From the famous Joceline Tan @ TheSTAR:

JUST three weeks ago, they were waging a fierce election campaign and raining accusations on each other. But on Thursday, all that seemed far behind them when the newly-elected and re-elected MPs turned up in Parliament for a briefing.

And this was perhaps best illustrated in a photograph of PKR’s Member of Parliament for Batu Tian Chua and Barisan Nasional’s MP for Rembau Khairy Jamaluddin walking together in the Parliament lobby, wearing their best smiles.

Khairy has been keeping a rather a low profile since the elections. He is aware of the mood out there about him and the pressure is not about to end just yet. As such, the man who many assumed would inherit the Umno Youth chief’s chair is now watching the action from the sidelines. It is still a good eight months before the Umno elections but the race for the Umno Youth leadership has effectively begun.

She also said….

To put it bluntly, few had been prepared to take on Khairy who was then the leading contender. But Khairy has suffered considerable political damage from the elections and few see him going for the post for a number of reasons. First, his candidacy will cause resentment that may spill over to the Prime Minister and he would not want that. Second, public opinion is against him and Umno may have a harder time winning back the non-Malay middle ground with him as the next Youth leader.

Besides, at only 33, he can afford to hold on to his No 2 post in the wing.

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  1. mitosblog says:

    nice post of Khairy Jamaludin. I’m really surprised they can walk together!

  2. malayamuda says:

    if they had won big, the big headed Khairy would have been walking with the UMNO jakuns.

    With 82 Tian Chuas in parliament now, he has NO choice.

    But I dont understand why a respected principled person like Tian Chua would want to be seen with a moron like Khairy

  3. Alexander says:

    Not too worry abt YB Tian Chua. I have had seen him working sincerely hard in batu for the last 8 years. 8 years u know ! He deserves to be wat he is today.

    I think the best person to teach, recorrect and torture KJ is Tian Chua. He is a gifted sparring partner for KJ. KJ will vanish completely from Malaysia earlier than December 2008 !!

  4. wlben says:

    When Pak Lah goes down KJ goes down with him.

  5. jedyoong says:

    dunno. dun u think tian looks like he was grimacing while KJ’s smile is superfake?

  6. Discrimination69 says:

    Imagine the Devil and Angle together? One became an MP through corrupt and manilupative means and the other through pure ideology and honesty. One putting his life and future by being arrested multiple times defending others and another putting his corrupt wealth defending his pockets. One educated in a prestious University but lacking morals and intergity and another in a lesser University but fired by morals and fairness.

    One patiently defending his principles and plodding through serving the people but another impatient to reach the top and using conferred powers through marriage to reach his goals.

    One always brushing against the law and another using the law to control dissent.

    Both are ICONS, one for the evil and corrupt and another the angel for downtrodden and discriminated.

    This is the yin and the yang of politics, they complement each other and also fight each other depending which camp one is in.

  7. caravanserai says:

    Politicians no enemies
    When in the August House
    Let the public see
    Just wait for the debate
    Then there will be something else

    Sometimes they play candid camera
    Looking cool in their suits
    Friendly banter smile in greeting
    This is Malaysian way to do thing

    You can’t have permanent friends
    You can’t have permanent enemies
    This is the political wrestling
    Sometimes you get whacked
    At times you get a raise

    Outside the Parliament
    They become the dogs and cats
    And the rats will hide away
    Plotting their own games

    Politicians know their craft
    They learn from the masters
    They learn from the streets
    Of Parliament House so to speak

    Now just wait for the Parliament sessions
    The fire of the House will raise high
    And we have 30 minutes TV exposure
    Listening to their fiery argument
    Debate and what not throwing in

  8. Ancut Nyamai says:

    KJ should show real good faith to Tian Chua by assuring Tian that he will asked his FIL to stop the double-standard police arrest esp. against Tian to the police “assisted’ demonstrantion by KJ in peaceful demonstrations.

  9. ktemoc says:

    I think Malaysian should grow up where politics are concerned. Ruling and opposition parties and their reps should be vigorous about their ideology, policies and values, but they needn’t be enemies outisde those areas. We are all Malaysians. We needn’t adopt the acrimonious aggressive and adversarial behaviour that UMNO and ex UMNO 😉 people like to adopt and display.

    In countries like Australia, both Labour and Coalition pollies can sit down together, have drinks or dinner and light social banter.

  10. Ancut Nyamai says:

    Well Ktemoc,

    In the West as they said if a “White” happens queue-jumped you (other skin color) it is the “White” who will prodded the “White” man.

    In England, if you make say a police reports, the investigating officer/s will take and investigate your case even if both had spats before.

    Unfortunately, as many told me, the situation is an inversion her. Ill-will, have you notice of that my learned friend, Ktemoc? 🙂

  11. Ancut Nyamai says:

    paragragh 2, -investigate your case FAIRLY. 😀

  12. DanielYKL says:

    Take a look at the UMNO Youth Three Stooges – hehe!!!

    The UMNO Youth chief post is up for grab. Who will get the coveted post? Who will get to eat the pie? Take your pick. Ting! Tong! Tang! Here we go… the race is on. Who win win? Will it be Larry, Curly or Moe? Does it really matter? Haha!

  13. JT says:

    What to do ….. I think Khairy just want to be near Tian ….. see who is turning to face Tian …why? B’cos’ Tian’s won BIG and Khairy is just doing the ‘kow-towing’ on Tian…. so the BIG smile on Tian’s face!
    Correct! Correct! Correct! Cheers!

  14. miwaki says:

    KJ is now a liability of UMNO and I would be surprised if he would be going for UMNO Youth chief.Anyway,the higher KJ can climb in UMNO the better for Pakatan Rakyat because KJ will be making lots of mistakes as he goes up the political ladder.We have to pray that KJ would make it big in UMNO so that BN would fall sooner than expected.

  15. Huang Siew Hock says:

    Khairy will be contended to hold the No.2 UMNO Youth post? Don’t joke! He will be thrown out by UMNO people, if he ever tries to stand for election!

    So, do not bet on him; he is a dead duck! He will go down together with the “sleeping beauty” . May, June, July, August, Sepetmber, October, November, December . Pick your month!

    It is Mukhrix ! Or some other dark horse.

  16. How to win friends and influence people?
    Be seen to smile and walk with your ‘enemy’
    Must also be very colourful not just purple
    Can eat all noodles including meehoon and mee

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 050408
    Sat. 5th April 2008.

  17. bamboo river says:

    KJ : So, TC , nice suit you have on.

    TC : Aiya, cheap suit mah, bought off the shelf from Sungai Wang. I am not a rich man mah. Your suit too looks stunning.

    KJ : This one ahh? Very cheap mah. Bought from Harrods during my last trip to London. Only 4444 pounds. Cashmere some more. You want I buy for you.

    TC : Buy for me ah ? Sorry lah, not my taste and more over that is too much. Cashmere ahhh? No wonder, I thought Cash Mari ?

    KJ : TC, what are those papers for?

    TC: Oh, this ahh? These are the report and list of matters i need to bring up this coming parliament debate.

    KJ : Wahhhh. Already start to work ahhhh?

    TC : Sure mah, time is running out .So, where is your papers?

    KJ : Ahh. I don’t need papers. In fact all my dealings are paperless.

    TC : So, may the best man wins.

    KJ : TC, I always wins.

    TC : Even Man U also can lose to the underdogs.

  18. Left is a Cat…Right is a Rat…

    No holding hands, no hugging, no kissing…at that…

    Safe for a day…just a friendly Chat…

    No betting, please, keep your cheque in check…

  19. Hkengmacao says:

    Tom & Jerry? Who is Tom? Who is Jerry? Your guess lah.

  20. Gua Bay Song says:

    TC is no angel.

  21. Have to agree, TC at the moment is neither dawn nor dusk.

    As TC, I sincerely hope he is one hell of a Tank Cat…remembering him posturing in front of a tank.

  22. Peace says:

    Message to KJ…. please beware and everytime before you go into your car, take a look in front of your car is TC is lying in front of your car!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha………….Good Luck TC, you deserved it…. my dad and mum all got wet in the rain just to for you. Hahahaha

  23. My2cen says:

    Ai yah, KJ, ur jacket is so tightlah! Go buy new one lah! So obvious u makan so much (rakyat’s money) & put on so much weight!!!

  24. allen ng says:

    I hope Tian Chua would not compromise with this buaya when he is in Parliament.He should be good sparing partner and I’m looking forward for it.I understand that there will be live telecast for 30 minutes and that’s interesting.Show them what Pakatan Rakyat means!!

  25. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    One is a true Gentleman who stand for justice & truth ,while the other is a Parasite feeding off the power of his Father in law PM Pak Lah.!
    No contest when you ask who the Rakyat prefer .

  26. cheehooi says:

    the problem is not why they walk side by side,the real problem is:

  27. cheehooi says:

    the problem is not why they walk side by side,l think the problem is:

  28. cheehooi says:

    dare to speak out for the people,then u may gain the respect from the people.if weak in mental,then better go fly a kite!!!

  29. Jude says:

    All politician are Opportunist.All are Katak Bawah Tempurung. Just waiting for their time. The Only TRUE CLEAN Politician ,I have seen is Mahatma Gandhi.

  30. ktemoc says:

    Ancut Nyamai, other than the mention of ‘ill will’ I don’t quite understand what you were driving at – sorry 😉

    But political ‘ill will’ notwithstanding, as I said, “… Malaysian should grow up where politics are concerned”.

    Until we do (and I don’t see that as yet except with Lim GE), forget about democracy or a two-party system. Besides, we are already seeing ‘boasts’ of actions that actually undermine the will of the people through the ballot box. Only those who are riding on dark raw emotions, as you aptly referred to as ‘ill will’, can ever support those de-mockery-tic actions. Where’s the reformasi then?

    Thus in one area we have merely substituted Scylla for Charybdis – we will be f* in the same way, maybe initially in small but invariably incremental dosages until we will eventually feel the same pain that we felt pre election. Birds of the same feathers, you know … 😉

  31. Pak Kong says:

    TC lowers his head and looks down… shows modesty and humbleness.. while K holds his head high but eyes downcast shows Pretend Arrogance but Shame

    Such contrast in human characters, an humble knight of the people and the other a RAT

  32. dlquill says:

    God & Satan, side by side is the balance of yin and yang, it reminds me of the show “the omen” in the begining, you can see they put the archeologist standing up while facing the evil caves with the findings of the anti-christ.

  33. tkudin says:

    KJ: great! we now both MPs
    TC: (smile)
    KJ: people voted us to represent them
    TC: you used postal votes, cheating some more
    KJ: sh*t! how dare you!
    TC: you think people stupid ah (smile)
    KJ: psst, aiya talk slowly la, reporters take photo la..

  34. robin hood says:

    I would not think much of the 30 minutes telecast, folks. From what I see of Bolehland, all you’ll get will be lop sided commentaries and roll calls from some clueless idiot and if we’re lucky, some shots of beruks scratching their groins and whooping correct, correct, correct, saya setuju.

    Do you really think Bodowi will let your Heroes strut their stuff on national tv???

    Well, for your sake, I really hope that they don’t have the term ‘damage control’ in Dreamland and show everything.

  35. KJ do appears like a devil in disguise i the pict, don’t you think? UMNO supporters do your bit. If KJ falls, Pak La will also fall b’coz KJ is the real PM of Malaysia.

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  37. raskal says:

    all politicians are enemies among themselves during campaign and election fever…

    outside political field..they all are close among each other…

    thats why ppl said politics is dirty

  38. Ancut Nyamai says:

    I am just browsing and came across Rocky Bru’s blog and Susan’s link “Susan in Bangkok” was vapourized from the caption “abroad”. (I stand to corrected anyway)

    I am going to post in Rocky’s blog as well. Sometimes ideologies could give us another “Berlin Wall”. Two long time friends who sat and lunched together were no longer friends coz one supports Hilary Clinton, the other Barrack Obama. 😦

    Concurrent posting at Rocky’s blog. You minda tell Rock?

  39. Lim says:

    Nice pic. I am proud that after the BN lost their 2/3 majority, the atmosphere in parliment become so high in class. Keep it up with your votes guys.

  40. […] bamboo river Says: April 5, 2008 at 3:18 pm […]

  41. Shanker says:

    A report from the consumate UMNO a%$ kisssser – Joceline Tan ? Trustworthy? Or just her taking advantage of a momentary situation to portray a spin?

    (BTW Joceline, new hair style ah ? Siapa pay for it la ? )

    Now, can you and me, really trust a reporter, who just days leading up to the 12th GE, wrote that the Chinese populace is more concerned with cost of living, crime and such than they are about corruption & VK Lingam? And then, did a about turn in her editorial on 30/3/08?

    Sigh Jo-jo – I thought maybe, just maybe, you, & Chun wai, had sikit redemptive material in you, after 8/3/08.

    Looks like now, you’re not gonna get my pity if you join the unemployeyment line, should, Pakatan Rakyat take ovet P’ment.

  42. sam says:

    TC, we salute you.
    But you need a makeover – start with some hair gel.

  43. Lim says:

    sam Says:
    April 7, 2008 at 5:15 pm
    you need a makeover – start with some hair gel.

    Ah ha you mean sytlish like Khairy???
    No needlah we don’t need you to make over in order to vote and support you TC. Bravo!

    Hi Sam dun be so serious just some jjjoke….

  44. birdbrain says:

    Anwar and Abdullah 37 are bed fellows!
    Tien Choi and Hairy are called gay fellows!

    Naik Jeep and Mudhadtir are stupid fellows!


  45. Jimmy Page says:

    Khairy will be moving to London very soon.
    He has family there, he went to University there.
    There is nothing better than to see the cocky son
    of a ***** reduced to a spectator and former VIP.
    Looks like your dream of being PM by the time you were 40
    is over, old boy. Drop in to the club for a drink.
    I’ll tell the doorman to let you in.

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