I don’t know what to make out of this sms, which sources say, is making its round in Penang. I hope Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng gets one, too, so that he can get down to it:

“Dear poor Penangnites, pls b informed that our former Chief Minister Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon has cheated Penang people on government land sales. A big piece of open land located at Padang Tembak, beside Sekolah Pd tembak (formerly belongs to poor people of their houses being demolished) is now converted into individual property with the owner named KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN, son-in-law of Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi. We Penang people would like to appeal to new CM Lim Guan Eng to take immediate legal action against previous BN government for such an inhuman deals & return back the land to Penang people. Koh Tsu Koon is now residing in KL when this land deal was exposed to the knowledge of the public. We wnat ex-CM to explain for this matter. Pls sms to all.”

Hmm…let me think. Perhaps, it’s related to this?

From the NST and Bernama:

The Penang government is not satisfied with the outcome of the Anti-Corruption Agency investigations into alleged land scam cases in Penang. CM Lim Guan Eng said the land scam cases dated back to 2003.

He added the state government’s special land investigative committee would proceed with its own probe, Its task would be to find out who is responsible and ensure adequate punishment is meted out.

It would also be required to draw up guidelines to ensure land scams do not recur again in Penang. Lim said this after meeting state ACA director Noraziah Abdul Manaf to discuss the matter today. Also present at the meeting, held at the chief minister’s office in Komtar here, were Deputy Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin and State Secretary Datuk Jamaludin Hasan.

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  2. Lim says:

    What so supprising about this??? It is BN style to do all this inhuman act and the most short cut way to make themselve rich.
    Hope that his wife get f*ck for this inhuman act.

    “We Have The Best Agung But The Worst Ever PM”

  3. malayamuda says:

    mixing with corrupt UMNO leaders has mede Gerakan become corrupt.

    Wonder what the Pudu Market hawker speaking ex – Minister Lim Keng Yaik will have to say about this

  4. Rodger64 says:

    No Smoke No Fire goes the saying. First let us hope the present
    administration will look into their election promises to eradicate
    poverty, housing and the improvement of living standards of the
    poor and marginalized irrespective of color, race religion.

    Along the line if the new administration finds, hears or observe
    any wrong doings of the defeated office bears, then books need
    to be opened and crooks and vermins of society must be exposed
    to show the public how the coffers were emptied.

    There should be no mercy shown to these `Little Napoleons’ who
    will try to seek cover under all known causes. Not only in Penang
    but other states as well needs to weed out and expose the evil
    gains of the so called culture `Semuanya’ OK!.

  5. Lim says:

    Will this idiot “Democracy and Anti-Corruption Movement (Gerak)” take action on Koh Tsu Koon? Perhaps not this time nor next time if he happen to be minister or MP again.
    We rakyat have to fight for this injustice, insist gov & this GERAK to take action on him and at the same time sporting this closely therefore they don’t dare to close this case quietly unsolve,

  6. facial says:

    Now the Nazii ( Mongo tree from Pekan) will be laughing and launch his attack.
    Sorry lah SIL and sleeping PM too late to uproot the Mango tree.

  7. Andrew says:

    A case of wife swapping perhaps? Hiding out in KL for KSK seems to be working out quite well. Rumour has it he and the wife were totally ignored when they stepped into a Japanese restaurant. They made their exit soon enough.

  8. etthepig says:

    Come on Lim (5.17), please direct your anger at KJ and not at his wife who has an Idiot for a father.

    I have only sympathy for her, daughter of an Idiot and wife of a corrupted Kera Jantan.

  9. rapido says:

    send of all inhuman to hell

  10. The Fact Is This says:

    Everybody……One thing that is guarantee to happen sooner than later is KHAIRY JAMALUDDIN will be toasted. This goon act and speak like monkey and walk behind Pak Lah’s backside thinking he is one smart clown but we have seen plenty of such goon come and go. One thing for sure is he can’t last long because of his big fat mouth. People like that kill themselves and those around him so, stay away from monkey like him. It’s time for the useless old man including all his goons to step down before being ask to do so.

    By the way, there is nothing new if we found out that former CM is involved as he is only the penang (now knowed as opposition) umno’s puppet! “Take the money and you keep quite”. woh………can you imagine????

  11. cn says:

    this is definitely not the only case.
    i am sure there are plenty of foul-plays committed by this monkey KJ.
    can someone look into the melakan airport upgrading project?
    i heard from a reliable source that KJ took over the project from a contractor at twice the original contractual sum. but then it is melaka….BN land. What can we do?!! I am so MAD!!!

  12. Lim says:

    I agree with you etthepig, KJ & KSK no spare.

  13. Now tell me who is lying to Malays people?
    After UMNO leader asked their people to treaten to Sultan..
    What next?

  14. javabean says:

    Down with KJ, his companies and all the fleas attached to that monkey. Don’t support ANY of his ventures. They’re all drenched with the rakyat’s blood sweat and tears.

  15. Waa…

    Malaysians are indeed a crazy bunch… Do you people even know the whole story here? Do you even know whether those allegations contained in the SMS were real or not in the first place? Have you ever considered the possibility that it might just be another slanderous accusations?

    You people have all gone bonkers! Go and read your holy scriptures la.. Don’t waste too much time reading blogs.

  16. Lim says:

    Hi Malay Women in Malaysia, therefore we shouldn’t see you here ya.

  17. Lim says:

    It seems that you also have your own blog. i think you should advise your bonkers don’t waste too much time reading your blogs and better go read your holy scriptures lah.

  18. Lim says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia, slanderous accusations or not we can’t tell, but the prove on Kampung Rimba Jaya, Selangor is all time not deniable. Same to Istana Zakahria. Is a similar case where they chase off the poor who say at the piece of land and make their own istana there.

    “We Have The Best Agung But The Worst Ever PM”

  19. The Fact Is This says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia……you remind us of somebody. Somebody that that we are discussing now. Familiar??? Don’t try to be smart and simply express yourself or you will end up like KJ very soon.

  20. javabean says:

    Awww… Malay Women In Malaysia… blog tak laku eh? Have to resort to all this cheap publicity…

  21. Barisan Rakyat Rules says:

    She is on the same boat with KJ both coming from Indon to create havoc here. Guys, gave her a piece of our mind and those monkeys to learn a good lesson.

  22. m.n.Taib says:

    Go to: antikhairy.blogspot.com
    see the guy have a blow job

  23. ANg kong says:

    boys and gals….. this is no place for flaming anyone. best to be constructive.
    In the eyes of ang kong… everyone has the right/freedom of speach.
    lets stick to the facts and more precisely..to the point.
    so.. u all sudah makan ah?

  24. Barisan Rakyat Rules says:

    The new state government has set its sight on finding out how millions of ringgits of the people’s money were lost in land improprieties under the previous administration (bn – the now called opposition)…..another issue.

  25. coolandy says:

    At the moment, the perception of BN leaders is they are all cheats. So sorry for the few clean ones, if they exist at all.

    Due to the NEP and Ketuanan Melayu issues, everybody has to kowtow to UMNO. If you can’t beat them, join them. So sad.

    PM is still blur blur. Appointing M2M million dollar man and Adnan correct correct correct is proof that he is still hallucinating.

  26. TNB Suck Blood says:

    The Selangor government will provide 20 cubic metres of free water to households in the state effective June 1 this year.

    What about Tenaga Nasional??? TNB is the worst of all……sucking all our blood. They say KJ is also involved. Is it also time to force TNB to reduce their unreasonable rates??

  27. amoker says:

    Malay Wowen in Malaysia has done it again. Soon, another round of rosting posting in your name. 🙂

  28. ?????? says:

    Seems the blog is the place for one to express their anger over the internet nowaday. One can even scold or even mention all kinds of name to our failed PM. Is it save to do just that…..can we get caught? Hehe, I don’t think so. Ain’t it nice??? I love this blog…….keep up the good work!

  29. Lim says:

    Oh my lover & darling UMNO you finaly did something (not even one thing) right in Terengganu, quoted by Malay Wowen in Malaysia . Yes after bodohwi couldn’t answer 24 unsatisfactory fact that make the sultan so sick about Idris. With those unreconcileble sum of million going to KJ through Idris the running dog. And after us “Rakyat” force him to telan ludah sendiri”.
    Hi Malay Wowen in Malaysia, I think you are not colour blind but politically blind.
    Hey guy’s blognya memang tdk laku. 000’000’000 comment

  30. ?????? says:

    LOL………Malay Women in Malaysia. what a loser.

  31. Lim says:

    Hi ?????? what is LOL

  32. Tim says:

    I would say it’s prudent to wait for more proof to arise. KJ may be slimy but even so, I would want more proof than a circulating SMS. If he’s guity then we’ll see the evidence in due time.

  33. Face The Fact says:

    Yeah……Malay Wowen in Malaysia’s blog is nothing but only rubbish. It’s got 0 comments because no one bother to read lies, dirt and rubbish no more. He or She or It, is the only one setup and read by self. The most boring personal blog I’ve visited in my lifetime. Yuk!!!

  34. Lim says:

    Hi Face The Fact, I think Malay Wowen in Malaysia might be somebody paid by bodohwi to explore the cyberspace media opportunity. If He or She or It is not kepala tak betui

  35. Lim says:

    Hi Tim, somehow or rather I do agree with you. Hope that this does not only apply to KJ but Toyol & Zakahria to in Selangor. Opps zakariah??? sudah mati oh

  36. david says:

    the malay lady may be KJ’s wife ….hahaha. He is a laughing stock in the parliment…….Joke created by bohohwi to keep everybody awake so that they dont Zzzzzzzz like him

  37. Face The Fact says:

    Well said, David. Hahaha

  38. Oooohhhh … juicy piece of news we’ve got here. But I’m with those who are waiting for more concrete facts to back it up. I really hope it’s TRUE … Go go go DAP! Go go go Lim Guan Eng! Go go go Barisan Rakyat!!!

  39. david says:

    bodohwi bigest mistake is to bring KJ into parliment to be Boooooooo. bodohwi must go go go go aiyo still dont want to go despite malu in public on trenganu MB issue…..he is worst than samy ulu

  40. Face The Fact says:

    This blog is getting very interesting……..more, more please 🙂

  41. Lim says:

    Thank you to All DAP, PAS & PKR opposition leaders that brave enough to be opposition. With such a difficult journey throughout 40 over years in fighting for Justice, protecting the weak and poor, Up hold democracy and fight for corruption free. May us all vote and up hold your party in parliment seat and pray for all of the leaders safety.

  42. Reader says:

    I think you guys have gone overboard. Susan, i think you should control these monkeys and arse-holes or you will get yourself into trouble. Or at least be responsible for trouble should it erupt. You should be moderating this blog.

  43. Anne says:

    Hey, this is an interesting blog, the best ive read and entertaining. Keep it up! You guys are real fun!

    GOD IS GREAT! One day KJ and Sleepy Head WIll Rot in Hot Hell for SURE for all the suffering caused to the poor.

    I am praying for that day

  44. aida says:

    hear yee hear yee…all Malaysians.
    The Chinese don’t kill Indians.
    The Indians don’t kill Malays
    The Malays kill themselves…..bcos they are ashame of having been made
    to look like idiots by their own kind.

  45. BR THE GREAT says:

    Am up in the cloud nine to see all of us are united to overcome this so called “MESRA RAKYAT” culprits BN.
    Hats off to Selangor Gov n all our BA states. Let us wish n pray DSAI will be our premier soon n we will send the BN to the edge of the world. Tq guys n keep up the good work.

  46. billauchris says:

    I would like to congratulate the newly installed Chief Minister and MBs of the five states under the control of the Opposition. I cannot imagine that they could do so much already within such a short space of time. Penang and Selangor have granted amnesty to all those traffic offenders; two hill-site projects in Selangor have been put on hold; schools and places of worship need only to pay a token of RM1/- for their rates; MB Kalid and CM LGE are moving at lightning speed to review all the projects approved by the previous State Governments; CM LGE cancelled the purchase order for the six Perdana Executive V.Class cars costing more than RM600,000/- of tax payers’ money, disallowed DAP councillors to purchase land through backdoor etc. Please continue to do the good work that you have shown. You have to show that you are different and more efficient and effective than your predecessors in order to secure your continued support of the rakyat.

    MB Kalid, perhaps you can tell us what is the situational status of the North Port? Please the public needs to know what is going on.

  47. IndepedenceKid says:

    Hey Guys…my hats off to U. Great Neat Superb site…United we stand on the current goin ons in our BolehLand…. Hidup Malaysia… De B*****ts have been suckin our blood for all this time…..Year of the Rat good year for us…not for some huh……..another juicy bit….know y Mongo tree keeping so quiet…? apparently kj got evidence bout Mongolian Mystery

  48. Splc says:

    hmmmm… figure out something, all those trooper blogs need to be register before can write any commend, what the heck they trying to do?? what a looser until blog commend also they wanna spin/filter… :/
    as well as all those trooper site must be funded well for them to get a soo nice dns registration :/

  49. BR THE GREAT says:

    Lets render our undivided support to all our 5 states. They are new indeed. If we have tolerated ” DAY LIGHT ROBBERIES ” for the past 50 years n kept on granting mandate to the Alibaba n forty thieves to rob our hard earned wealth, n now we are marching towards to realize a new lease of life in our beloved country. Let us lend a hand to our new leaders n give them due respect n do not let others to insult or ridicule them in whatever manner. We rakyat should not fall prey to negative element as the saying goes ” small leak can sink a great ship”. Long Live Malaysia under BA forever.

  50. MKI says:

    People like Malay Women in Malaysia do not seem to learn because it is not their hard earned money. How can a clown hiding filthy behind of the `Sleeper Class’ cannot account for RM40 million but claims a friend lent him. From where did the former `Money carrying’ State Exec. get 3 million ? Why was 550 million ringgit given as a pay-off to a company who knows nothing about defense related matters. Did the company declare that as their earning and pay the income taxes? Why was 4.6 billion spent on a port project and crooks are not brought to the books? The list can go on until `People like Malay Women in Malaysia’ goes to Mars and come back. Do I need to go further!

  51. bamboo river says:

    Lim @ 9.50 p.m.,…… LOL – Laughing Out Loud.

    We are not sure how credible is this SMS. But, considering the previous cases by some BN cronies, it is worth looking into it.
    Rumours, if you take heed , it will be contagious.
    Rumours if you ignore, could be dangerous.
    So how?

    Billauchris, if you had missed it, regarding the the PKFZ (not north port) the Transport Minister , Datuk Ong Tee Keat, had told Tan Sri Khalid to check the State jurisdiction on this matter. In the other words. Hands Off. 🙂

  52. 50 Years Is Enough Evident says:

    People like Malay Women in Malaysia will blindly support those bn monkey right or wrong without even thinking. That is why our country are suffering and so are the Indian and Chinese. Well, NO MORE and enough is enough! BA will continue to rule forever.

    50 years of blood sucking by bn is proof of everything. What else do we need to think? Guys, let’s make sure the BA will win again in the next election to come. Down with the bn monkey umno.

  53. BMW says:

    I and I prophecised this in my 2 songs – Rebel, Redemption Song

  54. Futurereader says:

    Lim has not mentioned a salient point here in regards to PKFZ
    i.e., a local daily has investigated and published quite a credible
    case in this matter. However, it is the public money which is involved.
    The present generation may be paying for the past 50 years misdeeds
    but bear in mind that your future generation is going to pay through
    all their means for the PKFZ scandal.

    Tan Sri Khalid must be firm and through with the PKFZ investigation since
    it is the State jurisdiction now.

    Maybe the money recovered can be utilized to eradicate poverty and
    other goodies for the raykat.

  55. yip says:

    We can’t totaly put our blame on ex-CM. I think he was merely taking INSTRUCTIONS from his BOSS.

  56. Joe says:

    If the sms turns out to be true, perhaps all the past rumours about the famous sil having a hand in ‘steering ‘ and ‘directing’ contracts awarded by various state and federal agencies to his cronies can similarly be exposed by us rakyat malaysia! During one of my trips back from overseas via LCCT, the taxi man told me about the sil having a share in the monopoly of the taxi service in LCCT. If we each knew or heard of something regarding the sil, perhaps it’s time we collectively cross check with each other and see if the saying that power corrupts does extend to the monkey species…..

  57. My name is Bodowi and I'm darn stupid!! says:

    To Malay Woman blah blah:
    Obviously another UMNO cybertrooper. So what we read in Star, NST, Nanyang, Tamil Ehsan, TV3 is the definite truth??

    As for someone mentioning about getting caught, dun worry….Bodowi is too busy trying to save his own arse now…no time do deal with bloggers.
    Furthermore, where you want to jail the over half the population of Malaysia??

    He’ll need to build a very big crystal jail in Trengganu for that….LOL.

  58. Alternative Front Rocks says:

    It’s time that evidence of any dirty deals or scams be collected by new state governments and published so that stern actions be taken against those who stole from the raykat. KJ and his gang must be brought to justice. Poor KSK, being hammered for keeping quiet.. He’s probably gagged and bound as CM. LGE is showing good example of governance (declare assets, weeding out corruptions) and his actions has been commented throughout.

  59. anonymouts says:

    “Let them eat cake”

  60. Ahila says:

    Personal plea to CM Lim Guan Eng to investigate the matter involving Sook Khoon and Kera Jantan. Go down to the root! Push on it; if guilty-charge them under ACA.No mercy be shown. By the way blogers ah – are ACA people BN related??? Can we trust them?? Again…the judges mah!
    All BN’s flea !

    As for Malay Woman- if cant stand my fellow blogger friends- get out.What the hell are you doing here? duk baca kitablah !

  61. AlvWong says:

    I remember that the ACA is formed under the advice of the PM , correct me if wrong!

  62. Allen Tan says:

    Does anyone know how KJ got to know his wife? Wife is a bright lady, wasted that she married a rascal.

  63. Penangnites says:

    HI All,

    Please debate with intelligence not emotion. Don’t wack each other race. We are all Malaysian with different views. ACA should reopen the investigation on the previous state exco (in charge to the land deal) to get to the bottom of this.

  64. Laurence S says:

    I agree with the person who commented that we should criticise constructively and respect one and another’s opinions. This name calling and harsh language isn’t giving us a good name in terms of maturity.

    Fact is, its just an SMS. It is also a known fact, that KJ bought millions of ECM shares and got away with it. But that was before the political tsunami of 080308.

    All the 4 states now under the opposition should start cleaning up the mess created by the previous administrations. There’s is a reason why they were busy getting rid of files of the past when they lost.

    We should start looking into ways of improving the system. There’s still plenty to do. There is still plenty of loopholes to plug. Don’t worry, Karma will get the better of those greedy BN people. Wait until the Parliament commences again, they should really show the sittings live like in UK.

    Peace to all…

  65. Face The Fact says:

    Barisan’s 22 reps to back Ahmad??? What happened to the 22 reps???? So bold and jumping like monkey earlier and now? Got scared and ball shrink??? See, we expected these conclusion as bn goons are all without guts. Imagine still trying to fight a losing war with the sultan.

    Mahathir: Sultan made right move at: http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/3/29/nation/20792131&sec=nation

  66. SIGAMANIAM says:

    If the land deal in Penang is true, then Mr.Lim Guan Eng should get all the evidences and witnesses to give a sign statement and report this matter to the Police. Drag them to court and if there is any cover-up
    by the relevant authorities inclusive of the BSN, expose them and appeal
    to our KING to set up a ROYAL COMMISSION to place all these fellows
    under ISA and let them join our INNOCENT HINDRAF LEADERS, whose
    case is nothing to the ones committed by this ONCE UPON GOVERNMENT

  67. malayamuda says:

    BN MP’s are frogs

    First the 22 support Idris and now they support Ahmad…..

    Looking out for their ” periuk nasi “. No bloody principles at all man. I mean if you fel so strongly about Idris Jusoh then you should stick to your decision. Lalang Oh Lalang

    Katak melompat katak

  68. david says:

    If Bodohwi is sincere in fighting corruption, he should ask KJ and Khir Toyo to declare asset and show evident how they make their money…..let the athorney general or SUHAKAM analyse how much is their asset….be transperant…not just declare asset to bodohwi, he dare not take any action.
    or get rid of Bodohwi and najib. shouldn’t he declare asset also? who have seen the asset declaration of Najib…..? nobody

  69. Anonymous says:

    Blue font on black background is a bit hard to read. Can u consider changing the font color please?


  70. Face The Fact says:

    There is nothing wrong here in this lovely blog and nothing wrong with the font too. This kind of display is specially created to confused people like KJ and his goons together with Malay Wowen in Malaysia! Trust me, you won’t get zzzzZZZZ like bodohwi when you stare at this display.

  71. david says:

    I wonder whether Ku Li will kick bodohwi and Najib mongo out of office?

  72. Wrongperson says:

    Dr Kho Tsu Koon left his office with only his pillow and a few personal effects. He had nothing to hide. Maybe the coalition “security guards” should have watched the “back door politicians” instead of the front door! Please see Malaysiakini’s report from our new CM.

    Missing files

    Former Deputy Chief Minister Abdul Rashid Abdullah (2004-2008) was the executive councilor handling the land portfolio under the previous state administration.

    Abdul Rashid, who lost in the Sungai Bakap state constituency in the recent general election, was among the vocal Umno leaders involved in the illegal demonstration against the DAP-led state government near Komtar on Friday March 14.

    During the rally, he addressed the crowd in calling on Penang Malays to defend the New Economic Policy and Malay privileges, which supposedly have come under threat from the new state government.

    All official executive documents on land dealings in Abdul Rashid’s Komtar office were among the files that had allegedly gone missing from most executive councilors’ offices before the new state government was sworn in.

    The present state government learnt about the land scam when perusing documents available at the state and district land offices, and state secretariat.

    Insiders said initial random checks on previous land dealings had disclosed improprieties worth more than RM100 million.

  73. Richy says:

    It doesn’t matter whether KJ or Koh. If the way the land sale was conducted is wrong or illegal than an action is necessary. ACA and relevant agencies need to show their impartial result . And I believe Lim Guan Heng can make sure justice is prevailed.

  74. Roy Selvan says:

    Susan, There are some nasty racist remarks made by some Brain Dead Commentators. We have to be constructive in our comments.

  75. SATU HATI says:

    Yes i aggre for not support BN . It is a stupid Gorment . When Lim KId Siang say something < they say he is Biadap . Don’t respect KIng . Now what we Should Say for What happen In Tergannu . Stupid Media and Stupid BN . Cakap tak surapa Bikin .

  76. SATU HATI says:

    I hope the new govement will do the best for the Malay, Chines and Indian for this term so that they can ruel the country by next election .

  77. abanglong says:

    guys; totally agreed with you all. lucky that the pm didnt include that kj in the cabinet…

  78. Spoted Another Fool says:

    Here comes another clown Roy Selvan blah blah blah…….constructive?? Are we being too nasty?? What about being bullied for over 50 years? Tell this to your grandmother!!!

  79. Devan says:

    Hold on for a moment…….could this sms originated from UMNO people itself????maybe a trick to humilate or create a hero out of the APE KJ?
    To our CM….careful in whatever u say cos there are some sore losers in UMNO who are out to create trouble. This people are mainly those who have business interests in tenders, construction and developers…Carry on ur great work, be humble and u will be here for more terms.
    By the way ….can u get the Penang Police to use teargas and watercannons on any future illegal demos by Umno and gang? Pls question their double standard action in Penang and in Perak. If On indians..the police will be on full force…

  80. ANg kong says:

    ‘catch me if you can….’

    this will be the motto of the UMNO-BN crooks …. with everything under the control of the current gorment… fr the polices, ACA to the judges.

    can some clever statisticians out there tell me what is the probability of putting these ppl behind bars…..? get what i mean..

    the task will be like an ant climbing a mountain.. on this bombshell, i still say ‘ go n dig it up!”

  81. Wrongperson says:

    I am a grandmother. I have been through the May 13 ordeal. That was the time when my brothers and sisters had just graduated from school and were unable to look for a job. I was lucky as I was banished to Singapore to work (default by birth though my father was a government civil servant). Yes, the Tun Razak & Mahathir regimes came down hard on the non-malays, we suffered …. BUT

    My best friends in school were Chinese, Eurasians, Malays and Indians (thinking back, I was one of the very few Chinese students in class). At that time, we were all color blind, and I actually loved visiting their homes for the Malay & Indian food. I had great respect for their parents, whom I had addressed respectfully as aunties and uncles. Up to today (even though I have lost touch with most), I still have fond memories of them. They have gone on to be journalists, dentists, accountants, etc. Just as there are conflicts between the English educated MCA and the Chinese educated MCA, the English educated tamils in MIC and the Samy Vellu class MIC, THERE ARE also the educated and good Malays.

    Let the politicians do their work, do not be hasty in your judgements, and be kind to one another, irrespective of race.

  82. Just In says:

    Bernama says 10,000 welcomed the Agong; The Star has it at 25,000.
    In any case, the reception for the Agong at the Kuala Terengganu airport this morning, after the dressing down he gave the PM over the appointment of his state’s Menteri Besar, was rousing. A Deputy Minister in the PM’s Department was also at hand to welcome home the Agong.
    And it seems that the 22 Assemblymen [who said they would resign if the palace appoints anyone else other than Idris Jusoh] will turn up for the swearing-in of Ahmad Said at the istana tomorrow.
    Hypocrites, all of them.

  83. aminiskandar says:

    KJ…. KJ….

    Trouble maker…. trouble maker…..

  84. Pegasus says:

    The dawn of a new era is indeed here. We may be looking at a new PM soon , from the Opposition of course. The “goverment in waiting” may soon materialise. Bodowi days are numbered, if things are really cooking as it is now, the 30 seats that the opposition need , may be there. We may know it in the next couple of months.

    The Opposition goverment in the 5 states and KL territory have a lot of work ahead and we wish them well. Selangor MB and Penang CM are moving well despite the initial problem caused by UMNO. Twisting the facts , creating confusion among the people and provoking the public . We choose the Opposition , and it is not even a month after the election day, they should be given some time to settle down, what with all those missing files, burned files to deal with. They will have their hands full. I hope the new Selangor goverment will find enough evidence to hang Khir Toyol or to be more realistic to sent him to prison for mismanagement and corruption that were so rampant under his previous goverment.
    Bodowi downfall will be due to KJ.This beruk who has lost the election in the 1st count and won through in dubious manner in the 2nd count need to be investigate. Bodowi has lost face in the tussle to have his appointed MB in Terengganu, its unfortunate that this man ,who should be a penghulu in a kampung,is given the task to be a PM by the former PM.He is so indicisive and incompentent ,its a shame we have a weak leader . To the Malay woman in Malaysia, get lost from this site.!!I wonder if it is Bodowi himself in disguise or is it his sleeping partner as this person does not seem to relate in the daily going-on of life in Malaysia. Go back to your own blog and stay there!. DAP,PKR and PAS will really need to sit down together more often to discuss now to bring about the change the people want. No more racist party like UMNO,MCA and MIC. This parties should now close down or open up their membership to all races, we should look each other as Malaysian and not as Malay,Chinese or Indian. As long as BN rules, we will have this mindset, they will divide and rule us , no difference then the colonial masters. So lets pray that the new era born ,will gives us the hope that ALL Malaysians irrespective of race and religion are taken care well enough and the resources of the country are spared for all. May God Bless Malaysia!!.

  85. The Fact Is This says:

    In Indonesia 5% Chinese control and maintain the whole country’s economy. Look at China now…..needless to say, booming and booming. India? yes, the same booming and booming, right? Singapore??

    Now, look at Malaysia??? it’s going the opposite direction. Luckily we chinese and indian are aound or else, it’s only kampung and atap houses throughout the country. Indian business man was the original owner of Twin Tower in KL, The earlier Air Asia guy? The Genting Highland? Who was it?
    This is not racial attack but the fact remain the fact when Chinese and Indian combine, it’s the majority.

    bn?? What have they done? What can they do? They are the government….you tell me????

  86. SIGMONEY says:

    The 22 UMNO Assemblymen from Trengganu has brought about shame
    on UMNO and themselves by ‘trying their stunts’ on the appointment of
    Ahmad Said by our KING. What a shame? Where is your principle when
    you all made a hue and cry in the Press that you would boycott the swearing-in-ceremony tomorrow at the Istana. This is a SHAMEFUL

  87. ypmeng says:

    Koh Tsu Koon if its true I hope they hang you. you are a disgrace to the Chinese. Just proved that you are a running dog for UMNO.

    Hi javabean who says Malay woman ta laku.

  88. The Fact Is This says:

    Futhermore, the malays are actually the best human being to lived with. One will understand if your neighbour is a malay. They are very humble and helpful too. The trouble maker are those from the top umno post fishing for vote and manipulating the malays together with a handful of those who lost their post during the GE recently. The next group trouble maker are the minority mamak. They are known for creating trouble and run to hide after that. They stand where the wind blows. Come to think of it, if there are only 2 party left to choose on general election I will choose PAS as my final option instead of bn!!

    Lots of chinese and indian voted for PAS in Kelantan and malay voted for DAP in the North. Why? Everybody wanted to treated fair and square. The new modern malays do not want to be treated like alien getting special treatment and the Chinese and Indian do want to be used and victimised!

    Nowaday, how does the failed PM feel deep inside him, huh? His subordinate will be laughing behind him. The rakyat will start looking at him one kind. Our beloved Sultan do not trust him and the world leader will make jokes about him. How is he going to live through this??

    What about the joker who waived the keris?? Then we have the 2nd in command clown who is a disgraced to his father and family?? The non-stop barking mad dog KJ??

    If I were them, I’ll resign and go some place where no one knows me.

    Barisan Rakyat and People WAKE UP!! Our country is being run and manipulated by goons!!! CORRUPTION is their main motives and nothing else. Wonder if zzzZZZ bodohwi know what is going on until now………

  89. ANAK MALAYSIA says:

    The 5 States under the Opposition should have constant joint-meeting
    to get the feedback from the Menteri Besars and Chief Minister the havoc and corrupt pracitices that came to light on their take over of the State
    Governments. The BN ran into a trance as they never dreamt that the Rakyat are going to give them a ‘CASSIUS CLAY KNOCK-OUT PUNCH’. They are now in a Deilma. There may be many more ZAKARIA’S coming to light as evidences are being reaped for the scrutiny by Anwar/Lim Kit Siang/Hadi.

    As we have seen of late, the BN cannot face reason and the truth. Once they are cornered and find ways to tackle the situation, they use the ISA.

    Once the 4 State Government start exposing the corrupt practices under their rule,they cannot take it. They may instigate trouble . If they do so,
    our KING who is the Supreme Head of the Army and Police, know what to do if injustices are being done by the BN Govt. Don’t play with fire -UMNO.You should have noticed your end results in Trengganu.

    To the Barisan Rakyat Leaders (Anwar/Kit Siang/Hadi), my advice is for
    you all to give due respect to our KING AND ALL OUR SULTANS AS THEY


  90. The Fact Is This says:

    Pegasus, the whole world wide web’s blogs is filled with almost 99% exposing bn and umno dirty tricks. Where do you want Malay woman in Malaysia to go?? Hahaha

  91. david says:

    agreed….NEP or whatever name u called it, it should benefit all race not just a few persons related BN

  92. david says:

    get rid if bodowi and C4 guy

  93. Laurence S says:

    Actually right, does anyone ever go to pro-BN sites?? Its just a no-brainer to me. just go read NST/STAR/Etc lah if ur pro-BN.

    AAB actually mentioned they lost the internet war, i believe that is a very grave assessment of why they almost lost the PRU12. its the MSM that killed then. people were just fed up of the bull crap the MSM feeds us. they lost cos their leader is a lousy liar and the MSM is tasked to clean up his screw ups and of cos Mr. Zam Zam Alakazam (who is probably selling cendol in Sg. Petani).

    Thanks, Susan for providing us with an ALTERNATIVE 🙂 Appreciate your updates

  94. malay Warang in Malaysia says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia –>” Maybe Women in Prostitude ” She was prostitude hehehe

  95. Nzery says:

    haha…malay Woman from malaysia…one of the chicks paid by Bodohwi to try mingling around with the bloggers..so wasted.. SAMPAH !

  96. Someone, long time ago, said, “If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” With so many stones cast around here, I must say we have a whole bunch of very holy people here.

    I hope ppl can be more magnanimous in such a time – see, LGE with wife Betty went to receive the PM. And pls don’t make fun the PM’s father who was actually a very decent man. He is Abdullah son of Badawi.

    Let the Govt do the work, & hope the culprits be brought to book. if we let loose our angers here too much – we won’t be able to retain the Malay votes to retain Govt in next election.

    Just a thot.

  97. Jude says:

    The Fact Is This Says:

    March 29, 2008 at 5:21 pm
    Futhermore, the malays are actually the best human being to lived with. One will understand if your neighbour is a malay. They are very humble and helpful too.

    Totaly agreed.

    As for Malay Women in Malaysia. Adik ku,please change from Women to Woman. Or sheman or heman. I dont think you represent any of my beautiful, Inteligent, sweet, sopan satun,menarik,menawan —–Girlfriends

  98. pak says:

    Do you know who is going to space next and again malaysian has got to foot the bills. What do we learn about space exploration…. a waste of our money by the BN government……stupid

  99. pak says:

    Ya, I just got it, the angkasa person can help us to keep a eye on the land deals from up the above so high and like a diamond in the skies….heheheh

  100. aj says:

    Just want to share this. As long as the Hang Tuah (Hisham) and Hang Jebat (KJ) and their kepala (head/mentor) Tun M and his hand pick corrupted Ministers and their cronies are still in the Cabinet and in politic, we will not vote for BN. Its up to AAB now to eliminate them if he wants BN to return to power. It is also time to remove all those racial parties (Umno,Mca,Mic).They are the Ali-Babas of BN. We poor citizens are the victims when all the parties fight amongst themselves and grap the country’s money and land for themselves and their families and cronies. No wonder we become bankrupt, and poor people like us need to bail the country out by paying more for everything (cost of living here is higher than in Singapore – no logic. We are an oil country and an exporter of rich resources, how come our consumer products are more expensive than Singapore who is barren? Eg a bowl of noodle in Singapore shopping centre cost only S3.50, in K.Lumpur RM7.99++).Pls explain to the people, Mr. PM of Malaysia.

  101. Dear Susan,

    Thank you for bringing the SMS to public attention through your blog. I would like to categorically state that the allegation made in the SMS about me owning a piece of open land at Padang Tembak, Penang is completely false and baseless. For that matter, I do not own any piece of land or property in Penang.

    I agree with you that YAB CM should seriously look into this allegation especially if the SMS is making its rounds and has become a matter of public interest in Penang. It is only fair that he verifies for himself the veracity of the allegation and fair to me that my side of the story is corroborated through his independent investigation into the matter.

    Thank you for allowing me the right to reply.


    Khairy Jamaluddin

  102. […] received this email from a “Khairy Jamaluddin”, in reply to my blog post on “Hot sms on KJ circulating in Penang“. So, I  emailed back and asked for his mobile where I can verify the authencity of his […]

  103. kris says:

    hidup kj berani kerana benar depa ni memang no brain

  104. david says:

    aiyo KJ…dont need to explain la

  105. kris says:

    kj sudah cakap dia bersih jadi lu semua siasat dan buktikan jangan dok cakap2 fitnah sana sini juga menyentuh kaum melayu. ini sudah jadi kurang ajar sebab tu aku kata hangpa no brain!

  106. ANg kong says:

    i wonder how he sleeps at nite…

    dulu nenek used to tell me tht there r 3 kinds of ppl tht we cant put our trust in..
    1) Her neighbour, Halim punya isteri…(allegedly, for owning her so much pasar money)
    2) Lawyers
    3) Politicians

    she also added salesmen not so bad…at least most of them have ‘heart’, they were trying to earn a living afterall…

    but for the aforementioned 1) – 3), horse shits literally pour out as soon as they open their mulut

  107. xian says:

    carry on must stop khairy action in pg

  108. Justice says:

    To kris
    Sesiapa saja yang melakukan spekulasi/kesalahan perlu disiasat dan dihukum tanpa mengira bangsa & agama!! Ini langsung tak kaitan dengan menyentuh atau tidak menyentuh kaum melayu punya pasal!!
    Adakah u maksud kaum melayu but salah tak perlu dihukum?? then besok you boleh pergi rompak bank lar, sebab tidak akan dihukum punya!!!

  109. BPR shpuld investigate the SMS and sent the guilty people to jail!
    See the biggest crowd in Stadium Melawati here @

  110. kris says:

    aku tak cakap melayu salah tak boleh di hukum lu tak tau baca ka? aku cakap kalu betul salah baru dihukum. yang lepas banyak melayu salah kena hukum apa? ini kalu hal kj cari lah bukti siasat untuk hukum dia. dok cakap2 bikin fitnah apa benda, ini pun salah juga sebab menuduh orang tanpa bukti bikin khabar angin tak paham law ka?

  111. Hoi!! says:

    Write in English!!!!

  112. sheena says:

    to HOI!
    sini malaysia, adakah u tak faham bahasa melayu?
    to reply this blog must write in english ma?
    don look people down!

  113. jky says:

    i know ur english very good. in malaysia, do u know how many people have problem writing in english, u know?me also!

  114. cool eyes says:

    now malaysian are sick. our big brother said he lose the election is due to the power of internet……not because of he do something not right…..and all agreed about his talking….
    our big brother son in law…..do so many thing…but no one come after him….just wonder….a simple layman….so young….can make so much without background support?

  115. middle man says:

    if no body take action to tis bad guy,all of us will die soon,no matter u r malay or chinese or indian…..pls wake up man…

  116. cool eyes says:

    actually BN can do better…..but fail due to some group interest…..if the 5 state realyltake this chance and perform nicely….i shall believe they will still they in the next election….

  117. Hoi!! says:

    sheena, this is english blog if you don’t know how, go to hell!!!

  118. Hoi!! says:

    jky, if you don’t how to write in english….who is to be blamed? The bn or the rakyat? Use your brain!!!

  119. 5% Extra says:

    Return the special 5% discount when you buy a house and then, nobody will look down on you all. It’s open system Tender now….can you survive??

  120. Sure Die says:

    nah, I don’t think they can last a few round!

  121. Enough Is Enough says:

    Ask sheena go back to kindergarden where English is taught and maybe she can get cheaper by 5%!!!

  122. Stupid says:

    Should introduce her to malay women in malaysia because they sound alike and write alike too. Go blame the opposition (bn) if your english is terrible.

  123. david says:

    KJ tak boleh pakai punya orang……hidding behind father-in-law……stand on youe own feet la. He should declare asset to prove he is clean, if he dare not…dont say he is clean

  124. mmam says:

    i’m sure he’ll not to declare asset……..takut mah….

  125. cool eyes says:

    KJ where got free time to declare asset ah? he is so busy to find way to “SOLVE” so many problem and build up his Kingdom. you can see that always his father in law eat the “die cat” and he continue enjoy…….

  126. cool eyes says:

    even the trengganu MB…eventhough not the one they want…..but they still can support the new MB…guess what?? easy lah, the new MB also want to secure his interest and end up still listen to them and play with the RM1 B…..how to play? haha…another wonder idea again….we wait and see….

  127. sheena says:

    TO Hoi(会还是不会?),Enough is Enough(够还是不够?),
    don worry,i m sure that i m good to speak and write in english,b melayu and mandarin(the special ability for malaysian),if this is a english blog,pls u two refer to”Khairy’s reply to Penang land accusations”,and tell me why have to edit the malaysiakini’s mandarin news?
    i m not agree that who looks down who in this blog, try to make this blog a bit standard, anybody agree?
    susan, your blog only allow people to write in english???????
    pls answer>>>>>>>>

  128. jky says:

    do u thing that u r perfect in english?who should blam or be thankful?
    why must blam somebody if my english poor?i msure that u r not happy to bn, but for me is nothing, who bcome a goverment also not iffect my life style, don blaming, be happy!

  129. david says:

    KJ should resign as MP and continue his habbit as mat rempit

  130. cool eyes says:

    PM said cannot get 2/3 is because of blog….indirectly mean not because of his wrongful act or use the wrong person listent he wrong advise….eerrr…i think no hope liau…..when someone can never facing and amid his mistake…..what else we can do? when pentrol up so high, egg price from rm4 till today rm8/30pcs..when lot of thing price up more than 30%….our statistic department, our centra bank still said…low inflation…JUST 3%++…..hopeless…..

  131. cool eyes says:

    we love malaysia…..we love stable politic…we love BN….we lover everyone and all the minister and dun care who they are……BUT WE DON’T LIKE the way they treat us…thought we are DUMM, IDIOT and NO WAY TO VOICE UP our dissatisfaction…..try to ChEAT US, FOOL us…like nobody……
    Time to change….their attitude….BUT, look like till now, all of them do nothing on that……what they do now? VERY BUSY……BUSY in giving sweet to their “Partners” & “supporter”….BUSY to hold their seat in their coming election…..All 3 major party are the same….
    ANYONE can wake them up?

  132. david says:

    ask bodohwi to go back and fly kite

  133. kris says:

    Saya duduk malaysia, jadi tak salah guna bahasa malaysia di sini. Kalau sapa2 tak paham boleh berambus duduk di negara orang putih yang pernah jajah nenek monyang kita dulu. Pasal KJ dalam STAR 10/4/08 ada cerita dia tak bersalah. Jadi sepatutnya yang menuduh dan buat fitnah pasal KJ kenalah minta maaf padanya diblog ini kalau ada maruah dan ada otak. Blog macam ni banyak melahirkan kaki fitnah saja dan mengangu hubungan yang baik antara kaum2 di malaysia

  134. cool eyes says:

    kris…the way you write is very not good….you sound like KJ’s runner…..if you are ….then i shall believe your boss will be about the same like u…..Chinese pharase…..dog look like owner.

  135. kris says:


  136. kris says:


  137. DAVID1 says:


  138. kris says:


  139. kris says:


  140. david says:

    kris tu KJ punya office boy, mana berani cakap apa KJ sudah buat, tak takut kena pecat kah? mari telanjankan dia, tengok ada bebola tak?

  141. kris says:

    david gua ingat lu tak dak itu bebola pasai kj ok tapi lu tak mau minta maaf juga muka tarak malu ke senang2 tuduh orang jahat sekarang lu yang jahat buat fitnah ni david=yahudi?

  142. david says:

    david=Yahudi…..? wow, still better than kris who kaki bodek, polishing KT and KJ shoe……cari la kerja lebih baik.

  143. cool eyes says:

    it very obvious that kris is KJ shoes boy….purpose is to make all professional like us to quick this chat room…..
    i should say he is success now and this is very good method to stop people talk about him…..
    KJ is really smart…..have a smart shoes boy too…

  144. david says:

    Hey….KJ is smart boy……tackle bodohwi’s daughter…..now jadi lah MP….ini macam pun boleh….patutlah BN kalah teruk….kena pulak fikir step down plan

  145. KAYU says:


  146. KRIS says:


  147. david says:

    KJ you right I am wrong and very bad, please forgive me. I hope Kris will be happy with my statement.

  148. cool eyes says:

    KJ please forgive me also. You right and I am wrong.

  149. mobi yard says:

    wow, that was great post.. thanx for sharing the same…
    Mobile Social networking

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