Please read this statement by SUARAM on the proposed policy to deduct RM9 for each migrant.  Read more on migrant news here at Caram Asia. 

Khalid Ibrahim, the newly minted Selangor chief minister wants companies with migrant workers to pay RM9 each so that the money can fund training courses for unemployed persons.

It’s a silly policy, short-sighted and shows lack of human compassion for the workers involved. Khalid cannot just shoot off crap from his mouth as he likes. Suggestions like this involve policy changes. Policies should not be changed according to the whims and fancies of whoever is in power.

First of all, the companies involved are not going to pay this amount from their pocktes. They’ll deduct it from the migrants’ salaries, which is already chicken feed.  These employers spend more on food, accesories and health care for their pet dogs and cats, you can be sure. 

Khalid, in all his mightiness, as ex-Guthrie CEO or current menteri besar, I am afraid, can’t do a thing to stop towkays and bosses from exploiting their workers further in this way. And what does it say about Selangor, the new and riches Opposition state?

Secondly, what has the migrants got to do with unemployed persons? Why must they be made to pay for our unemployment problems?

The very fact that migrants are at work, though miserably paid, shows that we have job opportunities. But why are they still many, many unemployed people in Malaysia?

It’s not that locals do not want to do the kind of jobs that migrants currently do. Employers prefer migrants because they can be easily exploited, and abused. Everyone makes money when a migrant comes to work in this country. From agents to employers,  government official, airline companies, doctors, house owners, everyone! Except the migrant themselves.


It’s not that the migrants have deprived the locals of their jobs, that’s lazy thinking. But its the government policies, employers and agents, who work in cohorts, to make sure they make the most profits, leaving locals with less opportunity for jobs. It’s a vicious cycle, I know. But that’s the reality.

If unemployment is the main issue, there are other ways to takle it. Make Malaysia more conducive for investment, for one. Secondly, require employers to hire more locals, make it a policy. Improve the education system. These are long term policies, but worth investing in.

The education system sucks that students are not prepared for life skills when they finish school. All the education ministry wants to do is make sure that students dont get involved in politics. Well, do you think they can choose what’s best for their lives, if they can’t even be allowed to think about what kind of country they want, or which leaders to govern it?

Khalid’s putting his wrong foot into this. Has he met with migrant workers or those working on migrant issues yet or even the unemployed to know what the main problem is? Consultation is the key. Or else, you are no different from your BN/UMNO predecessors.

Perhaps, I am saying this too soon. To me, one thing has become crystal clear. It seems pointless to have so many social/ NGO activists in government, if none of them can influence policies.

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  1. tzarina says:


    I also blogged on a related issue yday…on the fact that our private sector workers and plantation workers do not have a decent minimum wage…at this moment, a loose definition of min wage is applied…and its rm350! Companies like Guthrie, Sime Darby and most sweat shops that we call factories are blood suckers. We need to control immigration, have better labor laws and improve in our own local economy so that we become less dependent on foreign investments, who are currently holding our economy by its balls!

    My take:

  2. hutchrun says:

    Well said Susan. It`s an idiotic idea.
    Khalid is basing it on his experience in the plantation sector where immigrant workers stay on the estates itself. It`s very different elsewhere – as you rightfully point out.

  3. The righteous man says:

    It is a good move by Khalid. It’s not so much penalising the migrant workers but more so companies that have become hooked on cheap labour. Khalid must find a way to ensure the levy does not come from the pockets of the workers but rather from the companies.
    Something has to be done to raise salaries and get Malaysians interested in jobs that are now being incresingly taken over by foreign labour.

  4. arifabdull says:

    silly mistake, Khalid!
    the Selangor new MB is stupid enuf for not realise that the labour issues fall under the Federal jurisdiction. unless, u have the majority in Parliament to be able to implement this policy. LoL!

  5. freedom says:

    Right you are, Susan
    The new MB should not bring more miseries to migrant workers as thet are already harassed enough under BN laws and bad policies.
    He should institute a minimum wage for them instead.

  6. RAJ RAMAN says:

    sloone,u may have a point there,let me tell my story with foreign workers and the hassle i had to go throu with federal goverment.firstly i am running a small company specialising with elite group of customer.for many years i keep on trying to get locals to work for me,but the youngters just refuse to learn my trade.i have to anwser to my customer if the job not done according to specification and time frame.the last resort i had to get foreign workers.just to bring in 2 skill workers,i had begg kdn for approval,but fails.this business my rice bowl.backdoor approval cost me $4k.agent and levy for 2 workers 10k.the workers is paid monthly salary of $1500.00.No deduction on their rental for them i crazy to pay foreign worker all in 2500 amonth.THE PROBLEM IS A LOT OF HIDDEN COST INVOLVE IN HIRING FOREIGN WORKERS.If I PAY PEANUT I GET MONKEY,THE PROBLEM OF FEDERAL GOVERMENT THEY DONT SUPPORT HIGHLY SKILL FOREIGN WORKER FOR SMALL COMPANY LIKE ME,BUT THEY CAN ISSUE THOUSANDS OF PERMITS TO OUTSOURCE COMPANY AND ABUSE THE FOREIGN WORKERs AND SMALL COMPANY LIKE ME.INFACT THE LOCAL PR INDONESIAN I PAY $100.00 PERDAY BUT AFTER SOME TIMES THEY THINK THEY ARE THE BOS.THEY WANT SUB CONTRACT MY JOB TO THEM AND I BECOMES THEIR BROKER TO FIND JOB.BUT THE BIG COMPANY WILL PAY THEM PEANUT AND ABUSE THEM.WHY ARE THE ILLEGAL WORKERS AROUND?ITS DUE TO THE BIG COMPANY HIIRE THEM.SMALL COMPANY DARE NOT TO HIRE ILLEGAL WORKERS BECAUSE POLICE HARRASSMENT.MOST OF MY JOB IN GATED COMMUNITY.I NEED LEGAL WORKERS,BUT I PAY THROU MY ASS TO GET THEM.JUST LAST YEAR I TURN DOWN ALMOST 100K PROFIT JUST BECAUSE I CANT GET WORKERS WHO IS SKILL ENOUGH TO FOLLOWS MY INSTRUCTION.MOST OF MY WORK ON REFFERAL BASIS AND I NEED TO PERFORM.MY WAITING LIST LAST YEAR FOR PEOPLE TO EMPLOY ME IS 6MONTHS.VERY2 STRESSFULL .ITS LIKE A TAXI DRIVER,THEY DO THE HARD WORK BUT THE PERMITS OF TAXI HOLD BY CRONIES OF POLITICIAN.FINALLY THE COUNTRY PAYING THE HIDDEN COST.thanks sloone.raj raman.still dreaming become malaysiaputra or i think better become a politician to earn back door money.BELIEVE IT OR NOT my country is corrupt from private sector to goverment.JUST STUDY HOW THE SINGAPORE GOVERMENT ISSUE PERMITS TO FORREIGN WORKERS.AS LONG YOU CAN PROOF YOU NEED WORKERS AND YOU GOT JOB TO PAY THE LEVY,ITS DONE.NO HIDDEN COST.

  7. hamzah says:

    well said susan!

    the tan sri is starting to show the quality of our GLCs CEOs 🙂

  8. slowdown says:

    You are reacting too soon. The bringing in of foreign workers is big business and the middle man makes tons of money at the expense of the workers and the companies that employ them.

    Policies regarding foreign labour are made at federal and not at state level. All Khalid can do is work at state level and introduce measures that will discourage companies from employing foreign workers. If locals do not want to work at factory level then it is a sign that we must start moving away from labour intensive industries to up-market ones that require less labour. This is part of the change that must be made as we move to become a developed country.

    Unless one has a complete grasp of the situation it is immature and unjust to start spewing condemning criticisms.

  9. jedyoong says:

    Erm yeah, Eli is on the EXCO yar….she should have wide experience dealing with the rights of foreigners.

  10. RAJ RAMAN says:

    sloone,please give some times for the new mb.for the last 50 years bn rule this country and created a mess.this new mb might not have the grip on the running of goverment.just give him time.them if he fails,we attack him.have mercy for new comer.everybody must be given a chance,he didnt demolish,offend any races.he need some moral support.we just cant keep on attack a new mb.its takes time to be a politician.whether good mb or bad mb.time will decide.wait until then.A HUMBLE REQUEST FROM ME TO ALL BLOGGERS.i not is cronies or i know him personaly.all the new 4 state mb need some breathing space for them.alot of files missing,alot of hanky panky by previous bn.its will take some times for them to perform.meanwhile just watch them like hawk from above,dont attack.they will panic and create more blundered due to the pressure.

  11. Excellent piece Susan

    already the foreign worker’s salaries are normally reduced or chopped in some invisible and invincible ways by the ruthless employers where the Industrial Relations Department will take years to negotiate.The poor workers will either be stuck in the oppression or return home prior to their term and the pitiless brokers will care less for them.

    And now this. Khalid seriously needs to get to the ground before making wrong statements that the BN will start to be abusive before the new government gets a chance to prove itself

  12. Penang Exile says:

    I wonder whether MB Khalid has been misquoted by the BN loyalist press?

  13. dodgy inc says:

    Well said Susan. Migrant workers are human too. They work hard and deserve every penny they earned. Why penalised them further?

    I was one of those overseas student in Australia in the 80s who worked the shit out of every summer vacation and during weekend of school terms just to save enough for my school fees plus living expenses. I put up at least 16 hours works every day during summer vacation like a migrant worker since my parent can’t afford and no helps from our Goverment. I have never regreted and managed to complete my degree with flying colours and within the shortest period of time in 5 years duration at the University of Melbourne.

    Why countries like America, Australia & Canada cherish their migrant workers, while we the racist Malaysian(including Tan Sri Khalid ibrahim) must take every oppurtunities to penalised our migrant workers. Eihter our Tan Sri has a loose mouth trying to score points or is he just ignorant to know that the mighty America, Australia & Canada were once built by migrant workers?

    Please stop this racist crap. Treat our migrant worker more humanely

  14. RAJ RAMAN says:

    slone,i just need a favour,my email also being used by somebody.whenever i log in to kit or other bloggers,the message says somebody registered using my email.i not a computer savy.infact i hate paper work and computer.just 3 months ago i got registed my email due to hindraf business web site also doesnt have email due to i not bothered about replying to my customer.i communicate by how come someone can have the same email as mine?i only use my email for bloggers like u,anil and haris.others seldom or i cant register with them due to someone using my same it possible?thanks.raj raman.hope you help me.u r the expect and someone have cloned your blogs.same boat,different problem.

  15. black dog says:

    Khalib Ibrahim is just a liability to Malaysia! Khalib is using the out-of-date managing plantation system which is beneficial to the directors and not the plantation workers or staffs.

    Managing an ‘advanced state’ like Selangor is a different ball-game and therefore we need a different game plan. Kahlib was only an ‘estate player’ when he was in the plantation. Now he has promoted to a state player but still only qualified as an ‘estate player.’

    Can an estate player compete with a state player? Looking at the score-line:

    Selangor state : 6 Oil Palm Plantation : 1

    Therefore it’s a disaster for an ‘estate player’ to assume the role of a ‘state player’.

    If you have in doubt on the above analogy, why not we have a match between the Selangor state team pitting against an Oil Palm Plantation team literally?

    If Khalib couldn’t even helm an estate plantation team profitably and effectively, do you think Khalib could helm a ‘state team’ and maintain it at ‘state level’, let alone at SEA/ Asia/ Olympic/ World level?

    Looking the the quality of the state councilors in the various states, we know that it’s a gone case for the various states.

    Have the Malaysians in Semenanjung had any confidence with the state or federal levels?

    Why did all these politicians get involved in politics in the first place? Are they like the late Mother Theresa who was really dedicated to humankind? Or like our dear Susan Loone who put service before self?

    The notion is that once a politician got into a plausible position in politics he/she would get whatever he/she could during their tenure ala Khir Toyo and clique.

    Why did the new state executive council refuse to declare their assets? What they have got to hide? Unless they have blended into a new corrupt team replacing the previous regime with another new rotten-to-the-core state system.

    The politicians are crook. Otherwise there will not be so many dynasties all over the parties all over the states.

    Can Theresa Kok be like the late Mother Theresa? For a few years perhaps. Then either she also corrupts or will be booted out by the warlords/ eunuchs in her parties! Why did Fong Poh Kuan resort to threatening to resign before the 12th GE? And that Ding Dong bell in Bahau? The previous three Musketeers and so on….? Politics is a filthy game (highest level) in Malaysia.

    Politicians in Malaysia are just thieves and robbers stealing/ plundering the assets of Malaysia/ Malaysians.

    They are real liabilities to the people of Malaysia. They make Malaysia bankrupt but paradoxically they make themselves super/ hyper rich.

    For example, a money making system for Khalib and clique:

    Levy on legal/ illegal migrant worker : RM 9 per head.

    Total amount of revenue collected from legal/ illegal migrant workers: 1.5 million x 9= RM 13.5 millions / month.

    Total amount accrued from the poor/ miserable legal/ illegal migrant workers per year = RM147 millions.

    Wow! Sure this Khalid knows how to make money for himself the crooked way. He is learning fast and is as good as Kill Toyo!

    Sure in due time Khalib and clique’s assets are catching up with the likes of Mahathir, Daim, Tengkuku Razali, Kill Toya, Ghafa Baba (destination not determined)”’ etc.

    No wonder Khalib has no ba** to reveal his assets!

  16. deekay says:

    I think you guys just jump to conclusion too soon. I rather think the idea is worth looking into. Below is the extract of the interview by Malaysiakini with the MB. I don’t think he is been unfair.

    “M : What are your short-term and long term goals for Selangor?

    K: Selangor has got opportunities as much as challenges. One of the challenges is how to accommodate the growth in population. In Selangor and Federal Territory, the Malaysian population is around five million, while the total number of people is about eight million. At least 1.5 million of these people are foreign labourers.

    They bring in economic resources to the state as well as social issues. I thought that over the years, if Selangor is to progress, we have to find ways and means to reduce our dependence on foreign labour. That is one of our objectives.

    To solve that, I think we should also tackle the issue of employment among youth – those between the ages of 22 and 35. I want to make sure that all the youth in Selangor are eventually fully employed. What I want to do is to have a skills training programme to enhance the quality of the youth so that they can work in higher-income areas and be, for example, artisans such as specialised welders.

    Young ladies can train to become nurses, dental assistants, or work as assistants in surgery rooms, for example. Young men could become audio and computer specialists, and move from low-skilled jobs to higher skilled jobs.

    After two to three years in our programme, our target is for these youth to earn at least RM2,000 a month. If that happens, and say there were 500,000 youths in this programme, we would have reduced the income gap while at the same time create more consumer demand.

    How will I fund this project? If we have about 1.5 million foreign workers, I would like to propose that our employers in Selangor who hire foreign workers allocate RM9 a month per foreign worker. This money would go towards helping to train the youths. RM9 a month is equivalent to about RM100 a year. If there are 1.5 million foreign workers, I will be accumulating RM150 million which serves the purpose of funding for the training.

    I don’t think the employers will grumble too much, because they are investing in the future of the state. Due to the decreased dependence on foreign labour, there will be less crimes, less social problems, less dependency on facilities and medical, and so on. That is the tradeoff between the two. If I can do that, then I can move Selangor into the future.

    M : So you’re trying to reduce the dependency on foreign workers.

    K : We need to. It may not be so in the short-term, but it should work in the medium term. I do not think Malaysia can afford such dependency for long. Foreign labour imposes demands on our infrastructure and other facilities such as medical treatment, schooling for their children, and so on.

    M : Foreign labourers are causing these demands?

    K : Yeah. People would say I’m unfair and discriminatory in this regard. We like foreign labour to live and work with us, but we also want to develop our own home-grown capacity.”

  17. Chan Choon Kit says:

    To start with, it’s Khalid Ibrahim, not Khalib!

    I believe many posters here are too premature in criticizing Khalid. His proposal of RM9 levy makes good economic sense, never mind if the humane bit of it is compromised a little. Ask any economist on how to control influx of goods, they will tell you to impose extraneous charges. It is then merely a question of how much, how soon, implementation strategy, pecuniary costs versus benefits accrued, etc.

    Furtherelse, I do see a lot of good signs from Khalid ever since he took charge. His take on the Councillors’ bungalows (prefering to rent out to high-flying CEOs and bring in revenue rather than demolishing them) and even his latest vision of a squatter-free Selangor albeit with a more humane approach (again this is implementation strategy) speaks volumes of the passion he has for Selangor. And now, Khalid has instructed Ronnie Liu to look into the hillside development of Bukit Antarabangsa more closely and perhaps stop such developments. Khalid truly has moved on since he took over, don’t the rest of you agree?

    He’s even made more sense as a leader than even the Cabinet Ministers since they took office. And look what stupid things those Ministers have come up with? One said the water agreement is valid although we know a caretaker government can’t be allowed to enter into contract. Another Minister (the one who likes to wield the keris) has ‘quietly’ issued an edict that no leader from those 5 states are welcome into any school functions. Imagine these are indeed the very first concrete words/actions from BN ministers!

    Here we have Khalid performing at a reasonably good speed that a leader should be instead of concentrating on petty stuff. I don’t see the other BN minsters proposing on how to solve the migrant workers issue — so far only talk and more talk! And I also don’t see how the other posters here who were quick to condemn Khalid are giving good recommendations on solving this issue as well. Instituting a minimum wage is perhaps the best suggestion I’ve read so far, but we know that is not something any state administration can act on. So, Susan and other posters, please hold your stance and let Khalid work out a solution. Perhaps some solutions may have leaky holes, but Khalid and Exco will stitch it back.

  18. micon02 says:

    RM$9 lecy isn’t that much, other countries higher than suggested by Khalid
    & THE RM$9 must be on employers not the workers

    There are solution to get the job done, think out of the box
    Don’t be too emotional

  19. KISS says:


    Your concern seems to be that the foreign workers will be exploited by this proposed levy; rather than whether the proposed use of the proceeds will work.

    Well, what makes you so sure that the levy will be deducted from the workers? You seem to have made up your mind that this will happen. Because of this, you then claim “Why must they (ie the foreign workers) be made to pay for our unemployment problems?”

    You then claim, “Everyone makes money when a migrant comes to work in this country. From agents to employers, government official, airline companies, doctors, house owners, everyone! Except the migrant themselves.” How can this be true? As lowly paid as these migrant workers are – they must be better off than in their home country. Otherwise why would they come? It makes no sense !

  20. Just take from the toll revenue or sue all the corrupt politicians and the money used to fund the skills training. much better

    dont burden the employers since they are known to burden the workers -a chain reaction

  21. freewave says:

    Maybe he can convince the federal government to implement policies that make employer pay for that? I think it is too soon to judge now. What he wanted to do may be good for the state, but their credibility requires transparency (like where the money is going to go). For sure, it will not be easy and there will be objections from a lot of businessmen.

  22. micon02 says:

    MT vessels make the most noise, simply put
    Do not be misled by your egos, or you will be led away into from the truth into lies. The sign of a weak person is that he continues being a slave to his ego

    Don’t jump to conclusion, look on the bright side
    After all, Khalid is better than previous BN MB

  23. arifabdull says:

    Hey, the Malaysian Federal Government’s levy deductible is RM100 per month.

  24. vinon says:

    we dont really know who is going to pay the rm9,if it is the company that is going to pay for it,then it will be good. khalid very concern on unemployment and the not very skill population.

    taking rm9 from company for each migrant
    rm9x 1.5million migrant = 13.5 million per year(since migrant need register every year on passport or permit or etc)
    taking from the rich(company) and invest it into the unemploy and less skill population will benefit the lower class people. increases the human capital.

    whether it is approve or not by the parliment, they will discuss it there.
    at least 13.5million will not be from the govt pocket. rather then it is from the richer catergory of people(alittle more like wealth distribution).

    the only concern is.. can 13.5million to increase human capital..
    if it is bn that run it.. i will certainly doubt…
    now it is pkr-dap-pas .. we dont really know..

    to me.. it consider hope of a better future for those lower class population.

  25. Woman in Malaysia says:

    Susan, I think you are making too many assumptions, and judging Khalid too early. If implemented well, Khalid’s idea would include audit mechanisms to ensure the levy does not come out of the workers’ salaries. It makes a lot of economic sense, and I believe it will benefit the state in the longer term.

  26. leleng says:

    I agree with Slowdown, Raj Rahman, and deekay.

    I think Susan and a few others have mixed up issues, and concluded too soon.

    The levy is a policy measure to further discourage employers from hiring cheap foreign labors and to reduce the state’s dependency on them, which are necessary for productivity-driven economic growth. The issue should focus on: is there a better alternative measure?

    Susan advocates the idea of ‘..require employers to hire more locals, make it a policy.’ But specifically how to? Require minimum x% local employees in each company? Apply to all or just certain industries? In any case would it be fair and pratical? Would it distort effecienct allocation of resources?

  27. […] Selangor wants to exploit migrants? No Comments so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. TrackBack URI Leave a comment Line and paragraph breaks automatic, e-mail address never displayed, HTML allowed: <a href="" title=""> <abbr title=""> <acronym title=""> <b> <blockquote cite=""> <cite> <code> <del datetime=""> <em> <i> <q cite=""> <strike> <strong> […]

  28. alan says:

    Most employers are business people and they are always looking at the bottom line. They will not hesitate to cut local workers wages just to stay in business. If that failed, they have no qualms of closing down the business. So do you really think that these employers is very willing to pay the additional levy suggested by Selangor MB. I personally don’t think so. At the end of the day, it is the migrants workers and maybe some local workers will suffer.

    They may even pass down the additional cost to the end-users on the goods/products and services they provide

    I understand the good intentions of the action, to reduce reliance on migrants workforce, but what causes us to be so dependent on them in the first place?

    Surely, i believed there are other ways to address this issue but to have additional levy is not a good move.

    Personally, i would prefer the MB to concentrate to plug the wastage of public funds and to make Selangor is the preferred choice for investors to do business and for inbound/outbound tourists to visit.

  29. Lim says:

    I Think you have to do more research on this before give your comment…look like your know too little on this issue…don’t be too emotional.

  30. ANg kong says:

    Try not to jump the gun so soon… the idea seems workable, but i’d prefer he really thought it all out first by speaking to ppl fr various levels. Idea is one thing, implement it is another… and this ‘implementation’ part is what i believe is the biggest flaw amongst all malaysians, maintenance comes closely second! (if it makes sense)
    Unfortunately, there are still many jobs out there tht ppl still perceive as ‘low class’. Until the general citizens see past this misperception. We will always have foreign workers.

  31. oster says:

    The idea may seem idiotic without further elaboration, but therein lies the problem, there hasn’t been any further elaboration yet.

    He’s been a chief executive of an organisation before, I doubt that he’s foreign to fleshing out policies and creates very generalised ones just for fun.

    As much as your opinion is valid, you’ve jumped the gun.


  32. Akhbar-ul-Haq says:

    Maybe Sloone prefer to attacks all the Malaysian politician as she staying far away from Malaysia in bangkok…
    Just wait and see what is the significance of each statement from the state leader. Im pretty sure Khalib Ibrahim knew what is he doing…
    We should stay behind him for whatever he decidede as Malaysian people in Selangor select him as one of the ADUN leader in Selangor state..

  33. mitosblog says:

    If this is an issue should bring this case to Lim Kit Siang or Anwar Ibrahim. I’m sure they have a better idea what is going on with the migrant workers.

  34. clearwater says:

    It is premature to assume the migrant worker will bear the proposed RM9 levy. I am totally against worker exploitation, whether foreign or local, but the worker issues in Malaysia need urgent remedies. The current mess , if left to fester, will degenerate into an incurable social cancer. Please be patient and await further announcements on the matter.

  35. RAJ RAMAN says:

    morning sloone,pls state your comment in your next blogs.there are alot of people aggree or not in this article of yours.after u read our comments,can you please reply whats your stand far i concern,i as an employer i dont mind to pay,but those big companies and oursource company who bring in the foreign worker are the want to be blame.they are are the suckers leech and do agree a bit you,khalid done nothing to esatate worker expecially to indians when he is the ceo of guthrie.THATS I KNOW.THE INDIANS DONT EVEN HAVE BASIC PAY IN foreign workers earns almost 3k amonth with federal goverment hidden cost.thanks.raj raman.still dreaming to be malaysian putra.religion;my problem anwser to god.ALWAYS REMEMBER,WHEN ANYONE KEEP ON PRESSURE AND UNDERPAY ANY ETHNIC GROUP,THE ETHNIC GROUP WILL BECOME STUPID,RESORT TO GANGSTERISM,VIOLENT AND FINALLY WHEN THE WOKE UP,hindraf is born.

  36. I loathe toll says:

    Yeah! Khalid, if you are a real MB, just tear down all the illegal tolls in Selangor. What are you afraid of if you have all the Selangor people standing and supporting you from behind?

  37. bamboo river says:

    The issue on foreign workers is actually our fault.
    One is the employers prefers cheap labour with less tail ends like EPF and employment benefits.
    Second is it is difficult to employ locals especially with the cost of living whereby a basic salary of RM 500 plus RM 200 O/T is not enough for locals to survive.(In term of General worker in a factory)
    A bachelor’s salary minus RM 200 for room rental,RM 200 motocycle +petrol,RM 200 for food. Total RM 600.
    Potong EPF and Socso….Mana CUKUP.

    The main problem is our current economy and buying power.
    20 years ago, my first job, I can manage with a salary of RM 700 plus O/T with twice a month movies and food with my girlfriend. At that time , foreign workers is not heard off.
    My former employer ( my first job) now have 70% foreign workers. The turn over of local employees is too high and could not cope with customer demand.

    It is our country economic situation is pushing most employers to the edge. And yet the gomen is declaring our economy is doing very well. 😦
    Many international companies is now shifting out of Malaysia.
    Shah Alam was an industrial zone 20 years ago.
    Now Shah Alam is known as a WAREHOUSE zone.

  38. zack says:

    B4 you suggest to tear down tolls , please remember stupid BN has signed agreement to toll operator . Khalid is no magician . what even can be done by him , rest assure will be done . 1st april will see free water of up to rm11.40 per household . did BN do anything that reduce rakyats burden ? think please . any way the rm9 will come from employer so whats the fuss ?

  39. Margeemar says:

    Just prior to the Elections, so-called political experts such as MIC’s Denison Jayasuria were scoffing at the impact the Internet and the alternative media was going to make in the just concluded GE.

    Now even Pak Lah has conceded that the disastrous showing of the BN was due to the alternative media. Even the new Information Minister is trying to reach out to Bloggers. If this is the case, why not get the EC to introduce Online Voter Registration. There are millions of unregistered voters under the age of 30 who have yet to register themselves as voters.

    This segment of the population are pretty much Internet savvy but would shy away from going to a post office to sign up as a voter. Why not make things easy for them by letting them register themselves as voters via the Internet. What say you EC?

  40. I loathe toll says:

    What do you get for the illegal tolls? Who are all these toll operators? Why the endemic Selangorians have to pay tolls by merely widening the highways?

    The toll contracts signed by Semi Value and concessionaires are null and void.

    So why is the problem in demolishing the illegal tolls?

    Is Khalid a major share holder now in Selangor Tolls Corporations?

  41. poor rakyat says:

    After paying all the bills (room rent, electricity, tolls, motor-bite loan, food and clothing, internet…) my expenses exceed income.

    I have nothing much left in my pocket! These Umno/ BA politicians sure know how to exploit not only the migrant workers, but also the poor rakyat in Malaysia!

    But don’t worry! The Americans are joining are ranks. The Americans are also finding high paying jobs an anachronism!

  42. hutchrun says:

    So why is the problem in demolishing the illegal tolls? – posted above

    Where are the `tolls` illegal? All tolls I know of are by the Federal Govt. and Khalid is not the minister in charge of that.

    Is Khalid a major share holder now in Selangor Tolls Corporations? – posted above

    You would do great benefit if you could list out the `Selangor Tolls Corporations`, to facilitate our research into the subject.

  43. I loathe politicians says:

    Politicians are just flagrant liars, whether government or opposition!

    The tolls in Selangor were a major issue during the 12th GE campaign! The people voted the local/new Selangor government for voicing the Selangor people’s utter disgust of the operation of toll.

    The illegal tolls are still standing solidly on highways!

    Dey! DSAI! Don’t ‘main’ the poor Selangor people ‘belakang’ lah!

  44. Kevin says:

    I think he may be impulsive to shoot off a suggestion like that but it holds some promise though. If hiring of foreign workers are according to the books, I do not see how paying RM9/month can result in the workers being exploited further than they already have been. Okay.. okay.. I am naive on this hence I never blog on this issue as I am not aware or conscious of the issues at hand. So I better keep still and yak about my football and some other general political antiques.

  45. I loathe politicians says:

    I think Raja Petra should be the MB of Selangor! Raja Petra deserves to be the MB of Selangor and he would demolish all the illegal highway tolls in Selangor after 8th March taking over the State government and if he is the MB of Selangor!

    The Sultan of Selangor will give him 100% backing from ‘belakang’ in demolishing all these illegal highway tolls!

  46. Gan says:

    Ya lor Susan, don’t jump the gun first lah … and, I don’t think it’s nice to infer that the ex NGO elected MPs is not doing their bit for such social issues.

    I think many of us are morally against exploitation of whether local or foreign labour. It’s a vicious cycle affecting both employers and employees, and subsequently the country as a whole.

    This foreign labour problem is BIG – so it needs lots of research, thinking, etc etc before a sustainable solution can be reached. There is no quick fix solution.

    If we have any objective suggestions, we contribute – help the authorities to help resolve situation.

    My suggestion – in certain areas where mechanisation is possible – Government to encourage mechanisation by providing mechanisation incentives.

    Please, please bear with them – this is a BN inherited problem as with many others. If we have lived with BN’s abuses and problems for the last 50 years, isn’t only fair that we accord them a little more time and leeway?

    Kasi-lah chance sikit kepada Khalid and his team, they are no magicians and neither are they God.

    Thank you.

  47. I loathe politicians says:

    DSAI is just a ‘kacang lupakan kulit’. Raja Petra did all the hard and strenuous work in his ‘Free Anwar Campaign’. Now that Anwar is free, Anwar should appoint Raja Petra as the MB of Selangor.

    There is nobody other than Raja Petra deserves to be the MB of Selangor.

    I think Khalid should abdicate the MB post and let Raja Petra ssumes the MB post!

    Then all the corrupted BN dogs will be in big trouble.

    Raja Petra would demolish the illegal highways the next day!

  48. Tirath says:

    I have a question… should EXCO members be held responsible for policy statements made by the MB, or should we only hold them responsible for the performance of the committees that they oversee? Are state EXCOs like Federal Cabinet, where all the executives get together to talk about stuff and move forward through consensus? Or is it more of a one-man-show?

  49. Tirath says:

    “Kasi-lah chance sikit kepada Khalid and his team, they are no magicians and neither are they God.”

    Spare the rod, spoil the kerajaan.

  50. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:

    The migrant workers are exploited enough. Tan Sri Khalid is obviously misinformed on their ability tp pay. The employers will definately take the money off the workers and not from their hefty profits.
    Take back the land given away by the previous government and put them on auction. This way the state will have better revenue and money to train the unemployed.
    Leave the migrants alone. We have enough of them living under bridges.

  51. whispering9 says:

    Seriously, aside from getting info from MSMs and TV news…is there a proper research carried out to compare the wages between the foreign workers and our locals. Many will be in shock to learn the truth that the foreigners take home higher paychecks than the locals! Exploitation of labour is not confined to foreigners only. For instance, our teachers, police personnel, etc are definitely underpaid. Besides, not all boses or towkays are bad and uncompassionate. Anyway, I agreed Khalid is shooting crap…do some research first lah! Don’t burden people by shooting crap shit policies at every whine and fancy like our previous MPs.

  52. Gan says:

    Tirath – why then did we spare the rod for the last 50 years when BN was in charge?

    Were we all suckers for victimisation then?

    or, because we were fearful of BN’s might?

    Now, with new government who are more civil – we are perhaps getting abit cocky? Demanding for the sake of demanding because of our new found might?

  53. “Khalid Ibrahim, the newly minted Selangor chief minister wants companies with migrant workers to pay RM9 each so that the money can fund training courses for unemployed persons.”

    On the surface, the policy seems to benefit the State Government but if it’s a chain-reaction that’s the deductible fees are to be channeled to the foreign workers, this is “blood-sucking”.

  54. palm spring stream says:

    Khalid doesn’t know the priority of the Selangorian people. Kahlid is just another stupid palm oil corporate nut case!

  55. headache says:

    Please, someone please, tell me Selangor does have an intelligent MB… else Deja Vu (Toyol). Next – he going to announce the resurrection of the broom award…

    Are all UMNO and ex-UMNO casted from the same mint?

  56. oddpapa says:

    dem……i thot we voted the other way just to get the goons out of the way and now come a bigger goon and without brains…..

    Its getting interesting everyday… waiting the assets of his exco…..hehehe…..

  57. peace in hope says:

    Penang Exile has a point – I too feel there could be a mis-quote (or HOPE there is)

  58. bamboo river says:

    I loathe politicians,
    RPK had made it clear he does not want to be a politician or any position in the political field, be it a menteri besar,menteri kabinet even perdana menteri.
    To him (RPK) , he doesn’t want to be tight to any political parties becos he knows very well, his outspoken ‘no holds barred’ will be barred and that means he can’t speak out his mind. Just like some bloggers here whom think the same like RPK. eg. Susan.jedyoong,mahaguru58,katataknak to name a few.
    In the other words, RPK must have a free hand to ‘whack’ any other political parties that ‘serong’ from the principle of good governance for the sake of the rakyat.

  59. c53k says:

    Susan, U r right on the dot.

    It’s the fault of our education policy. Right from when the NeverEndingPolicy startsed!


    Because we’ve managed to produce ‘professionals’, in whatever executive positions, to look for easy ways out, with short-term insights to a big & complicated problems. In fact most of these executives don’t even know their job scope & their services to the people, who pay their salary. They are kaji-buta by just letting the flow of event continues as it is.

    Khalid’s solution to Selangor’s unemployment problem to first tax the foreign workers, then to spend the tax money to further train those unemployables, churned out by the local U’s by the thousands yearly. The approach is the same as the followings;

    – as TNB’s solution to profitability is to seek increasing tariff to charge the user more.

    – as TM’s solution to profitability is to seek increasing tariff to charge the user more.

    – as RapidKL’s solution to profitability is to seek increasing tariff to charge the user more.

    The examples are nefariously many & the (il)logics explanations trumpeted as always are just superficially justifiable but real histrionics in disguised.

    Can’t these ‘executives’ think deeper? Think out of the box for a change? Or is Susan more highly trained in problem solving than these ‘executives’ with big titles & ‘unwarranted’ big pay packages?

    Just think for a reason that DIGI can compete head-ons with the local monopolistic ‘giants Telcos’. DIGI didn’t compete by increasing the call rates, instead she lowers the tariffs & come out with various promotional packages to suit the users. Such moves cause the local mobile market to become proactive, vibrant & competitive. The end result is the end users gains & DIGI gains, big as reflected in her share price & dividend returns.

    Can’t RapidKL lowers the fares & with better planned routes & timetable to attract users? This will increase its revenue & profit through higher passenger volume, hopefully also reduced the number of cars on the road to solve the jammed road. But then U get the argument that KL traffic is chaoticaly jammed, making timetable difficult to follow. Thus discourage joe public to use public transport! Hello there, U r been paid big ringgit to solve this problem & why U bring up the problem U r been paid to solve again? Perhaps this is not a job for U. Look elsewhere for something easier, OK?

    In another case; what’s wrong with MRT for Penang? There are many cries of economic wastages due to the ‘projected mass-usage’ that can sustained by Penang’s population! The ‘justifiable monetary return’ don’t work etc etc…

    I say – where’s the vision to take Penang one step forward, by thinking out of the box? The Penang MRT can possibly solve the daily transport headache. It also possibly solve the flash floods issues, besides preserve the environment. Can someone quantified daily transport, flash flood & Environmental issues of Penang, please?

    All this need proper management efficiency & long term planning. Didn’t Penang proves her worth in managing her supply of drinking water effectively? Why Penang can do it while the rest of the P Malaysia is facing dirty & expensive supplied water? The Penang structure is there – though her efficiency is been eroded by U-know-what.

    Coming back to Selangor, the issues at hand is proper management & efficiency + accountability via transparency. Most of all the current state govt needs to think differently to solve the problems. The Selangor voters didn’t vote U in to solve issues using the same old methology & coming up with excuses. Different approaches are the game.

    The only issue is whether Khalid has the TAKES to make it happen. BUT judging by his execution of the formation of the exco, this is a fading hope at best!

    Khalid, please prove me wrong. PLEASE!

  60. Tirath says:

    “Tirath – why then did we spare the rod for the last 50 years when BN was in charge?”

    EXACTLY! We did it wrong for 50 years, now it’s time to change the way we do things.

    Just because we are all whacking Khalid now (and btw, the new Penang administration is getting quite a bashing as well) doesn’t mean we want to topple it. If there were a re-election next week, we will all vote for them again. We just want to make sure they are kept on their toes.

    You know what’s funny… some of the traditionally more pro-DAP elements are now bashing Guan Eng for being too slow, while the Malay NGOs have expressed support for him! This is a whole new territory we are in, and this presents opportunities to reinvent ourselves as well.

    So now we are all having a whack at each other because we want to ensure that we get the best out of what we have, but at the core we are still united. This “don’t challenge openly” mentality is what got UMNO (and BN in general) into the quagmire it is in today, and so we need to avoid that type of thinking (a not so subtle hint to PKR… this year’s party elections better not look like last year’s).

    At times some feelings will be hurt, but that is simply a necessary part of the process.

  61. ironic_law says:

    What the heck is wrong with these guy? He thinks everyone is a FARMER like him meh. ZERO SQUATTERS and now IMMIGRANTS to pay for EMPLOYERS.. What is this guy is thinking man?

    Actually there is a few sticky matter he should address to rather than making statements on the policy he’s GONNA undertake, starting by 1st shut up the stupid TOYOL by forcing all his EXCOs to DECLARE their ASSET. 2nd Dig deeper into the documents and the data in the his current office for any corruption evidence of that TOYOL (then shove him to jail along with all his CRONIES) and return what is rightfully to the RAKYAT (which is our $$). And lastly but not least, cleanses-up Selangor state of its pollution (environment). Starting off with Sungai Klang (can be listed in the Guinness Book of Records as 1 of the most polluted rivers in the world).

  62. peace in hope says:

    We simply need to have faith that policies are made upon having studied the issue at hand. The levy imposed, if managed well, ensuring the workers arent effected but the employers and agents, will see some ‘clean-up’ in the economy of Selangor. There could be better consideration by the locals to engage themselves in the local employment market in line with the other policies such as the minimum wage for local employees and perhaps some advice from Singapore’s no-hidden-cost and impartial-approval of projects.

    Lets not jump the gun and Susan, we need people like YOU to represent us in the spreading of productive messages.

    Yes the rakyat has awaken from a lonnnng sleep and together managed to deny BN but lets not get carried away with the ‘power’ at hand and simply miss out seeing the BIG PICTURE and our original intentions of eradicating poverty and ensuring that the pie is shared equally as much as possible. This will take plenty of trials and we may see errors along the way.


  63. kittykat46 says:

    Khalid Ibrahim overstepped his boundary, lah…its not something the State government has authority over.

    He’d be better off starting to look really deep at the functioning of the major local authorities in Selangor. They all behave like mini-empires, and really piss off a lot of people. Cleaning up local government will make a big impact on improving governance in the state.

  64. Tirath says:

    “We simply need to have faith that policies are made upon having studied the issue at hand.”

    Sometimes these controversial moves are ideological positions (e.g. “no matter what, we need to start getting rid of unskilled foreigners”), or positions taken to appease certain influential groups (I dunno… is there a “Melayu against foreign workers” lobby? I know some Malays don’t really like Bangladeshis…), it’s not always clearly in the immediate best interest of the people, so we do have to be wary of the motivations and the impact.

  65. selangor voter says:

    This PKR is just another hp6 party with hp6 MB Selangor! This Palm oil Nut is just hopeless/ obsolete when running this big and ‘advanced state’ like Selangor.

    This Palm Oli Nut doesn’t have the flair, experience, knowhow, knowledge in running a state like Selangor.

    His running of the Selangor state is doomed for the people of Selangor! Selangor is further doomed under this palm oil nut.

    Thanks to DSAI for getting a stupid nut for Selangor just like Mahathir getting a useless decayed tooth for Selangor!

    BTW, who chose this rotten palm oil nut as our Selangor MB? Malaysia is doomed with this rotten ‘democracy’!

  66. Damocles says:

    Ultimately, we have to phase out the foreign workers and phase in the locals.
    With the huge influx of foreigners, our security can be threatened. They also bring in all types of diseases and those who have completed their jobs or become jobless would turn to crime.
    Their countries of origin can also use them to threaten us by cutting off this supply in times of political disputes.
    So, you can see the numerous problems in using such labour.
    We can start phasing in local labour gently so that the costs of such labour will be minimised.

  67. deekay says:

    wahseh, now i see ppl condeming the MB when he just assume position last 2 weeks. Condemning him HP6, palm oil nut, overcharging, not intelligent, blood sucking, etc. For heaven sake, he just assume position last 2 weeks and his exco a week ago.

    I would like to ask these ppl, have you read his actual interview in M’siakini word for word rather than those summarise version in the spinmaster local newspaper or those from the blog opinion like susan’s. I have to admit, his reply is a bit wishy washy but I’m more interested in the way how he implement it rather than how he say it. He did admit, they are just looking at the possibility – possibility like Guan Eng on his MRT proposal. I see a lot of ppl here starts to assume things before the implementation of this strategy.

    I think we are so use to the BN way of policy implementation – implementation without taking public opinion as a point, that we thought this new government would do things the same way and that’s when we start to assume. This few factors that he put forward is a good start and i would like to see them how they overcome limitations/problems when they implement it. Limitations like human rights, labour rights, transparency, state government limitation & pubic opinion like what you guys put forward.

    To me, if the implementation and its results is a win-win situation for everyone, I think we should go for it.

  68. freewave says:

    When Khalid said that we will be less dependent on foreign workers, it is not accurate. We need these workers, the local umemployed graduates cannot replace them because of the scope of work, these graduates will not be interested in those work. We have 1.5 million migrant workers, I believe most are distributed in areas such as contruction, restaurants, factory workers. These umemployed graduates does not fit in there.

    The problems these graduates cannot find jobs is, first, NOT because of the migrant workers, second, there are serious flaws in the current higher education system that does not produce what the industries expects, third, the unemployeds were not willing to work low pay.

    Now, since the unemployeds has much less to do with the migrants, it won’t be fair to both the employers and employees for the tax. Actually, it’s a cycle, because the employers feel it won’t be fair (eventhough it’s only RM9 per head, to a businessman, every cent counts), they will pass the bug to the employees. This is extremely hard to control, even with policies because the employers can reduce expenditure on the foreign employees, might affect local employees as well. For example, instead of purchasing brand A safety gears, the employer will purchase brand B safety gears for the employees. Another way to safe cost is buy cheaper insurance for the employees. There are a lot of loop holes.

    The question is can the training programs really help reduce unemployed graduates? I know people say, give him a chance, but hasn’t the BN government has such training programs already? If that couldn’t help what is the special ingredient in Khalid’s programs that will make a difference?

    But on Khalid’s proposal on taking over the Port Klang Free Zone from the Federal Government, i fully support it.

  69. hutchrun says:

    `I loathe politicians` is a BN cybertrooper or what?
    Notice the usage of `belakang`, then wants DSAI to appoint RPK as MB (when RPK dint even stand in the GE), then Khalid is a `palm nut` cos of `illegal` tolls………

    Gawd! So bankrupt of ideas he/she is absolutely incapable of being logical. What a waste of space.

  70. sloone says:


    Now I get whacked for whacking Khalid of PKR. It’s fine because my ex-boss Steven Gan once told me: The day when you get whacked by both sides of the political divide, that is the day you have become a true journalist (something to this effect). Well that day did happen quite some time ago (the whacking I mean).

    Anyway, people, for 4 years, I worked in the human resources department of a factory that hired migrant workers. I was even offered RM100 per intake of migrant worker (which I refuse to take of course, sheeesh!). I found out that factories would deduct this amount from the migrant workers themselves. I spoke to all of them and knew the kind of life they lead. I’ve also visited their homes – ten people living in small hole!

    You can imagine, I was affected forever. And so, this post is not without basis. And just because “our friends” are in government now, it doesnt mean we cannot criticise them.

    The sooner we realise this, the better.

  71. deekay says:

    On the economic point, let’s assume on the average this foreign labour earned about RM600 per person nett. If they repatriate their income to their homecountry of RM200/person/month, that would be RM300mil./month on 1.5million of them, back to their homecountry at the expense of Malaysian economy.

    On annual basis, that would come to RM3.6billion. This is huge money flowing out from our country what more a state and that is just RM200 per person. Money not here would mean money not spend in our local economy and we claim business not good because of other factors. In the long run, we have to reduce our dependency on foreign labours if not it will be detrimental to our economy. I haven’t add in the social problems they could bring to our country. I can’t generalise things but you judge it for yourself whether they bring in any social problem here.

    And here, we complained about a RM9 per month that’s gonna hit the employers….

  72. selangor voter says:

    “wahseh, now i see ppl condeming the MB when he just assume position last 2 weeks. Condemning him HP6, palm oil nut, overcharging, not intelligent, blood sucking, etc. For heaven sake, he just assume position last 2 weeks and his exco a week ago.”

    For a political pundit, he/she knows whether a politician can do a good job or not just within minutes from the way he/she talks.

    Just like in football, a professional coach will know a young footballer has the talent/ substance or not by merely asking the young football does some dribbling and a few spot kicks.

    So we know now this Khalid is just not the type of MB we want. Since the voters are the boss, can we not ask him to butt out?

    Khalid is just wasting our time running this advanced and developed state.

    Sloone is right. You can see all the migrants bathing on road side and sleeping in shabby wooden plank huts, eating potatoes, kankong and ikan kampong.

    This Khalid is inhuman to make life more miserable for the migrant workers.

    This Khalid was an Umno corrupted guy who never never be our MB. DSAI should stop practicing nepotism and cronyism.

    Otherwise Anwar is just another biggest joke in Malaysia. There will be no ‘keadilan’ in Keadilan.

    There is no dawn but darkness for Selangor/ Malaysia with Khalid oil palm nut as the Selangor MB.

  73. James Joyce says:

    Actually I agree with Khalid on this matter.

    I believe in the idea of getting our young Malaysian some skills and training. Rather than to rempit and lepak around. I pity the Malaysian boys who even have some basic qualifications want to work but cannot get work – BECAUSE some foreign worker is doing it. Be it manual or hard labor, some of our boys just want to earn a decent living.

    Look at our pasar malams, and the foreign workers moonlighting. Even ChinaTown now is taken over. The big towkays prefer cheap labor – more profits. They don’t care – SO why should we care about them towkays.

    Some Malaysians are poorer than the foreign workers I see in the factories. Why are we doing this to our own people and feeding other countries people????

  74. bamboo river says:

    Susan is speaking from her experience. I too had faced this where 60 foreign workers was assigned to me for training about 1 week period.(Although I requested 2 weeks)
    To tell you guys, it is not easy to swallow when you hear their predicament!
    The employer, well , they thought my dept is a fast food joint. Satu minggu dia orang ingat boleh kerja macam ‘skill workers’.

    On the Selangor newly minted MB, he must discard the cooperate mentallity.
    He is not paying us salary to follow ‘company’ policies.
    We are paying him salary to make sure the state is managed with proper citizen friendly policies.

  75. selangor taxpayer says:

    This Khalid is not a problem solver but trouble/ corrupt maker. I am through! I shall emigrate to Australia/ Canada/ New Zealand rather than being suck blood by this palm oil leech!

    Bye bye Selangor and Malaysia.

  76. whispering9 says:

    There is a bit of everything here. Yes, some employers housed their foreign workers into pigeon holes. Yes, there are always under table monies involved in foreign workers recruitment. Yes, some foreigners still prefer to take bath by the drain. But in Malaysia, there are also local families living in pigeon holes and taking bath from the drain. Money paid to agencies or introducers for better employment, etc. Employers suffer similar miseries when come to dealing with foreign or local workers. There are endless flip-flop policies on human resources and recruitment. Our Selangor MB just made one. There are many hidden costs packed under the guises of ‘training’, ‘safety’, ‘medical’, ‘levies’, ‘fines’, ‘restriction’, ‘work passes’ etc. There are genuine and kind employers who are held hostage by their foreign workers and their whines. Many employers do not reimpose such charges back on their workers. Most of the problems arise from flip-flop and unclear human resources and recruitment policies. Everyone from MPs, immigration, police, rela, home affair ministry, local affair ministry, etc have different views and intrepretation of the rules & regulations. Please give the Employers the break here lah. If someone is to compile a report or study, many will be surprised to learn that the foreign workers take home a bigger paycheck than the locals. Don’t just listen to the MSMs. This is a free world and foreign workers will not come here if everyone of them go back with tales of exploitation and miseries instead of hard cash.

  77. bamboo river says:

    James Joyce says :”I believe in the idea of getting our young Malaysian some skills and training. Rather than to rempit and lepak around. I pity the Malaysian boys who even have some basic qualifications want to work but cannot get work – BECAUSE some foreign worker is doing it. Be it manual or hard labor, some of our boys just want to earn a decent living.”

    James Joyce , IMHO, that comment does not hold water for me. What do you think the cause of unemployment of many local youths?
    When you say basic qualifications, I assume it will be a PASS in form five?
    If you meant a diploma then allow me to highlight to you, most multinational companies judge an interviewee their “Mental” qualification first before their paper qualification.
    From the feedback I received from some companies, sad but thru, most of our graduates does not qualify becos
    1) They could not speak or write basic english.
    2) Communication inefficiency.
    3) Failed in the aspect of personal confidence.
    4) Not trained in college/uni the important function of independent thinking.
    5) Their personal evaluation result does not tally (most below par) to their paper qualifications.
    6) Demand of pay wayyyyyyyyy off their evaluation chart result.

    Don’t need to go more lah. If not ,people think I whack local graduates.
    But yes it is true and I am whacking them out of their slumber.

  78. Gan says:

    Tirath – I agree with you, change is necessary.

    For BN, we have tolerated for 50 years, these new elects haven’t even warm up their seats – so, give lah a bit more tolerance before we start whacking or crushing their ideas even before examining further.

    Sabar lah, after 3 months probation and still screwing up … whack by all means, if it’s the only way to move forward.

    The foreign labour problem is NO easy problem – the cheap foreign labour are willing to take up the back breaking jobs which the locals are simply not interested in, so employers got no choice but to use foreign labour.
    Talk to people in the construction and plantation business and you will also appreciate their problems. Without the foreign labour, lots of businesses in the country will come to a standstill.

    That is the reality.

    Of course, I agree there must be laws implemented to ensure employers are humane and fair.

  79. fucai says:

    yalah ,Yalah! all the employers are blood suckers and only Susan is the only good people in this world.
    really sickening to see u simply accuse people without facts.

  80. Dave says:

    I don’t know what the griping is about – it’s a great idea. Malaysia cannot keep relying on foreign menial labour forever while at the same time looking after tens of thousands of unemployed Malaysian youth.

    The levy is for the employers to pay, not the foreign workers. There are ways to force the employers to pay – minimum wage for foreigners (& locals) would be a good start. Enforcement where foreign labourers can report instances of being ripped off is another possibility.

  81. secondlady says:

    Labor problem is everywhere. unemployement and underemployement is worldwide. As population grows we expect more this problem.

  82. 2cents says:

    selangor taxpayer…wah, u want a send-off party to see you go off ah?

    susan, i think you are jumping the gun here. if there is an NGO for our own unemployed graduates here, he/she would have thought differently…let’s wait and see. let’s give the guy a break…

  83. cyphuell says:

    it is actually a good idea. it will benefit our own unemplyed people. the employers make millions of profits every year using cheap foreigns labour. rm9 permonth per head will not make them bankcrupt.

  84. ANg kong says:

    road tolls??
    i always wonder how much road taxes are collected each year and how much of these are spent in up keeping the public roads and building new ones?? anyone has any figures ?

  85. sloone says:

    Read this also lah:

    Suaram is deeply disturbed with the plan of the Selangor state government to collect RM10 monthly fee from all migrant workers in the state of Selangor. The new policy was announced by the Chief Minister of the newly formed Selangor state government, Khalid Ibrahim recently during a press interview with Chinese press.

  86. fucai says:

    some of you are really sour grapes . you dont want to work hard but you
    want to live comfortably .
    When see others getting rich – got jealous ! then start accusing the employers making millions of profit by exploiting workers as if getting rich is a sin.
    how to improve with this type of mentality!!!

  87. 2cents says:

    refers to the same thing lor…why we all so quick to jump the gun…i think Tan Sri intends for the payment/levy to come from the employers and i am sure he’s smart enough to think of ways to ensure that that money is not being taken from the foreign workers.

  88. ANg kong says:

    one more note, instead of criticising the MB’s idea abt the levy. Wouldn’t it be better if we pull together all the grey matters fr this blog and come up with solutions/suggestions to ensure tht the immigrant workers do not foot the bill/reliant of immigrant workers. I am sure there are many intelligent business minds here…..

    so, let’s see some of yr ideas..!!
    1) b4 u even think of it, pls no more any $hit quota systems…like 1 immigrant to 5 locals..or higher taxation on immigrant workers
    2) Companies to provide apprenticeship/working experience for wannabe students/employees, currently there is a serious lack of business sectors actively engage with colleges (in exchange of the levy, one can see this as an incentive to be exempted fr the levy) this should attract more potential suitable future employees
    3) let’s be clear abt the minimum wages and set a national level. without this, all talks abt the levy will be meaningless.
    4) abt time to seriously increase the import duties on tobacco and alcohol which i personally think they donnot contribute any social benefits but harms and troubles. makes smoking and drinking a deterrent if so be it. Perhaps one can use some of this money to re train skill workers instead or even subsidize the healthcare/essential goods.

    th’s all i can think of for now.. got to go to work….

  89. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    I really pity the foreign workers esp from Indonesia and China.

    I know an Indonesian who worked at a seafood restaurant from 9a.m.-11 p.m. with 1 day off a month.

    And those Chinese masseurs who was falsely promise by the snakeheads from the mainland of salary at least RM3K per month.
    Unfortunately, they work for more than 12 hrs a day and earned less than RM2K a month with brisk business foot reflexlogy centre.

    Perhaps Khalid should looks into ensuring the foreign workers well-being ( the burden of the deductible sum impose on their bosses doesn’t apply to them), but give him a benefits of a doubt.

    Raja Petra can’t hold any official post if he has not settled the RM2 million judgement against him. He cannot file any counter-action/s for deliberately ignoring his presence in court.

    I really have much respect for Raja Petra for his intepridities in many matters, but I am wondering why wouldn’t he defend himself in court? The way I (amateur) overview the trial, the plaintiff, the UUM Vice Chancellor and the UUM course of civil action was not strong enough to establish a prima-facie against RPK and others.

  90. hutchrun says:

    There used to be a dishwasher at the UM. He`s a qualified engineer, and some of the students used to go to him for assistance in their papers. Considering that he was already helping the locals, would he be exempted.

    Would the S`gor gubment consider apperenticing locals to these `foreigners` so they can pick up skills – only how do they convince the locals.

  91. spanker says:

    Give me break. You have a whole bunch of people who voted for the opposition party who are unhappy with the crime rates whom many know are committed by migrant workers, and now you are blasting he government for trying to kill 2 birds with one stone.

    The only short sighted people are those who condemn the government based on a RM9 move. And how seriously Susan, you oughta use that brain muscle a bit. MAKE IT A POLICY TO HIRE LOCALS????? How stupid is that? Do you know how much more damaging is that to malaysians? You’d have people who don’t want to work hard because they are hired based on quota! It’d be no different from the idiocy of NEP supporting BN governments!

  92. hutchrun says:

    So why collect money from foreigners to train locals who don`t want to work.

  93. JUDE says:

    For those who pay Chicken Feet Salary to locals and Cow Dung to Foreign Labourers to get more profit for themselves , you guys are the scum of the other and dont dialog here. Speaking of equal rights and other issue.
    If you guys pay the locals proper salary for the work done and also bonuses when its due they wont leave. So go FFFFF yourself.

  94. ANg kong says:

    ..still…lots of ppl here still compaint ini, complaint itu….

    m…mmm….ideas (continue)..where was I…1,2,3,4…

    5) set up local (agency-fee free) work/occupation seeking centres, streamline the job seeking process fr all walks of jobs… constructions, domestic, office etc etc. These centres may also serve to monitor the obligations of both employees and employers, ensuring both fulfill their minimum legal requirements. Companies which regularly bend the rules will be fined/license gantung. Havin these centres may encourage ppl to find jobs….tht’s the idea anyway.

    6) Tighten up the health and safety regulations, no more 100 ppl living in the same household. All immigrants must have minimum healthcare insurance (ie, they will contribute 20% of all medical bills) as the income tax fr these ppl is insufficient to cover for healthcare n i don think it’s fair for the Malaysian.

    later….wife just called

  95. Richy says:

    I understand Khalid’s intention to raise sufficient fund for continues training and learning is to produce skilled staff. But the plan to introduce levy of RM 9.00 may not be the only choice he could think of. Whether local or migrant workers, they belong to low income group and taking away even a mere RM9 would make them feel the pinch.
    Khalid has to think of other viable alternative plan for his fund raising project. On the other hand, I think it would not be totally fair to bash Khalid or other MBs of alternative government right away. We need to give them a little time and when we find something not right we bring up those issues constructively. Otherwise some of the frustrated losers like Khir would be quick enough to championize
    on any issues to divert the public and alternative leaders from focusing on development and good cause.

  96. j.lee says:

    the only way the goverment can help the local to work is to ban certain job .like those in the private hospital (making alot of profit) ,airport.goverment dept,etc.. totally no migrant worker so the local don’t have to feel ashamed to work together with the same salary or pay more to hire

  97. Kopi_O says:

    Get these unskilled foreign migrants out of Selangor! Especially the low wage workers. Make it 100% illegal to have these workers & enforce it strictly.

    also, Companies are playing their workers too little nowadays. This is a contributing factor.

  98. asset man says:

    This Khalid is not an asset to the migrant workers but also not to Selangorian people. He is just an asset for himself and his cronies.

    Khalid is just an ex-Umno corrupt guy who before the Ijok by-election, unwittingly blurted out ‘don’t forget to vote Barisan Nasional’ just means that the corrupt Barisan system is embedded in him.

    Khalid is just another useless nut rotten to the core ex-Umno guy!

    The dodging of declaring assets just proves this ex-UMno rotten nut could not be transformed at all and is beyond redemption. There shall be no transparency and accountability in the accounting of Selangor account transactions.

    The Selangor balance sheet of accounts would never be balanced as a lot of fixed and liquid assets would be unaccounted for and there is no way to accuse all those who are empowered to manage our assets if they do not declare their assets- liquid and fixed.

    So we can expect blatant corruptions when the present state government ‘acclimatized’ to the weather/ environment.

    Folks, we have just extracted out ‘a decayed tooth’ just to be replaced by another ‘corrupt corporate rotten to the core oil palm nut’.

    Najib: Khalid wanted bigger stake in Guthrie

    TODAY: Khalid Ibrahim – NEP poster boy, but now …

    Press Statement: “Zero Squatters”, a flawed policy

    Another shot at Ijok: clean politics?

  99. Jughead says:

    The Educational Concept by BN Government is WRONG. They merely interested in promoting Managers by producing more graduates. Now everyone wants a Degree and today a dgree is like SPM!. They should have more vocational training in technical and agriculture. Malaysians sshould be taught to use their hands and brains. What happen to our Agricultural University? Until now, the palm oil still depends on labour especially from Indonesia- BN Education should have innovations in mechanisation harvest of palm oil. Oyur constructiuon – should be like Singapore – more precast. Years we talk about Ship repair and building since malaysia is surround by sea. Where is our ship building? Guess BN has build more submarines – ship that will sink

  100. hutchrun says:

    This RM9 thingy which makes no sense as far as `training locals` is concerned, is in fact a quick fix to cover the water subsidy. Nothing more than that.

  101. Firdaus Omar says:

    Alamak. Give Tan Sri Khalid some breathing space lah Bro. His intention is good..bloody good. It is so easy to critisize. RM9.00 per month is good for only 1 packet of gudang garam lah Bro….It is also good to help clear the pollution. Positivelah Bro.

  102. hutchrun says:

    The path to hell is paved with good intentions – proverb.

  103. AlvWong says:

    We should stay behind Tan Sri’s idea ! Maybe it’s not his idea alone, it is a consultative decision behind with all the Exco’s. We do remember that the DAP’s is not some ppl to mess with when talking about what good for the people.

  104. lai kee kong says:

    Foreign workers intake should be controlled. One of the reason why inflation is hitting us hard is because wages has not kept up with inflation. Foreigners should be kept out from jobs where there are locals. Just have to pay more and invest in training. Bosses have to learn that we are no longer a cheap country to operate. Everyone has to adjust to the fact that we have to be more productive in work. No more morning teas and afternoon breaks. No more three days seminars to talk shop. It is the amount of work produced which is important. Bosses have to invest in workers and learn management instead of instant solution of getting foreign workers. Govt should not encourage the cheapening of our labour input. The citizen workers have to live in Malaysia while the foreigners do not. They are existing here while spending their money elsewhere. We should not have foreigners with in front line jobs like security guards or waiters. We have to change the mindset that we are no longer a cheap country. Change or Die

  105. coconut crap says:

    Selangor is the number one state in Malaysia. We want quality MB, not some hp6 oil palm rotten corrupt nut who doesn’t listen to the Voice of the Selangor people.

    Ship out or kena butt out!

  106. lee siew hwa says:

    There is an interesting observation lately that whatever new policies that MB Khlalid raise, esp those involve the basic rights of people, all received strong response from civil societies or people organisations.
    The levy on migrant workers / the zero squatters/ the rights of assebly. all these issues are not new and even raised by PKR.
    Is Khalid planning the state policy base on :
    1) his own views which influence by his value and corporate experience?
    2) base on the PKR agenda ekonomi malaysia that propose by PKR to replace NEP?
    3) base on the selangor exco s collective agreement? it means all the selangor state excos agree on this state policy after discussion?
    4) is there any Barisan Rakyat National Policy on this issues? or onlt Barisan Rakyat “share power” agenda only?

    Maybe MB Khlaid intention is good that he want to show he is the man can please all parties. Can please investors -not afraid that the investor’s “special rights” will be eroded. Maybe want to show The state governemt will not “fight:” with federal govermenet, will continue the previuos policy.

    The MB politica secretary raised that why the groups so sensitive and reacted., not reading his statement fully.
    Ya., maybe all of these people shall go and change their spectical and open their eyes when the next gerenal election comes.
    -his is definately not a way of how to deal with disagreement, PUTTING the Blame back to those raise issues.!!

    It is interesting whether these policies agred by all the states exco who also human right activists and involved in the struggle for basic rights of people eralier. Or merely Mb Khalid’s one man decision, not a collective one????

  107. Fikri says:

    Though I think that you raised some good points, Susan, I have to disagree on one point. I think that for a lot of people, their aspirations are such that doing the kind of jobs that migrants are doing (cleaning, constructing, etc) is not something that they really want to do. Of course, this is a double-edged sword: aspiring for bigger things is not a bad thing, but it does increase the demand for construction workers (for example).

    Perhaps some will say that their low wage means that companies are likelier to hire them. I dare say that even if the wage is higher, many Malaysians I know wouldn’t even dream of doing such jobs.

  108. ypmeng says:

    Personally speaking there is nothing wrong in getting the companies to pay a levy for the migrant workers after all they are paying half the daily wage to them as compared to the local workers wages.

    Look at the Petronas refinery, they are taking in Banglas and pay a meager sum of below $30/- The locals gets above $60 per day. Their profit are doubled, so why not make them contribute to the Selangor States Treasury. It a good move to teach the BN cronies

    It is high time that these cronies are made to pay.

    I do not accept the fact that locals do not want to work. Please go down to the ground to find out why. Most of these companies do not pay the workers sosco or EPF. When complain are made these workers are sidelined and given warning. You can report to the labour office but no action taken.

    Please go to the labour office to find out but not officially . Make friend with the staff and you get all the stories which & which comapnies and who & who tells the labour office to lay off….you will know the connection.

    Even when the workers are ill treated, police report made…no action.

    Selangor MB is making the right move

  109. simon lee says:

    hello i loathe politicians,

    you are either a pathetic loser or a satan! if you really hate politics, why are you here, monkey? stop being a retarded child! grow up! do not surf internet just for the sake of surfing. you must have brains before you start surfing. i pity your parents for having a stupid child like you. all your comments are totally nonsense! get a life, punk!

  110. whispering9 says:

    ‘Look at the Petronas refinery, they are taking in Banglas and pay a meager sum of below $30/- The locals gets above $60 per day. Their profit are doubled, so why not make them contribute to the Selangor States Treasury. It a good move to teach the BN cronies’

    Dear ypmeng,

    …one place where BN cronies avoid, is taking up mechanical, structural and ME works with Petronas O&G projects . The prices are usually very competitive and very few companies make profit. However, getting a biggie project from Petronas is good for image and share valuation. Most O&G companies prefer to secure oversea jobs which have slightly better margin. Just let me enlighten you on some pay statistics.

    Pay for Skilled Workers (welders, fitters, foremen) : RM 10-15 per hour
    Pay for Semi-Skilled Workers : RM 6-9 per hour
    Pay for un-skilled workers : RM 4-6 per hour

    The above rates covered both foreign and local workers. Since most foreign workers came in fresh, they will usually start from RM4-6 scale. Once, they obtained the relevant grades and qualifications, they will move up the scale rapidly. Some start earning RM12/hour in a matter of 3 months. Seriously, once they obtain semi-skill or skill working grades, most just quit Malaysia and work in Sudan, Saudia Arabia, UEM, etc where they get 3 times the amount paid. Believe me, there is a huge shortage of workers for the O&G industries. If locals cannot find jobs here, it will be because of very very poor working attitudes and disciplines like frequent absence, lack of attention, poor safety, etc. Even at un-skilled grade, workers have to pass SHE and Basic Skills. Cronies prefer easier works. Cheer. BTW I am still active in the O&G industries.

  111. tom says:

    I have blasted SUARAM in my blog rather than our MB Khalid himself.
    I feel that there are more to this issue and we have to look at the broader picture. It is all the government policy that needs to be re-viewed and change.

  112. I loathe politician's ball carriers says:

    Ai just didn’t get it after 6 years in Sungei Buloh! Might be he needs another 6 years in order to be like in the caliber of Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela.

    Judging from his Sycophants, AI needs to educate his beruks more before he resumes more politics.

  113. I loathe politician's ball carriers says:

    Hhalid should be in Sunfei Buloh with all the corrupt money in his banks, local/ overseas.

    Yeah! Please return all the rakyats’ sweat and blood money before reporting yourself to Sungei Buloh!

  114. […] the backlash against this has been swift & loud. If the MB had bothered to read this on Shag he would’ve known that one of the […]

  115. leleng says:

    Please read this paper titled “The need for a clear long-term Foreign Labour Policy” from Kevin Chew, Research Fellow with the Malaysian institute of Economic Research (MIER).

    It says, “Malaysia already has too high a foreign labour population”, and that “continually allowing uncontrolled access to low-cost, unskilled foreign workers could act as a disincentive for firms to upgrade, thereby impeding the
    restructuring process. In the long-term, the failure to change could retard economic progress, keep the country uncompetitive and condemn the economy to a low growth trajectory.”

    If we agree on Mr. Chew’s view, and agree that this fundamental problem in our economy must be takled, then any objections to the Selangor’s levy should at the same time offer a better alternative policy measure. Otherwise, the critics appear to be simply ignoring this basic economic problem.

    And of course both human rights and economic problem should be taken cared of. They are not mutually exclusive.

  116. cyphuell says:

    give a chance for the suggestion to be implemented. it is for the benefit of our selangorians. it can be your brother, sister, niece or any body related to you. it is a long term plan. 50 years given to the BN, nothing much they did to solve this matter. a lot of youngsters, university/college graduate is jobless now. it is true that some of them is selective in choosing their job, or worst, lazy. but, on the part of the government, had they provide enough job opportunity and training to them? how about crime rate in Selangor? who are the criminals? it is a fact that some of the foreign worker and jobless people involved. at least the new government have thought some plans to help our people and solve the un-employment issue and foreign worker’s related problems. anybody who disagree with the proposal, please come out with a very good idea to counter it in toto. if we keep criticising, undermining and objecting to the proposal without bringing in alternative solution, we will not going anywhere. give them times and ample space to implement it, and see whether it successfull or not.

  117. kite flyer says:

    We want Raja Petra or SLoone to be the MB of Selangor. Ai and Khalid can go Kelantan flying kites with Tok Kalapa Guru.

  118. minister of doesn't care a damn says:

    If Khalid want to play safe for his career as a MB for Selangor, Khalid must read the Keadilan’s Manifesto every day until all the points as mentioned in the Manifestos embedded into his numb skull.

    Khalid must follow the Keadilan’s Manifestos diligently and not swayed according to his sycophants’ whims and fancies.

    Khalid’s to-do list :

    1) Reopen the SOS Damansara School

    2) Demolish all illegal tolls on state land

    3) Reduce the price of petrol/ gas in Selangor

    4) Reduce the tariffs of electricity, water and sewarage

    5) Build more Chinese/ Indian schools as according to the needs of the people.

    6) Reduce/abolish state taxes, abolish service tax,

    7) Repeal all the draconian laws in the State ….. etc etc

    If Khalid deviates from the Manifestos of his Keadilan Party, PKR will be following the footsteps of the 2004 Umno.

    It will be the demise of Keadilan come 2013 GE!

  119. cyphuell says:

    some items in the manifesto deals with federal jurisdiction like electric tarif and petrol price. quite hard to be implemented but i believe that they have the answer to that. most important, whatever promise which falls under state’s jurisdiction should be given first priority. with limited financial assistance from the federal gov plus the existing debt and problems left by the previous government, the state should act wisely in their administration and expenditure and more aggressive to bring in more investments into the state. always look after the welfare of the voters.

  120. […] tagged swiftOwn a WordPress blog? Make monetization easier with the WP Affiliate Pro plugin. Selangor wants to exploit migrants? saved by 3 others     MariaBennington bookmarked on 04/10/08 | […]

  121. […] Selangor new Menteri Besar gets flak from my friend Susan and Malaysian human rights organisation Suaram regarding his proposed policies on migrant […]

  122. yotyo says:

    i think its good idea. salute for malay goverment …

  123. Jack Mender says:

    It seems like business is still getting hit hard. Is anybody seeing an upswing in their respective niches? Health reform seems like a mess. I generate long term care insurance leads and annuity leads for the insurance industry, but volume has been terrible in the last two months. I am afraid the worst is yet to come, but maybe it is just my attitude.

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