Race again! When reading this story from the STAR: Teng poised to be non-Malay speaker with Haniza as his deputy.

The question that first comes to my mind is: ini dua orang boleh kerja kah? (can this two people do the work?). Who bloody cares if one is a non-Malay or the other is a man, woman or somewhere in between?

PKR/ Selangor menteri besar Khalid ibrahim is in the news again. This time for appointing DAP’s Teng Chang Khim and PKR Haniza Talha as speaker and deputy speaker of the Dewan Negeri respectively.He is to be commended for giving the chance to two ‘qualified’ Malaysians to serve the people in the State Assembly.

And the STAR? It has gone all racey again, highlighting the fact that one is a ‘NON-MALAY’. He’s a MALAYSIAN, stupid!

Well, I wanted to know if the two can do a brilliant job. It seems they are not too far away from that. I have met and spoken to Teng personally, and he comes across, first as a Malaysian, then courageous (for having the guts not only to speak against BN, but his party leadership as well) and intelligent (have you heard him say a stupid thing? Perhaps, he did and I missed it?).

Khalid had this much to say about him (STAR):

“Teng has been an assemblyman for four terms and he is familiar with how the assembly operates and what is needed in the house,” he told a press conference at his official residence yesterday. He added that Teng’s experience as the former DAP Youth Chief and now party Central Executive Committee member were also taken into account. He said he was confident that Teng, 45, would handle his duties well and ensure debates would go on smoothly and professionally.

From all the glowing remarks about Teng, I thought he should have been Deputy Menteri Besar, don’t you think so??? So, why can’t he be the deputy CM? Hmm…guess we got to ask DAP about it?

As for Haniza, 46, I’ve never met the woman. But I must say that women all over Malaysia must be proud to have her as deputy speaker? As for me, I’d wait and see if she allows any sexist comment to get away scott free in the Aseembly. Is she allows it, then having an ultra woman as speaker or deputy would mean nothing.

Anyway, Khalid says that Haniza was:

an experienced professional who was also PKR’s national Wanita wing vice-chairman and the state Wanita chief as well as a member of the non-governmental organisation Jemaah Islah. He said he also received strong support from the women representatives within Pakatan Rakyat in nominating Haniza.

So, let us wish them all the best, let us hope for a vibrant Dewan Negeri Selangor. But if most of them are from Pakatan Rakyat, will there be dissenting voices?

It remains to be seen how the Dewan will function in these interesting times. 



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  1. ben says:

    Susan, our country truly needs more people like you to bash the MSM for their unwanted racey reporting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Star is the jewel of the MCA, whose agenda do you think it is pushing? The MCA’s, of course! MCA is playing its race card again as it has run out of substantive things to say to stay relevant. It is an act of desperation. The more ‘ the Star’ keeps up with this line of reporting, the faster will MCA’s demise. Let us all let it be, let it digs its own grave!

  3. nmjg says:

    Hopefully, the MSM will have their happy hours ending very soon. Let’s hope the government becomes more intelligent and open up the media market for fair competition within 2008. There are many potential players out there who will smash STAR and other MSM with quality productions. The business sector will once and for all desert STAR and SIN CHEW etc and say BYE BYE to the EXORBITANT Advertising fee. All BUSINESS must cooperate and boycott the MSM, especially the STAR and SIN CHEW. Let all the RAKYAT teach them a dear lesson.

  4. Bobby New Zealand says:

    Susan, everyone knows Dr M is non Malay !!! Probably the first and last Mamak to be PM and the most contentious character I have ever known!

  5. what to do … somebody likes to have “woman” as DPM, preferably the seputeh MP who just newly elected to become state representative (and yet not to lepas MP seat). and these ppl oso argue years of service (teng served 4 terms) is not big deal if compare with team leadership (they say teng usually is 1-man show, aloof and always know to bicker only) and capability. so putting him as speaker is the best – he no need to argue and bicker coz oppos cum pkr is the player here. aduh …….

  6. ace says:

    “Can’t expect ivory from the dog’s mouth”.

  7. lovemalaysiarakyat says:

    OK. Great now we have moved a rung up. “Non-Malays” and “women” speakers.

    I hope it is not just for now but for always, to be impartial. Although one can hardly call this a gain but nevertheless it is something better than nothing.

    We still have no Bangsa Rakyat or Rakyat Malaysia identity – we are still Malays and Chinese, and by the way who says Malays are bumis only – what about our Temuan, Bidayuh and Kadazans etc.

    Once we divide like this, we are forever divided. Hopefully one day in the near future we will report news etc without any references to such partiality and prejudices.

  8. Are we truly Malaysians, Susan? Are we there yet?

    Even Americans feel that they have not banish racism fully in their country. Why don’t we all grow up and accept the fact that racism is here to stay until the end of time. We can never get rid of it.

    Oh by the way, Teng is a Non-Malay and a Non-Muslim too. Anybody wants to deny the facts written between the lines?

    Bwah Ha Ha

  9. Vaseau says:

    I would love to see MSM reporting with the following headline ” Malay appointed as PM / MB / CEO of GLC / whatever” Perhaps that would show how racist they really are.

    Maybe then “Malaysians” will wake up to the fact that this country may never really recover from its racist / divisive tendencies nurtured over the last 50 years but especially so during the notorious 22 years of dictatorship

  10. klang eagle says:

    This Teng is a bloody stupid retard. That’s why he wasn’t appointed as DPM. How could a mental retard be a state assemblyman?

    I met this Teng in Klang town and as I recognized him, I just greeted him with a hello. But guess what? This stupid eunuch (as always in the eunuch party) just looking at the sky.

    Is this the attitude of a state assemblyman? Is this the way to respond to a voter (his boss) who voted him as the state assemblyman? Come on man, you stupid mental retard eunuch, without the voters, you are nobody man!

    This LKS is a bloody stupid eunuch chief. Malaysia is in a mess under this stupid eunuch leadership. Time 4 him to piss off before he manpus in his eunuch office.

  11. Teenvoice93 says:

    Well said, lovemalaysiarakyat, we shouldn’t let religion or colour to divide us as a Malaysian. All the religion master should have more unite and play a important role for the peace i.e the prayer for Olympic Torch.

  12. viknesh says:

    i’m no fan of MSM. but at the same time, i think we need to be fair and objective in our criticism.

    The report itself is merely acknowledging monumental landmarks in Malaysian politics! that for the first time, the Selangor state assembly will have a non-Malay speaker and a female deputy speaker? Why does acknowledging this have to be a bad thing?

    I admit, that in an ideal world, colour, race, religion and sex shouldn’t matter. but reality suggest otherwise! so recognition of such feats are necessary to announce to the rest of the population that these barriers are coming down, slowly but surely.

    I see no fault in the report by STAR.

  13. Andrew says:

    This report should be viewed in context with other political reports by the Star. What other conclusions does one draw? It’s like trying to believe the boy who cried wolf.

  14. Tom says:

    We have a long way to go to wipe out race politics from the thinking of many people .People for change must put on new heart to have the courage and the believe that a new way of living in this country is possible.down with race politics and racist minded people. They will take us no where.

  15. Kulo says:

    Why even bother to still read ‘The Star’ !!

  16. kittykat46 says:

    Teng has had a reputation for being ….umm…undiplomatic.

    I don’t blame him – DAP in Selangor has been in a deep hole before, in fact, quite recently.
    It was necessary for Teng to be a tough street-fighter for reasons of survival. He created some enemies along the way.

    But the game has changed. Tuan Speaker is going to have to learn how to be statesman-like.

    I’m sure he can do it.

  17. Muda says:

    Melayu ka , Cina ka , India ka atau lain-lain , all of us are Malaysians .

  18. kai says:


    Hi Susan

    Your comment on the report is interesting. First you accused the Star being racist. Then you mentioned and I quote “As for Haniza, 46, I’ve never met the woman” and unquote.

    Now, isn’t that a sexist comment too? What’s the difference between choice of words used by The Star and yours? Perhaps we should just accept the report as it is, besides the name of the speakers already tell us who there are. I just don’t see what the fuss is all about?

    As for Malay Women in Malaysia, your comment is expected even before you have it penned down. I too agreed with your comment when you said “accept the fact that racism is here to stay until the end of time”. Well, with people like you around, what do we expect? A miracle?

  19. bnsupport says:

    Racial and racist reporting just because the newspaper mention race and sex…comeon fellas..every day on CNN and other worldsnews, I am reminded that US of A creating history by voting for a black or woman president..also racial and racist reporting….no ..we kowtow to them as beingfree and fair.

  20. caravanserai says:

    Malaysia wants to shine
    In the country in the world
    Only the people never let go
    The races and their belief

    Everything and word
    The race factor can’t go
    It sinks into our minds
    Telling us what are we?

    People better know
    We are race?
    We are Malaysians?
    It’s a long way to decide

    When the government still thinks on race
    On the forms on official documents
    You think it is going to change so soon?
    It will take another tornado to do it
    When everybody standing up to say
    We are Malaysians…………..and hurray!

    When the forms are changed
    Then we can think not on race
    It is there all the time
    Reminding you of your color
    Glaring at you pointing at your eyes
    You think you forget
    The government doesn’t…….

    It will be a long way
    The mindset needs to change
    The seed planted
    Now watch it germinates

  21. David Ooi says:

    Please note that all racial segregation is started by Umno or BN. Pakatan Rakyat is always fair and it fills position base on merit. I think Teng is very suitable for this job due to his vast experience as 4th term state assemblyman.

    I do not care whether Teng is a white cat or black cat, as long as this cat can catch a rat, it is a good cat.

    Please remember that this 12th GE, we vote for capable party which can bring up Malaysia to a greater height. For the last 50 years, we are far behind other developed countries because of racial policy which is not what the present voters want. We want Malaysia to be governed by people who are capable and corrupt free, irrespective of race and religion and these people can rule Malaysia without fear or favour.

    Thank you.

  22. Patek1472 says:

    Who bloody cares?

    1. What the Star says or any MSM says.
    2. What race the person is.
    3. What religion the person is.
    4. What gender the person is.
    5. What marital status the person is.
    6. What qualifications the person has.
    7. What character the person has.
    8. What party the person belong to.
    9. What food he likes to eat.
    10. What brand he likes to wear.
    11. What friends he/she/it has.
    12. What color his skin or hair has.
    13. What perks or salary goes with it.
    14. What comes out from his mouth or into.
    15. What social life the person has.

    I only care if he cannot do the job given.

  23. tony tee says:

    aiyoh…… we should not look at race and which party they come from………. if that’s what u preached

  24. tony tee says:

    and the guy should be the mentri besar, given his experience……haha

  25. malayamuda says:

    i wonder why Tunku bothered to get Chinese and Indians to support call for Merdeka !!

    No difference if Merdeka or Not !

  26. UMNO member says:

    wat”s wrong with Teng being Speaker? He’s not involved in sex scandal, no coruption case, not a thief/robber. I have no problem in PAS’s Nizar being MB of Perak. Likewise I see no problem in Teng being Speaker. I have a problem if Teng is unethical, racist, corupt and is a thief.

  27. gerakilat says:


    I think we should all stand up and expose, berate, belittle, yes, run down, each time this stupid MSM like star, utusan, bh, nst, play the UMNO/BN racial card. People are tired of the race, race, race, perpetually propagated by UMNO/BN through MSM that they voted in so many opposition MPs and voted UMNO/BN out in 4 state govts. Chuck race out once and for all in Malaysian politics!!!! We are all Malaysians and so long as anyone can perform, race should not be a factor in choosing him or her for some important post. DOWN WITH UMNO/BN RACISM AND MSM FOR PROPAGATING IT!!! IF POSSIBLE MAKE PUBLIC BONFIRES OF MSM each time they play racial card to show UMNO/BN and MSM how much we HATE HATE HATE the racial card they are always playing!!!!

  28. John says:

    Susan, everyone knows Dr M is non Malay !!!
    Dr M is more Malay than a Malay at least that’s how he wants us to know.
    Those from the Sheik Fadzir clan also are very very Malay and they have been very vocal about it.

  29. bnsupport says:

    I care, i care about the fact that I am Malay, Chinese, Indian or of any one of the ethnic group in this country. What do you think? I think Malaysian.

  30. Devan says:

    Who cares ? The main problem was started by the BN Govt. in having RACIAL Based parties who champion only their races….we should eliminate all these parties and have a truly mixed parties.
    Even ALL application forms..etc should remove the racial terms…bumiputera,bangsa ??, agama?? why do they need all these details.!
    We can never have a truly Bangsa Malaysia if there is no paradigm shift right in our leaders thinking.

  31. ibusyawal says:

    you all have said it all. that’s the spirit, be truly Malaysians. change the faces, change the thinking and we’ll have a new Malaysian horizon.

  32. pemantau says:

    Who bloody cares what you think?

  33. alex says:

    so pemantau,
    why are you bloody reading this blog?

  34. xtheman says:

    Hello Pemantau,

    This is the problem in BN. Black and White also mix up become “Grey”
    ….. BN always in “Grey” area then may be become “GAY” because always YES to PM…. do not know what is right and wrong.
    That is why you see BN created “The late Zakaria” monster. Simply becasue BN never listen to Rakyat.

  35. Gan says:

    I don’t think we should take offence with The Star using “non Malay” and “woman” for this article – both words in my opinion were appropriately used as it is really a first time occurence in the country.

    I know we need to believe we are all equal Malaysians with minimum segregation in terms of ethnicity or gender, however, we should also be mindful that we do not become overly sensitive eg in this situation.

  36. Scott Thong says:

    Susan, everyone knows Dr M is non Malay !!!

    Actually, Dr M speaks Malay, acts Malay, born in Malaysia to local parents, and is Muslim. So whatever his DNA code is, he is legally Malay under the Constitution.

    I can speak Malay, eat Malay food and wear batik, am born in Malaysia to local parents… So now all I need to do is embrace Islam and WAHLAH! I am a Malay too!

  37. samx says:

    Let them do their work and prove themselves.

    If not up to par, then sack them.
    If they do, then keep them.

    Best wishes to Teng and Haniza.

  38. Just for your thought says:

    Scott Thong,

    You are right. You and I can become a Malay if we comply with the ‘Malay’ definition under the Constitution. That was why a lot of mamak want to show off they are more Malay than Malay. Maybe ‘Malay Women in Malaysia’ is one of these so-called ‘Malay’. So, maybe next time, Malaysia will have a Malay PM, but look like Chinese, but he / she is a Malay by definition. Interesting ya?

    Anyway, to me, it was a very great mistake for the race of Malay being defined in the Constitution, like what we evidenced in Lina Joy. This also is a stumbling block to create a Bangsa Malaysia as the so-called ‘Malays’ not willing to take down the definition in the Constitution.

    In this respect, other races of non-Malay are more Malaysians than the Malays.

    Also, you can read more about this in http://nooryahaya.blogspot.com/2008/04/dr-wan-azizah-malaysias-first-ethnic.html

    I believe a lot of Malays having the same view as I am. Am I correct here, my Malay brothers and sisters.

  39. Mahathirism says:


    Tuesday, April 22, 2008
    Tun Dr M Answers Hard on Hard Talk

    Dr. M demonstrated his sincerity and statesmanship on Hard Talk with Stephen Sackur. Despite being interrupted countless times and lambasted, Malaysia’s elder leader gave crisp answers that the host couldnt get around of. Whatever you have to say about Dr. M, love him or hate him, you have to say that he is indeed a great thinker and gives logical answers.

    Not bad for an 84 year old political strongman to voluntarily put himself through such a verbally abusing interview.

    Question is does Abdullah Badawi have what it takes to do the same? Even the articulate Anwar Ibrahim didn’t quite survive his first attempt on the show. If you think our beleageured PM shud give it a go, click here:-

    Posted by Mahathirism at 2:58 AM

  40. kittykat46 says:

    My late grand uncle was Mahathir’s room mate at King Edward VII Medical College, University Malaya in Singapore back in 1950. (Mahathir would know who I’m talking about)

    He used to laugh at Mahathir and his Ketuanan Melayu antics. His joke was if Mahathir’s Melayu, I am a Jew.

    Sorry, No offense intended to our Indian friends, just want to point out this man’s really twisted self-image problem.

    The Faculty of Medicine officially classified him as an Indian, and he really was Very Indian in outlook in those days.

    He had a S/O name (a fact which he strenously suppressed later) but you can’t bluff those people who knew him then.

    I guess all the later “Malay Super Ultra” persona was an attempt to Overcompensate for the real lack of Melayu-ness in his youth.

  41. Boycott Star Now says:

    Star is still trying to carry the ball of the loser bn. Those handful of malays including some royal are so weak that they are getting very worry of losing their special right especially the kelantan. Who’s going to take away the special right? What’s there to be scared about? If the pm do away with the present and become president himself, then the royal family are alll history. That’s is what they are really scared of, I think!! The new generation malay are no even bother about their right and willing to work together to build our nation. Those individual minority (only handful of them) had not done anything for the malay because they are all chicken!!
    Secondly, Mahatir should be brought to justice as he is now trying to push away his wrong-doing by using his old trick again and saying he is ready to be probed. Arrest this made dog once and for all or he’ll keep barking!!

  42. thelawman says:

    Under the Constitution of the Universe, it’s a crime to discriminate other race.

    So those who practice racial politics are criminals under the Universal Constitution.

    They belong in jail!

  43. thelawman says:

    Hey! Try to put an ad in the US specifying for white or black only would lead you in jail.

    Malaysians are just suitable living on trees in jungles with beruks. Yak!

  44. Lea Cruz says:

    Wow, so glad to learn that these days the young malaysian have the guts to voice out their very own opinion through blogs. I am looking forward for more freedom of speech in the public in the very near future. Fed up with those “YES MAN” attitudes of those older generation and politicians in order to gain favor in power and money wise for their own advantage.

    From my own opinion and observation of many years since childhood till today, how to become rich? Well, once you are elected as a senator, you are in the JOURNEY OF WEALTH personally, not the Rakyat.

  45. tok guru from Pahang says:

    Hope one day we could see an Orang Asli as PM, Iban as Finance Minister, our Sultan have Indians as wives and a Chinese as head of Police.

  46. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,

    When are you to alter the background, since BN failed to obtain 2/3s majority and Opposition captured FIVE state governments?

  47. wits0 says:

    Just for your thought Says:
    “That was why a lot of mamak want to show off they are more Malay than Malay.”

    Very true, in Penang, people remember the Kuan Yin statue protest and the Kg Rawa affair. Recently, the Komtar demo also will not endear mamaks in other people’s consciousness. So, if the boycott on mamak food is still on, it isn’t going away that fast.

    Pakistan itself is having all their problems , much of which is also similarly attributable to such vanity, of needing to be more Islamic than the Arabs. Big ego expressed via extreme assertions.

  48. ah kow says:

    Wow! This Teng Eunuch is wearing a songkok. Now this Teng is considered a Malay Muslim and his new name is Abdullah Teng or Mohamed Teng. So next time please don’t say you are a Malaysian Chinese to confuse the Chinese/ non-Malays.

    Otherwise you are just a stupid liar. LKS should sack this bugger for wearing a songkok, else LKS is just a wimp./.

  49. Pegasus says:

    Here we go again ! BN ‘s MSM will play the racial card till sky high. This is how they have manipulated the Malaysian for the past 50 years. UMNO,MIC and MCA have to go ! They are the reason why Malaysian are divided,as the BN leaders of each component party especially UMNO talk about race and religion in instilling fear among its people and talk about May 13 to remind them the horrors of the incident and the fear that it will repeated again.
    Well, its 2008, and the people are much educated ,internet savvy and has the maturity to differentiate the good and bad. Malaysians – Malay ,Chinese,Indian,Sikhs,Kadazans,Ibans and others of all races and religion are basically easy going people ,who are very tolerant and are actually very united on the ground.Its the BN leaders who comes out with insensitive statement and plays the race and religion issues to keep the people divided in order to remain in power. They are no difference from the colonial masters who divided and rule us. BN should be buried for good.Its members should join other multiracial party like DAP and PKR who will fight for the right of ALL MALAYSIANS irrespective of race and religion. Let the MSM go on reporting what is not happening in this country, by the next 13GE,we will wipe out BN for good. They never learn their lesson,BN’s MSM will be the coffin for BN,let them RIP.

  50. lovemalaysiarakyat says:

    And to Ah Kow:-
    Brother, what one wears does not show the inner self. There is nothing to wearing a songkok.

    We are wearing Western culture clothes. Are we Americans? Are we English or Scottish? Are we Westerners? You should switch back to Forbidden Kingdom fashion.

    In Malaysia, we can wear a sari, so beautiful and graceful. We can wear a slim sexy cheongsam, equally beautiful. Or even a kebaya or baju kurung for the ladies. The guys can wear a baju melayu etc. why not?

    Does it make us less or more if we wear something different? We rejoice in the variety and the uniqueness of our culture and that will take a way some of the grossness in racism. Be happy wearing a songkok. It does not signify Muslim religion neither does it make you a Malay. Do you want your friend Hassan to fear wearing a Chinese shirt with Chinese buttons etc and think he is becoming a khinzir-eating Chinese? Not on your life right? You appreciate him for wanting to be part of the rich culture we have. Songkok is OK. Turban is also OK.

    Give me your address and I will send a songkok to you – with gold embroidery.

  51. bnsupport says:

    Ah Kow probably think wearing songkok means being controlled by bn…remember the monkey god wearing a steel ring and being controlled by the monk..A man sick in the head should not wear songkok or for that matter any other headgear eg, cowboy hats, baseball cap etc..otherwise they be controlled by others..

  52. Shanker says:

    Ah…the Star – oh me , oh my…..

    Jocelyn, Wong Chun Wai, VK Chin (no relation to the other infamous VK..)
    – all bidding time before the tsunami hits their shorelines….

    I for one, won’t miss any of them one bit…

  53. George says:

    We all at the crossroad now…after the long 50 years of racially divide by BN.

    There is an urgent awareness that we should not look at ourselves racially, but to think more Malaysian-ly. We are now must decide that we ought to live, breath, eat, sleep and act as an Malaysian… only we all in denial.

    Other might still define your own self by race…but we all need to change our mindset…and to realise that we were born here…we are the citizen of Malaysia, we are indeed the Bangsa Malaysia. No one can take that away from you. No one can deny that our nation’s Independence is a joint efforts by the Bangsa Malaysia of all races… No one should deny “Ketuanan Rakyat”… No one can stop anyone from wearing other’s clothing!

    Be proud of being Malaysian… not because you are BUMI, special righted, which will not be previlege forever. Please be grateful that there is always reason why we are Malaysian… Think about it and think Malaysian… start from now…!!! Only then we can move on!

  54. fariq says:

    melayu ka.china ka ,india ka.jangan gaduh gaduh kita sama sama jaga ini negeli.itu umno selalu cakap pasal ketuanan melayu tapi mereka bukan melambangkan ketuanan melayu tapi mereka adalah ketua lanun.
    ketuanan melayu bermaksud negeri ini memang asalnya orang melayu,jadi oleh itu adalah wajar diperintah oleh orang melayu sebagai ketua,namun ia harus berkongsi hidup bersama kaum lain,ketuanan melayu bermaksud menjaga negeri ini dengan baik,bukan merompak harta rakyat untuk kepentingan sendiri,itu namanya ketua lanun.

  55. billauchris says:

    The local courts here are very fond of going on a postponing spree which causes a lot of frustration and agony on the part of those who are sekking justice.

    Look at the Atantuya’s case, postponement was unannounced; as a result, I shared the grief and agony of Atantuya’s father who came all the way to find and be told that the case was postponed on the date of resumed hearing. This postponing game is tantamount to the proverbial thief of time.

    Look at what happened again yesterday when the hearing on the use of the word “Allah” was to be held. It was again deferred to another date causing those who were present great disappointment. How can the public ever restore its faith and confidence in our local courts?

    The case is straight-forward. Someone made a decision to disallow Herald to use the word ‘Allah’ in its weekily publication.
    You have already your reasons and rationale in your file for making such a decision. But, when you are required to come out in defence, why are those concerend fight so shy of defending its case?

    Please buck up man, do not give us your excuses for they are merely curses of lies.

  56. jeff says:

    Malaysia is nothing compare to USA. It is the most democratic, free and fair country on earth. Get out of your little country and go to see USA, then you will know racism alive or not, probably you are too afraid to go there because they do not institutionalize and encourage racism like Malaysia.

  57. hutchrun says:

    `There is nothing to wearing a songkok.`

    Equally, there should be nothing to not wearing one then. If not, then , there must be something to wearing one.

  58. hutchrun says:

    While the origin of the serban has never been doubted, much speculation has been made about the songkok simply because it is no longer seen among the Arabs. Nevertheless according to a research it did originate from the Middle East and was later brought to India, where minor improvements like putting papers inside to make it firmer were made.

    The songkok became a familiar sight in the Malay archipelago around the 13th century when Islam began to take roots in the region. The rise in popularity of the songkok were apparently viz-a-viz the propogation of Islam, and this was quite logical because the religion encourages it followeres to cover their heads. In fact it is considered sunat (voluntary good deed) for the Muslim males to don a headgear provided that is is done in good taste. The serban was also very much in evidence at about the same time but was worn more by the ulamas (Muslim scholars) rather than by man in the street.

  59. wits0 says:

    `There is nothing to wearing a songkok.`

    It has religious connotation despite all unreexamined denials.

  60. fariq says:

    hello mahatirism,i watched the bbc interview with tun mahathir,i can see his face change,he simply put a smile,yes he handle the situation well,but if u are the supporter of mahathir i felt very sorry really embarrasing,because he knows he screwed up everything,i watch anwar interview with bbc before,he handle it simply cool,anwar can take any forum,just like your mahathir,both of them equally good,but now they are enemy among each other,just too bad lah brother,but i wonder can can abdullah handle steven sackur

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