The thing about politics is that it can sometimes be a play pen for oldies to run about, play combat with each other, while they while the time away, although when one is getting on in years, time really flies, and should be spent on meditation, reflection and spirituality (not necessarily of the religious kind). But grace is not for some people. For example, look at this:

“You and my other detractors will never believe me, whatever I may say. You are moved by pure hatred and I cannot respond to people who can never accept reality” (And yet, respond he did. Can he resist the glamour?).

Mahathir reiterated that his conscience is clear and that does not owe anyone an apology. 

“I am sure you will make use of this letter to dirty my name further. That is your right. I think you are the most contemptible of politicians and individuals,” Mahathir said in an April 3 letter to DAP chairman Karpal SIngh. Marah-nye (so angry). You can say many things about Karpal, but I do not think he is the MOST contemptible. I have a long list of those who are. But ooops…they are ALL in UMNO!

One thing’s for sure, it’s really easy to criticise others, but when the fingers point back, it is really hard to swallow, like a bitter pill.

Well…let me reiterate, just for the record:

It began with a two-page letter from Karpal to Mahathir dated March 27, in which the ex-premier was told that he should personally apologise to judges who were sacked in 1988. Karpal, also a prominent lawyer (and my MP in Bukit Gelugor, Penang) said he holds the view that Mahathir had abused constitutional provisions to unfairly remove then Lord President Salleh Abas along with two supreme court judges, Wan Suleiman Pawanteh and George Seah (total cut and paste from Malaysiakini, sorry).

“It is not the present government which should apologise, but you yourself personally. Your culpability in the events leading to the dismissal of these three judges cannot have any justification in law or otherwise. The necessity for you to apologise cries to high heaven. Your acts caused the judges concerned and their families untold pain and suffering.”

Karpal also said it was Mahathir who “single-handedly destroyed the judiciary which has yet to regain its equilibrium”.

Mahathir shouldn’t be wailing so much, he is considered “Still the Man in the news” by the STAR. He’s even hogging my blog! Sheeeeeeeesh!


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  1. yapchongyee says:

    Yap Chong Yee,

    5a Prinsep Road,

    Attadale, WA 6156




    Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad


    Dear Sir, YAB.

    Re: Re : Originating Petition No. D2-26-41 OF 2001 ;

    Lim Choi Yin v. McLaren Saksama (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd

    I read in today’s Malaysiakini quote :

    “breaking news updated 2.40pm However, Chief Justice Abdul Hamid Mohamad says it is up to the government to decide if wants to apologise to the former lord president over his 1988 sacking” .

    If it is true that the Malaysian Judiciary under your leadership wants to regain the respect & trust of the Malaysian people, IS IT NOT TIME TO CORRECT ALL THE INJUSTICES THAT WERE PERPETRATED BY YOUR JUDGES, who had acted illegally and in the case of the performance of Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali in her adjudication of my wife’s petition had in fact acted CRIMINALLY in the above Originating Petition ?

    I had written to you, the Malaysian Attorney General, President & Secretary of the Malaysian Bar and many, many randomly picked legal practitioners of Malaysia, stating the facts of my wife’s petition and the criminal conduct of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali, who had, in circumstances that constituted unlawful and criminal behaviour, Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali had struck off my wife’s petition.

    It is disgraceful and hilarious that Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali was so utterly incompetent or so very lacking in knowledge of the law that she failed to effectively achieve THE STRIKING OUT OF SAID PETITION, as I will state the facts that underscore my opinion that Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali, DID NOT KNOW HOW TO ACHIEVE A STRIKE OUT OF SAID PETITION.

    I will state the facts very briefly :

    (1)My wife filed a petition to dissolve her company. Respondents applied for security for costs in the sum of Rm.650,000 combined (6 respondents).. My wife paid Rm.60,000 towards security for costs as ordered by Judge Zainon. All 6 respondents ACCEPTED THE Rm.60,000 as security for costs.



    Therefore, Judge Dato Zainon havinf ordered the payment of Rm.60,000 and with knowledge that my wife had paid the secuiryt for costs because Judge Zainon on her own initiative changed the terms of the Order for security for costs and knowing that my wife had paid to the respondents said Rm.60,000 went on and approved the unlawful and illegal application for striking out of said petition.

    (3) I Charge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali with committing the criminal offences of aiding & abetting PERJURY & FORGERY, participated in a conspiracy to PERVERT THE COURSE OF JUSTICE, BUSE OF POWER, aided & abetted a conspiracy to obtain money under false pretences, obstructing a police investigation.

    I will defend myself if the Attorney General will prosecute me for making these criminal charges against a senior Judge of the Court of Appeal.

    Having said that it is more important why the Attorney General will not investigate Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali for committing all these criminal offences. ?

    I have written to YAB many times and I have not ever received any reply for you. Please take notice that I am charging one of your most senior judge with criminal behaviour. Are you not going to defend the good name of your Judge ?

    I also read another report in today’s Malaysiakini that carried a story by the regent of Perak saying :

    “The judiciary cannot continue on a course of ‘business as usual’ at a critical time in the nation’s history, said Perak Regent Raja Nazrin Shah as he called for “a judicial renaissance”.

    I shall enclose this letter and I will write another letter to Yang Mulia (hope it is correct protocol).

    Copy :

    Yang Mulia HRH Regent of Perak, Attorney General, President & Secretary of Malaysian Bar, Judge Dato Zainon binti Mohd. Ali.

    All copies to be faxed.

    ORIGINAL TO C J MALAYSIA, by registered post.


  2. […] grumpyjacksa wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThe thing about politics is that it can sometimes be a play pen for oldies to run about, play combat with each other, while they while the time away, although when one is getting on in years, time really flies, and should be spent on … […]

  3. Shanker says:

    Ah TDM….did anyone really expected him to go into hibernate mode when his legacy (read: his abuses) is now under threat of being exposed? I mean, what if DSAI does come into power? All that’s needed is one file – any one file- to be pulled out iro TDM’s mis-deeds. You don’t need more than one to expose the dark deeds of this man.

    And so, our fren is now worried of that possibility. And that explains his machinations in the use of the available political UMNO pawns – ie to promote HIS agenda. Not the national one, not a democratic one, not a social one, not one for truth & justice.

    But HIS agenda.

    And that’s to save his skin from the gargantuan tide that has rolled onto the M’sian coastlines

    Food for thought – here’s a man, who tried hard to win sympathy from the masses by complaining loudly that he has no voice in the media etc.

    But what did he do last week at Singgahsana Hotel ? He just watched while the mob dragged one participant out by the neck , no less, voiced his opinion on the possibility of ANwar’s return. Not to mention that his son Mu-keris & daughter (yes MM) was there too? And they too did absolutely nothing whilst the poor guy was thrown out?

    Is this the potential future UMNO youth President?

    Where’s the democratic rhetoric now la, TDM??!!??

  4. wits0 says:

    “You are moved by pure hatred and I cannot respond to people who can never accept reality” (And yet, respond he did. Can he resist the glamour?).”

    His sophistry and outright wrongheaded is well demonstrated. His ‘reality’ always overturned anyone else’s.

    Susan, I can’t find a definition of the rather attractive term ‘moral moron’ on the Web and ‘Machiavellian’, sounds rather too mild.

  5. Andrew says:

    Is he talking about Anwar?

  6. bamboo river says:

    What can I say?
    It is written in the sky. Unless it snows in Malaysia (so to speak) will mahathir apologize.
    He is bitter now about the turn of event in badawi’s premiership especially on the ‘gentleman’ agreement he had before handing over the prime minister post.
    Mahathir must be thinking now, if he could turn back the clock and undo what he has done with badawi.
    No, not undo his past deeds during his pm ship.

  7. wits0 says:

    Bamboo: “He is bitter now about the turn of event ….”

    That’s why we wish him long life and fuller experience.

  8. the supreme cpourt of rakyat says:

    Mahaithir is synonymous to corruption, racism, bigotry, nepotism, cronyism, quota, back stabbing, robbing, raping, sodomyism, misuse of power, murdering, incest, misuse of funds etc etc …….

    Mahathir is not compatible to human lives. With all the crime he committed, there is no other crime he has not committed on earth.

    The people court thereby sentence this Mahaithir to 1000 lives in prison. So when Mahaithir dies already, he still has 999 lives in prison.

  9. a poor man says:

    Before Mahathir opens his big mouth again, the loots he plundered for his 22 year rein must be returned to us. Else the people power will have to do it using people power.

  10. novice101 says:

    It’s a normal human reaction for one to deny any wrong-doing. It’s also normal for one to think up excuses to get one exonerated. If, confronted with facts, one should not try to wriggle out of the case, any more, if one is a gentleman!

    If, one is given power, position, privileges, status, recognition, the ability to communicate, the persuasive power and a long life, one should be grateful and one has the responsibility to use these gifts for the good of his fellow mankind. One should not misuse any of these gifts, left alone abuse it.

  11. Scott Thong says:

    You realize that he has still not explained how his words could possibly be taken out of context?

    Saya Zalim Anwar Video

  12. Watcher says:

    A small man .. unable to bend to bow to other fellow human
    beings .. oversized ego.

    An ugly man .. attributing to others what he himself is and

    A coward .. dared not look himself in the mirror.

    A weak man .. uses instruments of the State to crush and
    destroy .. not sheer force of intellect and
    sincerity to win over others

    How many days to AI’s coming?

  13. Harrisson says:

    Anyone who other than to use Mahathir to create dissection within UMNO are the lesser of the 2 evils IF they perceived of having Mahathir or sons to topple
    AAB and to re-instate the Mahathirism-era.

  14. dodgy inc says:

    It is such a sad affair in our beloved country; this evil-doer is still very much at work after 5 years into retirement.

    No amount of words can describe the suffering of individual,
    No amount of words can pinpoint the destruction of our nation cause by such an evil-doer,
    No amount of words can make people realise the urgency to take action on this evil-doer and
    No amount of words can forewarn our future generations to prevent such an evil-doer from reappearing.

    I dedicated my life to exposing and reminding us what this evil-doer has done. Some of which are a repeat of my previous posts, some of which are from your posts and some expanded. (Beg your forgiveness if you find this boring)

    In summary, the sins of Mahathir:

    Bapa Autocratic;
    Bapa Atrocities;
    Bapa Corruption;
    Bapa Big Mouth;
    Bapa back Stabbing,
    Bapa Misuse of law and Order
    Bapa Nepotism,
    Bapa Nationalist of the Worst Kind
    Bapa Nothing good;
    Bapa Extravaganza;
    Bapa Correct,correct,correct,ya,ya,ya;
    Bapa Judicial crisis,
    Bapa Dictator,
    Bapa No Separation of Power.
    Bapa Racism;
    Bapa Official Secrecy Act;
    Bapa ISA,
    Bapa Operasi Lalang,
    Bapa Kamunting Resort,
    Bapa Mother of all wars with Singapore;
    Bapa Mismanagement;
    Bapa Incompetent;
    Bapa Plundering of our natural oil reserves;
    Bapa Media Black out:
    Bapa Black Eye Anwar;
    Bapa Lim Guan Eng’s humiliation in Prison cell
    Bapa AP;
    Bapa Cronyism;
    Bapa Disgrace in Higher Education
    Bapa Milk bottle feeding bumiputra
    Bapa Umnoputra;
    Bapa Zakaria the palace infamy
    Bapa 3 Billionaire Sons
    Bapa Mu-Keris (Contesting for UMNO YOUTH PPOST)
    Bapa Perwaja Steel Scandal (6 billion kaput)
    Bapa London Tin Scandal (3 billion kaput)
    Bapa Bank Bumi Scandal (3 billion kaput)
    Bapa Bank Negara Forex lost (6 billion kaput)
    Bapa Twin Towers (6 billion kaput)
    Bapa Phantom Skyhawk ( 1 billion kaput)
    Bapa No Need Tender
    Bapa Land Robber
    Bapa Purchase of London Movie Studio
    Bapa Purchase of Lotus Factory
    Bapa Same colour tone Public Service
    Bapa Failed MEC venture (Malaysian Electric Company)
    Bapa Failed Automobile Venture (proton cars)
    Bapa Denial of Scholarship to Bright Student except of the same skin tone
    Bapa May-13 Chief Conspirator
    Bapa Narrow Minded
    Bapa Constitution Manipulator,
    Bapa Own Secret Agenda
    Bapa Racist Agenda
    Bapa Penultimate Solution- to wipe out human of differing skin tone
    Bapa Suffering of Foreign Spouse
    Bapa Tongue Twisting Rhetoric

  15. Andrew says:

    Aging politicians are not unlike aging rock stars , pedalling the same old shit and always for the penultimate time, retiring and unretiring. The man should stop taking extracts of god knows what. He might end up as Dorian Gray.

  16. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Wah!!! Unsettled court cases now in the blogs!… new thing lah. All underwears… whether smelly dirty or not now can hang outside the house for all and sundry to see..

    The power / powerless of the internet?

    Judges cannot trust then HOW?

    Trust God and God’s statment is… Fear Not, Judgement is MIne. Then I asked God… I need to wait for so long kah?

    God say… I am patience and long suffering.

    I say… But I am not God, I am a mere mortal being.. I need justice now.

    God say.. Waitlah..If you cannot wait… go and do your thing and do not complain.

    There I went, … bribe the judge, short the stock market, do insider trading, cheat my friends, my wife/wives and do the most disgusting thing God forbids….

    This is who we are!!!

    Don’t put God into any of our problems. If God is in the equation, there is no problems onelah

    Pack Lah …. Islam Hadhari?…. it should be PRACTIKAN Islam Hari Hari. I think our PM practice it only come GE.

    Difficultlah begitu.

  17. Khairy Kemulutin says:

    Dodgy, I think the Dr. M = S. A. Tan.

    But Dr. M is not Chinese. S. A. Tan is Chinese.

    How to reconcile?

    Dr. M, if I am not mistaken is MAMAK.

  18. limkamput says:

    Hello Yapchongyee! You’ve been polluting a lot of blogs about your matter! I think it is getting a little too boring.

  19. dodgy inc says:

    Khairy Kemulutin, most Chinese, Malays and Mamak are good people, i am not sure about your race or probably a cybertrooper race.

    Most Chinese, Malays and Mamak don’t blatantly insult others using racist rhetorics.

    With the exception of mahathir, Mother of All Racist Rhetoric Originator, part of it already in you

  20. limkamput says:

    “Susan, I can’t find a definition of the rather attractive term ‘moral moron’ on the Web and ‘Machiavellian’, sounds rather too mild.” Wits0

    Easy! You don’t need a definition. All you have to do is look in the mirror, and you see the image of a moral moron!

  21. dodgy inc says:

    Goodie, goodie , this looks like another blockbuster blog

  22. It’s only proper to say “Sorry” for any wrong done
    Get it done now without delay before you are gone
    Bury all hatchets along with the contention’s bone
    While you still have self-respect, dignity to hone

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 100408
    Thur. 10th April 2008.

  23. Yi Gan says:

    An old man, at this age, with millions statched in baks, and have enriched the son’s business to billions’ worth. I just wonder what more does he want.

    Any other old men, they would have spend on meditation, reflection and go on spiritua trips to enlighten themselves. Perhaps a good deed here, a compassionate gesture there. But this dirty oldman, he simply don’t have this culture (kurang ajar), for he has been brought up to screw others. Look at his past deputies, all been screwed and play-played to nothing. Self interest is paramount and above all. Any threat, any obstacle along the way are to be destroyed. Judiciary, Consttutional crisis with Monarchy, and opt. lalang .. the list just go on.

    Now, you ask him to apolozie ? you must be joking. You people really make me laugh. He just simply don’t have the bringingup to do so.

    Now he said he is rescuing UMNO. So he exploited yet another oldman who fall prey to him, and go challenging his sleepy enemy. See, he is able to manipulate and use other to do what he want. And he is also setting the stage, getting it ready for his up and coming son . Please ponder and think for a while. He is doing all these for himself or for UMNO ?

    He said he love UMNO, and cannot let UMNO down. Yet during the GE12, he has been campaigning against BN. – He is working for himself or for UMNO ?

    Now UMNO is weak, suddenly the danger of Pakatan is so real and threatening. So he has to rescue UMNO, for he cannot allow PR to take over the Govt. Otherwise he will be dead. The jailed Black-eye fellow is going to get him back. – He love himself more or UMNO ?

    Wicked Old Man, you better sit tight. for AI is comming to get you !

  24. jedyoong says:

    Don’t need to be old to reflect, meditate and look at more spiritual matters.

    The problem with Dr M is he used racial hatred and Islam to consolidate his power. Let’s not kid ourselves, Anwar was his very loyal henchman in many policies like tudung-isation, etc.

    Like I said many times, Dr M should appreciate that many Malaysians give him face by not demanding that he is prosecuted for his many abuses of power, like locking people out of parliament, etc. So he should just pandai2 and concentrate on baking.

  25. wits0 says:

    Dr M not used racial hatred and Islam to consolidate his power, he is the most high profile of ’em all in a quasi democracy and the most self-righteously unrepentant about it all. He retracted nothing from his distorted book, The Malay Dilemma”, to this day. He was/is a demagogue, appealing to the basest prevarication. His relevance today fades as people becomes more conscious about reality and his 22 years of self serving abuse and 50 years of Umnoputraism. What cannot change is Det’s total egomaniac and unrepentant nature.

    Anwar was the natural quasi-religionist opportunist within the fold at that time but not the only one, for sure. That’s their modus operandi with their politics. He was not so loyal later and the fun then began. Poetic and almost a natural consequence with the train of events. Anwar is not a saint but at least he is not as arrogant and recalcitrant like the old abrasive dude.

  26. limkamput says:


    Use simple words la!! Who are you trying to impress???

  27. William Lau says:

    So much negativities have been mentioned about Mahathir – the good, the bad and the ugly. Can you say that he was primarily responsibile for the perpetuation of the NEP which underlies the success of many UMNOputras? No wonder no Malay wants to give up the NEP. Just look at the violent reaction of some of the Malays in Penang when its newly installed CM intimidted to sideline the NEP!! It is the secret to success for the Malays and the NEP may be described as the officially sanctioned policy of economic piracy. If I may sincerely opine, the NEP has created over the years a laissez faire society among the Malays.

    The policy has caused great dissatisfaction for more than 3 decades among not only the Malays but also the other races due to unfair distribution and discrimatory implementation of the NEP. Much of the national resources have been plundered and squandered; which have undeniably enriched many so called bumiputras in the country.

    It has been further described that the NEP complemented by incompetence and corruption makes up the trio that was in no small measures responsible for the disaster of the Malays. The aftermath of the March 08 Election put an effective check on the sorry state of affairs. If the Malays suffer alone among themselves, no body bothers; but when they drag down others
    with them, it became a great concern.

    The GLCs are part of the NEP which must be looked into, checked and revamped. Together with corporatisation and privatisation, many of the governmental money making activities have fallen into hands of some peronalities who are closely connected to the political leadership. This is the way to develop business entrepreurship among the Malays!

    GLCs are created out of tax-payers money. When they make profit, such companies tend to be overly lavish; but when they run into a red, they are being bailed out either through the hard savings of the workers or the tax payers’ money. This sort of operations must stop. The three races must work together for the success of these companies.

    One royalty recently chided the people for questioning the rights of the Malays. Because we have not questioned the authorities on the ineffective ways wth which they had been protecting their rights, we were left with no other alternative but to speak up at the last Election so as to prevent the rot from getting any worse. You are protecting them the wrong way and at the expense of others! This is economic harakiri in the long term.

    Rallies were banned, peaceful demonstsrations were outlawed and even many close-door meetings were intruded and disrupted by organised ‘samseng’ in Penang and elsewhere, dissidents were detained under the ISA or their mouths gagged by the OSA. Now we undersand why you and the Government do not want us to talk.

    We communicate now and talk less through the blog which attracts more sensible and intelligent people.

    The era of Mahathir is over. Let us not focus too much on him. Let us not point the accusing finger at him for all the ills he bequeathed or might have bequeathed to AAB. No amount of criticism can right the past wrongs. We need to move forward
    and make sure that Malaysia survives for the next 50 years.

    The first 50 years were painful years of sacrifices. I am sure the people who fought and sweated deserve some cookies if not some crumbs. You cannot take it all and tell the whole world that you are fair, just and considerate.

    You can fool most people most of the time; some people some of the time; but not all the people all the time.

  28. Shrillarity says:

    limkamput Says: Use simple words la!! Who are you trying to impress???

    How much more simpler do you need that to be if you cannot even understand that. Shoo shoo go learn then come back and play here.
    I hope you can understand what I have written.

  29. Shrillarity says:

    Raja Oh Raja Nandri Kattan Nahin (lyrics please) hahaha.

  30. True Grit says:

    Mahatir is right. He needs not to apologise. After all he has never been convicted!
    Even a criminal bought to the court will say, “I’m NOT guilt!” It is up to the court to make him guilty.
    Have we done that? No. So, why should he apologise?
    My heart bleeds when I am still suffering from his racial policies, cheat, lies and so much of our monies were either stolen by him or squandered by him.
    I would only feel happy if he and his cronies pay back all the monies they got illegally!
    Could we get them?
    When I look at hs face I do not know how to express my hatred of him. How histroy is going to write about him? How we would be known in the history book as the generation who have no gut and live in illusion; how could we be so naive to hold an evil man in high esteemed and got cheated so badly and suffered so much still took him and looked to him like a hero?
    Were we so stupid as that?
    Anwar may try to forget. But can histroy be written as Mahatir “Has no fault”?
    Everything must be put straight; if not Anwar would bear the sins that an evil man left over to him.
    Convict him; after that what you do to do is another story …. immaterial…….!

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