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This is the man who wants to be PM. This is also the man who can’t restled his own home stead back from the hands of PAS. But a PM in hopeful Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is, and today he says:

“This is the challenge that Umno is facing today. Umno has to become a party that is trusted by all races. Umno has to compete with new parties like PKR who are viewed by all races- including new generation Malays – as a party based on justice to all Malaysians.”

He said this in a “back and beyond” (does this mean backyard) of Kelantan, a state in the east coast of Malaysia, under the rule of PAS. And as quick as a flash, Malaysian Insider regards Razaleigh as “someone to watch and someone worth listening to” (Finally, an UMNO leader sounds appealing to all Malaysians).


I really don’t think that UMNO can ever or will ever speak for all Malaysians. Malaysian Insider was too quick to judge and confer praises on this man – the online paper says that Razaleigh has managed to (1) Elevate the current political debate engulfing the ruling party (2) Put some distance between himself and others like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who also want Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down and (3) Offer Umno a road map of meaningful reform.

Talk is cheap, they say. I say talk is “free”. How is UMNO going to appeal to all Malaysians when it’s members are only of one race, who raises threats against non-Malays in the General Assemblies, when they turn into monsters everytime the issue of Malay Rights and Special Privileges are being discussed, when the issue of religions complicates the daily lives of others, and hardly anyone from that party say a word about it?

A newspaper shoul not fall too soon at the feet of any politician. Come on, can’t you see this is all rethorics? Do not be too desperate to throw your support behind “Ku Li” simply because we are desperate for a good prime minister!

I’ve hardly heard Razaleigh speak (since he re-joined Umno that is), in fact only lately when there seems to be a chance for the golden prime minister’s post. I heard him speak last year, and that was the time when he asked people not to question the social contract.

He said in a conference “…lately a few people were trying to raise issues regarding the contract like the position of Islam as the official religion of the federation and special privileges for Malays, as if these were not agreed upon when it was made when the nation gained independence in 1957. If the guarantees laid out in it cannot be protected, a situation worse than May 13, 1969 (racial riots) may arise”. (Bernama – as stated in Razaleigh’s blog “MY KU LI“).

If we can’t raise issues regarding the so-called social contract, especially if there had been injustices against it, then I don’t see how UMNO will ever defend the social contract, and how  it will appeal to all Malaysians.

The only way for Umno to appeal to all Malaysians is to disband and join PKR. Hahaha! That would make my day 🙂

Have a good weekend everyone.




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  1. donplaypuks says:

    Will a rat ever trust a cobra, especially if it has been cheated continuously or 50 years?

    Firaun & his dynasty, Raleighonyourbike, Rip Van winkle, Sil, BDS, M&M, Kerismuddin, Mopydopydin, RAPidfirewoman, MB Iskandar, Gayomart Parameswara; you name it, no Malay in M’sia today trusts any of these politicians. The are all tainted by the stigma of actual corruption (unexplained, undeclared wealth) or of manipulating the NEP with giving out contracts and favours to cronies as well as practising nepotism.

    So, how on earth are they going to move from this impossible position to attracting non-Malays?

    No, the only way forward, (and I personally have no interest in seeing them move forawrd, in fact I predict the demise of all BN component parties) is a mass expulsion of all old guards. Someone new & young has to step up to the plate and be counted, and it ain’t Muk, becoz Firaun’s dark shadow will always pull hin down.

    Something in the order of the October or Bolshevik Revolution that occurred in Russia in 1917 has to happen, a political tsunami of sorts, for UMNO to be credible and trusted again.

  2. Andrew says:

    Does anyone remember the picture of Ku Li in a traditional East Malaysian outfit on the front page of NST which was distributed free of charge on the eve of the general election when Semangat 46 was challenging the BN? There appeared to be something resembling a crucifix on the headgear.

    As the limbo rock song asks, how low can you go?

  3. wits0 says:

    “Finally, an UMNO leader sounds appealing to all Malaysians).”

    What a fatuous heading! So disgusting to title it that way for MalaysiaInsider. That Ku Li has nothing for the nons. He is a dinosaur trying to reinvent himself as relevant to Malaysia. A leopard clearly trying to change his spots but it is unworthy to help him to pretend that that’s possible.

  4. Haha… So much Drama in UMNO itself instead of General Election…
    I hope this year is dead year for UMNO, if Pak Lah is still running the Government. Go Other Leader!!
    Who ? Mahathir? Nope!
    Its Makkal Sakti!!!!

  5. missing tunku says:

    “This is the challenge that Umno is facing today. Umno has to become a party that is trusted by all races……” – Ku Li.

    My toes are laughing, UMNO had kill the trust of all minorities. UMNO should have told all the East Malaysian in 1963 that UMNO is going to make Malaysia an Islamic state and also to take 95% of their oil money.

  6. Billy says:

    I used to respect this man (including the likes of Rais Yatim) when he was heading S46. After all the support LKS and DAP have given him including publicly announcing that he would be the next PM of the country, he screwed up DAP by re-joining UMNO. I could not blame Karpal Singh for losing his cool when they met in Parliament after this episode. That also goes for the other frog in the east, Jospeph Pairin. Once you are in UMNO or the BN, the poison of racism is already in your blood stream and nothing you can do will purge those toxins from your system, unless one is prepared to go for cold turkey like DSAI. Tengku Razaleigh and Joseph Pairin must go and the sooner the better.

  7. ghenjis khan says:

    Ku Li is a temporary measure until August, 2008 when Anwar Ibrahim will stand for by-election [the earliest date allowed for by-election ie 6 months from last PRU-12].

    If Ku Li cannot replace Pak Lah by that month, there may be howling, growling and shouting match in Parliament when 82 young virile MPs who are used to saying their thoughts come into contact with docile feudal UMNO MPs.

    With the cute MP from Lembah Pantai , what can you say in retort …. banyak malu lah … must be careful, otherwise , the mother will get furious .. and what if the father is around …… WAR will ensue !

  8. Well, whatever he is, he still the best candidate for a better Umno. Can’t really trust a turncoat – joined back Umno when there was no future for the ex opposition coalition long ago.
    Better have a conservative than a younger brash leader.

  9. wits0 says:

    “Tengku Razaleigh and Joseph Pairin must go and the sooner the better.”

    These radioactive “has been” frogs think we have no memory, taste or intellect whatsover. That, per se, is how BN/Umno kept insulting the people. Being radioactive, the best favor they can do for everyone is to find a hole deep enough and stay there for next 10 thousand years or more.

  10. hutchrun says:

    Racist Ku Li the UMNO coolie has no appeal to me.

  11. wits0 says:

    “no appeal” is one thing, being actually repulsive is THE thing.

  12. hutchrun says:

    Yes `repulsive` is the better word. I shouldn`t have been kind to him, he doesn`t deserve it.
    It is a truism in this UMNO coolie`s case that he`s short enuf and so have his brains closer to his bottom.

  13. nmjg says:

    What is Ku Li trying to prove? A modern hero like Hang Tuah or Hang Jebat? When the late Tun Razak formulated the NEP, his aims were clear. I believed everyone will never question the original noble objectives of NEP. It was the greedy and shameless people up there who used NEP as s tool to rip open the firm and sound economic foundation of our country and hence put Malaysia into a situation nowadays, where the UMNO keep on shouting Malay Rights, “Ketuanan Melayu” etc, so racialistic and hegemonic. If not because of the Chinese and Indians, we would never achieve our independence. The constitution states clearly this is a country for all races, yes, a clause on “The special Rights for the Malays” but no such thing as “Ketuanan Melayu” or “Closed door Negotiation”types of tender. I believe if our forefathers are still around, they will all get heart attack and stroke, when looking at their descendants who mess up all their hard work. Pathetic.

  14. wits0 says:

    Napoleon was short, Mahathir too, so is Kim Jong Il. They have massive amd towering ego though!

    Racism is Umno’s raison d’être. Let us not forget that. The more they try to change, the more they remain the same.

  15. RAJ RAMAN says:

    A big NO for umnO,mic,mcA to make a come back.This three stooges make us stupid fools out of us.They are the champions
    of divide and rule.

    Never2 allow this three stooges patry to make a come back.Its like hearing to a skillfull diplomats or foreign minister to offer a candy to small kid.

    Once the stooges make a return,they will start the championing their race and pocketing the tax payer money.

    Just check around how this mp,yb can stay in luxury bangalow an having expensive cars with their salary.Stiill i cant afford one althou my salary more than them.

    Cheater BN.

    Still no comment yet about barisan rakyak.they yet to change their skin yet like the cobra.waiting for them to perform or to suck us again like bn.

    Only times will tell,meanwhile i am still bleeding from the wounds of bn.

  16. wlben says:

    At the end it is Anwar vs Ku Li. Who shall cross the finish line first? We shall see at the end…

  17. wlben says:

    I think he will not succeed but Anwar will…

  18. RAJ RAMAN says:

    Why is so much good feeling about anuar factor in this election.
    The malaysian will vote any bananna tree other than Bn.

    Do you bloggers really believe in anwar? What he really did during his terms as dpm in umno rule party to other bumiputra which is indian and chinese.

    Anwar is a good talker.Remember that.He champion the malay during is era as dpm b4 goes to jail.
    So,please stop talking great thing about him untill he proves he is not one of the umno ex.

    I want him to perform,no more mgr style to get indians votes or whatever style to get chinese vote.

    Anwar must prove he his the next pm to us by showing he is championing malaysian.
    Stop all the anwar praising b4 its climb to his head like me climb to my head of heaRING ANWAR,ANWAR,ANWAR THE CHAMPION OF MALAYSIAN.


    I neither pro or against of anwar,but definetely anti Bn.
    He still champion the malay during is power days.Lim kit siang should know better when anwar have a case about his corruption and his big house and anwar father in some corrupt case.

  19. RAJ RAMAN says:

    Now ,you bloggers know why i always say i am a stuck up person.


  20. Hkengmacao says:


    If you compare Ku Li earlier letter to Umno members and the one you quote here, I just can’t believe it comes out from the same person. That I think was the reason why you said talk is ‘Free’ and not ‘Cheap’, and I agree with you whole heartedly.

    This Ku Li’s “Don’t question social contract” which he said “Malaysians, especially those born after Merdeka (Independence) should refrain from questioning matters enshrined in the social contract entered into by the various races in the country, which also forms the pillar of the Federal Constitution” would also means that they won’t be ‘sincere discussion’ with him (ie Ku Li) when he becomes PM.

    Things and scenario of Malaysia’s political landscape has changed since merdeka. The so-called ‘social contract’ which agreed by our forefathers may not be ‘agreeable’ to new generation. So, Ku Li’s stand on “don’t question social contract” is unacceptable to many of us. Even at any business dealings, the contracts can be ‘modified’ or even ‘rescinded’ or ‘terminated’ if ultimately found to be unfair or not equitable. So, why not this ‘social contract’.

    The way we Malaysians keep on harping on this ‘unproductive’ issue will not lead our country to a brighter future. That was the real reason why Singapore pulled out from Federation of Malaysia. We can see now, Singapore is many many years ahead of us.

    Apparently, this is already an ‘open secret’ to all of us, but Umno leaders still refuse to acknowledge this. What can we do then?

  21. malayamuda says:

    Mahathir practises double standards.

    He says Badawi is the first PM from an opposition state ” tak malu kah ”
    But he supports Tengku razaleigh to challenge Badawi. But isnt Ku Li also from an opposition state. And to make it worse he actually helped PAS gain control of the state in 1990.

    Tengku Razaleigh is worse than Badawi. He is a bloody racist !!!

    UMNO should just close shop. Mahathir has eliminated everyone who is capable of leading UMNO.

  22. sklee says:

    How can UMNO be appealing to Malaysians when it is a racial party pandering to the so-called Malay Agenda?!UMNO is outdated.It played a role in our
    country’s history.United Malaysians National Organization should be a brand new Malaysian Party for all Malaysians with an Agenda for all Malaysians!

  23. allen ng says:

    Ku Li is a good and honest guy in UMNO but he would not survive if he is in command in UMNO. The party is already infested with crocodiles and sharks and only those people are only capbable to lead the party.

  24. Tarap says:





  25. andrew das arulsamy says:

    Ku Li or no Ku Li, UMNO followers are, and will always be like children with authority, intelectually retarded, refuse to compete with other races for the betterment of their own race, and they are interested to swim in non-UMNO’s blood. When challenged by the non-UMNO, UMNO does’t work hard and intelligently to prove that the challengers are wrong, instead they will wave the keris and plan to swim in non-UMNO’s blood. Mahathir planted the seed of incompetence in UMNO, and after another 100 years, that seed would have found its way to the UMNO genes. Malays must do something to stop UMNO before it rewrites UMNO’s genetic codes forever. May God bless Malaysia.

  26. hutchrun says:

    Pahang Umno liaison secretary Datuk Ahmad Tajuddin Sulaiman said he would not change his stand that all supreme council members should resign for the party’s poor performance in the general election.
    He said the resignations were necessary as it would enable the party to call for an extraordinary general meeting and hold an election for the new supreme council in 60 days.

    Ahmad Tajuddin caused a furore among Umno leaders when he called for the resignation of all supreme council members on Friday.

    The move is appropriate as he claimed the party president should not hold the responsibility for the poor performance alone.

    He was also quoted saying that the party should allow its delegates to elect new supreme council members to replace the old council.
    “I will not change my stand. This is my personal opinion,” he said when contacted by the New Sunday Times yesterday.

    Asked whether he received pressure after making such a controversial statement, Ahmad Tajuddin said Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob had told him that he would be sacked.

    “But I’m not sure whether he wanted to sack me from my post or from the party.” – NST

  27. hutchrun says:

    In 1987, when former BMF director Hashim Shamsuddin was charged in Hong Kong, further embarrassment for Ku Li surfaced. According to a statement of facts agreed by both prosecution and defense some of the proceeds from corrupt payments had been passed to Razaleigh.

    In a statement of mitigation, counsel for Hashim said the most important figure in the affair was Lorrain Osman.

  28. SilverSurfer says:

    I agree with you Susan about your observation. Much as I am impressed by Malaysian Insider’s standard of writing, the judgement or opinion proferred by the writer is premature. Unless the writer is usng his position now to play PR .. perhaps for a fee?

    My bottom line is for a 2 party system and BN could be the other. But then why TR? Why not AAB? AAB is similarly capable of being a reformist. I still have my doubts about TR. Between the 2, I prefer AAB. I am apt to think TR is being a shameless opportunist here. If he is a true liberal and interested to take UMNO/BN more to centre, then he should be supporting AAB instead of cutting the ground off below him. Win, lose, it’s a normal outcome in a political process. What’s the big deal and the big fuss?

    However, there’s a third “wildcard” here and that is that muck-raking M. If he and his goons were to take over UMNO – the Creator forbid! – then UMNO/BN will be an extreme right of centre conservative party. The crooks and political scums will love him, as well as big comprador capitalist like his “accountant” VT. Fortunately, don’t think that kind of people have much support from the citizens in this country.

    Keep up the good work Sue. You do raise interesting issues every day. Much much better that that bloody racist BBC”s “Have your Say”! Anytime!

  29. caravanserai says:

    Race base party must go
    This is my view
    For over 50 years
    The lies, deception, corruption
    Cronyism and what say you…..
    Don’t forget the little napoleons

    Social contract, I admit, must be kept alive
    In view of this it has to change
    What has become an obstacle?
    It surely must be rectified…
    Here in Parliament
    The MPs should stand up
    And be counted to effect changes

    The Agong is entrusted to safeguard
    the rights of the Malays
    It is not under any political party to usurp his authority
    It is conveniently blended to serve its own political life
    Without it UMNO will die

    The current UMNO leaders only fight
    The gravy train and their survival
    It is not about benefiting the people
    One down; others want to take over

    Here I hear the musical chair
    Music blending into its core
    Every one trying to score points
    Bringing it high on the score sheet
    You think it is about people
    And the country Malaysia

    Nay…..the rakyat must teach
    So that the leaders know humility
    It is for the country and her people
    It isn’t for political party….

  30. If Malaysians don’t like the devil and the frog, then they shouldn’t be loving this guy called kuli. BN is the devil and S46 is the frog, so that means we are left with only 1 choice, it is Anwar, if not, who?

    We are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. If a cat has 9 lives and he has died at the hands of the devil for 8x already, wouldn’t it be wiser at this time of thinking to take the plunge for the lastx for at least there is a chance to survive the sea.

    What is a perfect human body without a head? At it is now we have a credible “Body” to challenge the devil but we need a head to complete the mission.

  31. goldenhazel says:

    Isn’t this the former Semangat 46 leader who once said that, “The only way back to UMNO is over my dead body!” Can someone who retract on his own words be honourable to lead the country?

  32. George Soros says:

    All of us remember Bank Bumi scandal.

    What happened after that?

    Ku LI was implicated.

    So was Mahathir?

    All well covered up!

  33. George Soros says:

    Malayamuda, Mahathir aka The Father of Corruption is so desperate for a few reasons.

    1) When Anwar becomes Pm, he arse will be burnt.

    All the truth will be exposed.
    2) The fixing of the judges is an act of crime. He is definitely the key operator.

    3) All the financial crimes and hoe much had has stolen will be open for all the world to see.

    4) abuse of Human rights. gross violations of civil libertie.

    Umno, to survive must get rid of Mahathir and Gang.

    If not Umno deserves to dissappear into oblivion.

    Mahathir the Father of corruption is the source of all things wrong in Malaysia.

  34. Lallang exile says:


    Everyone should read the Asia Sentinel link provided by Hutchrun

    The article is a mind opener especially for those below 50 years old, and should be read and circulated widely in the blogs to let everyone know and understand what Ku Li did.

    Please forward it to as many people as possible.

    I remember vividly the front page on the Star of Jalil’s widow at the airport awaiting her hubby’s body and the children’s sad faces.
    That was when I decided to become a journalist!!!

  35. wits0 says:

    I recall the MSM quoting Kuli : “I swear to God, it has nothing to do with me!”

    These URLs should give an adequate description about the BMF affair:

  36. Joseph Fernandez says:

    No political party other than a multiracial party can govern a country like Malaysia and do not fool yourself by thinking otherwise. It is just a mater of time when this becomes a reality. The world is changing.

  37. KennyGan says:

    Umno is a racist Malay party; how can it be acceptable to all Malaysians? To win the Malay vote, Umno peddles the dangerous and divisive concept of ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. Then we have MCA and MIC to convince the Chinese and Indians that they are needed to counterbalance Umno or the minority races will be walked all over. This is racial politics Malaysian style. It helps keep BN in power, never mind the suspicion, mistrust and fear created among the races. 50 years after independence, we have failed to achieve any racial unity or integration; in fact the races have become more polarized.

    As for this Ku Li, he hasn’t proposed anything which will make Umno acceptable to all races. Did he say Umno should open to all races? No! Ku Li is just as racist as other Umno leaders, defending the concept of Malay Supremacy for their own political gain.

    Umno. MCA, MIC and other race based parties are not relevant to a modern progressive Malaysia. They survive on divide and rule, how can such a system benefit the nation? No wonder we are slipping backwards compared to our neighbours. Race based politics has prevented us from realizing our full potential, the sooner BN is kicked out the better.

  38. obama says:

    Where was Ku Li when Mahathir was sodomising the country of all its resources?

  39. Margeemar says:

    It is very saddening to note that Pakatan Rakyat members DAP and PAS are going at each other via the MSM. I just watched how the idiotic newscaster from TV3 gloated that the newly formed Pakatan Rakyat is already showing signs of breaking up.

    Please, YB Karpal Singh and YAB Nik Aziz Nik Mat, keep your quarrels within the four walls of Pakatan Rakyat. The last thing we need is for you guys to go to the MSM and wash your dirty linen in public. Talk it over in the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat.

    The 4th Floor Boys will be more than happy to use any disagreement within the Pakatan Rakyat and blow it out of proportion in the MSM that is subservient to the BN regime. If this is to be compared to a boxing match, the BN’s legs are beginning to wobble and it is on the ropes. We don’t need to wait for another five years for regime change. It can happen at any time. Poor Badawi is completely clueless as to what is happening around him. The poor guy is now on a witch hunt blaming sabotage by UMNO members for the BN’s poor showing in the just concluded GE. Wake uplah, Pak Lah! It ain’t got nothing to do with any sabotage. The people were just fed up with you, your SIL, UMNO and the racist agenda of BN. Brother, just leave us alonelah. Gooooo awaylah! Stop blaming others for the BN’s poor showing. Be a gentleman and just leave! WE DON’T WANT YOU NOR NEED YOU. MALAYSIA WILL BE BETTER OFF WITHOUT YOU, UMNO AND BN.

    It is time for Pakatan Rakyat to take stock of the current situation and deal the knock out punch to the pathetic BN. Before you can do this, please talk over your differences within the four walls of Pakatan Rakyat and pleeeease stop making statements to the MSM about your differences. Go for it guys, Putrajaya is yours’ for the taking!

  40. Where so many sharks and crocodiles abound
    Is there where you really want to be found?
    With inflation all weights are cheaper by the pound
    Can you find better bargains with help of blood hound?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060408
    Sun. 6th April 2008.

  41. sizani says:

    bullshit,drama dan ego……..

  42. Pegasus says:

    Ku Li can be UMNO Kuli forever,nothing will change that and he can keep on dreaming that UMNO will appeal to all Malaysian. In case Ku Li is also sleeping, he should know by now the Rakyat have rejected BN,that is UMNO,MCA,MIC and Gerakan, simply because it does not appeal anymore with their brand of work, full of corruption,mismanagement and dishonesty in full view of the public. Its 2008, you cant go on cheating the Rakyat who have access to alternative news in the form of internet. BN will be dead sooner then expected. Let all the component parties leaders of BN die holding the seat of their parties. Goodbye UMNO and BN !!.Welcome PAKATAN RAKYAT !!!.

  43. Man from Dubai says:

    Ku Li is a sunset politician! He thinks he can be the leader of Umno? Dont think he ll get the support anyway. Umno is in disarray, broke and has no more goodies to give out. So members who are so used to receiving money, never had any idealogy, will abandon the party. (Except Hishamudin who will inherit the keris from the party flag!) ptui…!

  44. Gary says:

    Hey! Whose is this guy? Isn’t he the one who renovated his office for more than RM1million when he became the Finance Minister? The BMF scandal took place during his time. In other countries they would have harakirid by now! Hello Kuli wake up!Any leader still talking about race based party and not talking about abolishing draconian laws is not fit to be a leader! Kuli, if you have time just go back to the archives and read what u said about UMNO when you were in Semangat 46.But u disbanded it and joined UMNO Baru! No semangat kah? U said it is because of Malay unity! But it has become more disunited since you joined Dr.M. Please stop hoodwinking!! Don’t think the new generation don’t know ur hypocrisms! Its all over the WEB! If u have so much of money, can u please finance some of the Malay families living in squatter houses in KL? Don’t forget, Dr. M had a choice. He chose Pak Lah as his suitable replacement when he could have chosen you. Please Kuli come out from the caves! is it called gua musang? what an apt name to describe your roots and character!

  45. bamboo river says:

    Ku Li …..remembered how he talked about Umno being a ‘one man’ party (mahathir) during his Semangat 46 days.
    Also don’t forget our PM (Badawilah who else)too was alongside Ku Li that time.
    Later he re joint Umno after S46 was disbanded.
    Reasons? PAS and DAP do not trust this Ku Li.
    Why? Becos Ku Li is eyeing the CEO post in Malaysia.
    After the hibernating period , Ku Li surfaced at the right time to thump off PM. (His loyal S46 ‘stand by me’ man)
    Reasons? He got the support and prodding from mahathir.
    Why ? The CEO post lah.

    We are now looking the true color of Ku Li and for sure if he is to succeed on his agendas, this will definitely create waves in the political scene in Umno.
    Ku Li is an opportunist but he lacked the skill and intelligence to execute the job. That is why, he ‘needs/depends/using’ the skill and intelligence of people around him (first was PAS/DAP and now mahathir)

    On Joseph Pairin….don’t trust this chap. They say blood is thicker than water,but look at him, even his own brother (Jefferey) also he can stab on the back. What ‘s to the rakyat then?

    the Karpal and Tok Guru Nik Aziz banter, don’t worry, this is part and parcel of Pakatan Rakyat.
    Bn managed to create Islamic issues on non muslims. (Khalwat case against non muslims,remember?) DAP and PAS is showing the people that they speak the same language. Bring up an Islamic issue and resolve there and then. In the other words, whatever BN is trying to create in order to split the PAKATAN RAKYAT, DAP and PAS will make sure they fail.
    So, do you think Karpal and Tok Guru Nik Aziz did not discuss this before the GE12? I am sure they did.

  46. Damocles says:

    Susan, just dump the BN.
    Don’t waste time on them.

  47. Let us see it htis way:

    1.the bantering between DAP & PAS is similar to a scene attributing to all the fumbling and confusion in trying to create a Malaysian Omelette by throwing eggs all around. another scene featuring kuli and gang fishing atop the sinking “Titanic”.

    Who do you think can survive the ordeal?

  48. Tarap says:


  49. KennyGan says:

    The bantering between DAP and PAS can be seen as healthy argument between 2 parties just like members of a family can sometimes disagree and argue. Remember that Pakatan Rakyat is a coalition between equal partners, not like the master-servant relationship between Umno and the other component parties. When Badawi and Najib declared that Malaysia is an Islamic State, do you find MCA and MIC making any noise? I rest my case.

    However the MSM will try to depict any disagreement between PR partners as the coalition breaking up. Fat hopes!

  50. the supreme court says:

    Kuli is just a hopeless prince who has been screwing up this nation since he assumed politics. The royal is just a bunch of bane parasites eating the resources of the nation and at the same time destroying the democratic structure of the nation.

    It’s time to abolish the monarchy system if Malaysia is really interested in progressing. The royals are just a bunch of decadent parasites which are destroying the nation.

  51. the supreme court says:

    The supreme court was dismantled by Mad=hathir and the former agong all iniated by kuli. Did kuli stood up and defend the supreme court? Kuli just acquiesced while watching mad=hathir stripped bare the power of the supreme court/

    The royals are just a bunch of useless nuts inherited from ancient time which is obsolete in the 21st century. No wonder Malaysia is like an ancient country in modern time.

    Mahathir must be hanged for treason in dismantling the supreme court.

  52. the supreme court says:

    After saddam, it will be mad=hathir’s turn…..

  53. wits0 says:

    “.. Razaleigh was Finance Minister in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He was also a former chairman of the scandal-scarred Bank Bumiputra. Among Malaysians, he is remembered for setting up Petronas, the national oil and gas company, and other Malay nationalistic achievements like seizing ownership and control of British companies. Till today, the “dawn raid” of Guthrie, a British plantation giant, in 1971 is still recalled warmly by ethnic Malays. Yet, little mentioned is the heartless implementation of Malay cultural supremacy and hegemony over this period that marginalized many non-Malays…”

    Very true! Kuli means less than nothing for the non umnoputras. None of the three, MahalDeal, Kuli Bad awi will come away with their “prestige” intact but is being exposed for what they actually were/are. There is no slavish MSM able to insulate them from what they represent in BlogoSphere. Truth, like water, will find it’s own level.

  54. the supreme court says:

    The federal court was set up by Mad=Mahathir and was used as a running dog for Mad=hathir. The Lingam’s video clip proves that.

    Mad=mahathir must be hanged if justice were to prevail in Malaysia.

    Malaysians are nuts if Mad=hathir is not hanged like Saddam and permits to do whatever he pleases.

  55. Ctizen Me says:

    Do not over play your card. He is just a kooli.

  56. Jimmy Page says:

    It’s between Razaleigh and Hishamuddin. No he can’t help UMNO appeal to all Malaysians, all he can do is pick up the pieces of a shattered party. Face it, there is no way UMNO will ever win another state again. They are finished. Doesn’t matter who heads it. No one will trust UMNO for the next 50 years, and for good reason.

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