A photo I took of the ‘Lion’ in his office in Puduraya, KL.

KARPAL SINGH, lawyer doing the watching brief for Altantuya’s dad, Stev Shariibuu, said he understood the latter’s outburst during a press conference yesterday at the office of PKR’s advisor Anwar Ibrahim in Kuala Lumpur.

The slow pace of the trial has taken its toll on Shariibuu and his family, said Karpal, in a press statement, that I obtained from his office today.

“Altantuya’s youngest son, who is 4 years old, is presently in hospital suffering from peripheral nerve paralysis and cannot walk. Further, his wife has just had a heart attack,” added Karpal.

Karpal expressed regret that the Malaysian government had not responded to the Mongolian government’s two letters, sent by its Prime Minister to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

He urged Abdullah to pay attention to the two letters and relay his response immediately.

Shariibuu has gone to the extent of saying that diplomatic relations with the Malaysian and Mongolian government would be “severed” if the ongoing murder trial is “Not fair, free and speedy”.

“It goes without saying there should be a FAIR, FREE and SPEEDY trial. There should be transparency,” stressed Karpal.

Karpal also said that he had written to the Attorney General, Gani Patail, to ensure that the trial proceeds without any further delay.
“Every effort should be made to ensure the trial is fair and expeditious, fair and free. The eyes of the International world is on us. In fact our legal and judicial systems are themselves on trial”.

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  2. ghenjis khan says:

    Pak Lah says he wants to reform the Judiciary, can he start first with this case.

    Why don’t the AG himself conduct this case and call to the witness box, one Najib Razak, Rosmah, and Musa Safri?

    See what happens when these witnesses speak under oath.

    Meanwhile, RPK and S Sloone should start Justice 4 Altantuya ……

  3. CITIZEN says:

    Call najib, and his wife to court and gives expalantion for this case. Najib is the MOST culprit in where EVERYBODY knows the facts.

  4. just becoz the case involve high level politician (probably) and foreigners should malaysia speed up the trial. how about other “malaysian” murder case/trial – Noritta Samsudin, Francis G Udayappan, Chee Gaik Yap, Siti Syazwani ? malaysian judiciary is big screwed up, no need a mongolian foreigners to remind and comment about, and mongolian should look at their own judiciary in their own countries before talk about malaysia……

  5. stchan says:

    Is time for the people to choose a side in the future election.

  6. Muda says:

    I suppose the phrase used in the Air Molek’s case i.e. there is something rotten in the house of Denmark describes very well the present state of the Malaysian judiciary . BTW were not Gani Patel and Musa Hassan and Augustine Paul , the key players of Anwar Ibrahim’s trial … Emmm , ada bau apa-apa tak….

  7. ah Long says:

    Mr Shariibuu does not speak for Mongolia. His threats that Mongolia will severe tie with Malaysia is out of order. Mongolia has more to lose than Malaysia if the two countries were to severe ties.

    Mr Shariibuu is well advised to keep his focus on the trial itself and stop commenting on international affairs and speaking out of order.

    Mr Shariibuu, the Malaysian people are with you. We want to see justice done. So, don’t simply talk nonsense and let your ego get in the way.

    Mr Shariibuu, in my opinion, you too have a vested interest in this sad affair. Firstly, you want to see justice done for your daughter. Secondly, if someone with lots of money is also convicted, you will of course seek criminal damages and compensation.

    Both are understandable motives. I think most Malaysian are with you on both counts. So, thread gently and quietly, do not lose the public support that you have.

    Don’t talk crap and don’t be greedy. I hear speculations that if the dice falls your way you will be sue for hundreds of millions. Mr Shriibuu, if you go overboard and start being ridiculous you will lose public sympathy.

    What had happened to your daughter is tragic, you deserve just & fair compensation for your loss and your grand childrens’ loss. BUT don’t turn this sad affair into a quest for instant fame & fortune.

    I sincerely hope that justice will prevail. If this trail turns into a circus and the verdict is something ridiculous like Altantuya died of fever, then I am afraid BN / UMNO would have drawn it’s last breath as far as it’s creditbility goes.

    It is bloody amazing that the trial is well into over a 100 days and the prime character Baginda has not been called to the stand !!!

    And the name Najib Tun Razak has only being mentioned once and the person who dared to whisper that name had been swiftly sanctioned. I really doubt that anyone has the balls to call him to the witness stand.

    And even if the two VIP’s are called to the stand. I don’t think Karpal Singh’s balls are big enough for a vigorous cross examination. It will be very very interesting if the Malaysian justice system will allow cross examination by the prosecution employing a outside, foreign barrister, who can speak freely without fear or favour.

    Hahahaha…..I can already see if that were to happen the defense will be crying “OBJECTION’ every 30 seconds and the Judge will be saying “OBJECTION SUBSTAINED” to every objection.

    I am sure that footage will make very entertaining comedy for prime time TV for the whole world !!!

  8. quote: Mr Shariibuu does not speak for Mongolia. His threats that Mongolia will severe tie with Malaysia is out of order. Mongolia has more to lose than Malaysia if the two countries were to severe ties.

    yeah lar, tak tau diplomatic jangan banyak cakap…. if sharibuu don like our judiciary system, he can go back to mongolia and talk about justice in his country. malaysia oledi got alot of problem that should be tackle, and just becoz he bising-bising, the judiciary oledi bring forward the trial (some trial, murder somemore has to wait 1-2- or 3 yrs). oledi give him preferance, what did he expect! actually should give malaysian case more priority instead, and delay this mongolian trial 2-3 years.

    malaysia is not perfect, not 1st class system, he must understand that! and his mongolia country too. in fact mongolia should return china, that country should be part of china province just like tibet and xinjiang!

  9. drbano says:

    Justice delay, justice undone. This is what is brewing in Altantuliya’s long awaited trial? The trial begun in a funny manner whereby the AG was playing soap apera tactic by changing the DPP and at the same time the judiciary was soapin the opera too by changing the judge. The ba also had its funny begging by withdrawing their apppointment.
    Hopefully Malysia will garner a label as t hecountry with the longest trial ever conducted in human history. What a waste of taxpayers money.

  10. wits0 says:

    Anonymous dud:
    “..how about other “malaysian” murder case/trial – Noritta Samsudin, Francis G Udayappan, Chee Gaik Yap, Siti Syazwani ? malaysian judiciary is big screwed up..”

    Indeed so, but right now the focus is on Altantuya, so let it be, in the hope that it will galvanize the effort for more real justice eventually for all those mentioned too.

    if we look back at old Mona Fandy’s case nearly 2 decades ago, we can also say that justice was finally served but only because she and her step son murdered a prominent umno politician – what about entire families and others ordinary people?

    We can ask whether the law would’ve been that galvanized into action (at that speed)had that greedy politician not been murdered? She was not charged for other murders. That, in a sense, was unsatisfactory too.

  11. Noor Aza Othman says:


  12. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Why is it that there is great possibility that Altantuya might have been raped brutally? She was blown up naked for goodness sake! I believe she was murdered in the most evil fashion was in order to eliminate such heinous evidence of the possible rape by these two monsters policemen/Special Branch officers! As a Malay woman, I’m so sick to the core of my heart that such evil Malays including that UMNO politically-connected bastard VIP and the policemen could think they could get away with this?! And yet they claimed “GOD will free us!”; and that VIP even declared he would perform the Haj if he’s freed! Or that they dare to even think that all the Malays or Muslims should rally behind them?! Is that what Islamic-Malay civilisation has come to in this sorry nation-state! Hence, PAS instead of harping senselessly and irrationally on wanting an Islamic nation-state; why don’t they harp on bringing true civilisation to these kind of Muslim evil monsters instead! Look at the mirror and consider rationally, why as long as the Islamic civilisation produce these kind of monsters ESPECIALLY MACHO-SADISTIC MALE BASTARDS; and then justify it under Islam; don’t blame others who then would have no respect for Islam and its followers! Besides, with increasing younger generation of Malay young men recently committing rapes and murders, look at the recent cases of rapes and murders in Kelantan, Terengganu or towards the Univ. Malaysia Sabah student; is it any surprise that these young men might just be following all these heineously immoral examples by the older generation and the Malay or Muslim male leaders?!


  13. ‘Justice delayed is justice denied’
    We can understand how those deprived
    Of natural flow of justice is upset
    When delays become the norm in ‘reset’

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng -250408
    Fri. 25th April 2008.

  14. donplaypuks says:

    I think Karpal & co have sensationalised this trial too much. With the exception of the gory murder and possible political involvement, this is just another murder trial like any other. We will not exactly blighted if Mongolia were to sever diplomatic ties.

    Let’s give our judiciary system the benefit of the doubt. Let the verdict come in before we react.

    But all said, the slow pace and interminable postponements are worrying and does not reflect well on our AG & DPP’s.

    CJ of Malaysia, Datuk Hamid, Minister for Law dato ZI & the Attorney General, can you please insert some dynamite up the prosecutors’ arse, please? You know where you can get some C4 from, surely?

  15. yapchongyee says:

    From my own expriences I can tell you that the A-G, Chief Justice, the presiding Judge and the prosecutor will not lift a finger to get things moving. They are hiding from reality because they do not know what to do to protect theirown from prosecution.

    My wife’s petition went before Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali and she took 4 years to decide and wrongly on an issue that relates to security for costs which in any normal jurisdiction in all the world would take a judge 5 minutes to decide. No judgment was issued for her decision was ever given. The reason is because Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali dares not issue any judgment because she had committed several criminal offences by her criminal behaviour.

    Tis is the state of the Malaysian judiciary and the incoming government in waiting out to put right.

  16. Tauke Wayang says:

    He’s about to be the next PM and he’s already tick out a country from our diplomatic relationship list.


    Hail Najib!

  17. sklee says:

    To act the way he did, Mr.Shaaribuu must be very very disappointed with our Judiciary and our Government.He has the right to be angry…..very angry.We should understand and sympathise with him.His daughter was blown to pieces by peoples who were employees of our Government.To add salt to injury, the marathon trial has been postponed without his knowledge, when he came all the way from Mongolia for the ending as schedule!

  18. hutchrun says:

    OT but related:

    CONVERSION – Torts. The unlawful turning or applying the personal goods of another to the use of the taker, or of some other person than the owner; or the unlawful destroying or altering their nature.

    PETALING JAYA (April 24, 2008): Three days after their husbands lost power to rule Selangor, the wives got into the act – plotting to dissolve a welfare body and remove almost RM10 million from its bank accounts.
    But their attempts have been thwarted by Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who wrote to the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to question the validity of the decision to dissolve the Association of Wives of State Assemblymen and Members of Parliament in Selangor (Balkis).

    So will Khir Toyo`s wife, along with the other wives drag their husbands along to prison?
    This can get to be great fun.

  19. wits0 says:

    ‘Let’s give our judiciary system the benefit of the doubt. Let the verdict come in before we react.”

    So much water has flowed under the bridge that it seem more appropriate to say, “Prepare to be disappointed, and very badly so too!”

    I support Karpal “sensationalizing” the case for it serves the greater good of the people. Know of any better measure(s)?

  20. dodgy inc says:

    donplaypuks:”Let’s give our judiciary system the benefit of the doubt. Let the verdict come in before we react.”

    At the rate of this trial, more immigration records would go missing; more people would be C4; more dates postpone; more spinning in MSM; more witnesses would have selected memories lost; Altantuya would be forgoten; Altantuya’s 4 year old son dies; Judges replaces; judgement delays

    By then, it would be another case of “Justice My Foot”

  21. Pegasus says:

    Mr.Setev reaction is expected,making numerous trips to Malaysia expecting it to end and with the case being postponed for the umpteen time,one wonders when it will end.Can’t blame him for the outburst,Malaysian judiciary is questionable,and we wonder if justice will be served in this case. Najib should be brought to the stand to enable him to clear his name as it is too tainted with Altantuya’s blood. The people are supportive and behind Mr.Setev and understands a father’s feeling,hopefully all this comes to a end with all the culprits are punished and justice served.Lets wait for the ending of this great saga……

  22. donplaypuks says:


    WTF!!?? what’s khir toyo & wife got to do with Altantuya and this particular blog.

    If you can’y keep to the topic, just FO, and don’t be a stupid irritant!

  23. dodgy inc says:


    Don’t be so hard on hutchrun. Most of us are not so good with the english language. Some need to type their entries in word processor to check its spelling and grammar. Then copy and paste into the comment box.

    Mistake can happen. Copy into the wrong box. haha.

  24. donplaypuks says:

    dodgy ink,

    please. i did not criticize hutchrun’s english, spelling or grammar.

    only his comments which are irrelevant to this topic on altantuya.

    besides, you can always check b4 u press ‘submit comment’

    ok, i apologise this time. maybe he copied into wrong box. give him the benefit of doubt

  25. nmjg says:

    Noor A.O.is right. Gentlemen and my fellow Malaysians out there, put it this way: if your own daughter or sister or mother or female relative were raped, murdered and blown into pieces by C4, would you condemn the people involved? Would you want justice to be upheld? Would you want the murderers and their accomplice pay for their crimes? Or do you want the murderer to be set free by the so called “inconclusive evidence” and later become the country’s future leader? So please respect the poor father and don’t speculate on rumours. He has every right to be angry with our people who mercilessly tortured his daughter to death. What kind of animals are these? Don’t you people afraid of the Al-Mighty? Be very careful with what you say, bad words bring bad KARMA, and your own family females will have to bear the consequences, so think carefully before you say.

  26. Malaysian says:

    ah Long, you are the one full of Crap! Mr S is Mongolian, if he cannot speak for Mongolia, what, you can ah? This is free speech, why can’t he comment of international affairs? It is his right to say what he wants, bother you so much, don’t listen lah. Ego? ego! This man’s wife had a heart attack, his grandson is paralysed, his daughter brutally murdered, he has be away from caring for them, fly all the way here to a trial that was postponed again … and you say it is his ego? It is Anger man, and he has every bloody right to be! You are the one talking Crap man!
    Okay, if your son is blown to pieces, you may want to claim sepuloh ringgit but someone else may feel their child is more valuable to them and if they want to sue for 1 billion, I say go ahead! It is not about being greedy stupid, it’s about making the guilty ones pay until the cows come home. Frankly, even 1 billion is not enough to compensate for a loved one’s life. Except for you lah, maybe you have a ceiling figure for yours. Lastly, it’s not about fame, go buy a dictionary lah. If you crash your car down a 20 ft ravine tomorrow and end up in the headlines, can we accuse you of being a sad basket case in the quest for fame. Go figure that one out yourself. If you can’t podah lah. Finally, don’t laugh at a man’s extreme misery. Slapping your stupid face around will make better ‘entertaining’ comedy, whatever that means. You are the depressing comedy lah!

  27. Marduk says:

    ah Long, Your mother, sister or wife was blown up in Mongolia, would you not act the same? you M**F! Why I didn’t mention ‘your daughter’ is because people of your kind WILL not have any children!……[ALTANTUYA, I have spoken…..:-(

  28. Princess Diana says:

    Guys, enuf is enuf I think we should organise An Altantuya Walk and show the government and the stupid judges and stupid government that we are serious.

    Women are no longer safe in this country. How many murderers have got free… This case will end like Noritta case..

    I think we should be kind to Mr Sharribuu and his family what his is undergoing.

    Lets all have a candle vigil walk for Altantuya/ We need to show the monkeys that we want to see justice in this case.

  29. dodgy inc says:

    Mr. Shariibuu, i don’t see any need to sever tie with our Malaysia Government.

    Very soon you should be able to receive Najib as the New Malaysian Ambassador to your country once the Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government.

    So stay tuned and pray that Najib don’t defect to Zambawee

  30. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Princess Diana,

    That’s a great idea! I’m so sick of all the increasing brutal, especially sexual crimes towards women and children in this sorry nation-state! Due to the sadist-macho system as inculcated under Umno, producing sadist-macho male monsters and perverts, locals or foreigners alike! Even policemen are not to protect us but can be the great evils themselves! I could just imagine the unfortunate Altantuya’s great anguish, pain, helplessness and torture that she went through at that moment; thinking that she was safe with policemen but instead they’re worst than the normal devils!! Or all the female crime victims who never get any justice due to the corruption and evil system! That’s the point; this’s not about individual cases but about what is so wrong with the increasingly evil system that is producing such increasing number of evil sadist-macho monsters in this country. Who have no respect for women’s rights, dignity, self-worth nor our lives! Please contact me if you’re interested to join forces at noorazao@hotmail.com. I’ve just written a letter to the PKR Selangor Exco for Women’s Affairs on this sorry state and hopefully there will be a new dawn for women, in this sorry nation-state! Let’s pray for Datuk Wan Azizah for PM!

  31. Antares says:

    Susan, bless you for keeping the Altantuya torch alight. More than a year since the trial began and it makes me puke to see Najib jetting around the world at taxpayers’ expense, still earning his fat salaries and kickbacks as DPM and Defence Minister, and even issuing statements as if he was the acting PM whenever Dollah dozes off on the job… yeeeeeeccccch!!! I’m glad to see another eruption of blogposts on Altantuya precipitated by Shaariibuu Setev’s abortive trip to Malaysia. Before I read this post I had published a post on Altantuya too. Looks like the pressure is building up inside this hideous crock of shit.

  32. trooper says:

    Maybe for all brutal and sexual crimes against women, the criminal should be castigated.

  33. curtisous says:

    How can the PM not reply 3 letters to him from Mongolian PM? If this is true, it does go to show that there’s really something wrong not just with the judiciary but also the administrative leadership. Remember some puzzling things still unanswered:

    – immigration records to being wiped out? Who’s behind it? Could it be that the Mongolian govt is asking the same in the letter?

    – both prosecution and defense lawyers protested against the line of questioning touching of someone higher up.

    For those who made light of Mr. Stev Sharibuu’s outburst of frustration, like the “anonymous dud”, what if the same thing happen to your very own daughter or wife? You must understand that even if the court case ends today, his family and grandchildren’s suffering still continues on.

  34. cpwaterman says:

    When you think about their immigration records were deleted from the system, it shows that the case involves powerful government personnel and it points to a CALCULATED move to make it looked as if the victim had never been to Malaysia & they thought by blowing up her body in pieces would destroy any trace of evidence. I can’t find a suitable word to describe how barbaric these murderers are.
    I dreaded to think if there had been earlier blown ups of other victims that were not found out at all.

    It is clear that all odds are against Mr.S to be able to obtain a fair judgement, We just pray that justice (somehow) will prevail & the criminals will receive their deserved judgement.

  35. Payback Time says:

    My hats off to all blogers out there for your comments and concern on Altantuya..the Razak brothers and Rosma is about to be C4 by the Almighty..is all coming back now..nobody who has done evil can escape belief me…Karma not for sale

  36. wits0 says:

    Someone just commented elsewhere of a typical case of court postponement wrt to a traffic offence case where the cop involved was unable to attend because he was doing night shift!

    This is a big rubbish excuse, you know, because his police dept. should see to it that someone takes his place for the night-shift. AFAIK, other gomen dept. would do that in respecting the law if and when a gomen servant is needed as a witness to a court case.

    IOW, this means the police never respect the court as much as others and the court concurs with this! Hence the implicit promotion of grossness and obtuseness to the public. The court is abetting this sort of shoddy thing!

  37. Edi神 says:

    Karpal is right but what do PM want?

    I want NAJIB on the stand defending his shit!

  38. Sabahan says:

    saya tgk pun pemimpin BN suka main duit dan pempuan laa. althantuya tu cantik, VIP yang bini dia gemuk tu tentu lah nak yang seksi dan cantik pula 2

  39. Dr. Rosli says:

    Can someone tell us who is the father of Altantunya’s sons? Can’t he be called to the witness stand?

  40. kai says:

    Aaahhh, Ah Long-chye, I was going to post my comments but since you have been kicked on your ass by few readers here, well I won’t say anymore except this. If the case was found in favour of Altantuya, I would expect her father to sue for compensation. Why not? This will send a clear message to those rich and famous that if they crossed the line, they will have to pay, apart from imprisonment too!

    Wow!, I didn’t know Princes Diana is still kicking around lol! Good on you!

    donplaypula….language, language please. There are children reading this forum too as well!

    Where is caravanserai? Not running out of poems I hope! hehehehe!

    And Malay Women in Malaysia…I wonder where is she now? You have been very quite on this topic? I just wonder why?? Please say something, anything-lah!!

  41. hutchrun says:

    `Maybe for all brutal and sexual crimes against women, the criminal should be castigated`.

    Errr I suppose you meant castrated?

  42. The deceased Altantunya was a linguist engaged by the Ministry of Defence people as an intepreter when they were negotiating to purchase some hundred of millions dollars worth of weapons hardware from the French. This was to be her downfall as apparently she must have access or hear some hanky panky going on in the negotiation. Along the way she got romantically involved with some Malaysian VIP.

    She came to Malaysia to-demand a cut or get child support from her Malaysian lover. She was instead stuffed with , not Ringgits mind you, but with C4 and blown to pieces.

    So readers, I leave to your imagination who are the culprits?

  43. hutchrun says:

    donplaypuks :

    You really want to know what the F***K is wrong with you. Well the easy thing for me to say is that you lack brains, but that would probly be since most of the time you are playing `puks` with your weenie I would think.
    The title of the post is :
    `Karpal says our legal and judicial systems are themselves on trial`

    What I posted is another case of the system being on trial. If you are not happy, then you can go and `puk` yourself.

  44. It is indeed very sad for all of us. As long as we still have BN the evil master around, we can never be short of sores and scars. Now with C4, we shall be picking up more bones. We are crying tears of despair now, hopefully we could cry next, the tears of joy if/when PR could rule parliament and hopefully could offer a new hope.

  45. Feroz Merican says:

    To Ah long, I think you should continue to say what’s on your mind. I have no problem with your point of view, in fact, it is very well put, in my opinion. Just because some people think it is impossible for the father to actually ask for money to keep his trap shut about what he knows, does not mean that it is not within the realm of possibility. The Chinese papers and rumours have pretty much inferred what you have dared to say. As for your as* being kicked , well that depends on who is kicking your as*.
    Shallow and ignorant people should not stop you from practising free speech. After all, this is the new Malaysia. You are not racist, and you are not blind, so know that you have a friend in me at least.

  46. donplaypuks says:


    likewise to you too!!

  47. trooper says:

    Hutchrun, yes, the word should be “castrated”. Thanks!!!

  48. HINDRAF says:


  49. balan nambiar says:

    They will wait untill UMNO electionlah..if najib not going against in the election Everything will settle lah…so be patientlah.You youngster always think by book…and laws..this is same thing happening since half of centurylah…I tak kuasa lagi!.penat…….penat!

  50. goddess says:

    I think its time to act. To solve all the problems in the country and in the whole world at large, lets get to the roots of the problems. Do all agree with me that all the problems like rape, murder, crime, war, cruelty, corruptions, brutality, violence, child abuse, cheating, flesh trade and the list goes on are all caused by men (sorry to say this as dont you think it is a fact?). Men is the root of all evils. So, i think the world should seriously have programs to reverse “these” men. The world should have a WCO – World Cruelty Organisation to address these problems that the women & children are victims of these cruelty. If the world just ignore these, there will be no ending problems, no need to bring in judiciary as no use because it is a new disease of these men species. There is now an urgent need to educate the boys of the world to stop cruelty to women/girls/children as everyboy has a mother, sister, daughter and wife who are female species. No cruelty by men and there would be no problems in this world. Teach men to have compassion (a missing micro chip missing in all men). Men are like animals if men do not cultivate compassion in their heart! We are worst than animals!Animals dont “bomb” another animals and animals dont rape their own offsprings and kill their own species. We are worst than animals. We are all evils in disguise!Only an evil or devil could do something like this to Altantuya (raped, used, exploited and bomb to pieces)! Ponder about this, you men species!!

  51. balan nambiar says:

    Haiya!goddes of mercy why so angry with manlah!your father also a man .There are genteleman alsolah….this case is must be your Kebajikan dan Ha ehwal wanita take seriuoslah…They say every man success behind is wife lah..so it goes to evil thing alsolah…the wife must behind this alsolah…so dont blame the man only….I love goddess of mercy!

  52. Not all the lawyers are right to the laws!!!

  53. Kesava says:

    Make an example of the AG first and slowly other lawyers will fall into line.

  54. wits0 says:

    With this type of AGs, all talk about reforming the Judiciary is nonsense.

    Related: Look at what sort of role that Suhakam is playing. Nothing significant. Truly a SHAM.

    Fine way of removing Justice from selective references to Legality. A dismal state of affair touted as justice.

  55. kittykat46 says:

    Insiders tell me the current AG is a real political operative. Prosecution….persecution decisions on “sensitive” cases – to prosecute or not, how much “energy” to put into the prosecution are made from a political angle.
    To a certain extent, it has always been like that in Malaysia, but this guy puts all his predecessors to shame.
    Remembe his “attempted murder” persecution of Hindraf protesters ?

    As long as this Patel fella is AG, all the talk of reforming the Judiciary will be meaningless.

    It also shows you clearly whether Bedol is really sincere about the whole exercise. So far, no evidence of real sincerity.

  56. wits0 says:

    Agree with you 100% Kittykat. FatTail is the most blatant of ’em all….and consistently so. Even the MSM cannot obfuscate that.

    Bedol does not have the will to really walk his talk. Soon everyone will not be treated to anymore update on the matter, as well. The MSM will hope people would have rapidly forgotten the very mention of it too.

  57. Edi神 says:

    Just send Najib & Razak to jail…

    ENd of story!

    We happy

    Mongolia happy

    Badawi paling happy!

  58. balan nambiar says:

    Blaming anybody can’t solve our Malaysian Judiciary problem.There will rise a dozen AG,Law minister,DPM and PM even will be worst in future.I think judiciary system must be changed to our Malaysian need and reform them.I dont know how to reform but out there we have lot of a good lawyers in bar council can decide this.We have to change entire law system from feudal colonism to our own (Even the ISA).If we in their position we have to do the samething.Cari makan maah!.Have to keep our ass shut so the ass become a boss.So who is going to change this….I dont knowlah…..friend! everybody around is train to be corrupted and force to be corrupt.My mother told me “In Kaliyooga”means dooms days every stupid fellows become very rich…the most brilliant work under the most stupid bosses.The crooks will be our leaders bring to hell together with them………!!!.So just preapared our self aand pray god!!!

  59. ah Long says:

    Now is not the time to slap my stupid face or call me names. I must remind bloggers not to already deliver the verdict. It is ok to have free speech and form opinions. It is ok to be critical on the speed of the trial and the way it is been conducted.

    BUT it is NOT alright to go and deliver the verdict that so and so are already guilty. By forming such conclusions and blogging it you are behaving like a lynching mob. No matter how circumstaintal the evidence are and how you hate the accused. IN MALAYSIA A PERSON IS PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Take away that right and you are no better than the worst of them.

    Neither, can we let the opposition turn this into a media circus with their interview with Mr Shiirbuu. His frustration is understandable but it is not suitable tv prime time material.

    Bloggers, your time to voice any objections is AFTER the official verdict is delivered. Then we can shoot freely and loudly.

    Remember, it is NOT just Altantuya’s murderous accused who are on trial. It is the whole legal system and corrupt officials. Wait for the verdict and aim truely and shoot any injustice without fear or mercy if justice is not done.

    I really hope that is justice is not done in this case, it will mean the end of BN & UMNO. There is a lot more at stake than justice for Altantuya.

  60. quote: Do all agree with me that all the problems like rape, murder, crime, war, cruelty, corruptions, brutality, violence, child abuse, cheating, flesh trade and the list goes on are all caused by men (sorry to say this as dont you think it is a fact?). Men is the root of all evils. So, i think the world should seriously have programs to reverse “these” men.

    not really, look at china at the end of 20th century under the manchurian empress. becoz of under woman rule who “generally” tend to be selfish, conservative, tend to look beautiful and petty stuff (she even summoned the emperor to play opera instrument to her while the country is in war with japan, and gambled on peasant miracle power war against superpowers in boxer rebellion) – else china would be on par with japan racing for modernization….

  61. hutchrun says:

    In his report against Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra for allegedly making seditious remarks, Karpal Singh said the Kelantan crown prince was under a complete misconception in saying the special rights and privileges of the Malays were quid pro quo in return for providing citizenship for 2.7million non-Malays upon Merdeka.


  62. ah long says:

    hutchrun…..you mean the “clown” prince.

  63. ah long says:

    Under English common law you can sue the guilty party for criminal damages. I am pretty sure that in Malaysia you can do this as well. Any lawyers want to comment.

    Damages can be awarded against the offender by liquidating their personnal assets.

    Most Commonwealth countries have a formula to calculate the amount of damages to be awarded. Usually this is quite a modest sum. Some countries even have a legal limit as to the maximum amount that can be awarded. This formula awards for loss of earnings / income, pain & suffering and other losses or additional expenses.

    However, lawyers have added a “punitive” element to their damages claims and in some cases this type of damages can run into the mega bucks territory.

    In my opinion, I am sure Mr Shuriibuu lawyers would have made sure he is aware well aware of this. Should Baginda be found guilty, I am sure he is going to be hit by a claim for criminal damages with a very large amount of punitive damages. He is a very wealthy man and his conviction will make the defense lawyers very very happy.

    As you can see the concept of criminal damages is very fair & just, and is very common in other countries. If a thief breaks into your house and break your legs, you better hope that he is a wealthy thief because you can sue him for criminal damages and the law can sell his house to compensate you.

    But if the thief is very poor (that is why he has to steal) then it is bad luck for you. In some countries like Australia you can claim criminal damages from the Government in such cases but the amount is limited.

  64. Awang Kata says:

    Kesal kerana blog orang Malaysia tetapi tidak upaya adakannya dalam bahasa sendiri (iaitu bahasa Melayu/bahasa kebangsaan)

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