Do you think this will happen in Malaysia, or will you tell me, it is already happening?

In “US army seeks a few good bloggers” :

Information strategists can consider clandestinely recruiting or hiring prominent bloggers or other persons of prominence already within the target nation, group or community to pass the US message. In this way the US can overleap the entrenched inequalities and make use of preexisting intellectual and social capital. Sometimes numbers can be effective; hiring a block of bloggers to verbally attack a specific person or promote a specific message may be worth considering. ” – study conducted for the US army two years ago.

Military, defense…em…can you blame me for thinking of him?

Meanwhile in Malaysia: Special segment on TV for bloggers every Sunday.

Come April 20, bloggers will get a chance to share their views on current issues for 20 minutes in a special segment created in RTM 1 (Malaysia’s national TV news (read: propaganda) – Warta Perdana, prime “news” bulletin. On the selection of bloggers, it depends on RTM.  This shows the government’s openess, said newly minted Information Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek(y).

Why do I get the feeling that this is more a ploy for bloggers to watch RTM than for RTM to give bloggers a chance to speak their minds? I wonder what’s the criteria for selection of these bloggers. How will they find us – according to our hits or the way they are hit?

I did not have to wait long for the answer.

“But the ministry’s openess would indirectly encourage the bloggers interviewed to be more responsible with what they posted in the internet,” said the minister.

I told you so! Already they are prejudiced, starting on the basis bloggers are not or less responsible. Not a good way to encourage bloggers, I would say.

Which leaves me to my suspicion: Is the government trying to co-opt these bloggers in kind (by giving them airtime and a chance to be popular) – in the hope these bloggers will sing their tunes?

Hiya, who watches RTM, anyway? Do you?

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  1. lucia says:

    i never watch rtm1 at all but i do watch rtm2 – if there are chinese king fu show.

    if bloggers are wise, they shouldn’t even take up the gomen’s offer. it’s definitely a propaganda. they want to win bloggers over so that bloggers can sing their tune.

  2. mitosblog says:

    This Information Minister is much better than the previous Zam. Zam screwed everything up until RTM caters only for the poor, the uneducated and the senior citizens that don’t know much about Internet.

    I just hope he will not get sacked by the current PM if he survives
    the UMNO election. Because as we all know the current PM cannot make the final decision. He will get the final answer from someone close to him.

  3. Bloggers are now relevam in order to balancing the imbalancing of news created by RTM. It so abvious that BN or UMNO keep trying to fooling tge old people in rural / village area. But not in the city!!!!
    We have internet 🙂 Now Dr KHir Toyo and Ali Rustam start to Blog!!

  4. Hkengmacao says:

    The move of inviting bloggers to RTM is not necessary at all. Why waste resources for this? Better allotted the time for advertising mah. If want to know bloggers’ view or opinion, visit his or her blog, FULLSTOP.

    Anyway, would you go if invited, Susan?

  5. susan loone says:

    hiya Hkengmacao:

    you still don’t know what kind of blogger I am, ah?

    the answer is ‘No’.

    they should come to blogs, not we go to them.

  6. hasilox says:

    Orh…no wonder khir toyo & ali rustam start blogging. They wanna appear on rtm1.

    Thank goodness rtm1 yet to invite mat rempits. Can you imagine seeing the tempe-star and swine-star rempit-ing? lol

  7. Hkengmacao says:

    Susan, it is not important to know who you are, more important is your view, opinion and visitors’ response. I am not interested to know who are you either. You interested to know me? Haha, just joking.

  8. susan loone says:


    Dont want to know me also never mind. Just read my blog, ok?

  9. Splc says:

    haha… bloggers do rules eh, maybe hasilox comment do have a point 😛

  10. RAJ RAMAN says:

    hi sloone,how is life in thailand,more freedom of speech? how about your cash flow problem and kj reply to you stories.Its there any follow up from the big mouth oxford.

    Come back of invitation of information minister for bloggers famous as u,They dont deserve for you,haris and anillnetto to attend to their propaganda.

    Anyway i am worried u will be bought over by this bn people.Pls stay in Thailand for this moment-you deserve some refreshing from all this mess country.
    Anyway they can call their own leech like toyol and kj.This 2 people is pure malaysiaputra and they have their own blogs.

    Be happy sloone.
    Thanks,raj raman.Race;Still dreaming to b malaysiaputra.Religion;Still confuse due to many gods around.Let me anwser to god when my time due.

  11. susan loone says:

    hi raj rahman, dont worry about me.
    from my mama and papa’s time and since the day i knew how to read and write, never support umno or BN one. how can change in a day? from last time also got cash flow problem, never change also.
    so dont worry, ok. just read my blog 🙂

    i am very happy one.

  12. wits0 says:

    Susan is resolute like in the 300(Spartans)’s tradition. 😉

  13. Hkengmacao says:

    Susan, you are welcomed. I sure will read one. Only comment if worth commenting. Good work, Susan.

    To be frank, it is very unfortunate for Malaysia to involve Islam in its politics and government. Our leaders should leave religion alone to the Rakyat to practise in peace, and not regulate here and there. You agree with me on this, Susan?

    Perhaps, you can start a topic on this. I believe a lot of our fellow Malay brothers and sisters are in agreement with me in this. Islam is a ‘taboo’ in many of the Malays’ mind.

    (disclaimer : I don’t mean to belittle whoever or whatever, I commented in good faith. We cannot keep running away from facts. Fact is Fact)

  14. RAJ RAMAN says:

    sloone,everyone sure have cash flow problem.can be millionaire or billionair.

    I do also have some cash flow problem althou i just hit my million ringgit.YOu know why?

    Lifestyle.Thats why every crook of BN still want to be their race champion and cheat the rakyat.BN hiding behind the mask of race expecially umno to suck the country dry for their lifestyle.

    So i,wont be suprised u do have cash flow problem.

    Anyway my name is RAJ RAMAN nOT RAJ RAHMAN.I still dont know why some people still add H in my spelling.

    thanks sloone.

  15. Jolly Giant says:

    Shabery Chik, who may one day become Prime Minister, but is now Minister of Information, says that Bloggers will be invited to a half hour talk show once a week on RTM1. I say brader, pasal apa you tak jemput saya? Kalau you tak jemput saya hari ni, mana tahu, esok mungkin saya masuk Parlimen pula? He he he.

  16. Ong Ting Ting says:

    RTM 1, 2 wasting taxpayers money. Nothing relevant ever reported.

    I watch National Geographic all the time. The animals are better to watch than the fake news reported by RTM.

    If anyone blogs for the government, they are no no longer bloggers but government reporters oka gorengtors (they goreng the news and report it falsely)

    why talk about the party all the time. Talk about the people cannot kah?

    Every day I open the newspapers in my office, I see UMNO, MIC, MCA. nothing about the people.

    Phark Lah.

  17. The Fact Is This says:

    hmmmm…………she reply. 🙂

  18. Hkengmacao says:


    Haris Ibrahim ‘setuju’ with me on :-

    To be frank, it is very unfortunate for Malaysia to involve Islam in its politics and government. Our leaders should leave religion alone to the Rakyat to practise in peace, and not regulate here and there. You agree with me on this, Susan?

    refer to

  19. jedyoong says:

    RTM? Huh?

  20. Tarap says:

    RTM ?? they invited people but when people gave their comments and views the host always say: JANGAN KE MANA-MANA “KITA KEMBALI SELEPAS INI”…. So bloggers SAVE your time and money for other useful deeds.

  21. kittykat46 says:

    Well, there are UMNO bloggers and some who are quite neutral.
    Ah, yes, there are the rabid Anwar-phobes.
    RTM would love to hear from them.

    I’m sure there will be some takers for their 5 minutes of fame on TV…kekekekek..

  22. ktemoc says:

    malaysia is ahead with cybertroopers – they all come from the same cesspool 😉 you know the saying, birds of the same feathers …

  23. wits0 says:

    Kittykat46, there’ll always be some takers, people of straws and driven by vanity and fame.

  24. bamboo river says:

    Only way to entice bloggers is to invite them to tv lah..
    But why need to go to the studio?
    They can make video shots on entertainment /documentaries on site but cannot do the same?
    I suggest they opt for interviewing the newly elected ADUNs and MPs . See what they have to say/pledge for the rakyat and later give them a dateline to complete their pledge and do a followup.
    Don’t want to have politicians whom appears before a GE , got elected and later don’t know where they are.
    Bloggers? Well, it depends on individual tastelah.

    But why RTM only? TV3,NTV7.8TV.TV9 not interested?
    Main stream papers too can do their part.
    I don’t think Elizabeth Wong have a choice if she is invited to RTM since she is an ADUN and Exco member.

    So, Eli , if you are reading this, care to share your view? 🙂

  25. SOS says:

    Beware that they may turn you bloggers into a bunch of clowns. Therfore the idea of parading you guys in front of the RTM audience.

  26. Want to See Dato` Ahmad Said angry at Dewan Undangan Negeri?
    Click here @

  27. nmjg says:

    Hi, Susan, these new UMNO bloggers: Khir, Ali Rustam, Khairy etc are the ones who cause the downfall of BN. Ali Rustam notorious for his arrogant and racist actions in Melaka, Khiay stir up anger from all races, Khir has turned Selangor into a privatised heaven for greedy tycoons,through the decoy of NEP, smearing the original good intentions, there are a lot more in UMNO. So Shabery must invite these Trouble Makers and their ULTIMATE GURU (T.Dr.Mahathir) to speak out in RTM 1, because they are answerable to all the BN parties, and they owe the RAKYAT a lot, for they never fear the AL-MIGHTY. Yes, they may run away from being punished by the law, but The HISTORY will never forget them for what they have done, their own families and their descendants will live in great shame for many generations to come, due to the huge DOSA of their fore fathers. Since the BN control all the media, with all the draconian laws, preventing freedom of speech of thr RAKYAT, let those who like them watch RTM1, we will stick to blogs written by you, Jeff, Haris, Mahaguru, Raja Petra, Anil, Rocky and etc. Never go to RTM1 until the BN government abolish all the draconian laws, and apologise to the rakyat.

  28. DanielYKL says:

    In the first place if the govt-controlled media were to give a fair report with bias – then they don’t need to give a special segment on RTM for bloggers.

  29. DanielYKL says:

    sorry typo mistake: should be “without bias”

  30. nmjg says:

    Well, Susan, I think this is a trap set by those dirty fellows up there. When the Bloggers go to RTM1, they will tape and record what you say, then their papers and other electronic media will start to comment and stir up RACIAL sentiments, follow by harrassment from the Special Branch. So, just let the UMNO bloggers go for the show, performing their SANDIWARA on stage to their own people. Don’t believe me? Just look at how they did to Lim Guan Eng’s speech on the 12 Mac.08. The reporters from the Chinese papers were haul up by the Penang Police for interogation, and they want to haul up Lim Guan Eng also, just because their racist paper distort his speech maliciously. By right, the police should charge the paper’s chief editor under the SEDITIOUS Act for what they have done all these years. What a disgrace.They never question Ali Rustam, Khairy, Hsiamudiin, T.Dr.M etc for what they have done to the RAKYAT. Save your time, money and energy.

  31. Tarap says:


  32. zencath says:

    I don’t see it as a problem if the government is recruiting bloggers to write their propaganda for them. People will read what they write, and will like, or not like, what they read, just the same as always. The back button would still be there.

  33. sam says:

    Bloggers must remain bloggers.
    Not TV personalities.
    I would rather not know how you look like or how you sound like.
    The person on TV may look like Susan and sound like Susan.
    Your writings count more (but up to us to believe or not).

    This coming Songkran, wash away the bad vibes.

  34. zorro says:

    Feelers have gone out. I for one will not accept. Sean and Zeta Jones reminded me of the film they made together. Want to pick my brains, engage me privately, in public, forums more appropriately.
    Susan, I noticed you are on over-drive …..way to go girl.

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