Based on a Bernama report: Altantuya’s father SATISFIED with explanation on delay of trial.

How can a man who is “tired” over the delay to complete the trial and wanted to get an explanation from the “horse’s mouth” be SATISFIED?

How can a man who wanted to meet the Public Prosecutor and discuss the trial because he was having some funny ideas thinking that they’re doing it on purpose be SATISFIED?

The above two paragraphs were mentioned in the Bernama report.

And yet, the national news agency carried a headline yesterday saying just that! Stupid, the headline should be “Altantuya’s father QUESTIONS reason for delay in trial” !!!

Mr. Shariibuu was quite mad learning of these reports in the press the next day. “SATISFIED? WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY SATISFIED”?

It’s also a big wonder why the press LOVE to interview the Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Malaysia Syed Abdul Rahman, known to the Mongolians as “Datuk Konsul”.

Does the press think he is the GODFATHER of Mongolia?

Shariibuu always comes with an English speaking lawyer who helps translates his statements – whether verbally or in writing, so why is there a need to only interview “Datuk Konsul”?

But Muggii, the lawyer and NGO representative for Shariibuu this time said her statements were ignored by the press.  They were, however, covered by some websites and bloggers like Malaysia bloggers community; Lucia lai; malaysian bar; and zorro unmasked. To those I missed, sorry!

For reporters’ information, “Datuk Konsul” often puts words into the mouth of Mr. Shariibuu. Like this for example:

Abdul Rahman said Shariibuu was satisfied with Tun Majid’s (deputy public prosecutor) explanation that the delay was because High Court Judge Datuk Mohd Zaki Md Yasin had other priority cases to hear and that counsel in the trial also had other court cases to handle.

Oh, this is NOT the first time. The truth is Shariibuu NEVER said he was satisfied.

Need we even ask why Bernama is spinning again?


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  1. glad bernama din spin that sharibuu satisfied (or happy) with the trial going on ….

  2. wits0 says:

    Banana is very offensively dishonest and has been so for a very long long time.

  3. nmjg says:

    I think BERNAMA will put Malaysia in deep shit this time and we, the ordinary Malaysians will be humiliated internationally. What a disgrace these shameless people up in BERNAMA do to the RAKYAT. Lets remember this and keep a record for what the BN has done after the 8th Mac GE. We will want them to pay dearly, together with the interest they owe the RAKYAT.

  4. donplaypuks says:

    There is something seriously wrong with the way the Altantuya trial is meandering its way through the ox-bow lakes of our courts!

    There seems to be no will power to get to the bottom of this case quickly. It is very, very clear that a murder has been committed and there has been a blatant attempt on the part of the perpertrators to conceal some give-away evidence. Perhaps Altantuya was carrying someone’s baby, or raped prior to eing killed. I can’t think of any other reason why her body was blown up.

    Yet, we are bogged down in voluminous ad nauseum telephone records and more postponements. Can the CJ get out his cattle prod and sling it at the AG and the Judge concerned so that the wheels of justice move but exceedingly fast for once?

  5. ANg Kong says:

    where else did a non-political personnel murder using a C4 outside the war/during peace time ?

    i can’t think of any in the recent time.

    i hope the momentum of the trial doesn’t get dampened by these delay tactics.

  6. robin hood says:

    Aiyooo…. don’t you all get it. The c 4 fella has a lot at stake riding on this one. don’t you all know he’s gunning for the next pm meh? As if he will let this blow up now. DUHHH

  7. theowl says:

    Because Altantuya is not Tibet supported by Dalai Lama, so the news is not hot enough for the international media to take it up. Perhaps Shariibuu can produce the photo taken at the dinner in Paris and put it up in Youtube for all to see, then it will be like the VK Lingam drama. The media reported one-sidedly on Tibet, but did nothing to help the poor man, because there is no “oil”?

  8. ah long says:

    Doesn’t take Einstein to figure out that this is more, much much more than just a jilted lover trying to extort some money.

    Given that the ones accused got more than 500 million ringgits in disclosed commission, paying that woman a couple of million to shut her up is peanuts and much easier than murdering & blowing her up and changing immigration records.

    Common sense prevail that there is more. It is definitely blackmail BUT what did Altantuya blackmail them with??? If you believe that it is just “I will tell your wife” then Santa Claus is alive and well.

    That woman feared for her life before she was killed but she still had to go and pressure the accused. There must be something a lot more sinister behind the scene. No one value money more than their live.

    I think maybe someone else could be behind the scene. Altantuya, I think is only the “mule” to go and get the money or don’t come back. The sum involved must be very substaintial and worth killing for. Altantuya must know who else are involved and what they are trying to blackmail the accused with.

    All fingers point to one VIP and in any other country that person will be asked to step down until he clears his name. But in Malaysia it is boleh for a person with a BIG QUESTION mark hanging over his head to potentially run the country.

    My opinion is, the current delay is caused by the parties trying to negotiate settlement terms. The two “pawns’ will be found guilty and get a jail term with a promise of a big payout. The problem is what to do with the Analysis bloke. He is already crying bullshit, they can’t do this etc….

    The Mongolian father will get awarded some amount of money to shut him up. Whatever the verdict there will be lots of unanswered questions.

  9. Feroz Merican says:

    Robin hood is absolutely right. Don’t blame Bernama, blame the next PM of Malaysia. What we need is for Singapore and the BBC to get interested, if we ever want to see the truth come out about this murder. Forget the Malaysian Press or malaysian bloggers. Besides, hasn’t the father been paid off a long time ago? What does he want now? More money, probably.
    If I were him I would be very worried about starting my car in the morning.

  10. wits0 says:

    “Besides, hasn’t the father been paid off a long time ago? ”

    Why pay off the father when previously was too bangsat(mean) to pay off the daughter, the dead victim? Starting his car can be hazardous but that is rather a mite too obvious if it conveniently blows up at this point.

    Bernama, being the national news agency, was set up from the beginning as a propaganda tool and a self-serving employment creating one. It’s actually as irrelevant as the ministry of information or an information minister. The whole associate outfit sucks worse and worse over time. As long as Bernama is still run by human beings, it is also blameworthy for the demeaning role it plays wrt what’s the truth.

  11. Yupe, me too sensed that the father has been paid off, perhaps the country Mongolia has been paid off as well. But conscience is coming back to haunt back the father as many souls are not resting in peace. Remember that this is not about Altantuya but others as well.

  12. ah Long says:

    In most other self respecting, law abiding countries, Najib will have to stand down until he clears his name.

    How in the name of hell can you have a Deputy Prime Minister who is so heavily implicated in such a hideous murder case.

    And Yet Malaysia gets offended when others label it a third world country. So, BN/UMNO stop behaving like one. Stand down Najib or speed up the trial and hand down a fair & just verdict.

    Impeach Najib and have the court clear his name. Those in high places who abuse their positions deserve the ulitimate punishment if found guilty after a fair trail and his guilt established beyond reasonable doubt.

    The longer this legal circus is allowed to drag on the worst it looks for BN & UMNO. Don’t they realise this??? Some of the reasons or lame excuses given for the numerous delays are laughable.

    Come on BN / Umno, when will you ever learn to stop treating people like idiots and stop your damn arrogance.

  13. Feroz Merican says:

    To witso, the father was paid off that is why he and his family went back to Mongolia IN THE MIDDLE of the trial saying he was satisfied that justice would be done. Your daughter dies and you go home in the middle of the trial? Just as though you turn off the TV during the second half of a football match because you have to get up early in the morning? By the way, “Kedekut” is the proper term for ‘mean’ and ‘stingy’.

  14. wits0 says:

    “Mean” also means :
    Characterized by malice,
    Having or showing an ignoble lack of honor or morality – WordWeb dictionary.

    “kedekut: seems inadequate for it mainly deals with stinginess.

  15. Feroz Merican says:

    You are talking about people being paid off by money.
    The context is obvious, “they were too stingy to pay
    her off, so why should should they pay her dad?”

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