In Malaysia-today’s latest article “Spin machine spinning out of control“, Raja Petra Kamaruddin says:

There is a book called ‘100 DALIL MENGAPA NAJIB TAK BOLEH JADI PM’ (100 reasons why Najib cannot be PM) that Malaysia Today has received from an anonymous source. Of course, the party that gave us this book wants Malaysia Today to publish it, maybe a dalil a day for 100 days. We are still studying the contents of this book to assess whether the 100 dalils are mere innuendoes and insinuations or are really points of substance. No, contrary to what the government says, Malaysia Today does not publish innuendoes and insinuations.

Those close to the Deputy Prime Minister are not being spared either. Malaysia Today was given the name of the ex-Minister who has been accused of molesting the cigar girl in the Havana Club in a five-start hotel in KL Sentral. Malaysia Today’s initial investigation points to a smearing campaign aimed at bringing down all those close to the Deputy Prime Minister and it seems the incident has been denied by the girl concerned.

On Sunday, Najib sealed a secret pact with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Yes, Najib has thrown his forces behind Abdullah and has sworn to sink or swim with his boss. This has riled the Team B forces and they now want Najib and his boys brought down as fast as possible so that Abdullah can be isolated and brought down as well in due time. And this is probably the reason for the smear campaign that suddenly intensified the last few days.

Hmm, I am wondering if the postponement of the Altantuya’s case has anything to do with Najib’s sealed secret pact with Abdullah? Since everyone’s spinning, I may as well spin along? Is the Altantuya’s controversy one of the 100 reasons why Najib cannot be PM?

The postponement is to drag Najib further through the mud. If Najib is to be given a smooth transition of power, wouldn’t he be cleared completely of the case? And to be cleared completely of the case, it means that we will by now have a verdict, wouldn’t we? A verdict that would be completely ‘pleasant’ to Najib, whose directly and professionally related to the three accused in the case.

Well, questions and more questions only. But Malaysia-Today, I wouldn’t mind reading one dalil per day. Beats the blues. And while waiting for the Altantuya’s trial to resume (its been postponed again till May), her dad can also kill sometime relishing the ‘inuendoes and insinuations’ purported in the book.

Najib after all has Altantuya’s ‘blood’ on his hands, whether figuratively or metaphorically.  


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  1. wits0 says:

    Really, come to think of it, why does it have take 100 reasons? Isn’t a few good ones enough?

  2. ktemoc says:

    don’t worry Susan, M2Day will publish – that was just pre publishing advertising – M2Day has already published many stories adverse to Najib.

  3. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:

    Is it a wonder that the girl/woman has denied that molestation took place. By now a settlement would have been reached and money changed hand. Malaysia Boleh.

    Najib has never been clean. There will be more dalils published come closer to his taking over.

  4. ghenjis khan says:

    Readers and potential buyers of this book are well-advised to refer to an Article that appears in STAR Tuesday 22nd April, 2008 written by Dr Mohd Zaidi Ismail.
    “On The Whys and Wherefores of Writing”

    Probably, one of the reasons that legitimizes the writing of this book !

    To the Courts, injunctions here injunctions there !

  5. kittykat46 says:

    “Is Altantuya one of the ‘dalils’ why Najib cannot be PM?”

    Correct, correct, correct, correct, Yes, Yes, Yes,

  6. Devan says:

    His hands are tainted…..Who gave instructions to remove the victims records and movement from the system of the Immigration Data????
    Who else….make your choice!!!

  7. dodgy inc says:

    a fool and his prime ministership will soon be parted

  8. arrow says:

    You are on the dot witso.

  9. UMNO Pekan says:

    Yeap. No need 100 dalil. Corruptions in arms deals and killing people is good enough to chop off his hands and head. I still haven seen a handless and headless PM.

  10. azisirikit says:

    Sooner or later you sure kena one….. you can run away from us, the people but you cannot run away from HIM.

  11. kittykat46 says:

    “why does it have take 100 reasons? Isn’t a few good ones enough?”

    Najib and Megat Junid were among the key background conspirators against Anwar Ibrahim in 1998.

    Its payback time for the original Anwar 100 Dalil book, and they want Najib to know it.

  12. Ahila says:

    One of the ‘dalils’ or not………….one reaps what one sows !
    May the Almighty save us, Malaysians , from the devils in expensive suits.

  13. Harrison says:

    Najib= Mahathir Mohamad resurrected, but not in three days. Remember his tenure as UMNO youth chief during Ops Lalang?

    Wow, how did you get that poster/ book? RPK is indeed the de-facto King of Blogger. I beleive we also have a Queen of Blogger…. 😀

  14. wits0 says:

    “Anwar 100 Dalil book”?

    I believe it was just 50 Dalil against Anwar. It’s must be the inflation factor of our times 😉 . He also pisses people off more but pretends towards inevitable entitlement more obsessively.

  15. Rama says:

    So now Badawi covering-up Najib looks like.

  16. Bakri says:

    I have always maintained that Najis represents the unacceptable face of this country. He is absolutely and outrightly evil. Let me tell you boys and girls, the man is venom and a snake. Today he pretends that he is a patient and an obedient man, God the Almighty, you haven’t seen him in his element. He is the epitome of evil like Mahazalim. In fact, he will cut the throat of KJ and AAB once he comes to power and will C4 Anwar. The man is evil. Everything should be done to thwart him from coming to power. And the evil dictator is pushing for him for reasons that you know all. Keep eye!

    Lawyer Haris Ibrahim asks If there is any Malaysian who wants Najib as PM. Well, people have said NO and BIG NO.

  17. DR.SHAN says:

    whole system stinks. seeing AAB n NAJIB at zak mansion funeral speaks 4 their calibre n morals. appointment of MOHD TAIB N fomer dup home menteri as menteri now speaks volumes re new AAB. dont expect 2 much unless anwar is pm

  18. Allen Tan says:

    If the verdict is dictated by PM, i.e up to him Najib is guity or not, then how corrupted Malaysian judiciary is!

    PM better expose the Altantuya case so that the next DPM could be appointed soon.

  19. Edi神 says:

    100 dalil a day…

    by the time 100 finish… another 200 might has surface!

    NO NAJIS for PM!


  20. kittykat46 says:

    Ya-lah, the original Anwar Dalil book only had 50.

    My mind inflates numbers too easily, after so many years of rule by “Barang Naik” government…

  21. kai says:

    Hi Guys,

    Clink on this link below and watch the entire programme: –

    Then click onto the link called: Malaysia’s Indian Uprising on the right hand side (about 23.36 minutes).

    This programme was aired on Australia SBS TV yesterday. This is an interesting story and reporting from the start of the Hindraf demonstrations right up to the March election. It talks about the Indians being treated as second class citizens and also included an interview with Samy Vallu. See how confidence Samu Vallu was when the interviewer asked him if he was going to retain his seat.

    Sorry guys for this topic is not related to the above heading.

    Please enjoy. I doubt your local TV stations would air this kind of programme!

  22. Bakri says:

    He he he he he he he he he!

    Check here: Najib practicing how to use C4 gun operated.

  23. birdbrain says:

    While Badawi is always in a state of denial, Najib is in a state of betrayal!

    He can never be our 6th PM. Too many controversies surrounding him and the lady behind this hopefully successful man has a very bewitching look!

    Move on, forget him!

  24. khglkirt says:

    Hey ladies, I don’t use C4 anymore…..

  25. kittykat46 says:

    The photo of Najib holding the Sub-Machine Gun gives me the creeps…..

    Did I see the ghost of a Central Asian woman standing behind him ?

  26. kittykat46 says:

    That’s a cute photo of Ziana Zain on the cover of the book.
    I wonder what is her connection to Najib ?……

  27. whispering9 says:

    “why does it have take 100 reasons? Isn’t a few good ones enough?”

    Elementary, one reason is a crime but a hundred reasons is just statistics. Like they said ‘You can’t get away from murdering one person but killed a million it is just statistics.’ I think a hundred reasons given will only allow a person to go scot free from just the absurdness of it.

  28. fariq says:

    is this a real story or false,if it is a real one then just prove it,anyway he is not suitable to be PM. i heard about his affair with ziana zain 15 years ago,but i am not sure

  29. sofiairdina says:

    With ziana in the picture najib is in one helluva problem. He can kowtim all others but how to “kowtim” rosmah? She is fierce and gosh, she is big too.

  30. highschooltom says:

    i will not allow a killer becomes my malaysian prime minister…. and his wife..a first lady? NEVER!!

  31. Malaysian says:

    Last time only 50, now must be 100 dalils lah. Just let me know when they’re launching it at the Loaf. Aiyaiyai … with a cover like that, nobody has to lift a finger, his wifey will finish him lah!

  32. arrow says:

    How many ladies can be gentle and polite and sophisticated like sofia.I bet it is easier to handle rosmah dan sofia.When a lady manja,sure men will say yes to anything she wants.Fierce lady wont get what she demands haha.

  33. Mahathirism says:

    Thursday, April 24, 2008
    Penang Follows Spore’s Road to Secession

    Abdullah Badawi’s foreign policy is undoubtedly Pro-Singapore. Today Penang draws many parallels to Temasek leaving Semenanjung Tanah Melayu. For example Lim Guan Eng’s sensational condemnation of the NEP. Then, Lee Kah Choon quits Gerakan without blinking an eye to take up high powered positions as Penang Development Corporation (PDC) Director and InvestPenang Executive Committee Chairman.He didn’t have the time to entertain Abdullah Badawi’s instructions. He blew our weak PM off.

    On another note, Mahathirism received a comment as follows:-

    Guan Eng’s modus operandi in Penang is eaxactly like Lee Kuan Yew’s strategy to win Malay support prior to the separation of Malaya. U could view this in a special documentary about Spore’s road to independence- aired on ASTRO.

    Bravo Pak Lah. U will always have a place in Spore!

  34. wits0 says:

    Even WHEN viewed solely from ONE personal angle, that of ‘entitlement’ alone, for an useless leader, is already quite repulsive enough. That’s just one angle!

  35. highschootom says:

    i will not allow a killer becomes malaysian prime minister…also his wife..a first lady?? NEVER!!

  36. dodgy inc says:

    Inherited the killer trade from a demonic mass murderer. Altantuya was a mere trial run. Very soon he would unleashed his reign of terror on its populace if elected as the PM

  37. Pegasus says:

    Najib is badly tainted,his credibility is in question and he seem to be more of a future convict rather then a future PM.Definitely Mongolia is one country he wont visit if he becomes the next PM and if Anwar becomes the PM,he should appoint Najib to be the ambassordor to Mongolia. The rest hopefully will be history for Najib

  38. caravanserai says:

    The jet hits the sky
    100 dalil to make the time
    The pilot looks down
    Damn I better fly!

    Falsehoods don’t come home
    It makes the day look so unknown
    Thinking about it makes no way
    It is the work of spinning wheel

    People gather to listen
    Read and try to comprehend
    100 dalil of a politician
    You just need one
    He will run………..

    Money talks perhaps?
    Giving it to popularize
    When many people talk about it
    It is still hearsay until proven otherwise

    Now it is hard to get the details
    Bury it under heap of official seals
    Unless we change the government
    Let Anwar spins the wheel……

    Right now people
    Watch the jet in the sky
    The white line broadly display
    It is surrender or the pilot wants to disappear?

    100 dalil
    The past time to talk in café
    Every reason every answer every no way
    Unless it is proven to make the person runs
    Into the bosom of consolation

  39. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    To understand UMNO, najib altantuya and hishamudin keris, i read some history of the malays, do they have their own civilization?, i could not find any, before they convert to Islam, they were following the 2nd class citizen’s civilization, and after converting to islam, they claim that islamic civilization is theirs eventhough they contribute nothing to it. Can anybody confirm this? Maybe from this we could understand why UMNO is behaving like they do.

  40. simpleguy says:

    FYI, the dates for the Altantuya trial had already been fixed in advance because contrary to popular belief, the presiding judge does have other outstanding cases to hear too.

  41. Dr. Rosli says:

    In this time of inflation, even dalils are not spared. They have increased by a whooping 100%. I am so sure how much faith really one can place in the Malaysian justice system.

  42. ahmad says:

    Andrew Das, to read about the REAL history, you can go to this website:

  43. I still remember that after ARB was arrested, the wife screamed at the press to leave her husband alone and added: “It’s not my husband who wants to be the Prime Minister.”

    None of the morons from the Press who were present asked her what she meant.

  44. avvit says:

    Do not speak about freedom of speech if you are not prepared for the consequences” – susan loone, 24 April 2007, Bangkok.

    Please practice what you preach. Most of what you said regarding the Altantuya trial is based on rumours and heresay. An example would be what Setev Sharibuu said. He said he has new information and you went and said ‘Evidence’. Information and evidence are 2 different things, you don’t have to be a lawyer to know that.

    Another example is C4. It has never been established that the explosives used were C4. When during the whole trial proceedings and police investigation was it confirmed that C4 was used? If you have information of this, please cite where you got it from.

    Then you go on and instigate rumours that Altantuya was involved in the whole submarine business. If you had done your homework you would know that the whole submarine business was way before Altantuya appeared.

    It’s bad enough you go on and say these things, but worse still is it appears that most people here lap up everything you say.

  45. wits0 says:

    avvit, I think you are talking rubbish and/or trying to insult our intelligence.
    If C4 has been established by chemist and forensic as not being used, the accused would have been long freed. The fact is that C4 has never been disputed as being used in this case all along.

    avvit, it’s you who hopes that your dishonest denial of reality may have some impact on readers here. Who’re you trying to kid?

  46. wits0 says:

    Joe: “None of the morons from the Press who were present asked her what she meant.”

    The same type of Press people that typically report things like “50 bullets’ littering the scene of the shoot-out in KLIA !!

  47. avvit says:

    Pardon me if you think I’m talking rubbish or insulting your intelligence. But could you please tell me when during the trial was C4 mentioned? The words C-4 specifically? To be honest I don’t even know how it started (maybe the press got carried away again?). But once it did start, it got carried away, especially in blogs like these.

    And what about everything else I said? Was that rubbish as well?

    I have no “dishonest denial of reality”. I’m trying to clarify the murky waters and heresay that has been going on so far. I am not saying I know it all, far from it.

    But I do not go around spreading rumours and misleading people.

  48. wits0 says:


    You must be from another planet, avvit.

  49. annoying mouse says:

    Azilah and Sirul are alleged to have killed the woman in a jungle clearing, then attempted to destroy her body with C4 plastic explosives in October 2006 at the behest of Abdul Razak, who had broken off his affair with Altantuya, who continued to demand as much as US$500,000 in support money for a child supposedly fathered by Abdul Razak, according to testimony in the trial.
    [ ]
    Human rights groups in Malaysia and abroad have demanded justice over the case. In Mongolia the case has been seen as a national insult. A newspaper editorial in the Mongolia Post in Ulan Bator asked:

    “Why would the Malaysian Special Forces personnel currently charged want to murder the victim and then take such a drastic action in an attempt to destroy the evidence? Were they acting on their own volition or were they really carrying out instructions? Who authorized the use of the C4 explosives? Why did Abdul Razak Baginda need a Mongolian interpreter for the submarine deal in Europe? How can the records of entry on Altantuya and her companions have been erased? Surely their passports had been stamped with the date and place of entry when they first arrived in Kuala Lumpur? It is suspected that the killers of Altantuya were planning to do away with her companions as well so as not to leave any witnesses. Were there instructions from persons higher up to have these records deleted?”

  50. annoying mouse says:

    Najib will say nothing. Innocent boy who only plays with the bloody keris – like he did before.

  51. annoying mouse says:

    I think what Najib trying to say is that he `do not go around spreading rumours and misleading people`.

  52. kittykat46 says:

    C4 was mentioned in the press, quoting unnamed police during the investigations before the trial.
    The trial prosecution witness testimony mentions Altantuya was blown up by explosives obtained by UTK.

    The manner Altantuya’s body was blown up suggests use of plastic explosives. C-4 is the standard plastic explosive used in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

  53. dodgy inc says:

    Reading the fine line:

    Either “avvit” has announced the reign of terrors has begun or

    he is part of the “CAP-HALF PASS SIX” that can’t even find the source where C4 information came from.

  54. whispering9 says:

    Hahahahaha….Susan is not the only blogger to mention C4. In fact, almost all the bloggers who wrote about AS’s case mentioned C4. One even ran the most popular post on C4 jokes. Even KJ is susan fancee now 😉 . Surely, avvit, you don’t intend to insult us Malaysians as unintelligent lapdogs. Election sudah over dah.

  55. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    Thanks ahmad, the history i am comparing with is before islam came to malaysia. After it came, they followed it, no contribution with originality and everyone can understand that. Is there any alternative history (apart from those so-called european writers) before Islam came to malaysia?

  56. wits0 says:

    “…can’t even find the source where C4 information came from.”

    1. This does not mean it does not exist.

    2. To provide the link is hardly really an onus to enlighten a denier because you can lead a horse(or ass) to water but you cannot make it drink. Yet despite this, I’ve posted a link which is, I believe, swallowed up by the spam box and might as well better stay there.

    3. The Flat Earth society should be revived for there are still potential members available.

  57. kittykat46 says:

    Witnesses mentioned plastics explosives in court.

    It seems UTK doesn’t use C-4, maybe another type of plastic explosive.
    C-4 is a US Military term.

  58. Kesava says:

    The Malaysian ministry of defense paid one billion euros (RM 4.5 billion) to Amaris for the three submarines, for which Perimekar received a commission of 114 million euros (RM 510 million) from Amaris. Deputy Defense Minister Zainal Abdidin Zin told the Dewan Rakyat, Malaysia’s parliament, that the commission was not a bribe to Perimekar. He said the money was paid for “coordination and support services” although the fee amounted to a whopping 11 percent of the sales price for the submarines.

    Although Najib denies ever meeting Altantuya, according to the website of the Malaysian Association in France and other websites, on June 11, 2005 Najib gave a press conference in France after having visited the site where the two Scorpene submarines were being built. “As a maritime nation, (the) acquisition will give our navy the added capabilities,” he told the media. Earlier, in the port city of Brest, Najib had visited a naval base where Malaysian navy submariners were training, and, according to the log of an Australian submariner association, presented jackets made available by Perimekar to the crew.

    Najib, Abdul Razak and Altantuya were thus in Europe at exactly the same time. Abdul Razak was one of Najib’s closest friends. Given this closeness and the fact that the three were in Europe at the same time – and that Najib was presenting jackets made available by Perimekar to the crew – it is almost impossible to believe they had not met.

  59. wits0 says:

    Kittykat: “It seems UTK doesn’t use C-4, maybe another type of plastic explosive.
    C-4 is a US Military term.”
    B.Suresh Ram;SUN

    KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 7, 2006): Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum says C4 explosives were not only used by the army but also the police Special Action Unit (Unit Tindakan Khas). …

    That was from the horse’s mouth in parliament.

  60. Harrison says:

    Susan may not not be pointblank accurate as other investigative reporter, but you made some points earlier that Setev Sharibuu wasn’t pleased by the delay and postponement of the her daughter’s trial. He even claimed that the Mongolian government is willing to sever political ties with Malaysia if the outcome is biased.

    Another proof to substantiate Setev’s displeasure, in fact, outburst:-

    Even Christian Amanpour couln’t be perfect. U need proof as well? 🙂

  61. dodgy inc says:

    This is the correct link—

    KUALA LUMPUR (Dec 7, 2006): Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Mohd Johari Baharum says C4 explosives were not only used by the army but also the police Special Action Unit (Unit Tindakan Khas). …

  62. wits0 says:

    “Christian” Amanpour is rather pompous and she pours.

  63. If innocent, well and good
    Otherwise it’s head in hood
    There’ll be much thought as food
    Without all in really patient mood

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 250408
    Fri. 25th April 2008.

  64. Karmen Lee says:

    Altantuya’s dad is right about us Malaysians. The NGOs and the general public is not doing much for her kids and I really think we should show we care regardless of how the case turns out to be. Is there any law that say we the general public cannot collect donations for the children? I feel it is the least we can do to help to ease their pain and sorrow. And the fact that it happened in our country made it all the more humane for us to do something even if the guilty ones got away scot free but they will rot in hell.

  65. Feroz Merican says:

    I still remember that after ARB was arrested, the wife screamed at the press to leave her husband alone and added: “It’s not my husband who wants to be the Prime Minister.”

    None of the morons from the Press who were present asked her what she meant.

    Very well said, Joe Fernandez.
    Andrew Das Off Topic,
    please take notes .
    People like you give people like Joe a bad name.
    Read Sejarah Melayu and remember who shot Mahatma Gandhi.
    Better still, remind me how many Indian Prime Ministers have
    been assassinated.

  66. wits0 says:

    “None of the morons from the Press who were present asked her what she meant.”

    Who can possibly forget the unforgettable?

    They were also too scared for their jobs.

  67. fariq says:

    dear andrew das,the chineese and indian muslim the one who brought muslim teaching to malacca during those days when they come here to do bussiness,i think if u study history parameswara convert to i am a malay with indian origin dare to say islam does not belongs to malay alone,before this indian muslim come here ,their great great granfathers is not muslim.

  68. D_Dollah says:

    “Those close to the Deputy Prime Minister are not being spared either”.

    Could it means that Hishamuddin – the Keris waving dude, is also not spared by these morons to bring down Najib? The Keris dude is Najib’s cousin.

    Lets have flashback on the current turmoil in UMNO. Who will benefit if Najib is brought down with this 100 dalil book before December? Ku Li, Muhyiddin, Tun Mahathir or Anwar? The likelihood is NONE of those names. Please think carefully. AAB has said that he will defend the post comes this December and not running away as suggested by many UMNO divisions.

    My best guest is that – “THOSE AROUND PAK LAH ARE MOST LIKELY TO INSTRUMENT THE SMEARING CAMPAIGN AGAINST NAJIB”. Those cronies and businessmen, or even the “CLOSEST” family members that would do anything just to keep Pak Lah stays as PM and UMNO President for a long time! At least, until 13-GE.

    This book could not be the work of DSAI and the likes. The timing is so crucial to the ongoing campaign in UMNO to oust Pak Lah. Maybe, its time that Pak Lah’s group took a swipe – to the known Devil!

  69. Ctizen Me says:

    The Economist said,” Though not accused himself Najib’s prospects (of becoming PM) may be fatally damaged by the outcome of the (Altantuya) Case

  70. billauchris says:

    “Spinning Machines Spinning Out of Control” implicated the sinister linkage of EXIM Bank’s bad debt with the Terengganu Sultan/SPB YDP Agong after he refused to recognise the BN’s MB nominee. This is a most dastard and treasonable smearing campaign done out of spite and vindictiveness. Level headed Malaysians should never and will never tolerate such tortuous demeanour.

    Apparently there are more questions that need to be answered by the authorities than answers that are being provided.

    The Central Bank should come out in the open to clarify the position and clear the good name of our YDP Agong and not keeping quiet over such an serious allegation.

    In my opinion, the writer of the said article was artless, most irresponsible and mischievous and he should not be allowed to go off scot-free. The matter should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.

    By putting up an article without caring to check up the facts and figures was most unethical and unprofessional. His attempt to insinuate and cast an gravely adverse aspersion on our beloved YDP Agong was most disrespectful to His Majesty. This “Kurang Ajar” should be detained under the ISA if not the OSA and be banished from the Malaysian shore.

    Who could have access to such vaulted ‘skeleton’ other than someone associated with the BN Government? I would even go one step further as to suggest that a police report be made and that in-depth investigation should be carried out to find out who the culpit or culprits was or were.

    Severe punishment should be meted out against such unscrupulous and irresponsible SOB for insulting our King and the Sultan of Terengganu.

    Malaysia at the cross-road cannot afford to have such meat-head(s) who are out not to create peace, goodwill and harmony among the various races but to continue sow the seed of discontent, intimidation, animosity and hate.

    I would urge our King and all the loyal and peace-loving people
    of Malaysia to rise to the occasion by pressing for severe penal action to be taken against the culprit(s).

    Long Live Our King.

  71. Cinta says:

    Najis become our next PM?!!!No way!!M’sia will be the next country to legalized prostitution..coz the PM wanna B only knows how to f*** pretty girls..that is only things he care..

  72. aru affandy abdullah says:

    Najib you may be the Prime Minister to complete The R.A.H.M.A.N. factor.
    Make as much as you can while you are up there. That Factor will also mark theend of the BN rule.

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