More photos @ Penang Watch (Makkal Sakthi meeting rocked Penang!) curtesy of Ong Boon Keong. Also see Anil’s blog for a very very good report: 5 state govts back calls to free ISA detainees; and some great pictures. Oh, and we should NOT miss reading another good report at lucia lai’s mental job: Abolish ISA!

Ong said that this event was one of the ‘biggest anti-ISA meet for a long time in Penang’. And I say, we have to commend the Penang government for participating in this meet as well.

The 5,000-odd crowd gathered at the Penang Chinese Assembly Hall last night to hear talks on the ISA and call for the release of the 5 HINDRAF leaders.

“ISA TAK PERNAH WARAS! (ISA was never rational)”, says the power-point presentation by the Abolish ISA Movement (AIM).

And guess how many people are still languishing behind those kamunting walls?

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng was part of the panel of speakers, together with his deputy P. Ramasamy, AIM chairperson Syed Ibrahim, PKR’s Latheefa Koya (lawyer) and the mother of one of the HINDRAF 5.

“It was a very energising evening and a morale booster”, according to Ong, who attended the event.

But as usual, the police halted the event at 11pm, an hour before ‘curfew’ time. Latheefa’s speech was cut short and people had to disperse.

It seems most people have changed but not the police. What to do, they haven’t changed masters yet, those P(olis) D(i) R(aja) M(alaysia).

See Penang Watch more updates on the number of ISA detainees and the intake and drop-outs at Univerversiti Kamunting 🙂




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  1. Rama says:

    Don`t see semi value picture? or has he gone to visit the Tamil Tigers to take the case there, I wonder.

  2. int says:

    “ISA TAK PERNAH WARAS! (ISA was never rational)”

    Just to nitpick on a historical note there was a time when the DAP was supportive of the ISA, specifically to fight communism… this was even enshrined in the Setapak Declaration, where the party said the ISA had it’s place but we must all be vigilante in ensuring it is not abused.

    Of course that was then and this is now… there is no rationale for the ISA now.

  3. rao says:

    Hidup Bangsa Malaysia!
    Hidup MALAYSIA!

  4. caravanserai says:

    ISA should be gone
    Yet the BN government wants it to stay
    It is a convenient tool to silence critics
    Giving the lame excuse
    It is for national security

    Years of those days
    It had gone
    The communists had given up arms struggle
    Recognizing the rights to govern
    through democratic elections

    The BN government wants it to stay
    The BN leaders shall not change
    The people’s power must initiate it
    ISA must be buried for good

    There are many people throwing in
    Without trials or reasonable hearing
    These people are put into Kamunting Inn
    It is to rehabilitate souls……………?

    The agony of detained families
    Friends and community leaders
    NGOs and other opposing parties
    ISA must go let the freedom flow

    Nobody in sane mind
    To destroy the country they are born
    It is the backbone for them and generations to come
    It is the corruption, lies and deceptions
    The BN government doesn’t want to tackle

    Makkal Sakthi will flow
    On the minds into the government
    The peoples’ cries shall not be in vain
    ISA must go
    It’s time it too retired
    Into Annals of History of the country


    Would you prefer a strong or weak leader?

    Decide before its too late..

    Democracy and the problem of a weak state

    Sulfikar Amir , Singapore Fri, 04/18/2008 10:05 AM Opinion -Jakarta Post

    After ten years have passed since Indonesia started democratization process following the breakdown of the New Order authoritarianism, a feeling of disappointment, dissatisfaction, and disillusion is widely shared among many Indonesians pertaining to the role of democracy in improving the condition of the nation.

    Despite substantial changes in the political system that have allowed the people to voice their demands openly and expressively, the fact that multi socioeconomic problems such as poverty, lack of public security and safety, poor public services, and so forth are severely prevalent casts a conviction that the presence of democracy has not contributed to alleviating these vivid predicaments that have been around since the monetary crisis plunged the country into unending turmoil. Living in a despairing situation like this could evoke one to dismiss democracy.
    From a sociological view, however, what we see in Indonesia today is not so much the failure of democratic system as many would suggest but rather the failure of the state to perform its duty of serving the public interests and needs. The malfunctioning of the state elements to provide minimum level of public services in various sectors and structures indicates the condition of weak state characterized by deteriorating organizational and institutional capacities.
    Australian observer of Indonesia Harold Crouch argues that the weak condition of the post-Soeharto state is mostly caused by the abrupt disappearance of patrimonial structures that heavily underpinned Soeharto’s power for three decades. Once the regime fell down, the state institution underwent unprecedented destabilization that consequently led to deformation of authority structures running from the central government in Jakarta all the way down to local bureaucracy.
    Adding to Crouch’s observation is a set of structural changes which unintendedly disrupt the system of authority held by the central state since democratic principles were materialized.
    The first of these is the shift from one party to multiparty system in which the dominance of the ruling Golkar was challenged by the entry of other political parties previously suppressed during the New Order. This creates a fragmented politics marked by vigorous struggles over power of the state among different political groups bearing different ideologies and agendas.
    As the operation of the state is controlled by more than one politically driven entities each of which has different, often contradictory, interests, it is difficult for the state apparatus to deliver public goods under coherent planning. Within such strife, effectively coordinated policies are difficult to achieve since policies are drawn towards mere interests of those seizing government agencies.

    Producing similarly disruptive effects to the central state is the ongoing process of decentralization. Starting in 2002 with intention to empower provincial governments, decentralization appears only to reduce authority of the central government without significant development of capacity on the side of local governments.
    The results, as many observers have lamented, have been paradoxical in which more financial and political resources transferred from Jakarta to local governments are used by local elites to fulfill their own material interests sometimes with stark demonstration to their own constituents.

    The imposition of neoliberal agendas on a variety of development policies is another factor contributing to the downgrading process of the state’s capacities. This has taken place ever since Indonesia was compelled to embrace a neoliberal paradigm brought in by international financial institutions, i.e. IMF and the World Bank.

    The intervention of these institutions in a number of strategic public sectors such as mining, telecommunication, infrastructure, and education were meant to increase the efficiency of the government operation through the application of market mechanism in public management.
    The outcome of this simplified approach is sadly the opposite as it reduces the opportunity for the state to enhance its capacities by giving away their jobs to the global market system dominated by multinational corporations. Thus instead of creating efficient management of public goods, neoliberal policies are inclined to create unintended crises in public sectors, widening the gap between the state and the people it is supposed to serve.
    Yet, our observation is incomplete if we overlook the impact of corruption to the state, an enormous cost that cannot be underestimated. Underlining three aforementioned factors that instantly cause the state to weaken does not necessarily mean that corruption is less damaging. We certainly need to keep in mind that widespread corruption, particularly in all level of bureaucracy, no doubt has the most harmful effects on the state capacity.
    The commitment of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to combat corruption must be appreciated and criticized as well. Most of the efforts to eradicate corruption cases are placed on high profiled cases involving officials in the executive and legislative bodies. It seems that these anti-corruption measures are undertaken with a view that neglects the “institutionalized systemic” corruption in bureaucratic organizations due to outdated culture of bureaucracy inherited from the New Order.

    This renders the state inefficient, burdensome, and lack of innovation and creativity. From this point of view, corruption is actually the effect rather than the cause, and to overcome the problem requires a whole systemic reform of bureaucratic organization incorporating meritocracy, transparency, and professional norms.
    On the last note is democracy. Except neoliberal agendas, all phenomena described above, i.e. fragmented politics and decentralized authority are a corollary of democratization process. They were in fact part of the reform agenda demanded by pro-reform activists from the outset. But we need not to blame democracy for what these structural changes have caused to the state.
    Democracy is both process and product, and fragmentation and decentralization underway are the path to build a better democratic system that cannot be achieved overnight. Just because democratic transition has no beneficial effects yet to the betterment of people’s lives does not mean that democracy has failed and that we need to go back to an authoritarian system.
    The writer is an assistant professor in Division of Sociology, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

    Posted by Mahathirism at 7:34 PM

  6. jaya le jalu says:

    Yes, we the rakyat have to react now to end this irrational ISA law, which is just for the benefit for the government to stop people from expressing their unsatissfaction. How can we let one man’s decision (the stupid prime minister who is unfit for the position) decides the faith of these people who captured under the name of ISA. And what is the story about not allowing the detainee to have his medical treatment, this is outrageous, this is murder, you don’t have to kill hundreds to become a murderer, just one is enough. Loosks like the prime minister is ready to become a murderer, just to brush his ego. The agony of detained families, yes if today we do nothing to help them out of this suffer, tomorrow it will be our family. We rakyat malaysia is one family, we have to take care of our family. Lets walk towards a better Malaysia. The human rights association and all other association have to do something. I have been leaving in France for the last 10 years, I tell you the french people would have kicked this ISA and the prime minister with it long time ago. So Malaysians REACT

  7. Rama says:

    Abdullah knows that his Deputy, Najib Tun Razak, is secretly working against him. In a meeting last week, Abdullah whispered into Najib’s ear, “You ni tak sabar nak jadi PM ke?” You should have seen Najib’s face turn pale. He never saw that one coming. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat while searching for the right words with which to respond. But his mind went totally blank. If he had prepared himself for this he could probably have come up with a convincing response. In this instance it is better to say nothing rather than say something that would just thrust the knife deeper.

  8. mahendran says:

    sad cudnt be there. rakyat now are more aware of the draconian law and how it infringes human rights.

    Penang is really setting a good example 😉

  9. rani says:

    for me
    the ISA is still needed..
    just how to use it must be studied carefully..
    for the hindraff leader..
    i agreed to imposed the ISA on them..
    their totally a national threat….
    why i’m saying this…

    1. they said malaysia currently on ethnic cleansing…wtf???
    2. they threathen the gov that they will transform into tamil tiger(sri lankan militant) if gov failed to fullfilled their needs….
    3. and yet all the above were written and sent to PM and foreigners countries.

    for me its really worth to imposed ISA on them…
    especially if was imposed to the one that is hiding in UK…
    got no balls..
    if you think you r right about indian rights…come back to malaysia and face the reality..

    why u hiding in uk..and asking other poor indians to act on your behalf???

  10. Rama says:

    `..and asking other poor indians to act on your behalf???`

    Maybe you like to like to like semi value, who did so much for ungrateful indians hahahahahahahahahahaha

  11. Soma says:

    Arrest pandi samy vellu:

    PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Razak yesterday said he would ask MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu to explain his statement that if the government continued to ignore the Indian community, he would seek support from other countries.

  12. Soma says:

    Najib was asked about Samy Vellu’s interview with an Internet news website, in which he said he would go overseas for aid, “if this government does not do anything”.

    Najib said the government was prepared to consider concerns raised by all races but not in the form of threats.

    “We will look into concerns made through applications, proposals and others but definitely not in the form of threats.”

  13. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Anwar is fundamental to change the mindset of the Malays who are the majority of the population, where many are still brainwashed into supporting the evil UMNO blindly, and Anwar is the key to hold Pakatan together especially with the problem of the ever troublesome PAS!

    Anway, I’m so sick of the double-standard and injustice of the police force. Instead of protecting all rakyat and promoting justice, it’s unjustly and barbarically busy promoting the political interests of UMNO! Sick! Sick! Sick! I can’t express it enough! So Umno supporters can hold protest anytime such as the last one in Penang and Ipoh (I thought the police promised to arrest the leaders!) and, the coming United Malay Congress in JB, but it’s pathetic and so unjust that other rakyat who don’t agree with UMNO’s dirty politics are being arrested including under ISA such as the brave Hindraf leaders who are even tortured, threatened and silenced and free press which is promoting justice for the rakyat such as Makkal Sakti and Malaysiakini being persistently intimidated, harassed and silenced!! I think Makkal Sakti should go online as Malaysiakini, and then go into printing again when Pakatan takeover, and at least they’ll be protected a little bit under international IT laws that Malaysia was forced to sign up to, in order for the foreign IT investment to be launched here.
    Further more, not only the police force and special branch is swarmed by extremely sadistic-macho and sexist, fascist and racist idiots; it’s also so corruptible. I was even informed discreetly by a SUHAKAM junior officer that a victim complaint that he was beaten up by the police officers, who even boasted that gangsters are recruiting into the police force so that they can ensure their fellow criminals can get away! Plus my own cases; where I’ve made countless police reports and instead was given a run-around by the police every time, especially as I’m a woman at that! I’ve brought all the complaints against the police force with SUHAKAM; but never heard from the supposedly Human Rights Commision again (what do you expect; when the top committee is run by supporters of the ruling politicians, instead of being completely independent – actually its foundation was to appease falsely to the international community that Malaysians supposedly have such fundamental human rights avenue to turn to, “so things must be alright then in Malaysia”!). And, the increasing sexual crimes against Malaysians especially women and children; do these police force care?! Well, two of their fellow officers from the nasty special branch dept, are on a (strangely dragging on & on) trial for murdering and most probably raping Altantuya (since she was blown up naked?!); so can we expect justice from the police then? Besides, most female officers are low-ranking ones; and the force is dominated by Malays; thus why we have such sexism and racism besides (of which the force should be multicultural instead)! And the reason why the foreign nationals especially from violently sexist-macho countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia (especially from the dominant Javanese culture – they behave similarly in Indonesia towards other culture especially from non-Islamic religion – don’t forget Suharto’s mixture of capitalist and “Javanese Supremacy” ideology was involved in the mass murder of millions of Balinese Hindus, Communists, Sumaterans, Sulawesi Christians and so on, maybe there’s a program of “Javanizing” Malaysia), Southern Philippines and Nigeria, where many of these foreign nationals are committing crimes including sexual ones (that include sexual harassment and brutal rape). Further, many have no respect for local women and custom including in East Malaysia, are laughing all the way and getting off scot-free; since they could either easily corrupt the police or are just following the nasty examples set by the police force! Besides, getting that “Malay/Bumiputera” identity in their IC in exchange for votes for Umno and free houses and land for some, especially in East Malaysia, thus why the big win for BN there (even Malaysians like me don’t own land for goodness sake!).



  14. Patek1472 says:

    Why BN Govt. love the ISA?

    1. I suka Anwar.
    2. I syok Anwar.
    3. I sayang Anwar.

    Make up the rest in your mind.

  15. Patek1472 says:

    Why PR don’t like the ISA?

    1. I Shutup Anyone i don’t like.

  16. raj raman says:



    Whoever you are,u might be wrong.The guy have plentys of ballss and he trying his best to help indians in malaysia by voicing out.
    If he is back,u one of the supporter of ISA will put him behind bar.

    I think you are the cronies of samy or daughter of someone benefited from BN era.Even samy now support hindraf.


  17. Patek1472 says:

    Why Rakyat don’t like the ISA?

    1. Sikit protes – ISA
    2. Salah cakap – ISA
    3. Ikut USA – ISA
    4. Ikut Ugama – ISA
    5. Ikut Ah Long – ISA
    6. Mahu semua orang diam – ISA
    7. Mahu semua orang tenang – ISA
    8. Tak mahu pembangkang – ISA
    9. Tak dapat charge dalam undang-undang lain – ISA
    10. Tak tahu nak buat apa lagi – ISA

  18. Ng says:

    Even Almighty God, the Great Judge treat with all fairness all mankind, cause rain and sunshine to fall on the righteous and the unrighteous, how can a fellow human treat or an organization cause great harm by using ISA to arrest and do not grant man rights to their freedom. This is cruelty and full of injustice in the eye of GOD. Every human being on earth is entitled to defend himself or herself but ISA deprive them of it. This draconian law found in Malaysia need to be abolished. God gave freedom to man but ISA restrict man freedom. ISA is heartless, evil,a barbaric way of curbing man’s freedom. Hope one day, Pakatan Rakyat will abolish ISA. Malaysia need freedom especially after 50 years of independence. We not only want to be bebas from the British rule but we also want to be free from fear of ISA.

  19. joshi says:

    Rama is a clown. Keeping on pulling samy vellu ‘s name. u got a liking for him? get gown and unzip

  20. ISA is not totally bad actually
    If those BN fellows doesn’t abuse the usage of ISA, the ISA will benefit the country
    Is like now, everything we do (against the government) will be threaten by ISA
    Isn’t this is a democratic country which hav freedom of certain things.
    So I don’t fully agree with abolish ISA but study bac the act carefully and make sure those fellows (u noe who) will not abuse it

  21. puvanan says:

    Nice to see how people have changed in the recent months! Truly an awakening.. Makkal Sakthi!

  22. Penang says:

    Not saying that ISA is good or anything. But think of this …

    Them BN goons can go out and have secret killing parties, aka Khmer Rouge in the 70’s.

    Especially that guy who waves his keris, and the guy who swore that his keris wanna drink Chinese blood.

    Now think about that, wilya ?

  23. alex says:

    ISA must surely be bad.
    How can it be called a law when there is no fair trial.
    At best, it is just a bully tactic.

    Penang, I can visualise what you mention. But guess what – nothing will happen to them coz the one holding the power to impose ISA is also in the BN’s hand.

    So you see, a good law must be free of personal interference. For a law to be fair, it must be fair from the beginning, in its essence, which means, give the very basic – a fair trial.

    It cannot depend on human because humans are weak and can absolute power corrupts absolutely.


  24. […] read SLoone This entry is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the […]

  25. To rani,

    I would like to know are you a women or slut?

  26. raj raman says:



    Maybe she is.I should add your comments to her but try to be gentlement.Anyway cnn i supporting your comment.

    RAj RAman.Born 4th generation malaysian unlike the toyolll.

  27. “Samy Voodoo” is again missing in action. His shadow is also missing.

    How can he say that he was and is still fighting for justice to the Indian community? No balls, lah!! Simple as that.

  28. Pegasus says:

    Hindraf 5 should be release together with all other ISA detainees without any condition immediately. ISA should be abolished AFTER putting some of the BN leaders like Kera Jantan,Kerismuddin,Toyol,coconut brain Nazri under ISA for some time to taste the life under ISA.

  29. Ginger says:

    We were there and it was a meaningful night for us. However we wish there could have been more people from other races to join in.
    Most of them are Indians and only a handful of Chinese. ISA affects everyone of us and we should all be there to voice our discontent of this draconian law. No one should be jailed without a fair trial.

  30. Devan says:

    Who are u Rani?
    U must be one who has benefited from the MIC. Wathyamurthi is at least outside and organising things.Dont say he got no balls cos u dont have either.The Govt has no moral right to use ISA….for what ..for speaking out the actual happening for 50 yrs??
    Do u know how the poor Indians were treated before when they go to govt.offices? See the result now!
    Unless rani comes from a rich family or related to some MIC leaders.
    The tsunami that hit the BN WAS started by one……Utayakumar… is it fair he sufferer under ISA for that???
    Why is Khairy not inside?
    Why is Hishamudin not inside?
    Why is Shah Kirit not inside?????
    Didnt know u had such a shallow mind …..or u must be a real tubelight.

  31. bnsupport says:

    Without ISA PR have no solutions against terrorists, hate groups and instigators of racial violence.).When bombs are exploding people will be clamouring for ISA… A few may abuse ISA (against Hindraf), a few may use ISA to protect themselves (ops lallang) a few may not use ISA (to protect cronies). Remove the few….not ISA

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