Update: Payment is NOT apology, say Najib. Of course it is NOT! It is BRIBERY! Bribery to silence wrong doing, to hide long time sins and to allow impunity. That it what the ex-gratia payment is for! Please keep your dirty money to yourselves!

But then again…we are not the ‘affected’ judges or their families…

For the victims of the 1998 judicial crisis, it was not a ‘Dinner for Justice’ in Kuala Lumpur last night as PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi maintained that there will be NO APOLOGY for those ‘affected’ judges. His excuse was:

“It is not wise or useful to revisit this past decision as it would serve to prolong the sense of crisis – something our nation can do without”.

With so much losses at the March 8 General Elections, I don’t think Abdullah is qualified to say what our nation can do with or without!  Although at the dinner Abdullah acknowledged the pain and loss they (the affected parties) endured. What good is it just to acknowledge? I was right. The call for judicial reforms were merely rethoric. No apology means such ‘high-handedness’ can be repeated. 

But what is even worse is that Abdullah intends to buy justice with money. Quite a loatheful thing to do!

According to Malaysiakini, there will be “goodwill ex-gratia payment” to the six judges implicated in the 1988 crisis, three of whom were later removed.  “I do not presume to equate your contribution, pain and loss with mere currency but I hope you could accept this as a heartfelt and sincere gesture to mend what had been”, Abdullah pleaded.

Abdullah, you are doing exactly that – equating their contribution, pain and loss with mere currency!

I hope those ‘affected persons’ – they are made to sound like a disease now – will not accept the payment. What good will it do now? If they do accept, then indeed it is true, justice can be bought and sold with money.

The judiciary will continue to be marred by the crisis. Impunity reigns. The engineers of the “darkest hours in judicial history” get away scott free. Let’s repeat this a thousand and more times over because this is a history that no one should forget:

In 1988, former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had convened a special tribunal to try Salleh on charges of misconduct and for questioning constitutional amendments that seriously eroded the powers of the judiciary. Salleh was subsequently sacked. Supreme court judges Seah and Wan Sulaiman – who had ruled that the tribunal was convened unconstitutionally – were also sacked after being found guilty of misconduct by another tribunal. Three other judges – Azmi, Eusoffe and Wan Hamzah were suspended.

Mahathir of course has refused to apologise. Abdullah would have done himself some good if only he had said ‘sorry’ on behalf of the old man.

But justice it seems, can be prostituted – depending on who hold the reigns of power. Well done, Malaysia.

If you want to know who attended the dinner, just read Malaysiakini. This dinner, organised by the Bar Council, is indeed controversial. As lawyer Charles Hector says it again (in an email):

Why are we jointly organizing this event with the GOVERNMENT?  The GOVERNMENT should have organized the event – and invited the Bar – maybe gave us some 150 seats for the Bar. JOINT ORGANIZATION -will this not affect our Independence? Would this not be seen an as endorsement of the government’s position that would be there in the speech of the PM?

What about the FUNDS for the Dinner – how much is the Bar spending for this Dinner? OR is the government footing the Bill but the BAR is doing all the work – we should not be doing this too for we are not GOVERNMENT “kuli” to take money and run and quickly organize dinners to enable the PM to have a venue and/or an event to make his speech.  Did the PM miss the boat when he was not ready to deliver his speech during the recent Judges Conference (8-11 April 2008)?

The PM could have gone LIVE on TV and made this speech about “Judicial Reforms”, and that would have been better.

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  1. Give him a chance la.. He has to save some faces for his government. At least he had indicated that there is something very wrong with the judiciary even though he did not acknowledge it.

  2. sifu says:

    At least he did something. Mahathir didn’t. And I think it is Mahathir who must apologize.

  3. Elanor says:

    Given the need to balance numerous opposing pressures, I personally deem this to be a good thing.

  4. clearwater says:

    Looks like there will be no closure for us all. This episode will continue to haunt all men and women with conscience. Badawi once again shows his weak side and his inability to grasp the moment and do something brave for once. He is a shackled political animal, only performing for his party to protect his own deteriorating position. I am extremely disappointed, once again, despite my own forewarning not to expect too much justice to be served at a dinner together with food. Wrong occasion, inappropriate menu. To those who have skeletons to hide, the signal sent must be a relief. The UMNO-BN government in its present crisis has no intention to pursue wrong doers for reasons we can all speculate about.

  5. bexe says:

    Money politics all over again. terribly disgusting. I hope those Judges and their families will reject this disturbing offer.
    Just mere promises again. This man is a liar. Why should anyone be expected to believe him.
    Don’t talk AAB. Just show us.

  6. wits0 says:

    AAB’s worldview is merely, at the best, representative of the highest philosophy of his ilks. It can ascend no higher than greasing ; it knows no better and never can.

  7. kai says:

    I am sorry to say that I have to disagree with the auther on this postion when she said and I quote:-

    “I hope those ‘affected persons’ – they are made to sound like a disease now – will not accept the payment. What good will it do now? If they do accept, then indeed it is true, justice can be bought and sold with money” and unquote.

    Please, please tell me in cases like this how would you punish the guilty one and undo the wrongs? Firstly you offer an unconditional public appology and then followed by a substantial financial compensation. Please tell me in which country, including those developed nations are not doing that? What is the point of just saying sorry when there is no real punishment? Your suggestion can only encourage the government to make more wrong decisions to their liking, and then a word sorry to redeem themselves. Is that what we want? Well, if I were a relative of those judges, I would ask the Government to bring along the biggest mock cheque they can find, after all this will definitely allow them to fill in as many zeros as possible after the first digit!

    And finally, is the PM reporting to Wang Dangi for questioning this morning? I didn’t hear anyone taking about having a permit for the gathering yesterday.

  8. frankcisco says:

    everything can be settle… with some ringgit – thats umno for you.

  9. Hkengmacao says:

    The suggested Commission for Judicial Appointments should bypassing PM and reporting directly to Rulers Conference.

    Only then, this will make Judiciary an independent from Executive an Legislature.

    Those who played a part to this fiasco are criminals. How can you let go these criminals when you know who are those? No action on them set a seriosly bad precedence in our judiciary.

  10. ghenjis khan says:

    the PSYCHOLOGY of it all is this, Pak Lah will admit there is Injustice int he 1988 debacle but not of his doing nor his Government from 1999 .

    That leaves Mahathir to carry the burden of guilt for the rest of his life and like all crazy dictators , big and small, from the beginning of times ……

    they will not and never will they admit their wrongdoings …..

    [God gives some prophets the chance to PEEK at the conditions of Hell-Fire and the more reason they lead simple lifes and warn people to obey God’s commands]

  11. cakap semang says:

    Easy to take a tough line like you but very difficult to do otherwise. What else do you expect the AAB to do? He could have well shut up and go the way of MM and liberally use the ISA or similar. Under MM, the “freedom” we have now, don’t even dream about it!!! So be grateful and be a little bit more generous with the man

  12. ajip says:


    Stunning accusations
    Tuesday, 26 September 2006
    salleh abasResign or face a Tribunal, a stunned Tun Salleh Abas was told by then premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad at a private meeting on 27 May 1988. Mahathir alleged, among other things, that Salleh, the then Lord President of the Supreme Court, was biased and therefore not qualified to sit on UMNO cases.

    We produce here exclusive private notes made by the meticulous Tun Salleh:

    When I arrived at the Prime Minister’s Department I was met by a policeman who took me by lift to a waiting room. After waiting for about two or three minutes, I was shown into the Prime Minister’s Office by an officer, whom I did not recognise. There I found YAB Perdana Menteri (then prime minister Mahathir Mohamad) seated at his table with YAB Encik Ghafar Baba, Timbalan Perdana Menteri (then deputy prime minister) and Tan Sri Sallehuddin Mohamed, Ketua Setiausaha Negara (the then chief secretary to the government) seated at the same table opposite the Prime Minister. When I entered the room I gave the Prime Minister and the others my salam very loudly and he replied my salam. (Peace be on You).

    After I had taken my seat, the Prime Minister told me that he had an unpleasant duty to perform and on being asked what it was, he replied that he had been asked by (the then) DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong to tell me that I should step down. I then expressed my surprise in an Islamic way saying “Glory to God, who is free from any partnership.” Then I asked him for the reasons and in reply he said that he was not prepared to argue with me, but finally he said the reason was that I had written a letter to DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang Di Pertuan Agong regarding the state of relationship between the Judiciary and the Executive. I told him that I wrote the letter simply because Judges, at a meeting on 25 March 1988, had informed me that they were very concerned about the present situation and asked to express their views through me. YAB Perdana Menteri then said that I made speeches indicating that I am biased and I am not qualified to sit in UMNO cases. I told him that I said nothing of that and the speeches I had made only dealt with the criticisms levelled at the Judiciary. I am not at all biased or bipartisan in political matters. While all this was going on, YAB Encik Ghafar Baba kept his head down while Tan Sri Sallehuddin was writing in a note book, which he was then holding.

    When finally I said I would not resign, he told me that if I stepped down I would be given everything that I was entitled to. I told him that I was entitled to nothing since I was not yet 60. Obviously, he was surprised when told I was not 60 yet. Finally, he said that if I did not step down he would institute a Judicial Tribunal with a view to removing me. I told him I would not resign because if I did, I could not show my face to anyone and I might as well die.

    He said that I could see the Agong if I wanted to and he would not stop me from doing so.

    I told him that I would not be resigning and he could do what he pleased with me, including going ahead with the Tribunal. As there was nothing else to discuss, I finally said “Datuk, I should not waste anybody’s time”, and I shook his hand, also Encil Ghafar Baba’s and Tan Sri Sallehuddin’s. None of these three looked me right in my face and I could detect Encik Ghafar Baba was strangely silent and Tan Sri Sallehuddin only caught me by the side of his eyes but he too appeared to be subdued.

    The Prime Minister himself, from the beginning to the end, did not even look me in the eye. He was looking down at his table all the time.

    I left his room and I only saw one policeman outside his room who appeared surprised to see me there. When I went downstairs there was nobody even to see me off and no one called for my driver. I had to go out to look for my driver.

    My future is tied up with the fate of this country. I come from an unknown family and I have reached the top of my profession. I have no desire to leave until I have reached the age of 65 like my predecessors, except the Sultan of Perak, who vacated the job because of a call of duty to be the Ruler of Perak. I leave my fate to the judgment of Allah and as it is Friday, I wish to quote the Quran, which says, “No misfortune will fall on us except what has been decreed by Allah. He is our protector and in whom the believers should place their trust.” This passage from the Quran struck my heart as I entered the door of the Prime Minister’s Office and it remained with me during the course of our discussion till the end, and to my exit from his room.

  13. jungle man says:

    Bodowi is no bodoh. Keep the judiciary at his purview and Anwar will have to cover his bac***de.

  14. Tom says:

    Took a long time in coming but not enough for reconcilaition. It is just a beginning. Get the right person to be involved. Islam teaches forgiveness but it also invites us to ask for forgiveness. So to you the former P.M.

  15. nodawnoldmike says:

    Sigh! AI is no Mahathir. AI should have taken over the government and appoint his man to take over the judiciary.

    Then Bodowi and Mahathir will be a forgone conclusion!

    Sampai tua/ mampos and the dawn/ refomasi will never arrive.

  16. max says:

    Well, everything is about politics when it involves the gov’t, try to read between the lines:

    No sorry, but we will pay “good will money” means:
    – sorry by the gov’t will result in gov’t being sued later
    – the present gov’t under Pak Lah did not create this mess, Dr
    M did

  17. hutchrun says:

    “It is not wise or useful to revisit this past decision as it would serve to prolong the sense of crisis – something our nation can do without”.

    Now that`s what I call cock and bull Badawi.

  18. kittykat46 says:

    Last night’s speech by Badawi was an exercise in how to say sorry, without actually saying “Sorry”.

    We didn’t get what we had hoped for, but I’m reasonably hopeful we’ve started on the right track.

    I’m no fan of Badawi, but he deserves credit for saying some of the things which needed to be said – 20 years too late.
    Two of the judges are no longer alive, one is seriously ill.

    It will be meaningful if this is just a beginning – many more things need to made right to return the Judiciary to its rightful place in Malaysia’s institutions. Is Badawi capable of doing it ? – I don’t know, I have a lot of doubts.

    Mahafiraun and his minions – I have absolutely no doubts that they will not do anything about it, probably accelerate the decay of the judiciary.

  19. Tarap says:


  20. Crystal Clear says:

    Justice = RM?
    Honor = RM?
    Integrity = RM?
    Honesty = RM?
    Pain and Suffering = RM (Can be negotiated)

    Is it called compensation for the damages done or Plea Bargain or Out of Court settlement. Is it meant to alleviate all the above besides pain and suffering. Take it for the pain and suffering but do not equate it with principles. It is so hard to learn to say sorry and once given is meant a trillion bucks to the heart.

  21. caravanserai says:

    Some sparks
    The sleeping beauty finally said
    Judiciary Reforms
    Give the judges the trust and accountability
    Let the judges decide
    They are the letters of the law

    Admitting mistakes of past
    It doesn’t bring down the house
    It makes good sense
    At last the ghost of 1988
    Finally finds way to rest

    At least now
    I should say the sleeping beauty wakes
    He finally did something good
    I hope he doesn’t stop it there

    Corruption and accountability
    All his people must declare
    Catch those leaders quickly
    Let the judges decide

    And also stop wasting public funds
    Like some of his ministers do
    Every year publish a statement of expenses
    Let the public know

    It is a good start
    March 8 GE 12 sinks into his head
    There are many he has to do
    2004 till today………….

  22. hutchrun says:

    `…..but he deserves credit for saying some of the things which needed to be said…`

    Yup. The Rat is with his back to the wall. Now he fights to survive.

  23. alrawa says:

    PM Abdullah, your gesture showed that you DO have big ears.

  24. birdbrain says:

    Mahathir cheeks are so hot now!………….a big slap on his face!

    I told you so…………Badawi and Anwar are bed fellows!

    Read Zorro’s blog!

  25. fariq says:

    thrust me UMNO will never change.no such thing in judiciary reform in UMNO Rulling,it is only a gimmick.Thrust me .they are going to cheat u all again.WE need to change govermont soonest possible.Anwar ibrahim u better act fast ,just like the elvis song”its now or Never” >i was there when u sing that song at the ceramah in sungai ara.penang…. from Selangor Malay

  26. Elloh says:

    Want to bet this Justice Commission will take 2 years to come into existence? – and a watered down version at that? – like the IPCMC?

  27. amoker says:

    To me, AAB at least did something. But i am more interested in the extend of the said reform.

    Mahathir needs to apologise as he is the one who destroyed the judiciary. I respect him on other matters but this is something that a true man would acknowledge as a malicious mistake.

    On a hindsight, apologies won’t be forthcoming. If it does, it will open a flood of litigations on cases presided by tainted judges. Obvious cases like a certain ex-CJ’s hand in MB Wee’s case and Lina Joy case. The old warlords in UMNO will be crying faul.

    I wonder why the RTM inverview yesterday showed that those affected by the 1988 ( self and family) are happy without the apology.

  28. What ever it is , Pak Lah did something that Dr.MM doesn’t have the guts to do . In fact , the former PM insists that he has not commit any wrongdoing in destroying the judiciary and punishing Tun Salleh Abbas and his learned brother Judges .

  29. hutchrun says:

    When Badawi apologises (which he has not) it would mean the BN led Govt would be apologising-not him personally.
    Obviously Badawi does not know how to differentiate. So now everyone has to accept that the country belongs to Badawi. That`s accepting feudalism in its worst forms.

  30. javabean says:

    Sounds more like a nicely organised dinner with the right ppl who will say the right things to further soothe AAB’s already badly bruised ego…

    I agree with Charles Hector… if that’s all the old bugger was going to say… would’ve saved the ppl a lot of money if he had just gone on RTM and made that lame speech…

    Poor MSM… even your leader doesn’t think you’re relevant anymore…

    What a fine lesson to teach the youth… You can hurt anybody you want… ultimately money makes it all go away….

  31. Allen Tan says:

    When Zaid put forward the proposal for govt apology in the first cabinet meeting, he was fired. Rais Yatim was a lawyer who knew laws. He objected apology. Because the govt could not afford a law suit by the judges who were suspended in 1998.

  32. Kapas says:

    `Because the govt could not afford a law suit by the judges who were suspended in 1998`

    But now as Badawi has not had the courage to apologise they should.

  33. Anne says:

    Good Job Sleeping Beauty!

  34. http://mahathirtruenationalist.blogspot.com/

    Thursday, April 17, 2008
    Singapore Knows What’s Best for Malaysia

    Are we so ready to concede more land? Pulau Batu Putih has always been part of Malaysia. Even if you are pro-Spore you have to admit this fact. Unless you subscribe to the version of history that teaches that Chinese seafarers and traders were first in Spore even before the Malays.. So, if we loose, Spore extends her maritime boundary and control of the Johor Straits. Are they going to charge a toll? Send their new attack warships to patrol it? Incorporate this into their ‘Forward Defence’ strategy?

    How come Singapore Straits Times always has the scoop first about what PM is planning?


    Friday April 18, 2008
    Malaysia, Singapore to accept ICJ’s ruling on island

    SINGAPORE: Malaysia and Singapore will accept whatever decision of the International Court of Justice in the Hague on Pulau Batu Putih in the Johor Straits.
    “Whatever is the decision, we will accept it,” Singapore Foreign Minister George Yeo and his Malaysian counterpart Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said yesterday.
    Warm welcome: Hsien Loong (right) welcoming Dr Rais at the Istana in Singapore on Thursday. — Bernama
    “We both agreed that if Malaysia were to win, Singapore would congratulate Malaysia, and if Singapore were to win, Malaysia would congratulate Singapore,” Yeo told a media conference after Rais called on him at his office.
    Rais, who is on an introductory visit to Singapore since his appointment as the new Foreign Minister, earlier met Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the Istana.
    Yeo said the judgment on Pedra Banca (as Singaporeans call Pulau Batu Putih) would likely be made by the ICJ in the middle or end of next month and the outcome would not affect bilateral relations of the two countries.
    “Nothing should change,” Yeo said, adding that this was the common position that both countries agreed to take and declare it to all Malaysians and Singaporeans.
    He said the lighthouse to whoever it belonged to would continue to provide valuable facilities to all navigators.
    Both countries have put their claims on the rocky outcrop which had been developed into a lighthouse for sea route navigation into the straits during the colonial era.
    On his visit to Singapore, Rais said the visit was very important between the two friendly countries which needed to further step up their close ties.
    Rais, who was accompanied by Malaysian High Commissioner to Singapore Datuk N. Parameswaran on his one-day visit, later met Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew at the Istana and Deputy Prime Minister Prof S. Jayakumar at his office. – Bernama

    Posted by Mahathirism at 9:27 PM

  35. sofiairdina says:

    Before I make up my mind about accepting the money, what’s the amount ah? If your offer is for two to three ringgit, I would surely maintain my principal and honour and sue you. In the interest of maintaining my principal and honour, of course.

    (Badawi is not doing so bad playing Robert Redford in “indecent proposal.”)

  36. When you want to apologise but don’t want to say it
    Then it seems the only thing to do is to pay for it
    Even though every sporting person knows “Just do it”
    We’re still not too sure if those wronged will go for it

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 180408
    Fri. 18th April 2008.

  37. hutchrun says:

    Platitude Minister (PM) lives up to the expected.

  38. raj raman says:

    Ahhh,no appology,no royal inquiry,no punishment for the person who arrange justice to BE AUCTION/bought.

    Now this liar badawi bribe openly to the judgjes.


  39. Yi Gan says:

    Don’t expect much.

    MM is too arrogant, too proud, and too wicked (with no repentence) to apolozise.
    ABB is too weak, too naive and lack the skill and ability to right the wrong.

    We do feel sorry for the men who have been dismissed.
    And more sorry for the country whose Judiciary system been raped.
    Judiciary system been reduced to brokeraging capacity.
    MM’s later appointment of judges, can be liken to a pimp selecting his whores. ( Lingam also involved.)
    No compensation (in whatever form) is good enough.

    Look at the way he play-play in the Royal instigation on Ligam’s case, you shuold realised what sort of character MM is having.
    Don’t waste time on this wicked man.
    Move on to the reform.

  40. hutchrun says:

    raj raman, that also explsins why no investigations need be carried out on the ECM LIBRA scandal et al.

  41. wits0 says:

    Hutchrun, that means that the PM’s statement is double speak and cannot mean anything worth hoping over.

  42. Kapas says:

    Ini Badawi betoi tak guna. My kawan Mr. Guna say PM very suay for malaysia. Some more problem coming.

  43. Kapas says:

    I hope the PR leaders can see through their charade, and, hopefully has some plan in place to neutralise BN’s intentions.

  44. Alex says:

    I heard him saying I will be very vigorous , vigorous and vigorous in everything he undertakes after the March 8 lesson. Mana ada vigorous ???!!!!??????

    To counter Anwar and Mathathir actions and win bank Rakyat, he surely need few couches of Guiness Stout man.

  45. Fire_walk_with_me says:

    “I have waited for this 20 years”. That was what the good man said. Simple as it was, it sums up all the pain and humiliation Tun Salleh Abas and the other honest judges had to endure in the 20 years.
    The Prime Minister’s claim of not presuming to equate their contribution, pain and loss with mere currency has a ring of hypocrisy that negates whatever “heartfelt and sincere gesture to mend what had been”.
    In the end of the day, it is the courage to extend a formal apology to these six honorable judges that will help to heal the pain and scar inflicted on the judiciary institution, thus closing a shameful chapter all self-respecting Malaysians have to bear in these past 20 years.

  46. By the way , where were the UMNO ministers who were also lawyers i.e. Azalina , Hamid AlBar ( disBarred ?? ) , Hisham the Keris Kisser , Khalid Nordin , Radzi Sheikh Ahmad ( retiree ) etc. ? Dei Tambis and tenggachi , even Samy deValued pun ade datang lah !

  47. Kapas says:

    From where I sat for dinner at the JW Mariott last night, with Pas’ deputy president Nasharudin and former BN storngman Samy Vellu, I could just see Salleh’s shoes, newly repaired earlier in the day.

    Such a simple man, such a giant.

    I’d nominate him for chairman of the Judicial Appointment Commission. I am sure he would want the Commission to have the final say on the appointment of judges instead of just a body to recommend the appointment to the PM, whom Pak Lah says will have the final authority on who will be appointed as Judges.

    See, no change. The useless bugger still wants to control. I say take away the AG and ACA also from him. It is dangerous for him to hold that much power. They must be answerable to Parliament. Not a new Sultan.

  48. Hkengmacao says:

    Hey guys,

    Malaysia’s first ethnic Chinese PM. Read here http://nooryahaya.blogspot.com/2008/04/dr-wan-azizah-malaysias-first-ethnic.html

  49. ConFuSeus says:

    “A fox should not be of the jury at a goose’s trial. ” – Thomas Fuller 1608-1661, British Clergyman, Author

    Easily insert quotes and jokes into your writing at http://www.xlpert.com/quotes.htm

  50. Ramachandran says:

    Najib: Payment is no apology

  51. novice101 says:

    We are talking about Fairness, aren’t we!

    Knowing the constraints the PM is facing and the difficult situation he is in, he deserves to be commended for what he has done. The wronged judges there last night expressed satisfaction with what was proposed by the PM. This matter should be left with the PM to take it forward for its implementation.

    There may be some who are are still dissatisfied, they think the PM has not gone far enough. Let us give credit where credit is due. In the past 20 years of Mahathir’s rule, no one had managed to nudge Mahathir an inch! Now, AAB has, on his own volition (albeit with some pressure from the GE12 result), has instituted some changes. This is more than what Mahathir had ever conceded. One may be still unforgiving and is adamant to want to extract more, but it would be good to remind oneself that one was also around in the 20 years Mahathir was the prime minister, what had one extracted from the man himself. Nothing, nought!

    If one still feels more can be done and wants the PM and his government to go along that line, then it is for one to monitor, prompt, direct, advise and guide them.

    Let us give credit where credit is due!

  52. kittykat46 says:

    I’m still waiting for the IPCMC.

    The Judicial Commission sounds a lot like the same path as the Emasculated IPCMC.
    Pak Lah deserves to be given a little time to get his reforms going – just a little time, no more.

  53. Ramachandran says:

    `Let us give credit where credit is due!`

    The credit then should go to the Bar Council, Aliran etc who for years have been clamoring for the same.
    Not a johnny-come-lately who has problems even tying his shoe laces these days.

  54. imwatchingu says:

    If I were the affected judges, I’d feel more like being insulted. It’s not even an apology and if the PM thinks that there is no need to apalogise, meaning that no wrong was comitted, then why the monetary compensation? Looks like it’s only a half-hearted effort more to shore up Abdullah popularity than for the interest of the judges.

    As for the formation of the commission, what’s the point if they are still to report to the PM? We all know what happen when the reporting is direct to the PM. Look at the ACA. WTF.

  55. kittykat46 says:

    Hey kiddy, kiddy, have half a cake..

  56. whispering9 says:

    Hoi kk46….never listen to sweet Jojo Struys on MixFm meh. Never give your dog (or cat) chocolate (cake included). Poison to them lah. OK to give to the above dinner guests only. 🙂

  57. Joshua says:

    those who have done wrong, feel remorse and humble will say sorry…

    saying sorry is only the first step to reconciliation and reform…

    sadly, sorry seems to be the hardest word…


  58. ghenjis khan says:

    Susan Loone,

    People are easily duped into thinking that this man Pak Lah is serious about what he says.

    Bring in the psychologists, and they will confirm the type of personality this man Pak Lah to shown to be .

    Just study right from the moment he became a Civil Servant and Secretary to the Mageran under Tun Abdul Razak to several Ministerials posts and eventually, to Prime Minister.

    You will not see any discernible mark of a natural leader or even an artificial one.

    His Religious training at UM in Islamic studies nor his ancestral lineage, has helped to cope with modern governance. All he can do like any other Ustadz of his calibre , is to promise .

    There is very little learning fromt he many years of government experiences, rather more politics and a very poor politics, at that.

    Remember the Team A, Team B and all the goings-on then.

    Malaysian do be careful with this man Pak Lah, very unreliable … you would not want him together in the Trench, as they say.

    Jam yesterday, jam tomorrow but no jam today.

    Alice in Wonderland.

  59. Silver Surfer says:

    There’s just too many negative types here! Be a bigger person ok? Kindly give credit where credit is due.

    AAB & Co. has done what is essentially redressing a wrong in terms of organising the dinner and expressing directly to the persons or their families concerned their regrets, as well as announcing the setting up of a Judicial Commission. What more do you want in concrete terms? Honesty! Some of the words said reflects a third world mentality. Like mindless baying-for-blood mob morons!

    AAB & Co. are not obliged to apologise since the felon Mr Mahathir and his goons – the shameless and traitorous legal officers of the tribunal – are still around. It is Mr Mahathir and his side-kicks who ought to apologise.

    No matter what, as someone said, by his action, AAB has achieved a double – (i) a slap for recalcitrant Mr Mahathir & his goons, (ii) did what he promised to in 2004 elections, and (iii) tightened the screw to hold the foundation stone in place for a rule of law ensuring equality, justice, and fairness for all .. nothwitstanding all that rhetorical racial polemics from thet prince up north.

    Moreover, in the last analysis, it is for the aggrieved heroes to say if they accept the sincere acts by AAB & Co. to recognize the wrong done to them and the compensation. It would appear they are big-hearted enough to accept and have decided to move on from there. I think we ought to do likewise. It is their call. Not yours, not mine.

    And if you have any sense of fairness and justice, give a big applaud to AAB & Co. for this landmark reversal of Mr Mahathir’s transgression.

  60. wits0 says:

    Badawi was/is not an honest man. What did he do as boss of the PSD then in the sixties ? Was he “Mr. Clean” then? How did he become “Clean” decades later? A Title, most fatuous.

  61. deekay says:

    Somehow I see this apology “wayang” as a ploy to make the Grand Old Man look bad and make him shut his big mouth up since he has been on Tidurlah’s back since the result of the election.

    There isn’t any sincerity from all this wayang. It’s just an act to save Tidurlah’s position in UMNO and Malaysia. Seems like Tidurlah’s machinery has awaken from pengsan mode (as a result from GE12) to retaliate to the call for his resignation. This dinner plus the NST/Berita Harian’s editorial on last Wednesday’s issue.

    This wayang should be called “Alien vs Predator III – Hell in Bolehland”.

    Seems like there will be lots of worms to be spilled in the coming months from both side. Cacing, cacing ada jual disini!

  62. Muda says:

    Is Najib going against Pak Lah in the open ? Say it man ! Don’t hide behind your wife’s big hairdo !

  63. raj raman says:

    Well,i read some and go throu some coments.

    I do aggree the victims to be paid but its must be from umno.
    Not from tax payer money.Anyway umno control most of the GLC and their cronies.

    Under mahathir UMno sold the judjement to highest binder and also to save himself.All the umno mp supported mahathir then.


  64. Grand Duke says:

    The Bar Council should not have been party to the PM’s half-hearted attempt at reconciliation. By lending its name to the event, without first ensuring the PM’s announcement would be substantial instead of a lame excuse at winning favours with the legal fraternity and in consoling the victimised former judges 20 years too late, the Bar’s reputation has been besmirched.
    And to accord the PM a standing ovation was the ultimate betrayal. How can those who marched for justice in the rain and didn’t even get a proper hearing from the PM, stoop to being mere cheerleaders is beyond me.
    Can’t they see that it’s a vain attempt to deflect from the onslaught the PM is facing from his own party. He has lost the confidence of his own members and to deflect from that, he’s looking for sympathy from the general public … much like what he did in 2004. And the Bar fell for it hook, line and sinker.
    Clap only upon delivery and not upon a promise. Don’t they know promises of 2004 have still not been fulfilled? I thought the Bar was made up of learned and wise men and women. Obviously not!

  65. rod steward says:

    Rod Steward sings”Sorry seems to be the hardest word”.Since so hard to say sorry, no need to say sorry or compensate in RM as gesture to say sorry.Since the dinner is for justice reform, just implement it now by doing justice to all those judges. The judges wounded hearts can only be healed only when justice is served. The one that did wrong in the eyes of law to the judges must be prosecuted. No money compensation can bring justice to justice. TDM must be prosecuted for being an outlaw and disobey the law and abused his power to change the law and sack those innocent judges who uphold the essence of judiciary. In short, SORRY AND MONEY are not good enough and will not close the case. Only justice will close the ’88 crisis case! This is a judiciary case not a matrimonial case, for God sake. The people will only trust the PM/BN and the country’s judiciary if justice is served not sorry or money. These are justice judges who talked justice, fairnest and just, NOT money/compensation/ex-gratia or Sorry. The justice is not only for them, but its for the whole nation who is waiting for justice to be served on the wrongdoings commited by the wrongdoers. regardless of status and creed or priviledged or prerogative groups or immunity.If a PM has commited a crime, justice must be served.This is a serious “crime”. If this justice is not served, how can the nation MOVE ON,AAB?Is forget and forgive equates to JUSTICE? Then a murderer can also be forgived, then where is justice, what is the use of the law or judiciary.Very confusing country.

  66. Shanker says:

    “The call for judicial reforms were merely rethoric. No apology means such ‘high-handedness’ can be repeated.”


    Pardon my lack of faith, but this dinner is indeed a wayang kulit at its highest. And if AAB continues to think that he can win popular support, then we truly need a new PM!!

  67. Crystal Clear says:

    How come in Australia the PM can say sorry for the things done to the aborigines even after so long ah? hey don’t fear lawsuit either.
    Why don’t get the PM of that time to say sorry?
    Tell me, why the difference here in Malaysia?
    Why give so many excuses. Just a simple sorry is worth more than any compensation. What is so hard about that?

  68. Crystal Clear says:

    If the Govt. of the day can’t even say sorry to ex-Judges when the facts of the case is so clear, what chance have you and I who are simple laymen to have justice seen and done in the future when a wrong is done?
    All this speech and blah blah is so full of politics still.

  69. Antares says:

    My tolerance of the BN has reached ZERO. Every single thing they do and say reflects nothing but arrogance, rigidity, and their long outdated feudal and parochial mindset. The most irritating and loathesome figure to have emerged from the unsavory ranks of the remains of BN in recent days has to be Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar who seems hellbent on provoking the public to go out in the streets again – so the BN can declare an emergency, arrest all the Pakatan Rakyat leaders, and continue robbing the country another indefinitely. This is why the have refused to release the Hindraf 5 or even treat the diabetic Uthayakumar with a basic measure of decency- and to make matters worse, they’ve even banned Makkal Osai, the popular Tamil daily. Only one thing can save Malaysia now from sliding back into the pre-March 8th slime… and that’s for Pakatan Rakyat to take over the federal government in the next few weeks – before the BN Gestapo can set the bloodstained Najib up as PM and allow him to pull off another May 13 style sandiwara – just like his Daddy did.

  70. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    AAB’s “ex-gratia payment” to the affected judges as a whole merited only as a token of half-hearted, half-truths in redeeming the honour of the ones who suffered 20 years of judicial corrosion as a result of the 1988 Malaysian Judicial crisis.

    If I am AAB in a “dying” political career, I will endorsed, enact :-

    (1) a full Government apology to all the parties affected and Judges victimized.

    (2) Setting up on a Judicial Commission to review and investigate all cases of the aggrieved suffered by any means of Judicial improprieties between the 1998 till date.

    (3) enactment of a Judicial Reviewing Commission for appraisals of the
    the conducts of Judges to ensure only the pre-eminent ones deserves such promotions

    (4) investigate Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and anyone who was deemed to be involved in the erosion of the confidence in the Judiciary since his eminence grise in the sackings of the eminent Judges.

    but I am not worthy to be AAB who was dubbed “Mr. Clean”. I guess I am a bit “dirtier” than that. 😛

  71. The Current PM is the Right person for the hour.
    He freed DSAI.
    He let things happen.
    His not a Dictator.
    In order to clean the Country from the floor to the Ceiling.
    You have to soke it with Cloroox First,
    Than the dirts will come off ,piece by piece.
    Than we remove this Cloroox 4 years from now.
    Than we wash of the Cloroox and apply PR Special Fomula Detergent.
    Than Finally, we wash it clean with clear water.

  72. ghenjis khan says:

    susan loone,

    the only person who has DIGNITY at the dinner last night was this Wife of Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman who held high an dstood by her Late husband and she really said her piece only shortened by the TV and newpapers.

    Her husband is innocence of those charges against him. I don’t she was looking forward to any money.

    Madame go tell Pak Lah and particularly, Najib to keep their money.

    Madame said she wants a Judicial Review of her husband’s case nothing less …

    Let’s have some DIGNITY ……. this woman has all the dignity than the other Judges …..

    Imagine a White Master saying to his Black slaves …’here take this money and expect no apology from us”.

    If they Judges have waited some 20 years might as well wait till the end of our lives and save our DIGNITY from this Bribery …

    it is scandalous and heinous ….. when Najib has to add Salt to the wound !

    Pak Lah keep your money !

  73. unilight says:

    I think the independence of the judiciary should be allowed and only be answerable to Parliament and no other entity. The same should be for the ACA. Elected government of any day or age cannot be allowed to govern the judiciary as it has been proven: anything can happen when 2/3 majority in parliament becomes the norm or when a PM like Dr. Mahathir comes to rule. Lets fight on and make it happen.

  74. Eric says:

    i’m surprised why nobody dare to investigate Mahathir. He is so defiant to the point of challenging them. Is he untouchable? It is impressive how he managed to be above the law and make every authority to be afraid of him until today. Destroying the judiciary is worst than twisting the truth, it sets in motion of many injustice.

  75. flyer168 says:

    Dear Susan,

    I agree with ghenjis khan.
    …the only person who has DIGNITY at the dinner last night was this Wife of Tan Sri Wan Sulaiman who held high an dstood by her Late husband and she really said her piece only shortened by the TV and newpapers.

    Her husband is innocence of those charges against him. I don’t she was looking forward to any money.

    Madame go tell Pak Lah and particularly, Najib to keep their money.

    Madame said she wants a Judicial Review of her husband’s case nothing less …

    Let’s have some DIGNITY ……. this woman has all the dignity than the other Judges” …..unquote.

    As we are trying to bring about/uphold the Judiciary, its Independence & Dignity to uphold fair trial/justice.

    Can we equate Independence & Dignity with the equivalent of an “out of court” settlement “without prejudice” followed by a Judicial Review to clear their name…..or presumably with conditions by you know who…..

  76. muziqcantiq says:

    GOD is Good, all the time 🙂

  77. I was surprised that the judges in the centre of the storm have so quickly and seemingly happy to have taken this so well. After one speech? After 20 years? Ex-gratia payments? That’s it? Tun Sallleh considers it a ‘moral victory’. But once the dust has settled, he and the others will realise that they have been shortchanged.

  78. Tarap says:



  79. Tarap says:



  80. JOACHIM says:

    Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

    We are a creature of God and imperfection in us is bountiful. To err is human. If we have genuine made a mistake, just spill it out and say sorry whole heartedly and move on. But our leaders choose to play as God with no imperfections and impurities in them.

    Money may ease the pain but in this context it is not a final verdict to justice.

    So, let start singing “Sorry seems to be the hardessssssst word”.

  81. sorry lah says:

    Malaysian politicians,
    Keep the Sorry, Sorry, Sorry as Sorry no cure lah. We are talking to have justice here. Now that the Government has acknowledged that the 5 judges were wrongfully sacked and illegal by Tun Mahathir, now these judges can go ahead to practice their legal rights by suing Mahathir for the sake of bringing back judiciary to its right track and set a precedent for the country. The country cannot and should not move on with just compensation as it will set precedent for future cases and other cases (how to settle those cases). The announcement by PM to compensate means all cases from now on can be settle by money (got money can “kow thim” – settle everything and shut everyone’s mouth). Not correct, not correct, not correct. First Mahathir practise money politics, now AAB practice money judiciary. How to move on. Bar Council, where are thou. So, to err is human to forgive is divine equals to Justice. Then all of us can also err and be forgiven. Why sent so many people to jail why sent even innocent demonstrators to jail? Just forgive them lah and MOVE ON. If the Govenment can release Mahathir off the hook, then the government must also release all those in jail off the hook, no double standard man. Mahathir is now a commoner no more immunity. What is the Government afraid of? The dinner is the beginning of an inquiry and investigation into the one that abuse the power and went above the law. All the 5 judges should not accept the compensation as it is going to be setting a precedent if you judges who care so much to uphold justice, after all money is not what you guys want. What you guys want is justice! After waiting for 20 years.. this is your only chance of your lifetime and to make your family members who sufferred so much to move on. The only way is to review the case and the truth must be revealed and justice must live!The nation wants to see justice in this case not money to buy everybody. Sorry also no cure lah.The Opposition should pursue the case and put pressure to PM to review the case and another Royal Inquiry, for the sake of the country and for the affected families to move on.

  82. Maruah Gone says:

    Until now the bn still think that money can solve everything. If they accept the money then it’s consider bribery again or even worst – “Maruah” gone and only worth so much as a senior judges in malaysia?

    This proof one thing in the bn that money can buy anybody in malaysia!!!

    Is Pakatan Rakyat up for sale?? What a country this is…….Shit!!!

  83. Sentinel says:

    Why so much verbiage? Just indict Mr Mahathir and his abettors! No one is above the Law.

  84. Watcher says:

    Agreed. That would be the best apology. That would be justice.

  85. butkuatteh says:

    Najib is but nepotism as defined in a web dictionary.


  86. malaysia says:

    MALAYSIA minus Mahathir + Umno/MCA/MIC + Cronies + Corruption + Nepotism + BN + Brokering judiciary + Ali Babas + crooks/gansters politicians + police cum politicians = Peaceful Malaysia, Progressive Malaysia & Muhibbah Malaysia = Truly Malaysians = Truly Asia. Since Umno is so problematic and always fighting for power and contracts, better for Umno to tutup kedai (close shop), then no more trouble, so the country can move on with business as usual.

  87. nmjg says:

    Finally, Pak Lah has done something at least at the moment to prove that he is beginning to listen to the RAKYAT. Pak lah did not apologize because, Mahathir should apologize and be held fully responsible for all his act in 1988 crisis. Pak lah can show the people that he will allow ACA to be fully independent, and he must make sure that the AG will not interfere with the ACA’s duties. An Independent Judiciary commission must be set up in order to prosecute those found guilty by ACA, and not the AG. Rais Yatim must work together with ACA to bring the 18 Corrupted Big Sharks to justice asap. Pak Lah must also implement the IPCMC soon in order to fulfill his promise. As for the retirement age of Public Servants, Pak Lah can implement a year-on year basis of continuing service based on the performance and health condition of the individual, from age 57-60. To be fair to those who have retired in the months of Jan-Apr 2008, let the new extension of retirement age be enforced from the 1 JAN 2009. Please also do away with the draconian laws like OSA, ISA and Press Act etc. You can always put up a new Anti-Terrorist Act to replace ISA. With these, Pak Lah, the RAKYAT will salute you for your bold and unprecedented moves in the history of Democracy of Malaysia. The History and the RAKYAT will remember you as the FATHER of FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. This is real and a dramatic twist on your role as PM. Hope you don’t waste this golden chance.

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