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If previously we have not heard of anyone wanting to be an astronaut, after Dr. Sheik’s (Muszaphar Shukor) blast into space, things have changed. Many of the younger generations are now saying they want to become astronauts (nought). This is a reflection of the changes in the mindset among Malaysian people” (Deputy prime minister Najib Tun Razak, when launching “Reaching for the Stars“, written by the astronaut’s late younger brother).

Yeah, guess what was the “changes in the mindset among Malaysian people”?

From Associate Press:

The ruling coalition’s dramatic losses in Malaysia’s general elections are much worse than they appear. An Associated Press analysis and calculations by independent analysts showed that the coalition’s share of the popular vote is barely half – about 51 percent of the 7.9 million votes cast. Nevertheless, the ruling National Front took 63 percent of the seats at stake in Saturday’s vote – 140 of 222 seats.


I believe this stupid venture – when Malaysians were suffering the effects of an economic downturn – played a part in BN/UMNO’s losses in the recent general elections. It was a real blast, anyway, for BN/UMNO!

Before the general elections, everyone I spoke to in my hometown Penang, was really pissed off at that astro-idiot blasting into space. My Chinese sinseh said “What a nut. What a waste of money. I heard of Singaporeans donating money to build health centres for the poor in Malaysia. Why can’t Malaysians themselves do this?”

My 8 year old niece was even more blunt “So what? He’s not riding the space-shift, he’s going to make teh-tarik there“. LOL.

The government defended this project by saying that the space venture could ‘inspire’ kids to become interested in Science. It would make them interested in being a tourist, definitely. And in thinking there is nothing wrong with spending billions of the people’s money just because some politician had a fanciful thought.

My interest in science took off when my own father made me follow him on all his supervision trips to check on weather stations (balai kaji cuaca) around the country. He thought me how to read the weather instruments, to forecast rain, how to calculate pressure, and the names of all the different clouds in the sky. He talked to me about the sun, the moon, the stars. And how the earth came to being. He told me all about the universe, the various planets, and the Haley comet that visit us only once in 75 years. 

I didn’t need an astronaut to parade infront of me so I could believe in Science. I need a heroic leader who is honest, principled, fair and just, to make me believe in humanity.

Sadly there is none. A thousand astronauts can blast into space, I am afraid. But what kids need these days is a visionary and honest leader, one that would most certainly bring them back to earth.

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  1. I have not met one person who said something good about our angkasawan project. ZERO!

    It is so embarassing to portray a space tourist as a legitimate astronaut. Brings shame to Malaysians.

  2. ANg kong says:

    speaking as a caring tax payer, i wonder how are those ‘space experiments’ tht i partly funded progressing?? (did they manage to turn teh into kopi or not?)
    care to share the results? u don play play ah.. me also a scientist, u no?
    or do we hav to wait till it get published in the ‘Nature’ or may be in d jokers column in one of those newspapers owned by UMNO?

    what a waste of rakyat money..!! what a plonker ! what a bunch of morons….

  3. Lim says:

    Yaaa good Idea ya, making roti chanai and teh tarik in space to promote Malaysia culture to the world. But they “the politician” do not know promoting M’sian culture through cyberspace is absolutly free of cent. What a nut politician we have on BN. Might be they are all school primary teacher backgroug just like our beloved OKT. Everything also okokok and now ko

  4. ANg kong says:

    this reminds me of

    they stole mitsubishi’s 2nd rated engine, copied the bygone designs.. and yet still managed to spend billions….. and what did they call ‘it’??

    P R O T O N !

    hav some originality-lah….. for crying out loud!!

  5. Lim says:

    Emotionaly can’t accept this type of nuts. Russian, Chnese, American go to space with their space technology. They are proud of their expertise in hi space technology. Our astronut go to space like tumpang kereta@bas. Pathetic

  6. Malaysian says:

    I know, some people have too much time. Read in the papers today about this lawyer Roger-something who wants to take legal action cos Penang and Perak waived summons for the taxpayers. Aiyah Roger, go do some charity work lah with all your time and energy. Go feed the poor, clean some old folks home, something PRODUCTIVE man. For once, the folks get a break from the government (state) and you want to make trouble. You better not go holiday in Penang lah, I tell you. Folks in Malaysia don’t like trouble makers, only merry makers.

  7. Lim says:

    Our malaysia space ‘lang chai @ 人才‘ Is Not Astronaut but

  8. Lim says:

    Somehow rather as what Susan named them Astro(Naught) also relevant. But Astronaut is definitely irrelavant.

  9. billauchris says:

    BN does not know the value of money because it comes from the ground. To spend RM100 million to catapult a Malaysian on a cyber trip in my opinion is a great waste of tax payers’ money.

    As tax payers, we would like to know what the “astro-nought” brought back. So far, no news from him. I was led to understand that he did some form of research out in space. Can we have the findings?

    There are thousands of schools in the country that require a fresh coat of white-wash and need to change the shaky benches and tables that pose great danger to school children. Please use the tax-payers’ money prudently.

    Can somebody care to respond what actions have been taken to recover from those who had obtained tertiary education loans from the Government’s agencies and have failed to pay back? How much are owed and how much is left to be recovered? Please account to the public.

    I hope that the BN shall refrain from initiating projects that do not benefit the peoples of Malaysia. Opposition please do the needful. We need you to screw those responsible out of their jobs if they continue to be irresponsible and insensitive to the needs of the nation.

  10. Dont give a man a rocket
    Paying for it from our Pocket.
    Teach him how to use a wrench and a socket
    So that he can build a Spaceshuttle wearing a Malaysian Jacket.

    Dumb leaders are a liability to the Nation
    Day and Night they spew out stupid suggestion
    Some are loud Mouth some got no Patience
    They all dont like the Opposition.

  11. freewave says:

    Yeah, a change of mindset that will spark off thousands of unemployed astronaut wannabes 25 years later. They can then set up the first space agency in Malaysia, MASA (Makan Angin Space Agency).

  12. facial says:

    They can then set up the first space agency in Malaysia, MASA (Makan Angin Space Agency).

    Yah! you have ask J Jajis (or the Mango tree from Pekan) when is the old capsule arriving ?? n how much it cost.???

  13. victor says:

    so funny isn’t it. we can’t even talk about building our own aircraft, and yet we talk about conquering space. shame shame shame..the sheer stupidity of the masses who believe this “space flight participant” is actually a national hero.

  14. Discrimination69 says:

    Well BN has the astronought, DAP has the rocket, and PAS has the moon, see how backward BN is? They needed a rocket to reach the moon, next destination?

    Anyway the astyronought stuff was a diversion tactic for all the corruption taking place at that time. Imagine turning a qualified doctor into Mc Donald public relations clown going round in space suit smiling to kids at ceramahs, that’s how BN uses human resources.

  15. asset man says:

    Wow! This is no good to the balance sheet of any corporation/ nation but good for Putin’s balance sheet. Putin must be enjoying his Russian pudding for such a generous offer/ treat by Najib.

    Just imagine, this Najib also making millions $$$ of commission/ kickbacks using the liquid asset of Malaysian hard earned money and burning into smoke disappearing into space.

    Looking at the balance sheet, this is just a shear waste of Malaysians’ sweat and blood money for some luxurious extravaganza trip which doesn’t benefit the people/ nation.

    This Najib just doesn’t know how to manage a corporation/ nation. Najib will make a corporation/ nation bankrupt by squandering the assets/ resources of the corporation/ nation.

    This Najib should be sent to Sungei Buloh for such blatant corruption. horrendous crime.

    Malaysia is doomed, doomed, doomed with Najib managing our money/ dstination.

    Najib will bring us to ‘Holland’! The people of Pekan must be useless saltfish for electing this Malaysian Genghis Khan who would destroy anything with his C4!

  16. yapchongyee says:

    I remember the space programme launched by Idi Amin Dada. He trained his Ugandan astronaught by hanging a car tyre from a tree and the poor man (astronaught) sat on the hanging car tyre and some other person will spin the poor man swinging round and round. That action was intended for the astronaught to adept to space sickness.

    Malaysia’s space programme is very similar to that of Idi Amin;s effort. Malaysia just do not even have the brain power to produce our own bicycle; yet we are brave enough to have a space progamme.

    You guys are just nuts !

  17. clearwater says:

    This asto[naught] stuff appears concocted by UMNO-BN as part of the Ketuanan Melayu concept to give pride to an insecure segment of Malaysians. Form rather than substance. Superficiality over depth. Propaganda instead of hard work. There is no shortage of similar examples of feeble minded stunts being attempted over the past 10 years. Except this was the most expensive -RM100million or so. And at a time when ordinary Malaysians were suffering from the increasing cost of living. Struggling to put food on the table. Trying to make ends meet with a shrinking Ringgit. This space jaunt was offensive to our sensibilities and obscene in its mainstream media spin. It seemed to mock people’s intelligence. At the end of the day, even simple folks could deduce it was pure bollocks! Say ‘naught’ again to this kind of stupidity.!.

  18. jedyoong says:

    is this your real blog? ke ke ke

  19. venkat says:

    There is a positive aspect of the astronaut program not mentioned here. We now have the opportunity to blast off these unwanted UMNO putras into space!!!!

    We need to make a priority list on that. ….any suggestions are welcome.

  20. TW says:

    Hahaha… Thank you for your blog for me to know that no one actually proud of our Malaysian Space tourist. Is really ridiculous to see how the star newspaper potray our malaysian space tourist as Hero/ astronout . Is also funny how our astronout tell people tht if he can do it , everyone else shoud be motivated enough tht they can do it today .. Come on, please la.. Of course everyone else can also do it if we have such a useless government to spend all the money by the taxpayer to fund this kind of tourism .. UNJUSTIFIABLE At all !!!!!!!

  21. Vivien says:

    Hey, I nearly laugh my shit out when I found out that the astro-nuts were going up to space to sing Rasa Sayang. How stupid they make Malaysians to be. Where to bury our face. Worst of when I found out they are taking a ride “tumpang kereta”. Oh my GOD!

    Hey, all you bloggers out there, why don’t we go all out to voice our objection publicly next time the politicians suggest something stupid like this again. Give them another March 8 incident. 50 years of silence is enough. Time to voice our frustration and get rid of the tidak apa attitude. Waste of taxpayer’s money.

  22. ace says:

    Yes, a “shiok Sendiri” program concocted by UMNO-BN.
    In mandarin, “自我陶醉”.

  23. bamboo river says:

    Malaysians has the inclinations to follow or emulate any thing or person that is famous or idolistic.
    Remember the Thomas Cup ?
    The rewards to the players?
    Everyone from kampung to bandar start playing badminton!
    Then comes to Bowling….
    Later squash….

    I wonder,…. anyone wants to be a Prime Minister?

  24. hutchrun says:

    TDM says the Tribunal should apologize over the Salleh Abbas Affair. But the Agung appointed the Tribunal (on TDM`s recommendation).

    So now TDM is saying the Agung should apologize?

  25. Dime says:


    Who the hell are these guys saying that non has supported the space programe of Dollah Badawi! 100% againts??? Please guys….get your fact right before submitting your figures. Else, you guys are just another bunch of goones!!!!

    For me, I look it in a different perspective. What we need is a ‘Dream’. A dream that could materialise with proper planning and hardworking. Something that the kids can relate to. Just like when they watch Doaremon.

    Once we plant it inside the kids mind, they will do whatever is necessary to achieve their dream. See! It is not you guys who are going to help my beloved country to rocket to the moon. It is them! But you need to guide themby providing a more condusive learning environment. Not just critisizing till you bloated.

    My one dime advise is ‘Don’t be another goones!’

    By the way, I did not ‘pangkah’ BN in all the previous election.

  26. PM Wannabe says:

    I wanna be the prime Minister. Then I can kick Najib’s ass for wasting so much of the people’s money for sending a nut up to space for nothing. Also, I can kick his ass again for all the commission that his cronies took on defense contracts. Then I kick his ass again and make him vomit back all the commissions that his cronies took. Also, I will do all malaysians a further favor by kicking KJ’s balls 10 times. That would make everyone’s day, except Najib and KJ.

  27. clearwater says:

    bamboo river,
    Many may want to be PM, but who is to be our role model? Other than our 1st PM [ and he too had his faults ] which PM is an inspiration to all Malaysians? Perhaps we should agitate for a reality show …’ Who wants to be a Prime Minister..’ on TV. The timing seems to be right after recent political events. It would fit in with the astro[naught] approach to instill ambitious dreams in Malaysians. Astro[naughts] will not be disqualified from applying to be in the show even though they may possess a clear advantage over earthbound Malaysians. You will be able to find a winner, surely, and a new PM who is a proven idol.

  28. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:

    Until I saw the face splashed on the MSM during the PRU12, I had quite forgotten that we have an astronout in Malaysia. What a joke, spending millions of the taxpayers money so as to parade him as a mascot for the BN during elections.
    Given the circumstances, anybody could have done what he did. I know a few who would have loved to go on a free ride into space, but declined to try for they knew it would be reserved for a bumiputera.

  29. Vivien says:

    Hey, I got really piss off when I heard they were going to sing Rasa Sayang in space. What more when we realize the astro-nut is actually going to “tumpang” a ride. Where to bury our face when we face our relatives in Singapore?Waste so much money to make Malaysians a laughing stock.

    More geramm.. when I realized now that everything the government spents on is taxpayers’money. Just like what Clearwater said. The rakyat are finding it hard to put food on the table for the family, yet the stupid UMNO goons are squandering our taxpayer’s money just like that. I hope the GOD will teach these IDIOTS a lesson by taking away everything they owned (legally or illegally).

    Hey, so much bru-ha-ha about the astro-nut thing. How come no public objections. We have been keeping silence for the past 50 years. Time to get rid of the “tidak apa” attitude.

    I realized that all this while we just criticize and then forget about it thinking there is nothing we can do. So just leave it to the UMNO goons to do whatever they like and continue to live our life as it is. No, that should not be the way. We, Malaysians deserve better than this and should not leave our life to be run by the UMNO-goons. What makes you think they can decide for us when some of their education background is no better or very much worse than the majority of us.

    Now, AAB is sleeping. We should all wake up from our slumber. For the sake of our children, the future generations, this generation of educated Malaysians should all stand united for our rights. Do not let our country be run by the goons.

    The next time the government come out with silly ideas like this, can all the bloggers call for support and voice our objections publicly so that this kind of program is strike off for good.

  30. citizen4u says:

    UMNOputras only recognize whatever their putras do or achiieve. Doing teh tarik in space got the asror(nought) recognition as a Malay hero akin to all the Hang guys of the Malacca Sultanate. He also got a datukship to boot. His friend, astro(nought) got a promotion as major for just being in the programme. He is numero uno in the waiting list.

    When deserving non-bumiputra Malaysians do Malaysia proud by world class achievements, they don’t get anything. Sometimes not even a mention in the UMNO controlled main stream media.

    These UMNOputras and their lapdogs in BN do not have any sense of priority. They squander a 100 million ringgit for a space tourist. They don’t realize there are poor Malays, Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli and the poor bumiputras in Sabah and Sarawak who need a helping hand. That 100 million could have helped to improve their economic standing.

    When these so-called elites of the Malay society do not understand transparency, accountablity and good governance, you can expect more taxpayers money going down the drain.

    These clowns are what the Jawanese call “koblok”.

  31. missing tunku says:

    Najib is plan stupid. What if he can invite Bills Gate to tour all the kampong and next he will say our kampong boys will solve all our money problem for Bodohland? I think we don’t need Bills Gate, what Najib can do is to carry Zakaria body and tour Malaysia so that all our kids can dream of having an istana like house for all the poor Malaysian….stupid!

  32. clearwater says:

    All responsible parents want to impart dreams to their children, to inspire them to reach out, to be the best they can be. But most of all, we must know our own limitations and that of our children’s; we must appreciate resources are scarce and have to be allocated to best use.
    Is the astro[naught] program then the best use of public funds ,whichever way dispensed? NO! I can think of a 100 million better things to do with the money that will have longer lasting impact on impressionable young minds than a space trip for one or two individuals. Building stronger foundations in our value system, investing in & retaining human capital; these are more critical to our success as a nation than a politically tainted space trip. I am sure netizens out there can come out with many more suggestions on how funds should have been better spent .

  33. bamboo river says:

    Yah, Clearwater, it depends which PM do they want to be.
    “PM Wannabe” @ 7.55 a.m. seems to be a potential candidate.

    The thing is, after the space trip tour, what else has been done or initiated positvely ? I heard nothing except, special appearances during the GE, seminars about the trip and latest launching of a book .
    If the gomen kept the young Malaysians dreaming about another space trip without putting their backsides on the pilot seat, it will remain only a dream.

    The gomen is very good on pursuing dreams, just by taking one successful event as an excuse to spend taxpayers’ money to launch or create some organisations to kickstart projects and later things just doesn’t work.
    Money gone to waste and everything is silent.
    Hoping the rakyat will forget about it.

    So, another ‘piggyback’ space tour?
    There is a saying…”Always start from the ground up”
    If you can’t handle things on the ground,forget about outer ‘space’.

  34. devil_kool says:

    For the last 50 years our country was lead by corruption, self interest, power-crazy and old minded leaders.. We might be in 2008 but the country’s system and law still peg us to 1890..

    Every leader (government or opposition) always say the same thing, we do this for the sake of rakyat blah,blah,blah…… but the truth is for themselves. When najib propose for the angkasawan project, who dare to say no.. he is DPM mind you! Even AAB don’t dare to offend him. WHY?
    Najib obtain quite a numbers of supporters in UMNO if AAB were to offend him, he is likely to be the one who goes instead of najib. If you could see, najib and AAB relationship is not as well as it portrait to be.. they are merely using each other.

    AAB is losing a lot of popular vote these days, even the sultan are not giving him face (MB issue in Perlis & Terengganu) Is there any conspriracy in this??? Is this because the former MB is giving the royalty some headache or the royalty found out that former MB is not an honest afterall?

    When AAB was talking about stern action against corruption this doesn’t goes well with many leaders.. For the last few years I’m sure AAB had manage to unfold many cases (corruption) involving people around him, people who is working for him, people who is within the UMNO party BUT he just can’t reveal it.. He knows by revealing the truth will be as same as admitting the truth that the government is corrupted and UMNO will lose the support of it’s rakyat and by now the opposition is ruling our country with a 2/3 majority!! Well let face it, a leader can’t work on his own, he need a team of people that really standby him, share the same idealistic, same determination.

    Now atleast there’s some changes in the CABINET, off goes Rafidah Aziz issue regarding AP (some cleaning act??)

    NOW let’s look back if the opposition really won the recent election what would it be now?? let face it DAP, PKR, PAS cannot work together, they are forming a coalition for the purpose of defeating UMNO-BN, DAP-PKR-PAS each have their own manifesto.

    1) AAB might not survive this coming UMNO election.
    2) Revealing of more Corruption cases in Penang, Selangor, Perak, Kedah
    3) Opposition coalition will not last till next election

    1) AAB work out a system and run the country with more transparency.
    2) To curb corruption you need to do it from the very top. (Including the
    Sultans) It doesn’t make sense of awarding Datukship to those people
    who doesn’t live within your state/ doesn’t contribute to the society or
    rakyat/ u barely even know him.
    3) Freedom of speech, dun always use ISA unless it’s necessary
    4) Tun Musa, make sure if any of your officer who conduct ‘roadblock’
    must have “berhenti periksaan polis” sign.. I”m sure alot of rakyat
    have experience policemen waiting at dark alley to find fault and asking
    for bribery.

    May god bless Malaysia..

  35. Dime says:


    I thank you for your comment. Now that you have already set an ‘Objective’, it is up to the rest of netters to come up with ways to achieve this target.

    Yeap! how to get rid of mismanagement of resources.

    Wallaaa…..change the goverment of the day! Vote, vote and vote! Influence your next of kins what is good governance is all about. Look at issues in possitive way. Still, you need a leader to do that……WHO???

    So, don’t just ‘hantam kromo’ on anything BN. Come up with solution. I believe bloogers in Susan Blog are ‘cream of the crops’ of their respective field.

  36. zonks says:

    hey, i hear that our astronaut’s boy-girlfriend is some balding celebrity chef who has a restaurant in bangsar. true ah?

  37. Money-down-the-drain says:

    Should have spent the money on research to come out with a vaccine for Denggi or buy machines to help those having kidney problems. Many are dying and good money is being wasted on space travelling.

  38. caravanserai says:

    BN hasn’t learned
    Like tourist spent millions
    Just for one man
    The BN government thought we are stupid
    So we can’t understand its logic

    Nothing to shout about
    It is a shame wasting taxpayers’ monies
    Funding indirectly through war machines
    BN government says it is worth it

    In our backyards
    Many poor people suffer
    Leaking roofs and pockets empty
    What BN doing?
    The leaders don’t really see it
    Only talks when pressured give peanuts
    Just to satisfy a written report
    Because there is nothing to be made

    The BN government
    It is a joke to claim as such
    Astronaut a cheap publicity
    It doesn’t bring the volume to the kids

    Give the money to our poor
    Let them have something to salvage dignity
    The BN government should be blast off to space
    Let the leaders talk
    Feeling grand in the empty space

  39. Scott Thong says:

    10th poster from top. Enjoy all, and spread the joy!

    Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters

  40. Lim says:

    Wonder why BN never bring this Astro(nut)s achievement to show nation during their election campaign. They should be proud cauze they have succesfully transform M’sian nation to the 1st world nation by sending M’sia to space to make roti canai & teh tarik to those Russian

  41. My name is Bodowi and I'm darn stupid!! says:

    Dime: This astronaught programme wasn’t to inspire kids to have a dream. It’s objective are:
    (1) To boost self ego and ketuanan Melayu.
    (2) To gain populararity for coming elections (which unfortunately backfire).
    (3) It is known as a backdoor deal with swapping some old rusty chopters/planes with the Russians…more $$$ dunno go where…

    If anything, it deceives our children to daydream rather than to have a dream.

    If it’s to inspire our children, The money could be used for more programmes to inspire our children to be inventors/scientist and expand their creativities. There are many such activities in western countries where very young children has created really amazing stuff in competitions and such.

    In Japan for example, young children learned video games design and programming. Now they’re in the world’s forefront in videogame technology.

    All these are money well spent….but not sending a monkey into space by buying a ticket when people down here are suffering to make ends meet.

  42. Lim says:

    I seriously take this in my mind My name is Bodowi (10.44), lucky that in this term of election they lost 2/3. If not Najib Altantuya @ KJ might be the lining up PM. So scary. Can’t imagine what gonna happen to our children for the next generation M’sia after all natural resources are gone and education is not at all competitive with other countries.
    Dunno what will happen again in next term election. afraid that they will gain back 100% control.

  43. My name is Bodowi and I'm darn stupid!! says:

    btw, i’m quite sick of these Ketuanan Melayu crap. Even if you become the Jaguh Kampung and trample on us Chinse, Indians, Kadazans, Orang Asli etc…so what???

    The world is globalising. The only way to survive is to compete at level grounds. If they intend to play this game forever, it’ll only spelt DOOM for their own race in the end.

    Luckily, from the last election, looks like the Malays have started to come out of this illussion and defy UMNO’s game. But i’m still not happy with the squabble of the Opposition on who to become MB and sit in exco etc…all these race based mentality is still inherited from 50 years of brainwashing by BN…..Is Samy Vellu a champion of the Indians? Does the MCA has any real voice in BN?

    I think that answer is quite obvious. I dun freaking care who(Malay, Indian or Chinese) becomes the MB or exco as long they’re capable and free from corruption, that should be the criteria, not the colour of ur skin or religion.

  44. hutchrun says:

    Lim Says: `Wonder why BN never bring this Astro(nut)s achievement to show nation during their election campaign.`

    But they did:

    We all knew that having non-Malays in the selection team was just a charade. In the end, they would select a Malay. And so it was that Dr. Sheikh Muzzaphar Shukor went up to space, with the initial noble intention of serving teh tarik to all the other astronauts. On his return, he was given a hero’s welcome by Najib. What the public did not know that this was a political PR exercise to parade him to all the Malay kumpongs as the stereotype of the New Malay in the space age. So poor Shukor was overworked like a circus curiosity, going from kampung to kampung, without much rest. UMNO was so sure that this would bring the Malay voters back to the fold. They could not think of a more brilliant idea to galvanise the Malays in one fell swoop. This was second only to making teh tarik in space. It was UMNO’s great effort to get the world to recognise Malays as a new scientific force in the world.

    What happened is history but I am letting you know: a USD25 million gamble that failed catastrophically.

  45. Cheang says:

    “What a joke, spending millions of the taxpayers money so as to parade him as a mascot for the BN during elections.”

    Agreed with that statment. I feel sad that my hard earn money paying tax dutifully every year gone to waste….They should spend the tax payer money more wisely!

  46. AlvWong says:

    Because of government intention to launch our so called ‘astro(naught)’ into space and now maybe also it is our government intention to have lots of space related flag ‘fly’ high in our sky like the ‘rocket’ and ‘moon’.
    At least it also represent our feeling and emotion at this time. =)

  47. Dime says:


    I agreed with your suggestion. The only problem is how to get hold of that money????

    I have tried many times………yet still failed to achieve the target. The closest is only PRU12.

    I guess the only way to get hold of that money is from bottom to top. And it must start from within the family before you spread works to public.

    But then, others might says ‘It’s the rights of every individuals to choose. I choose my own destinity’. SUARAM might agree to this.

    Talking about Astro, nay….not that one, it’s remind me of Ananda Krishna. This is the only good thing that he give to public (I think!). At least, I have other alternative to watch before going to bed…….

  48. Ahila says:

    Nothing against you Dr.Sheik…BUT how stupid one can be to spend millions of ringgits on a tourist to space. The tourist went for free for space safari…and C4 man expects Malaysians to be proud of this tourist.Saya pun boleh jadi tourist…datuk sayapun boleh jadi tourist..anytime man ! But you know what….I am not a MALAY ! So tak jadi kot. BUt they use my tax money mah !
    If they are good people…they would have used the hard earned tax payers money to help the poor or those who in need of education funds.NO…they have to dump it on an useless mission. Dr.Sheik the educated ones were laughing when you were up there! We spat on the BN and its konco2 for such an idiotic idea – space tourist !

  49. shankar says:

    The space tourist a gay? Nothing wrong with that.. our culture per mahathir?

  50. CJFOO says:

    Another example of Ketuanan Melayu. Stupid and moronic right? What Ketuanan Melayu are they talking about where all their underwears are made by Chinese businessman.

    Always remember that there is no supreme race in this world except stupid ass hole.

  51. jedyoong says:

    is this REALLY SUSAN LOONE? really, really, really????? 😉

  52. kittykat46 says:

    It sure helped changed mindsets.

    The sight of the Bolehnaut extravaganza at a time when ordinary working people were being financially squeezed day by day was simply another symptom of how out of touch and arrogant the Barisan Nasional regime had become.

  53. Roy Selvan says:

    Selamat tinggal ayah, sila doakan saya
    Helikopter saya terhempas di laut.

    Kita bergembira, kita berseronok, kita ada Sea King di bawah matahari
    Tetapi enjin terbakar dan Sea Kings mesti bersara.
    Goodbye papa, please pray for me
    My helicopter’s crashing in the sea.
    The chorus runs

    We had joy, we had fun, we had Sea Kings in the sun
    But the engines are on fire and the Sea Kings must retire.

    This was the song, written by a Sea King Pilot( Nuri Helicopter)

    Instead of wasting Malaysian Tax-Payers money buying Second-hand Product,killing our Soliders
    The Goverment could invest on more latest Helicopters.(All transaction made Public)

    1) If we are really interested in Space -Exploration Tech.We should start from the roots its self.
    2) Spend the money on building /running a goverment aided University just for this purpose.
    3) Subjects provided could Vary, the universe is wide.

    4)There must be no racial discremination. As we know the Chinese and the Indians are capable to do wonders in such feilds.
    5)Only Top achivers in the academic fields to be enrolled.
    6) I am sure Foreign Firms are willing to share their expertise in such Fields.
    7) I am- Malaysian Says.

    8) Give a wrench and a socket now. The future will belong to this Children .Make it Brighter Now.

    No Point on this Wayang Kulit Mentality.

  54. ktemoc says:

    ic CB for BN, but u, Susan, ic u as a NS, gentle with benigned rain ha ha ha ha ha, though of course NS may hv virga, which we know has the terrifying and dangerous microbursts 😉

  55. The Fact Is This says:

    Friends, try to understand that all these monies spent are part and parcel of the so-called NEP. Get it? Got it?? Yep, it benefit at least a single malay …….wahhhhhh. Faham tak? A seriously expensive TAXI trip. This is truly a disgrace to the nation.

  56. GK says:

    They timed it so that the asronot will help them with election campaigning

  57. Fikri says:

    I don’t quite agree with the programme myself, but I do think that on some level, what Najib said is true. The effect of having a Malaysian in space can be inspirational to some, however it is that he got there. I reckon it is a lesser evil compared to, for example, compensations for cancelled half-bridges.

    Having said that, I can think of better ways to spend the money myself.

  58. Hitam Had says:

    The sad part here is that the RM100 million is just the overpriced ticket. Other space tourists only spent USD20 million (RM76 million @3.8 = 1) .

    We were not told how much was incurred for the baggage carriers and hanger ons who had to hold his hand until the launch and return from space. Did you see how many Malaysians were in Russia for the event?

    How about the millions spent by the Universities to set up questionable experiments and to pay for the travelling and other expenses of the lecturers to monitor the experiments?


  59. lakshmi says:

    Sending a tourist to space masquerading as an astronaut was really testing the intelligence of Malaysians. AS to him being an orthopedic surgeon, you will have to check that out too. Heard that he is not qualified. And how in the world did he do all those tests in such a short span of time – did time and space not matter in space, like in a dream where we can dream a life time in barely 5 minutes. Heard that the lady engineer was the actual chosen one, substituted by this joker because UMNO wanted it that way.

  60. Xan says:

    What kind is he? He is campaigning for BN all over the country. Is he is a scientist or an UMNO poster boy? When Barisan Rakyat take over, he will be told to narrate the space stories to his consorts and former UMNO puteras. He is a joker.

  61. Tarap says:


  62. Bangau-naut says:

    “….a Malaysian astronaut will go into space aboard a Russian rocket — the first Malay in space.
    And the cost? $RM95 million ($A34.3 million), to be footed by Malaysian taxpayers. The Science and
    Technology Minister has said that a moon landing in 2020 is the next target, aboard a US flight. There’s
    no indication of what the Americans will charge for this, assuming there’s even a chance that they will
    consider it. But what is Malaysia getting by using the space programs of others as a taxi service? There
    are no obvious technical benefits, but no doubt Malaysians will be told once again, that they are “boleh”.
    The trouble is, they’re not. It’s not their space program”
    The Age, Michael Backman

  63. Spaceman says:

    Malaysia boleh! Anyone can book a ticket at US$200k each and be a ‘Dr UMNO Space Mascot, the glorified space tourist.

    Book now at

  64. thinkvision says:

    The objective was to send the first Malay person (Umno member preferably) to space. PM should just come out and say it like a man that Umno would like to have the first Malaysian Malay in space. Since Chinese and Indian from other countries have already been to space, there is not more value in being the second or third. But for Umno, it’s something that money cannot buy. Since it’s a so-called “free gift” that comes with the purchase of the Sukhoi jet fighters, why waste the chance?

    Imagine having the “First Malay Spaceman” standing next to the PM and Deputy PM during their Election ceramah! It’s priceless! And it’s a fact that during the recent Election campaign, the “Astro-nut” is always next to the PM or the Deputy PM. I don’t blame him for looking bored most of the time.

    Since it’s an unspoken requirements that the person has to be an Umno Malay, why waste money doing short-listing for all Malaysian? The few million dollars could be saved for something more useful like buying feather-lite pillows for our hard-working parliamentarian.

    If PM was really sincere in having the first Malay in space, we as Malaysian would also be very proud to have one of our fellow Malaysian in space too. But please do not use this “poor” Spaceman to claim political mileage by dragging him to all Umno sanctioned events. Worst still, the government spent additional multi-millions just to promote him via nationwide billboards, books launching and questionable meet-the-Spacenut promotional events just to squeeze every ounce of media-worthy mileage out of this Spaceman! Very soon, he will be a very “Spaced-out man!”

    No doubt that we are very proud to have the first Malaysian to spend a few days touring the space station, but we do not need to spend unnecessary money just to claim political mileage out of this event. And to spend additional millions just to send the second person to tour the space-station again is a total waste of public money and to prove the arrogance of Umno in not listening to public demand. This will just contribute to their downfall in the next general election. By then we will have PKR’s pilot commanding DAP’s rocket to reach the PAS’s controlled moon!

    And as for the space or space-lab experiments, they were just something that they cooked up to justify the trip to the space-station. Nothing more nothing less. At least it’s more politically correct than “Top Spinning” and “Teh Tarik-ing.” They know the public will totally forget about the experiments after a few months of media-spinning. We all know that if there are anything worth doing experiments in space, the American, the Russian and the Japanese would have done them all. Why wait for a Malaysian doing some kind of moon-shattering experiments when none of our universities are listed in the top 200? Shame on us!

    I think Abdullah for once is hoping that the next Astro-nut can invent some kind of space-continuum experiment that will time-transport him back to 2004 so that he can start his political life anew and not being humiliated like a jack-ass now.

  65. alang56 says:

    I agreed if malaysian can go to space at our own will. before that malaysian must first can build the airplane by our aviation engineers,our own technology, expertice and consume domestic materials. Prime Minister,please look into this so that we ll be proud of our malaysian total austronaut. consider also the waste of money and what ever we do must start from A . . . or else get a good adviser or change one . .

  66. Wind Of Change says:

    Space ? The biggest joke for the whole universe !!!

    Our water works can’t even supply us with clean water. My thousands over ringgit filter was leaking & my water bill that just arrived – RM250 & fixing of the stupid filter – another RM250. Niamah.

    Our Streamyx narrowband service. Everyday you & I crawl in the net & TM still charge RM99 every month. My friends from our neighboring countries; paying similar amount but 50MB, you hear me – 50 MegaByte bandwidth !!!

    Our Govt/Petronas can’t even supply the LPG efficiently. Everyday, hundreds of our poor taxis drivers Q up at the Petronas gas station near my house to pump the LPG. I was told similar Q at all the stations that sell LPG. What a waster of those poor taxis drivers time.

    Pathetic Malaysian !!!

    Wind of Change

  67. cosmo says:

    Najib said the reason for sending our dr astroboy to space is to inspire the school children (of course the Malays-lah) in science. Looks like this is a school children project not the nation’s programme to venture into space technology. Please Opposition, pls oppose to the No. 2 Malaysia Astroboy to be blast off again with our people’s hard earned money. No logic. Why can’t we pay those Russian cosmonauts to Malaysia to inspire our school children in space science for a fraction of a billion and more effective or at least spent this fraction in upgrading our what pathetic Planetarium in K.L. (very disappointing, made to climb up the “Batu caves” stairs to see nothing, only need to spend 5 mins and thats it, nothing inside, first and last visit to that place). So here we blast off our billions within hours. We don’t need our Astroboy to go up there to tell us how beautiful the earth is or the sun is from space without blinking. We could see even better view with just a mouse click away! This shows how much our pakchiks and makchiks in BN-Umno have lost touch of this globe. Its shameful to hear that even our PM asked the Astroboy “u look like floating” (nampak terapung apung) doesn’t he know anything about gravity? Our Astroboy was made to promote our Malay delicacies etc etc to tell the universe Visit Malaysia Year. Better give a fraction of the billion to the Ministry of Tourism to promote tourism. Imagine how the money spent could do to repair the school conditions and school facilities and employ qualified calibre school teachers and improve our road conditions and system and flood prone areas (how many people suffer during the flood while the Ministers sit and sleep comfortably in their “palace” oblivious of what suffering is as they have never gone through any hardships). All these ministers should retire and be ordinary citizen and get a feel of being affected by flood and traffic jams! Its sinful to waste the people money this way to gain mileage for the election.So much money spent but still Kalah (lost) in the election. If Government was serious in space technology, the candidate should at least be an aerospace engineer or at least a pilot but why a handsome medical dr (good for posters only).Its embarassing our astroboy dont even have the astronaut -looks (model looks, yes). Look at those Russian cosmonaut and American astronaut (typical astronaut looks) but our Astroboy looks like a model and a school boy.Alamak (Gosh). Government now must justify to Malaysian for the money spent. Malaysians want an acceptable explanation for the space project. Any commission pay-out.Karpal Singh pls bring this issue to the Royal Commission of Inquiry.

  68. javabean says:

    He’s one of the TOKOH Maulidur Rasul for this year… How could you even have the face to accept such an award… Space Flight Participant… you did NOTHING! Shame on you!

  69. ANg kong says:

    if satu hari malaysians manage to design a plane fr d ground up and build it with m’sia technology and …. what should we call it ?? no lah, i don mean paper aeroplanes

    we have Proton for car oready.. no can not
    Atom?? but can be easily mistakened as Tom boy/Tom yum
    Neutron perhaps, but sounds like neutrogena the beauty products?? Not macho lah
    wat abt Electron… but sudah ada.. electrolux… so also cannot….

    come to think of it…. better call it MEGATRON!! Malaysia BOLEH….

  70. KLMAN says:

    Hello Dime. The dream could be from one of Bodowi’s sleeping session. They do not care for the Raykat but their own self interest. Now the so called astronought is doing road shows for BN. Each time the astronought waves his hand, it reflects bye bye to Raykat’s 90 million. Do you think the 90 million of Raykat money is fun to spend when cost of basic essentials are spiraling.

    If the racist JJ and Mongo tree had the Grey matter, they should have built a Science Exhibition center with models of space craft and technology incorporating simulations. Some thing like a NASA’s program (not MASA) contributing to the citizens. Schools and the young can pay a token to visit , learn and experience what is space travel is about. If we can copy the `American Idol’ concept, why not when this when it benefits the raykay.

  71. Jude says:

    Aiyyoo, Already use C4 Bomb to send people to space , Cukuplah. No need waste million-million.

  72. Jude says:

    This is a reflection of the changes in the mindset among Malaysian people” (Deputy prime minister Najib Tun Razak, when launching “Reaching for the Stars“, written by the astronaut’s late younger brother).

    Then, someone should write another book:- Avoiding the BARS.

  73. aj says:

    Hi Jude, correctx3! “Reaching for the $$TAR$$”- MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  74. DanielYKL says:

    You know what the Penang Hokkien says: “Gia lang a ka chui cho bin poi, lah!”
    English: “Use other people’s backside to put on yout face!”

  75. amoker says:

    Well, i read few months ago that our southern neightbour is allowing a company using the same amount of money to build a lunch pad for space tourism. This will generate money , tourist & hype for people to come over. Now, this is the real deal that we want our leaders to think. This space tourist is a waste of bragging rights.

  76. mike says:

    mike says:
    Hi..billauchris, please read opinion by Dr.Lee Wei Lim, a Marie Curie Fellow and Malaysian brain scientist .He has several queries on STAR report “Results of space tests out soon” in dated 29/3/08

  77. limkamput says:

    Gia lang a ka chui cho bin poi, lah!

  78. elfredinario says:

    Waliao~ Your cartoons very solid leh!!!
    Make me laugh like kena laugh powders.

  79. Paupeii says:

    Close to RM100 million to send a Malaysian to experience weightlessness.
    What experiments??????? Almost free to send him to Komtar to experience gravity. It’s still a rocker now mah!!!!!!

  80. Ular Pamboo says:

    Sent 1 person to space, results in 1 aircraft squadron lacking of spare parts… moves.

    Sent 1 person to space, until today test results still cannot come out…pls lah don’t insult rakyat intelligencelah…

    Say lah…just admit most expensive space tourist dah…..

  81. Ah Long says:

    You know how they choose Malaysian astronaught?

    First AAB ask one Malay fellow how much he want to go to space. The Malay fellow say 1 million ringgit.

    Then AAB ask one Chinese fellow how much he want to go to space. The Chinese fellow say “wah go to space, very danger, I want 100 million ringgit.”

    Then AAB ask Samy Velu how much he want to send Indian fellow go to space. Samy said 100 million ringgits. AAB scold Samy why he so greedy Indian.

    Samy whisper in AAB’s ear “Look bodoh, you gimme 100 million, I keep 49 million, I give you back quietly 50 million and we give that bodoh Malay fellow 1 million and send that stupid bugger into space.”

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