Enter the Edge, snippets of the article “Lest we forget” in Malaysian Insider:

Despite Dr Mahathir’s selective memory, he cannot absolve himself from the sacking of the Lord President and two other judges in 1988. Nor should he forget that it was he who put in place the rule that anyone who wants to contest the party president’s position must receive nominations from at least 30 per cent of the divisions.

The paper said that contrary to assertions by the former PM, Umno tends to have a crisis every 10 years. There was the quarrel with Musa Hitam, the jailing and sacking of Anwar Ibrahim and now he is attacking Abdullah.

“Three crises in three decades and the central figure in each of them is Mahathir. Mahathir ‘mudah lupa’ but we hope the rest of the Malaysians will not forget that easily,‘’ said the editorial.

The paper upped the ante in an accompanying article. Its writer noted that Dr Mahathir challenged the authorities to get foreign agencies to investigate him.

“Perhaps it is high time Abdullah called his bluff and launched an international investigation into all the alleged misdeeds of Mahathir during his 22 years in office, with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as his first key witness,‘’ said the writer.

On 8 April, the ex-PM calls all these “frivolous, unwarranted and stupid“.

Over the weeks I hear a few calls for people to “leave Mahathir alone”.  Some said, we would, but the man had opened up old wounds with his incessant diatribe against Abdullah (not that I support the man – he must leave, and he must do so along with UMNO).

But why should we and can we forget Mahathir? A leader will and must be accountable for his past mistakes, especially one who have a selected memory and who had hardly any ‘regrets’ over his decisions, no matter how it had affected the lives of others (read: ISA and Anwar Ibrahim)… except only one – (oh yeah) that of selecting PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to be his replacement. Yet, that he did for his own interest – so that Abdullah could carry on his “legacy” and later install his “gratitude” Najib Tun Razak as the next PM.

He swears, spit on and scandalises Abdullah, but Mahathir in his 22 years as PM had problems with all his deputies, from Musa Hitam to Anwar Ibrahim. I bet you even if Tengku Razaleigh (former finance minister) and Najib (God forbid) were prime minister, he’ll have problems, too. Woe betide if you cancel any of his pet projects. All hell breaks loose if you don’t continue his L-E-G-A-C-Y!

I grew up witnessing how government institutions, especially the judiciary, crumbled apart, one by one, in Mahathir’s hand. I witnessed how some families suffered when their parents were nabbed and thrown into detention at the height of the ISA. I witnessed with sadness how my honest and hardworking cousin Chong Cheng Hai (now at the SUN) lost his job (he was at the STAR at the time) when the paper shut down as a result of a controversial story; and how my reporter friends suffer under the media that became most restrictive during Mahathir’s time and continue to do so now.

And Mahathir is Father of Malaysia? Father of Modernisation? I do not wish to have a father like this. 

A father doesn’t tear down the integrity of his family nor deprive his children’s families by throwing their parents out of job. Only an abusive and intolerant father will punish you beyond what is reasonable then turn around and buy you sweets to make you think he is worthy of being your father and that you must forgive him. Oh yes, I know so well how abusive fathers behave after having worked at the Women’s Crisis Centre.

And that is what Mahathiby did, ripped our dignity part by part, then spend billions to make us think that we are wealthy in the eyes of the world. Alas, where have all the ringgits gone? 

It seems we forget easily or are we so easily bribed by just a few phallic symbols like the twin towers? Don’t set your standards so low that you think success means more supermarkets, more universities, more cars on the road and more skyscrappers.

But over the weeks, I have also heard clamours for Mahathir to be taken to task for his misdeeds. Other than the edge, several has joined the bandwagon. They include: Karpal Singh: Apologise to Judges; Param Cumarasamy: Probe Mahathir’s alleged misdeeds ; Ezam Mohamad Nor or Gerak: Call for action against Mahathir ; Gerakan: Blames Mahathir for crisis in Judiciary; Zainuddin Maidin, former information minister: Thorn in the flesh and UMNO members themselves as in Dr. Mahathir, stop the attacks.

It’s not true that Malaysians mudah lupa (forgets easily).  It’s only true that Mahathir mudah lupa, and he wants you to forget.



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  1. Old McDonald says:

    An elderly man in North Carolina had owned a large farm for several years. He had a large pond in the back, fixed up really nice, along with some picnic tables, horseshoe courts, and some apple and peach trees. The pond was properly shaped and fixed up for swimming when it was built.

    One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the pond, as he hadn’t been there for a while, and look it over. He grabbed a five gallon bucket to bring back some fruit.

    As he neared the pond, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee. When he came closer, he realized it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his pond. He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end to shield themselves.

    One of the women shouted to him, “We’re not coming out until you leave!”

    The old man frowned and replied, “I didn’t come down here to watch you ladies swim naked or make you get out of the pond naked.” Holding the bucket up he said, “I’m here to feed the alligator.”

    Moral of the story: Old men may move slow but can still think fast.

  2. hutchrun says:

    In an interview, Musa Hitam has said that he too would have gone to prison on some charge like sodomy, if he had opposed Mahathir.
    So he just resigned.

  3. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    –Perhaps it is high time Abdullah cAAalled his bluff and launched an international investigation into all the alleged misdeeds of Mahathir during his 22 years in office, with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as his first key witness,‘’ said the writer.—

    If I am AA Badawi, I can’t wait a single nanosecond longer, not because of a personal crunch but when a man challenges other’s to probe on his alleged (“alleged”, because he was never impartially investigated, and nows the time-internationaLLY-hAHAH) misdeed as a ex-premier, SO, WHAT IS bADAWI WAITING FOR? lAYING A FEW MORE EGGS?

  4. hutchrun says:

    Maybe TDM has a past file on Badawi. So if Badawi moves the ACA, that file will be made public.
    Then Badawi will be really dead.

  5. dodgy inc says:

    Old McDonald:Moral of the story: Old men may move slow but can still think fast.

    Sound more of the speed of satan

    ps: burn mahathir before he reach hell

  6. hutchrun says:

    Anyway ACA shouldn`t investigate this. Commercial Crime should do this investigation as ACA is implicated.

  7. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Mahathir may have a really good personal dossiers on Rafidah Aziz, Sami Velu, Ling Liong Sik and others during his premiership, but not quite on AABadawi. He was endorsed as “Mr. Clean” when he accepted the realm, remember?

  8. Yes nail him for all the injustices and misdeeds he caused. Get a RCI on the judiciary crisis and then nail those involved, and they will also implicate him as well, while he still has the good health to be judged – unlike his contemporary Suharto, who had to be pitied for his ill health.

  9. hutchrun says:

    Badawi had a stint in the Defence Ministry when his brother was given a 15- year contract to supply breakfast to the Armed Forces at RM 10- RM15 per packet.
    Badawi`s defence was that he left the room when the decision was made. There may be other instances also we are not yet aware of.

  10. hutchrun says:

    That could be one reason M removed Badawi from the Defence Ministry and put him in Foreign Afaairs, so the dungu would be out of the country most of the time and issues would die down.

  11. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    My list of international constellation of megastars as invited by Mahathir to investigate him-

    (1) Kenneth Starr (a “tiger” who headed the investigation on Bill Clinton on the “Lewinsygate” scandal.

    (2) Al Gore (lawyer, ex Vice-President of US, now an environmentalist).

    (3) George Soros (needs no introduction)

    (4)Newt Gingrich (Former US House Speaker, an irrefutably qualified candidate)

  12. I wish he has a long life ahead, even God will ensure that b.coz by-pass after by-pass he still never learn to fear God. Such is a man who will face judgement throughout the 9 levels of Hell and B4 that, first he has to be castigated by the laws of the land. He ruled for 22 years and I foretell that in year 2002, he will be in handcuffs…the two zeros being a premonition of handcuffs.

  13. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Good work on the “korek-korek” out the dossier Hutchun. Oh yeah, I am just about to include you as no. 5

    (5) Hutchrun (unheard of internationally speaking, but he has a point for the job) 1 local one ok? 🙂

  14. hutchrun says:

    haha 🙂

  15. A Malay says:

    Mahathir is th worst PM, not Pak Lah.

  16. my apologies, I mean 2020. That is how long, I wish he can live.

  17. A Malay says:

    The only good deed that Mahathir did was that he appointed Pak Lah as PM. Maybe Pak Lah thinks that he cannot do the cleaning job, so he release Anwar from prison.

    Do you think so?

  18. David says:

    Mahathir is no longer an issue to us.
    What we’re concern is the present crisis that we are facing with the present goverment.
    Why should we run away from that?
    To me, Mahathir or Pak Lah, both the same.
    Why bother???

  19. Jimmy says:

    Well said, the Edge and Susan. The message must be spread far and wide, and to young and old alike. Abdullah Badawi, of course, has failings as PM but he is far more decent a human being than Mahathir, a megalomaniac. Imagine if Mahathir or his clone were to be PM now. Susan, you would be seriously threatened to shut up , at best, or operasi lallanged away. Umno and PM Abdullah might have no balls to fight Mahathir but Malaysians must never ever allowed him and his ilk to pollute the new political landscape that GE2008 has brought forth. Let’s be clear here: Badawi is far less the problem or evil for the new Malaysia than Mahathir and his ilk.

  20. imwatchingu says:

    Forget about ACA if an investigation is needed. It’s the most useless government agency in the country. They’re just a bunch of useless and lazy incompetents feasting on our resources. They’re just an extension of Umno and nothing else. Should have been closed down long ago.

  21. winson lee says:

    i don think at this moment umno has a calibre leader. anyway really aab is really useless. he doesnt have sense of urgency that carry on with the present situation our next generation will suffer. may after the aftermath of the present situation, we will be another umpteen years behind singapore. who knows we will be well behind countries like vietnam/thailand/philippine, by then it is really disastrous. coming back to mahathir, we all know he cant contribute, but at least he is the only one available now that has the chance to bring down aab so that some other body will take over and hopefully, we will be on track for economic/social progress

  22. David says:

    A good country governed by baddies!
    What else can we say?

  23. caravanserai says:

    Dr Mahathir must know
    One legacy can be dismantled
    Sometimes discredited when power is gone
    It is no use telling others what to do
    It is already too late
    In the political circles

    The present leaders want
    Play their games to the hilt
    Others can say right or wrong
    The leaders just ignore

    Now look at the current UMNO leaders
    One time closely linked to him
    Now these leaders just attacked
    Telling Dr Mahathir to keep quiet
    And be a good old man staying retired

    This is politics
    It has no permanent value
    Friends today enemies tomorrow
    They fight in public
    They drink privately

    Now every UMNO leader
    Scrumbling to pile blame on Dr Mahathir
    For the ills of the country’s system
    And the ‘undemocratic’ ways of UMNO election

    As I always race base party should be buried
    Let these leaders stay nowhere to grow
    Enough of 50 years of racial politics
    Engineered by the race base leaders

    This is the era of change………………
    The old horses shouldn’t ride again
    Let the people’s march decide
    The fate of the country

    Dr M
    He has his game
    Now he should write his memoirs
    Leave the current politics to others
    UMNO is on the way out
    This is what he is afraid off

  24. RAJ RAMAN says:

    badawi should take the challenge of mahathir and everything will be follow throu,

    badawi – how clean is he.
    najib –
    kj,rafidah,sami,lim liong sick and many more.All of them keep each other x file.

    sorry wo(man) there will be no such thing of inquiry will happen
    All of them something stacked up as pillow on their bed.

    YOu all can dream about this moron will take any of this challenge.

    Any one here what to take a bet until my last pennies,Make sure its deposited with your lawyer and my lawyer in trust fund.Who lost take the bet from the trust fund.

    My challenge.Thanks.RAj Raman

  25. RAJ RAMAN says:

    TO add abit more,

    my bet is for one year starting tomorow.I dont want my last pennies forever in trust fund.I need the money to roll. raj raman

  26. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Malaysians,

    All of the ghosts shackled during the M era has been resurrected, invoked in no small part by Dr M himself.

    The printing of the article in the respected financial daily exonerates the bitterness within all journalists and others who suffered deeply during Ops Lallang and the intervening years.

    Chong Cheng Hai was one of those who built up the Star, but was jobless like others after OL. He was a bright, upcoming albeit fierce sub editor of the then spunky daily and was kind to yours truly who was a rooky. It is comforting to know that he is doing well in The Edge.

    On the subject of the Star, even in the mid Eighties, the paper was closely controlled by the MCA. Besides news coverage, the hiring process was also subject to the cronyism of the MCA warlords.

    In 1985 when Malaysia was in the midst of recession and when business graduates from MU were working as supermarket sales to survive , over 300 applications from fresh graduates were received by the Star. After exhaustive interviews and tests, 6 or 7 fresh graduates were employed.

    The next year, in early 1986, a fresh graduate from Canada was helicoptered into the paper as a new recruit under VK Chin. This person did not need to apply ( as the other 300 did) through the normal channels, but just slithered nto the job on virtue of her mum being a close crony of Chin, we heard. The new recruit(Chinese) apparently came from a well to do family. (This serves as a micro story to the larger,macro picture of what took place ) . I do no need to mention other BT cronies of MD Tan who catapulted to top positions in the paper earlier when the Koon Swan victory came through.

    This is just an example of the nepotism an croynism being practised in The Star pre Lallang days. Still Chong and others toiled on, trying to survice among the MCA cronies’ placements. Post Lallang, all the Chong Cheng Hais were booted out while the VK Chins helicoptered more of their kind, and the likes of Wong Chun Wai – then a young reporter – rose through the years.

    When the Star was listed, these people reaped the financial fruits of the hard labour put in by Chong and others who built up the Star from scratch from the Penang days.

    The printing of the article brings some poetic justice to the damage done to Chong and others. It vindicates, but by no means exorcises the pain and humiliation suffered by them all these years.

    Lest we forget……….we must force Dr M to come to terms with what transpired. Susan, we must continue to step up the pressure for justice to be done.

  27. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    Mahathir being a Mamak -had to show he is more malay than malays.
    Hence he is the Architect of the divisive bumi-nonbumi policy where only ONE race matter to him- a kind of Hitler Racist type !
    He threw opponents into jail,there was no Press freedom at all compared to now under Pak Lah.Notably Anwar who was framed by Mahathir and Guan Eng who went to 18 months jail for defending a MALAY -yes a MALAY girl not Chinese or Indian who was raped by UMNO Chief Minister of Melaka & made to squat with hands above his head during morning roll call ! This is the kind of Mahathir freedom & justice.
    Worst of all his role in the sacking of the Judges who were opposing his views & appointed a Judge who sent Anwar to prison on trump up charges.
    THIS IS THE REAL MAHATHIR – a man who hides his dangerous streaks behind candid remarks & a broad smile !
    He was the most divisive & Racist PM of Malaysia but who amassed a fotune appointing himself also as Finance Minister- hence his Children can buy Ships, take the sole franchise of Porsche and given land in Langkawi & elsewhere, took a long holiday with a host of Public Officials,family & friends & cronies through Argentina & to South Pole,horse riding through some of the journey-all at TAXPAYERS expenses.
    Pak Lah is far more honest & credible than Mahathir.

  28. Ingo Heider says:

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  29. gooeyglobs says:

    Forget about everyone from Umno and just give Anwar Ibrahim a chance to steer Malaysia out of the mess. Anyway, it is worth tying rather than to keep those leeches to milk the country dry. Over the years, the population of the Little Napoleons kept increasing by leaps and bounds.

    Say what you like, I prefer Tun M to keep his attack and see how Badawi can counter. The more the pressure, then more OSA cases will emerge.

  30. nmjg says:

    Someone was saying that all those with Tun, would not be charged in court because they had the immunity, somehow, irrespective of how much crime they committed. Well, to certain extent, it could be true, just look at Tun Mahathir and Tun Ling Liong Sik, till now, the government has not filed any charges against them. Everyone knows the damage they have done to the rakyat and the country. The history will record these incidents and many will never forgive them. Now Tun Mahathir can talk big, but I just hope that one day, the new AG will charge all those who are corrupted and who have misused the power. Let the supreme court put them in jail, seize their assets, freeze all their off-shore bank accounts, and return the money to the Rakyat. We pray to the Al-Mighty that this day will come and justice be served on them.

  31. missing link founded says:

    You see you see, I told you it is the UMNO rebel that cost the lost of 14 parliamentary seats and 22 state seats in the last general election. This is the work of party members who sabotage the party.

    Now is the time to get those who rebel against UMNO starting with the opening of TDM’s file by the ACA. This is UMNO culture and UMNO style, hidup UMNO.

    Pak Lah is still the best PM UMNO had produced and KJ is safe to run for the youth post. Great! Great! this is UMNO style.

  32. nmjg says:

    Pak Lah, Khairy and other MBs, CMs, , what are you waiting for? Want to deal with the toxic mouth Tun Dr M, just propose that OSA be abolished in the coming parliament session, I am sure the opposition MPs will give you 100% support. Then you people can open up all the OSA files, and use ISA to nab this old man for all his wrong doings and treason to the country (remember Project Mahathir in Sabah?) ,put him in jail for 60 days, then charge him in court, get a court order to freeze all his off-shore money if any, and let him stay in the Sg.Buluh prison for the rest of his life, so that he will “taubat” and write his memoirs over there. The RAKYAT will want to see the evils be punished and erased.

  33. Amen says:

    oooop!!! come to wrong conner…………. full of sentiment, oooh ya being emotional is the first things idoits will graps…. small little sa kits………get seome educations

  34. Get Him says:

    I said before; Mahatir is a F_A_K_E!

    Why we still give so much publicity to him is something I cannot understand?

    Haven’t we had enough of him? Haven’t we had seen enough of his evil-heartedness, forking tongue, his twist, turn and scarce tactics and make our lives miserable through his 22 years of draconian and egoistic rule?

    His misdeeds are a plenty and I do not need to list them out here as many bloggers have a long list of them and there is no shortage of bloggers who would willingly add to the already long list of his evil deeds.

    Yet, do we ever look back and ask why we were misled by him through racial threats, intimidation and his draconian ISA rule?

    Had he not existed, would we be in a better position than we are today?

    This man is a pseudo-Malay Indian ; a mamak. He played the Malay chauvinistic drum to rise in the political ladder.

    When he became the PM, he used a slogan in front for you to follow but behind him he did the opposite what he had told you!

    His son’s MISC, Telecom’s Optical deal ($3 billion-till now has not been installed)……tell you volumes of his nepotism and corruption practices.
    We know billions were also lost through his government’s adventure and awards of bloated contracts to his cronies and children and many generations will suffer because of these – including the ever-rising highway toll.

    Do we not feel the sufferings caused by one evil man who had single-handedly cheated and led the country astray to what we are now? Could we let him off Scot free and make others take the blame e.g. like AAB now?

    When asked how he would like to be remembered? He replied that he did not care. So why does he care now????? Why is he making so much noise- almost everyday? What is his agenda? He still has the cheek to ask AAB to resign and blame him for the election loss? Did he not ask the people to vote for the opposition before the election? Now, the people had voted and he unashamedly asked AAB to shoulder the consequences? What kind of a man is this? Can you see his hypocrisy?

    When AAB did not implement his projects he began to make noise and was brazen-faced to say that you implement my projects and I would not talk!
    Shame, shame, shameless, in an effort to extort and arm-twist a PM after being “booted” out of office.

    Actually, how many of us would know the consequence if the crooked bridge had been built? There was no water pipe! On its completion the causeway would be dismantled! You know when Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia, the ever far-sighted LKY had an agreement with TAR that if water was cut off from them they would go to war with Malaysia? Imagine how many lives would be lost just for the ego, revenge and evil-intent of one man! He would of course be laughing, with his cronies, to the bank and most probably enjoy holidaying overseas while the two countries wage a “water war” causing many deaths! Most probably, he would point his finger at AAB for starting the war!

    Haven’t we seen and have enough of this man’s evils?

    Some people credit him with the concrete buildings, roads etc. Let’s us ask ourselves a question, in view of the economic situation then, had he not existed would not the other man do the same thing as the whole region was progressing then? Who would not jump on the bandwagon and build up his own country too?

    But, what had he done; he jumped on the same bandwagon and created cronyism, nepotism and embarked on adventures with the nation’s savings building white elephants, causing untold financial losses, bailing out his son and cronies leaving us to carrying the baggge which we are feeling the weight of the sufferings now.

    Have we forgotten all these?

    Do we believe that we “could find him no wrong”? Yet he had the cheek to claim this and asked the tribunal to apologize to the sacked judge!!!

    Has he ever had a conscience?

    AAB should fight back. He should allow Anwar’s case be heard in the court and get somebody to list out his corrupted practices and evil-heart doings and put them in the record book or have him answer the charges in court. This will shut him up like a trap!

    Somebody should examine his role in May 13 and many other cases where his high-handedness resulted in lives lost.

    History must record the truth and give a true picture for future generations to view this foxy old Mamak man’s role in our lives.

    Sadly, AAB is either too soft or too dumb and doesn’t know what to do to fend off his frequent assault.

    We shouldn’t let others bear his sins! We should rise up and help to defend AAB by petitioning to Agong to remove his Tunship and put him under ISA for inciting hatred, intimidation and disturbing the peace of the country. We should help AAB to stand up and move on to manage the country instead of being constantly intimidated by this wicked man and crouch spinelessly behind the closet and let the country go auto-pilot.

    This Mamak and Diam must be put in jail and make them pay back what they had stolen from our nation’s wealth if justice is to be done or seen to be done. Else there is no use of shouting for anti-corruption, anti-this or anti-that. Justice would never be done as their ghosts will always come back to haunt us- over and over!

    Let us begin and put the last nail into his coffin and remove him from our sight once-and-for-all.

  35. George Soros says:

    If,a big if Mahathir aka Father of Corruption is now the Pm, everyone who oppose him is now charge with sodomy!

  36. Stupi says:

    I think most of the commet are either stupid or naive.

  37. thinkvision says:

    Dr. M, being an autocratic leader will never appoint a successor that was stronger or more capable than him to succeed him. That’s why people like Musa Hitam, Ku Li and Anwar were all banished to political oblivion before they have a chance to exercise their power.

    Abdullah was selected by Dr. M because he thought he could control the Mr. Clean. Unfortunately he didn’t expect him to be Mr. Weak too. Therefore Mr. Clean and Mr. Weak were hijacked along the way by Mr. Hidden and Dr. M was taken to the cleaners.

    Dr. M was confined to his own little sobbing corner for the past 4 years with very little chance to exercise his aging brain or throw more senile tantrums. Mr. Hidden has in fact taken very good care of this little ‘boy’.

    Recently, Mr. Hidden was nearly killed by the tsunami that wiped through the land. Without Mr. Hidden around, Dr. M has emerged a new man with his new found freedom although he occasionally suffered from bouts of selective memory syndrome. Now this little ‘boy’ will not stop attacking Mr. Clean and Mr. Weak until they are dead in the water. He just doesn’t care if along the way, he destroy the very nation that he built or if he takes the whole country to the cleaners. He is bent on revenge and somebody must pay for his 4 years of ‘suffering’.

    History has shown how the autocratic leaders led their countries to disaster. Take Hitler and Saddam. Will Dr. M join their ranks? Only time will tell.

  38. dodgy inc says:

    Forget No!
    Forgive No!

    I want mahathir’s bad blood.

    All ills, all management, all evildoing, all the country’s malaise, all racism can only trace to the bad blood of one man. It is is like a cancer cell growth, infected UMNO, MCA, MIC, election comission, badawi, khairy, kerismuddin, the entire government machanism and it is keep on growing.

    On the international scene, in sofar it seems the infection was limited to mahathir twin evil brother mugabe. Good thing thu’, he is coming to live with us. We paid for one now we get a second for free.

    WHO’s modus operandi will always be treat the infection from its source.
    We should deal with this cancer immediately before it is too late. He may die of old age

    Ps:So sorry RPK’ the man whom I have the highest respect, advocates that we forget about this man and deal with him later. No, we should take immediate action

  39. bill clinton says:

    Mahathir, the Father of Corruption is the biggest Scam in the history of the country.

    Now he talks like an angel.

    But Mahathir, the Father of Corruption, is the real reason for all theing wrong in Malaysia.

    Mahathir sabotaged the General election, so the he can put the blame on Badawi and make a comeback behind the scene using his son and ku li.

    We all can see that.

    Mahathir has wrecked and destroyed the country for 22 years.

    He should enjoy his ill gotton gains together with Mugabe and exile in Argentina, where he has a ranch bu\igger than the whole of Malaysia.

    We wonder where did Mahathir got all the money to buy such a huge ranch?

  40. bill clinton says:

    dodgyinc, Mahathir, aka the Father of Corruption must be put to trial for treason, corruption and gross violations of human rights.

    Just like Saddam and Suharto who was under house arrest, Mahathir must be brought to Justice immediately

  41. Anonymous says:

    A looney one. Know your facts about Tun Salleh Abas case. Dont spit out ingnorance. Make you look dumb and emotional.

  42. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    Mahathir was and still is treated like a pariah. He admitted it and he hated it. He has been corrupted by power, something like Gollum in the LotR. Now this Mahagollumthir wants massive attention and his grudges are immense, something like Ju on. Before he die, he wants that same attention while he was the PM, so that he will die smilling. This Maha-ju-on-gollum-thir doesnt give a damn about anything else. I have no respect for this Gollum with Ju-onic mind for making the malay to be proud of the achievements, not of their own but by swimming in non-UMNOs blood and sweat. He created them with such mindset, and gave birth to the UMNO Mugabes.

  43. bill clinton says:

    thinkvision, if Tun Musa Hitam, a very respected and clean leader, we never even hear one word of corruption did nit resigned, he too like Anwar will be charged for Sodomy.

    All the former Prime Minister from
    1) Tunku
    4)Tun Ismail, we never even hear one word about they being corrupt.

    How come for Mahathir, the moment you see the word Mahathir, before you come to the end of the sentence you will see the word corruption?

    You type the word corruption, the next word Mahathir comes out.

    You type Mahathir ,the next word corruption comes out.

    You type All things wrong in Malaysia, the word Mahathir comes out.

    You type Mahathir, the sentence All tings wrong in Malaysia comes out.

    And Mahathir tak Malu wants to save Umno and Malaysia?

    Hey Toone Mamak, go buy Toddy and enjoy lah all your ill gotton gains and leave the country alone.

    Malaysia have more clever People than self proclaim ‘clever ‘people like Tun Mamak.

    If Mahathir is so clever, how coms Singapore with no resources can be many times richer than Malaysia.

    1) Lee Kuan Yew really loves the country and put real work to bulid the country.

    2) Mahathir for every project inflate the price and stole hundreds of Billions and carry it oversea.

    You do not deed a genius to see why Malaysia is so backward.

  44. dodgy inc says:

    Hitler died in a bunker in Berlin, only charred body found, may be a decoy.

    The is a remote possiblity he could have changed his face to mahathir. Or may be some migratory bird brought over some of hitler’s bad blood to malaysia, the unlucky chap mahathir the victim.

    Judging from the quality of mahathir’ s leadership, i must say there are some similarity.

    Bapa Autocratic;
    Bapa Atrocities;
    Bapa Corruption;
    Bapa Big Mouth;
    Bapa Nothing good;
    Bapa Extravaganza;
    Bapa Correct,correct,correct,ya,ya,ya;
    Bapa Judicial crisis,
    Bapa Racism;
    Bapa Official Secrecy Act;
    Bapa ISA,
    Bapa Operasi Lalang,
    Bapa Kamunting Resort,
    Bapa kaJang Prison
    Bapa Mother of all wars with Singapore;
    Bapa Mismanagement;
    Bapa Incompetent;
    Bapa Plundering of our natural oil reserves;
    Bapa Media Black out:
    Bapa Black Eye Anwar;
    Bapa Lim Guan Eng’s humiliation in Prison cell
    Bapa AP;
    Bapa Cronies;
    Bapa Evildoer;
    Bapa Disgrace in Higher Education
    Bapa Milk bottle feeding bumiputra
    Bapa Umnoputra;
    Bapa Zakaria the palace infamy
    Bapa 3 Billionaire Sons
    Bapa Perwaja Steel Scandal(6 billion kaput)
    Bapa Londan Tin Scandal (3 billion kaput)
    Bapa Bank Bumi Scandal (3 billion kaput)
    Bapa Bank Negara Forex lost (6 billion kaput)
    Bapa Twin Towers (6 billion kaput)
    Bapa Phantom Skyhawk ( 1 billion kaput)
    Bapa No Need Tender
    Bapa Land Robber
    Bapa Purchase of London Movie Studio
    Bapa Purchase of Lotus Factory

  45. bill clinton says:

    Dodgyinc, Hitler is much better than Mahathir.

    Hitler never claim to be an angel and pretend to cry.

    Mahathir prentended to cry saying he loves Umno and the Malaysi and all that shit.

    How come Mahathir has stolen hundreds of Billions and send it overseas and still claims he loves Umno.

    What happened to all the money in Umno that was stolen before Badawi came to be Pm.

    All sapu by Mahathir.

    And now this idiot Mahathir says he wants to saves Umno.

    More like protecting his dirty secrets from being found out!

  46. Gary says:

    Don’t dissappoint Dr.M. If Pak Lah don’t set up an International Agency to investigate Dr.M’s misdeeds, get our local NGOs led by Bar Council Human Rights Committee and Mr.Param Cumaraswamy to set up a War-Crime-Type-Tribunal. 95% of the witnesses are still alive. Please also include members of Dr.M’s then cabinet including Pak Lah. Lets start our lives with a clean slate! If Pak Lah does not endorse this call, then we take it that Pak Lah has sth to hide. Pak Lah, pls don’t give us the same-old-tired excuse that security of the nation will be affected if an ivestigation of this nature is formed. Lets call it THE ENDON REPORT in memory of your Honourable late wife. Pls open ur ears and eyes wider. The whole nation is shouting for JUSTICE! The rakyat sent u the message on 8/3/2008. Remember?

  47. Tarzan says:

    Sorry! Sorry! Sorry folks! One of my chimpanzees has escaped from the jungle. Did anyone see it? I have to bring this naughty chimpanzee back to the jungle or else this animal will cause big trouble in human populated area.

    Huh! You Malaysia is real ‘lucky’! Of all the countries in the world, it chooses you! How ‘lucky’ are you?

    chimp vs man

  48. skyview says:

    National leaders should be made accountable for the legacy they leave behind. As the saying goes …. you reap what you sow. After 22 years of Mahathir rule , we witness this great tsunami sweeping and transforming the nation for the better. Racial and religious politics were exploited carelessly to gain political mileage by reckless politicians with impunity at the expense of the harmony of the nation.

    If TDM had not handed the reign to AAB in 2003, this transformation could have happened even in 2004. That year could have been the Waterloo for BN if not for the empty promises made by AAB. Like in Zimbabwe, the implosion finally came this year ….. a mere four years later.

  49. salem says:


  50. allen ng says:

    If Pak Lah got guts, he should abolish the OSA and ISA .These laws are obsolete and barbaric and would not do any good to the federal govt.I hope the MPs’ would take this trouble to debate in the Parliament to pressure the govt. to do away these repressive laws.

  51. Karim says:

    I’m AAB, I will take goon Mahatir to Kamuting and will crush all goon pussyfooters who are making noise since they are F-class contrctors who want to get more. He has no support, decency and honesty. AAB will fail if he gives respite to venomous snakes like Mahatir. Mark my words.

  52. Karim says:

    At least, AAB has started hitting back at Goon Mahatir today.


  53. It’s getting worst now.
    Just have a change of leadership to PR and say no to BN.

  54. Antares says:

    It’s crystal clear by now that not a single member of Umno has the intelligence to see that sibling rivalry and jostling for power serves nobody – least of all the country. Yet that’s all they know how to do, wave kerises at each other when there are no Chinese or Indian bogeymen around to scapegoat. In effect, Umno has sealed its own fate by reaching the ceiling of its own competence to rule and from hereon can go nowhere except down. The whole lot of them is irrelevant: Badawi, Najib, Khairy, Mahathir, Ku Li, even the new faces in the Umno cabinet (Zaid Ibrahim, Sabery Cheek, Shahrir Samad, and so on). There are so many unknown and untested potential leaders in PKR, DAP and PAS and some of them are beginning to show real signs of promise. Look at Guan Eng sliding gracefully into his new job as Penang CM. How about Nizar the new MB of Perak from PAS who won over the Chinese voters within a week of his appointment? I just saw the new MP of Shah Alam addressing members of a church to reassure them that religious freedom will not be at risk with a stronger PAS element in government – indeed it will be ensured. Now these are the positive signs I see – not a single Umno or BN politician has had any useful or fresh ideas to offer, trapped as they are in the old BN paradigm of racial politics. Now more than ever the crucial issues are to free up the media, clean up the judiciary, straighten out the police, flush the civil service of deadwood and sleaze, and resuscitate optimism, joy and spontaneous harmony amongst all the cultures and races that constitute the Malaysian nation. As a happy, united, healthy nation we will be able to ride out the rapidly approaching global financial maelstroms that signify the demise of industrialized, materialistic civilization and artificial clocktime. With the petty issues of gross misgovernance sorted out, we shall be able to look up from Cari Makan issues and enjoy the glorious sky above us for the first time – and collectively realize that the proverbial coconut shell has indeed been, once and for all, removed. As for poor Dr M….

  55. bill clinton says:

    skyview, Mahathir the Father of Corruption is Mugabe’s economis advisor.

    The same formula for Malaysia , Mahathir applied to Zimbabwe.

    Malaysia was able to wistand because we have oil, gas and oil palm.

    Zimbabwe has nothing except brawn and a brainless advisor advisor in Mahathir.

    If Malaysia did not have natural resources, we would be exactly like Zimbabwe right now.

    For 22 years Mahathir has sodomised the country.

    The country is bankrupt.

    The fight over Umno now is over limited resources.

    And not for the ‘love’ of Umno as Mahathir has claimed.

    If Mahathir had been Sincere for the country in ruling the country 22 years is more than enough time to build 2 generations of capable people of all races.

    Instead, Mahathir for his extreme greed has sosomised the country ofr 22 years leaving poor Badawi to handle the shit.

    Just look at all the excuses of the old fart.

    Oh… I make mistake, Anwar, this Anwar that.

    Now Oh I make a mistake, Badawi this, Badawi that.

    Now Najib, just because Najib decline to challenge Pak Lah, oh ! I think I make a mistake again …..

    Mahathir aka the Father of Corruption will support anyone leader who would steal for him. Period.

    That is the quarrel we are witnessing now.

  56. Yeah! It’s time for 1 people 1 nation. No space for endemic bigots.


  57. SilverSurfer says:

    The ghosts of Malaysia past will not be laid to rest until old muck raker M is charged. Unless he is taken to account for the wrongs done, our history written is not complete. Charge old M. Let our great grandchildren read that we did the right thing when needed. Justice is all.

  58. bill clinton says:

    Antares, Mahathir is more evil than Saddam Hussein, Marcos, Suharto and Idi Amin.

    Send him for criminal trial immediately.

    Treat him like a common criminal. That is what Mahathir is.

  59. Why is there so much public hate
    On this ‘retired’ leader of late
    With negative comments never abate
    Only to eventually seal his fate

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060408
    Sun. 6th April 2008.

  60. Ong Ting Ting says:

    This mahati guy has 22 years to do some good and he did NOTHING, absolutely nothing to foster the races, stamp corruption, upright the judiciary and host of so many issues.

    He rides the wave and enjoyed himself tremendously all these years.

    He left the boiling point to PhackLah and he does not add more cold water to stop the boil.

    Most of the time Phack Lah sleeps and when he don’t sleep he got married and get busy doing household chores, leaving the running of the country to his son in law Harry.

    Harry in the meantime is busy conniving the coporate circles to enrich himself. Heck, there is even a Maya company doing the istana I heard.

    Phack lah.

  61. Shanker says:

    If there is one good thing AAB can do whilst he still calls Putrajaya, office -it’s to bring this old goat to justice. Yeah – he’s 84; but does he hehave like an elderly statesment, or more like Michael Corleone vendetta mongering ?

    So why do we need to be kind, in the face of relentless, shameful hypocrisy? Hey Mahathir – in your own words – “tak tau malu ka?”

    He has to be brought to accountability. That’s all that there is to it.

    Mr PM – as suggested by the Edge, please, do call on TDM’s bluff, and set up an foreign investigation team. I will be behind you 120% on this one.

  62. Anne says:

    YES i agree! Charge the Old Crow in an International Court before its too late!
    What r we waiting for???????

  63. Kedahan says:

    AAB hits back. Lets see the next move.

  64. Man from Dubai says:

    M stands for Mahathir
    M stands for Mugabe.
    They are the same & look quite alike from certain angle. They are:
    Make shift politicians who keep Moving policies.
    Morons supporting each other.
    Misuse and Abuse Law and Order.
    Manipulative in General Elections.
    Morally corrupt
    Made a lot Money.
    Major disaster in Managing their respective country.
    Mentally retarded (as both now cannot remember anything).
    and last but not least,
    Mever want to give up power!

  65. DHL says:

    jelas sekali pendirian pak lah pada program di PWTC hari ini.ingat ! Pak lah akan bangkit utk memulihkan dan menyatukan UMNO semula.ucapan nya begitu ikhlas bkn seperti mahathir yg sedang merosakkan dan memecahbelahkan UMNO.Pak lah juga menyebut ada segelintir ahli yg mensabotaj PRU-12 yang mana ianya ditunjangi oleh org tertentu.lihat lah betapa hinanya org tersebut yang sanggup menggadaikan parti keramat UMNO ini.ingat lah mahathir zaman pemerintahan beliau lebih teruk lagi.jgn di ingat kata-kata mahathir itu semua nya betul2 ikhlas .hanya mempunyai kepentinga dan agenda diri sendiri.marilah kita menyokong kepimpinan pak lah.hidup pak lah!

  66. Tahun 2008 menjadi detik paling hitam dalam sejarah parti UMNO sejak penubuhannya. Ia juga menjadi satu faktor bagi kewujudan Pembankang paling gergasi dalam era IT ini…
    Ringkasnya, Malaysia mengalami era Global dimana segala2nya adalah berkaitan dgn kepantasan bermaklumat. Pemimpin2 utama (majoriti) sekarang adalah berasal dr zaman bukan IT dan kurang pandai dalam penggunaan software/IT/komputer. Mereka ketinggalan dan tidak dapat mengetahui sejauh mana mereka ketinggalan dalam kepantasan yang ada. Hanya Generasi muda yang terdedah dgn kepantasan maklumat dan teknologi sahaja yang faham dan mampu menggerakkan kerajaan dgn lebih efisien. kepada UMNO, pilihlah pemimpin yang betul2 berkaliber dan berhemag tinggi… Semoga Allah merahmati kita semua.
    Kepada Pakatan Rakyat, ambillah sebanyak mana peluang keemasan ini bagi menidakkan terus cengkaman BN ke atas Malaysia selama 50 tahun kita Merdeka. MERDEKA! MERDEKA! dan terus MERDEKA! MERDEKA dari sudut hak asasi kemanusiaan…

  67. the image court says:

    It has come to the time based on negative images received from many websites in cyber space against this Mahaimage, the image court hereby sentenced this Mahaimage to no-man cyber space jail.

    Everyone has the chance to blast off this mahaimage to space jail by clicking ‘space jail’ below:

    space jail

  68. Dex says:

    Interesting , glad i dropped here

  69. bamboo river says:

    I ‘ve just read Tunku Abdul Aziz’s article from Sunday Times (6Apr2008) titled “It’s time to close ranks and get on with the job”.
    Tunku Abdul Aziz is a former adviser to the United Nations secretary-general on ethics.
    Read paragraph 4 & 5 in column four.
    That is very interesting.

    Mahathir ,father of modernisation….yes I agree when he was the PM.(what I can see in the open lah.)
    Now , is more like father of destruction…to Umno that is.

    Yesterday in the main bulletin, badawi lambasted mahathir and ku li in the PC.
    This is going on a faster pace now. Wonder who is going to be gasping for air while leaning against the lamp post?

  70. clearwater says:

    Mahathir as Prime Minister was a hypocritical, vindictive, crony addicted and weak sighted spendthrift who wasted Malaysia’s financial and human capital to satisfy his megalomaniac desires to be remembered in history. He left behind only the hollow shells of once great institutions because he could not tolerate dissent and would not accept his own weaknesses. He disposed of all his deputies because he could not bear the thought that he was replaceable. He blamed problems on everyone else but himself for causing them. He was an unmitigated disaster as the leader of a nation. He is a figure to be pitied these days, however, for ultimately, he failed even to pick a successor beholden to himself! He should have sought advice from Lee Kuan Yew, another autocrat, who, in sharp contrast, nurtured his succession brilliantly and rightfully cemented his place in history. How personally bitter for Mahathir !!!

  71. frmad says:

    for the hot post

  72. jungleboy says:

    did anyone ever analize tdm smile? The smile of a tiger exactly

  73. David says:

    Mahathir or Pak Lah, both the same.
    Both up to no good anyway!
    Mahathir is no more a threat to us but Pak Lah’s company is, so why the diversion???

  74. yapchongyee says:


    My support for PM abdullah is to buy time for the PAKATAN RAKYAT TO CONSOLIDATE their hold on the 5 state governments that they already hold. I have always advocated a 2 party structure under the Malaysian original Constitution so that minority groups can form the “SWING VOTER BASE” TO PROTECT THEIR INTERESTS.

    PM Abdullah can effectively frustrate the onslaught of the push by Mahatir and Ku Li; because Mahatir is in his 80’s and Ku Li is into his 72 years and time will be crucial. If PM Abdullah postpones UMNO AGM; he will be safe as banks.

  75. dodgy inc says:

    Mahathir and Pak lah are not the same.

    One is “person zero” in medical term and the latter is the carrier of the new and mutated variant of H5N1(bird flu) virus

    RPK calls it HP6(Half pass six), very deadly and contagious. Serious, most of the BN members infected.

  76. Hello !

    I agree too !

  77. Lallang exile says:


    We are talking about high stakes here. I suggest you take the trouble to find out why Badawi and dr M is different, which you cannot tell.

    We are not trying a “diversion” like you mentioned, but blogging pertinent facts about the issues involved. The next 7 months is crucial in the run-up to the Umno party elections in December, and every effort to point out the truth about the personalities involved – PM, dr M, Ku Li, Anwar, etc – is important. of course it is up to the individual to judge, but one could only make a judgement/analysis after going through the full facts.

    Since you are IT literate enough to post a comment, please also use your IT knowledge to go through the various websites (or govt archives and newspapers) to get a good grasp of what we are talking about.

    Good luck

  78. Tarap says:


  79. The truth has finally surfaced.

    Big M, the ex Tyrant and Dictator of Malaysia has created the following problems and injustices:-
    1) The marginalization of non-bumis:
    – Non-bumis, with no opportunity to promotions on the Public Services, have shied away from joining the Public sector,
    2) The creation of the NEP:
    – The New Economic Policy (NEP) was purely racial, causing undue hardship to other races in Malaysia and worsened by his cronies, BN, the further creation of the Never Ending Policy. Don’t forget that when BN needs help. they know which race to turn to.
    3) The imprisonment of those suspected to be against this tyrant (ie Big powerful M, himself (without trial. etc.),
    4) From item 3 above, the degrading of the Judiciary, creating less trust in the courts (to protect himself),
    5) The encouragement to Bumis to have big families with financial assistance;
    – so that more Bumis will support him and the BN. But this has back-fired – creating more unemployment among Bumis, jobless ones turning into Mat Rampits, etc.
    and so on and so on….

    Pak La has finally got the guts to tell the truth in public. Syabas, but isn’t it a bit too late now? Can a Tun be charged for all his/her previous wrong doings? Pardon my ignorance if I am wrong (stand to be corrected). That’s why Samy Voodoo refuses to step down – he needs the Tun to protect himself. Correct? Correct? Correct? Well, I think that it seems I am correct or am I correct!

    Well done Pak La.

    For BN to regain the support of the Malaysian Malays, Chinese and Indians, please ensure that the top brass of the BN:
    1) do not be so arrogant,
    2) don’t treated by showing off the Kris (common citizens may be forced to show their parangs, swords, etc),
    3) stop making money at the expense of Malaysian citizens,
    4) be transparent,
    5) be people oriented (not only in favour of ONE race)
    6) Etc., etc…….

    Good luck BUT it will (probably) take another 50 years for BN to achieve control. The estimated 50 years reflect the time BN took to damage Malaysia.

  80. Lim says:

    A man can betray even his on party can’t betray the country for his own interest, I doubt? Be4 election Mahaldeal claim UMNO is louzy, sistem sudah runtuh and blah, blah, blah. Now he wanna put accusation to Pak Lah is responsible for the lost of 8 the March 08 election.
    Only the insane will listen to him.
    Wonder there are still so many in-saint(sane) angel of UNMO leaders and followers willing to sacrifice, cry and die for Mahaldeal.
    Sad for them the naive @ they are hoping Mahaldeal will recognize who are them and forget not about their sacrifice, cry and die therefore one they they too have chance to korek-korek lubang hidung M’sia as their
    h&(w)ealth food suplement

  81. dlquill says:

    I think we should have a open investigation on Mahatir as I can see he is not remorseful over his wrong doings. This is something the Rakyat must not tolerate. Who does Mahatir think he is. His OPS Lallang and victimisation of his opponent in the past has been to his favour and not to the country well being. I cant think of anything good about Mahatir’s projects like PKFTZ, Putrajaya, Proton, Mas, Maminco, refusal of WMF to cover his opaque government and family, his blocking of all major medias to show his dirty linen, Lingam case, and if I want to continus listing, susan’s bloc will be jammed by our critics.

  82. dlquill says:

    What is AAB waiting for? Mahatir challenge you to prove his corruption and you still want to doze. Hit him hard, do keep quiet like a dumb loser and says you do not wANT TO BE CHALLEGE and act like a coward. Nobody owes nobody a living, dont think he choose you means you are in debt and get slap and says thanks. M picks you because he is afraid of talents and that why you are here. Look at all those talents he took out, Kuli, Musa, DSAI and left behind dumb losers as his succesor.

  83. ANg Kong says:

    maha dir is untouchable. Even if the people’s alliance win the next election and decide to dig deep…in 5 yrs time.

    Mahadir by then probably succumbs to another jantung sakit and ‘tutup shop’.

  84. dodgy inc says:

    Hitler’s “Final Solution” was meant to BBQ Jews alive in oven. It was a failure since it leaves behind too many evidences.
    Mahathir aka the Hitler’s face changed has perfected its “Penultimate Solution” allowing painless slow deaths that drive all the non-Malays out of the country; cut out the water supply and let the entire Singapore’s population jump into the sea. Hence a much improved version of the evil solutions to wipe up human race.
    Effective next 2 month, I will be made an orphan in the land of my birth. My siblings, childhood friends with their families, cousins whom we played and grow up together, their families have decided to pack their respective bags and leave the country for good.
    Having a few unsuccessful attempts to convince my wife to join in the bandwagon, I’m destined to stay and fight this tyrant until my last drop of blood and make Malaysia a better place to live.

  85. dodgy inc says:

    I was amazed how Pete the man whom I held the highest esteem tries to convince us of cause to no avail not to act upon the misdeeds of Mahathir aka the Hitler’s face changed. Something just doesn’t add up.

    My worst fears were he may have a change of heart. From the champion against the discriminated races, the so called the bullets proof vest for the Chinese and Indian communities against any attack by the Malay nationalist to the protector of the Mahathir aka the Hitler’s face changed.

    1)Could it be a slow transformation from Good fellow “Anakin” to evil “Dark Vader” (Star Wars Movie)?
    2)Could it be he was writing his articles under duress, his wife and children were captured by Mahathir aka the Hitler’s face change’s Gestapo? His wife gets torture in front him
    3)Could it be he knows something we should not know?
    4)Could it be he is brought over by a large sums of money, pretty, sexy new wife?

    We can never know the true reasons?

  86. dodgy inc says:

    Has anyone notice that lately Pete appears to behave strangely in his entries in Malaysia-today.net.
    The articles in questions were: Smokescreens and disinformation: a distraction of issues; Like Siamese twins; Cheated not once, but thrice

    I was amazed how Pete the man whom I held the highest esteem tries to convince us of cause to no avail not to act upon the misdeeds of Mahathir aka the Hitler’s face changed. Something just doesn’t add up.

    My worst fears were he may have a change of heart. From the champion against the discriminated races, the so called the bullets proof vest for the Chinese and Indian communities against any attack by the Malay nationalist to the protector of the Mahathir aka the Hitler’s face changed.

    1)Could it be a slow transformation from Good fellow “Anakin” to evil “Dark Vader” (Star Wars Movie)?
    2)Could it be he was writing his articles under duress, his wife and children were captured by Mahathir aka the Hitler’s face change’s Gestapo? His wife gets torture in front him
    3)Could it be he knows something we should not know?
    4)Could it be he is brought over by a large sums of money, pretty, sexy new wife?

    We can never know the true reasons?

  87. raj raman says:



  88. dodgy inc says:

    A nation thrives in its excellent in Public Service.

    Private sectors either of the bumi or non-bumi companies are of more profit centered. Simply don’t care for the country.

    Instead of employing the best brain, the smartest of whatever skin colour or just smart but the darkest skin colour of “Obama- US President hopeful”, most of our Public Service Servants were single colour tone and mostly infected with HP6(Half Pass Six) virus. You tell me is there hope for our beloved country for the future generation?

    This is one of the many legacies left behind by Mahathir aka the Hitler’s face changed

  89. wits0 says:

    “Call for apology is stupid: Dr M”

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008
    “Frivolous, Unwarranted and Stupid”: Now theSun’s Is Mahathir Favourite ‘Forum’ After Malaysiakini
    He is surely predictable!

  90. . says:

    I have read it somewhere lastnight at the caption of Rocky Bru’s blog. If it’s stupid, frivolous, & unwarranted, then the Tidurman must wait no time to institute an independent of foreigners to investigate that old evil. 😉

  91. the gories says:

    Wait till DSAI become the PM. DSAI will charge him for sodoremi, a higher version of the one DSAI received from him. Mampus oh Mahadie, sorry Mahathir.

  92. little esteem says:

    Mahathir has a small brain with narrow outlook. Mahaithir is very fond of stabbing his enemies from behind. That’s why Mahaithir has unlimited enemies-in and outside Malaysia.

    Mahaithir is going for the last push to protect his assets as well as his legacies. Mahaithr has no trustworthy friends but only sycophants who are interested in his/nation’s wealth.

    Mahaithir is a sohai of the first degree if he thinks that he could con us like conning our forefathers.

    Dei! Mahaithir, this is the new Millennium with advanced ICT where information can be disseminated at tips of fingers.

    Mahaithir is the most stupid nincompoop on earth trying to spar with Bloggers like Sloone and hundreds, thousands and million of bloggers like us.

    Mahaithir is like using an egg smashing against a solid rock. Mahaithir is at the mercy of the bloggers. Mahaithir will be drained of strength and energy if he is ignorant of his tiny power.

    It’s the beginning of the end of Mahaithir, Better duduk diam3, otherwise the doctors in the Heart Institute will be cursing for spoiling their golf Sunday morning’s games because they have to tend to his black dying heart ala Suharto who was dying at slow pace with uttering pain……

    To save the agony of slow pain, Mahaithir could emulate Saddm by hanging himself to save him the agony of slow pain….

    Marina our fellow blogger can collect the carcass the next morning, this way it’s fast and simple. It saves the Rakyat’s money which could spend on your modern monument so that everyone could piss on your grave without the stinky smell….

  93. Mama Gian says:

    little esteem, well said…very well said indeed……I can’t agree more..

  94. pssst says:

    mr raj, i am quite confuse abt your definition for freedom of speech, how come people who speak / think diferently from u cant have the freedom of speech u’re talking about? You sound like a kxxxxx

  95. pssst says:

    …and, how come only you and the likes of you are right and have brain while the others dont? Haiya, very confusing….

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