Everyone who’s been in the circle will remember him dearly – the educator, political activist, writer and blogger, who passed on today at 3am. I remember him also as a jovial man, who makes serious topics such as socialism and malay nationalism sound enjoyable.

But I have had good conversations with him and have worked with him quite closely sometime back, when he was editor for SUARA PRM. Rustam Sani was also my lecturer in UKM, Bangi, and his daughter Ariani is a close friend. I studied ANSOS (anthropology and sociology) 101 under him.

He was extremely sharp and critical in his analysis. I guess it is through his eyes, together with Sanusi Osman (former PRM secretary general), who started me on this journey of looking at all issues from a socio-political dimension. I now look forward to reading his books: Failed nation: Concerns of a Malaysian nationalist” and “Social roots of the Malay left”  – to be launched this Saturday in Shah Alam at 3pm.

I often read his blog @ Suara Rakyat or Vox Populi. He and I got a spot @ Aliran’s website.

My mum use to say all good people will pass on early. I still feel it is too soon for Rustam to leave us. He has much to contribute after the March 8 Tsunami, but such is life. I am only happy he has witnessed the Tsunami. Many struggle for years, yet may not have such blessings.

Rustam, you’ve fought the good fight, now it’s time to rest. Wishing Ariani and all at home, deepest condolences.


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  1. kittykat46 says:

    Rustam Sani was a Towering Malaysian.

    My condolences to his family.

  2. dodgy inc says:

    A death of a patriot and a just warrior for Malaysia.

    Our nation is forever indepted to you

  3. Ahila says:

    Farewell Uncle Rustam ! May your soul rest in peace.
    Condolence to his family. You will be remembered by all of us.

  4. Malaysian says:

    Deepest condolences.
    Thank you from the entire nation. Rest in peace.
    God bless.

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