Indeed, both are long-time allies.

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad said Malaysia should welcome Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe if he goes into exile following elections in his country, but added that he expected the latter to accept the results of national polls in the African nation.

“If he wants to come here, the (Malaysian) government should welcome him. If he has lost, he has to accept the decision of the people, that is the best thing he can do”. (Malaysiakini)

I remember that in 2001, both won the same award: 10 enemies of the press on world press freedom day (Committee to Protect Journalists)


Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia. Mahathir Mohamad is openly contemptuous of press freedom. He has manipulated Malaysian media to cement his hold on power and has signaled plans to introduce even more stringent controls on a severely constricted media. Officials are now considering legislation to regulate the Internet, a crucial venue for independent news and opinion in a country where traditional media outlets are overwhelmingly controlled by Mahathir’s political allies. Notoriously thin-skinned, the prime minister regularly demonizes the foreign media for reporting he considers unfair. This past year he repeatedly blocked the circulation of international news magazines that featured articles about Malaysia.


Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe’s government has launched an all-out war against independent media, using weapons that range from lawsuits to physical violence. Since January 1999, two local journalists have been tortured and two foreign correspondents expelled, while the secret service screens e-mail and Internet communications to preserve “national security.” Bomb attacks twice damaged the premises of the independent Daily News; the second bombing followed close on the heels of a call from Mugabe’s information minister to silence that paper “once and for all.” Meanwhile, Mugabe makes liberal use of his courts to prosecute independent journalists for criminal defamation.

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  1. headache says:

    Mahagabe and Mugahathir… birds without feathers…flock together.

    My sentiments, exactly.

  2. kittykat46 says:

    Let me see.

    Mugabe – associated with – Corruption, Abuse of Power, Oppression, Redistribution of national wealth to Cronies, Repression of Minority rights, Perversion of the Judicial Process, Misuse of the Police forece.

    Mahathir – associated with – Corruption, Abuse of Power, Oppression, Redistribution of national wealth to Cronies, Repression of Minority rights, Perversion of the Judicial Process, Misuse of the Police forece.

    Yeah, the Two Ms are a mutual admiration society.

  3. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Mahathir’s affiliation with international tyrants (retired or in power) is no surprise to anyone. He sanctioned the SLORC (The Military Regime) of Myanmar by spearheading the admission of the brutal regime to ASEAN under the guise (that he duly and fully knew) of intermediaries ASEAN would play in promoting Democracy. The result until today has been proven a disastar to Aung Sann Suu Kyi’s NLD (National League for Democracy).

    He even stanchly protested against the late President Suharto of Indonesia against State prosecution when clearly the bloodbath of the East Timor and the Indonesian Chinese was a result of Suharto’s misrule, tyranny and murderous regime.

    To beleive Mahathir’s in his daily tirade against PM Badawi for a better Malaysia is as stupid or equivalent to beleive that AAB does not take (ill) advice from his SIL.

  4. Lim says:

    The corruption of Mahathir

    adapted from Bangkok Post

    I have always said Dr Mahathir is a menace to his own people. Now
    only you can see the effects of his foolishness when the ringgit has
    halved its value overnight and your economy goes kaput. Single
    handedly you have caused hardship to millions of your own people. You
    have built useless mega projects at tremendous cost to the country.
    The telecoms tower in Kuala Lumpur and the highest building in the
    world show how stupid you are. Not only does it cause massive traffic
    jam, it has totally no purpose. If you need high ground for telecoms
    antennae a nearby mountain is there for free. This tower has no
    purpose from the ground up to 300 metres. The satelites make this
    totally unneccesary.

    A fool and his money are soon parted. The only thing is you are the
    fool and the money belongs to Malaysians. You make 20% in evey
    project, you have real estate in Japan and billions of shares
    corruptly acquired. Your 3 sons are worth 8 billion US$. Where do
    they get this money? Of course, corruption. You are known as the
    Marcos of Malaysia, having enriched yourself to the tune of billions.
    You dare to shed crocodile tears during UMNO delegates meeting about
    the ills of corruption. Yet you are the most corrupt of all the prime
    ministers before you. A thief is crying thief and hopes people look
    the other way. Who dares to say anything when the chief is caught
    with his hands in the candy jar?

    You said wisdom is not the monopoly of the West. So is foolishness.
    You have more foolishness than most people would believe. Billions
    are used to build two high rise Petronas buildings that benefit
    nobody. It now stand tall, a symbol of stupidity and irresponsibility
    Instead they just add on to traffic jam. What is this reclamation of
    10 islands off Kedah? Totally absurb and stupid. Of course your
    benefit is 20%. And the bridge across from Malacca to Sumatra across
    international waters? Why not build a bridge to the moon? I am sure
    you still can get your 20%.

    You called me a Moron. How can a Moron make so much money. By
    allowing short selling and borrowing millions of shares from your
    banks we fund managers made millions out of your inexperience and poor
    regulations. You lose all Malaysians money, therefore you are the
    Moron. Now you know too late and start crying over split milk. In
    Australia you are known as the recalcitrant ego maniac; in UK the
    corrupt bastard because of your stupid purchase of our movie studio
    and the 290 million ringgit Lotus racing car plant and the shady
    Pergau dam loans from the UK. They are useless to us and you still
    want to buy them. What about buying British reject submarines through
    your agent, of course. The agent/ broker is designed to make millions
    out of Malaysian government. Your purchase of our battleships is at
    least 50% more than others are paying. Your purchase of 9 hospitals
    from UK lock, stock and barrel does not support your local architects
    or your industry and the British send you obsolete medical equipment.
    The design is atrocious, one end to the other is half a kilometer and
    there is no CT-scan, an absolute necessity. In the Uk your face
    appears in no less than 17 newspapers as a corrupt dictator. In
    Malaysia you are known as the (IBM) International Big Mouth. In Japan
    they call him the ‘smallest one’ (brain size). In Pacific island the
    Santa Claus (giving advice left and right). In south America they call
    him the parrot (he talks a lot but does not know what it is about). In
    Manila the living Marcos.

    In Malaysia they are spending millions to lure tourists and you talk
    rubbish scaring every foreigner away. “When he is dumb he is doubted
    a fool, when he opens his mouth it removes all doubt.”

    While I agree the West does not have the monopoly to wisdom, your
    actions are not the wisest either. Your EAEC has totally no support
    even in Asean. Your South-South dialogue mets with the same fate and
    what is this I hear of the Bridge from Malaysia to Indonesia covering
    20 miles across International shipping lanes? How crazy can one get?
    Even the Japanese don’t have the money. This world’s stupidity seems
    to be concerntrated in one man’s mind – yours.

    The multimedia super corridor – MSC -. Well in USA its most stupid
    concept because we Americans, would have thought of it light years
    before. Even if it makes money, we can copy this concept can’t we?
    Why do you want to spend your hard-earned money doing questionable
    projects? It will be like the Bakun project. Abandoned fund wasted
    and another white elephant. I always say politicians should not be
    involved in business. Your ministers are also businessmen and almost
    every official is enriching himself. Look at Rafidah Aziz, selling
    thousands of Approved Permit for cars each worth 20-30 thousand
    Malaysian dollars. Why not your government sell them and make the
    money?She has acquired millions of shares meant for bumis for free
    before she agrees to list them. Look at your Selangor Chief Minister
    collecting millions for approving high rise buildings from
    businessman. He is worth a few billions. Unfortunately he was caught
    with a few millions pocket money in Australia.Every Chief minister is
    awarding useless projects to his cronies then collecting secret pay
    offs on the side.The Land development Boards and the Economic
    Development Boards are used to bailout any loses suffered by
    politicians.The profits they keep, the loses they force the Government
    bodies to absorb.How can your poor ever close the gap when every good
    deal is snatched by your politicians?How can your country get out of
    poverty if all the billions of corruption money is taken out of the

    Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber
    concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to
    businessman without tender; using his own companies to obtain
    lucrative government contracts; selling approval signatures for a fee
    ‘you pay I approve’. He has 8 billion US stashes overseas. Thousands
    of acres of land are given to one or two companies while thousands of
    poor people still live in cardboard makeshift homes; have no water and
    shit into the river. Thousands of acres of land are sold to companies
    for plantations while the native don’t have even one acre to their
    name. He is selling sand near the beaches to one company for earth
    filling and then ask the government to spend millions to protect the
    coastline when erosion occurs. He lost 300 millions of the sarawak
    government money trying to make computer chips. He has built a port in
    Northern sarawak town in water so shallow it needs dredging every year.

    The Prime Minister built highways without tender, your cronies get the
    deal and the price double. Your Langkawi airport runway is built is
    double the cost by your own company Ekran.

    The Malaysian nation has lost at least 30 billions during your last
    10 years of corrupt rule. One billions lost from the purchase of
    phantom skyhawk war planes nobody has ever seen (are they still in the
    Nevada desert USA?). 3 billion lost from the London tin scandal (you
    thought you could corner the London tin market without knowing the
    Americans have a stockpile! Stupidity at its best. 6 billion Perwaja
    steel mill where nobody even know where the money goes, 3 billion bank
    Bumiputra scandal where George Tan bribed all the bank officials to
    lend him the money. 6 billion forex lost by Bank Negara (the fool and
    his money are soon parted) and 6 billion to build three of the worlds
    tallest buildings (built by Japanese and Koreans and furniture
    imported from France – not Malaysia) and 1 billion lost from purchase
    of British warship including fees paid to the broker and under the
    table. Add the 10 billion you stole and 5 billion taken by Ministers.

    In the 1997 the World Journalists meeting voted Dr Mahathir the Prime
    Minister of the Decade. It sounded strange to everybody until it was
    revealed those who voted against are threatened by IRD officers and
    with losing their jobs. In New York the United Nations 1997 meeting,
    the most corrupt Prime Minister of the decade is President Suharto and
    second Dr Mahathir (Actually Dr Mahathir should take first place but
    bribed the Indonesian to take honour of Number One.

    There are Fifty thousand of your university students are not given
    places in Malaysia but are good enough for places overseas resulting
    in billion of dollars lost.The British and the Australians are
    thinking how stupid.Your best students are sent overseas raising their
    standards while as in most countries the best are kept in local
    universities and the rejects sent overseas. A university student in
    Hong Kong is much more prestigeous than any Australian counterpart.
    You have been colonised by the British so long you cannot even educate
    your own people. Look at Hong Kong or Singapore less than 5% study
    overseas. All the money saved. Your country could save billions if
    every student overseas is recalled to a local university, and at the
    same time raising your own standards.

    Your people are still without shoes, without land to farm, without
    homes, bathing in rivers shitting in hole in the ground, without water
    and electricity. Your cities are concrete jungles without greenery
    and open spaces. Your KL is jammed with traffic. Yet you still keep
    on building high rises. You should come down from the clouds and stop
    daydreaming and firmly plant your feet in the ground. Your schools
    are cramped 500 students to an acre and thousands of acres are given
    free to some politician who leaves them idle. Your parks are being
    taken by politicians to build shophouses and every cabinet minister is
    a landgrabbing businessman who build roads only to their cronies’ land.

    The Malaysians’ prayer

    “Ya Allah, we thank you for your gifts of timber, oil and grain.
    But then the devil sent us corrupt Mahathir without a Brain
    And look we are back to square one again
    So just take Dr Mahathir back to Hell
    And we will be alive and well.”

    In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars.
    With 8 billions you have stolen therefore you would be shot 80
    thousand times.

    Now you are leading an anti-corruption campaign. We all know what you
    should do. Look yourself in the mirror. You see the crook there?
    Then use your left hand and handcuff your right hand.

    You have put the opposition leader and his son in jail when they said
    in parliament you are the richest PM in the world. And his colleague
    Mr Karpal Singh too for 2 years. So I get a reward or bribe if I now
    say you are the poorest PM in this world?

    Your 3 sons are sitting in the board of directors of more than 200
    companies. They must have been educated in Harvard school of business
    and obtained distintions? Or is it “you don’t know me you don’t do
    business in Malaysia” law that applies. Billions of ringgit of
    Employee’s Provident Funds and public Petonas funds are used to bail
    out your sons who make losses investing in every venture you thought
    you could make money. How unethical and corrupt.

    Every one of your politicians are sitting on the boards of tens of
    companies making thousands without any effort, lending their VIP names
    to borrow millions from local banks without collateral. Now these have
    become non performing loans. Now you want 20 millions Malaysian to
    sacrifice for the folly of ONE man? Why not the fool resign and admit
    he wasted and took most of the money. I could teach you how to put
    your economy on tract but first you must apologize to the Jews and the
    Malaysian people as well.


  5. anarky says:

    Mahathirs should be strongly encourage to migrate to Zimbabwe. ANYTIME!

  6. mitosblog says:

    Mahathir, Mugabe, Lee Kuan Yew, Suharto(deceased)

    All are dictators in their respective countries.

    Now I wonder why Mahathir likes Mugabe so much?

    I’m sure there are hidden motives among these two leaders.

  7. hutchrun says:

    No lah. Mugabe has already siphoned all the ill gotten money to M`sia. What TDM is doing is to establish a case of `immunity` for his lover Mugabe so he does not get repatriated.

  8. A.arim says:

    Mugabe speaks (Kis)Swahili as one of the 3 languages he speaks apart from his tribal vernacular and english. In Kiswahili, they have a proverb that says: “Kila ndege huruka na mbawa zake”,,/i> Which means, birds of the same feather fly together always.”

    No wonder he hates Anwar. The difference is that while Anwar has extensive relations with top Muslim and Western leaders, Mahatir has few accomplices who are all nasty and petty dictators. What a difference!

  9. sansprejudice says:

    Sure, if at all it is true Mahathir has invited Mugabe. Make Malaysia a hub of disgraced despots, tyrants, dictators and other riff raffs from the world over. I nominate Mahathir to be the Life President of this prestigious grouping.They can also form a defacto government-in-exile here and while away their idleness by taking potshots at their democratically elected government back home and generally making fools of themselves.
    Perhaps,they can also transfer their ill-begotten wealth to Malaysia as well.

  10. Scott Thong says:

    Mugabe: Trash own country and blame Whites.

    Mahathir: Trash own country and blame Chinese.

    Any questions?

    Mugabe’s track record follows:

    2.1 million starving under Mugabe’s reign

  11. Scott Thong says:

    Mugabe increases anti-White persecution to solve problems

    At least LKY and even TDM forged successfuly nations.

  12. Wow! quite nasty remarks for our not-so-beloved ex PM. TDM is not as bad as Mugube, only that he works wonders making use of others, that’s why he has nothing much to fear. Bring him to court and he goes out free.
    Unless his minions start singing when they are indicted.
    Maybe they both can share a prison cell here.

  13. derek says:

    TDM is the last person who should be lecturing anyone on political morality. He is the foundation stone for the poorly constructed building that is Malaysia today. His successor has been adding more baggage on top of this poor foundation and surely one day it will all collapse!!

  14. rebel says:

    why do we need to welcome Mugabe? why exile here in Malaysia? what did he contribute to our nation? isn’t the African continent big enough for him to hide?? why cant he take all his money and go and stay in some European country? the kayu we supplied to his housemaking is no longer available,Mahathir forgot to inform him kah? one after another idiot is welcomed to our country but we Msians are asked to leave if we dont like it here.funny isnt????

  15. John 316 says:

    I can just imagine Mugabe walking around Petaling Street and being picked up by police and detained as an illegal immigrant. That’s what they do to Africans in Malaysia right?
    Perhaps when Anwar becomes PM, Mahathir can seek assylum in Zimbabwe. Exchange of dictators.

  16. MrCorrect says:

    This is a new version of students exchange programme, the crooked prime ministers exchange programme. Maybe he is thinking of exiling to Zimbabwe when the can of worms is opened and 22 years of shits start hitting the wall. Senile idiot.

  17. kesava says:

    Mahathir is as bad as Mugabe. Mugabe just stupid black man, listening to Mahathir and tried to implement same `bum-i` policies in Zimbabwe then get screwed.

    If not for palmoil and petroleum, M`sia also screwed like Zimbabwe and Mahathir running to Kerala.

  18. joo ngan says:

    M&M – Eminem, hey these two should form a rap group!

    You know the saying about great minds thinking alike but fools seldom differ. In this case we can substitute the word “fools” for “dictators”. Both are equally contemptuous of dissent and rule of law. If TDM had his way ALL nonbumi assets would be forcibly transfered into bumi hands the way Mugabe forced white owned farms to be handed over to black Zimbabweans.

    What a pair of tweedledumb and tweedledumber!

  19. ANg kong says:

    dont be foolish… this MUgabe isnt going to come here…i even doubt he knows where malaysia is located?? near south pole, he says….
    this topic is quite irrelevant lah.. unlike Susan’s style.
    hey, Su…. i cant help noticed tht the numbers of comment on this blog have shot up substantially since GE.

  20. joachim says:

    Mugabe looks like an ape. If he likes Malaysia, he should be living in the jungle where the “Laws of the Jungle” prevail and he can still be the King of the Jungle in Malaysia…the same way he rules in Zimbabwe. If he don’t like the jungle, then we can offer him our Zoo Negara to house this Mugabe Ape. After all his ancestor was once an Ape…

  21. SilverSurfer says:

    You are judged by the company you keep. That says much for old muck raker M. No wonder March 8 was a red letter day. The day when Malaysia overthrew the oppressive system of extreme right muck raker M.

    Do we need tyrants, crooks, and thieves like muck raker M’s friend Mugabe here in Malaysia? No! These sorts gives us a bad name. Better to send them both to Congo.

    Hamid, please put a APB to all your Immigration to stop this second M from entering Malaysia. One muck raking M in this country is more than enough!

  22. Jolly Giant says:

    Former Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad has rejected an outcry over his use of government funds to help Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe build a $13 million mansion near Harare.

    Dr Mahathir denied any impropriety in his donation of $40,000 of rare Malaysian timbers to Mr Mugabe, an international pariah for his human rights abuses and policies that have ruined Zimbabwe’s economy.
    [ ]
    Opposition groups are demanding an official inquiry into whether the gift was authorised by cabinet and whether additional assistance was given to Mr Mugabe. The Zimbabwean leader claimed in a recent television interview that he was getting help to build the mansion from China and Malaysia, “thanks to my good friend, former prime minister Mahathir”.

  23. Malaysian says:

    MM corruption incorporated.

    Mahathir lextured that Anwar work with Jews and American imperialist.

    In todays modern world as we have witnessed, the real Imperialist are people loke Mahathir and Mugabe.

    Mahathir sosomised Malaysia for 22 years.
    Financially Mahathir has plundered Malaysia for hundreds of billions.
    The only reason why Malaysia has not collasped is because of the oil revenue we have.

    Even then Malaysia is not a net importer of oil.
    How long can Malaysia can stand this massive kind of plunder?

    Mugabe an ardent admirer of Mahathir wrongly thought that Malaysia’s progress was due to Mahathir!


    Whatever Malaysia has progress, it is shallow.

    Singapore under Lee Kuan Yew started the journey at the same time as Malaysia.

    Singapore has no resources at all.
    But look at Singapore.
    Please drive down to Johore Bharu and lok across the causeway at Singapore and you will realise Mahathir has con the nation for 22 years.

    What has Mahathir contributed to the well being of Malaysia?

    Some people would say Mahathir has build the North south highway and twin tower.

    Any damn fool can spend money and build any monument.
    It is a drain on the nation’s resources and all these was build at very highly inflated costs and Mahathir has profited from all Malaysians.

    Look at all the tolls gates!

    Mahathir has inpoverished all Malaysians for years to come.

    Stupid Mugabe took in Mahathir as economic advisor.

    Mahathir told Mugabe to sack all the whites.

    Now the Zimbabwean economy has collaspe.

    This is all Mahathir’s fault.

    So, is Mahathir, the Father of Corruption, clever?
    Nope. I do not think so.

    Is Mahathir a good conman?

    Yes, I thinkMahathir is a very cunning conman.

    But now we all know the truth.

    Is it too late?

    That depends.

    We must stop beliving the lies and manipulation of Tun Mamak.

    What has Toonmamak done for the Malays?

    Except to enrich himself and cronies who help Mahathir to steal.

  24. Malaysian says:

    kesewa, you are correct.

    What Mahathir did to Malaysia is not much different from wjat Mugabe did to Zimbabwe.

    The only reason we survived was Oil and Palm oil AND GAS.
    iF YOU REMOVE this 3 items, we would be like Zimbabwe too.

    After all Mugabe ran Zimbabwe on the advice of the ‘very clever visionary Mahathir Toon Mamak!.

    Sorry for Mugabe , Mahathir’s vision bacame Zimbabwe’s nightmare.

    I would welcome Mugabe to exile to Malaysia, provided we can exchange him for Tun Father of corruption to any country.. for the asking?

  25. Malaysian says:

    joachim, We recommend Mahathir can be Mugabe’s housemate!

  26. Lim says:

    Mahathir, Mugabe, Lee Kuan Yew, Suharto(deceased).
    Among the best who is a dictator, it is still Lee Kuan Yew, though he is an autocrate, perhaps he developed S’pore well.
    The rest including Mahaldeal, eats up his own countryand own nation’s blood, for his selfish interest

  27. Lim says:

    Activists and opposition leaders today piled on the pressure for former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad to be charged in court for abuse of power during his 22-year reign.
    … … …
    “From Shafee’s evidence in court, Mahathir virtually scuttled the investigations”, Param said.
    … … …
    Lim Kit Siang of the opposition DAP said there should be an inquiry into alleged abuses of power during Mahathir’s tenure which he said had undermined institutions like the judiciary.

    “Based on Shafee’s evidence, Mahathir should be probed,” he told AFP.

    Ezam Mohamad Nor, chairman of the anti-corruption group Gerak, also joined the calls for an inquiry.

    … … …If there is enough evidence, Mahathir should be charged,” he said.

    Malaysia Kini News on 4 April 2008

  28. wits0 says:

    Demonic twins separated from birth since Time began. Hence the natural affinity.

  29. Jolly Giant says:

    Mahathir must go to Sg. Buloh prison for at least 7 years for corruption. Only then can his sins be purged. Nowadays he is trying to be ahero by attacking Badawi, but in truth he is very afraid.

    He is trying to prevent the investigations into his misconduct when he was PM by making trouble for the current PM so people will be on his side. This is the terrorist mentality.

  30. manukau says:

    Mr. 10% or 20%,
    remember you came to this world empty handed and you will go empty handed and remembered for a thousand years.

  31. Malaysian says:

    All Malaysians from all walks of life have given the mandate to charge the Father of Corruption, Toone Mamak Mahathir for massive corruption, massive human rights abuse and gross abuse of power.

    Perhaps in an ironic twist, Mugabe can offer Mahathir exile in Zimbabwe.

    Malaysians can then release themselves from the imperialist shackles of Mahathir forever!

  32. Ng says:

    All the shits that our nation encounter is the consequence of 1 man. Dr M. God knows all the evil committed by him and we are reaping what he sowed and now he is blaming Pak Lah and want to remove him so that someone align to him will be the next PM. Sorry lah take boleh macem itu. Malaysia need to stand and give the fullest support to Pak lah and the Pakatan Rakyat and hope God will continue to bless Malaysia. The era of Dr M is over and he is no more relevan.

  33. savetheoc says:

    Mugabe needs to burn in hell, He’s tortured his people for many, many years. It’s time for him to go!!!!!

  34. Hitam Had says:

    Do you know what good friends are for? You have to look after one another in times of need. Of course the ex-PM has to offer Malaysian hospitality to his good friend Mugabe, never mind that Malaysian taxpayers will have to pay for it.

    Believe me, Mugabe is very much at home in Malaysia since he is such a frequent visitor!


  35. imwatchingu says:

    Thanks but no thanks Mahathir. One dictator in the country is already one too many. If you want to hold his hands, please go somewhere else.

  36. whish says:

    Hi Malaysian, I noticed you mentioned about Singapore has no resources at all, but look at it now. Well, you must remember… the problems we Malaysia were the one who is supplying water resouces to them (it’s cheap!), that’s happen because of agreement made during Tunku AR time. Luckily Mahathir became Hang Jebat and made him to sober down, or else… donno whats goin to happen. When Crooked Bridge was planned, why Singapore made a noise? Well you should love Malaysia more than Singapore. The field will looked greener on the other side of the fences

  37. Citizen says:

    whish, how come Malaysia with so much water for free cannot be rich?


    Because Mahathir sudah sapu hundreds of billions already lah!

  38. god says:

    Why is the Mahathir still so “sibuk” (busybody) with politics when he already retired from it?Still want to call the shot. Mahathir, the big shot now is Badawi not you. Gone are your days. Enough of going on cheating the people and the world and your sharp criticism of others.You have embezzled the country and people’s money and your sons’ overseas education and business were all funded by the Malaysians not their dad.How much money Mahathir had gambled and wasted our Malaysians money. Every cent that Mahathir and his family has belongs to the Malaysians. Its time we Malaysian demand back our hard earn money from Mahathir & family and all his cronies. All these money are “duit haram”(sinful money). Hope our PM Badawi live up to his image as Mr Clean and weed out all those who “stole” the country’s and people’s money and charge all the guilty ones and bring justice to the people, regardless of status and ranks!We want justice to prevail. Better late than never. For our people and country’s future, just DO IT!

  39. Citizen says:

    Ng, Malaysians from all walk of life all agreed Mahathir is the root cause of all things wrong in Malaysia.

    Mahathir has push all the dirt for Badawi to carry.

    Put Mahathir to trial and then to Jail.

    Alternately, send Mahathir to exile to Zimbabwe.

  40. all Malaysian says:

    Toone Mamak Mahathir, aka Father of corruption, and the person responsible for all things wrong in Malaysia.

    You have already sodomised Malaysia for 22 years.

    One evil person like you is already more rhen enough.

    Please do not ask the government to adopt your twin brither Mugabe.

    Mahathir, you tak Malu.
    Mahathir, you have no shame?

    After what you have done to Malaysia, please go into exile before Badawi or Anwar put you to Jail where you rightly belong!

  41. whish says:

    Hi Citizen, I don’t think Dr M sapu everything, even Ananda Krishnan became the riches man in Malaysia because of Mahathir . What do you say, shall we increase the water rate to Singapore? I,m Selangorian, we are lack of water resources too

  42. sivasoonasamba says:

    Mahathir still thinks he is PM of Malaysia with the authority to invite a renegade-cum-political pariah like Mugabe to seek refuge in Malaysia as he is about to be chucked out. Malaysians don’t need dictators like Mugabe to pollute their country. Since Mahathir likes Mugabe so much, then the Mahafiraun should join Mugabe in Zimbabwe or perhaps both can migrate to mauritius or St helena to live on their ill-gotten gains! The world and Zimbabwe will not weep for the downfall of Mugabe in the same way that we in Malaysia don’t weep if Mahathir goes to the dogs and pigs!

  43. American says:

    Going through the blogs I am amaze that whenever Mahathir’s name comes up… it is always followed by the word corruption.

    It is as if Mahathir=corruption.



  44. Jude says:

    Aiy oo, Miss Lim how many times do you want to cut and paste the same
    shit from Soros. Try something else…………..

  45. wits0 says:

    It has been a known adage since time immemorial that a man is known by the company he keeps.

    If Mahathir has to love Mugabe, that shows clearly the depth of his own perverse values. The same goes for UMNO which inflicted Mathathir on the country for 22 long years. Imagine that audacity of wickedness in attempting to spite the West by cutting off everyone elses’ nose in the process. Where does Machiavellian proclivity ends and Moral Moronism begins?

  46. SOS says:

    If not for for the huge difference in appearance, judging from their behavior alone, one may easily mistaken them for a pair of identical twins.

    One thing for sure, they have developed a very strong brotherly affection for each other. Hope they stop harming their fellow citizens and just disappear into the sunset together.

  47. SOS says:

    Quote:- “Going through the blogs I am amaze that whenever Mahathir’s name comes up… it is always followed by the word corruption.

    It is as if Mahathir=corruption.”

    No, it’s not Mahathir = corruption

    It should be Mahathir > corruption

    Or you can liken him to corruption with new model number like pentium2 ..pentium3..pentium4….so on.

    Anyway, you can safely say he revolutionised corruption in Malaysia and single handedly developed cronyism into an art form!! Also a master inventor of empty slogan ……..”Malaysia Boleh!!”

  48. jughead says:


    The water suppply to singapore was made when singapore was part of Malaysia just as Penang received water from Kedah and Selangor from Pahang under water transfer project. As for other agreements, it was done with Johor Government as water is a state matter. At that time, I heard that the top guns can enter Singapore as if they were in Malaysia. When the Dam in Layang was built, the ministers from Singapore used to have durian parties with those in Johore. As a Selangorian, you know NUTS abut Johor and have one sided view like UMNO. Of course now Sinagpore wanted to be self sufficient in water and in future Malaysia may have to buy water treatment technology

  49. dodgy inc says:

    Me a Malaysian, I opine the construction of the crooked bridge is part and parcel of mahathir’s evil plan to start a war will Singapore.

    Many thanks to our badawi in slumber for cancelling the bridge project.

    At least many of us and our children of both nation done have to die due to one recalcitrant ego maniac

  50. dodgy inc says:

    American, SOS.

    Mahathir means corrupt. Corrupt means mahathir.

    Let us hope that the next Prime Minister would simplify our national language Bahasa Malaysia. Keep it simple, delete all corruption word in dictionary, replace by mahathir.

    So we will have Anti Mahathir Agency not Anti Corruption Agency

  51. wits0 says:

    Unless I’m mistaken, before the crooked bridge came int the fore, there was this big imbroglio orchestrated by the Mahathir administration with S’pore over the matter of water supply a few years ago. This swarmed the soc. culture malaysia newsgroup and the arguments were so voluble and voluminous that they were not even worth reading about!

    My final conclusion is that M’sia wrt the lousiest State of Johor showed the greater degree of fault and meanness. Damn ass quarrel that was so contrived and unnecessary. Mahathir was pushing for unity and patriotism of the jingoistic sort.

    Just ler, wait when a real crisis develop over the Spratley Islands’ claim and that is a real ticking time bomb which everyone conveniently forgets. It’s very doubtful if Bolehland will have that degree of unity shown during the Indonesian Confrontation when the highest point of real patriotism and unity happened. It will take considerable time and proper effort to make people believe in the System again.

  52. Ctizen Me says:

    May be like the Ex Prime Minister of our neighbouring country he will bring foreign exchange to invest in one of our football teams. It cannot be all that bad. If a European country can allow one of their football teams to be bought by questionable funds so can we.

    It may be good for the economy

  53. sandra says:

    A fitting epitath for this old shit:

    In Memory of one who successfully turn UMNO into a party of thieves and plunderers and he being the biggest.

  54. SOS says:

    Quote”Me a Malaysian, I opine the construction of the crooked bridge is part and parcel of mahathir’s evil plan to start a war will Singapore.”

    It’s actually a plan of a genius!! Malaysia may have miss one of it’s greatest opportunity to attract more tourists to it’s shore.

    Just imagine how many curious foreigners would flock there, just to have their pictures taken by the bridge!! Imagine the leaning tower of Pisa!!! Can you see the big picture? Imagine the many jokes going their round across the world. Malaysia would have become world famous again!

    Nobody talks about Petronas tower anymore, so the genius came up with the bridge idea to keep the interest on Malaysia alive. Shit!!!!opportunity missed!

  55. SOS says:

    Quote”Me a Malaysian, I opine the construction of the crooked bridge is part and parcel of mahathir’s evil plan to start a war will Singapore.”

    It’s actually a plan of a genius!! Malaysia may have miss one of it’s greatest opportunity to attract more tourists to it’s shore.

    Just imagine how many curious foreigners would flock there, just to have their pictures taken by the bridge!! Imagine the leaning tower of Pisa!!! Can you see the big picture? Imagine the many jokes going their round across the world. Malaysia would have become world famous again!

    Nobody talks about Petronas tower anymore, so the genius came up with the bridge idea to keep the interest on Malaysia alive. Everybody loves a sick joke, can’t you see? Shit!!!!opportunity missed!

  56. American says:

    jughead, you are spot on!

    With people like Whish, it is no magic Mahathir can sodomised the country for 22 years and still find admirers like whish!

  57. American says:

    dodgy inc, perhaps we can start a new word in the people’s encloypedia called wikipedia.

    Delete the word corruption and replace it with the word Mahathir.

  58. American says:

    Sos, looks like the word Mahathir is the moral equivalent of Mahathir.

    It is like a brand.


    Mahathir!!!!!! ===== Corruption.

  59. American says:

    Sos, I meant corruption is the moral equivalent of Mahathir.
    It goes side by side.

    Corruption= Mahathir.

  60. wits0 says:

    Besides fiscal corruption and fiscal abuse there is this matter of abuse of power in the form of Operation Lallang which deserved to be investigated by a proper Inquiry. It was a most cavalier and oppressive act by Mahathir and one that did NOT penalise the actual wrong doers.

    After all, Anwar was prosecuted on “abuse of power” type of corruption.

  61. Dear headache Apr4 12.09pm

    Correction: since the 2Ms have no feathers, they don’t flock in the open, they sleep and play together hidden by the 4 walls.

    Indeed it is very sad for Malaysia and the other. GOD has cried!

  62. whish says:

    Hi dodgy,
    U said that” Me a Malaysian, I opine the construction of the crooked bridge is part and parcel of mahathir’s evil plan to start a war will Singapore.
    Many thanks to our badawi in slumber for cancelling the bridge project.”.

    Why do have a negative thinking about crooked bridge , logically it should bring a good outcome to Malaysia in term of economy, passage of ship etc. I thought you want our country to progress and developed well? Even Tambak Johore is already jam with vehicle. Why should the planning of construction disturbed Singapore?… Its not as if we want to invade them. I,m not that blind suporter and believer of any politician all over the world including Dr M. Even American always make a joke about Bush. I,m just looking into the situation at another scope and angle.

  63. American says:

    Whish, a crooded bridge for a croked man.

    If Mahathir has indeed cared for Malaysia an iota, Malaysia would be the Swirzerland of the East.

    How came we cannot be as rich if not richer than Singapore.

    How come there are so many poor people.

    Mahathir aka corruption has use many people to front gor him to sapu all the money using his cronies.
    Now Anwar the Prime Minister in waiting is waiting for Mahathir aka corruption.

    If Mahathir for 22 years did nit steal Malaysia would be like Singapore and Richer.

    Now Malaysiamis bankrupt.

    But Mahathir aka corruption is a Billionaire.


  64. dodgy inc says:

    Dear whish,

    I made two short notes in another Susan’s blog-“What’s inside Mahathir’s closet?”, i don’t mind repeat and summarise here.

    i hope it is clear to you.
    blog 1

    This Mahathir must have an “evil” microchip implanted in his brain and or simply he is a devil resurrection in human form.

    Not sure this have been mentioned anywhere before.

    I am of the opinion there is absolutely no justifications to demolish Singapore’s causeway and build a crooked bridge unless this evil minded person wishes to commit genocide to the entire population of Singapore.

    The vehicular traffics on the causeway and the water flows at the Johor’s straits are of the least importance to the Singapore.

    However, the large diameter water supply pipes(probably 10 numbers in total) that sat along the causeway has a strategic importance to the survivor of the Republic of Singapore.

    It is technically impossible to rebuild those huge water supply pipes on the new crooked bridge. If anyone notice the proposal of the crooked bridge, the water pipes were just not there. Cutting all water supply to Singapore is the one and only aim this evil mahathir wants to do all the while.

    I’m not a Singaporean myself but as a human being I am sympathetic to the plight of Singapore and its survivability as a nation. I am not surprise Singapore is willing to give anything AAB and his gang of JKKK want provided water supply to singapore is not cut. Although AAB and JKKK are greedy but to Singapore’s Government these group of persons are “angels”, they can not fail at all cost. Watch out Singapore may one day send their army to defend AAB and his gang.

    blog 2

    Reading the blog here I realised that most people if not all the people of Malaysia associate the cancellation of the crooked brigde project by badawi angers mahathir due to loss of perks and profits for the later cronies.

    Little people here in malaysia know that the Gov. of Singapore treat the construction of the crooked brigde even on the malaysian water as “An Act of War”. Singapore Government never give any explaination but show pictures of the causeway together with the huge diameter water supply pipes which sit on the causeway.

    The water supply pipes along the causeway represents a “strategic” importance to the survivor of the Island state of Singapore. So too, if anyone realised despite badawi gov. heavy losses on March 8 election, the State department of the United State of America issued a statement to say the Gov. of badawi is still an important “strategic” partner of the United State of America.

    Much of the population of Malaysia and Singapore don’t know they are heavily indebted to our ever sleepy, dumb & dumber, ineptness badawi government who either knowingly or inadvertently prevented a war path planned by our brinkmanship formal prime minister.

    How many of us and our children in the national service will have to die just because of one person’s ego?

  65. dodgy inc says:

    Dear SOS,

    building the crooked brigde, this evil genius and idiotic mahathir want to wipe up our population in a war with singapore.

    I don’t think singapore gomen is that stupid to buy this story-crooked brigde as major tourist attraction.

    i suggest you do this. Take a stroll along the causeway to see how big these water pipe are and try to figure out as to how if you are an engineer to suspend these water pipes both on straight or crooked brigde.

    Currently, Singapore try to be self sufficient and survive with drinking their own shit water. It can never be enough.

  66. dodgy inc says:

    Dear whish and SOS

    So how much more malaysian want to bully our southern neighbour who is already so low down and desperate to start drinking their shit water.

    Singapore and Hong Kong both share the same fate.

    Even wander why the British Gov. reduced the lease of Hong Kong Island from 999 years to 99 years. It must be plain stupidity.

    Without including the additional land on the New Territory, mainland China, the land area and water catchment on Hong Kong Island was too small to supply drinking water to its population.

    With its booming population, the british gomen was without any option at that time(No desalination plant invented yet) offered to reduce land lease of hong kong island to 99 years but ask to include more land area on the New Territory on China side. Simply to increase water catchment areas.

    Singapore, if without the water catchment in johor will definitely not survive.

    The conclusion, singapore opt for survival rather than a beautifull crooked bridge- major tourist attraction.

    get it?

  67. American says:

    Lim, please email this reply from soros to all the Malays in the villages for them to realise their ‘False Hero” Mahathir aka Father of Corruption is not as smart as he would like people to believe.

    Just look at Zimbabwe.

    Mahathjir was the economic advisor to Zimbabwe.

    Zimbabwe has collaspe as we all know.

    Look at Malaysia.

    If not for our Oil , Gas and Palm Oil, Malaysia would be like Zimbabwe.

    Look at all the Billions Mahathir has stolen from Malaysia, and you can see why our stock Market cannot go up.

    Mahathir has already screwed up the economy for the last 22 years.

    This Mahathir has no shame.

    Now he wants to lecture Badawi on all manners of affairs from economy to corruption.

    Mahathir is the Father of Corruption. He has no standing to advise on Umno matters.

    Mahathir has sodomised the Malaysian economy.

    He has no standing on economic affairs.

    The only thing Mahathir can lecture on, is how to steal without any evidence.

    That is the specialty of Mahathir.

    Having stolen hundreds of Billions , now he is challenging the Government to find evidence.

    The Government must put Mahathir on trial immediately, find him gulity and Jail for life.

    Mahathir is worst than Marcos and Suharto.

  68. George Soros says:

    someone please remind Mahathir to take his anti corruption meadcation pills

  69. Lim says:

    “Aiy oo, Miss Lim how many times do you want to cut and paste the same
    shit from Soros. Try something else…………..”

    Hi Jude, I do understand about this. I pasted it so many times because most of the time I pasted this letter, it is about the end of discussion @ comment. I just wanna make sure everybody is not missed to read this letter. Therefore I pasted it in this title. Btw I am now satisfied with the top comment I got fom this. Bravo

  70. dodgy inc says:

    Lim you have do well, frankly I’ve seen this letter before. Many thks. Please paste it in more places.

  71. manukau says:

    I will contribute as much as I can to get an organisation to start a trace of the billions Mahathir stole from us for his family. He is not that smart otherwise he would not have failed his medical and be tested again in the process to become a medical doctor! He should then be charged for the corruption he is known for and to recover money for the people of Malaysia.
    In the meantime charged him for the many abuses-better still send him and his children to jail!

  72. Soros Reply to Mamak:

    I think this is the first time I read about this Mamak suffering from a cancerous-Corruption attack.

    Nice read to catch up on!

  73. albert lam says:

    I think corrupt people like this should be hanged like Saddam Hussein. Arrest him, tried him in court, also tried the ISA to him. Let him and his family feel about it. For wrong doings never ever help anyone. It will be bad karma even if he dies, his children will also inherit his corrupt blood in their veins…….

  74. ronaldo amador says:

    It is the right time now for the malaysian government to take immediate effect to impound/confiscate all the passports of the family of the corrupts
    people and their cronies. Imagine when I owed 400/- ringgits in my income tax I was barred from leaving the country…..Malaysia. I have to slot and toil so hard underneath the sun just to clear my income tax . How much more for a person who gains billions in ill gotten gains………….is still allowed to so freely in his speech from his mouth to travel everywhere.

  75. eugene. N says:

    Definition of a Malaysian Politician
    At its best; they are: Kids
    Kids, with a lot of self righteous deeds and empty hands to fill as they felt very deprived since they were never brought up appropriately and will always be second grade to the minds of others.
    Parasites & Con artist: Sucks the country dry of all its resources, telling one side they are doing their part and the other that they will do what they can, conning both parties and making money on both sides.
    Wanabe Businessmen: They should all stick to what they do best, talk. Not count cash. Leave that to the real Business Entrepreneurs; instead they place themselves in implicated roles carrying out, in the business environment where they tend to profit themselves and their Cronies more than the people they represent.
    World HR: We tend to send most of our best minds’ overseas, and they never return. Maybe this is the only true contribution we have to the worlds’ society. Where as in other nations, it is considered to be more prestigious to be educated in the nation, and rejects are sent overseas.

    It doest Matter who you vote; they will have their own agenda, and if we don’t come up with a new monitoring system soon, we as the People and nation will be screwed over again, and again by this bullies, who tend to manipulate the human hearts and minds instead of creating a solid foundation where a nation can sustain itself and be finally free of foreign and domestic tyranny. We are still colonized as it is today, Wake up People of Malaysia,

  76. suka duka says:

    shit of the century any way he is on hells way may be he can meet mugapig there planning to make 20% from moon and mars rocks.No words to describe this pigs the blame is on their own people to be reined by this idiots Dictators elected democratically.I hope no one repeat this.

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