I was happy to hear that there was a great gathering at the Penang Chinese Town hall this evening. I am awaiting more reports. For some reasons, it sounded more like a Makkal Sakti gathering. Perhaps, more updates on this later…

I was not happy, however, to read this report, it came a day after some of us were hotly debating the Penang councillors list and how it affected some NGO members in the state.

According to Malaysiakini:

Disgruntled DAP members have informed Malaysiakini that they had been against the appointment of NGO councillors from the beginning as many of them would not work in the interests of the Pakatan Rakyat state government.

Several short messages service (SMS) were already sent out since Wednesday night criticising the state government leaders for overlooking loyal party workers for council appointments.

Several assemblypersons have also been singled out by the powerful Makkal Sakti lobbyists in Penang for appointing their “cronies” as councillors at the expense of loyal party members, who had worked hard to secure the party’s victory in the recent general election.

“Several of the appointed councillors from NGO were known BN supporters.

“Even the Indian councillors appointed under the DAP quota were strangers to DAP,” said Makkal Sakti group spokesperson MN Anbalagan.

Looks like Ong Boon Keong aint the only one feeling the disappointment of the new state government.

Another Makkal Sakti supporter, R Kumaran, said he learnt that the decision to appoint NGO councillors was made without consulting the party state committee and general members.

“There is a saying that `loyalty pays.’  “But it seems staunch Indian DAP grassroots leaders and members are irrelevant today,” he said.

It seems Ong Boon Keong aint the only one feeling the disappointment over the controversial list. I wonder what the DAP has to say about this…if it has anything to say at all.

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  1. Surind says:

    “There is a saying that `loyalty pays.’ “But it seems staunch Indian DAP grassroots leaders and members are irrelevant today”

    So called social democracy!?!

    As I have always mentioned, those whom marginalise the minority, will alway get it at the end. One way or another. What goes around, comes around… some just dont see or realise it when it does.

  2. Jeffrey Chew says:

    My thoughts – invoke change through the ballot box. When the struggles of the people continue to be challenged, it’s important for us to step up to the call of the people. Having positions within MPPP will never be the right step. I would suggest more involvement on the grassroots level especially the parliament where laws and enactments are being made. I support the cause. See your MPS. See your SAs. Demand for an early council election. If Makkal Sakti can invoke influence on this ground, I believe the movement will prosper. Imagine if BN won unanimously on March 8, do you seriously think you and I will be able to even pen our thoughts on this wonderful blog? Think again…think about what Samy Vellu said. He had a 360 degree turnaround by saying that minorities were ignored. Before the elections, he claimed that was otherwise. Do you want leaders as such? Do you think that the present state govt or even the opposition memebers can speak for us? I am very confident they will. Worse to hear , they even got Bung bocor to lead the backbenchers. Do we even speak about that? Come on …. look at the bigger picture. I think BN is far worse than anything else and I am still angry – I will continue to be angry with BN till the next election. We all MUST TOO

  3. […] Loyalty pays? Makkal Sakti supporters thinks otherwise [image] I was happy to hear that there was a great gathering at the Penang Chinese Town hall this evening. I am […] […]

  4. padman says:

    Surind’s words on marginalisation. Please check this out. There is not a single Indian headmaster in a any of the more than 100 sekolah menengah kebangsaans in the state of Negri Sembilan. Unbelievable! Where are the strong number of Indians headmasters we used to have in the fiftees and sixtees and even in the seventees. Indians are irrevelant in this country, or it seems.

  5. Rama says:

    Indians are the slaves of Sime Darby

  6. Hkengmacao says:

    This is due to ‘meritocracy’ was long forgotten in Malaysia. Indian will say, why no Indian, Chinese will say why no Chinese and of course, Malay have no complain since they are the country’s ‘favorite sons’.

    So, Pakatan Rakyat need to bring back ‘meritocracy’ to Malaysia. Lets rakyat compete a equal ground. A lot of Malays are sick with Umno favortism policies as they are regard as ‘not actually qualified to be in certain position’ by other races, though in actual fact, some of them actual ‘qualified’.

    If Singapore does not pratice meritocracy, will you see many Indian ministers in its cabinet? Please wake up lah, Umnoputras.

  7. raj raman says:

    I always believed in hardwork and its will pays when times due.
    Indians have waited to long with their crap attitude.Bn have capitalised it.

    Hindraf born and this nation owe hindraf for the awakening of Malaysian regardless race and this goverment so called “GOVERMENT IN WAITING” owe their victories to some extend to wake up call OF hindraf.

    So just wait and see,what this “GOVERMENT IN WAITING” will do in near future for the minority indian who did a big favor for them to be in GOVERMENT IN WAITING.or hindraf 2 will born.

    Raj Raman.Will wait for the time for PKR to return the favor,but there is time limits for everyone.

  8. kittykat46 says:

    Ai yah, select more Insiders, Outsiders are not happy. Select more Outsiders, Insiders are not happy.

    I’ve got news for you. The average Ali, Ah Beng and Ayapan doesn’t care. We just want clean, efficient and just government.
    If PR can deliver that, they deserve to get re-elected.
    If PR can’t we’ll kick them out. Just like the previous Dacing gang.

  9. YK says:



  10. whispering9 says:

    Yaloh….I don’t give a f44k whether it is a black or a white cat as long as it can catch the mice. I don’t even give a f44k if it is BN or PR, as long as it deliver results. One thing for sure, if PR in Penang fails, I know who are to be blamed for nailing them to the the starting blocks by making demands. I really hate farking politiking. I don’t give a fark what Malaysiakini writes…PR only have to deliver what a relative cleaner and fairer government then, maybe, BN might up the stakes and promises even more clean stuffs. Enough of bickering for me.

  11. Perakian 54 says:

    Fully agreed with Kittykat46 and YK.
    Politicians are politicians , they are MOSTLY SNAKES, irrespective whether they are from BN or PR. A lot of sweet promises but can not deliver. Just can’t walk the talk. Same goes to their supporters, a lot of them are selfish and have personal agenda rather than looking at the bigger picture. Please do not expect return for political patronage, we want changes for better future. There are limited places in councils and you don’t expect the state government to satisfied everyone.Only the best are selected to serve as a balanced team.
    But I believe there are still some sincere politicians like Tony Pua , Fong Po Kuan , Jeff Ooi , Dr.Lee Boon Chye , Dr.Jayakumar etc. We just hope for the best.
    If PR can’t deliver , they will be voted out in next GE.

  12. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Anwar is fundamental to change the mindset of the Malays who are the majority of the population, where many are still brainwashed into supporting the evil UMNO blindly, and Anwar is the key to hold Pakatan together especially with the problem of the ever troublesome PAS!

    Anway, I’m so sick of the double-standard and injustice of the police force. Instead of protecting all rakyat and promoting justice, it’s unjustly and barbarically busy promoting the political interests of UMNO! Sick! Sick! Sick! I can’t express it enough! So Umno supporters can hold protest anytime such as the last one in Penang and Ipoh (I thought the police promised to arrest the leaders!) and, the coming United Malay Congress in JB, but it’s pathetic and so unjust that other rakyat who don’t agree with UMNO’s dirty politics are being arrested including under ISA such as the brave Hindraf leaders who are even tortured, threatened and silenced and free press which is promoting justice for the rakyat such as Makkal Sakti and Malaysiakini being persistently intimidated, harassed and silenced!! I think Makkal Sakti should go online as Malaysiakini, and then go into printing again when Pakatan takeover, and at least they’ll be protected a little bit under international IT laws that Malaysia was forced to sign up to, in order for the foreign IT investment to be launched here.
    Further more, not only the police force and special branch is swarmed by extremely sadistic-macho and sexist, fascist and racist idiots; it’s also so corruptible. I was even informed discreetly by a SUHAKAM junior officer that a victim complaint that he was beaten up by the police officers, who even boasted that gangsters are recruiting into the police force so that they can ensure their fellow criminals can get away! Plus my own cases; where I’ve made countless police reports and instead was given a run-around by the police every time, especially as I’m a woman at that! I’ve brought all the complaints against the police force with SUHAKAM; but never heard from the supposedly Human Rights Commision again (what do you expect; when the top committee is run by supporters of the ruling politicians, instead of being completely independent – actually its foundation was to appease falsely to the international community that Malaysians supposedly have such fundamental human rights avenue to turn to, “so things must be alright then in Malaysia”!). And, the increasing sexual crimes against Malaysians especially women and children; do these police force care?! Well, two of their fellow officers from the nasty special branch dept, are on a (strangely dragging on & on) trial for murdering and most probably raping Altantuya (since she was blown up naked?!); so can we expect justice from the police then? Besides, most female officers are low-ranking ones; and the force is dominated by Malays; thus why we have such sexism and racism besides (of which the force should be multicultural instead)! And the reason why the foreign nationals especially from violently sexist-macho countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia (especially from the dominant Javanese culture – they behave similarly in Indonesia towards other culture especially from non-Islamic religion – don’t forget Suharto’s mixture of capitalist and “Javanese Supremacy” ideology was involved in the mass murder of millions of Balinese, Communists, Sumaterans, Sulawesi Christians and so on, maybe there’s a program of “Javanizing” Malaysia), Southern Philippines and Nigeria, where many of these foreign nationals are committing crimes including sexual ones (that include sexual harassment and brutal rape). Further, many have no respect for local women and custom including in East Malaysia, are laughing all the way and getting off scot-free; since they could either easily corrupt the police or are just following the nasty examples set by the police force! Besides, getting that “Malay/Bumiputera” identity in their IC in exchange for votes for Umno and free houses and land for some, especially in East Malaysia, thus why the big win for BN there (even Malasyians like me don’t own land for goodness sake!).


  13. Now politicians are labelled snakes as well..haha..nice

    I don’t mind if we have more snakes the likes of LKYs of a close neighbour who seem to have palates for RATS rather than in currency. Snakes eat rats is a good sign of a robust ecosystem. We should welcome the good snakes and also more hardworking cats who don’t wear gloves.

  14. Patek1472 says:

    Councillors job is to do what? Can I become one if I am a PR supporter or head of an NGO?
    So hard to find good and trusted councillors in Penang?
    Why don’t rotate every 100 days for non performance? Anyway, councillors job is to plan only. More ideas can be generated.

  15. ANg Kong says:

    the motion of indian… chinese…malays….demanding their ppl to be given jobs still echoing in the air … U N B E L I E V A B L E!!

    why cant these ppl wake up and start to think like MALAYSIANs!! this is not abt race…. come on, lets integrate, mingle and work together..!!

    how do you measure loyalty?? by weight? by size? by the time u spend in prison? perhaps some clever ppl can tell me! there will be 000’s of volunteers if they knew they could be given a gov post just by sitting in the jail!

    so, you out there… dont just kacau kacau and make noise… if a boss has to explain himself everytime he makes an executive decision… the company sure tutup shop!

  16. The root of all these issues were brought about during the 50 years of dictatorship ruling of Malaysia – the birth of the NEP.

    All non-bumis in this country had been marginalized, Chinese and Indians alike. Let us just hope and pray that this type of injustice will be eradicated by the new PR (our Savor). Hope that “ALL MEN ARE EQUAL” is applicable and practiced in Malaysia.

  17. samx says:

    Just because they are councillors, it doesn’t mean they know everything. Not all councillors are clever (sorry minister, just borrowed your line).

    The importance is that councillors need to work for the Rakyat and be truthful to God and themselves.

  18. dotherview says:

    Shane on you PR supporters… asking for position after winning, Whats the difference between BN and PR. LGE doing the right thing..select best man or woman for job regardless of political affliation,

  19. bnsupport says:

    hahaha..got our disease..all along what we been doing is right..reward our cronies. dont like what is going on in PR vote BN..then we will really shut you up. no more complaints

  20. Gina says:

    Plenty of opportunities in the world for those who have something to contribute…not just in Malaysia. Thousands of Malaysians have found a place overseas, real freedom and a decent livelihood. Even more important citizenship and a sense of belonging without giving up their feeling of Malaysianess. So there is more to life than being a local councillor. DAP members, especially Indians, must raise their sights. Fight for a proper respect for the abilities of ALL Malaysians. Even someone who fails a course is better than one who has not done it. No more quotas based on race. The weaker ones must be given additional help to progress but blocking others is not the way.

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