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No, Vicky. I am sorry. But blogs are here to stay, eventhough you give the ‘mainstream media’ (MSM) TOTAL FREEDOM (Bernama).

People would continue to patronise their favourite blogs, not only for breaking news and exclusives, but the bloggers’ personal views and perspectives, analysis and commentaries on current events, especially politics.

You know why? If by MSM you mean the likes of NST, STAR, UTUSAN, SUN, ect…even if you gave them TOTAL FREEDOM, they are NOT beholden to their readers, nor to PRESS FREEDOM or the freedom of speech.

Their stories have to undergo a process of censorship by a group of editors who exist on the payroll for political reasons, not only because they are doing a bloody good job.

The MSM is and will always be beholden to their POLITICAL MASTERS. Their PAYMASTERS. In other words, their TAIKOs.

And I don’t have to tell you WHO they are!


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  1. harrisonbinhansome says:

    Blogs will always be popular if you are still blogging sis. Keep it up sis. Malaysians need you. 😀

  2. James Joyce says:

    Agree, blogging is more interactive and “in some cases” you get a faster response.

    Unlike the MSM (even if they want to interact) it will take another full day to reply. By that time, the story is over.

    Keep up the stance….. afterall we are still blogging…

  3. Jed Yoong says:

    Just look at the US and Europe. The younger generation hardly read papers. All electronic these days. Also check out this article on Asia Sentinel about advertising and the new media. 😉

  4. wits0 says:

    The fate and future of the printed MSM is written on the virtual wall and its demise is not going to take a very long time. It’s a natural process of empowerment to the real people with a mind all over the world. The Age of Dinosaurs and unrepentant brain washing must end.

  5. Bloggers must keep bloggering to keep spreading a fast info among peoples! And Im not condemn paper also. We need a lot of view and channel…

  6. Keep a good work Susan!

  7. Athiru says:

    We had ENOUGH of the politically-controlled MSM’s doctored news. With the recent 12th GE one-sided reporting, came the last straw that broke the camel’s back. The only newspaper most of us read today is the SUN, and even that it is only for the articles or comments penned by Nades and Terrance. In Malaysia, it’s the Blogger’s day – it is only those who are still inept in the use of IT that are still patronizing the MSM. It is a matter of time before MSM dies a natural death. So keep on with the blogging dear friends. My colleagues and i are for YOU – Thanks a million!

  8. martha says:

    You are definately right Susan, we do need bloggers’ blogging. You people have opened our eyes and minds to see things in a different perspective not the rubbish the govenment has been dishing out to us all these years. Its people like you, Haris Ibrahim, Raja Petra, the people at Malaysiakini and the many others that we have to thank for. God bless you all and your families and keep all of you safe always.

  9. hutchrun says:

    Governments and corporations tend to forget that the messages they create to sell their ideas and products are read by people who spend their lives in similar industries and organisations. We are all insiders.

    Slowly the rakyat awake to the value of the PR and advertising used to sell products we know quite well. We live in an age where distortion and exaggeration are the norm. And so we have learnt to judge accordingly.
    It is mankind’s redeeming feature – the ability to laugh at other monkeys.

  10. No FEAR says:

    You absolutely right. They will even suck up to the advertisers, big time prostitute for ads.

  11. reader says:

    ya..keep it is a routine to check up your blog everyday..

    God bless..

  12. virtualmystic says:

    The only problem I see is that the current attempt of the MSM to portray themselves in a better light by prinitng more “balanced” news. They are trying to get people to once again trust them and before you know it they will start to change their tune….pulling those who took the bite like a fish on a hook. Do not ever forget that the government machinery os also made up of psychologist and sociologist, very good ones at that probably.
    Sure the Blogs are her eto stay but if we do not persevere to spread the message beyond this portal, most of the citizens of Malaysia will revert back to the MSM and believing in them. The internet penetration in this country is awfully low, in the region of 5 to 10% of the population.

  13. Bloggers often provide the news behind the news
    They often guard fiercely their independent views
    Some are of course open to other forms of reviews
    A few do their blogging after going to the pews

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 140408
    Mon. 14th April 2008.

  14. samx says:

    Reading the blogs is more stimulating than picking up the newspapers.

    Reading the blogs and making your own comments to them is a real OOMPH.

    If someone starts a Citizen News site for all to contribute (like the Korean one), then MSM is doomed.

  15. Blogs is in thing now and here to stay. Nuff said.

  16. UMNO Youth Sec-Gen Datuk Abd Rahman Dahlan says it is compulsory for their delegates vying for positions to have a blog. What a joke!.

    C’mon man. That’s not the way it works. You can start with a lot of fanfare and confetti but mark my words, before 6 months are up, these blogs would be left untouched. If these people have no inclination towards such things, compelling them is not going to help.

    Dahlan himself only just setup his blog recently describing the young generation as “keyboard generation.” Ha. Ha. That’s sounds like a term used about a decade ago.

  17. bamboo river says:

    Susan, TOTAL freedom? The Double Inverted Commas is best placed on the word TOTAL like “TOTAL”. Ha,Ha,Ha,

    When the day OSA, PPA and ISA is abolished ,until then MSM is still chained to a big steel ball.
    Blogs are here to stay.
    With blogs like Susan’s, who needs MSM?

  18. kittykat46 says:

    Blogs are direct, personal and the feedback is also direct. They will still be popular, even IF ( a big IF) there was a free MSM.

    But the emphasis on So-Po blogs would lessen if the press were freer.

    I, for one, would happily go back to writing about Travel, Photography, Children, Gardening, The Meaning of Life etc., you know, fun things, instead of getting upset with Bedol, Najib, Ka Ting, Semi Value, Toyol, etc.

  19. clearwater says:

    Blogs are like gold mines, once you strike a good vein you are hooked on it for life. Pure uncontaminated news and views. Straight from the source. Many different takes, just select what appeals to you. What can MSM offer in contrast? Commercialism and slanted reporting ? Give me my favorite blogs any day.

  20. spider says:

    Whenever Mahathitr wanted support from kampong folks, Mahathir would stump the kampongs in the various states and he would receive unanimous support from all the kampong folks.

    But not now.

    The kampong folks are also getting news through CNN, BBC, CCTC, Al Jazerea and many other electronic news media.

    The kampong folks now are cognizant to the blatant corruptions committed by the avaricious Umnoputras.

    So websites are only a factor for the news dissemination to the rakyat.

    As for me, it’s a sanctuary for my respite after some hard day’s work. I find sloone’s website a good website to have my siesta.

  21. caravanserai says:

    Blogs for the people
    It is here to stay
    Only the people make the decision
    Nothing else matters

    It is not about profit
    It is not about beholding to somebody
    It is about you and your view
    Flying into the cyber-world

    Like it or not
    The people who click by decide
    Passing through spreading news
    It is the people making the difference

    MSM will stay
    No matter what others say?
    Giving jobs and maybe hidden roles
    Of the political masters dangling them on their strings

    It is the soul lost
    Because of money and food and housing
    Integrity disappear losing directions
    Can we say they are to blame?

    Business is for profit
    This is the basic structuring
    Survival too leaning towards the power would be?
    Playing fiddle forgetting honesty
    The many thousands sacrifices every day
    When reports or articles censored or altered
    Under the spying eyes of the puppeteer
    Let the public see and read what they want them to see

    So blogs will flourish
    Giving out alternative narration
    Challenging the MSM
    And perhaps advertising dollars

    We blog
    So our souls can be free
    Roaming happily into the cyber-world

  22. Reveller says:

    Hi Sloone,

    I guess I am a bit addicted to your blog. I wish I could be “that” addicted to my gf. Hahaha. :-B

  23. Margeemar says:

    Dear Susan,
    It was rather sickening to hear the speech by the Crown Prince of Kelantan touching on the equality of all Malaysians, the rights of Malaysian to citizenship and of course Malay Supremacy (Ketuanan Melayu). I’m equally sick about people like the disgusting Ong Brothers of MCA playing up the race card on the supposed threat of Islam on non-Muslims.

    This Crown Prince needs to know that the Royalty must always be apolitical. What this guy did was to cross the line that separates the realm Royalty and Politics. What he uttered has really hurt the sensitivities of all Malaysians. In fact, his speech sounds like it was written by the 4th Floor Boyz.

    This Malay NGO clowns smell very much like an UMNO tool. These racists are actually trying to stir up trouble. The same is been done by MCA and MIC. You know what? I have a theory. Someone is trying to recreate May 13 from out of this chaos.

    My theory goes like this. Build up the racial and religious rhetoric to the fullest and get a racial clash a la May 13. Next, declare Emergency, have Parliament suspended and rule by decree. Meantime, put the blame on poor Badawi and have him replaced by Najib. Next, Najib with the blessings of MahaFiraun, rounds up the Pakatan Rakyat and Bloggers under ISA. This will enable UMNO to claw its way back into mainstream politics and have dirt bags like Mukhriz, Toyol, Zam etc. back in action! Now, the can say UMNO is truly DULU, KINI & SELAMANYA.
    Ever wonder why MahaFiraun want poor Badawi out? With someone like him around, more dirt will surface. Worse still, if you have a Pakatan Rakyat Government in power the likes of MahaFiraun will be investigated by the law.

    So, dear Badawi and Mr. IGP use the Sedition Act on these clowns who are stirring up racial unrest, now!

  24. Correct, we have stopped STAR newsp, sometime back.
    Visit the blogs and online newsp – save on money too.
    But actually no news media in the world is totally free.
    Wash Post, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, etc are contrilled by the Elites, CFR, etc.

  25. Ahila says:

    Blogs are definitely here to stay ! We are already into BLOGGING and it has become a way of life for many of us; ever since we decided to do away with MSMs. Keep us the good work, dear sis…….we are all on the same boat sailing swiftly in Malaysia……….lets keep rowing !
    Best Wishes to all bloggers !!!!


    Why Karpal Loves Abdullah Badawi

    Its no secret that Karpal is favorable for our weak PM. He has been attacking Tun Dr. M with such venom while defending Pak Lah.

    There must be some chemistry between Karpal and Badawi. The question is why? Aren’t they supposed to be on warring sides? I guess PM has given Karpal soo much more than he ever expected in his political career. Pak Lah has given DAP such power and influence they never thought was actually possible. Pak Lah has destroyed UMNO in ways never fantasized by the opposition.

    Most of all, Pak Lah is the ‘Man’ to derail all of Mahathir’s plans to thrust Malaysia forward into Vision 2020 and modernity. This present administration can turn its back on all that UMNO fights for and hand over the reins of power to the opposition. Pak Lah and his henchmen run down Malaysia’s Father of Modernisation like no other opposition politican can.

    Its definitely a match made in heaven.

    Thas why Karpal loves Pak Lah.

    Posted by Mahathirism at 2:21 AM

  27. Harrison bin Hansome says:


    As for Your warped and atavistic patriotism for Mahathir, I am only summed up of your ideologies as “Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious”.

  28. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Typo- I can only summed…

    You wanna held me as a burden of proof for my points?

  29. Edi神 says:

    Fisrt MSM has to earn back the reader trust! Then only we can see what will happen!

  30. wits0 says:

    The MSM in M’sia is hardly ever going to win back sufficiently the trust of the people. It is too cowed and the editors in charged have not truth on their agenda but sheer self interests.

  31. I read online and I don’t wish to pay for the unnecessary wastage of trunks. My scribe heroes are Mr Nades and Tun Hanif Omar. These are men of substance, rare amongst the best in the country.

    Blogs, MSM and whatever, it is still the same old logic ie. if it attracts us for some good reasons, we will be as ants to honey. If not, just bid goodbye, no need to fume.

    For a political blog, I wish for it to be witty, concise and intelligent. For example, some people say don’t use the name “Barisan” on PKR-DAP-PAS coalition bcoz “Barisan” means “corruption,cronyism” so on and on…OK, fair. Then why do we people keep repeating and echoing “that evil date in March” whenever BN stages a concert for it? That’s why I always declare, academicians and politicians are worlds apart bcoz one has a calculator whereas the other has a brain. UMNO and BN can survive for so long simply bcoz they are better tacticians for they could make us run when we sit, frown when we smile.

    BN in their hearts fear 2 things, among others. First is when we are called Barisan something. Second is when we stop parroting that “evil” time in history. If you people believe what I have just deciphered then for heavens sake, cease mentioning that offensive day in March. Remember, GE12 has spoken it all that we are…..ONE!

  32. my apology, typo error..”evil date in May” (not March)

    offensive day in May (not March).

  33. wits0 says:

    WRT Blogs, one has to be wary of some like Malaysia Insiders too. The subtle spins are quite detectable. If we are able to know who writes them, it helps.

  34. Hkengmacao says:

    Even our infamous Dr. Chua is blogging now. So, what u expect? Reporters and editors of MSM will be out of job if keep on reporting ‘untruthful’ or ‘distorted’ news and views.

  35. Vincent says:

    Right on the Nail, Sue! Blogs will always exist irregardless of how much Press Freedom there is. MSM will have a slightly better credibility however there’s always the angle of commercialism they exist for profit – whoever controls the money will always have an influence of them.

    Hence, Bloggers will always be the check and balance for the MSM.

    Keep up the good work, Sue!

  36. imwatchingu says:

    As long as the MSM are politically owned, they will never acheive full crediility and people will rely on blogs for their news.

    It’s time political parties are banned from owning newspapers. Non-political individuals and companies should also be given license to run newspapers.

  37. Margeemar says:

    BN kian hari bagaikan bahtera yang sedang tenggelam. Dari menyelamatkan diri sendiri dari lemas, nampaknya parti-parti komponen BN khususnya Umno, MCA dan MIC nampaknya semakin ghairah meniup sentimen perkauman.

    Perbuatan yang tidak bertanggung jawab ini akan membawa padah kepada BN sendiri kerana rakyat negara ini sudah matang dan tidak mudah diperdaya oleh tipu muslihat BN. Berita yang paling mengembirakan saya adalah mendengar yang Badawi tidak akan berundur dari tampok pemerintahanya. Saya berkata demikian bukan kerana saya sayang atau sokong Si Bodoh ni dari terus menerajui tampok pemerintahan negara ini. Bagi saya, semakin lama Badawi kekal sebagai PM, semakin banyak najis BN akan terdedah khususnya dari MahaFiraun dan kuncu-kuncunya. Sebab itulah, mereka semua hendak Badawi meletak jawatan. Dalam istilah Bahasa Inggeris, strategi ini disebut Damage Control.

    Apa yang membimbangkan saya adalah dalam keghairahan mereka menjadi jaguh bangsa masing-masing, mungkin segelintir rakyat boleh menjadi mangsa jerat perkauman yang dipasang oleh BN. Kalau Umno memperjuangkan bangsa dan agama, mengapa pula Umno membisu apabila MCA yang dipimpin oleh Ong bersaudara lantang mencaci dan mengkritik agama Islam yang suci dan juga bertindak biadap terhadap Tengku Mahkota Kelantan? MIC juga mempermainkan sentimen perkauman dengan kononnya memperjuangkan hak kaum India. Umno pula sering mempersoalkan tindakan Kerajaan-kerajaan Negeri Pakatan Rakyat kononnya meminggirkan kaum Melayu. Yang terbaru adalah mengenai tuduhan yang tidak berasas terhadap Kerajaan Negeri Selangor mengenai projek perternakan babi. Menurut Terence Fernandez dari akbar The Sun hari ini, projek babi ini adalah buah tangan Umno sendiri.

    Oleh itu, saya merayu kepada saudara-saudara dan saudari-saudari sekalian khususnya kaum Muslimin dan Muslimat supaya jangan terpengaruh dengan fitnah dan dakyah BN demi kesejahteraan negara tercinta kita ini. HIDUP KETUANAN RAKYAT! HIDUP MALAYSIA!

  38. Want to see Black 14 pictures and video? Click @

  39. wits0 says:

    “Even our infamous Dr. Chua is blogging now… ”
    He’s a Psychologist and will try to spin each and which way, naturally.

    Radovan Karadžić the Serb psychiatrist played the UN asses well enough.

  40. fred says:

    i have not read politically-controlled MSM’s doctored news for as long as i can remember. MSM go lick your self, no self respectful journalist will wanna be in your wagon. you just a mouthpiece of National Front. Even when they lose the trust of the people, lose almost 50% of the majority votes you still give them silly excuses.
    i hate you and will never read you. my children and my parents my spouse and my family will NEVER read you.

  41. bbnbee bee says:

    The newspapers in Malaysia are the proprietary of BN… preaching nothing but the truth, they are meant for all Malaysians.

    I find sloone’s back-site scintillating. I don’t mind to stink sloone’s backside with all the tools on the domain, hi hi hi hi…..

    The BNputras, the Taikos of Bolehland!

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