMno, M = minang.., java…, bugis, and all. Now what were all M doing before islam came to all the M? If we can understand this, i think we can understand why uMno, (here, M is not all M, but the M in uMno only) are behaving like they do. is there any alternative sources, because my sources are almost all european-origin. For example, in Brunei, they have everything and yet…, In singapore, they have equal opportunity in education and yet…, In malaysia, even after 50 years, still unable to…, why? That’s the reason i need to study the history of the M, before islam came to M. This is important so that the present 2nd class citizens can help them.

  28. David says:

    Just like his Father in Law, this guy will never speak any truth.

  29. Devan says:

    KJ answers are very smart..avoiding the right answers.
    Did any of u remember his speech during the UMNO general assembly?
    He talked about Hindraf supporters being “Beruk” and with a click of his hand, he can mobilise thousands of his supporters to face them on the streets.
    Inciting racial confrontation????? Why not under ISA??????

  30. wits0 says:

    The keris was also a weapon for execution and assassination. It has not been established as being truly indigenous to Malaya. UMNO has used it to intimidate. The people are not amused.

  31. kai says:


    On the right you will see a link titled “Malaysian’s Indian Uprising”

    I know this is off topic. While I know that most Malaysians would be aware of the Hindraft affair, but have you seen the interview with Samy Vallu? See how he responded to the question when asked if he was going to retain his seat for the March election.

    Happy viewing

  32. tan, tanjong bungah says:

    Hi everyone,

    Unsheathing a keris and kissing it, like in official ceremonies, is totally different from thrusting the keris in the air in an offensive manner, made worse by the accompanying offensive calls!

    Another matter is that there must be more than 100 people in the Tallying Centre in Rembau on 8 March. So, it’s so easy to verify whether there was a recount or not.

  33. Harrison says:

    Good Job on your investigative reportage Sloone. All I know about KJ is that he is always “riding on any winning horse”.

    I regards to this —-“Following this (a recount), he was declared a winner by a majority of 5,726 votes.”

    That sounds sinister if it’s true isn’t it? By that margin, I think even ex-presidential candidate, Al Gore wouldn’t be shouting “I want a recount!”. 🙂

  34. CJFOO says:

    Keris or no keris, it doesnt matter anymore. UMNO is currently bleeding badly resulting from the stab at its belly by the keris holder.

    Imagine UMNO being stabbed by its Youth wing with a keris!

  35. Kesava says:

    Shouldn’t the Security Commission, which oversees corporate governance in public listed companies, ask straight questions to clarify if Kalimullah’s definition of (personal/individual) ‘vendor loan’ that Khairy took was not under the ‘senior management loan scheme’ that Chua said ECM Libra Berhad — the company — operated?


  36. goldenhazel says:

    He who lives by the sword(in this case keris) shall die by the sword.

  37. kwai lan says:

    khairy , u can kiss my feet la, better than the keris anytime..tat way at least u can get 1 extra vote..kiss keris ..all voters run away..hehehe..bodohwi n his bodoh son in law…

  38. donplaypuks says:

    Dear KJ/Sloone

    In the interest of transparency, please let us via this blog know:

    1. Is there a huge army or police camp in Rembau to justify postal votes?
    2. In GE 2004 and GE 2008, what were the total no. of postal votes cast?
    3. How many registered voters were there in total in Rembau for GE 2004 and GE 2008 respectively?

  39. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    Curious, is the kerisman going to run for DPM?

  40. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    The keris episode was definitely one of the reasons for the down fall of UMNO that cant be denied,so if Khairy has infact said that he should be man enough to admit. Its the truth after all.This guy Khairy has got no back bones just like all the UMNOputras.Just imagine people like Khairy becomes the prime minister???? Oh Lord please save Malaysia

  41. Lee KP says:

    Dont waste anymore time on this so-called Oxford nut.
    He is a real AH in politics to say the least.

  42. Feroz Merican says:

    Andrew Das,
    You are just as racist and narrow minded as the UMNO thugs you criticize.
    The only difference between you and those ‘second class Malays’ is the colour of your skin. You are a disgrace to your race and an embarrasment to all right thinking Malaysians everywhere. The best thing is, there is nobody here remotely like you and for that reason, I have great hopes for Malaysia’s future. As for you, I suggest the first boat to Bangladesh. Then you can truly see what second class people are like first hand.

  43. amoker says:

    KJ spend much time defending himself which if correct, demands a reaction from Malaysiakini. Having said so, there are also many MSM reports that are wrongly reported but 2 wrongs does not make a right.

    HOw I wish he could have make better use of his time is to make a strong stand in this area. Apologise to those whom you have offended. That is a hallmark of a true leader that Hishammuddin does not have and in this case, KJ as well. A TUAN never apologises and never make mistakes. Yeah … yeah…

  44. Apa Susah-susah says:

    Aiya, why susah susah transcript here and there. Just ask Khairy again,


    Yes or No, that’s it.

  45. oster says:

    Look, the keris was not the problem.

    The context in which it is used as a symbol is.

    Pretty simple.

    If we can acknowledge the influence of the internet on the results of the GE, then it logically follows that issues that seem to have received much attention on the same internets would have a significant impact.

    It seems KJ just wants to measure his words cautiously. At least it shows he has some degree of situational awareness, or perhaps it shows that the bubble he wrapped himself around has popped.


  46. Keris Lover says:

    uh? Waving the keris? They said he shaft it into his backside after that!! Seems he is going for the deputy pm post as apologies are part and parcel of the bn + umno game. Their next move……Very obvious…..VERY OBVIOUS!!! This goon is TOTALLY unreliable and a waste of public fund to feed him. He should RESIGN and maybe can get back some respect!!!

  47. Margeemar says:

    On April 9, 2008, this scribe wrote in http://margeemar.blogspot.com with the heading DR WAN AZIZAH FOR PM. It came as no surprise to this scribe when it was reported in Malaysiakini on April 24, 2008 that YB Datin Seri Dr. Wan Azizah is ready to assume the post of Prime Minister of Malaysia. I believe, with the support and guidance of not only Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Kak Wan will make a great Prime Minister.

    Kak Wan will be an idle choice for PM. In this case DSAI will not have to rush in becoming PM even though this is what most of us are craving for. BN especially UMNO is now sinking into the abyss. We are seeing how down right dirty they can get in trying to paint the Pakatan Rakyat state governments in a bad light. Just take the Selangor pig farming issue as an example. Even though this project got the blessing of Khir Toyo and linked to a company owned by Umno members, the spin in the MSM especially by TV3 still continues by linking race and religion to the pig farming issue. You see, Umno and BN are going down therefore they will not stop hitting below the belt. They are bankrupt in ideas.

    That is why I feel it is better for Kak Wan to be PM first before DSAI takes over in the near future. Should DSAI become PM any time soon, the Umno/BN goons and the 4th Floor Boys will have a field day concocting all sorts of crap to discredit and destroy a PR government with DSAI as PM. With Kak Wan, there ain’t nothing these Umno/BN jabronees can conjure up that can discredit her.

    To all the righteous Rakyat out there who believe that it is undemocratic and immoral for PR to form the Federal Government via crossovers from BN MP’s, just remember that the just concluded GE may have been free but it sure wasn’t fair. Haven’t everyone forgotten about the 400,000 postal votes? Phantom voters? Illegal immigrants in Sabah and Sarawak getting MyKads to vote for BN? Use of government machinery for campaigning by BN leaders? BN Propaganda and smear campaigns against the opposition? A biased Elections Commission with electoral boundaries that favor Umno/BN?


    Please wake up Rakyat! Are we gonna stand by and watch these Umno/BN leeches bleed this nation dry by allowing them to rule for another 5 years!? If you love Malaysia, support the regime change that’s coming our way. WAN AZIZAH FOR PM! PAKATAN RAKYAT FOR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! HIDUP KETUANAN RAKYAT!

  48. nmjg says:

    KJ, can you tell the RAKYAT why Tun Dr M (nicknamed the Old Horse) is so mad with you? We are curious to know the truth. By the way, can you swear with the Holy Qur’an hold to your heart and tell all MLAYSIANS that your CONSCIENCE is clear and 1. You win your Rembau seat without any dirty tricks and zero manipulation; 2. Your purchase of ECM Libra shares come from money which is HALAL; 3. You never stir up the racialistic sentiments among the Malay Youth; 4. You never manipulate and influence Pak Lah, 5. You never interfere with the distribution of WANG EHSAN for the Trengganu people for the past few years. If you are a human being with DIGNITY, prove to the RAKYAT that you are INNOCENT and we will salute you, then you are qualified to be one of the candidates as future Malaysian Leader. If not, be prepared to answer to the Al-Mighty.

  49. Harrison says:

    I personally have to give “this” one to KJ. His massive over 5000 votes could
    not be disputed with that margin. However Malaysiakini. had apologized. KJ, must accept the apology in good faith as an indiscreet error. Thanks to the “seasoned cross examiner” like Susan. All the best my dear. 🙂

  50. KJ,
    You are supposed to have studied in to Oxford-did they teach you how to behave like you do?
    Use the non Malays as punching bags to move your way up your political career other than marrying the daughter of the P.M..
    UMNO has built so many places of higher studies in Malaysia and yet you chose to study aboard. Don’t you have any confidence of the standard just like many others not to mention that most of the non Malays are denied the chance to study in these places. They are built for the Malays with the peoples’ money.

  51. hutchrun says:

    That`s what KJ says and he`s caught by what he has said. Now this is what PKR candidate Badrul Hisham says:

    Hari ini pula di Malaysiakini dia sudah mula bercakap mengenai keputusan pilihanraya. Bagus dia sudah termakan pancing untuk kembali melompat.

    Ilmu tempur yang cheGuBard pelajari menerangkan betapa lawan yang melompat lebih mudah dikunci dari lawan yang bertapak dengan kedua belah kakinya ..menanti……bagus dia yang duduk diam kini sudah mula melompat kembali.

    Seminggu ini sibuk bersama pasukan peguam untuk menfailkan petisyen pilihanraya. Alhamdunillah hari ini jam 3 petang nanti sekumpulan peguam yang diketuai oleh fima guaman Shearn Delamor & co. akan berada di Mahkamah Tinggi Seremban untuk memfailkan petisyen tersebut.

  52. birdbrain says:

    He might be Oxford trained but that doesn’t qualify him to be street smart! If this young lad can do some visible good deeds not to provoke the ppl thoughts……….he might have chance after Anwar Ibrahim.

    So KJ, don’t screw it up for yourself!!

  53. hutchrun says:

    Badrul Hisham says:

    Hari ini pula di Malaysiakini dia sudah mula bercakap mengenai keputusan pilihanraya. Bagus dia sudah termakan pancing untuk kembali melompat.

    Ilmu tempur yang cheGuBard pelajari menerangkan betapa lawan yang melompat lebih mudah dikunci dari lawan yang bertapak dengan kedua belah kakinya ..menanti……bagus dia yang duduk diam kini sudah mula melompat kembali.

    Seminggu ini sibuk bersama pasukan peguam untuk menfailkan petisyen pilihanraya. Alhamdunillah hari ini jam 3 petang nanti sekumpulan peguam yang diketuai oleh fima guaman Shearn Delamor & co. akan berada di Mahkamah Tinggi Seremban untuk memfailkan petisyen tersebut.

  54. hutchrun says:

    Badrul Hisham says:

    Hari ini pula di Malaysiakini dia sudah mula bercakap mengenai keputusan pilihanraya. Bagus dia sudah termakan pancing untuk kembali melompat.

    Ilmu tempur yang cheGuBard pelajari menerangkan betapa lawan yang melompat lebih mudah dikunci dari lawan yang bertapak dengan kedua belah kakinya ..menanti……bagus dia yang duduk diam kini sudah mula melompat kembali.

    Seminggu ini sibuk bersama pasukan peguam untuk menfailkan petisyen pilihanraya. Alhamdunillah hari ini jam 3 petang nanti sekumpulan peguam yang diketuai oleh fima guaman Shearn Delamor & co. akan berada di Mahkamah Tinggi Seremban untuk memfailkan petisyen tersebut.

  55. wits0 says:


    Saturday, April 26, 2008
    Kerismuddin’s Apology…is it?

  56. rfbu says:

    i am wondering, why does wait almost 2 months to refute those claims? election was in 8 Mar, u mean no one told him or he never knew such reports were out?

    who is sloppy here? his assistants? SPR? tan sri rashid?

  57. jazman says:

    Ms. Loone this is why i posted this. sorry to be rude, but you were mentioned in this ridiculous blog.

    Malaysiakini and Hisham “ludah kat langit”

    from http://fatkucing.blogspot.com/

    As Parliament opens to a changed political landscape, “sorry” seems to be the easiest things to say these days. First, the keris-wielding Hishammuddin made a rather belated apology about brandishing the dagger at successive UMNO Youth assemblies, then the pro-opposition online news portal, Malaysiakini, says sorry to monkey-boy KJ for lying about his election result and misquoting him.

    Let’s check out the apologies.

    In Hishammuddin’s case, he tried to be a big man by cutting his losses and admitting that the whole keris episode scared the hell out of non- Malays especially since it was accompanied by racial rhetoric at the last few UMNO assemblies (OK, fine racial rhetoric always existed but the Mongolian one had the bright idea of telecasting the proceeding LIVE for the first time). Remember, Hishammuddin is not doing this for nothing. His sights are set on becoming DPM to his Mongolian cousin when the latter takes over from Pak Lah, which by all reckoning is anywhere between next month and next year. Hishammuddin is done with the circus that is Pemuda UMNO and now wants to transition from the ultraman image he cultivated to a more liberal leader that is acceptable to all races. Hence, the apology about the keris. But if you actually look at how he apologized, you will see that he carefully hedged what he said. He actually said sorry to non-Malays for scaring and offending them, and then apologized to Malays for not being able to defend a cultural symbol. He did this because he was aware an apology just to the non-Malays would have resulted him being lynched by UMNO.

    Sure enough, after the apology Hishammuddin’s Mongolian cousin came out with a statement in support saying that it doesn’t take away from the dignity of the Malays. Hishammuddin’s handpicked choice for the next UMNO Youth Chief, Mukhriz Botak also joined the chorus line by saying that Hishammuddin was magnanimous to apologize. This is all designed to cover Hishammuddin’s ass with the UMNO faithful who still can’t understand why he apologized in the way he did. For the non- Malays, the apology is a little too late. They were screaming at him to say sorry and not repeat the deed but Hishamuddin brandished it again and again (three times, to be exact). So, although Fat Cat thinks Hishamuddin is right in offering the apology, there are many political factors behind the move which casts doubt on his sincerity. Fat Cat also wonders why it took a political tsunami for Hishammuddin to realize that the keris was a major issue with the non-Malay community.
    The second apology is one offered by Malaysiakini to KJ. Fat Cat is no fan of monkey-boy but in this case KJ wins. Fat Cat knows the journalists of Malaysiakini well. Unfortunately, some of them are pretty bad reporters. They aren’t very clever and make careless mistakes when reporting like getting simple facts wrong. Add to this a very slanted editorial stance which is pro-opposition and a mistake like the one against KJ was bound to happen. Malaysiakini’s editor, Steve Gan, was a chum of PKR wildman and new MP for Batu, Tian Chua, Down Under. They used to knock back the beers and hang together. Gan is also very open about his admiration for Anwar Ibrahim, as are most of Malaysiakini’s staff. So when they persisted in saying there was a recount in Rembau based on information provided by KJ’s opponent without checking with the Election Commission, they were asking for trouble. Basic rule for a journo: counter check any information with other sources especially when the primary source is an interested party.

    The worst part was not just getting the recount story wrong (and repeating it) but putting words in KJ’s mouth. Fat Cat checked out KJ’s interview transcript at Susan Loone’s blog and wonders in amazement how Malaysiakini can just attribute what they like to people when it is clearly false. This is nothing short of fabrication and deceit. It is no wonder that monkey-boy said he suspected malice and bad faith. Malaysiakini basically made up a quote which they attributed to KJ. In fact, Malaysiakini is bloody lucky that KJ decided on just writing a letter instead of suing because this is a clear cut case of defamation. Fat Cat thinks Malaysians must be careful when reading Malaysiakini. This KJ apology episode demonstrates very clearly that they either have an agenda or are just downright stupid for not even checking facts.

    BTW, why hasn’t Lazy Rocky written about Malaysiakini eating dirt? Come on Rocks… what’s right is right. After all, you’re the one who kept on insinuating that KJ’s win was tainted. Now diam aje… Wassupp, bro? Hangover ke?
    Fat Cat: Sorry… is all that you can’t say. Days gone by and still… words don’t come easily… Like sorry, like sorry…

  58. Scott Thong says:

    In other news, Khairy apologized for the Keris incident. He didn’t even say “I’m sorry if you were offended”, but “I apologize“!

    Takes a lot of guts to do that and risk both condemnation for cowardice from Malay ultras and derision for insincerity from Chinese cynics…

    Anyway, back to enjoying! Posters 2 and 19 at Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

  59. hutchrun says:

    At the same time, Khairy also apologised to the Malays for not being able to defend the keris.

    There`s a lot to be read in that.

  60. Scott Thong says:

    First Khairy apologizes for the Keris waving, now Abdullah says Ketuanan Melayu is not abotu ruling over other races.


    I analyse that they want to recoup the loss of trust they noticed too late at the last GE. However, such show of perceived weakness will lose them standing and support among the ultras – leading to their swift replacement at the top.

  61. wits0 says:

    Yes, Scott, that seems to be the case. One of too little, too late. He paints himself into a corner.

  62. […] we were informed by PKR candidate Badrul Hisham Shaharin that he was told by an EC official that …https://sloone.wordpress.com/2008/04/25/khairy-refutes-malaysiakini-article-on-the-keris-and-postal-v…p-cubed Should Malaysiakini Go Free?This is my letter published by malaysiakini when they asked […]

  63. Suma says:

    Khairy and co will be the cause of disaster in Malaysia.
    He is racist and trouble maker in the country.He is a Malay gangster.
    I can’t imagine if he becomes the future PM.
    Malaysia will disappear from world map.

    Wake up Malaysians, fight this culprit and throw them out. DSAI shoud take
    over and do justise for all.Please, no more racial discrimination in this country.This is our country and all have equal rights.

  64. kanapathy says:

    fellows like kj should have gone into isa long time ago, what mr najib did was very right no place in the cabinet, it should be maintained forever, if not another MAY 13 WILL TAKE PLACE IN ONE OF THESE DAYS TO COME.

  65. Vclk55AMG says:


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