According to a reliable source:

It seems Mr. Zheng Dingxian has copied a post from Jed Yoong and translated it into an article for SinChew Here: (Before and after the polls).

The problem is: he did not give Jed Yoong any credit for the article, which you can find here: Malaysia Boleh Minister in Heaven.

Jed did say she got it from an email. Is it so difficult (for Sin Chew/newspapers) just to say: source  blogger so and so…? OR…from website so and so…?

Tsk.Tsk. It seems the mainstream newspapers are now becoming copy cats, copying bloggers and pretending the stories are theirs. First, it was the star with the 22 recalcitrant MPs story but the paper rectified it later and provided a link to their story online. Still, they did not say they took the story from I AM MALAYSIAN!

It seems letters have already been sent to Sin Chew’s Editor (and all Chinese dailies) regarding the copy cat.

So, Sin Chew, will you apologise and do the necessary? Or will you say, the ‘joke’ had been making its round, so its not from Jed’s blog (quoting commentator Bob K)?



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  1. Bob K says:

    This joke has been making its rounds by e-mail for quite a while. It may not necessarily have been lifted from Jed’s blog

  2. Consult with Copyscape Dot Com (has links with CIA), they should be able to determine the original publisher of the story.

  3. AAB says:

    I agree with Bob K. In fact, I have seen that joke in Dec 2007 so it can’t be said that she was the one who has published it. Absolutely not. If she claims that, she is dreaming. This thing has been doing the rounds since Dec2007, so how can she purport that the story originated from her. Hogwash.

  4. programmer says:

    I think sinchew is a copycat, shame.

  5. ace says:

    Is Jed the original author of that joke? If not, Jed is no difference from Sin Chew.

  6. Harrison says:

    Now the MSM seems to be plagiarizing first hand accounts from blogs. When you shed light on the Altantuya’s story, someone accused you of being paid. What’s wrong if you are being paid? I see nothing wrong but courage in you for doing something that not too many would do and the fact was that, I am of the view that you did not took a single cent for that.

    If “Suara Keadilan” the official mouthpiece in print soon endorsed by the HOME MINISTRY has an independent reporter like you- I will be among the first to subscribe. Keep up your unflinching posts Susan. 😀

  7. ktemoc says:

    The joke is not original but the version Jed has on her blog could have been modified by her to suit the Malaysian scenario so in that limited sense it would be Jed’s work – as Susan mentioned, Jed acknowledged the joke as taken from an email circulating, so Jed cannot be accused of plagiarising. Has Sin Chew acknowledged anything or anyone, if not Jed?

  8. lucia says:

    agree with bob and AAB.

    ktemoc, nope, she did not modified it. as bob said, it had been around circulating in emails… exactly the same as what jed had posted up.

    well i posted it up in february:

  9. Raven says:

    Believe Jed at your own risk.

    She’s a double agent.

  10. Harrison says:

    Raven Says:
    April 21, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    Believe Jed at your own risk.

    She’s a double agent.

    Harrison : I once thought Susan was Jed and Jed was Susan. looks quite the same, writes quite the same. Other than what was alluded by my interpretation of “doi8ble agent”, I am not sure what Raven meant. 🙂

  11. simple sam says:

    Jed is not a double agent.

    Just Maha Zalim’s agent.

  12. anarky says:

    Sinchew, in the publication that day calims it was an “EXCLUSIVE” story….

    luckily I read the blog for news and read the paper for jokes.

    shit like that oso can 1.

  13. Chong Zhemin says:

    The MSM should give credit to bloggers for the no question MP. but for that election story, maybe you think too much. There are probably a hundred blogs out there with this story, you want sin chew to credit all that have posted this story??

  14. Liaw KhienHwa says:

    I have read this joke and hundreds of similar jokes (modified versions) way back in the 1980s, in my college rag magazines in England, so who dares claim his or hers is original? They are copycats of each other.

  15. bobo says:

    Normally I don’t look at the ‘Hawt’ posts, but I just happened to stumble across this one, and felt compelled to jump in to the deep end and comment.

    I don’t see why it’s a copy of ‘Jed’s” post at all. Like other commenting on this article, I can read Chinese, and:

    1. It doesn’t mention the names of the Malaysia minister at all.
    2. One difference is that the content mentions ‘brandy’ at the end rather than ‘champagne’ in the ‘JY’ version.
    3. It’s quite a generic joke by the sounds of things.

    Sorry to sound harsh, but it seems to be a ‘much ado about nothing’ for this first example. I haven’t read the other examples provided so I can’t comment on them.

    I do agree though, that quite a lot of the time, work goes uncredited online and offline. One just has to look at those spam websites setup which aggregate content from other sites, as well as ignorant people who nick off other’s people content by lifting the entire article. What can one do?

  16. Jed Yoong says:

    I got the joke via email from a MSM journo. 😉 Cheers.

  17. » Sin Chew says:

    […] Referring to Susan Loone’s post – Copy cat Sinchew copied Jed Yoong’s post? […]

  18. Edi神 says:

    MSM are being shameless now…

    soon they will be out of job! if you continue like this!

  19. Scott Thong says:

    Be careful Susan… You might get the newspaper editors of the entire country filing lawsuit against you for slander and libel! *cough* RPK *cough*

  20. greeneyesjelly says:

    i found this one on

    according to aha! jokes’ search page it was added on 22/11/2004

    the piece has a lot of similarity with jed’s, with a different punch line, though

  21. samx says:

    The MSM political news cannot be believed.

    And now even their jokes suck.

    At least they still have Soduku.

  22. Kevin says:

    SUE them for plagiarism!

    Even the news on 29 MPs who had not submitted question for the Parliament sitting session oso taken from a blog wut… they turn it to highlight all the opps MPs… why bother reading the Star.. BOYCOTT! Thats my personal crusade!

  23. Kevin says:

    On the other hand.. that is a joke that has been reworded and recycled so many times over… so.. cool down on the suing.. just boycott will do.. :).

    Meanwhile has Najib taken over the country?

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  25. gulflee says:

    shame. if not from jade, and not from ABC ,please stat where the source from, or just say “WE COPY FROM #@#$” will do.

  26. Mr.Carrot84 says:

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