PKR candidate for Rembau in the last general elections, Badrul Hisham Shaharin (aka Chegu Bard) claims that he has evidence of UMNO being sabotaged in the state. This act of sabotage led to the loss of UMNO in the Paroi state seat.

I support (Prime Minister) Abdullah’s (Ahmad Badawi) statement that there was internal sabotage against UMNO…I am prepared to expose…I contested in the Rembau seat…it is true that there was internal sabotage against UMNO and because of that (UMNO lost) the Paroi seat and P131 would be lost too if there were no trickery,” said Chegu Bard in his blog  today.

“Chegu Bard knows who are those people…” challenged the young teacher.

Deputy prime minister Najib Tun Razak says today that:

“We cannot take action hastily but we cannot simply close our eyes to acts of sabotage. We will act based on clear evidence and not hearsay or unfounded allegations”.

So, Chegu Bard, please hand over the evidence to Najib…

Chegu Bard is still sore from the fact that he lost the Rembau seat when an initial count for the Rembau parliament constituency in Negri Sembilan on the night of March 8 showed that PKR had taken the seat by a razor-thin majority of 141 votes. A recount however saw a complete reversal – Khairy won by a staggering difference of 5,000 votes.  This stark gap came in as a shock and consequentially became a solid basis for suspicion. Chegu Bard is considering a legal challenge against the result. (Malaysiakini)


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  1. Edi神 says:


    amazing amazing!

  2. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Reproduction from the above :-

    Chong files civil suit against Ng
    By Jong Yee Ling

    Chong claims first defendant made defamatory words during election rally

    KUCHING: The founder of Sarawak Democratic Action Party (DAP) Chong Siew Chiang yesterday filed a civil suit against Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) state chairman Dominique Ng at the High Court here.

    Ng is named as the first defendant, and the company, which acted as the printer and publisher and/or the proprietor of a newspaper as the second defendant.

    Chong is also seeking an injunction to restrain Ng or his servants and agents from further speaking or writing and publishing, or causing to be written, published or printed the words said to be defamatory to him (Chong).

    Damages and any other relief the court deems fit and proper are among the claims sought by the plaintiff.

    Chong claimed that Ng had made defamatory words in Mandarin against him at an election rally (ceramah) at MJC New Township in Jalan Batu Kawa on or about Feb 29.

    The statement of claim also stated that Ng had repeated the said defamatory words not only at Jalan Song on March 1, but also at Kim San coffeeshop in Sarikei on March 5 when campaigning for an independent candidate, Kung Chin Chin, who was contesting the Sarikei parliamentary seat.

    Chong’s letter, which was allegedly exhibited by Ng, was reproduced, printed, and republished in the newspaper.

    In that letter, Chong expressed his gratitude to Ng for not contesting in Bandar Kuching during the 11th general election in March 2004, thus avoiding a three-cornered fight.

    Chong requested (in the letter) Ng and the leaders of PKR, to appeal to their members and supporters to fully support DAP candidates Chong Chieng Jen and Voon Lee Shan.

    The letter concluded with a note stating that DAP would act likewise in the next state election.

    “Even the defamatory words (in Mandarin) in the letter that ‘who is the hypocrite, evidence speaks for itself’ (translated from Mandarin) could be observed,” Chong said after filing the suit.

    “I was also accused of being guilty of perfidy, ungrateful, and ‘pulling the bridge after crossing the river’ (translated from Mandarin),” he said.

    His letters to the defendants dated March 28 to allow them to withdraw and apologise, as well as to pay costs with proper damages for injury to his reputation within seven days from the date thereof, were not entertained, Chong said.

    “My offer to Ng to respond expired last Friday. I received no reply from him thus far.

    “He (Ng) knew that his speech delivered that day would be reported in the presence of reporters,” Chong said.

    According to Chong, Ng had motive in publishing the words to give vent to his personal spite and ill will towards him.

    He added that the publications were allegedly actuated and motivated by malice to advance Ng’s political agenda.

    Commeteries : Although I do not support Chong Snr. of DAP (the father of Chong Chieng Jien), for not letting PKR’s Dominic Ng to contest against a BN candidate wherein the DAP fielded Voon Lee Shan (interim ADUN for Sarawak), it demonstrate DAP’s arrogance in the tripatite of PAKATAN RAKYAT.

  3. […] April 8, 2008 at 3:43 pm · Filed under Uncategorized There is evidence of UMNO sabotage in Rembau « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog * […]

  4. ANg Kong says:

    another dog fight…. these ppl act like small kids. Pls look at the BIGGER picture. I stand to be corrected, but it is the mindset of these ppl tht let rakyat down. Once u r a politician, both positive and negative remarks are bound to emerge fr time to time. lay down yr political gown if u r not prepared to be critiqued/criticised. Even Jesus had enemies. well, unless u r holier than Jesus.
    pls use yr time and energy wisely…unless u hav nothing better to do!

    p/s People’s aliance – pls sort out your house!

  5. temenggong says:


    How long will Chegu Bard take before challenging the results of the Rembau elections? He should move now if he has a basis for a favourable outcome.

  6. rahman says:

    Human are selfish

  7. Ahila says:

    Chegu Bard……..jangan tunggu lama lama,nanti lama lama…..cepat serahkan bukti tersebut kepada polis dan Orang Pekan yang had ni sibuk nak tangkap orang orang yang sabotaj UMNO ! Had ni KJ orang UMNO dia noh? Mai tengok macam mana dia deal matter ni.
    Moga moga ada byelection semula kat Rembau non !

  8. headache says:

    I had been wondering why Che’gu had been quiet these few weeks…

    I think he should stop whinning and start litigating. Would love to see the SIL brought down a notch or two.

  9. Kherry Scarry says:

    Rembau total Parliamentary and State votes out by so much !! Either the Election commission flunked their math or another hanky panky work by the EC….or maybe an act of “sabotage”…

  10. KerinchiGuy says:

    yes, chegu bard.
    please hurry up and make your move.
    is there a time frame after which any legal protests will not be entertained?

  11. gooeyglobs says:

    Come on, do you all sincerely believe that actions will be taken by Umno against the saboteurs? You can hope for it but to me it is just a smokescreen.

  12. Strike while the iron is hot
    Before you get only an empty pot
    Without being able to stop the rot
    To bring about your loss to be alot

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 080408
    Tue. 8th April 2008.

  13. raj raman says:

    to ,badrul hisham,

    MANY MANY MOONS AGO,I LIKE TO HEAR A MALAY SONG………..jangan tunggu lama lama,nanti dikebas orang.I believe the song for a man not to wait long to get your dream girl b4 someone marry her.


  14. ` says:

    I really wanna see the crossover of BN MPs to Pakatan Rakyat and the installation of a new government aan Anwar Ibrahim as the PM. But that’s secondary. Still, second to none.

  15. Chegubard should come out with those evidence quickly before Malaysian forgot about it.. If So, Quickly do it right!!!

  16. iskandar says:

    KJ again! just have to say this, what and where will he be if the PM resigns? maybe planting padi in rembau.

  17. Chegu Bard, strike while the iron is still hot. Else you loose and the rakyat also loose.

    I felt that there was something amiss when initially Opposition won by a slim majority but after the transfer of postal (supposedly to be sent to Bukit Bintang) came in for the recount, BN won by 4000 plus minus votes. Any fool with even an IQ of 1 will know that something is amiss.

    The very important step that you take immediate legal action (with all the evidence that you have) will not only reveal BN’s dirty tactics in winning but also put an end to this young UPSTUD’s dreams. If you don’t do the right thing, this KJ blok will be Malaysia’s next real PM (now he is PM, without portfolio, with Pak Lahas PM by name).

    His presence will be a threat to ALL non-bumis. Please do the necessary.

  18. cjfoo says:

    Our honourable PM and DPM, do you consider TDM as one of the saboteur who causes UMNO to lose heavily?

    Many of your senior UMNO leaders had recently criticised TDM in the open
    for the election losses. I dont think they criticised TDM for nothing. They must have some hard evidences against TDM. Refer TDM to your party disciplinary council.

    Do it quick and do it fast as “melayu senang lupa”

    Lets see whether you have the guts to do it!

  19. just imagine if the next umno youth chief is kj. what will happen to the next election? Not only Chegu should take action but PR should jointly act to safegurd transpearency in future elections.

  20. cyphuell says:

    election petition can be filed in court once the election result was oficially gazetted. dont wait too long.

  21. D_Dollah says:

    Oh my God! If I am an UMNO member in Rembau, I would do the same thing. And if, there is going to be another re-election, I would still do it again. Why? UMNO is just soooo…not relevant anymore. All the existing UMNO MTs should quit and give way to others. Ku Li, Shahril, Muyiddin, Mukhriz, etc.. – Please lead the way and show those ‘sleepy heads’ – the door!

  22. nmjg says:

    Hi, Susan no matter how these crooks try to cover up, the RAKYAT know pretty well their dirty tricks. The AL-Mighty will punish those involved and their families for many generations to come. People who sow the bad seeds of KARMA, will harvest all they have planted, this is the LAW of CAUSE and EFFECT, the Law of Universe. Likewise, people who bad-mouthed, will also get back what they have cursed. So, for those who want to comment something, beware of your words used.

  23. Facts says:

    yah Law Of Universe…….I like that cos it’s true!

  24. Ujang says:

    I am from Rembau. My mother is the Ketua Cawangan UMNO. She was sore with MB NS for dropping a women candidate in Paroi and replacing with MB’s relative, a Datuk. So there you are, women power in Paroi from Rembau deny the Datuk victory and gave it to PAS.

  25. mdfoozi says:

    hidup di dunia hanya sementara

  26. Salam, keputusan pilihan raya UMUM ke 12 telah saya ketahui lebih awal 3 hari sebelum pilihan raya . Kami ahli sufi telah mendoakan akam keputusan tersebut dan jumlah mejority undi pun sama lebih kurang 5500 yg kami ketahui oleh itu janganlah berlebih lebihan didalam komen kamu Che Bud terhadap keputusan tersebut bukan keputusan Rembau saja yang kami ketahui malahan satu Malaysia keputusan sama seperti yang kami pohonkan dan di mabulkan Allah sepenuhnya. Kami berharap parti yang menang tidak mendabik dada kerana ini adalah ketentuan dan boleh ditukar pada bila bila masa, oleh itu muhasabah dirilah dan jangan berlebihan didalam menuding jari terhadap sesama manusia. Amin

  27. metal says:


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