Update: last check at 6pm, the STAR had already included the link to the blog I AM MALAYSIAN. Thank you.


The STAR had been quick to work on this story, even going as far as contacting several affected persons: Vocal MPs rapped for not sending queries to Parliament. The August house is scheduled to sit on April 28.

However, it’s highly ‘irresponsible’ for ‘THE PEOPLE’S PAPER’ to have highlighted the story about the 29 MPs on their front page today WITHOUT attributing the story to the blogger who first wrote about it.

He is of course, ewoon from I AM MALAYSIAN. A true Malaysian whom I met at the bloggers meet in KL last year. When I chanced upon his story in google yesterday, I thought he had done a great service to Malaysians, not to mention keeping those recalcitrant MPs on their toes.

The paper even had the cheeck to say that bloggers had reported it but did not give due credit. This is a sly thing to do. On top of that, they lifted some comments from ewoon’s blog as well:

The MPs, 15 of whom were are from Barisan Nasional, five from DAP and nine from from PKR, have been called ‘irresponsible’, ‘MPs of the most slothful kind’ and ‘unreliable’.

I can’t help feeling that the paper was quick to jump unto the bandwagon of this issue simply to discredit the Opposition. And what a field day it had, coz among the MPs were nine from PKR and five from DAP; and their slip-up was given much prominence, although 15 others were BN MPs.

They have singled out two Opposition MPs, who had been very anti-establishment when they were merely members of political parties or non-governmental organisations, for stinging attacks, accusing them of not doing their jobs as MPs and betraying those who voted them into power.

Anway, DAP Lim Kit Siang and PKR Anwar Ibrahim have both responded to the issue in their blogs: Apologies (Kit Siang) and  Terima Kasih atas Teguran (Anwar). Now where are you, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi???

Ah, well. I cannot complain.

The paper was kind to me when it highlighted my story about Altantuya Shariibuu, the Mongolian woman so dreadfully murdered with C4 explosives in 2006.

The paper’s reporter even emailed me for comments and gave me due credit for the story, even publishing my blog’s url, and mentioning the fact that the video uploaded by me can be found on youtube. For that service, Altantuya’s personal story reached out to 50,000++ viewers (at the time of uploading).

But then again, that story was first quoted in the Bahasa Malaysia section of the STAR. And guess who was the chief reporter there then? It was Fathi Aris Omar, of course. My favourite Malay editor in Malaysiakini. He’s a blogger, too, and his blog can be found HERE. He left for the STAR and have since re-joined Malaysiakini in its Malay section.

Hmm, wonder what happenned at the STAR?

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  1. hkengmaco says:


    Anything about Umno or related to Umno or BN, things turn ‘recalcitrant’ and become ‘irrational’ for normal people like you and me.

    For them, we are the ones who are ‘recalcitrant’ and ‘irrational’. What a joke, isn’t it? When think this over, this is the creation of our very own ‘Bapa Recalcitrant’. Anyone know who is he / she, except those in Umno and BN.

  2. Ong Ting Ting says:

    I can only just ask Star… No Shame Kah?

    Paid reporters are not doing their job but sit in front of the cuntpewter and copy someone’s story.

    Get free money ?

    Plselah, do some real work to justify your salary.

  3. Busuk says:

    Now MSM surf blogs for news. Then edit according to their whim and fancy. Malu………..Busuk

  4. nmjg says:

    MSM should have their dignity. I always believe the Al-Mighty will punish those people in there, their bias stories and selfish attitude will compromise the rights of the RAKYAT and this is very bad karma for them and their families and even generations to come. Just wait and see if they don’t change.

  5. tak boleh tahan says:

    I really cannot stand all these craps. Anwar, when will you press button and take over federal government? I tak boleh tahan.

  6. kittykat46 says:

    There was an instruction by you-know-who to the MSM that they are forbidden to quote blogs or treat them as a credible news source.

    I wonder if that’s been rescinded post-March 8.

  7. Reader says:


    Like your case, I have a beef with the Malaysian Insider. I wrote a letter about comparing Pak Lah with Mr Mikhael Gorbachev of Russia about 2 weeks ago. The letter was never published. Instead they came out recently with an article of AAB being compared with Gorbachev!

    Rcalling also their apparent public relations job for TR re his EGM, I am now feeling quite aghast at the ethics of the Malaysian Insider or whoever that particular editor who hijacked the letter for his own use, is. Plagiarist!

    I suspect they have been doing the same to other writers dropping a letter or two as no letters are published in their letters section except for old and outdated ones. Its clear now where they get their leads, contents, the issues, and the news analysis from.

    Shame on you MI. The biggest sins you can commit in this vocation is plagiarism. Shame!

    Next time print all the letters send to your “editor”! Show how transparent you are. So early in the day and your corporate culture and ethics are being questioned already! Don’t be like a thief in the night!

  8. ANg Kong says:

    frankly, i am not tht concerned if the MPs had submitted any questions this round or not, but credit to ewoon for raising this issue. New MPs have so much on their table right now and it’s not a surprise if a few are not well hearse with the protocols. We all tot we could do better than the guy next to us but until you step on the wagon….u will have absolutely no clue!

    if one thinks carefully, they are only a handful ‘primary key questions’ tht should have been asked a long time ago. it’s not abt submitting a list of questions, it’s abt asking the right questions!

  9. Not surprising at all – Star is owned by BN. So what do you expect?

    I am not the least concerned if the MPs did not submit their questions by the due date. It would be better that such questions be brought up during the Supplementary Question Stage of the 90 minute Question Time. If this is done, then we can also see for ourselves if the Ministers are aware of the happenings in their ministries. What say you?

  10. The only way we have to force the papers to begin to be fair is to use money. I have stopped buying The Star newspapers every Tuesday. If more and more people do this – soon, The Star will have advertisers not wanting to advertise on Tuesdays. This would in effect effect 1/7 of their advertising revenue. While this would not cause many to lose their jobs at the newspaper – which is not what I want – but will certainly caue the shareholders to wonder about falling revenues.

    Hit them where it hurts. Boycot The Star on Tuesdays. And i enough of us do this – they will change. Then we work on the paper with deeper pockets – The New Straits Times.
    But lets all do The Star first.

  11. I suggest we Malaysian sould boycott this type of MSM.
    Furthermore its the first day in Parlimentarian School lah. We have to give them some time. Masuk masuk saja mau hentam semua orang, Newspaper bodohlah. Makan tahi Barisan.!!!!

  12. Anne says:

    I agree, i m also not at all concerned about tehe MPs submiiting their questions. Who cares about the answers wihich are all prepared in advance. Oral questions would be more effective in order to gauge the minister’s cmprehension of the issue, response and action to be taken.

    At the end of the day, MPs works is not just about submitting questions and getting superficious and fake answers from the government. Its about the conviction felt by the MPs, the persistent action taken by them and their willingness to come to the public and to work with the public for the benefit of the public. Its about looking for ways to resolving issues.

    Its no use if hundreds of questions and answers if no action ! What a waste of paper and time!

    STAR newspapers , please stop insulting our intelligence and wasting our money and time!

  13. Anne says:

    I am boycotting Star newspapers EVERYDAY until they start writing some real intelligence stuff.

  14. yh says:

    you are absolutely to the dot. it was a sling shot below the belt, which is usual from this lackey paper. funny, isnt it another death from the National Service Program, it doesnt even make it to the 2nd page, let alone headline news on front page. guess, chief editor is more concern about national integration and not making some fellas such as DPM and Chairman Lee with red faces again with sending young innocent kids to death under the National Service program.
    Oh, by the way, please rename the program to something else. It aint no service when too many young healthy malaysians drop dead. chairman lee, please sleep well and i hope that the young death ones wont come back to haunt you. just wondering how would you feel if one of deads ones are from your family.
    susan, the national killer past time is even worst than the mongolian case!

  15. Jambu Batu Keras says:

    come on lah…..the Star. give this new MPs a break lah……it looks like you do not have any other news kah for sunday. This Parliment session is a rather short one lah…let the new MPs to familiarise with the procedures first and then we see how is the June sitting lah. By the way it is a good idea we should boycott the star on every Tuesday.

  16. malayamuda says:

    Anwar Ibrahim, I hope ur reading this …………….

    If you do not take over the Federal Government immediately I promise you I will not vote for KeAdilan ever again.

    What the hell are u waiting for ? For this country to go to the Dogs ?

  17. imwatchingu says:

    Susan should not be surprised. Plagiarizing from blogs is the rage these days with the MSMs. So-called top stories by them are usually 2nd hand news already reported by blogs, MT or Malaysiakini.

  18. wits0 says:

    Susan, “I can’t help feeling that the paper was quick to jump unto the bandwagon of this issue simply to discredit the Opposition. ”

    Always like that, ler. It never varies with Latuk WCW’s paper.

    Reader, Malaysian Insider has its own agenda and how can it hides that. Comparing Badawi with Gorby is like a second round of awarding the title of “Mr Clean” to him or that of “Justice Bao”, hahaha!

  19. caravanserai says:

    Why ask questions for the government to prepare?
    Let them come to the August House
    And handle the Q & A in Parliament
    In this way we know how prepared them are….

    Understand the opposing MPs
    Their colleagues had given the same questions
    They ‘who do not submit questions’ aren’t mute or deaf
    They just don’t want to play all the cards at once

    It is just like working under your boss
    You are the deputy you don’t lay out cards
    You support or you hate his guts
    You just wait he makes a fatal mistake
    Then you take over coolly without a fuss

    To me the government leaders must prepare answer
    For any question arising in the Parliament
    Whether it is asked or it never………
    The cabinet ministers must know their work

    Ex ministers will shy away
    They know the nuts and screws so they keep quiet
    When they want answer
    I am sure they just give a call………

    How many questions will be answered?
    The cabinet ministers will pick and choose
    The sensitive ones they try to ignore
    As far as possible citing OSA or whatever reasoning
    Else they say they need time to respond……

    When MPs don’t ask
    They aren’t sleeping or they don’t know
    They don’t want to play their cards outright
    Let BN leaders think they are warming seats
    Let the voters think ‘whatlah these MPs!’

    Now the fun will begin
    In Parliament the beans will spill
    We watch, see and read
    All about it soon

  20. limkamput says:

    These 29 MPs were busy doing their kopi korek the night before! So what do you expect??

  21. Edi神 says:

    We gonna boycott them TILL THEY TELL THE TRUTH!!

    Now they even curi from bloggers!

    THey have gone so LOW!!


  22. Margeemar says:

    The spin doctors of the once known English tabloid called The People’s Paper, now affectionately known as The Toilet Paper has again shown how stupid they can be in highlighting that the MPs from BN and Pakatan Rakyat have failed to submit their written questions to Parliament.

    What makes me sick is that The Star seems to go out of it’s way to discredit the Pakatan MP’s more than the BN clowns. Why not question Pak SleepyLah as to why of all the idiot MP’s in BN, why choose that oxymoron Bumb Mokhtar Rubbish as the Barisan Back Benches Club Chairman? This swine is a born idiot who could be the missing link between humans and apes that anthropologists are talking about.

    It was arrogant and unrepentant oxymoron’s like Bung Mokhtar Raden that caused BN to fare badly in the last GE. It amazes me to comprehend as to why Pak Kadok The PM can’t see this. The likes of Bung Mokhtar is surely going to get hit in his ‘Kinabatangan’ by the Pakatan Rakyat MP’s.

    As for The Toilet Paper, let it remain as one, as it has it’s pool of chief ass wipers like Wong Chun Wai, Wong Su Long, Josceline Tan, VK Chin etc. The day is at hand when the ass wipers and their masters will be flushed down the toilet bowl with the rest of the Toilet Paper. For this I saith unto them “Keris my ass!”


  23. Anne says:

    Caravanserai, you are absolutely right. Thank you for that.

    STAR NEWSPAPERS, stop stealing ideas from people. Stick to low sensational stuff like Sufiah Yusof and her pictures which you took from News of the World !

    Who are you to put these things to our attention and try to play GOD?
    Who are you to constantly put MPs pictures in the front page and pass your little judgments on them!

    What Caravan said is right. READ IT AGAIN and apologise to all the MPs for shallowness in reporting.

    Have you heard of the word STRATEGY? We all have different ways of doing things, different perpectives and cretivity. Opposition is not main stream thinkers and followers! Get it! They are out of the box thinkers!

    STAR NEWSPAPERS, stop this low and cheap antics, you stink to high heaven and i am never going to lay my fingers on you again!

    Anwar, SAVE us. The country is going to the dogs!

  24. Jed Yoong says:

    cheap. frontpage some more. no ideas one.

  25. Today will be the last day it is called the S.T.A.R.

    Tomorrow it should be known as R.A.T.S. Their expertise has manifested itself so well.

    M.I. ? Wazdat? Malaysian Imposter? Phew!!

  26. anti bn says:

    What can you expect from The “Toilet Paper” ? You have nobody to blame, as the best you can get is just plain… S###(you know what im about to say) , for what are toilet papers for?

    If you even want to be a toilet paper, be the best you can. Now that the tide has turned , don’t be a hypocrite & pretend that you are providing a balanced report for all the parties. Be a real toilet paper to the party that has been backing your @ss.

  27. Harrison says:

    What the Star reportage did will be considered commendable if they duly recognized the discovery of the fact-finder was from a blogger and assume a
    fair pursuit of a follow-up investigative journalism.

    Other than commended the blogger who sleuthed the first-hand story, the Star reporting can only be concluded as secondary. They exploit this opportunity to demonize the opposition MPs.

    Arm-Chair press is worst than bad press.

  28. MPs are not merely elected to be seen and not heard
    They have to do their homework like others in the herd
    It’s proper to apologise and admit when in the wrong
    May they learn their lessons and get on to be strong

    “Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies!”
    Doesn’t apply when it comes to MPs with or without ties
    Unless they ask questions nobody knows what’s in their minds
    They have to prove to their electorates that they’re not the wrong kinds

    As the people’s watchdogs MPs have to ask the right questions
    To ensure that things go on smoothly in all the respective stations
    Nip serious problems in the buds and give out proper cautions
    To safeguard our pride and dignity amongst all the other nations

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 200408
    Sun. 20th April 2008.

  29. clickjer says:

    We are the world, we are the children,……………..(remember Michael Jakson song) safe the world,no war……..WOWZZAPOWER.

  30. Kherry Scarry says:

    Ha ha….STAR…you are making rakyat smarter from day to day…

  31. samx says:

    We really need Citizen News – for the people by the people.

    Come on journalists (those with integrity)! Set up a site so that only the truths are reported.

    I had stopped looking at NST. I had stopped reading Star. On-line news from bloggers (not all bloggers – need to censor the pro gomen comments) are more reliable (and free).

  32. gerakilat says:

    How low can the mainstream media like Star, NST, Utusan, BH go? Not content with producing nauseatic garbage for readers, they now resort to cheap plagiarism of bloggers in a vain attempt to show they have started balanced reporting! Can you beat that? They think the people are fool and continue to heed their cheap UMNO/BN propaganda. I think it is high time the people organize themselves to conduct public bonfires of the mainstream papers in KL and several towns nationwide! This move is long overdue!

  33. LansiLanYong says:

    Can the blogger sue thestar for copying his work? If can sue them and get some $$$ for them ..

  34. Anwar,

    Please explain why did you ask the Chinese to go back to China when you were the Deputy P.M.? I am sure you now know why will happen to this country if all the Chinese were to go away per your suggestion? Also why did you not advocate the abolishment of the N.E.P. when you had the chance for so many years ? Why only now?
    I am sure you can give us a satisfactory reply over the above questions with the election over now that is over. You chose to shut the mouth of those who came out with informations of what you have always being by pretending to sue them with a lot of money. You have enough to last you and your family several life times just like Mahathir, it is not the money but only to shut them up during the election to bring out more of what you are-right ?

  35. NoktahHitam says:

    I expect BN to apologies as well. Still waiting….

  36. check my blog.. i did write on this issue.. thanks..

  37. Edi神 says:

    Stupid a**hole…. MSM!!!

    They wanan go bankrupt I GUESS!

    Curi from the netizen!

  38. […] copy cats, copying bloggers and pretending the stories are theirs. First, it was the star with the 22 recalcitrant MPs story but the paper rectified it later and provided a link to their story online. Still, they did […]

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