Below are several questions posed by the Malaysian Insider:

Will Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stand down, admit his mistakes and walk away into the horizon?

Will the UMNO division heads and federal ministers he meet today tell him to lay down a time table for immediate succession before party polls in December?

Or will he be too thick skin to do that, and continue instead his premiership and defend his position as party president?

If Johor UMNO lets up, it may spell the end of Abdullah.

Is he still the man to steer the sinking ship of UMNO so that (woe betide!) his deputy Najib Tun Razak can take over sooner more than later?

Will he finally admit his mistakes and take responsibility for the horrendous loss of BN in the last general elections? Will he the, in admitting all his losses, abandon the sinking UMNO-ship?

How much more abuse is he willing to take, from party members right to his ex-boss Mahathir Mohammad?

Whatever it is, I smell many rats. And most of them are already running away from the captain of the sinking ship. 


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  1. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Abdullah still thinks he is the commander.
    Before the elections, he shouts like thunder
    Pantang di cabar, he declares amist laughter
    He who not knows not knows he knows not, is going to the slaughter
    Until the gullotine meets the skin, he thinks no one is better.

    Phack Lah.

  2. Hkengmacao says:

    My guess is he will. He has no choice.

  3. TOKY says:

    Abdullah won’t abandon the sinking ship cos’ HE HAVE ALREADY ABANDONED IT & THE SHIP HAD SUNK!!!


  4. David says:

    Will AB steps down and admit his mistakes?
    I probably think he never will because it’s not his decision to do so.
    We all knew very well that AB is a kind of person who never care much about anything other that enjoying life of his own.
    If he’s to abandon ship now, his main advisor, KJ’s future will probably be gone for sure. As KJ had said before that he has to make full use of AB to achieve his goal, and that’s to be the future PM.
    Also his present wife will probably not allow him to let go because it’s only a short period that she has a chance to enjoy life as a first lady.
    We also can see that many of the Umno supreme council are still giving him full support even though they knew very well that he’s not a capable leader. Is it because of sympathy, that we don’t know!
    All this kind of scenario have given us an answer to that!

  5. Rubbish pm says:

    PM: Tell your family before you convert

    The Government will soon introduce a regulation requiring non-Muslims wishing to convert to Islam to inform their family before doing so. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said this would prevent problems of families disputing the conversion of their loved ones when they die.

    Start this Issue and see the respond, huh?
    What about the other way around?? Why can’t it work?? He is talking through his backside!!!

  6. Deankuok says:

    No, PM Abdullah will not abandon the sinking ship. Instead, the crew of the sinking ship will abandon him first…maybe slowly but surely. Other than listening, he has not done anything significant yet since the day he form the new government. Hindraf, Deputy Minister’s appointment, judicial reform, Sabah & Serawak, Mahathir etc… Everything is at a stanstill. There is no evidence of any reform. Just talk and no action. He is back at his best…doing nothing. Still continuing his warming-up.

  7. Anonymous says:

    sinking ship ? you mean party or coutnry ?

    i mean abandon malaysia and make australia 2nd home ????

  8. China-man says:

    AAB will quit but will lead his troops to Anwar behind the scenes. In no way under any circumstance will he accept goon Mahatir and his brutal plunderers to take over. With Anwar having 30 MPs, with few pro-AAB added, we may have Dr. Azizah sworn in soon. Then he takes over the leadership later. Hurray! Mark my words.

    You can’t expect AAB to leave the sinking ship which was sunk by goon Mahatir and his evil troupe and hand over “victory” (the empty shell) to them as well. He will have the last laught. Did you read a book called: Aminata by Kenyan literature critic? Watch this space.

  9. Deankuok says:

    Good point…please remind him to bring along KJ, Mike Tyson, Kerismuddin, Zam, Ali Roastedtam and all those with property in Australia and NZ. We need “brain exchange” by having some Malaysian there back home.

  10. Ong Ka Ting says:

    MCA: Izinkan mualaf keluar Islam
    Apr 11, 08 12:17pm
    kemaskini 4:09pm Sambil mengalu-alukan langkah baru mewajibkan seseorang mengisytiharkan penukaran agama kepada Islam, MCA turut mencadangkan seseorang mualaf dibenarkan meninggalkan Islam tanpa sebarang halangan.

    “Pada waktu yang sama, mesti wujud proses dan tatacara yang telus bagi mereka yang bertukar agama kerana perkahwinan atau ketika masih kanak-kanak untuk meninggalkan Islam tanpa sekatan,” kata presiden MCA Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.

  11. kittykat46 says:

    Pantang DiCabar.
    Being aware of the surrounding environment was never Bedol’s strong point.
    If he had that ability, he could have addressed the Hindraf issue, judicial independence, corruption etc. much earlier and not wait until he got trashed in the electios.
    Yeah, he will sink with the ship.

  12. raj raman says:

    Hi sloone,

    Abdullah will not abandon the umno ship.Althou he is very good in Public Relation due to is foreign minister post he held during mahathir,he fails to implement whatever a public relation guys SUPPOSE TO DO. (damage control)

    Based on his track record of so called mr clean and big ear listener,is biggest mistake on denial mode or his former boss mahathir its not a good teacher for abdullah.

    As abdullah on denial mode and most umno mp is a moron for money,they will abandon abdullah before this umno moron loose whatever they try to rob from us.
    So,umno will abandon abdullah to protect their interest.MONEY.

  13. Bodohwee says:

    PM: Saya punca BN merosot
    Apr 11, 08 6:08pm
    Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hari ini berkata, beliau adalah penyebab kepada kemerosotan prestasi Barisan Nasional (BN) pada pilihan raya umum lalu.

    Here…………….he personally admitted, funally!!!

  14. Discrimination69 says:

    The ship is sinking and the undercurrents are very strong to pull the ship down faster. However true to UMNO style and Malay culture, he may be given a graceful exit, just how and when is the question. One possibility is to wait till the UMNO general election in December when AAB will announce his retirement due to old age or health reasons.

    Question is who will take over, Najib may be sidelined but Muhyddin may come up from the Johore support or some newcomer as proxy. Looking at the current pool or UMNO leaders theres not much choices.

    This is where the King maker Khairy and others like Dr M, Ku Li and Australian Mohammed Taib come into action moving the puppets. In short their fighting for BIG MONEY.!!

    What we see or hear of the undercurrents is just the tip of the iceberg. Those close to the UMNO pulse will know the reality is near and this is how UMNO works in determining their leaders in the past. Thats why corruption is so rampant to buy over supporters and silence them into submission.

    This time around it is more critical for UMNO as a mistake may mean PR taking over and more files exposed. After this Malaysia will be run by many ROYAL COMMISSION OF ENQUIRIES.

    AAB cannot last another day with honour, he is clinging unto a straw just waiting when to accompany Jean more often to the supermarket.

  15. The righteous man says:

    Is malaysian insider a clandestine BN/Umno mouthpiece?

  16. malayamuda says:

    i wonder what Khairy is doing now ?

    Smart man from Oxford and Harvard has got his foot in his mouth !!!

    He is in a political delimma now………… fast rise and even faster fall for Khairy

  17. iskandar says:

    whether ABB abandoned the sinking ship or not, doesnt make much of a difference, coz, waiting in line will be his deputy who is no better or maybe worse. both of them and the rest of them in UMNO doesnt have what it takes to lead. mentality, charisma, principles and quality doesnt exist in thier vocab. thats sad! i guess its best that the whole group, AAB, deputy and vice presidents make way for others or better still hand over the whole federal governance to the pakatan rakyat.

  18. George says:

    Chinese said “No eyes to see anymore!”

    Imagine that we Rakyats now is in the midst of watching “Titanic – Malaysia Version 2008″ and the captain of the ship is going down with the sinking ship, except for his so-called loyal team people”. 😦

    This epic movie is only half way and the most climatic part is about to begin…. strange but sound very familiar here… we all know the ending!

  19. KLMAN says:

    Abdullah Badawi’s bad times has started long ago when
    the Rakyat started taking to the streets because of
    discontentment with racial tones, rising living cost,
    corruption and many many `Little Napleons’ in his
    administration ect.

    Today signs are there that all the rats are abandoning
    him and the ship. On another note, the most damage
    is the Rakyat’s curses on AAB for handling the peaceful
    demos. It is pay back time in other forms. Even elephants

  20. bananarama says:

    Let AAB abandon the sinking UMNO ship. Let it burn with all the fuel in it to eventually crash against Pulau Batu Putih and sink with all the evil UMNO souls who have caused so much misery to the rakyat the past 50 years. Let Malaysia begin on a fresh slate, year zero, where the ghost of racial and religious politics will be buried forever. The people have suffered long enough

  21. gooeyglobs says:

    BADAWI WILL NOT ABANDON THE SINKING SHIP! By taking responsibility of the poor GE performance will not help him to stay afloat. He will balance himself in a raft in the worst case scenario. Where will his son, son-in-law and Patrick Lim be without him? Badawi has to hang on to buy time and judging by his ways of getting nothing done, he has nothing to lose either.
    Lets see what Anwar has to say in the coming rally to celebrate his qualification into the political arena.

  22. wits0 says:

    Bad awi’s earlier win in ’04 made him think that being PM had become a piece of cake and it’s free coasting all the way with business as usual with a huge dose of globe trotting to indulge in. After all, things were like that for his predecessor and this habitually “no brilliant innovation” man has too much inertia in himself to be even sensitive to the issues on the streets. He can’t even stay awake at functions! What kind of seriousness can one ascribe to him? And more and more vociferous and offensive little Napoleons made themselves heard while he slept.

  23. old man says:

    With the demise of Pas, Umno has no more rival in the Malay heartland. To say that the party has sunk in too optimistic. I know better because i live outside the DAP strongholds in the urban areas. Once they get a new leader, the Malays will support it again because Pas had killed itself by throwing away Islam. PKR has more generals than soldiers. It was Pas members who helped them during the last elections. That is why i always tell everybody not to be too elated. The struggle is not yet over!

  24. Navin says:

    I think Badaweee should go as the masses are against him.

    The No2 is part of the rubbish.So he too should go.

    There will be no one totake over and this will be the dmise of UMNO and race politics.

    Multi racial parties willo nly survive. I believe the Rakyats MUST only support parties which are multi racial.

    Good luck to Malaysia

  25. Neo-Malaysian89 says:

    Abdullah cannot and must not resign. If he resigns and Najib becomes PM that would spell the end of Malaysia and all Malaysians. Abdullah should just stay as PM until the next best thing comes along i.e. Anwar Ibrahim.

    Anyways, I believe all the talk about Abdullah being the reason for BN’s loss in the recent general elections is just pure bullshit. It is of course undeniable that he played a part in it as well but because he is the current PM, he will have to take responsibility and the blame for all the shit left by Dr M (a huge portion) and other members of BN (inclusive of family members) which make up the rest of the shit.

    Therefore it will be to the benefit of all Malaysians and Abdullah himself to just stay as PM and not resign. All these calls for him to resign is just dumb and those who are initiating it and supporting are just retards. Do excuse my language but I seriously cannot think of a nicer way to call them.

    Seriously speaking, a lot of people hardly have any idea on what is truly happening in Malaysian politics. In fact most of the people supporting Abdullah’s resignation are just tagging along and believing what they hear from some ex-politicians (hint: someone who just doesn’t want to retire gracefully because he’s pissed that all his plans were screwed up and cannot continue), politicians (mostly corrupt) and their family and friends who hear about it and start spreading it. They hear it, talk about it, have a good laugh about it and believe it.

    Makes you wonder why they’re so easily influenced and naive doesn’t it? Don’t they have their own stand? Don’t they use their brains? Well that’s just the way it is and how it’s gonna stay unless…we start educating them. Teach them how to use their brains to think of what is right and what is wrong, teach them to get their facts right and teach them to have their own stand and not just listen to and believe everything they hear especially from the so-called ”senior politicians that they admire and so look up upon”.

    But of course a lot of people especially the younger generation are starting to be more informed about the country’s state of politics all thanks to advancement in technology and intellectuals (bloggers alike). So I guess there is hope for the country after all. That is if Abdullah stays as PM as of now and not listen to the dubious cries for his resignation.

  26. countach says:

    Najis is worse..

    All Mongolians got to go and hide!

  27. Pegasus says:

    Bodowi’s countdown has begun,he will have to jump ship,the leakages is too big to close,BN ship is going down as it is wobbling badly now. In a democratic country, you don’t say ” saya pantang dicabar ” ,see what happens. You also should keep in touch with the people on the ground,denying them the right to protest peacefully is a political suicide. Having yes man around who misfed wrong info and keep a clean picture of all things have backfired. Bodowi learn quite late and it was due to his own mistake for sleeping too long and not taking any action when his cabinet ministers were talking nonsense ,incompentent ,rude, arrogant and were misleading the country in so many issues. Their lack of respect towards the people ,womens and constant raping of the justices were just
    too much for the rakyat to take. Its Bodowi’s lack of firmness and easygoing kampung attitude that was his downfall,of course his SIL, Samy Vellu, Rafidah, Nazri, Najib,Kerismuddin contributed hugely and the corruptions cancer which has spread all over the BN ship with no cure at all. The seabed is waiting for the BN ship. Goodbye BN and Happy New Year Folks!!

  28. Abu. says:

    Why is Mahatir today so active and so hostile to and against Badawi? What does he fear? Yes, here the answer:

    Mahatir vs Anwar: the untold story

    Make sure you watch it all through…

  29. caravanserai says:

    The witch must go
    Hiding out in the forest
    Bidding her work creating chaos
    Of the minds and souls

    The horizon of politics
    The human mistakes and disasters
    It is molded into tight glue
    Of the witch magic potion

    The people just listened
    Obeying the lords for over 50 years
    Now the potion has waned off
    The witch has no power any more
    So it happened
    The witch must go

    The honest knights
    Look around what do you see?
    Burning castles slaying evildoers
    Time you pick a side to honor
    The country where you belong

    Don’t think about personal glory
    Egos should be buried long time ago
    It is the country and people
    O knights you have to defend
    Even with your life so be it

    Look at the weary people
    Enough they have paid for their labor
    For a few lords to lord over these people
    Now lend your hands free them
    For a new light is coming your way

    Do the honorable salute
    Change the system for a better day
    The witch must go
    Let a new dawn walk in

  30. Watcher says:

    First f all, UMNO is not a sinking ship. To use that metaphor is misleading. UMNO may reform or break up. That remains to be seen within the next thee quarters of this year.

    As for AAB abandoning the ship, please give him more credit than that. There is no question he will just pack up and go. That would be a very irresponsible behaviour, and persons asking that he do that are very short-sighted and visceral. Kindly give the man more credit that is presently publicly acknowldged.

    All in all, I think many of the writers asking for his resignation are doing nothing than exhibiting a nasty streak; immature and narrow mindd; of questionable values; and definitely lacking in intellectual honesty or just plain negative – unable to see the glass half full for the half empty part.

    Ask yourself, what is AAB’s legacy? How do you think histry will judge him? Seeing his patience and tolerance and humilty, I think, his legacy is intact as one of the impactful leaders of Malaysia. History will judge him well.

  31. I m not certain when this disease of somnolence crept in.
    B4 Endon or after Endon? But I predicted one thing to my listeners that it is bad cosmic vibes for one, especially those in the realm of the “might is right” category, that one (esp. for man) should abstain from sex for a resonable period after the demise of the other half, a loved one.

    Is it all coincidence now that the negative cosmic forces are contributory toward an imminent departure of a once Top of the Top civil servant? If yes, one better take great care b4 a bed-rompathon. Look left,look right..look front,look back..look up,look down..and don’t ever close your eyes while you do the Cha Cha Cha….

  32. donplaypuks says:

    captains should be the last to leave a sinking ship. but in this instance the captain is already in a boat by himself and his SIL. better they capsize than the whole party? or dare we hope that the captain and the party will both go down in a blaze of ignominy, for the emergence of a Brave New World?

    can hardly wait for the next episode! lol

  33. I fully agree with David. AB will NEVER step down. Too much risk.
    1) He will have hell from his wife, J, who married him to be the 1st lady (J will seek a divorce from AB),
    2) He will have hell from his advisor, KJ, whom AB will have to appoint as the real PM of Malaysia when the opportunity arises,
    3) If KJ does not get o become PM, he will divorce AB’s daughter and go for the next PM’s duaghter (then AB’s daughter will join the group of divorcees).
    So you see, there are too much at stake if AB steps down.
    Die die also AB will cling on to his PM’s position lah!

  34. Before the somnubulent a-hole fade into the twilight, please, please have the balls to open up a file on the bigger a-hole, the has-been MM. A five year old kid who had just learnt the alphabet and understand what is two plus two can see that MM interfered with the judiciary, conspired to jail DSAI because he was man enough to stand up to him (alas the timing was wrong) and he turned UMNO what it is today, a troop of blood suckers.

    All that is wrong with UMNO now is his doing. AAB is simply too stupid and not ruthless enough to ever conceive or come out with any strategy to make UMNO leaders subservient to his wishes.

  35. Ahila says:

    SHIP SINKING ah ?……I thought someone, sometime back said.” Even ALLAH cannot sink UMNO????? Apa dah jadi ?

    Nakhoda Al Tiduri terlena menyebabkan arah tujuan kapal berjenama UMNO sesat, terlanggar dan kini hampir tenggelam dalam sabotaj ahli ahli sendiri. Apakan daya…dah nasib orang orang Keris angkuh sehingga sanggup memperkecilkan Allah !!! Nah…….karma !

  36. lovemalaysiaforever says:

    AB will not abandon his ship until he is thrown down from the ship by his crews because there will be too much pressure from his family members for not letting him out of the post. It will be up to his capacity to cling on for how long until he is able to. Najib will be mouth watering in this situation now and of course some of them are doing the same (The Big Sharks in UMNO).
    Well, let’s see the “Blockbuster” instead of “Wayang Kulit” after Anwar celebrates in a couple of days..:)
    Pity to Tun M. for all his hard work will be doom soon too.
    Hopefully, the final encounter of this Tsunami politic 2008 will really brings the “Real Sunshine and New Hopes” to all Malaysian.
    A new Malaysia with new leadership with “Fairness to all his Citizens”.
    Let the spell of racist and condemnation to individuals religion and culture (except agama sesat) be forever disminished.
    As in the era of Malaysia will be in, “One Family with One Heart”.

  37. Bobby New Zealand says:

    Pak Lah is a gentleman guys! He has taken the cue from the grassroots to pass the mantle to Najib and move on. If it was Dr M, these opposers would be quickly awarded lucrative contracts to buy their hearts and if that doesnt work, sorry mate, they will end up in jail.

  38. Andrew says:

    Who says anything about a East Malaysian cross over? Who shot J.R.? Our Malaysian cliffhanger will be the mother of all cliffhangers. Wait and see…..

  39. I have a dream says:

    Please please you people must help Pak Lah to stay until the next GE. He is a good leader, better than Dr.M a lot more. His Islam Hadari didn’t work that is fine but he is a process where our country will turn to a better political senario where race based political parties will be out of this country sooner than later. Parties like MIC and MCA are politically death, even people in UMNO are talking of merging BN to one colour blind party.

    Why would we want UMNO to rule our country and showing the keris to us the Orang Asli, Kandazans, Ibans, Bidayu, Indians, Chinese and so many races? What is wrong if we have an Orang Asli as PM if this person is what it take for Malaysia to be as great as Japan?

  40. KLMAN says:

    Wake up `Oldman’! Your claim that PAS is dead is out of context
    as you are. PAS has merged with DAP and PKR to be known as
    People’s Party. Why are you going on racial tones again. We are
    all Malaysians now awaken after 50 years of BN racialist and
    dictatorial rule. When all the mind set of the awaken Malaysian
    citizens are tuned to one frequency, you appear to claim that PAS
    threw away Islam. Do you know that Islam is the official religion
    of this beautiful country? If PAS threw away Islam, why did Hadi
    mentioned that HUDUD laws may be implemented in Kedah?
    However this was sidelined after consultation with the other two

    There again you claim that PAS helped DAP and PKR to win the
    elections. Any sane person will tell you that it was the citizens anger,
    displeasure, disappointment, marginalization, corruption, arrogance,
    `Little Napoleons’, body snatching, race based policies, rising cost and great BN elected representatives are some of the causes.

    The struggle for you maybe not over but we are seeing the dawn
    of new era.

    Suggest you come out of your present world and join the Malaysian
    citizens or please reserve your baseless opinions.

  41. bamboo river says:

    Badawi is mooring a sail ship. Depends solely for the wind to sail his ship.
    Since the rakyat had made the wind to change, he has admitted his fault for going ‘against the wind’.(Just love that song from Bob Seger)
    Now , Badawi made amends to follow the direction of the blowing wind but his sailors has started a mutiny.

    Slowly his sailors is ‘sabotaging’ the sailing ship.Well, if the question is ..Is he going to abandon ship?
    No, the ship is not sinking yet, but he will stand to the end till the ship is not moving anymore.
    Just a matter of time the ship will be captained by a new pilot and sailors.Yes, he will ceremoniously hand over the ship to a new captain in time to come . (I hope it won’t be Captain Hook)

    He is a lousy captain, but he is a gentleman.

  42. […] Will Abdullah abandon the sinking ship? [image] Below are several questions posed by the Malaysian Insider: Will Abdullah Ahmad Badawi stand down, admit his […] […]

  43. Mahathirism says:

    Friday, April 11, 2008
    Leslie Lopez Demonstrates his Igonorance and Bias

    This reporter has no idea.

    He should instead apply himself to reforming Singapore and keeping up pressure on MM Lee Kuan Yew’s autocratic- locked down city state. The fact is Leslie Lopez is emasculated when it comes to issues concerning Spore. He is just another digit that needs to condemn Malaysia’s Father of Modernisation to gain some notoriety for his already end of the road career. . He attributes Badawi’s dismal election loss to Mahathir’s last stand. That is hardly fair. If anything Mahathir has been badly treated unbefitting his status by the present Government. Mahathir has had to fight tooth and nail to highlight the abuses of the present administration.

    What’s your stand on the assault on the Singapore Law Society-the Francis Seow debacle, or the attack on Spore’s feisty bloggers-Mr Brown etc and how many Malay commanders do you have in SAF? The increasing poverty and income gap among Sporeans warrant your attention.

    It’s time for you to make your last stand to gain credibility and contribute to reform in Singapore.

  44. Malaysian says:

    I don’t think PM will abandon ship. Not his style lah. But I smell a rat … there will be mutiny. The will make him walk the plank. And all the sharks are waiting.

  45. hutchrun says:

    `But I smell a rat …`

    That would be najis.

  46. David says:

    You guys out there might be wrong this time!
    There’s no mutiny or sinking of ship this time.
    Most Umno members, especially the supreme council and the senior ones are backing AB already.
    They’re now eyeing the Iskandar project in the south now and there’s big,big money there, more enough to support each one of them for generations to come.
    Seventy percent of the money is in already and more to come.
    We’re talking about tens of billion dollars and that’s huge sum of money.
    What else do they care when our loser PM is very happy to sign every cheques.
    Every one is waiting for a very “big slice of cake.”
    Whoever takes over as the next PM?
    Big, Big, headache!
    Even by pawning his underwear will not cover all those debts by then!

  47. umno sinking says:

    Analysis Mahathir’s misdeeds were sins of “commission” while Pak Lah’s were that of “omission”. The former caused much institutional damage and the latter failed to fix the mess he inherited.

    Correct, correct, correct. Looks like the same sound like the same but they are not the same, “Commission” & “Omission”.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I think many of the writers here are sickos. Loose cannons without a shred of civil responsibility or consideration. Vindictive, narrow mineded, moronic, emotionally and mentally maladjusted. In short, plain uncivilzed bums.

    Even if you do not agree or like Badawii, there is no need to resort to such unrestrained vituperous language. Would you say the same to your father even if you disagree with him on many matters? Would you get so personal? C’mon, show a modicum of respect. That’s what makes a developed society.
    Not all these childish rantings.

    You can however, reserved that for Mr Mahathir. 😉

  49. Anonymous says:

    I think many of the writers here are sickos. Loose cannons without a shred of civil responsibility or consideration. Vindictive, narrow mineded, moronic, emotionally and mentally maladjusted. In short, plain uncivilzed bums.

    Even if you do not agree with or like Badawii, there is no need to resort to such unrestrained vituperous language. Would you say the same to your father even if you disagree with him on many matters? Would you get so personal? C’mon, show a modicum of respect. That’s what makes a developed society.
    Not all these childish rantings.

    You can however, reserved that for Mr Mahathir. 😉

  50. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Don’t get empowerment to your head! Just because you think you are empowered you can be so darn arrogant. Ask yourself who empowered you? Who encouraged you? By yourselves, you are nobodies. Now, you behave like a corrupted tyrants, drunk with power. And abuse of the freedom of speech comes easily with sno hame. Hypocrites! Opportunists! Pots calling the kettle black!


    Friday, April 11, 2008
    Leslie Lopez Demonstrates his Igonorance and Bias

    This reporter has no idea.

    He should instead apply himself to reforming Singapore and keeping up pressure on MM Lee Kuan Yew’s autocratic- locked down city state. The fact is Leslie Lopez is emasculated when it comes to issues concerning Spore. He is just another digit that needs to condemn Malaysia’s Father of Modernisation to gain some notoriety for his already end of the road career. . He attributes Badawi’s dismal election loss to Mahathir’s last stand. That is hardly fair. If anything Mahathir has been badly treated unbefitting his status by the present Government. Mahathir has had to fight tooth and nail to highlight the abuses of the present administration.

    What’s your stand on the assault on the Singapore Law Society-the Francis Seow debacle, or the attack on Spore’s feisty bloggers-Mr Brown etc and how many Malay commanders do you have in SAF? The increasing poverty and income gap among Sporeans warrant your attention.

    It’s time for you to make your last stand to gain credibility and contribute to reform in Singapore.

  52. Ong Ting Ting says:

    Even though Ong Kah Ting is my father, I’ve lost respect for him. Just resigning from being a minister won’t do. He has been a puppet used by the master to display a show. He resigned and the brother took over. NOTHING CHANGED. Don’t be FOOLED by this fella.

    Ong Kah Ting, I mean the real one does not have any authorithy on matters concerning other faiths besides his own. He can speak about his opionions at home with his wife but not in public. Why? He has no authority. Who appointed him to speak on behalf of the Chinese on other peoples’ faith, especially Islam?

    If he is a Buddhist, he can only give his personal opinion in public and not represent the public/Chinese. He represent ONLY himself when he speak in public about Islam.

    Therefore, I urge him NOT to represent the Chinese and talk anything adverse or against Islam. Ong Kah Ting Now DO NOT represent the Chinese anymore!!!.

    Religion is a personal thing and shoud NEVER be used as a political tool, else you destroy the country. Period.

    Go and be a mathematic teacher again, ok, ONg Kah Ting. BTW I failed my maths under his teaching.

    Peace to the Muslims in Malaysia.

  53. merlin says:

    AAB will go when Allah ( Peace be upon HIm ) gives him the signal to do so.
    He does not have to bow to the Devil and his Goons to force him to leave.
    The Devil sabotaged this election causing many seats to be lost. Eg: 2-3 days
    before the elections in an interview with Malaysiakini the Devil let loose that in all Samy Vellu years in the cabinet, not once did he speak up for the Indians. Knowing fully well how important the Indian votes were this comment alone caused BN at least 1/3 of the seats won by BR.
    In a democracy there are times parties win big other times you do lose some.
    It is not as if BN is no longer the Government Allah ( Peace be upon Him) has seen to that.
    There are still many good UMNO members who will come out to support AAB once they realize that it was the Devil’s hands who is playing God.
    In any case the This Devil will not live to see the demise of AAB. The minute he passes on, AAB will know it is time to go as justice is served at long last to the many Malaysians who suffered under his rule while some are still continuing to suffer.
    May God the Almighty Bless AAB with the Will not to succumb to this DEVIL.

  54. I think generally,most people’s words that are zapping at once-beloved AAB are more on the “shooing” than really “shooting”. I still agree that he can be forgiven unlike his predecessor.

    He is more sleepy than creepy.

  55. long sward says:

    Mahadie, get ready your grave. The only way to solve your problem once and for all eternally is to sink a long sharp sword into your black heart.

  56. Another Goons Reveal says:

    Datuk Mohd Nakhaie Ahmad mengajak orang Melayu berhati-hati dengan langkah seumpama Pakatan Rakyat ini kerana ia boleh menghakis hak dan keistimewaan mereka.

    This goon trying to gain popularity by bringing up sensitive issue again and hoping the malay will start to trust him. This is nothing new and people are fed-up with goons like that!! He is scare of losing his umnoputraship and is now shitting SHIT!!!

  57. the samurai says:

    Mahatieursan, I shall hunt you down no matter where you hide and make sure you cough out every single yen you stole from the rakyat.

  58. Lallang exile says:

    maharhir loyalist,

    Your belittling and personal remarks about Leslie Lopez is below the belt and typical of the Maharhir camp. The journalistic fratenity knows what Leslie stands for – he is one of the most capable, professional and truthful journalist in Malaysia. Unlike many of the spin doctors………..

  59. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    AAB admitted that he’s the main cause of BN’s poor showing…

    Finally Pak Lah, you said something right…unfortunately, at the wrong time.

  60. umno sinking says:

    Maharthir camp doesn’t want UMNO to sink for obvious reason to keep whatever pride left of Maharthir. If Anwar is successful that will mean the end of Maharthir, everything TDM did wrongly will be exposed and will exceed what he contributed.

    Maharthir has as much to lost as AAB, be prepared.

  61. hutchrun says:

    Oooo Bring On Dat `MacHine Gun` Cat

  62. Tarap says:


  63. ANg Kong says:

    badawi jst called me n he said he is staying… so, guys..lets’s move on.

  64. Vaseau says:

    Looks like the sinking ship has abandoned old Ab…thanks to the machinations of the Evil One who obviously is in terror of his nemesis.

  65. Ctizen Me says:

    PM still has time. I hope he does at the end what he should have done at the beginning.

  66. Kick-De-Devil says:

    Why should AAB go? That’s just what that Mahathir devil wants. No. Better for AAB to stay and retire at the UMNO AGM later this year. Do not let that Mahathir devil have his way. Do not resign now, Pak Lah! We are behind you, and we support you. Fear not.

  67. True Grit says:

    I Agree. Why should AAB quit?
    He has been bullied, intimidated and sabotaged by Mahatir before the election.
    BN’s lost is due more to Mad-hatir (the mad man) than anybody else!
    AAB may have his weaknesses. But it is really unfair to him to be constantly attacked by the old fool who maintained that “I did no wrong!”
    Prove him “RIGHT”. Appoint a Royal Commission to “look” into him thoroughly and see if there is anything wrong.
    Remember I said before this old fool has a lot of false pride and if he and Diam are not put in jail, he would always maintain that he did “no wrong” while everything others did were wrong!
    If the truth is not keep, Malaysia would have a sad history which no future generation would accept and face; they would always be ridiculed upon.
    Go, AAB, GO, GO, GO………!
    Stamp Mad-heartter down. Roar now before they drown you in concerted attack led by the stiff-neck Mad-man the worst we ever had in our history.

  68. Ong Ting Ting says:

    Why is Mahateh wants Najib to take over?

    Najib is worse then Phak Lah.

    IMHO, I think Najib is using Mahateh to save himself in the Altantuyah case and Mahteh is using Najib to ensure his son Muk Keris gets a spot and have a chance to be PM one day.

    Mahateh is not a doing any good for Malaysia right now. He has being playing with himself for too long and wants to continue.

    He needs to be away from Malaysian politics for at least 7 months to break his old habits according to Steve Covey’s books.

    If Mahateh continues his meddling in the Malaysian politics I think we would regress and go back to Hang Tuah Era.

    Mahateh is old and degraded to a child again. Don’t trust him.

    Malaysian needs to cut across racial barriers and unite as truly Malaysians.

    Sent an Indian to outer space for a change. Maybe get Ong Kah Ting to be special adviser to Muhammed Taib?


  69. nmjg says:

    After the 2004 victory, Pak Lah should have taken tough measures to implement IPCMC, nabbed all the dirty 18 big fish, curbed the rising crimes, sent the illegals home, bring back the true judiciary, punished the toxic big mouth who manipulated this country for his own good for the past 22 years, crushed the racialists in his party, install the local councils elections, bleached all his his dirty party heads, sacked those daily’s chief editors for plying racial sentiments, round up all the corrupted DGs, KSU, YDP, DO etc, abandoned and punished those who misuse NEP, and listen to the RAKYAT, then I believe the RAKYAT will back him again in the GE on 8.3.08. Anyway, Pak Lah realised this and he admitted that he should have done the above, but he didn’t, regrettable,right? But now it is too late, the RAKYAT has spoken, and his own people who are behind him for the past years, now prefer to team up with the toxic mouth power-crazy old horse, so that they can put all the blame on him under the disguise of saving the party and race (actually, to save their own ass for they only care about their assets and money in the offshore bank accounts). never mind PAK LAH, the RAKYAT will want to see justice done, so we will do it for you, finish the unfinished tasks. So, don’t worry, you can retire and sleep soundly after your 2008 party’s election, however, please take appropriate actions to rectify all the bad things done by those responsible for your failure, bring them down together because you are surely cleaner than them, and don’t forget to tell the RAKYAT all the truth before you retire. Happy sailing in rough water.

  70. nmjg says:

    Hi, Guys, aim your cannons and machine guns at the toxic mouth old horse who gave a wrecked ship to PAK LAH after taking away everything from the RAKYAT (peace, judiciary, calmness, wealth, resources etc) and put it in his off shore bank accounts in the Carribeans (he is the true pirate in Malacca Straits for the past 30 years). Poor PAK LAH, pathetic, isn’t it?

  71. Abdul Rahim says:

    This devil Mahathir is, like in the Christian religion, the Anti-Christ. He pretends to be a good man, trying to save the Malays, when in truth, his agenda is to wreck the country by arousing, hate, jealousy, envy, disdain, discord. The devil in disguise. May Allah have mercy upon his soul.

    Malays and non Malays must reject this Great Pretender!

  72. ah Long says:

    What AAB quit on a voluntary basis? No Way. I can only guess how much wealth both him and his SIL have accumulated in a few short years, hundreds of millions.

    Quit? You must be joking. Unless money is going to run out of fashion soon.

  73. Vincent says:

    Based on the track record of most if not all UMNO politicians is that they will be in a state of constant denial.

    Deny, Deny, Deny.

    Wild Horses wont be able to drag them away from their post.

    Since its UMNO is a sinking ship, oh well, I couldn’t be bothered. LoL.

  74. wits0 says:

    Not only just, Deny, Deny, Deny. but Reject, Reject, Reject any and all ideas about things such as meritocracy completely.

    Nobody can be more negative than that! An they often have the cheek to balther about the public being negative instead. This characteristic odium of UMNO will see to its demise.

    Example, this is described as not platitude in TheMalaysiaInsider :
    Badawi Tells BN reps they’re in charge, to transcend racial thinking, be humble and return to basics…

    BS, if they can do that!

  75. limkamput says:

    Bad ass Badawi needs to bend over!

  76. novice101 says:

    Abdullah Badawi solely to be blamed for the dismal result?

    It’s a sad fact of life that when one is down, one is left to stand alone. One is asked to shoulder all blame though, in life, this is never the case. One is isolated, cast to the wolves. In worst cases, the ones one has helped and whom one has placed one’s faith in, joined with the crowd to go for one’s blood. All these, from the mildest to the worst scenarios, are now being played out in UMNO!

    Having been through one month of humiliation, he must be at his lowest, right now. For all his faults, this treatment meted out to him is not fair. If, the UMNO people do not want to speak out for him, the rakyat should.

    The present state of the nation (the emergence of the 2-party system), which we think is good for the nation, would not have come about if not for AAB’s more tolerant and liberal attitude.

    A more basic consideration is the human values. What democratic principles are we talking about if we don’t offer a peron his basic right – the democratic right to dignity and respect!

  77. KC says:

    The question is not, wheather will the Captain abandon ship? But rather will the crew rise in mutiny & throw the captain overboard!!??

  78. novice101 says:

    Send your view to Abdullah Badawi, tell him you want him to go on with the juducial reforms. Use his website –

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