Famous blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has been ordered by the High Court to pay RM2 mil to Universiti Utara Malaysia and its vice-chancellor Tan Sri Dr Nordin Kardi for libel. Nordin didn’t really win as it a judgment in default  handed down on Feb 26 after RPK had failed to file his defence within the required period. 

The judge ordered the damages to be paid to Nordin as he was said to be a plagiarist on RPK’s Malaysia Today website and in the 98th edition of Suara Keadilan in November 2006. 

Nordin and UUM had filed a lawsuit against Raja Petra, PKR, Suara Keadilan group chief editor and the editor. Only PKR had submitted its defence. 

Judge Priscilla ordered Raja Petra to pay RM2mil to Nordin and UUM, respectively. She also ordered each of the editors to pay RM1mil and RM500,000 to Nordin and UUM, respectively. – THE STAR.

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  1. What I don’t understand is why most of them didn’t file their defence!


  2. M says:


    What about our students that plagiarize other people’s work and turn them into term papers and thesises? 🙂

  3. […] Susan Loone says: Show them your middle finger! […]

  4. RAJ RAMAN says:

    maybe you right sloone,but i dont agree that raja petra with his wide knowledge just ignore the the suit brought up by uum.maybe the results might not favour him,but he had to defend himself.like mgpillai and mr.corect222.mg pilai lost the battle with court due to correct222,but someday the truth will prevail.hope you can advise raja petra.thanks.raj raman.race;malaysian.religion’my problem to anwser to god.STILL DREAMiNG TO BE MALAYSAN PUTRA FOR OUR NEXT GENERATION.I NOT GOING TO PACK MY THINGS ,THIS IS “TANAH TUMPAH DARAHKU” Althou very day i bleed thinking about my country.

  5. rapido says:

    it is not a judge, it deputy registrar, up yours?

  6. A Bit Ta says:

    Yeah right, show them your middle finger, turn your ass and release your gas

  7. pathfinder says:

    what is this? Correctx3 is showing his influence???MY!!!! not again. Will I be sued for asking questions??

  8. Julie t says:

    We’re all with you RPK, till the end. Up theirs!

  9. clearwater says:

    What can you say about a guy like RPK? That he is a loose cannon? A danger to his enemies but also to himself? Reckless or fearless? A law unto himself? Incorrigible? All I can say is when the shit hits the fan, I want him on my side. I may not agree with him sometimes but he has my respect as a man with a unique code of honor. Salutations, RPK, WE ARE WITH YOU.

  10. Anonymous says:

    RPK should set aside the judgement in default quickly.

    Then bask in the glory of the war ahead….

    I am sure there will a lot of lawyers who is more than willing to provide their services Pro Bono.

  11. hutchrun says:

    UMNO says the current Agung and Trengganu Sultan is an animal (natang):

    Sultan Terengganu yang juga Yang Dipertuan Agong marah dengan Idris Jusoh, Rosol Wahid dan Din Adam kerana bersikap “kurang ajar”. “Kami nak Derih natang!” begitulah yang tertulis disepanduk ketika Umno Terengganu berdemonstrasi menuntut jawatan MB diberi kepada Idris di Istana Terengganu.

    Penggunaan istilah “Natang” yang bermaksud Binatang dalam loghat Terengganu ini telah menimbulkan kemarahan rakyat Terengganu kerana dikatakan menghina Institusi Raja. Laporan polis telah dibuat mengenai isu ini.

  12. RAJ RAMAN says:

    to partfiinder,i dont mean to say correct3 to influance anyone.just pointing the finger our justice system is bought over.apology to you if am offend you.but in court of law when a case is file against anyone,the defendant had to defend himself.i am not a lawyer,but i think its the basic rule.i am all out supporting raja petra but he should defend himself alhou its might be a kanggoro courta and jjustice can be bought by lingam case.if the case is true.thanks.raj raman.i hope i defended myself.we are in same boat.

  13. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Raja Petra didn’t even care a damn about the judgement.

    Especailly to the detractors of this blog, I am showing yous the middle finger. Long Live to the courageous, philantropic and unbias bloggers. We are with you.

  14. Andrew says:

    Buildings get plagiarised too. There’s a new condo in Penang with a skybridge. It brings me back to my childhood when I could boast that I owned a ferrari……..model scale, of course!

  15. malaysian says:

    Plagiarism is rampant in uni. Even professors do it and what do you expect students and others. Just ask the Malay Mail reporters. Again, people got bullied and sued for telling the truth.

  16. clearwater says:

    How does one describe RPK the man? I only know him as RPK the fearless blogger, the orator at political ceramahs, the passionate advocate of public causes, the shoot-from-the-mind writer whose literary barbs have impaled friend and foe alike in pursuit of social justice and truth. While I may not always agree with his commentary and sometimes take issue with his take-no-prisoner style of writing, I must profess to having a great respect for his fundamental honesty and his sense of honor [ his information sources as well! ] I only wish he takes the workings of the judicial system , flawed though it may be, a little more seriously. He may have an ace up his sleeve in this case but this is cutting corners dangerously.

  17. Kevin says:

    geez.. I really wonder why RPK would not go to court and speak up. So he would now wait for a bankcruptcy order to arrive at his doorstep and still to chuck it in the dustbin. Then again, RPK is an epitome of a “REBEL” through and through.

    I hope he knows what he is doing, although he has defended himself in his blog, I think an opportunity presented itself for him to make himself heard to a wider audience and he turned it down. I am perplexed.


  18. Dime says:


    It’s good that you show your moral support to another blogger. But Raja need to go through legal courses. Pitty him, the judgement is made in his absent. Still, he need to clear his name. Else, he will be another ‘bankcrupt’. Money talk. Huh! No money, no talk!

    The good thing is that Nordin will get nothing. Just like the ‘good friend’ of Tun, the famous Vincent Tan!! Spending money on legal fees. He need to bear legal fees. Is he???????


  19. headache says:

    From his blog, he always has been a careful man. I bet he is waiting to hang the chap when the case goes higher. Else it just does not make sense for not entering his defence.

    Rooting for him…

  20. whispering9 says:

    Actually, nothing is strange with RPK decision not to defend his case in the Federal High Court. Afterall, he is a muslim and there is always the Syariah court. It is not possible, I think, to file a cross court bankruptcy suit. 😉

  21. Dime says:


    What does that got to do of him being a Muslim??? The court only questioning his ‘Act’ NOT his ‘Believe’!

    Allo! WAKE UP!!!!!!

  22. Bontot Najis says:

    The Umno-BN government will TUTUP before the deputy registrar’s assistant gets around to serving RPK a bankruptcy notice. It’s the Malaysian Judiciary and AG Gani Patail who are bankrupt of moral values. RPK is no kangaroo. To the clearing of the slate! As Lilian Chan (5XMOM) so wisely quipped: “Let the Umno flers cekik-mencekik each other to death!”

  23. k119 says:

    Ini tipu punya JID ni…..Priscilla Gengadran is Deputy Registrar maaa…..you cannot award a 7million ringgit payout without proper trial and costs constitution…..like a private in the US air force giving the command to shoot an Nuclear Missile at Moscow…..BUT it is Malaysian Court maaaa…….anything goes……Priscilla law graduate yesterday…..today give JID jadi celebrity laaaa…..will just say I am doing my job…..and if not happy appeal lah………WELCOME TO MALAYSIAN JUSTICE SYSTEM…..OOOIIII ZAID….you have a lot of work to do man……you can start with this Priscilla and the Alor Star Court……..now we all understand why the rakyat is 1000% behind Sultan Trengganu……

  24. Anne says:

    Its about time RP pays the 2 mil and be more careful next time!

  25. Margeemar says:

    I agree with Sloone, we must back RPK!

  26. freewave says:

    For those who is not clear what really happened, please read the cronological order of the issue here.

    The information below is taken from the muhtar’s site.

    The original article of the student, “Mahasiswa dan Tanggungjawab Mengurus Kejayaan”, was published in Bicara Siswa Section of Majalah i, a magazine published by Karangkraf Sdn. Bhd., in the April 2004 edition.

    Two years later, the article was plagiarised and first appeared in islamhadhari.net in 7 May 2006 with the title “Mengurus Kejayaan: Isu dan Cabaran – by Dato Dr Nordin Kardi”.

    When the student questioned islamhadhari.net whether his article was plagiarised by Dato Dr Nordin Kardi, via email and the response column, they did not give a single reply.

    The author wrote an article in his personal blog titled “Dato’ Dr. Nordin Kardi Ciplak Karya Saya?: Mohon Penjelasan” 6 months after the plagiarised article first appeared in islamhadhari.net.

    Malaysia Today and Suara Keadilan then published the article written by the author from his blog without the author’s knowledge.

    When the issues was heated and become controversial, islamhadhari.net removed the plagiarised article in 9 November 2006. In my opinion, if Malaysia Today and Suara Keadilan did not propagate the news, they would have ignored muhtar’s grievance.

    Dato Dr Nordin responded in the author’s blog that he has nothing to do with it.

    The author later conversed with Dato Dr Nordin via telephone and they agreed to resolve the issue. He then changed the blog entry to “Penjelasan Terkini “Isu Artikel Ciplak”.. Alhamdulillah” dated 18 Disember 2006 and explained the actual situation of the issue.

    On 18 December 2006, Perhubungan Awam of UUM threatened the author to apologise or face the court. The same day, he officially apologised, islamhadhari.net also apologised to Dato Dr Nordin and Muhtar Suhaili.

    On Muhtar’s blog, he said, “Muhtar mengakui kesilapannya dalam meletakkan tajuk Tan Sri Dr. Nordin Kardi menciplak tulisan beliau dalam satu laman web”

    I wonder why he has to apologise? The plagiarised article was published in islamhadhari.net for 6 months with Dato Dr Nordin Kardi name on the article! I really doubt he has no knowledge of it. Technical error by islamhadhari.net? Come one, how did they get the article in the first place? Why did islamhadhari.net put Dato Dr Nordin Kardi as the author? I smell fish.

  27. Anne says:

    It does not mean that we have the leisurely time we have to set up a blog and start ciriticising people.

  28. puakangkang says:

    Why the value of intelectuals in this country is soo damn cheap.Only 2 million. Wonder why?

  29. amoker says:

    People apologizing because they are Datuks.

    This guy is a racist, being a strategist for BTN … cowing people to believe in the superiority of certain race.

  30. klmc says:

    this is akin to LGE and the malay girl who finally recanted on the rape issue…. the guilty party gets off , the aggrieved party (probably) gets paid off , everyones happy …. oops the whistle blower gets sent to jail ( too bad … ) malaysian justice … world class, don’t play play …


  31. Harrison bin Hansome says:


    Shooting the messenger has been a typical Gomen we have. No wonder there is no “Whistle Blowing Statute” and “Witness Protection Program”

  32. Thinking Cap says:

    Dear RPK,
    I am just a pensioner and I can say this. I will stop buying newspapers, instead I will donate my monthly sum of Rm 30 as contribution towards paying your damages. For all that you and other fellow bloggers have done to expose the filth through the internet media, it is a negligible contribution. This is my way of saying thanks to you.

  33. toru says:

    I wouldn’t be too worried if I was RPK. The judge made a fundamental mistake in her judgment. It is textbook law that for a judgment in default of a cause of action like defamation, you can only enter a judgment for damages to be assessed. You cannot enter a fixed sum in damages for judgment in default of appearance for a cause of action like defamation.

    Any rookie first year lawyer knows that. It just goes to show how low the standard of the judiciary is. Priscilla Gengadaran should resign and go back to law school.

  34. Andrew says:

    Nothing compares to Augusta Caesar in Anwar’s trial though.

  35. mitosblog says:

    Let me say this: Malaysia’s University cannot be better and improved as long as BN is in power. They are more interested to enrich themselves and their cronies. That is their main goal.


  36. Andrew says:

    In George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm, the animals revolted against the farmer and chased him out. In order to keep the peace, it was decided that a constitution be drawn up. The pigs, being the ringleaders in the coup, amended the first rule “All animals are equal” to “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

    If you give credit to the person who expressed the idea first, it isn’t plagiarism.

  37. Roy Selvan says:

    Kawan-kawan ini lah cara pertama mereka melawan,
    Lain kali,ramai lagi yang akan di tawan,
    Supaya mulut kami jangan melawan,
    Orang-orang yang kurang siuman.

    Ada orang di suruh duduk di tangga yang teratas
    Supaya kami jangan melampaui batas
    Dari Mac 8, mata terbuka
    Kerana Buntut mereka terluka

    hahahahhaha have a nice day.

  38. Jude says:

    Upyouuuuuuuuuuurs…………………Good One

  39. billauchris says:

    My dear Khalid, you have to be careful in propounding a policy to tax employers having migrant workers for the purpose of training the unemployed; for whom they hold no obligation and responsibility whatsoever. This will just escalate unnecessarily production cost.

    Unemployment is caused by the ruling government’s poor education and economic policies that have resulted over the years in an over-production of school, college and university graduates who do not meet the industiral requirements of the industry. The academia is too proud to admit this.

    Why should the private sector be penalised for the social ill of unemployment. Employers in certain sectors are already taxed for the human resource development fund. For the unemployed, I feel strongly that the BN Government should look into this matter seriously to ensure that the students are encouraged to take up courses in tendem with the employment needs of the country.

    We cannot afford to allow every Tom, Dick and Harry to go to the University. In the course of time, we will be like India where we are most likely to bounce into a university graduate who is unemployed in the streets.

    If only the Government is more prudent in spending, there is sufficient money to set up training colleges and universities specially for the unemployed. By not sending a Malaysian up the cybersphere, we would have built a university for this group of ill-equipped unemployed.

    So my advice is: avoid such policy that cause a burden to the employers.

    If you suggest that employers set aside RM9/- per month to train their
    foreign labourers, the public would generally or probably will agree, I am sure.

  40. wits0 says:

    I agree with what billauchris Says, especially the part on, “Unemployment is caused by the ruling government’s poor education and economic policies that have resulted over the years in an over-production of school, college and university graduates who do not meet the industiral requirements of the industry. The academia is too proud to admit this.”

    The academia keeps lowering standards for political reasons and the politicians keep approving that.

    The racist policy of blind entitlement without regard to quality and meritocracy is the root of it all and perpetuates the high costs of education while lowering quality all the way. Part of the MahalDeal way of doing things that result in inflationary costs for all things essential and a population that earns mainly only mainly subsistence income, if lucky enough.

    We have a business philosophy of merely jual mahal and monopoly to boost profits plus rent seeking sub-contracting by the very top people. Proton and the local automobile industry is one example of such a stinker. Creation of more middlemen increases the cost of items and it does not need a biz graduate to figure this out.

    Were the employment climate good, why should blogger lkike Susan have to be working in Thailand for years, for example? The lack of employment is cause by the pervading gomen policies that is thoroughly racists and discriminative from square one. The lost of talents(now from all ethnic groups) to overseas has been disregarded with official impunity and eventually worsens the situation as is now manifesting.

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