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Read also: Mahathir impatient turns sights on Najib . I wonder why though Malaysiakini did not highlight this new development, when the old man made his ‘declaration’ at the recent anti-Pak Lah gathering in Hotel Singgahsana, Petaling Jaya. They have instead highlighted the fact that Mahathir’s son “Mukriz backs Najib as PM but…”

No wonder Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has been looking soooooooo glum these days. Perhaps, that’s the price to pay for not taking a stand, and always thinking of one’s own interest only.

His ardent supporter former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has turned his back against Najib. The former was said to have sent an ultimatum of sorts to Najib through intermediaries, telling him that if he continued to support Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as the party president, he too would find himself in the line of fire.

Earlier, Mahathir had been persistently campaigning for Najib to be the next prime minister, after UMNO  boots out Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

But the people do not think Najib is suitable, considering the number of skeletons in his closet (read: Altantuya, et al).

Yesteday at packed UMNO gathering, Mahathir said:

For now, I can’t say who (should replace Abdullah). Although I have said before it should be Najib, I don’t know why for ‘some reason’ I have now changed my mind,” he said at a packed “Umno Post 12th General Election: An Assessment” forum organised by (STAR)

Also in The STAR:

Dr Mahathir said that, as Prime Minister for 22 years, he resigned respectably when he heard that people were questioning why “this old man” was staying for so long in the position.

He questioned why Abdullah was not prepared to do the same.

“Does he want to wait until Umno is destroyed?” he said.

Dr Mahathir also threw support behind Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah’s proposal for the party to hold an extraordinary general assembly to discuss the polls results, and urged members to speak out and reform the party.

Dr Mahathir’s son Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said he was inclined to support Najib if he were to vie for the Umno president’s post.

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  1. David says:

    Can’t blame Tun Mahathir from dumping Najib.
    The way Najib loses his balls everytime when Mahathir speaks out really makes me sick either.
    Currently, I do not think there’s any one who is deem suitable to run the country peacefully because most present Umno leaders are racist in nature.
    Who else can we support???

  2. facial says:

    The maddog has just uprooted the mango tree from Pekan. In actual fact he is asking the SIL and Sleeping PM to drag the mango tree to the court for the judges to taste.

  3. Gina says:

    Najib is glum because sitting on the fence is bad for your balls…even damn painful!

  4. malayamuda says:

    Mahathir drops Musa
    Mahathir drops Ghafar
    Mahathir drops Anwar
    Mahathir drops Abdullah

    and now Mahathir drops Najib

    If you don’t toe the line of the dictator, just imagine what could happen……… it’s not the country which is dear to his heart. It’s all about he, himself and him !!

  5. katataknak says:

    A very good piece there by Melayumuda. Bulleyes.

  6. Loons says:

    Now he picks Ku Li, another bad choice I would say.

    I think he is grooming his son to take over so that he could continue his legacy.

  7. alrawa says:

    Mahathir is like RTM. You can listen to him but do not believe in it.

  8. Alexander says:

    Tun Mahathir is definitely and 1000% right !

    Najib is a very uselessly soft Ular and Pak La + new kid on the block is Snake (Cobra Man)

    Very simple. Tun M has given Najib golden chances last few months but he never appreciate and execute decisions. No X factor at all.

    Najib and PL definitely have same characters, how to execute the promised reforms to win back Rakyat

    If Tun M dun do anything, then the Pakatan Rakyak will excel in no time.

    Friends, next few weeks are vey crucial for BN man but the sickening thing is they are still waiting and dreaming in Hong Kong Disneyland !!!!

  9. chong kok yan says:

    i certainly wants to see what else is in his (old horse) sleeves. but nevertheless, and to some extend, what he says does carry some weight. as for Abdullah, he just doesn’t seem to care so much about the party for now. maybe he’s even planning for his next vacation trip instead. if he (Abdullah) really wants to save the party and for the love of his country, arrange for an EGM immediately so whoever takes the helm will not be blame him for future catastrophe. also, at least, thats what the Rakyat wants.

  10. stenson says:

    Mahatir is like indian clock.Very loud but not accurate.

  11. clearwater says:

    Frankly, if I desire to be Prime Minister, I would stay far away from both Mahathir and Badawi. Their endorsement is akin to the kiss of death. Look for a dark horse instead, not necessarily from UMNO either. Currently, UMNO’s second echelon leadership does not appear to contain PM material, sad to say. This 2nd tier climbed up the tree of corruption to be where they are. None have displayed the noble leadership traits, and independence of thought and deeds, required to lead a nation. They are only political animals, pandering to their master and beholden to local UMNO warlords for their position. If without a choice from within UMNO, then one must seek a choice from outside. It is an indictment of our political poverty that this choice is also limited to one person at the moment.

  12. Syed Jaymal Zahiid says:

    A friendly advice Susan, on your part, much you must learn about the Malay language and the element of ‘play’ involved and its pervasiveness in the manner in which this particular race construct their speech.

    Though Mahathir certainly IMPLIED that he was not “certain about anything anymore”, the phrase you referred to as your apparent indicator that Najib had fallen out of favor is certainly misconceived.

  13. Grasshopper says:

    Actually I admired our ex-PM Tun Mahathir because of his brilliant strategies to provide infrastructure such as the mega-projects in Malaysia such as PLUS Highway, KLCC, KLIA etc. With these projects, Malaysia was able to join the informal world-class league.

    Nevertheless their implementations have drawn their usual share of criticisms. Especially those projects (such as PLUS) that require us to pay money and more money.

    The only thing I still wonder is, if Mahathir is so brilliant, why did he choose Pak Lah. So my thinking is there are few possible reasons:

    1) Pak Lah can be trusted (as Mahathir has sacked other Deputy PMs)
    2) Pak Lah is as brilliant as Mahathir (able to continue his brilliant strategies)
    3) Pak Lah is even more brilliant than Mahathir (as he is still PM despite the many open criticisms); perhaps he has brilliant advisers ?

    Any other possible reasons ?

  14. muslim says:

    Mahathir, You have not learn to say enough is enough, that rakyat is confuse in what you are doing now .What was your motive in staging this so-call anti Badawi and now is Najib.Chukuplah 22 tahun awak nak menugkat langit ka. Abdullah make his mistake for last for years for taking advise from his stupid SIL , Yes but then it was you who put him as your successor ,its you suppose to be shame about your wrong doing, in 22 years of your ruling you are the most unfriendly prime minister in this world and now the whole world is watching you. You should stop being a clown.
    I hope you feel the vibration by now,how the rakyat hate you, you are arrrogant ( bungkak) you ignore the rakyat feelng and their rights. Intsead of you helping to put thing right, now you are trying to destroy everthing. Look at your self you are a “munafik” you have not learn to say sorry and never forgive other, you are alway right. Dont forget your time is running out(ROD) go out a minta maaf atas segala ke -salahan selama 22 tahun. you have done. You have bring bad image to this courtry for so many years. I hope you should leave Abdullah alone let him arganised himself. stop all this instigating and the fitnah.

  15. kittykat46 says:

    Najib has no choice but to stick with Pak Lah right until the bitter end.

    Pak Lah has “Mongolian Submarine” evidence stored away, ready to be used to destroy Najib forever if he tries to jump ship. I’m sure Najib has been reminded of this between March 8 and now.

    Why do you think Najib looks so gloomy these days ?…caught between a rock and a hard place…

  16. CJFOO says:

    Well it looks like the stage is set for a big fight as anticipated. Its getting more interesting with each day gone by. Lets sit tight and enjoy the show.

  17. sadia says:

    Even if goon Mahatir were to support Najib or any other person for that matter, still UMNO and goon Mahatir would fail. For goon Mahatir, either you kiss his ass or you die.

    Drop Musa Hitam
    Drop Tengku ku li
    Drop Ghafar Baba
    Drop Anwar Ibrahim
    Drop Badawi AAB
    Drop Najis Altun
    Drop Ku Li
    Go for Muhyiddin
    Drop Muhyiddin
    Go for Mukhriz (shit)

    Old man, go and hang yourself. Give us peace. Who told you that you hav an agreement with God to tell us what to do and whom to choose? Your ego and arrogance makes you entertain such scandalous fallacy.

  18. Allen Tan says:

    The next PM is neither abdullah, nor najib, nor ku li, nor muhiddin. It is anwar. 30 over MPs from E Malaysia will swith nests.

  19. malayamuda says:

    boy oh boy

    since the 60s when ever there is a stage fight in UMNO , the lead actor is Dr Mahathir Mohd

    No wonder the fella likes Shah Rukh Khan

  20. nacheap says:

    Najib: Grrrr….when i get me hands on dis dirty mamak, i am gonna stick C4 into his mouth and anus and blow him apart, the way altantuya was dispatched to akhirat

  21. malayamuda says:

    hey dont do that, this time the mongolians may stage a protest and not but our dodol, proton, ketupat and start throwing stones at our high commission in mongolia and demand an apology from our Government.

  22. joker says:

    Actually Mahathir should be talking from Sungei Buloh! He was released momentarily for his ceramah in PJ.

    By right he should be in Sungei Buluh serving time in his sanctuary, but because of his Tunship, he has the special privilege to roam around talking co** updown in PJ.

    We have to imagine he is in Sungei Buloh serving time-lah, there is no different whether he is in or outside Sungei Buloh!

    Mahathir new prison lifestyle should be something like href=””>this

  23. joker says:

    Haiya! Mahathir owns Malaysia lah! Actually Mahathir should be talking from Sungei Buloh! He was released momentarily for his ceramah in PJ.

    By right he should be in Sungei Buluh serving time in his sanctuary, but because of his Tunship, he has the special privilege to roam around talking co** updown in PJ.

    We have to imagine he is in Sungei Buloh serving time-lah, there is no different whether he is in or outside Sungei Buloh!

    Mahathir new prison lifestyle should be something like href=””>this

  24. joker says:

    Actually Mahathir should be talking from Sungei Buloh! He was released momentarily for his ceramah in PJ.

    By right he should be in Sungei Buluh serving time in his sanctuary, but because of his Tunship, he has the special privilege to roam around talking co** updown in PJ.

    We have to imagine he is in Sungei Buloh serving time-lah, there is no different whether he is in or outside Sungei Buloh!

    Mahathir new prison lifestyle should be href=””>something like this

  25. james says:

    Between all the Devils and the Deep Blue Sea, let’s have the Deep Blue Sea … Anwar for PM!

  26. Hkengmacao says:

    There is nothing left with Umno. No credible candidate that I can see to be PM. So, whatever and whoever TDM said are irrelevant at all. The reasons for Umno and BN defeats are so apparent to any Tom, Dick & Harry and yet they themselves still unable to accept these ‘apparent reasons’. So, how to reform themselves?

    I foresee Pakatan Rakyat will form Federal government soon. Rakyat in East Malaysia will not wait another 5 years to realise those good things promised by Pakatan Rakyat. Just wait and see guys.

  27. hutchrun says:

    During Anwar’s second trial in June 2000 before Justice Arifin Jaka, the then director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Datuk Shafee Yahya, gave sworn testimony. In the course of his testimony Shafee was asked about an investigation the ACA earlier carried out on the then director-general of the Economic Planning Unit. The transcript of the notes recorded by the judge of this part of the testimony reads as follows:

    Counsel: Adakah Datuk menggeledah pejabat Ketua Pengarah EPU di Jabatan Perdana Mentri?

    Witness: Ada.

    Counsel: Was a big sum of money found in the drawer of the Pengarah EPU for which he could not explain?

    Court: What is the relevancy? No need to answer.

    Counsel: Did Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim direct you to raid the office of the Ketua Pengarah EPU?

    Witness: Tidak.

    Counsel: Did Datuk Seri Anwar ask you to close the case against the director?

    Witness: No.

    Counsel: Did anyone ask you to close the case?

    Witness: Yes, the Prime Minister did.

    Counsel: Narrate the circumstances under which the PM asked you to close the investigation.

    Counsel: Were you called up by the PM?

    Witness: Yes. I was told off, “How dare you raid my senior officer’s office?” …….

    Going by that alone TDM should be in Sg. Buloh for the next 7 years. P`haps Khairy will bell the smug cat.

    Then there are other ACA investigations that need further examining – Maika, APs, Taxi permits.

  28. Kill Samy says:

    What can Najis do? Someone’s grabbing his balls over Mongolian woman murder. Better let Anwar be PM and see how he can change Malaysia. If Anwar fails, people will vote him out.

  29. malayamuda says:

    but with all this dirt in his closet, Mahathir still has guts to attack Pak Lah and Khairy

    He has either forgotten or he must be insane

  30. lakshmi says:

    As much as I dislike Mahathir for his look east policy and renovating his official residence for a tune of RM15,000,000(correct me if I am wrong) when he became PM, for once I agree with him. Badawi is a very weak leader who got taken up with yachts, aeroplanes, new homes, new wife and SIL. He just did not listen to the voice of the people, even when BN’s mistakes were so glaringly open. As for Najib, forget about him. He is even weaker than Badawi (how did Mahathir even support him- it baffles me). Who else is there in UMNO? Not a single honest, good leader remains in BN.

    I see and feel the winds of change, soon, very soon there will a new awakening for Malaysians. Then we can truly call Malaysia our home

  31. azisirikit says:

    Lantak korang lah… P Ramlee says “hentam sajalah Labuuuuuu…” We got petrol, we never benefit. We got Palm Oil, we never benefit. So, what the hell are you people doing maaaannnn…. LANTAKLAH…

  32. malayamuda says:

    you guys saw the way the UMNO Youth leader got ridiculed , chided and abused verbally at the Mahathir UMNO forum in PJ yesterday for suggesting that UMNO takes back Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to lead the party ?

    This is what Mahathir means when he says ” dont be afraid to speak out, speak out , speak out ” ?

    What he actually means is, dont be afraid to speak out what he thinks, as ONLy Dr Mahathir is ALWAYS RIGHT

  33. Richard Teo says:

    This old goat ,Mahathir ruled for 22 years before deciding that the people have enough of him. He is now taking pride that he resigned on his own accord.But does he realised that Pak Lah only finshed 5 years. ? Mahahtir is a snake. Give me Pak Lah any time. Najib is even worst. So better to let Pak Lah continue with his fumbling ways.

  34. sicko says:

    Hi Susan ..Perhaps the old man is hinting himself in the driver`s seat again ? Perhaps this time to get elected as President of UMNO only and not as PM ? Will later appoint anyone of his choice (of course not excluding Najib then as PM ) after having secured UMNO`s presidency.

    Will he divorce the post of UMNO President from that of PM with his usual goreng the people style?

    Funny he is not endorsing KU Li`s challenge to get elected as UMNO President but only supports the EGM proposed by KU Li… Something smells.

    Is he for the rakyat and the nation`s good or only trying to prolong own and his generation`s interest?

    Dig all the earlier police reports lodged on various aspects and let`s get the police chief to explain on results of their investigation or face dereliction of duty charges. .


    2 April 2008

  35. SilverSurfer says:

    That old man has gone nuts, if not desperate. He is worried if and when Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM, he will go for Mahathir’s balls. Time for justice, neh?

    Meantime, Najib is doing the right thing. By standing with AAB, he is proving himself a man of principle. For that I respect and salute you. Do not be over-awed by that ranting old man. He is shallow and has nothng left .. except sands of time running out when six-shooter Anwar rides into town for a show down. Old M is now running scared and every one in town is banging their windos shut!

    So Najib, stick with AAB. The old man is just bad company. Have nothing to do with him. He is history!

  36. Damocles says:

    “As for Najib, forget about him. He is even weaker than Badawi (how did Mahathir even support him- it baffles me).” – Lakshmi

    The reason behind this is clear.
    He wants to make sure the people and its country will continue to suffer even after stepping down.
    How else to do it but to choose the worst of the worst as the country’s leaders?
    In fact, the whole process of letting him chose his successor was downright stupid!
    Why should such an important decision devolve upon him?

  37. Anonymous says:

    najib , cannot lah, he’s a coward!

    coward to face AAB
    and he’s coward to face his wife oso ……

  38. freewave says:

    Mahathir is right.

    Eventhough I am not a fan of mahathir, but credit must be given if the points he made make sense.

  39. Alex III says:

    Any body can tell us why Najib has been so down, carrying distorted look, gloomy, tame, flat and behave like a hopeless cornered boy nowadays ?????!!!!???

    Is somebody out there or for whatsoever reasons holding him back ????

    Tei, my primary teachers always taught us to behave and carry oneself like a leader, if you are born or choosen as a leader

  40. Kevin says:

    Gee.. it took Tun so long to see that he has been supporting a spineless fler all these while? Does he now think his former adversary is a much better person?

    Me think Tun should just keep out of the picture and let the country decide. A good politician is a dead politician.

  41. donplaypuks says:

    Rama Maha Firaun Darthvader 1 (RMFD1) now realizes that Rosemajib is tainted, not least by the Altantuya case.

    So, what’s RMFD!’s alternative?

    By the time Firaun goes through the BN list for a viable new PM, he will come to the startling conclusion (something known to the majority of M’sians for over 20 years) that he will be left with the jaga at PWTC to consider; even that may have an element of doubt!!

    Firaun’s own sons cannot explain their vast wealth or why so much of it is invested overseas and not in beloved Tanah Ayer Ku.

    Firaun’s only choice will be to watch from the sidelines the quick demise of UMNO, MCA & MIC, while riding off into the sun set on a 3-legged limping donkey. An eventuality to which he would have singularly contributed the greatest % due to his ego, racism, bogotry and gross mismanagement of our beloved country.

  42. Kevin says:

    Err… on another matter.. since our “elegantly silent” PM is not answering, allow me to answer to Tun on the question, why has AAB not resigned while he resigned “respectably”

    Its because you had 20+ years to plunder the nation, while he has 4 so far… does that answer your question Tun?

  43. hutchrun says:

    `..that he will be left with the jaga at PWTC to consider; even that may have an element of doubt!!`

    The cleaner says he`s got a better handle on things.

  44. wits0 says:

    Indah Waters can do with Najib for his name also resembles its core business. Of course he can easily wriggle his way there as boss. Which is something far better than a case of a friend of someone working in NaSTy in Jalan Riong, who got fired on the spot by the MahaDiktator once upon a time during his visit there.

  45. Lim says:

    If so scared ball to be hold must well castrate it. Therefore there will be no issue of Nagib Altantuya, Anwar will never main bontut, Bodohwi will never married new with many countries honeymoon right after poor wife just died & etc…etc… at least bed time at night is sweeter in dream; what about Mahaldeal, any @ there must be some scandelous news on him? I think we should wait for DSAI to be up on stage for an opera performance.
    Does not necesserily to be PM, to be MP in parliment is enough…

    I support all the comment above. Bravo!

  46. caravanserai says:

    Dr Mahathir ranting
    About his party and successor
    He thinks he can decide
    Pushing the button ringing the bell

    The sleeping beauty isn’t quitting
    He still thinks he has UMNO support
    So he doesn’t care what others think
    He wants his job the power hungry saliva flowing
    He knows he is the man to beat……

    And every one wants the sleeping beauty to quit
    Let the new leader takes the role
    Yet he doesn’t care a bit
    He wants his power preparing his own exit

    And N-jeeb doesn’t move
    He lives in his father’s booth
    Dreaming about those glorious years
    He doesn’t have to decide which direction to go

    Now he sits dreaming about his days
    When he will be sitting on that chair eh?
    He pretends he supports the leader
    In his mind he waits for his move

    Dr M can say what he wants
    He is now out of the power equation
    Though he still thinks he wants to manipulate
    I feel he should sit quietly like Ling Liong Sik
    Let other leaders go for their dreams

    He had his days and times
    Now he has to let go
    UMNO live or die
    Malaysians as a whole have enough
    About racial party and its superior race tag

    N-jeeb will sink into his submarine
    Listening the sonic sound under the sea
    Remembering the echo of past leaders
    And his childhood playing under the mango tree

    Dr M and his UMNO(Baru)
    Like a kite flying in the sky
    Floating away aimlessly
    Searching for a new base
    Or somewhere to hide

    And for the rest of us
    We will march on
    Waving our flags of Malaysia
    We decide the king maker
    Amongst ourselves by our votes

  47. Nico says:

    Param Cumaraswamy’s call for the ACA to investigate the interference into the ACA investigation in 2000 of the former Head of EPF should be seriously looked into. Perhaps Anwar Ibrahim will be the man to do it in the not-too-distant future.

  48. Zizu says:




  49. Lim says:

    UMNO = United Mahathir NetProfit Organization

    Mahaldeal = Mr 20%, IBM (Internationam Big Mouth)

    Nagib = Nagib Altantuya, building submarine (ship that sink)

    Hishmanstupid = Pemain keris handal menikan darah Cina

    Bodohwi = OIC (Oh I See) , tak tau, NATO (No action Talk Only)

    Chua Soi Lek = AIDS caimpaign expert, cauze he use himself as with mouse for trial.

    Ling Leong Sek = Sing kun fatt choi

    Ong Kah Ting = Moh Tak Teng

    Sami = Sami the temple destroyer

    M&M = Two alibaba man return

    Rafidah = Rafidah Bt AP Queen

    KuLi = Musang tua baru sahaja keluare dari gua musang kerana sudah lama tdk makan

    Mahaldeal said before election, UMNO sudah runtuh, semua sistem sudah korup. Memang betul katanya. Lihatlah kesemua calon-calon BN di atas, mampukah mereka memajukan Negara M’sia?
    Sama-sama tepuk dada tanya selera

  50. RAJ RAMAN says:

    Great malaysian,

    There are so much hate in our former mahathir.I hope someone can email all this comment to him

    Abdullah wont put us behind isa,because we hate mahathir more than him.
    Do any one has mahathir email? He still in denial mode as we can email to him.

    Ahhh- better idea,send all this comment to marina mahathir.
    I cant send this content to her because she ask to many pass word like subsribe to atom.I am not IT person.

    PleaseX3,send all this comment to marina mahathir.Let her explain how much malaysian hate him by is racist attitude.

    I can use sloone,anilnitto,haris blog only because theirs are user friendly for people like me.

  51. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Mahathir will only sanction and approve of anyone who acted as his peon. His nature of “you must be in my pocket” reflcets his prececent call for his hand-picked successor to step down not because originally of AAB’s charlatan abilities, but the latter for not taking orders from Mahathir-the causeway bride project annuled by Badawi is a classic example of Mahathir’s tirade.

    And the removal of Anwar Ibrahim when no dissention of thoughts and criticisms is a taboo to the ” Hatchet Old Man”, speaks clearly of Mahathir’s character.

    And Mahathir claimed Sami Vellu has never brought the issue of the marginalization of the Indians when he was PM is not only blatant but ludicrous of this old man’s whimsical character.

    The list continues of course…….This man need psychiatric attention….

  52. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    caravanserai Says:
    April 2, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Wow, you must be a poet. I really admire your creativity.

  53. Malaysian says:

    Grasshopper, you should call yourself a frog lah … under the tempurung, no less. How is KLIA a brilliant idea? When was the last time you flew to another country? Been to HK new airport? How is the highway a brilliant idea? (A brilliant leader should have the foresight to build in much needed infrasture such as underground trains to aleviate future traffic problems, and done so a longgg time ago.) How is KLCC a brilliant idea? Don’t forget this is all taxpayers money.
    As for your multiple choice question, now that you know he’s not brilliant, and only you think it is brilliant, therefore it is indeed not brilliant. That is your answer.
    (Actually if Badawi is brilliant, he could have giveth and taketh. TDM gave it, so we allowed him to take it. Badawi should have taken more time to giveth first, before he started taketh. Herein lies his problem in these shark infested waters.)
    I know, I know what some of you are thinking, … but in the real world, those of us working adults know how business is. Not just in Malaysia lah, it’s universal. Try doing business in China, France or USA, it’s the same story. So many ‘interests’ to look after. So it’s just not our unique problem. So maybe TDM was brilliant lah in that sense. He knew how to use the propaganda machines (our so called press) to make people like Grasshopper here thinks he’s brilliant.

  54. Ahila says:

    So…Tun says if al Tiduri sticks around..UMNO will be destroyed !
    Then what the heck man….let him stay, and we’ll be blessed to see the destruction of UMNO……..UMNO, NO MORE !!!

    As for Tun,….stay home and tutup mulutlah !! We hated your voice when you were the pM…still nak buka mulut. Heh, how come you can remember so many things now ah?……oh…in court only you WILL lupa kot ! I wonder who are the idiots who go and interview him for opinions…get that fellows,man ! Rakyat not in favour of what he thinks..he said goodbye when he picked al tiduri ; GOODBYE again Tun !

  55. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    read this report

    I really pray hard that he won’t be the next Suharto. Not too late to indict Mahathir.

  56. malayamuda says:

    people are given long lives to do good for their people, to do good for their people , for the community

    Mahathir has been given long life to pay for his Karma

  57. bamboo river says:

    I think the negative sentiments from Malaysians towards mahathir is so high then KLCC Twin tower, so long then Penang Bridge, so deep then the SMART tunnel and so clear then Indah Water treated H2O.

    It seems that mahathir is going all out to the max to regain authority on Umno.
    This is like striking the iron when it is still hot.
    Anyone asked ‘HOW’ BN / Umno lost so badly in the GE12 other than the tsunami /Makkal Sakti/peoples’ power ?
    Very interesting isn’t it?

  58. Malaysian says:

    Najib? Cannot lah, I mean, they (BN) may as well start packing their bags and shredding their papers. Goes to show how they have Really lost touch with the people. (that’s what happens when you are surrounded by yes-people for 20 years) If you want to win back the next GE you gotta do Much better than ‘that’.

  59. Wisdom The Great says:

    Tun M, please go all out to save Malaysia.

    Rakyat Malaysia are brave now. I expect you to be more brave.

    Save all of us because since 2005, satu extra sen pun takada masuk Rakyat pocket. But our GDP has been hovering at 6 – 8 %. Benarkah ????

    Must be billshit statistics la

  60. with all this pak Lah bashing; you people must realise that PM abdullah is perhaps the greatest reformer in Malaysian history. There are so many historical records broken in the last month under his watchful eye..

  61. melayu baru says:

    Why people still tak sedar that Anwar tak boleh jadi pm. Melayu akan hancur!!!!!!….

  62. Shanker says:

    Did any of you see the video clip of the gathering at Singgahsana? Here’s a link –

    And after you’ve seen it:- well, folks – this is the Mahathir that we have known all along. Always using the pawns for his end game. He has never changed. Look at him – clamoring for ‘democracy’, ‘a free voice’ & yet he – together with Mukhriz – just stood by idly & watched whilst the thugs dragged the poor participant by his neck (no less!!). Apa punya demokrasi dia cakap??!!

    Dato’ Param Cumaraswamy has written a letter stating that it is still not too late to bring him to justice –

    We need to support this call – for the sake of justice and truth. TDM is moving in for the kill, without a doubt. And we cannot afford to sit idly by, just passing comments, WITHOUT DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    Perhaps you can consider asking your MP to raise this issue in Parliament. There’s 82 on our side now, ever willing to raise the appropriate level of noise – enough noise to give this man a heart attack (a real one, this one).

  63. Bynee says:

    The old man will not listen to anyone but himself. Unless u tow the line which includes his own kith n kin, he will not endorse u either. Anwar not the best alternative either…No way u can clean from inside coz u get to be in the same muck…unless you have clorox stronger than the muck u wanna clean…

  64. Lim says:

    “melayu baru Says:
    April 2, 2008 at 4:23 pm
    Why people still tak sedar that Anwar tak boleh jadi pm. Melayu akan hancur!!!!!!….”

    Please explain more on your comment

  65. ANg kong says:

    like i said in the previous thread,

    Mahathir is untouchable…. if he is charged, as much as it would go down as a triumphant historical chapter in the judiciary system and people’s power in malaysia, malaysia politics would have to face an international humiliation. The consequences will be profound and unthinkable. .. of coz, UMNO can say selamat tinggal…
    Why Najib is looking dejected these days..well, he is not a stupid man, he has his own agendas and fully aware tht he is threading a very fine line in his political career at the moment. Only God knows what he is brewing up in his stomach….
    As for the newly formed “people’s alliance”.. i am equally apprehensive as i am optimistic with the GE results. There is a saying ‘ you cant have 2 dominant tigers in an mountain ‘ in this case, we have 3!….

  66. gooeyglobs says:

    It is pure and simple that some of the comments are with anger because the problems created by the Barisan had eaten into us for decades. Lets look at it this way.
    The majorty of Malaysians have enough of Badawi’s bullshits. We have enough of his “paper tiger” image with an obvious trace of hypocricy. This, I will still not blame Tun M for his wrong choice. The fact is, he had no other choice because there was none who was really ready but with Hobson’s choice, Tun M had to pick Badawi.
    Lets listen to Tun M because he has his profound wisdom to make changes in Umno itself. Lets be honest, without Tun M, name me anyone who is daring enough to oppose Badawi?
    Tun M is not a simple-minded leader but a strategist and a damn good one. He has his reasons why he has openly supported Najib but changed his mind lately. Do you honestly think that Tun M wants Najib to be the next PM? Tun M knows that the person to be the next PM must have the quintessence but Najib fails in every aspect.
    I opined that deep in PM’s heart, he has no objection to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be the next PM. He is actually helping Anwar indirectly. If this were to be the case, lets support such political move so that Malaysia can be a nation that we can be proud of.
    As for Khairy and Samy fellow, they are the most spiteful individuals. Khairy brought down Umno and Samy, MIC. No wonder Barisan Nasional was rewarded with the thrashing in the recent General Election.
    Badawi is desperate to keep questionable characters that of Muhammad son of Muhammad, Tengku Adnan, Nazri and Hang Tuah. May god bless all of you.

  67. anak malaysia says:

    It’s obviou$ the guy wants his $on, Mukhriz, to be PM instead of Anwar. Can $ome UMNOputra have the ball$ to propo$e and $tart the ball rolling. I am sure he wants to see his wish come true before he goes to the other world.

  68. Goh says:

    Mahathir is like a mad dog keep barking. He does not understand that the grave is not too far from him. Malaysia , a beautiful country was destroyed by him including many Malaysian families. He is the most selfish person I have ever come across.

  69. Noor Aza Othman says:

    This Mahathir idiot is a two-faced snake! He was the worst PM; and that he was and still is the mentor of another idiot, the Bodohwi and all the Umno gangsters! The only reason why this snake is speaking up as if he’s still in power; instead of trying to repent for all his brutal/evil wrongdoings to the rakyat including Anwar, is to ensure that his son, the Mukhriz idiot will take his supreme reign in the near future! I wonder why his supposed to be such champion of human rights daughter Marina, never once criticizes his dictator father nor ISA; or championing for the freedom of ISA detainees including the Hindraf true and brave leaders??!! Her blog is so hypocritical!

  70. Whi is Mahathir, the most selfish Malaysian. He still barks because he can’t get the bone of so many he does not like. He destroyed beautiful Malaysia and many Malaysian families. He is still a big crooke and only fool believed what he barked.

  71. Noor Aza Othman says:


  72. tarzan says:

    Sorry folks! Mahathir should be with me in the jungle. The law of the jungle is more suitable for him in the jungle.

    How would you like to see Mahathir swinging with a rope from tree to tree with gorillas?

    Then there will be no problem of him running afoul in the concrete jungle.

    Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle

  73. ah Long says:

    Why don’t someone put an end to Najib’s misery. Give him a block of C4 to play with. Nowadays he looks like someone who’s mother just died. So gloomy. He can do us a big favour, look for Khairy as a playmate and detonate his block of C4 together.

    I wonder how long AAB & his SIL can keep the AirAsia scandal so well hidden. AirAsia is rumoured to be using MAS aeroplanes for free. Remember, the big outcry that MAS is flying some unprofitable routes and therefore losing money?

    MAS had since stopped flying several of those money losing routes. No prize if you can guess where those surplus airplanes have gone.

    You must be real naive if you think AirAsia can make money by clever management alone. A dozen or so “free” aeroplanes do help.

    Now maybe you now know why AirAsia, whose major shareholders are AAB, his cronies and his SIL, is making mega bucks and MAS which is owned by you the taxpayer is losing mega bucks.

  74. mitosblog says:

    Mahathir is no different than Lee Kuan Yew, Suharto, Robert Mugabe. He will continue talking nonsense until his time is up (death).

    One question would always remain: Would he ever get called up for corruption charges?

    As long as BN in power the answer is no. You never know what will happen if the opposition heads the country one day…

  75. Pegasus says:

    Bodowi days are numbered , he knows that ,what more for Najib. The PM seat so near and yet so far for Najib. His face tells a lot of story,he knows the goverment in waiting are just around the block. If you can smell whats cooking,then folks,be ready to welcome Malaysia’s 6th PM -DSAI and the new goverment Party Rakyat,bringing the change that we wanted. If everything goes well , then we will have a new goverment in a couple of months hopefully.
    Bodowi was given a slap on the right cheek by the rakyat in the 12th GE to wake him up ,but he went back to sleep as he still can’t comprehend want has actually taken place, then another slap on the left cheek by our respected Agung for the mismanagement in his state and of course the country. Men , this guy never learn anything and prods on with his mission to recapture back the country.Bodowi not only lost ground but also lost touch with the people eversince he took over after the strong mandate given by the Rakyat in 2004,who expected then Mr Clean to bring the change and clean up the corrupted goverment left by Dr.Mahathir, but he only make it more worst as he was surrounded by Yes man and woman who were all too busy raking in money and neglected the Rakyat . Then came 8th March 2008, the rest is history.
    BN should close down or open up membership to all races. There should be no more racial party like UMNO,MIC and MCA,enough for 50 years of whatever they have achieve or did not achieve. They have divided and rule us, the Malays, Chinese, Indians , Kadazans, Sikhs,Ibans and all others are basically very united on the ground,its the BN politicians who sow the seeds of disunity among the people all these years to instill fear among its own people to rule the country. They view other races as enemy and out to grab what belongs to them. This is the shameful act which was the barrier that kept us Malaysians apart.There are poor Malays ,poor Chinese ,poor Indians and other races which need help to lift them up. Malaysia have the capability and are rich with natural resources, if all the billions wasted in the last 30 years are used carefully for upbringing the people,the economic and infrastruture of the country,folks ,we should be sitting on top of the world with other develop western country . Singapore would have been far behind us now. Its not late yet, there is still hope, between Anwar and Najib, I would certainly go for Anwar, najib is too tainted with scandals,corruptions as other BN leaders. Lets give Anwar a chance to lead the nation, after the imprisonment ,hope he is a change man now, lets see how he performs as PM. Lets rebuilt our beloved country again , lets get our intellectual people back to bring this nation to the top where we belong.

  76. Jude says:

    Tun M how to discribe Him.
    Father Malayalee Muslim,Manca Kaire pote Kaleteh Arepan.

    Have you guys notice,todate theres nothing Mahathir said benefitted the whole rakyat.(Middle and poor)He is still trying to get his son to go up the political ladder before he meets the maker. D- Najib would have supported Hishamuddin (Cousins) instead of Muk. So the ladder might be longer to climb.

  77. allen ng says:

    This old and cocky “Lau Beh” is still very focuss in stinging Pak Lah and losing confidence in Najid as he was not a loyal supporter of him any more.People can change colour like you change your underwear and as “Lau Beh” could not get him to wag his tail,he is going to throw his support in Tengku Razaleigh now.I wonder how far can he go?

  78. The Fact Is This says:

    Mahathir is running out of tricks to cheat the rakyat. His comment is no longer trusted by the rakyat as he is consider past tense. People are sick of his lies and twisting now. He is starting to bark non-stop again through the local useless newpapers. I for one is really fed up with this useless old man. Can someone ask him to shut up and keep quite??

  79. extrapreneur says:

    And we care because…

    check out my blog at

  80. Tangung Jawab says:

    I am exhausted to hear of the blame storming. Dr. M has a part to play in the defeat. He has been attacking Pak Lah and BN leaders prior to 8thMarch. He attached Samy Velu for doing nothing for the Indians hours before the elections. Now he blames Pak Lah for the dismal performance. If Samy Velu did not do enough for the Indians, what did he do for 22 years for the Indians. The damaging statements made by Dr.M prior to the elections had impacted on the results.Stop this blame game. Nobody is good except him. All in line to succeed him were no good. Now he says Najib is no good. Who is good.

  81. Richard Teo says:

    Dear Noor Aza Othman,
    You are such a breath of fresh air.I wish there are more enlightened people like you.If we have more people like you Malaysia would be a developed and progressive secular country like Turkey.God bless you.

  82. Jeannie Yeoh says:

    Is there anyone like LIM GUAN ENG to be our PM? Courages, fair, honest, just and concern for people of all races? Definitely not anyone from UMNO, MIC or MCA!

  83. donplaypuks says:

    dear jeannie yeoh

    short answer? – no; long answer? – no. nuff said!!

  84. Malaysian says:

    Have you guys seen Wag the Dog? Good movie, go catch it.

  85. donplaypuks says:

    dear malaysian

    yes, I saw the movie some 10 years ago.

    sp, what’s the relevance to Firaun dumping Rosemajib and this blog?

  86. billauchris says:

    Dr M dumped Najib, what a great turn of event!

    The UMNO’s closet is overflowing with skeletons. The rot and decay of the flesh are so obnoxious and offensive that Dr M can no longer defend his onetime blue-eyed boy.

    Banners are strewn up in many township around Kuala Lumpur urging Pak Lah to resign! Who could have the audacity to put up all these banners? Who is funding this clandestine operations? It is good to find out.

    After reading the expose of the ‘skeletons’ connected with the top UMNO leadership, I just cannot help but wonder where they stashed up the ill-begotten money.

    Dr M, you nurtured two Dr Jackels but they both transformed to become Frankensteins hardly five years after you stood down as PM. The heads that they reared in recent times are indeed ugly. For the sake of the nation, I think you are the only one who can send of of them them back to Timbuktoo!

    Ku Li is a good man and I think I trust him more than some of the the VPs. I hope he gets the major support of the UMNO membership to topple the two leaders. If they have any decency left in them, they should resign rightaway and not wait for Dec for the General Assembly to eat another round of humble pie.

  87. AkhbarulHaq says:

    I think kata2 Mahathir as ex-Prime Minister is not valid!
    He have seen that voice of `Makkal Sakti` has risen at Stadium Melawati.
    See here @
    The event happen on 31 Mac 2008 and Mahathir say such thing on 1 April!
    I think Mahathir take advantage to be a hero on Pakatan Rakyat!!!!
    Dont forget what he has done to DS Anwar Ibrahim..

  88. lamborghini says:

    Grashopper, if Mahathir is briliant as you think, how come out country is in deep shit?

    Do you know how Mahathir sodomised the country?

  89. lamborghini says:

    Grashopper, if Mahathir is as brilliant as you think, how come our country is still a 3rd world nation?

    And we are so corrupted?

    And do you know Mahathir is known as the Father of Corruption?
    And Mahathir is the cause of everything wrong in Malaysia!

  90. lamborghini says:

    Tanggung Jawab, Mahathir only support only those who would steal for him!

    For 22 years Mahathir robbed the nation.

    This habit of stealing still continues and Mahathir eople who are in cahoot with him.

    Najis is caught in the mongolian case. He can’t touch Badawi.

    Mahathir needs a new horse. A horse who he can manipulate from behind.

  91. limkamput says:


    I don’t understand one word of what you’re saying – and please do not write in BLOCKS! It is not as if it does anything. If it does anything, it puts the reader off.

  92. missing tunku says:

    Pak Lah just have to ask ACA to move into TDM old record and also that of his anak will keep them shut their mouth. Pak Lah is slow to learn, actually ACA is also one of TDM old medicine. TDM use it on Anwar and it work so well so let TDM eat his own medicine and we can watch the wayang play from the side line.

  93. wits0 says:

    When M was persecuting Anwar on the corruption charge in ’98, we craned our necks to find out what sort of corruption that it was all about.

    Blardy hell! It was merely about abuse of power, a relatively common thing amongst themselves.

    Nary was a speck of reference for the real big time corruption – one related to big time fiscal gains and greedy commission taking!

    M would never do that (which was already half expected) because he is cunning enough to not throw stone while living in a glass house.

  94. war zone says:

    Somebody has to take real action on this guy. If this guy succeeds in taking charge of this country, just picture this, internet blogging is not allowed except for him and his daughter or you need to pay an exorbitant fee in order to blog in the internet. Public protest/ rally by us is not allowed.

    This guy will blatantly rig the voting of GE. This guy will also bribe the chief police, chief judge, chief election commissioner, prosecutor and all Umno division heads so that they are all under his umbrella.

    This guy will put Raja Petra, sloone, and all of us into Kemuting joining the Hindraf 5 for voicing our grouses/ ideas.

    There is no democracy but tight-fist rule in this nation. We have to continue paying expensive local assembled cars while he and cronies reaping sky-rocketing profits. Importing of foreign cheap cars are rot allowed but have to pay real blood-sucking AP tax.

    We have to work like shit to pay all kind of expensive taxes imposed by him! After paying the taxes, there is nothing much left for us, despite working a few jobs/ shifts.

    Our children are only allowed to study in debilitating schools/ colleges with syllabus canned by him and there are all kinds of acts/ laws to control our children scope of learning. Our children have to pray to him as if he is the allah, mightier than the Allah or any god in the universe.

    We will be treated like slaves and his enforcers will resort to harsh actions to us if we don’t obey his words. He will whip us if we don’t do as told by him.

    Life is real miserable under his dictatorial rule that we want to be dogs and cats who are being treated more ‘animally’ than us. The cats and dogs are fed with enriched vitamins filled crunchy food. We can only afford bubur, ikan bilis/ salt fish which the cats and dogs won’t want to smell/ come near. This guy will treat us worse than his cats/ dogs/ horse.

    There will be no sunshine but total darkness in the nation- like Iraq now. He will shoot and kill anyone of us at his pleasure like shooting the crows in Klang town for voting his enemies into power.

    The Voice will be suppressed and don’t be surprised if sloone or anyone of us just disappeared like that with no one knows where is one’s about! We will be tortured and being electrocuted / water fed till our stomach going to burst…. just like those in Abu Ghraib/ Guantanamo detention camps.

    We have been suffering physically, mentally and spiritually under this guy rule for his 22 year rein.

    If this guy/ proxy rules, there it will be civil war and warlords will be fighting for land and power. There will be no peace in the nation but killing, raping and robbing will be the domain of this country.

    Malaysia, truly Asia.

  95. frmad says:

    for the hot post

  96. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:

    Najib lost his balls the day he fucked around with the Defence Ministry contracts and involved himself in scandals including the Altantuya murder. Obviously Pak Lah and family have got hold of some information with which they could muzzle him. For a man of ambition, to be a yes man to Pak Lah is hard to believe.

  97. hutchrun says:

    Lim why lah the last line. She alleady got 2 hubbies. And Papa I hear was not too happy with the 1st one to the Club Med chef (he did attend tho`).
    Btw during her papa`s time she got her advertising agency the MAS contract. That would have been a few million.
    As for her her brothers, well that`s been substantially documented elsewhere.

  98. birdbrain says:

    If Samy Velu did not do enough for the Indians, what did he do for 22 years for the Indians……asked Tanjong Jawab.

    Samy never count after ten, he just kept counting……One little 2 little 3, little Indian. 4 litlle 5, little 6, little Indian, 7 little 8, little 9, little Indian and 10 little Indian boy.

    He never got to 11! Poor Samy!

    When Hindraf fought the Indians in Malaysia, Samy decided to attend Kindergarten class to study numbers again.


  99. birdbrain says:


    When Hindraf fought FOR the Indians in Malaysia, Samy decided to attend Kindergarten class to study numbers again.

  100. facial says:

    Hi SIL and Sleeping PM please do not believe in the Maddog barking at…..drag the three to your new court.
    He is now replanting the mango tree in Putrajaya.

  101. annadurai98 says:

    It is not fair to Tun Dr.M to force our PM to resign. BN’s bad performance in the General Election was not because PM alone. Tun Dr. M is also the main cause of the bad performance. He with his remarks to the PM before the election made people vote against the BN. Please do not blame others.

  102. James Joyce says:

    To me, TDM is a coward. Take away the “Tun” ship and we will see how “kebal” you are.

    Everytime we talk about him, I have to see my doctor for an MC. Its too stressing. I think if he “goes” my pain will “disappear”

    I rest my case…..

  103. Lallang exile says:

    Letter to PM Badawi,

    Dear Mr PM,

    I do not understand why you allow Dr M to continue what he is doing to both you and the country. If it was the reverse, he would have put you , Badawi, into jail long ago using the ISA. Or treated you like Anwar.

    I do not understaand why you do no use the ACA – the myraid schemes and projects are too many to mention here – to shut him and his children up.

    I do not understand why you allow his cybertrooper Rocky to continue using his blog to incite gullible and inoocent Malaysians to dangerous acts suited to the agenda of Dr M.

    I do not understand why you need to make countless statements about not resigning. You are the elected PM by law. Nobody could contest that. The whole world respects that, except you know who.

    Just get the job going, shut your enemies up by prescribing them a dose of their own medicine. We and the generations to come will then remember and salute you not only as the last BN PM, but the PM who brought to justice a dictator called Dr M.

    In Chinese chess, you could “cheong” (check) your opponent quite easily especially when that opponent is overtly aggresive.

    It would occupy the ACA for years and by the time they get to the skeletons in your closet (if any) , it would already be a new era.

    So, be full of courage and put on the armour of truth and righteousness, for truth and righteousness will win the war for you.

    I sincerely do not wish to see my dear country and kindred plunged into anarchy by that wicked old man. He has destroyed enough lives already.

  104. jebatmustdie says:

    I have looked at my crystal ball. I foresee, Mahathir will make a comeback. He will again be the Umno’s president that’s for sure. And then my crystal ball got a bit befuddled. It’s a 50-50 chance that TDM will then advises the Agong to appoint Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah as PM just to stabilise the nation and then relinquish the post of president to TRH during the AGM. In the AGM, Najib will be challenged by Muhyiddin Yassin. While Ali Rustam, Hishamuddin Hussein, Rais Yatim, Hamid Albar, Ghani Othman, Adnan Yaakob and Musa Aman will vie for the 3 VP posts.

  105. Corazons of the World says:

    Aye, War Zone, why are we tolerating that old M? Why does AAB not use the ISA and ACA to shut this man up this man for good, once and for all? This is not his country and he is behaving like a little despot. Who is he to think he can decide the future of the country? I agree AAB & Co. should take hard action immediately against this man and his goons.

    Malaysian belongs to all – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Kadazan-Muruts, and others. We have just got our freedom through the ballot box – courtesy of gentleman AAB & Co. who have gracefully and maturely accepts the results of the Elections. Why can’t you, old M? Let me tell you, you are NOT going to take this freedom away from us again!

    And just in case you really believe in this hallucination that you are a strong man, let me tell you, you are not. It was the chair that really gave you the power. By yourself, you are nothing more than a lowly worm, a hyena. A small man who abused the powers of the office entrusted to you. n a more personal scale, many would describe you as a venomous snake; an evil man; And a real control freak. You have done enough damage. Now piss off and let us be!

    If not, my dear old M, may we just wish your dark light to dim soon, and you soon to find yourself before the Creator to answer for all the suffering and anguish you have caused on this earth.

    Rest assure you will not be in Paradise when that day of reckoning comes. The fires of Hell awaits you most impatiently.

    A thousand curses there be upon you and all your ilk!

  106. wits0 says:

    M still speaking for M’sia?

  107. wits0 says:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, April 3 (UPI) — If Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe goes into exile he would be welcome in Malaysia, former Malaysian Prime …

    His perversity spilleth over…and his ego tripping never ends.

  108. ah Long says:

    The Old bugger must have losted his marbles. Invite Mugabe ?? I suppose compared to Mugabe, Dr M must look like an angel.

    Dr N’s sense of value is really upside down. That old bastard must eat shit, excrete rice !!!!

  109. monte carlo says:

    hey susan what do you think will happen to this country if Pakatan Rakyat were to form a government. Anwar is bisexual sadist, kit siang is a chinese extremist anti malay & Hadi is a muslim fanatic. The country will be in chaos. I hope a malay lawyer would suit the British Goverment for bringing in Indians & chinese into Malaya. The British should take all of them back of send them to their respective countries. Look what happen in Tibet & Sri Lanka because there are looney chinese & indians there.
    Let them suffer in their own countries. Let them be homeless. there are 100s of million of poor & homeless souls.

  110. obama says:

    monte carlo, and send you back to Monte Carlo, I presume!

  111. Facts says:

    Subject: Siphoning money out quickly – by Raja Petra Kamaruddin

    Recently, Umno organised a forum at the Singgahsana Hotel in Petaling Jaya to conduct a post-mortem on the recent general election. The purpose of the forum was to explore what went wrong and where Umno should go from here. But judging by the rhetoric and statements that came out of that forum today, it is clear that Umno still does not get it. They still do not have their fingers on the pulse. They still fail to understand what went wrong on 8 March 2008 and what needs to be done to restore the lost fortunes of the party that is the lead partner in the ruling coalition.

    30 April 1975 was the day that Saigon fell. And it fell because the
    government did not have its fingers on the pulse of the nation. 30
    April 2008 may be the day that Barisan Nasional — and therefore Umno as well — falls after getting a beating on 8 March 2008. The reasons are clear, though it may not be clear to Umno. But what is more of interest is not the reason for the 8 March 2008 ‘disaster’ but what is happening behind the scenes to cushion the fall of those who walk in the corridors of power.

    Those who walk in the corridors of power no longer have any doubts
    that 30 April 2008 may be the day the newly-formed opposition
    coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, takes the reins of power. With its 82 seats
    in Parliament it is already more than halfway there. All it needs is
    another 30 seats to give it a simple majority in Parliament. If it
    gets more than that, even better, but 30 seats will do the trick for
    the meantime. Once the Barisan Nasional government falls, the
    stragglers will swing over easily enough because politicians always
    like to associate themselves with the winner, never with the loser.

    Patrick Lim tried his best to salvage whatever little left he could
    salvage. As soon as the results of the election became known, his
    fortune started dwindling at a rapid pace. When the stock market
    opened the Monday following the elections, he saw more than a quarter billion Ringgit disappear from his books. It was the most painful Monday in his entire life — as it was for the rest of the fourth
    floor cronies who were left holding paper that was no longer worth
    what it was just two days before that.

    Seeing that Penang was now an opposition state, his flagship project,
    Penang Global City Centre, was doomed to become history; and the
    market reacted. When it was announced that approval for the project
    had never been given in the first place, that nailed his plans to
    change the entire landscape of Penang Island and turn into a New York skyline; and the market reacted even more. He had only Terengganu left, which thankfully was still a Barisan Nasional state. And if he could convince his bankers that Terengganu was still on, then maybe they will ease up on the margin calls.

    But it was still too early to pop Champagne. Terengganu may be a
    Barisan Nasional state but it appears that His Majesty, The Agong, had other plans as to who should be the new Menteri Besar. The Agong knows about the RM1.2 billion a year oil royalty that has now been changed to wang ehsan and which comes under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister’s Department. The Agong also knows that ever since Idris Jusoh was appointed the manager of the wang ehsan in 2000, more than RM8 billion has disappeared into the pockets of Patrick Lim and his retinue of cronies. And The Agong said, enough is enough; the pilferage must come to an end!

    Patrick Lim broke out into cold sweat when it was announced that The
    Agong has his own ideas on who should be the Menteri Besar of
    Terengganu and that it is not going to be Idris Jusoh. Patrick Lim
    sent The Agong a SMS with an offer of RM300 million if His Majesty
    would maintain status quo. The gall of this uncouth, uncultured,
    crossbreed of a Chinaman. Sending The Agong a SMS is bad enough. Not even The Agong’s uncle would do such a biadap thing. But to attempt to bribe The Agong on top of that is the height of insolence that tantamount to treason.

    When The Agong did not respond, Patrick Lim made a beeline for
    Terengganu in an attempt to have a personal audience with His Majesty to pursue the RM300 million offer. The Agong made Patrick Lim sit in the waiting room the entire afternoon and at 5.00pm His Majesty sent his ‘guest’ off in tears with the message that he is persona non grata in the palace.

    Patrick Lim was now desperate. He needed to save his Terengganu
    operation. With Penang now in shambles, Terengganu is all he has left with which to convince his bankers that he is still bankable. He went to meet Ahmad Said and offered the new Menteri Besar RM40 million if he would agree to turn down the offer for the top post and instead settle for the post of Deputy Menteri Besar. This would allow Idris Jusoh the top post, which would then enable Patrick Lim to retain
    Terengganu as his playground. But Ahmad Said refused the offer of RM40 million and Patrick Lim’s hope of getting his hands on the RM1.2 billion a year shattered.

    Yes, 30 April 2008 may yet become like Saigon of 30 April 1975.
    Parliament is expected to convene on 28 April 2008 and if Anwar can
    convince another 30 Parliamentarians from Barisan Nasional to swing to his side then, with the 82 he already controls, he can form the new
    federal government. But can he do that?

    Sabah and Sarawak have 54 Parliament seats, all Barisan Nasional,
    while only 14 are Umno. Without Sabah and Sarawak, Barisan Nasional will have only 86 Parliament seats in Peninsular Malaysia, a majority of just four seats over the opposition’s 82. And without Sabah and Sarawak, Barisan Nasional cannot form the government, not even with a simple majority.

    Sabah and Sarawak know that Barisan Nasional needs their seats. Yet, they gave Sabah and Sarawak just five Deputy Minister posts and
    ‘worthless’ ministries on top of that. Their 54 Parliament seats are
    not going to come cheap. They can decide to throw their seats behind
    the 86 Barisan Nasional seats or behind the 82 opposition seats.
    Whomsoever gets their 54 seats will form the government. And the one who will get their 54 seats will be the one who comes up with the best offer.

    Sabah and Sarawak are each earning about RM600 million a year from the oil royalty. If the 5% oil royalty is increased to 20%, this will be close to RM2.5 billion a year, RM5 billion for both states combined.
    And if two Deputy Prime Minister posts are created and Second Deputy Prime Minister is rotated between Sabah and Sarawak, then that will complete the package. And the opposition has agreed to grant Sabah and Sarawak all this while Barisan Nasional, over the last two decades, will not even honour the Twenty-Point Agreement that was the basis for the formation of this nation called Malaysia.

    Yes, 30 April 2008. Will that be the date of the fall of Barisan
    Nasional as was the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975? Saigon fell
    because the government lost touch with the ground. If Barisan Nasional falls it will also be because the government has lost touch with the ground. Umno, today, in its forum at the Singgahsana Hotel, talked about Malay nationalism and Islam. Barisan Nasional got a thrashing on 8 March 2008 because the people are tired of all this talk about Malay nationalism and Islam.. And this continued talk about Malay nationalism and Islam will be what will seal the Barisan Nasional coffin for good on 30 April 2008.

    For further reading, on 28 March 2008, The Malaysian Insider ran an
    article called ‘Patrick Lim – jetsetter with a bulls-eye on his back’.
    Considering that The Malaysian Insider is owned by Kalimullah
    Masheerul Hassan and Brendon Pereira, it makes one wonder what their game plan is. After all, Kalimullah and Brendon are known fourth floor cronies. Is this a sign that even the fourth floor is jettisoning
    Patrick Lim and leaving him to flounder in his massive bank debts?

    Of special interest is the New Straits Times report below about
    Maybank buying over Temasek’s interest in an Indonesian bank at RM3 billion more than what they should be paying. The interesting part, of course, is about who brokered this deal with Singapore and why Maybank was made to pay RM3 billion over-value.

    Yes, the rats are deserting the sinking ship. And they are cashing out
    quickly so that they can take with them as much money as they can when they desert the ship. If the ship sinks on 30 April 2008, as may be the case….well, never mind, because by then billions will have been transferred out of the country.

    Daim took RM42 billion with him when he bailed out just before Tun Dr
    Mahathir left the scene. Expect the present figure to be close to that
    when Abdullah Ahmad Badawi leaves the scene. RM21 billion has already been moved just before the last general election. They only need another RM21 billion to match Daim’s RM42 billion. And the Maybank deal just reduced that RM21 billion to RM18 billion so there is not that far to go. If the new government is formed on 30 April 2008 there may be nothing left in the kitty. I, for one, would not want to be in that new government.

  112. Ah Long says:

    Raja Petra, if things come to pass and 30th April is BN/UMNO’s day of reckoning, I hope the new government will pursue a course of action similar to the Philipines & Indonesia and place those plunderers under house arrest and try to get some of our money back.

    Maybe they should also try to extradict those thieves like Diam who I believe is hiding in the USA. Even if it fails, at least let the whole world know how corrupt these bastards really are.

    And that Badawi, how stupid can he get. He name and confirmed (7th April) Najib Tun Razak as his successor. How incredibly stupid is that man !!!! Every man and his dog knows Najib is up to his eyeballs with the Mongolian explosion, all except AAB that is. When is AAB going to learn that right this moment silence is golden. Why did he have to unnecessarily open his big mouth.

    How the hell can you have a man with a stained reputation as a successor PM?? This again demonstrate the arrogance of BN. Totally isolated from the rakyat and continue to treat the rakyat like complete idiots.

  113. just says:

    TDM opens his big mouth again to protect himself and his sons’ biz. He has too many wrongdoings during his 23 years and afraid of AAB opening TDM’s can of worms.
    Each time TDM opens his mouth, it is harming the country and people. This beautiful country is destroyed by this one big mouth. He condemned the West and those not in his personal favour and liking and now he screwed up the politics in Malaysia which both led to a disaster in our economy and the lack of confidence from the foreign investors. He had cost us and the country billions and damaged the country’s reputation and potential in his quest to glorify his personal ego and arrogance (Look at his stuck-up face and mouth). All his attacks are his personal views and hatred but at the expense of the country and its people. He should be demanded for compensating all the lossess as a result of his big mouth and venomous tongue.AAB, this is the time the rakyat want you to do the most important job, that is, to restore justice by prosecuting all the wrongdoings of TDM and his cronies and once and for all wipe out all these crooks and the biggest crook with a big mouth and shamless personality is TDM.We, rakyat, want AAB to investigate into the misdeeds of TDM, then only we trust the BN. Umno, MCA & MIC are Ali Babas of BN.Be transparent by spilling the beans, if not we rakyat would vote for Anwar to be the people’s PM.

  114. umar says:

    so far malaysia dont have any caliber and excellent leader except anwar ibrahim

  115. jaromire says:

    Guys, haven’t you seen Tun in the Hardtalk last time with Sackur?. He admitted that he was wrong choosing PakDol as his succesor be’coz he thought that PakDol was a clean, sincere person juz like Anwar eh?. But we have to admit that from past 22 yrs under leadership, Malaysian people benefited the most. All those menteri’s under him are busy getting rich rather to help developing Malaysia. There are no question about it that Tun was the best prime minister and he always doing “His Way” rather other menteri ways. Misdeed of Tun?. Come on guys, since when Tun holding shares in any corporates businesses?. Tell me one. Berjaya?.. Ananda Krishnan?. And Anwar accused him that he got 70% shares in TV3. That shows how stupid Anwar is as a former Finance Minister. He should know the regulation in Securities Commission that if Tun only a custodian for UMNO, if not TV3 will be a private company. Let me ask you guys, is Anwar got what it takes to becom a Prime Minister?. He was released from prison not becoz he did not do the sodomy thingy but on technical error of the witness. You can check it out on the Summary Judgement Court of Appeal. If PR want to be a great government and to be succesful, you better choose someone with more leadership charisma to lead Malaysian or there will be another PakDol, prevoius by his in-law now by the western government. Think China, think Malaysia.. Look at the similiarities of they policies. Cheers.. Keep on blogging Susan!!

  116. […] This, from the man who has himself previously attacked Najib and undermined Najib’s credentials for the premiership. […]

  117. hutchrun says:

    Now Mahathir aligns himself with an alleged sodomist.

  118. Anonymous says:

    helo kawan tak la la nak dumps sapa same jeeeee aiaiaiaia

  119. […] This, from the man who has himself previously attacked Najib andundermined Najib’s credentials for the premiership. […]

  120. cena says:

    hey common guys..
    mahathir does a good leader!!
    when i went to other country such as korea,they asked me where i came from..and of corse with proud,i’m malysian-and you know..
    the first things they mention is..oh mahathir?mahathir?
    that’s mean our country as famous as that with his effort..
    we are being known!!what else you all want??it is not wrong for him to hold this country for 22 years..even for the whole of his life as long as we can live well..we can still work peacefully and carry on with our life,as for examples ones doubt lee kuan yew for being the pm for such a long period of time,and know actually he still involve in the management of the country through his son..but..his RAKYAT not like us..always X PUAS HATI…what to do..?

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