Former Penang chief minister Koh Tsu Koon: Have you patronised this stall near Tanjung Bungah?

There were many changes after the 12 general elections on March 8. One of them was the changing of roles and jobs for those who were once on the top achelons of society and government. These personalities lost their jobs to the Opposition. Hahaha! Jangan marah ya (don’t be angry)…

It’s a wonderful Saturday. Let’s have some fun with these photos, which I lifted from Penang Watch, without permission (sorry). But thank you for the humour. The pixs are so good and humourous that I simply could not resist it )

Former Selangor chief Minister Mohd Khir Toyo(L): Sapu-sapu-sapu (sweeep, sweep,sweep) …while the broom is new…

Former Toursim Minister Tengku (?) Adnan: Roti-canai international, special price for tourists and female bloggers! (Once upon a time he accused women for being lying, jobless bloggers).

Former Minister of Science: Mari-mari, beli satu, dapat dua, murah-murah!


And last but not least, former Works minister and promoter of tolls in the country, who also claims to represent all Malaysian Indian, who finally booted him out:

No car? Ai-yo-yooooooo!

Note: no hard feelings, fun only.


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  1. mitosblog says:

    nice cut and paste photos! Well the only thing you left out is Mahathir also own a bread shop in Langkawi called The Loaf but unfortunately he’s not the baker there. He’s the owner.

  2. mitosblog says:

    nice cut and paste photos! BTW Mahathir also owned a shop called The Loaf in Langkawi

  3. malayamuda says:

    now Samy can actually know for himself how many toll collectors are actually Indians.

    He builds the tolls for UMNO, and they cant even employ Indians to collect the money in the booths. Itu pun dia orang nak sapu bersih !!

    UMNO – Parti Apartheid Malaysia

  4. hutchrun says:

    In a way that semi value looks like he`s at the guillotine. Very fitting.

  5. hutchrun says:

    But the best remains that Cat With Machine Gun!!

  6. Hkengmacao says:

    At first look, like real. On 2nd look, cheh!!!

    Anyway, if these are real, so what? So long they earn on decent way.

  7. S2p says:

    It’s not funny at all~!!! t(“,)t

  8. imwatchingu says:

    Funny. I’d like to the other losers hoggng the following:

    Samy Velly- toupee & wigs
    Lim Kheng Yet- handkerchief & tissue paper
    Mahathir- adult pampers
    Ong Ka Ting- snake oil
    Toyol- dental floss and fake land titles
    Rafidah Aziz- APs & golf club membership
    Chua Soi Lek- viagra and condoms

  9. Ancut Nyamai says:

    Hahahaha. I like that anomaly esp. of Khir Toyol. Hahahahahahahhahaha.

  10. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today on Koh Tsu Koon and friends have new jobs!Here’s a quick excerptKoh Tsu Koon and friends have new jobs! Posted in ABOUT WOMEN, ELECTIONS GENERAL, FILES: PENANG, HUMOUR, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, OOLALA!!!, POLITICAL, TOURISM on April 5, 2008 by sloone There were many changes after the 12 general elections on March 8. One of them was the changing of roles and jobs for those who were once on the top achelons of society and government. These personalities lost their jobs to the Opposition. Hahaha! Jangan marah ya (don’t be angry)… It’s a wonderful Saturday. Let’s h […]

  11. bamboo river says:

    Let’s recap in words now starting from the top.

    Koh Tsu Koon opened a ‘sukun goreng’ stall . (Sukun is a type of fruit looks like a round jackfruit but taste like yam. Best cooked with curry and tumeric along with slices of meat. Erm…yum,yum,yum).My,my,that piece of sukun surepanas one.

    Toyo, aiya, why must he be the street sweeper? Ah, forgot,he did awarded two brooms to the Selangor chief town council. Luckily he did not award them the toilet brush.
    Anyway, he did mentioned that he will make sure the new Selangor state government is CLEAN. So, what’s best is to act more than just talk huh?

    Adnan, the roti canai cook? I thought that what’s his name …Zam Zam should be the right candidate?
    Ahhh, never mind, he sure knows how to spin that dough like he spinned the tales about ‘unemployed women ‘ bloggers!

    Jarjis, yeah, remembered how he ‘insult’ an indian girl in USA. Now, is he a fishmonger or speechmonger?
    That pair of gloves is too big for his hands. Aiya, matcha, jangan ketawa sama dia lah. Suruh dia kasi potong itu ikan kembung bagi saya 2 kilo. Rumber nandre!

    Samy, bila sudah jaga itu tol? Gua ingat lu cakap mahu kasi taruk semua itu SmartTag? Itu touch & go tarak pakai lagi kah? Aiyoyo, nasib baik itu tol tarak tukar semua SmartTag, nanti lu kerja apa?
    Itu kepala kasi taruk dalam lah, nanti itu rambut angin kasi terbang. Tangan kasi keluar, nah, angkat itu duit, gua mahu pergi sungai siput.

    Susan, you sure did spead the word ‘HAPPY” to all of us! 🙂

  12. bamboo river says:

    Spead should be spelt SPREAD.

  13. miwaki says:

    Sad ya,no job already.I’m wondering which company would employ these people knowing very well that they would destroy all document upon resigning !

  14. malayamuda says:

    and after shreading all documents there will tell the new workers that they will monitor their performance and see if the keep up the good work

  15. Great! Aren’t they so CUTE!..I guarantee they can never be jobless in our BolehLand if they go for audition at BolehWood… or if they decide to write and publish a BolehBook. Malaysia Boleh….Ole’..Ole’.

  16. Chritopher says:

    I am flabbergasted that your commenter stoop so low to doctored these pictures of the past leaders. The is unbecoming of a learned person like you. I am sure Dr Koh is very highly respected Statesman even by the newly elected goverment of Pulau Pinang. We Penangites are yet to see any positve delivery except politiking by the New Government. Please start your work don’t auto-pilot your will be handed the same prize like Pak Lah.

  17. Chritopher,

    Please don’t try to play God…or worst still barking up a wrong tree here.
    Can’t we have some harmless fun, and nobody is commiting suicide at the moment bcoz of this little pieces of cartoony and satirical presentation, right? My dear halo-ed fellow citizen Chri, this is not S’pore, wake up!

  18. saw the last photo n couldnt help thinking….
    1) how much road taxes are collected in total ?
    2) how much are spent on the road users? ie road maintenance ?

    does anyone know where i can find the details??

  19. 1bangsa says:

    SL, the first image was done with bad taste. direct sunlight is bad for his botox job! He job is to push botox to UMNO Youths!

  20. Jude says:

    Why cannot Joke-joke meh. Dont tension.
    1) Becareful of fresh looking goreng-goreng things, some laced with plastic.They pratically,put plastic botols to melt in the Oil.Before frying.This un humane act is a greed.
    2)Beyour careful of this foreign labours sweeping your streets. Some of them are petty theift.They will still your bicycles/shoes early in the mornings. Than they spray paint it and use it. Just look around.
    3)Befareful some of this Roti Canai helps are very unhiegenic. That cuci that one even after going to tandas.hi hi hi
    4) This fish sellers spray old fish with fresh blood to make it fresh. Check for freshness
    5) Becareful,this toll collector might short change you.If you have no small change ,please stop and count your balance before you speed off.
    This has happen to me.Aiyoo if Samy is the toll collector ,koyak lah,he mght return counterfit notes………….
    hahahah. have a nice weekend guys

  21. Jude says:

    Sorry in a hurry some spelling errors. Sorry, Lain kali I check butul butul before sending the reply ok.

  22. RAJ RAMAN says:

    sloone,you make my day,after the stressfull day.

    Its true,u are the happy one.Thanks sloone.

  23. penag laksa says:

    Dear Sloone, best picture to disparage this white-collar corrupt scholar.

    But let be known that this ‘corrupt Apiah’ from Penang has amassed $$$millions and millions of wealth during his rein of Penang. How much money he ‘makan’ from the Penang bridge toll? How much money did he received for his kick-backs for giving the contract to Motorola by exchanging rice for small sweet potatoes? The list goes on….

    Let don’t get the wrong impression that this white collar thief is living a miserable and honest life!

    Did he ever declare his assets during the years before he was booted out like Bill Clinton? Clintons earned more than $109 million after Bill left office

    I think the penangites are just a bunch a big stupid potatoes for letting this white collar thief left off the hook just like that?

    The BA is just another bunch of jokers managing the State after for not pursuing his misdeeds.

    Sigh! A eunuch can’t do big thing but there is always extra for failures!

  24. Let us respect all workmen and the good work they do
    As long as they make a honest living any job will do
    It’s not so simple these days to do what they used to do
    So let’s give them all a fair chance to do what they can do

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 060408
    Sun. 6th April 2008

  25. How the hell did these fellas get such decent jobs so soon after their much anticipated and deserved defeat? Susan, hoping to get some better ones in the near future. Well done, anyway!! Rgds.

  26. Lim says:

    First I looked at Koh S.K It looks real. I had no second thought for a moment but cant believe it. Logic triggers and scroled down, the 2nd picture looks absolutely fake. For a better arrangement, 1st the pic of Koh and the secon goes to fish selling store on the Menteri Science. the rest does not look so natural

  27. e Pemuda PAS says:

    hahaha…. lawaknya… 🙂

  28. stw says:

    Ha ha ha ! Nice photo. send more of other ex-MP & ex-menteri

  29. umat nabi says:

    inilah kerja orang pas yang kata sangat islamic tapi buat fitnah. Sedarlah islam hanya suruh buat kebaikan bukan fitnah. Malulah sikit mengaku pas parti islam tapi buat kerja langsung tak islamic

  30. Dinos says:

    great job…. keep it up

  31. sabahan says:

    Ini lah kamu bikin malu umat islam,Sebab itu PAS tk di sokong di cni,semua keja berunsur fitnah

  32. nONOY says:


  33. Eric says:

    Comon….they are rich….why do they need such jobs???

  34. Eric says:

    I don’t take it as a humour though….it makes the poor appears more pathetic

  35. DIN KEDAH says:


  36. sham says:

    ha ha ha …. kalau macam tu baru diorang rasa….

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