Photo: An example of the endorsement from Mongolian NGOs sent to me by Shariibuu’s lawyer. Please circulate far and wide.

According to the New Straits Times today (malaysiakini, where are you?):

Shaariibuu Setev, Altantuya’s father, arrived in Kuala Lumpur yesterday with a representative of Mongolian non-governmental organisations. The NGO representative, who wanted only to be known as Muugi, said she represented some 20 46 (see inside) child and women rights organisations in her country. Both of them would be attending the trial today (NST).

Before the duo arrived in KL, the Mongolian NGOs have issued an appeal to International organisations to step up their campaign to seek justice for Altantuya beyond Malaysian borders.

Their appeal, a copy of which I’ve received, reads like this: 

Sh. Altantuya was brutally murdered using military C4 explosives by security officers of the Malaysian government on the 19th of October 2006. The security officers facing trial now were personal body guards of Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. Sh. Altantuya was avisitor to Malaysia. She was there to meet Najib’s political ally and a political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda. The trial has been in progress since June 2007.

Sh. Altantuya was the mother of two boys. The children have been suffering from grave social and health issues since the loss of their mother. The murder has caused serious psychological trauma and further crises for the two boys in their daily lives. The youngest son suffers from peripheral nerve paralysis and his health continues to deteriorate daily.

We ask that Malaysia and the world that is watching to please not forget that Sh. Alatantuya cared for the health and social wellbeing of her two sons as well as her extended family before her untimely death.

The wellbeing and livelihoods of these two young boys must not be forgotten and we strongly encourage that care and acknowledgement of Sh. Altantuya’s sons be taken into consideration during this trial.

We are asking those who are aware of this case to join our struggle and demand a FAIR TRIAL. We should stand together in this issue of human rights and demand that the Malaysian authorities and judiciary NOT FORGET the livelihoods of these two children that have been devastatingly affected by the murder of their mother.

As the brutal murder of the Mongolian citizen took place in Malaysia’s territory and was committed by  government special security guard, orphaning two young children, we demand that the Malaysian Government provide compensation for the loss of the breadwinner to the victim’s children, including support for living and medical treatment costs for the youngest son for the duration of his lifetime, in compliance with the United Nations Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power adopted by the General Assembly Resolution No. 40/34 in 1985.  

We hope and trust that YOU, as International Human Right organizations will support our struggle and demands for the right to life.

Recommended Action:

Please write to the authorities listed below. Remind them of the government’s obligation under CEDAW and Child Right Convention to ensure equal protection of the law to women and children. Urge them to find ways to ensure that the case of the murder of Sh. Altantuya in Malaysia is appropriately investigated and punished, in particular, by prosecuting all the defendants.

Please call on authorities to bring justice by prosecuting the responsible defendant and not to forget to ensure compensation for the loss of the breadwinner to the victim’s children.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Kementerian Luar Negeri
Minister: Datuk Seri Rais Yatim
Deputy: Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum
Wisma Putra, 1 Jalan Wisma Putra, Precinct 2, 62602 Putrajaya
Tel: 03 8887 4000, 03 887 4570 (After Hours/Emergency), Fax: 03 8889 1717

Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development
Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluaga & Masyarakat
Minister: Datuk Dr Ng Yen Yen
Deputy: Senator Noriah Kasnon 
Aras 1-6, Blok E, Kompleks Pejabat Kerajaan Bukit Perdana, Jalan Dato’ Onn, 50515 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2693 0095, Fax: 03 2693 4982

Ministry of Defence
Kementerian Pertahanan
Minister: Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak
Deputy: Datuk Wira Abu Seman Yusop
Jalan Padang Tembak, 50634 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2071 1333, Fax: 03 2691 7217

Ministry of Rural & Regional Development
Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar & Wilayah
Minister: Tan Sri Muhammad Mohd Taib
Deputy: Tan Sri Joseph Kurup
Deputy: Encik Joseph Entulu
Blok D9, Parcel D, Kompleks Kerajaan Persekutuan, 62606 Putrajaya
Tel: 03 8886 3500, Fax: 03 8889 2104

This urgent appeal was endorsed by:

1.    Mongolian Women’s NGOs’ National Network

2.    Mongolian National Network on Prevention from Child Abuse

3.    ÅÑÐÀÒ- network

4.    National Center Against Violence

5.    Citizens’ Alliance Center

6.    Center Human right and development

7.    Sustainbale Development and Gender center 

8.    Pure Intention Women’s NGO

9.    Gal Golomt Movement

10. Youth development Foundation

11. Image association

12. Women writers’ Tsagtsai association

13. Rural Women’s Development Foundation

14. Iveel association

15. Creative women’s association

16. Ulaanbaatar city’s Women’s consul

17. Princess center

18. Women and social progress association

19. Mongolian Democratic Socialist Association

20. Mongolian Nature and Women’s association

21. Mongolian Leadership foundation

22. Protecting citizens from Drug and Alcohol association  

23. Urban ger districts’ development foundation

24. Woman caption foundation

25. Mongolian businesswomen’s association

26. Mongolian women’s lawyers association

27. Liberal Women’s Intellectual Foundation

28. Democratic women’s association

29. High educated women’s association 

30. Ladies XXI century

31. Child and women’s development center

32. Motherland, family and women’s association 

33. Women’s justice association

34. Green Gold

35. Disability citizens’ right center

36. Gender equal right center

37.  Equal way center 

38. ’Youth mind’’ Foundation

39. Mongolian child development and protection association’

40. Preventing and protecting child from violence 

41. Mongolian professional social worker’s association

42. Child welfare and service “Gerelt” center

43. Development Nisora foundation

44. One world- adolescent center 

45. Mongolian Youth Development foundation

46. Mongolian Volunteer Organizations’ network

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  1. Somebody is in big trouble! 🙂

  2. Harrison says:

    If there is an en masse petition, let me know. however I will use the format to petition to the addressee concerned.

    If there is any monetary assistance your fans here can do for Setev and for justice, let us know. Keep up your good, humanitarian work Susan. Not too many of bloggers would do all this, in fact they have not even started. What can we say to you, but THANK YOU!

  3. gooeyglobs says:

    It is a fact that bloggers could do good in many ways. Before we embark on any future good cause, the bloggers must be united to share a common goal, that is to seek each other support.

    It is a crying shame that Altantuya’s case is still in process of the law. The crime was committed in our country and bloggers could help the affected family through our moral consciousness by putting pressure on the government to expedite the trial.

    Should all the bloggers show their support through a peaceful protest?

  4. ghenjis khan says:

    Be on the ALERT for any monetary Transactions originating from Malaysia to Mongolia via 3rd country.

    To avoid detection, they may use Submarines.

  5. Dy says:

    It will be just another case.Everyone will be freed and case closed.This is Malaysia.

  6. Gerakan says:

    I am so embarassed by our judiciary. There’s a proverb I learned from Stephan Chow’s movie – “Quan quan siang wei”. Literally means ‘govt officers protect govt officers’. How true. May the culprits be burned in hell for 1 million years.

  7. joker says:

    Fair trial in a county known for its kangaroo courts?

  8. Anonymous says:

    This brought shame to our country. Our hearts go out to the 2 young boys who lost their mother so tragically. To the real culprit, have you no shame? Be a man, stand up and own up. Shame on you

  9. CJFOO says:

    To: Mr. Shaariibuu Setev

    For those culprits who were directly involved in blowing off your loverly daugther with C4, justice will be served in one way or another.

    If they are freed, they will pay for the crime in a more tragic way. God is alway fair. Pray hard and your prayer will be answered.

    My deepest condolence to you and your family for the loss of your daugther. It is extremely unfortunate.

  10. sikembangcina says:


    I agree with Harrison. Let’s start en masse petition and count me in. It’s time we take action instead of just participating in blog forum and make comments.

    Tell the Gomen that if they didn’t buck-up, there’s another Tsunami next election time.

  11. K.R Pramila says:

    I agree with Harrison and Susan. Let’s start en masse petition and spread it to the whole world. Everyone should know about this injustice.

    As what happened during election, there should be an intense pressure and wide coverage on this issue, nationally and internationally.

    The wrongdoers need to be brought to face the trial.Justice need to be restored.

    May God bless Altantuya’s soul with peace and her two boys with courage and love.

  12. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    Absolutely agree to all the above comments! Well done! May God Bless All of You to the road of TRUE JUSTICE!

  13. Anti-hipocracy/low moral ministers says:

    There’s always one thing called.(WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND).The person involved in this murder can deny but trust me the almighty will will will be bring the truth before the innocent world,in a short period of time.I AM AND WILL ALWAYS PRAY FOR THIS TRUTH TO BE OUT WITHIN A SHORT PERIOD AND BE EXPOSED TO THE THE INNOCENT PEOPLE. DEAR PEOPLE OF THE WORLD LETS PRAY TOGETHER IN WHATEVER WAY WHICHEVER RELIGION WHICH EVER BELIEVES FOR JUSTICE TO BE SEEN DONE IN THIS MATTER. I thank you for the prayer.

  14. Pegasus says:

    Great work, and excellent idea to have a Mass petition, count me in too.
    This case has been dragging too long probably to make the people to lose interest in this case.I don’t have the confidence or trust on our judiciary where there seem to be a lot of twist and turn . With a BN leader implicated and the Police involve too,as I had mention before, I won’t be surprise if the court says that Altantuya had committed suicide!! and release those culprits. Mr.Setev should go to International Court or the United Nation to seek justices on his case which we hope it won’t be necessary if the right judgement is make . When will this case end?

  15. miwaki says:

    Not much can be done unless Pakatan Rakyat forms the new government.

  16. su says:


    So i see that the letter came from here. I’m going to link this page to my own blog, to show support

    But like what some of the other commenters have said, let’s start a petition or something pro-active like that.

    BTW, was just wondering, what are the NGO’s in Malaysia that are supposed to be fighting for women’s rights doing? Like AWAM for example. Are they taking a stand on this issue?


  17. ssaid says:

    I think there’s one vvip who shoulf e investgigated. I don’t think Razak Baginda and the two unknown identities are the real culprit. Please investigate someone else who was the real culprit.

  18. pessimist says:

    Go to International Court and the case will be settled faster and can have a fair trial.

  19. […] Altantuya, and all the other women in the world I found this on Susan’s website here, and also Zorro’s blog here. I hope that by re-posting this here, there would be more people […]

  20. KLMAN says:

    What justice do you expect when a woman went to a police
    station to report the loss of her motor bike? She was
    apprehended and forcefully made to confess to a theft she
    had no relevance. She even reported that she was sexually
    abused by the so called `Guardians of the Law’.

  21. J Tan says:

    Case postpone? what else is new here? my dad have to travel to Ipoh every other month and end up being send back home coz the judge was no where to be found.
    Malaysia boleh!

  22. Dom says:

    The recent political tsunami in Msia is the beginning of God’s wrath on those responsible to the judiciary system. Everyone knows who is behind the murder. The whole court hearing is a delayed tactic, to finally reach the conculsion of “witnesses are not credible. Their statements are inadmissible.” Thus, trying to safe the truth from being exposed, and the nation leadership condemned. I feel ashamed of being a Malaysian!

  23. negaracontoh says:

    Dua wanita dibom dengan sungguh amat kejam sekali dibuat oleh manusia berakal. Peristiwa ini mengejutkan semua manusia yang berbagai bangsa dan agama di dunia. Berlaku di MALAYSIA dan PAKISTAN. Saya amat kecewa sekiranya pelaku jenayah ini sudah diketahui lalu dibebaskan kerana menjaga … … negara ini ada persamaan BOLEH..!!!

  24. Jason says:

    Justice for a murder victim in Malaysia? fat chance, especially if it involves Umnoputra high level ministers, it has got to be GOD send…highly impossible.

  25. victor says:

    Having a speedy and fair trial for murder victim involves high level government personality to happen in this bolehland is probably going to take several ages, for Justice to take place with umno man up there, never happen before.

  26. D_Dollah says:

    I can’t believe that I am not alone staying late tonight . Its way past midnight and there is still comment on Alantuya Shaariibuu. Please give this lady a break – she is dead for goodness sake! Lets start tomorrow morning with someone who we could blame squarely and still alive. Lets start with Najib, then Rosmah, and then….

  27. Anonymous says:

    some one will end up like the poor mongolian girl.

  28. Teh Ta Rik says:

    Not again. they took a mattress to trail because Anwar and his partner used it. This time, are they going to bring another mattress used by the model and the accused?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sad that we Malaysians do not show the same concern for fellow Malaysians whose families also go throught the same faith as Altantuya’s father. At least he has the Mongolian govt on his side.

  30. It seems that people have to unite to throw away the rotten politicians.

  31. JEFFRY BONG says:

    It is time to reminisced since the long record trial was over.Many Malaysians are very suspicious and unsatisfied with the perverted justice meted out and the circumstances leading to the conclusion of the high profile case that have international impact on us as malaysians.
    The drastic measures used to wipe evidences in the murder and the intentions is adequate enough to indicates this is no simple murder case.
    The body was blown to smithereens with military explosives.The executioners of the crime is the scapegoat in name only. This is shady BIZ. OMG knows it or else they will spills the Beans if it is seriously carried out.

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