Banyak drama-lah di Malaysia…(too many dramas in Malaysia): 

While the Opposition DAP-PKR and PAS join ranks, hugs and all in Pakatan Rakyat (people’s alliance), Umno ‘dis-integrates’:

PKR advisor Anwar Ibrahim says: 

We have developed and strengthened the structure of Pakatan Rakyat by creating under the leadership council – consisting of the leaders of the three parties – a joint secretariat consisting of three leaders  from each party. This joint secretariat will be tasked with building the foundation and framework of the Pakatan Rakyat for ratification by the leadership council.” (Malaysiakini)

Meanwhile, elsewhere:

Umno risks becoming no longer relevant because there are now more ‘yes men’ than those who are willing to give dissenting views. We must look at ourselves and be brave and take action to correct Umno.” (Mahathir Mohamad in The Malaysian Insider).

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  1. Pakatan Rakyat is more relevan nowdays than
    Not believe? Mmmm take a look at this link first!

  2. It`s Human Sea! (Lautan Manusia)
    Now I believe 🙂 Any comments Dear Susan?

  3. mitosblog says:

    Definitely the best choice for every Malaysians!

    Let the second tsunami roars in April and Anwar be the 6th PM

  4. If not for PAS providing support and manpower for other political parties in the last general election. PKR and DAP will not go anywhere.

    It is time you people out there realize just how much PAS has contributed and sacrificed for the sake of peace for you people. So, stop saying bad things about PAS and us Muslims from now on.

  5. ANg kong says:

    with so many abuse/coverups fr the UMNO-BN. If the BR doesnt get their acts together soon and use this opportunity to bring the states they have won to another level….
    i think i will just quietly slashed my wrist… as i have lost all hopes in proudly calling myself a malaysian.

    here’s my message to you, Pls for the future of Malaysia, BR..pls dont go back to the racial route. I saw the ‘apanama’ …..selangor indian MP threatening to resign because there wasn’t enough indian ex-co representative..kanineh….i mean…COME ON….!!! then the fxxking Sami vellu trying to pour minyak tanah some more….

    who cares if he is Ang Mor, Mongolian or Homer Simpson, so long as he is impartial and fair……life is to short…. besides, u cant bring all the money to the grave when u die but u can leave your legacy behind for generations ..

  6. ANg kong says:

    message for you…’Malay Women in Malaysia’

    i stood on yr side last time but this time… just

    s h u t … the … FxxK u p !!

  7. malayamuda says:

    ” Malay women in Malaysia ” ‘s comments somehow make me feel it’s someone cunning who says things just to stir up shit.

    These are people we call ” B*t*hes ” in real life !

    By saying PAS is the reason for the BR win, this B*t*h hopes others will give dissenting views, sounds like someone from puteri / wanita UMNO

  8. Bread winner says:

    Malay women in Malaysia is another natural born racist. Same as those that feels good hanging out at the toxic place call “The Loaf” ,

    Same as the MP who said you don’t like it here then get out, Need I say more.

  9. ktemoc says:

    oh, i thought your post title meant something-Blogs and PABS 😉

  10. Ong Ting Ting says:

    BN.. Barisan Nowhere is headed for disaster. The component parties in BN i.e UMNO, MCA, Gerakan, MIC are not relevant anymore. They served their own purpose/s and was dead a long time ago.

    They did not know it. The raayat have to scream, suffer, shout and die to tell them. They were enjoying, partying and enriching each other.

    None shouted slogans to help the Raayat. The shouted sexizm, use the keris, fill the pockets of their cronies with projects, money, bought and stole land from the raayat.

    Those in power abuses it. Put people in jail for the slightest irritation caused.

    They bought planes, ships, helicopters, cars and so on. They get married with new wives and have holidays overseas while the major part of the country was flooded.

    The leader even went to officiate a nasi lemak stall in Perth , Australia.

    What is All this?

  11. Lim says:

    As I’ve said last time, Malay Women in M’sia is not at all (skin) colour blind, but he @ she @ it is very very much politically blind.

  12. Lim says:

    Have heard that PAS is very kind in taking care of Kelantanist. They seems not raciest at all. Chinese in Kelantan deserve Chinese Reserved Land. Might be they are a little extrem to Mengislamkan semua rakyat out of good intention.
    But about this election it is not the man power from PAS but from the three party and the support from the nation through our vote.
    Hope with this Unity of Pakatan Rakyat, all the good side of these three party will bring good to M’sia & M’sian. Bravo.

  13. petestop says:

    To be fair to “Malay Women in Malaysia”, PAS lend quite som helping hands
    to the other opposition parties. We were surprised to see them helping out
    at DAP’s ceramahs.

    However, to claim that without PAS help, PKR and DAP will be nowhere,
    I think is a bit overboard. PAS, likewise have benefits much from PKR and
    DAP supporters by turning in their biggest election victory ever.

    Now that we have a Pakatan Rakyat, let’s hope that all can cooperate together and break the Barang Naik hegemony forever.

    At the end of the day, we the Rakyat should be the Lord of this land where we are born, lived, married, have children and will died in.

    Never again should we worship the ground of those we put into power,
    only to see them abuse it again and again for their own personal greed.

  14. jagoh says:

    malay women in malaysia, you are totally shameless! what is your true purpose of your posting? and for what benefit to us all? If your intention is to start an argument among us all bloggers here, YOU WONT GET IT! You mean, others did not contribute anything? Saudara Anwar was beaten to a pulp adn jailed for 6 years, how’s that to start with?? Whatever it was, I sincerely doubt that true PAS leaders will not make such kind of statements like you!! Shameless! … or probably, you sounded as if you’re someone from BN.

  15. allen ng says:

    The alliance among PKR,DAP and PAS would be a good team to challenge the federal the next GE. As you can see,UMNO is now bickering among themselves – blaming every Tom,Dick and Harry and the once vulnerable UMNO is now as fragile as the withered flower.

  16. jagoh says:

    correction, should read as: “Whatever it was, I sincerely doubt that true PAS leaders will make such kind of statements like you!”

  17. RAJ RAMAN says:

    Its a time for malaysian to support pakatan rakyat.Please dont bring in and champion any political party.Lets be call as be united.

    Its high time for malaysian to be united as malaysian and dont bring in religion,race and any party to be the single champion for winning this election.

    Thanks.raj raman.
    I hope we are civilised enough by trying to be more manners.Pls we can argue but not in vulgar words.pls.

  18. myop101 says:

    Well, I am just glad Pakatan Rakyat has been born. The 2-party system is becoming a reality as the days go by. Looking forward to a democratic and politically developed nation. To all the rakyat, thank you…:)

  19. In fighting the war concentrate on the common enemy
    Don’t waste time in squibbering among the little red indians
    While the big indian chiefs try to work together for the common good
    Otherwise there’s no harmony, no more red indians and no community food (for fools)

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 010408
    Tue. 1st April 2008.

  20. kittykat46 says:

    UMNO used to boast that it could easily rule in its own right – and that was used to silence any input from the non-Bumi component parties.
    Well, the March 8 election results certainly showed that UMNO can rule on its own –

    but what they didn’t realise in the midst of all their arrogance was that if the component parties got decimated, UMNO standing on its own would be extremely vulnerable to a coalition which IS inclusive and broad-based.

    Time to move beyond UMNO

  21. Splc says:

    Simple answer, ALL BR party components served each others right (as well as some HIDRAF+Negarakuku+Kampung kat KL+… effects) till to get today results…. “beep beep beep” goes for Malay Women… trooper detected “TAKE COVER!!!”

  22. Splc says:

    Hehe, what a “smart” move they take to further track down each and everyone who “sell” them out…

  23. . says:

    ““Umno risks becoming no longer relevant because there are now more ‘yes men’ than those who are willing to give dissenting views. We must look at ourselves and be brave and take action to correct Umno.” (Mahathir Mohamad in The Malaysian Insider).”

    Yes, I know he would say that providing he ain’t in the top echelon of UMNO.
    For 22 years in power, we all know you. But the thing I didn’t expect is when you quit, your mouth ain’t quiting. May God bless his mouth 1st befofe his soul.

    trust me, I really enjoy the intra-party infighting, esp. UMNO. Clap, Clap, Clap. But I hope Badawi will hold on as PM as long as Najib is not in the line of successor..

  24. oster says:

    A reminder to all Malaysians:

    Do not ever fawn over any organisation, or predict that a rise will not be followed by a fall, or vice versa.

    Who knows, 20 years from now, it might be UMNO that is the reforming revolutionaries and the PR a bunch of politicians rendered ineffective by complacency.


  25. wits0 says:

    Without the utterly sycophantic and thoroughly disgusting non-Bumi component parties around to hoodwink their own ccmmunities, the UMNO poison will be most glaring. It’s demise is written on the wall. The exclusivistic and shamelessly chauvinistic slogan of, “bangsa, agama, negara” will become clearly the millstone around its own neck. There is no real forward thinking thinking under such a backward sentiment of rabid paranoia.

  26. limkamput says:

    I think DAP should now start planning to kick PKR and PAS. Why not?? Dump them before they dump you!

  27. myop101 says:

    Deat oster,

    Agreed, agreed. But until that day, let’s make sure PR, the present reformists, is on a strong footing to bring about reforms…:)

  28. Dime says:

    Guys, pleaseee………stop bickering about others!

    Let the Pakatan prove its worthiness to the Rakyat. Give them some space to breath. Try not to create friction among the supporters.

    By the way, what this blogger wrote is merely a tale of the ‘two idiot’. See, if we don’t guide them, forever they will be an idiots. In the end, we are the one who will be suffering…….

    Thus, it is we, the ‘rakyat’, responsibility to educate this second idiot so that he would not follow the foot step of the other big idiot. He must not forget the basic fundamental why he is being created in the first place.

    If you love yourself, then support this pakatan in the next 5 years. Give advise coz condemning people is the easiest thing to do. Then, you can reasses their performance. The power is in your hands!

    Pleaseeeee……don’t waste bloggers time with all those nonsense…..

  29. bamboo river says:

    Dear MWiM, from your comment on 1st April@ 5.07p.m, I concluded that you are a PAS member and of course a Muslim.
    However I am very distraught as a non muslim that you would put your religion so lowwww on our expense.
    Your comment about PAS does not in anyway proof or display a bit of a PAS’s political policies.
    I have many PAS friends in my neighbourhood.

    Please, I think the problem is with you ,not us. If you are well informed till the last bit about this GE12, you must know that all parties, PAS,PKR,PSM,MDM and DAP are nothing without the support of the people of Malaysia.
    We are not ignorant about the contributions and sacrifices of the parties and their leaders. Yet I believe the parties too are aware that without the people they will go nowhere.
    Please talk to your neighbours and friends, share some views and have an open mind about the sensitivity of other people especially religion.
    I am sure you can do your part to make our life easier. 🙂

  30. David says:

    Even though I do not oppose the Pakatan Rakyat formation, I ‘m not going to trust PAS either.
    For the time being, I do believe that the formation is just to strenghten forces in order to to kick the BN out effectively.
    Once there’re in power , PAS will definetely try to take control on its own.
    Though I might be wrong about my opinion of view, but I do hope DAP will be well prepared if such thing really do happen.

  31. Anonymous says:


    What’s has PAS got to say. Any comment is welcome to ease the uncertainty! You can stop the extremism internally but the force from outside is immense that even the Americans can’t do anything.

    How can we protect Malaysians of different ethnic backgrounds from these religious extremists? And what is their agenda?

  32. rahman says:

    for the sake of power PAS will compromise their ideology. non muslim not to worry . they condemned BN and labelled UMNO as infidel for working with indian and chinese but now what happened? hadi even kissed kit siang. who is infidel now…. ha ha. fun fun. manusia- manusia.

    we rakyat will face same life even though the govt is changed. remember human can never be angel.

    initial stage there will be alot of promises good to hear and later back to square.

  33. caravanserai says:

    Pakatan Rakyat
    Let the name glow
    In the minds and hearts
    The People must know

    The coalition partners
    DAP, PKR and PAS
    These leaders shouldn’t forget
    It is Malaysia for Malaysians

    Let there be truth
    In its formation to bring glory to the country
    And Her people needs and peaceful coexistence
    Don’t be for selfish gains

    And remember Barisan Rakyat
    They are forever watching the developments
    They are the king maker in democracy
    Recognize us don’t you dare to forget!

    Now you have a clear vision
    The road seems bright and shining
    Work for it what we put you there to do
    Govern it in principles of transparency and accountability
    Pakatan Rakyat you mustn’t fail

  34. w.f.coolie says:

    by looking at the colour of the skin every time we want to get something done will not get malaysia very far. just like any corporation, let us get the best leaders to lead because they will bring in bigger cakes for all Malaysians to enjoy. by having nimcompoops as leaders, they will take the effort to bake a bigger cake; they will just hide whatever cake they come across – the days of BN!
    So now that we have PAKATAN RAKYAT, let’s prove to BN that we can make a better Malaysia where all poors will be given the supports they need. Once the wealth of the country is well managed, there is enough for ALL MALAYSIANS to enjoy a decent living!!

  35. Nico says:

    Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang & Dr Hadi Awang should be lauded for their decision form the new coalition. Most right-thinking Malaysians wish the new coalition well. At long last, the much-awaited alternative to the archaic, divisive, race-based formula of BN has arrived. May God bless the Pakatan Rakyat.

  36. Kevin says:

    Pakatan Rakyat has promised alot…. they better deliver. Otherwise whatever dreams we still harbour for Malaysia will turn to ashes.

    Although its good for Pakatan that UMNO is still rocking… it is bad for Malaysia as the direction of the country is getting blurrer and blurrer…. I have not seen much in policies improvement but alot on UMNO’s infighting and political posturing of some wannabes… think that is good?

  37. Phua Kai Lit says:

    Here’s another way to think about recent events:

    The British did their best to promote conservative politicians from
    UMNO and the MCA to replace them when they “granted independence”
    to colonial Malaya. At the same time, they repressed radical
    as well as more moderate leftist politicians from the Chinese Left as well as the Malay Left.

    So, it is taking (has taken?) the good citizens of Malaysia 50 years to dislodge this group of conservative politicians and their political heirs (and, literally, their biological heirs too) from power.

  38. Ahila says:

    Syabas to the birth of Pakatan Rakyat ! I hope together we shall see a new Malaysia with a better horizon for all sons of the soil-no matter what race or religion he may belong to ! With reference to the Rakyat…..dear Pakatan, NO us, NO you !!! Work for the benefit of all Malaysian…we’ll be behind you 100%, provided you dont sway……… the BN !

    COngratulations…Valzthukkal……..Tahniah……….in chinese too !!!!
    United we stand !!!

  39. Dime says:

    Wooo Rahman……

    Politics is power. Power is money. Money is corrupt. But they have brain to use……so give them some space la…….

    So, if you don’t like politics, then, be a ‘jungle people’ la….or stay with Fidel Castro!

  40. alfred ho says:


    Hats off to all those who brought change
    Alfred Ho | Apr 2, 08 4:08pm

    The people of Malaysia have finally spoken and a quiet revolution of sorts has taken place. I think that the election results would have been even more impressive for the opposition had the Election Commission acted impartially.

    However, at least the opposition has now denied the Barisan Nasional government its two-thirds majority in Parliament and that is certainly a good start. I am glad to have been able to play a small part in this quiet revolution by urging Malaysians to bring about change by voting for the opposition.

    I equate the election results to ‘People Power’ and with the winds of change. The MIC and Gerakan are now both irrelevant. The MCA and the PPP have also been dealt a heavy blow and I am sure that the leaders of the Barisan Nasional will have to do a lot of soul-searching to do.

    Let us hope that the three successful opposition parties can get their act together and rule efficiently the five states that right thinking Malaysians have delivered into their hands and not fail the many citizens who have helped bring about this change.

    As a blind individual myself, I hope that discrimination towards the disabled community will be a thing of the past and that we will be given equal opportunities where jobs are concerned. As a singer, musician myself, I hope to be given opportunities to perform at government and other public functions.

    Finally, I wish to thank all those who campaigned tirelessly to bring about this change and these include people such as Raja Petra, the Lim combo, Anwar Ibrahim, Jeff Ooi, the list goes on. I also wish to take this golden opportunity of saying special thanks to the alternative media for giving us a platform to air our views during the run-up to the elections.

    Let us hope that the Barisan Rakyat will keep its promises to the people by looking into their interests and that corruption and cronyism will be things of the past.

    While I am on this subject, it is my sincere hope that all those who have been involved in corruption during the former administration be charged in court and that the full force of the law be brought to bear upon them for their misdeeds to teach them a lesson that they will not forget in a hurry.

  41. Phua Kai Lit says:

    To Mr Alfred Ho:

    It would be great if you can use your musical talents to promote
    progressive change in Malaysia!
    Remember the examples of the great Bob Marley
    (“Get up, stand up! Stand up for your rights! Get up, stand up!
    Don’t give up the fight!”) and the
    great John Lennon (“Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can.
    No need for greed or hunger. A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.”)

  42. alred ho says:

  43. billauchris says:

    Congratulations to the formation of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) – which I never dreamt of during the past fifty years that it would ever materialise during my life time. The efforts put in by the three leaders of the opposition parties – DAP, PAS and PKR – must have taken a great toll on Annuar Ibrahim. The odds against him were immense and I must take this opportunity to express my great appreciation and admiration for his perserverence and persistency in his struggle and persuit of his dream to form a better Malaysia, where the people would submerge their racial origns and consider themselves to be truly Malaysians.

    The 12th General Election of 8 March 2008 will long be remembered as a turning point in Malaysian politics. The results of the Election spoke volumes of the great people’s disappointment, unhappiness and despondency with the BN Government. The wind of change was like a tornado that swept the BN off its control over Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor. In the Federal Territory, BN merely won one miserable Parliamentary seat.

    Deep in my mind, I have no doubts initially that PR would augur well and its design and creation would one day pave the way to a two-party system in Malaysia like in USA. The people of Malayisa want a change of Government and they gavea chance to the PR that she might look after and protect their interest, social-economic welfare and rights in the years ahead.

    Malaysians have displayed their maturity by applying their intelligence and wisdom in casting their votes. Their votes were against corruption, nepotism, arrogance, generally poor delivery system, squandering of public funds, overt self-interest among the UMNOputras, discrimination against the non-Malays etc.

    Within the first couple of weeks, PR have shown that they mean business and they really appear to the public that they seriously walk their talk.

    Then came the anti-climax when Perak State Assemblyman for Buntung, YB Sivasubramaniam who threw in his resignation and then withdrew it in less than six hours after meeting with his boss Lim Guan Eng. This negative step taken by Siva should never never happen again from now on. The public viewed his action as premature, uncalled for and ostentatious and felt that it was a cheapskate move to cause sensationalism.

    Personally, I opine that Siva’s stunt merely revealed his poor formation and orientation to the new political wind of change that swept PR to victory.
    He and all members of PR should never resort to such means anymore.
    I would expect them to avoid racial politics and not to mix politics with religion and culture, the recipe for BN’s defeat. This is the BN’s blend of politics which the country has rejected. All members of PR should now subordinate their personal interest for national interest. The expectations are high. We do not want to see anymore squabble among the PR members. We want them to be able to talk more about how they can represent and serve their fellow Malaysians rather than their respective races. If you or anyone starts doing what Siva had done, then PR is no different from BN and the country will reject you out at the next General Election. So try to work as a team-member and play by the rule and your PR’s overall objective.

    Then there is strong rumour that MB for Selangor is stepping down for Annuar Ibrahim to get himself voted in at a by-election. Friends, my advice to you is do not take such a big risk; if what you intend to do is true according to the press, the people may not receive Annuar well at the by-election. Let him for the time being help out in consolidating PR and help out his daughter in Lembah Pantai for the benefit of the people there.
    This sort of rumour is not good for PR and causing unnecessary anxiety and uncertainty in the minds of the people in Selangor.

    I hope the PR members from now on should concentrate on their roles for which they were elected by the electorates. And, stop coming out with any surprises. Please for heaven sake, do not fight or bring your grouses into the open through the BN controlled media. I need not speak to you on this matter.

    Remember the bloggers brought you to victory but they can also bring about your down-fall; so please do not force our hands, my dear PR. friends.

  44. Pegasus says:

    The new dawn is here, with DAP, PKR and PAS joining forces and forming
    Pakatan Rakyat, we are stepping into a new era where racial parties are rejected by the people and a new beginning as begun.
    BN is dead and as good as gone. The Rakyat on the ground are simply piss-off with the BN regime which has robbed and siphone off billions of money into their personal account. Money which could have been use to develop the country to be on par with the western countries are gone… The rakyat have been neglected by the BN regime for far too long and the time has arrive , for all Malaysian to close down this BN regime’s party . BN don’t have to waste their time to study why the rakyat rejected them , it simply shows that they are out of touch with people if they still don’t realise by now. PR have been voted in by the rakyat to carry their hope and to act responsibily on the trust given. I do not wish to see UMNO,MIC and MCA existing anymore, they should say their prayers and close down. Multi-racial party like PKR and DAP should be the party we ought to be, where all Malaysian irrespective of race and religion are united and should fighting for their rights. For more then 50 years , BN have been ruling by dividing the rakyat with race issues and instilling fear if they dare talk or ask for anything more then they should. Lets give our support to PR and its time PR walk the talk. There should be no let down by PR on the rakyat inspirations,they should bring justice to where it should be.

  45. […] Tale of two parties… (Susan Loone) […]

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