What have they been eating? King lobsters everyday?

Former sports minister Azalina Othman Said (and chairperson of Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM) has a lot of explaining to do. According to the SUN: Song and dance while others suffer.

The National Sports Council gave (the foundation) a grant of RM9.72 million and another RM1.5 million came from the Youth and Sports Ministry. There were two smaller amounts – RM200,000 from the Olivia Newton John concert and RM110,000 from Datuk Dina Rizal’s Sports Unite Sdn Bhd.

Azalina may be the chairperson but who else is behind this foundation? As you can see, its expenditure is outrageous. Disgusting and Shocking even. Says Citizen Nades:

Before even one sen is spent, the question that should be foremost on the minds of the people who are holding public money in trust should be: How will doing this help the sportswomen?  For purposes of easy reading and understanding of the issues involved, here’s where the bulk of the money went:

• Grants RM1.18 million • Meals and Accommodation RM2.1 million • Media and Advertising RM932,000 • Post and Production RM710,000 • Printing and Stationery RM710,000 • Rental of Equipment RM865,400 • Volunteers’ Allowances RM242,000 • Wages RM117,700 • Entertainment RM1.4 million • Travelling and Transportation RM858,000.

Wow! Sounds like a high class corporate NGO but it is not. According to Nades, this foundation received more than RM11 million in taxpayers’ funds. Every right-thinking Malaysian must ensure that it is spent prudently and for the benefit of the rakyat and not on self-seeking or syiok sendiri projects.

Dr Shamala Subramaniam, the Executive Director of the Foundation commented on the report:

We could drink boiled water as opposed to mineral water, we could stay in our friends house and travel to the Games by car pooling, we could get the local council to provide free access to competition venues, we could get free buses from agencies and just pay for the petrol. We, Malaysians need to do this, we need to collectively change the way we engage ourselves in sports. However, this paradigm may take time to form as when we were organizing the Games, there were many people and organizations that just refused to participate if these were not given – because there was no budget for specific women participation. We cannot allow girls and women who want to strive in sports to be hindered by management issues, and that is why we are confident that Malaysians will reach a level of equilibrium to self-dependence but just as how the saying goes “”A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” by Confucius, this is our first step.

I guess the other step would be to open the foundation’s book to public scrutiny. As Nades says:

After all, our money was used. And to the National Sports Council: How did you approve such a sum of money for all these luxuries? Don’t forget, the allocation for sports is not for entertainment, shirts or meals. And the director-general and the board members owe a responsibility to the taxpayers by telling us the truth, but nothing but the truth.

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  1. SOS says:

    As a Malaysian, I am so used to scandals like this, so much so that I don’t even mind if they really waste the money away!

    What I mind is that they pocket the money and claim ignorant!!

  2. Surind says:

    Dear Freedom Fighters, both Online & Offline…

    I have been supporting the boycott the newspapers initiative for sometime & I have done my push & pull marketing rather we’ll around my circle of family, friends & contacts. A few have stopped buying, some don’t already. A lot whom still want to purchase the papers, I passed on the info – which was the worst in all mediums & urged them to switch to the least worst. For English papers, the worst was the The Star (Spinning & BN coverage). Data can be found on the People’s Parliament.

    Now, the story. I have noticed that some, are still purchasing the newspapers, expecially “The Star” every now & then, especially on Saturday’s for… “The Recruitment Section!”

    So, I urge all those whom support this cause to pass the word. Only get your recruitment information online. Do not purchase the msm & even browse through it.

    PR & others (mid-long term effort), get more beginner computer classes up. Teaching people to use the comp, get the news, browse & apply for jobs, using the email, etc. Keep the fees very low, give it free to the very poor, catch the young, educate! PR, set up a IT centre in the poor areas, with news printed out & pasted there regularly. Put up a few PCs with internet connections for the poor to share & use for free during office hours.

    Check out MT article “My Version of the Truth” by RPK, for some related info.

    Thanks, please pass the word!

  3. ANg Kong says:

    there is nothing novel abt this news….

    no one bears any responsibility….

    i hear u mention accountability? i say.. My foot !
    i hear you say transparent governence? i say you r ‘gila’
    i hear you say fairness to all? i say go jump into the river
    i hear you say ‘trust us’ ? i say watch your back as PR is coming to get you..

  4. A complete wastage of public funds! What more can I say other than it is a normal practice for the current powers that be.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if those big money goes to the poor and needy instead of sports?

  5. tzarina says:




    typical Malaysian response I guess…

    But as SOS said, we are so f***ing used to this sort of news, that it is no longer “news” to us. We KNOW these sort of daylight robbery is a NORM in our country. We KNOW who these culprits are. We KNOW WHAT should be done to them.

    And we KNOW NOTHING WILL BE DONE to them.

    p/s: Wonder if AP Queen had something to do with the uncovering of this story. If so, it would be great. Azalina will uncover AP Queen, and vice versa till the end of days. Sit tight people. More is coming.

  6. Silver Surfer says:

    Let’s hope a revamped and re-energised ACA & Audit Depts. investigates, and a reformed Attorny-General Office prosecutes, once the investigation/audit is completed.

    Does the PM dare to sack the Minister corncerned or are they part of the complicity?

    Is UMNO beyond resemption?

  7. kai says:

    Wow! I didn’t realized that they are such a big spender!

    To the Executive Director of the Foundation, here are my suggestions to your comment, and quotes: –

    “We could drink boiled water as opposed to mineral water”
    Tap water is best. Plenty of mineral! If you get those tap water in yellowish or light brown in colour, those are with extra mineral in it. They are the best!

    “We could stay in our friends house and travel to the Games by car pooling”
    Excellent idea. If there are available, why not?

    “We could get free buses from agencies and just pay for the petrol”
    Another excellent idea, after all those agencies are from the same pot, right? Less polution and environment friendly too. Public buses would be better.

    BTW who were they competing with? Kumpong folks, primary school students or what. How many tones of gold did they win?

    I guess this is just another world famous “Malaysia Boleh” theme!


  8. umno sinking says:

    So this bring back the more important question that we must change the government. We must stop this flow, this culture which BN had advocated 50 years and our nation had wasted billions & billions our hard earned money. BN had build up a system where everyone associated with them are “thiefs” of our nation, if we stop them from administration we will stop them from raping the people further. Please bring home this message.

  9. raj raman says:

    wHY are umno championing ketuanan melayu?

    To stay in power and pockets all the tax payer money.They give malaysian a bit left over after enjoying the rest. Hi yaaa for their pocket they champion the poor malay and non malay suffer in silence.If non malays make noise-take the kris.

  10. ghenjis khan says:

    How do you submit an entertainment claims for PERSONAL ?

    If this is true, we can only imagine that the Minister would simply present his/her Platinum or Diamond Card evrytime he/she entertains.

    It would be reasonable if this had been a Ministry’s claim to the Treasury!

    But this practice of entertainment claim may rampant not only at Ministerial level but also among the KSUs for which there is a CEILING.

    One way to avoid paying first on your Platinum Card is to say it is official entertainment therefore, the claims go to the Bahagian Akauns of the Ministry and paid for by Taxpayers money.

    In the end, the taxpayers are paying for their lavish lifestyle in PERSONAL Entertainment …. … how convenient.

  11. Bornfree says:

    No wonder our sports are getting from bad to worse. The money was never channelled to our sports association but spent on food & expenses for the high ranking officials. The Umnopurtera syndrome.

  12. tuahyong says:

    This bloody Azalina, before being transferred she managed to “squeeze” some taxpayers’ money. Luckily, the HPC project didn’t materialise, if more Rakyats’ hard earned and paid through LHDN would be sucked for personal “syiok syiok” spending spree!

  13. Hitam Had says:

    If the money was spent promoting sports for women then the WSFFM should report how many sports persons benefitted, and the cost per person.

    The accounts as presented appeared to show that the office bearers and staff had a gala time attending conferences around the world and participating in elitist sports at home, travelling on first class tickets and staying in 5 star hotels.

    The fact that Tigas is involved in the membership and may have benefitted from the money has not been disclosed.


  14. imwatchingu says:

    With this kind of money flowing endlessly, why bother to train our spotmen and spotwomen who doen’t acheive anything worth mentioning. We can import top class men and women who excel in their sports from countries like China and the former Eastern blocks for much less.

    Azalina is known a big spender who acheive little. Can anyone tell me what has she done for sports as a Sports Minister? Now that she’s in charge of the tourism industry where money is even more free-flow, a closer watch on her expenditure is necessary. Especially now that she withdrew the money allocated to the five states under the PR and keep it under her ministry. As always, the PM don’t give a shit what’s happening around him.

  15. clearwater says:

    Disgusting, sickening, shameless, immoral.. all of these and more but this is only the systemic norm in Malaysia Boleh. Azalina is only doing what her colleagues are doing at every level in the UMNO-Barisan government. Until the rot in Malaysia’s moral fabric is addressed from its beginnings, be prepared for a long descent into the abyss of socio-economic ruin. We need a new government to institute far reaching reforms, to cleanse the gangrene that has taken hold, to give back pride and dignity to our institutions and citizens, to heal ourselves as a nation. The present federal government has forfeited its moral right to govern. It is bereft of any far sighted ideas to right itself, much less to right the nation. Listen to its leaders … still whining about its election losses but not getting the message. How can we allow such poor quality people to continue to lead?

  16. wanitamelayu says:

    Come on, give azalina a break, she tried to promote sports among the women. saya merupakan salah seorang wanita yang menyertai sukan wanita. For me the program is really good. Saya tak pernah mewakili negeri pun sebelum ini. Dan selepas berkahwin saya mempunyai peluang. Ianya juga memberika saya self esteem. Whats wrong with you people. Always komen and no solutions.

  17. lucia says:

    shocking revelation indeed but now that we know of it, nothing to be shocked at, as like SOS pointed out, it’s nothing new in bolehlahd.

    azalina is not the only minister who abuse public funds in the course of their ‘ministry work’. i just hope that those who did, will get exposed! thank god for people like citizen nades!

  18. Lim says:

    Hey guys, heard about all of the Selangor Exco (the opposition party) finished spending their RM 500K (each and everyone) supposely $$$ to help the needy in the state without any records or explanation to the government and claim is their right to do so. This news is from Sin Chiew 17 April 08. If it is true, what type of thranperency they had promise 2 us be4 election.

  19. kay says:

    I used to work for a consultant company which consult a government agency. Sometimes my ex-boss will attend an oversea seminar and bring one of the officers as if they were the one who write the paper together with my ex-boss. Over there they will ask my ex-boss to pay all the expenditure including souveniers, meals, entertainment etc. And of course keep the receipts. When they came back to Malaysia, they simply claimed it back. So they went there for free. Came back and claim the tax payers money. Who can blame them? If their minister can do that why not?

  20. RS says:

    Let me tell you the real reason why we Non-Malay are not given rights to equality.That makes the ruling elite sheerk with fear.

    1) We always fight for Justice and Truth.
    2)We voice out .
    3)We point out mistakes/corruptions and wrong doings to justice.
    4) We are not brainwashed.

    To my Melayu Brothers ,please see the real reason for this by the rich/corrupt/ elite.

  21. Ahmad says:

    Come on, wanitamelayu, give her a break, how’s about let her give us a break? Entertainment cost, 1.4 million? You entertained together with her? What’s wrong with u, ask people just keep quite? We should voice up to stop the corruption, and not just stupid and act nothing!

    Always comment and no solutions? Why this happen? You should ask the related department, who should take action? Are they still sleeping?

    Come on, wanitamelayu, please don’t idiot thinking anymore. As Rakyat Malaysia, we hope our money is invest in the right places, and not go into 1 party account.

  22. Hai, wanita Melayu,
    And what is your achivement to the nations Sports!!!!. Were you elected to participate in the Beijing Olympics.??? Or got good food and entertainment from Az!!! Memanglah, makan free always lebih sedap……………

  23. Lim says:

    I think someone mut correct the system instead of catching those thief that steal tax payers $$$. No promise that the opposition will not be the same

  24. xtheman says:

    While you doing these kind of things !! God is watching you at the back !!

  25. liza says:

    wanita melayu kau ni bodoh….nak sukan konon,….duit oranglah…kau tak bayar cukai ke?sukan apa tak reti nak menang…tapi kena sponser pergi oversea,makan,joli tapi balik selalu kalah…ada catat nama kat olympic ke?kau orang nak menang tak payah self esteem, pergi latih kat padanglah…

  26. su says:

    Azalina does it again. She should really put her foot in her mouth. First she criticises everyone but herself, and now this.
    I wonder, now with her as the Tourism Minister, whether she would get a lot more money to squander? After all, there must be a helluva lot more funds being transfered to the Tourism Ministry, compared to Youth and Sports, no?

    **I’m linking this post back to my own blog.TQ.

  27. kittykat46 says:

    Every auditor knows “Entertainment Expenses” are among the most sensitive accounts in an organisation – easily open to abuse.

    I once spent RM 40 K of my employer’s money in one night to help win a big important contract.

    Alaskan King Crabs – RM 250 per kilo.
    Free flowing wine and spirits – RM 5 K.
    Karaoke session with “extra service” – RM 15 k

    Don’t ask about the rest…

    I still feel pretty yucky about it today……well we all have sins which we have to atone for…

  28. liza says:

    ini pergi sukan bukan nak menang tapi duit….bukan nak harumkan nama negara tapi untuk dapat saguhati $$$$$.if u excellent in sports people dunt mind spending……selain daripada bagi kat u orang baik buat hal lain…WHATS the outcome for that big amount of money?NEED PROOF wanita melayu…kalau macam ni semua orang boleh tunjuk i buat ni buat tu…ada orang akan support kata benefitlah,apalah…kalau macam tu aku pun boleh duduk kat sana…u need brain my dear…its not dat easy to be in dat position.wonder wat is their qualification…pandai tipu,curi…MALAYSIA BOLEH kat sini je boleh… try to go n compete with other countries…MALAYSIA TAK BOLEH.

  29. caravanserai says:

    The days are numbered
    In the fingers counting
    Don’t we see it coming?
    The new wave has arrived

    BN/UMNO cracks in shield
    The battle fought the great wall falls
    The crumbling slowly toppling down
    The porous bricks they claimed solid

    The Bird Eye view
    The sorry affairs
    BN/UMNO just let flow
    They pretend they don’t know

    Many things happen
    They say they can’t remember
    One better learn before accusing
    They don’t give explanation

    The Police and AG
    They too close their eyes
    About BN/UMNO leaders
    They are the kings
    Nothing is wrong
    They tell you so

    It is no use crying
    We have to change the government
    Then dig up the corruption and misuse of funds
    Make it clean and restore confidence
    To the people and country

  30. malaysia born says:

    This is the reason why BN MUST be wiped out into oblivion. With the world’s biggest cabinet, just imagine this figure multiply by the number of Ministers and Deputy Ministers and one can imagine the leakage involved! More power must be given to the ACA to put these crimnals in jail.

    To Wanita Melayu, I ‘admire’ your stupidity in supporting this corrupt person. This goes to show that with a free lunch, there will be no lack of idiots supporting these slimebags. Such cheapskates and you have the nerve to post yourself as Wanita Melayu…What a disgrace to the race. BODOH BETUL!

  31. paulnaidu says:

    this are only tip of the ice-burg. if there is a possibility to check the accounts of all the ministry, i think we can write a complete encyclopedia on tax payers money gone to the dogs.
    but as all things in our country, no evidence to bring anybody to justice…..
    our police,ACA, AG, are all but handicap when investigating corruption cases.

  32. […] also Susan Loone’s take on […]

  33. No FEAR says:

    Is she trying to play catch up with AP king on her wealth? For god’s sake, -“rasuah lebih kotor dari babi dan tuhan tidak cipta rasuah tapi ia cipta babi”…a gentle reminder to ALL corrupt politicians out there

  34. Discrimination69 says:


    One term Minister and so many scandals, Malaysia Boleh!!

    What has she done for sports with so much monies spent, maybe we dont even need a Minister this area. Just makan angin in LONDON?

    BN ministers are appointed based on how much scandals they did in past portfolio, more mean very good and upgrading to new ministry, Thats their yardstick for good performabce!!!!!!!!!!

    Check other ministries and i think more worms and leeches can be found.

    Disgusting leeches, yuks!!!!!!!!

  35. Shanker says:

    Well, what else is new in Boleh land? But as the nation is now in the process of cleaning up its soul – & therefore make the past devils accountable – this Karate Lady shd also be made answerable for all excesses under her purview; incl the RM300/- “screw” driver..

  36. sofiairdina says:

    Hai wanitamelayu,
    I salute you for being an athlete and a wife at the same time. You did women and the nation proud. BTW, sorry, what event was that? Boling padang again?

    And for RM1.4M, I would just buy each participant with a gold medal.

    A solution? Careful of what you wish for. If we get our wish, well, ever heard of “sula” or “rejam?” Yup, better not ask us for a solution. We are that angry!

  37. kai says:

    Hi Wanitamelayu

    Can’t help it with your last sentence and I quote “Always komen and no solutions” and unquote.

    I suppose you still didn’t get the message from all the current 34 postings. In case you still don’t get it, the solution is “STOP WASTING TAX PAYERS MONEY!!”

    Malaysia Boleh continues……..!


  38. UMNO member says:

    RM1.4 mil over 1 year means RM3,800 per day. Appears reasonable if one spends everynite for a year in Vegas (near Imbi) with a Duck. My honest view would be this is just a method to take out $$$. I know how to do that many years ago. Just I don’t have such luck (lucky me) and I will not do it even given a chance. Too chicken ‘cos will be burned in HELL.

  39. saja nak cakap says says:

    what the hell, it’s only RM1.4…..Malaysia boleh…dulu AMAHAN , BERSIH, CEKAP..jadi juga…sekarang CERMERLANG, GEMILANG.. dan TER… pun jadi juga….apa apa je lah……ingat hari pembalasan

  40. joo ngan says:

    why do you think these leaches are scrambling and fighting among themselves to be part of the government? A noble ambition to help and serve? Man the gravy train in this country is an endless source of largesse and is open to any devious and greedy fingers to dip in and get their fill.

    Why do you think they are so content with their relatively miserable civil servant salary? The real and far more lucrative money is floating around in this rotten system that we call the Malaysian Government. All sorts of grants, allowances, projects are used to rob us blind on the pretext of development.
    The past 50 years have witnessed billions wasted and we have nothing to show for it. All the resources at hand and we are left with nothing but a couple of buildings that are no longer even the tallest anymore. We are increasingly left behind in the economic race. Countries that used to look up to us are now forging ahead with blinding speed, increasingly grabbing every morsel of foreign investments there is and this circus that we call our government is still clowning around playing their wayang kulit, waving the keris, talking about ketuanan melayu, threatening bloodbaths, playing the race card with abandonment. It’s really like Nero fiddling away while Rome burned to the ground. In our case the cartoon characters are engaging in sandiwara while our country is becoming a basket case.
    Once and for all dear Malaysians, if you care about this nation and what it can truly be, come the next GE let’s kick all of these jackaasses out of office! Our descendents will thank us for it!

  41. Too sick says:

    It’s all BN ……let’s kill it once an for all…..let PR rule and save M’sia from
    all these snakes and crocodiles

  42. yh says:

    what crap is this? “we could do this..we could do that..”. moral of the story is that they even bother take the first step to do the things they should. they only took the steps to spend like there’s no tomorrow.
    huh, no brick-end-on-bury and this is a consolation prize? i shudder to think what she is gonna do in tourism ministry. RM14 million in entertainment and travel expenses and all these in the name of field trips to promote malaysia? even then who are the lucky ones in the entourage?

  43. Thursday, April 17, 2008
    The Arrogance of Karpal Singh.

    The pro Badawi spin doctors published this piece. It shows the new found influence and self-importance of DAP politician Karpal Singh thanks to Abdullah Badawi who has done so much for Pakatan Rakyat. Abdullah Badawi might as well be President of the opposition parties..


    Karpal threat to haul up judge to Parliament

    Karpal Singh, offended by judge’s commentsKUALA LUMPUR, April 17 — Karpal Singh is threatening to haul a High Court judge before Parliament – unless he retracts certain comments made about the Opposition politician’s law firm.
    At the core of the matter are some comments the judge allegedly made during a rape case hearing in March, several days before the election. Datuk Muhamed Apandi was reported in the press to have been irked by the late show by lawyers from Karpal & Co for an appeal for rape conviction. He also wanted to know why the firm had not provided written submissions by Jan 13 as agreed.
    He allegedly said that this was not the first time counsel from the law firm had “acted at the last minute”. “I am very disappointed with Karpal & Co. Please pass the message that no matter how senior you are, the court does not wait for the counsel.”
    These comments have fired up the MP for Bukit Gelugor. The Insider understands that he has demanded a retraction of the comments, pointing out that his firm had written to the court on Feb 19, seeking an adjournment on Feb 19.
    The letter was received by the court two days later, and an adjournment was granted with the condition that the written submission for the appeal be filed before the next trial date. Karpal is scheduled to have a press conference today.
    With 82 MPs in Parliament, the Opposition has the muscle now to haul the judge before Parliament for misconduct. It is unclear whether Karpal will go ahead and push for this outcome, knowing that it could be interpreted as the Opposition abusing its new found political power.

    Posted by Mahathirism at 12:13 AM

  44. Ahila says:

    No wonder these sort of leaders loyally cry UMNO ….umno…umno…BN…bn…bn ….all the while ; NOT becuase they love BN/UMNO but addicted and madly in love with our $$$$$$.
    Who gives Wanita melayu the right to butt in this blog……WE ARE TAX PAYERS and WE HAVE ALL THE RIGHT TO QUESTION ! Perhaps you do not know what it is about paying tax and our rights.Those were the days when one would say…biar pi dah ! Today, we say ,’People Power’ and we fight for our rights. Politicians like Azalina should be careful of spending rakyats money! unless of course its her bapaks duit ! Enough is enough…I am sick of all these……..as for wanitamelayu, I have ONE solution : Come GE 2012……rakyat will sweep out all these leeches in BN. Oh God ! Meanwhile, Az…in Tourism now. Sapu…sapu..sapu…sampai dapat Penyapu !

  45. Abd Aziz Bin Ismail says:

    Azalina Othman

    Do not forget: those who use their positions for their own and their kin’s benefits are cursed by the Almighty- remember it is not only a sin- but God Almighty curse these kind of people!

    Recently you blocked the taxpayers’ money from going to the 5 states under the Pakatan Rakyat rule. This is another form of “kezaliman”.

    You had better clarify where all the monies went to (1st paragraph above refers).

  46. impartial says:

    from the comments it can sensed they are coming from PKR/DAP/PAS as usual .. politic of hatred..be sensible and the original author of the issue come with documentary proof once and for all knock azalina down.. but as usual all based on hearsay then invite comments then the rubbish starts to flow in.

    remember one of our friend got sued and got to fork out RM4M otherwise to declare bankcrupt.

  47. Ahila says:

    Way to go bro Abd Aziz. ..As you believe in the curse by the Almighty for the sinners.; I have faith in Karma…one reaps what one sows ! Every action has equal and oppostion reaction. Life is a cycle and when the right time comes around….the sinners will get what they should !
    Unless of course….they admit and seek apology from God and the rakyat.Plus do the necessary correction. Otherwise….tunggu until the ‘kezaliman’ reverse back ! But it will be too late then !
    Sampai hati orang BN guna duit rakyat…………
    Ingat Tuhan terlena kot ?….

  48. all-in-one says:

    Dont blame Azalina on this.. How else can one win uncontested?

  49. Margeemar says:

    Reading the letter wriiten by Dr.Irene Fernandez in Malaysiakini, has really made me feel both angry and sad with this BN regime. Stop poking your stinky noses in other peoples business. I don’t give a shit if it’s about the Palestinians, Guantanamo Bay, Chechnya, Darfur or any other God forsaken land where human rights abuse are a norm. If this letter is anything to go by, we have what can be considered as crimes against humanity going on right in our own backyard.

    How can this BN regime allow a 15 year old boy to be whipped?! The thing that really makes me sick is that the BN government says that they are merely acting on the wishes of us, the Rakyat. Is that really what you want my fellow Malaysians? You know what I believe? The SOB who whipped the poor kid and the entire BN regime will be cursed with the tears, sweat and blood of not only this poor kid but also all those who have suffered in the hands of the police, the immigration department, RELA and the country’s prison system. This also includes those who have been unjustly detained under the ISA.


  50. hutchrun says:

    At least that explains why she`s so much more fatter these days.

  51. Malaysian says:

    Aiyah, this issue and similar in kind is exactly why half of us voted opposition lah. The other half comprise your “shocked” readers or the ‘wanita-what’s-her-face’ kind. So Pak Lah, here’s another ‘factor’ why BN lost so badly. Question is, what are you going to do about it?

  52. True to form, another symptom of Umnocronyism, a party widely perceived of being riddled with thieves and plunderers. There is nothing good that come out of this party. Whoever is a member eventually will be seriously infected with this disease of plundering , thieving and self-enrichment.

  53. Shrill says:

    `So Pak Lah, … Question is, what are you going to do about it?`

    That fellow very smart one oh. He put her in charge of Tourism. Now she makan lagi banyak. More entertainment. Go dancing lah, wining lah……

  54. atanck says:

    nothing will happen despite this shocking revelation. wat happened to last yr audit-general report? nothing right?

  55. Ctizen Me says:

    When I was in Primary School my father constantly reminded me that I should get good results but he never showed me how to do it. He did this from Primary one to Form 2. But through all those years my results never showed improvements. I remained in the bottom half of the class and was slated to become a chicken farmer.

    I was transfered from government school to a school run by the Methodist Church. Then all of a sudden my results began to show improvements. This time it was not because of what my father said or did but it was the teachers who not only told me to get good results but showed me how to achieve those much sought after good results. The rest is history.

    Well coming to the point at hand. The public has been over the years telling those in-charge of our money to be prudent. But despite our repeated request they do not show good results. May be the time has come for the public to teach these people how to be prudent with public funds. As citizens we have to do this through the exercise of our vote at the next General Elections.

  56. Roy Selvan says:

    To Wanita Melayu – With Love for Your Ignorent Mind.

    You want Solution for Malaysian Sports??
    Perangai Azlina- Sekarang Sebagai-
    Kalau dipuncak gading dilupa merenung ke-puncak bumi!!!

    What we must do is use all the hard earn Tax-payer money for a proper solution to encouraging sports at the Primary Level.

    Sports Masters to be employed (without seeing Ketuanan or race) at all Primary School Level.
    All the young Bakat at every school to be encouraged/trained and send for compertive sport meets.(Certs to be given for Every Archivement)

    Same goes to Secondary levels too. Footballers and all sports to be interracial.Let our Children Compete.
    Some can end up as Moktar Dahari/Soh Chin Aun/ Spiderman Arumugam/Nicol David/Shalin and many more.Maybe even Ronaldo or Romario or David Beckham.
    Avoid all politicking in Sports.
    Get all the family members involved. (Like in Western Countrys)
    Give Sports Scholar Ships to all.(Not Makan/Minum and Entertainment)
    Publish in all News papers every Achivement.
    Well,there are many more ways we can improve sports. Learn from our Neighbours.
    Someone cunning once said- Prosper thy Neighbour. I say prospers ourselves by immulating over Neighbours. Look where Japan and South Korea are now in World Class Footballs. Once a upon a time they were picking balls in their goal nets when playing with us.
    We must change and must change now.
    Or else this Country will go to the Dogs.

    God is righteous.(That means doing the right thing)

    As someone said:-
    Babi is more Clean than Corruption.God created Babi not Corruption.
    But we respects and love those who abstain from things they are not allowed in their Religion.
    Can a Vegetarian Hindu hate a Meat eating Hindu???
    What I want to say is :-What is the Point a Minister Gains the whole World and spend eternity in hell!!!

    If a good Minister wants to help the Nation his or her fruits of labour will be clearly seen.

    So adik Melayu:- Kopek lah sisa dari mata kamu.Lihat dari sudut Kebenaran!!!

    On a Lighter note:- Siapa kata Gadis melayu tak menawan….lalalalalallallla

  57. king kong says:

    sport programs in school is non existence.
    there is no structure in nurturing the talents we hav in this country.

    the sport minister should be dragged to the padang riffle and tembak.

    our PM is so short sighted

  58. happywithcash says:

    Visit my blog to get the amazing program which will change your life forever!


    I hope you will succeed like I do…

    Wish you all the best!

  59. Robert says:

    Normal to happen in Malaysia under the BN Govt. if the PR govt continues to dig up all this mess ..it will take another 4 years and the next GE.
    The Sports complex in London was supported by most ministers saying it was nessescary.Now its an about turn.
    Just imagine if Azalina still is the Sports Minister….hahahahaha

    MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Reader says:

    No question about it … the grants and donations have been misused and abused badly. And on a large scale too .. for personal glory and leeching.

    The “reasons” given are just not acceptable.

    No wonder Malaysian atheletes are the pits now.

    Get a Senatorial Review Committee to haul-ass Azalina to explain her derelction of duty and irresponsibility in the matter with tax-payers money and donations from the Oliva-Newton-John concert funds.

    And then sack her!

    If she was a woman of principle, she would have resigned instead of becoming accessory to the attempted Brickenbury fraud.

  61. efs says:

    just discovered your blog today. interesting. i’m linking yours to mine, and deeming permission granted. 🙂

  62. lauren says:

    its sooooooooooo funny but it could be farting
    but its most likly screaming

  63. good welcome and percapaian which good

  64. selene says:


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